15 Things I Learnt From Randi Zuckerberg, Sister Of Facebook’s Founder

Randi Zuckerberg

I’ve recently posted about the Women Of Wealth And Abundance event at Marina Bay Sands, where Randi Zuckerberg was keynote speaker. She has a cool $100 million net worth, and we were all super excited about meeting her over the weekend. What I had not expected was how good a speaker / presenter she is. She blew us away with her sharing on her life, the biggest tech trends to think about, and why it’s important to unplug. 🙂 If you did not attend the event yesterday, well, you’re in luck because in this post, I’ll be sharing with you about the 15 things I learnt from Randi Zuckerberg. 🙂 #YouAreWelcome

The Importance Of Allowing Employees Freedom To Be Creative

Randi was the one who came up with the Facebook ‘live’ function, during one of Facebook’s Hackathon projects. She’d thought it would be a dismal failure… till she was notified that Katy Perry wanted to announce her world tour via Facebook ‘live’. Then other celebrities like Mandy Moore and Jessica Alba came on board. Small startups joined too and got a boost (one such startup was what we know as Twitter today). Eventually, the White House also called: President Obama wanted to do a town hall via FB live. Randi was also nominated for an Emmy award because of FB live! Not too shabby for someone who doesn’t have a degree in Engineering and has “never written code” in her life, eh!

As a non-hacker, she created FB live in a hackathon for fun. And her message? Don’t let “I’m not an engineer” stop you. 🙂 Randi also shared that Google, for example, allows employees to work on individual creative projects 20% of the time they work there. And she encouraged us to take part in (or organize) hackathons in our various industries. It could be called a ‘Think-a-thon’, ‘Create-a-thon’, etc. And this idea applies to just about ANY industry!


Friends with Randi Zuckerberg

My pals with the gorgeous Randi who has a megawatt smile 😀 Jameson runs the events management company, Marvele, and Engel, evogue. What a formidable tag team! 🙂


Everyone clamoring to get a picture of Randi:

Randi Zuckerberg


Randi: Biggest Technology Trends To Think About

Randi loves YouTube, Facebook (of course), LinkedIn (she joined their influencer program), Instagram (She recommends the account @HotDudesReading, and Twitter (because of FB’s algorithm, your friends may not see something you post till the next day).

  1. Get creative with your resume: Upload on Amazon? Video resume on Vine?
  2. Think like an entertainer; get people excited about your product. Redbull sees itself as a sports media company. 100 million people watched their video about the highest free jump.
  3. Carlsberg beer billboards with kegs in them so you can pour a beer for yourself. Google Glass worn by a model walking on the runway… shows a fashion show from her perspective.
  4. Possible to destroy your career in one tweet – Remember the “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS…” tweet? You get a megaphone with social media, but being thoughtless comes with a big price.
  5. Start girls early on tech. Why do girls get dolls but guys get to start on video games? (TYNKER, Primo Cubetto, robotiky, wonder, Mattel Apptivity seat, Heads Up, Bankaroo, i potty).
  6. 3D PRINTING! Everything from kayaks to bridges and pasta.
  7. Virtual Reality and Robots. VR has been used to help cure people who have a phobia of heights!
  8. Selfie drone? How about a drone that delivers champagne to you?
  9. Manicures that can detect date rape drugs, or which glows when it detects wifi.
  10. dot com(plicated) Good: Sensorwake – alarm that wakes you with smell of fresh croissants. Not So Cool: Tikker – the happiness watch which counts down minutes you have in life. How about having keys to the office injected into employees’ arms?!
  11. Gamification for motivation – icukoo: if you hit the snooze button = donate money to charity.
  12. Nike+ app… so Randi can post to FB that she is going for a run. 1 like on the post = cheers in her ears via earphones. 🙂 Zombies Run… you have to run to escape zombies, and to save the world = real Dead-ication to fitness! 😉
  13. For the courageous or the thin-skinned… GymShamer – texts your friends if you are too lazy to go to the gym. Withings – a scale that tweets your weight. How about an app that teaches couples to dance together?

Final Trend: Unplug to Refresh

I’m with Randi on this. She says that technology is there to bring you closer to things you love, so don’t let tech become a barrier. Such a coincidence that she said this just after lunch, when I had witnessed a family dining at MBS – the mother and children were enjoying the food, while the dad was busy (presumably) working on TWO phones. It’s like he was there physically for a meal with his beautiful family in a gorgeous location, but his mind was elsewhere. How sad.

Do you have a healthy relationship with technology? Randi’s friend has a child who (mistakenly) thinks laptops are where his grandpa resides – a product of Skype-ing too much.

Some questionable uses of technology include The Breakup App or the BroApp which you can use to send pre-programmed texts that your girl will get throughout the week.

And just what would women give up instead of giving up their phone for a weekend? A survey showed they would be happy to give up for a year: chocolate, coffee, wine, and even sex! And for some men, perhaps we need The Offline Glass, which is a beer glass which only stands upright if you put a phone under it.


Randi has written a children’s book titled ‘Dot’ which might also have its own TV show in September. For the adults, she has also published the book ‘Dot Complicated’.

As Randi’s dream in life is to sing on Broadway (and she has accomplished that!), she performed a song for us as a fitting close to her presentation. 🙂


A picture taken during the 1st day of the Women of Wealth & Abundance event:

Women Of Wealth and Abundance

Ladies, be sure to attend the next WOWA event. It’s truly worth the time and effort, and you get to learn from inspirational female figures! 🙂

Ladies, Meet Randi Zuckerberg This Weekend At MBS! :D

Women of Wealth And Abundance

I’m very excited about meeting Randi Zuckerberg, sister of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, this weekend at Marina Bay Sands! 😀 I’ve been told that Randi has a net worth of $100 million (like… WOW?!) and she’s the former Director of Marketing at Facebook. Most of the seats have been snapped up already (‘cos tickets are FREE!) so hurry and register here if you want to grab one of the last few seats available: http://wowalive.com/grace-gift

But wait… WHAT IF you already have other plans for this weekend?! 

Well, it’s the first time this event is being organized, and if you miss it, I really have no idea when the next run will be. So if you like the lineup of speakers, and believe that you will learn something of value that will change your life for the better, then do whatever it takes to be there this weekend at MBS. 🙂 Here’s what you can expect from the speakers…

A Sneak Peak At The Speakers’ & Topics:

Randi Zuckerberg – “Finding the Balance, how to be a three-dimensional woman in today’s digital age”
Former head of Marketing at Facebook and sister of Mark Zuckerberg (CEO & Founder of Facebook). Randi is an entrepreneur, best selling author, investor, public speaker, and media personality, passionate advocate for women in entrepreneurship and leadership. Net worth over $100 Million.

Yassmin Abdel-Magedi – “Making a Difference, Being the Change”
Top TED Talk speaker, best selling author, mechanical engineer, social advocate.

Brenda Tan – “Regain Your Power”
Best selling author, event host, women’s relationship coach, entrepreneur.

Alexi Panos – “Woman’s Secret To Happiness”
Author, TV presenter (HGTV, MTV), actress, philanthropist… the “IT” girl in the personal development world.

Emma Tiebens – “Relationships = Success”
Author, relational marketing branding expert, network to success, entrepreneur.

Linda Hollander – “Fund Your Cause, Charity or Passion Project”
Author, passion project funding and sponsorship acquisition expert.

Lynn Rose – “Speak From the Heart & Reach Your Goals”
Author, founder of the WOW Factor for speaking & communicating,
connecting to your authentic self.

Suria Mohd – “Positive Parenting – Pays Big Dividends”
Author, positive parenting speaker, women’s empowerment trainer.

There are many fringe activities (lucky draws, fashion show, yoga session, etc) so I know this weekend is going to be pretty exciting! But what I’m looking forward to THE MOST is getting to hear from all these amazing women. Lots of love to the organizers for putting this event together, and OH MY GOODNESS for bringing Randi Zuckerberg here to meet us all. It’s incredible! 😀

Ladies, do whatever it takes (I know you can do it) to make sure you secure a seat at this event. It’s free for you to attend, and there’s so much value the speakers will be bringing to us. I’ll see you there! 🙂


12 – 13 Mar 2016
9am – 6pm
Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Level 4, Roselle Grand Ballroom

-> http://wowalive.com/grace-gift <-

Things To Do In Singapore In 1-Day: My Indonesian Friend’s Visit :D

I’ve been SO BUSY recently. Among the many things I’ve been doing is taking my pals around Singapore. Previously, my Vietnamese friends came by (read the blogpost here), then a Cambodian (*no time to blog about his trip yet*) and my Indonesian pal just left Singapore today. One day is definitely NOT SUFFICIENT for visiting Singapore, as it will be a crazy rush from attraction to attraction, so please do not attempt this unless you have absolutely no choice. In any case, here are some suggestions for things to do in Singapore. Whether you are a tourist planning a trip to Singapore, or a Singaporean wondering where you should take your pals to when they come here to visit you, I hope this blogpost is useful to you. 🙂


I met my pal at the airport in the morning around 8am, and we popped by Tampines Swimming Complex thereafter (it opens at 8am). A shower plus swim would be a delight for most tourists, I guess. In fact, I want nothing more than a hot shower after a flight to get rid of tiredness and to feel refreshed. 🙂 Tampines Swimming Complex on a Friday morning is not very crowded at all, and we sure did enjoy the swim.

Then it was a quick (and light) brunch at Century Square before we headed to Hotel Grand Pacific for a buffet lunch. At Tampines Mall, my pal also bought a tin of cookies from Bengawan Solo. When I’d visited him in Surabaya previously, I brought him a gift of cookies from Bengawan Solo, and he and his family liked the cookies so much that he (also) came here for more. 😀

The dessert corner at Sun’s Cafe in Hotel Grand Pacific:

Hotel Grand Pacific Sun's Cafe lunch buffet

I’ll do a more detailed post regarding the buffet later. Suffice to say now that it’s good value for money if you’ve bought a Groupon voucher. The staff are pretty friendly too.

The view from level 10 of the National Library:

Singapore National Library

After lunch, we visited the National Library which was around the corner, and we also went to Bugis+, Bugis Junction, Bugis Street, etc.

Maple Lodge (hostel) is right outside Exit A of Chinatown MRT station (on the left) –

Singapore Chinatown Maple Lodge

Then we went to his hostel at Chinatown – Maple Lodge – which is SO conveniently located just a few steps away from Exit A of Chinatown MRT station. If you’re a ‘backpacker’ visiting Singapore, here’s a good place to stay for just S$15 a night. Check-in time is at 3pm, or so I was told.

With check-in completed, and luggage deposited, we headed to Merlion Park, which is like the MUST-VISIT place for most tourists who want to get that obligatory photo with one of the merlions. We spotted a couple in full wedding attire getting their photoshoot done. The weather was SO hot then! Bless their souls. The bride did not seem to mind at all – no complaints heard – so I guess the groom made a fantastic choice. Hehe! Happy marriage, y’all!

Singapore Merlion Park

Thankfully, I’d thought of buying ice cream when we exited Raffles Place MRT station. If you’re walking towards Exit H, you’ll see a Mr Bean outlet. I bought ice cream for all 3 of us (me, my Indonesian pal, and another Malaysian pal currently studying in Singapore). Thus, there were few complaints about the weather when we stepped out of the air-conditioned premises to make our way to Merlion Park. We were too busy enjoying the ice cream. Haha!

A few quick snaps of the Merlion and we were off to MBS:

Singapore Marina Bay Sands

* I love those clouds *

We took a really long walk to get to Marina Bay Sands. For your information, visiting the Observation Deck of MBS requires a fee of S$23 for adults and S$17 for children (between 2 and 12 years old). Find out more about the fees here: http://www.marinabaysands.com/sands-skypark/observation-deck.html

*The Infinity Pool at MBS is reserved for hotel guests*

We had dinner at the foodcourt at Marina Bay Sands. The prices are much higher than in many other places in Singapore.

Post-dinner snack and chit-chat time:

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe

We also visited the DC Comics Super Heroes themed cafe at MBS (level 1). I ordered some nuggets & fries, plus a yuzu drink (which was SO sweet). The chirpy waiter gave us some water served in the cutest caped super hero mugs. Service was excellent, despite what some reviewers said on the cafe’s facebook page. The decor of the place is simply awesome. You can find Batman, Catwoman, and many other super heroes. And there’s the Batmobile, the fancy bike (I don’t know what it’s called) and so many photo-worthy spots. Of course, the food’s also superhero-themed so snap away if you’re ordering the burgers, lattes or desserts, etc.

After an enjoyable chat, I sent him back to his hostel. He told me that he fell asleep very quickly because he was so tired. And it’s no wonder too. I clocked over 20,000 steps yesterday, just touring Singapore with him! LOL.


Nana’s Green Tea at Plaza Singapura. Lunch sets (inc. of a drink) are at S$13.90.

Nana's Green Tea Plaza Singapura

ION Orchard:

Singapore ION Orchard

As for today, we had lunch at Nana’s Green Tea at Plaza Singapura before popping by Orchard Road. We went to ION, Ngee Ann City, Kinokuniya, etc. 🙂 Then we were off to Woodlands where we bought sushi from my favorite sushi takeaway place. He also bought Old Chang Kee’s curry puffs and other snacks.

And then he’s off to Malaysia. 🙂

I’m gonna miss him. He’s a really fun guy to chat with and hang out with. And he also brought me presents… AWWW…


Gifts from Surabaya

My generous pal from Surabaya brought me some goodies. There’s Kue Blinjo (which I assume is some kind of cookie), (the famous) Livana’s Lapis Surabaya (which I’ve tried previously during my trip to Surabaya) and Bandeng Asap (Smoked Milkfish).

I do wish I’d thought of bringing him to visit a cat cafe earlier. Will certainly include that in the itinerary the next time he visits. Till then!~ 🙂

8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Fantasìa by Escribà

I had the pleasure of attending the media preview of Fantasìa by Escribà at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre Halls D & E. It truly is every chocolate fan’s dream come true. There’s just so much to taste, so much to see, and so many pictures to take! I’ll try not to spoil the experience for you by presenting only a sneak peek, so you can go check out the rest with your friends and family. 🙂

Here are 8 reasons why you should visit Fantasìa by Escribà:

1) Callebaut Falls – At 8.5 metres tall, it is likely the World’s Tallest Chocolate Fountain!

Fantasia by Escriba

And when you are given some of that chocolate to sample, ooh-la-la. *Be careful though, the lights in this area can be dim and there are some raised platforms you need to be aware of or you’ll trip over them.

2) Safari of life-size edible animals, including a 5-metre tall elephant, 4-metre tall giraffe, etc

The oh-so-colorful zebra:

Fantasia by Escriba

And the croc with the ‘sweet tooth’ LOL

Fantasia by Escriba

3) *Just for the adults* Saturday night ‘Midnight @ Fantasia’, featuring leading deejays and performers from Ibiza, and lasting from 10.30pm to 2am. The press release said to expect “dark titillation”, “evocative performances by go-go dancers” and “potent cocktails”. 😉

Fantasia by Escriba

4) For macaron fans: A 3-metre tall Macaron Eiffel Tower. I could not resist taking a selfie here.

Fantasia by Escriba

5) Lots of treats everywhere you go. Guess what this is:

Fantasia by Escriba

6) Masterclasses! More than just a feast for the eyes, you can also join in the classes such as Create with Innovation, Create with Chocolate, Create with Desserts and Create with Sugar. The Masterclasses are priced at S$188 each.

7) Head to the Royal Cake Theatre for theatrical performances with spectacular acrobatic feats.

Some performers we met:

Fantasia by Escriba

8) And of course, don’t miss visting the gift shop:

I bought 3 of these:

Fantasia by Escriba

Also, check out items like the Candy Glam Rings and edible heels:

Fantasia by Escriba

Fantasia by Escriba

This confectionery theatre extravaganza will only be here for 3 days (ending on Sunday) so hurry and get your tickets now!

Purchase your tickets here: http://fantasiabyescriba.com/


Regular Prices: Child $88, Adult $128, Family Bundle $388 (Free entry for children aged 3 and below)

Midnight@Fantasia: $188 / $68 / $38 (For adults aged 21 and above)


Royston Wee Does Singapore Proud At The UFC (Vs Dave “Scarecrow” Galera)

Dave Galera’s illegal kick and Royston Wee’s tough chin have made it to the UFC history books. 😀 I didn’t catch the fight yesterday but watching the full video seems equally nerve-wracking (what with instant replays and all!)

Watch the full video here:

I was very amused to see Stephanie Sun in the video (at about the 11 minute mark, after the conclusion of the first round). Never imagined the UFC would be her thing. 😀

Blowing a kiss to the camera:

Stephanie Sun at the UFC

The illegal kick in round 3 looked as though it’d snap an ordinary person’s neck (ok, maybe just mine). I’m glad Royston won. An unprofessional fighter doesn’t deserve the honor – illegal kick aside, be a man and let your opponent adjust his shorts when he has to, right? Tsk tsk.

And for the main event of UFC Fight Night Singapore – Lim Hyun Gyu vs Tarec Saffiedine. Watch the full video here:

I was watching the video when I heard something along the lines of “You cannot chase Lim too aggressively, or he’ll catch you and put your lights out”. I don’t know why but that phrase “put your lights out” really tickled me! 😀

I’d call this Too Close For Comfort:

UFC Tarec vs Lim

I’d have to say, though, that Royston and Dave had more intimate moments on the ground. Most of the time, Lim and Tarec fought on their feet. And Tarec really battered Lim’s left leg with kicks.

Lim’s purplish thigh *OUCH*

UFC Lim vs Tarec

Pun not intended, but it really beats me as to why men (and some women) like, or rather, participate in such ‘close contact’ sports. I don’t fancy having my neck caught under someone’s sweaty armpit or have someone “put my lights out”. I don’t get it. Though I have to admit that it makes for pretty exciting entertainment. 😀

Launch Of Singapore’s 1st Dating Concierge App @ Avalon, Marina Bay Sands

Just got home from attending It’s A Date’s launch at Avalon. 🙂 It was a good thing that I’d brought my pals with me, or I’d have been oh-so-lonely at the Media table. XD I’m not complaining though – ours were likely the best seats in the house, right before the stage.

Grainy picture, but it’s the best one I’ve got. XD

Free drinks too 😀

At Avalon MBS

[Clarence, Derek, Me, Claressa, Chris]

We were told that the event would start at 7pm but apparently, it’d only begin at 8pm (actually, after 8pm). The queue for food was super long but something interesting happened… One of the buffet trays had been removed before I’d gotten to it so I asked the guy in front of me if he knew what that tray had contained. He pointed to his plate and said that it was the cereal prawns. And… get this… he actually used a fork to move that mound of cereal aside, retrieve what was probably the only prawn he managed to get, AND GAVE IT TO ME! *Awwwwww* I was VERY shocked – I’m not quite used to *ahem* generosity or any form of chivalry from Singaporean men. Sorry!

Back to the event…

It's A Date Avalon MBS

The talkshow mainly revolved around a makeover for a guy named Jeremy. We basically heard from the people given the responsibility of dressing him up in new threads, to styling his hair, and teaching him makeup(???). And we finally got to meet the *new* Jeremy – quite impressive, as all makeovers are.

However, we felt there was a disconnect between the host/speakers and the audience. There was little to no engagement and we felt kinda “lost” when the event suddenly came to an end. 😀 I think the lucky draw was alright – pity I didn’t get to win the Samsung S4 though! 😛

Anyway, the It’s A Date app is supposedly Asia’s FIRST Personalized Dating Concierge App. It provides you with a recommended list of dining places to bring your date to, and you can use it to arrange for styling and grooming sessions prior to your date too.

It's A Date App

For more information, visit itsadate.com.sg or their facebook page.

Actually, I think that a guy can dress up well, get his hair professionally styled, and even use makeup to enhance his features, but I’ll still not be impressed if he doesn’t have proper manners. Read about the well-dressed pervert I met at a previous mass dating event.

Yes, gentlemen, you should definitely give up the very last prawn to the lady behind you in the buffet queue. She’ll be willing to overlook your dressing and hairdo, I believe. 😉

Not sure if the app teaches manners, but when it comes to dating, both men and women need all the help we can get so bring it on! 😀

End of the day… it was good hanging out with my pals. If only it’s Friday night… then we can have more drinks! XD

BTW, we love the view outside Avalon! 😀

Outside Avalon MBS

My dress is from The Trunkshop. 😉

I Attended The World Record-Breaking SDN Masquerade Ball 2013 at Marina Bay Sands

If you haven’t already heard, SDN (formerly SDU) organized a massive dating event at Marina Bay Sands just yesterday, 2nd Feb 2013.

SDN Masquerade Ball 2013

Apparently, the event attracted over 480 participants and broke a world record for mass speed-dating! 😀

And I was a part of it!!!

They provided masks for everybody! So Sweet!


But I’d also brought my own, and took a picture with this lovely lady, Mavis, whom I feel should have been crowned ‘Best Dressed Female’ last night:

Mavis and Me

Early bird registration fees are as low as S$31.58 for an 8-course dinner and the opportunity to meet at least 20 or more like-minded people of the opposite gender! There were also stage games and attractive lucky draw prizes (such as an iPad Mini) given away!

For those who didn’t win anything during the lucky draw (like me), the quality of the food served more than made up for the disappointment. 😀

Here’s the menu:




Ginormous King Prawns:

King Prawns with Nuts

Abalone and Sea Cucumber:

Abalone and Sea Cucumber

There were other dishes but you can refer to the menu above if you’d like. 😉

There were some fun games for us to walk about and interact with people seated at other tables, such as this one which involved us finding the person (of the opposite gender) holding onto half of the poker card which we received. Some people must have been very busy cutting up poker cards for us before this event!

And guess what! The guy holding onto the other half of my poker card turned out to be someone I knew from Toastmasters! LIKE, WHAT ARE THE ODDS, MAN?! Hence, the photo:

Coen Ching and Me

Other games involved people seated around the same table,. The Code Word game had us look for objects that would spell the words ‘SPEED DATING’. So we could use a Spoon for the ‘S’, a pen for the ‘P’, etc.

One fun but challenging game involved the volunteers having to pair up – guys blindfolded, girls giving directions. And they had to get into poses, as shown in pictures like this one:

Puppet Master 2

And at the end of all the games and feasting, we had the final segment no one knew we should be dreading – the speed dating segment.

Here are the rules, if you are interested:

Speed Dating Rules

Actually, most of the guys flouted the rules. In fact, the first guy who spoke to me (when we were both still OUTSIDE the event venue) had already asked for my age within the first minute or so of conversation. *facepalm*

Anyway, the organizers provided these contact cards for us to fill in and hand out to the people we spoke to. Actually, they should have just told us to bring lots of namecards!

Contact Cards

I refused to state my handphone number as what’s the point in that? I expect people will call me days after the event and say something like “Erm, Grace ah, you left me your contact number at the SDN event. Mind telling me more about what you do?”

I left them my blog url and facebook page url instead. Heh heh. Instant blog traffic and Facebook likes. Plus, they will ALREADY know what I do before sending me an email via my blog. Smart, right? 😉

Anyway, the way it worked was that there were 5 guys and 5 gals seated at each table, with, of course, a girl next to every guy. When the ‘gong’ sounds, the guys have to get up and move to the next table. The guys get to meet new ladies and chat for about 30 seconds, then the bell chimes, and they ‘change seats’ in a clockwise direction. Hence they get to speak individually with each of the ladies at the ‘new’ table. This goes on for about 5 tables.


Towards the end, I also had the misfortune of having this guy take the seat on my right. I had to speak with the guy on my left FIRST. Unfortunately, I dropped my pen cap in the midst of scribbling down notes about the guy on the left, and said pen cap landed next to this guy’s feet:

Very Rude Fella

Me: “Do you mind helping me pick it up?”

Him: *Silently moves his seat backwards and does not help*

Me: *Bend over and pick up pen cap*

Him: “Thanks for bending over for me”

Me: “You are NOT welcome”

I have no suitable words to describe this person – perhaps, “jerk”, “pervert”, and “scum of this earth” would fit him.

After the bell went, he took the seat on my left and wanted to engage me in a conversation.

Me: “I don’t like you very much”

Him: “BUT WHY?!” in a whiny voice. Omg I should have slapped him.

Me: “Cos you are so rude. Instead of helping a lady pick up what she has dropped, you make such a rude comment!”

Him: “It was a joke!”

Me: “You don’t joke about such things. It’s just plan rude!”

Him: “Alright, if you can’t chill…” *folds his arms, refuses to talk, and just plays with his handphone. What a loser.

Me: *Leaves for the washroom*

I hope no other girl has the misfortune of meeting this guy!!! He should be banned from all future events, actually! Good grief!

Having said that, the other guys were all very nice.

Here’s one who gamely agreed to a photo when I said it’d definitely make it onto my blog. LOL:

Me and Ryan

I also got to speak with Violet Lim, whom I’ve interviewed for this blog previously 🙂

Me and Violet

And I got to meet Claressa (actually she was the one who recognized me), a fellow blogger who voted for me during last year’s Singapore Blog Awards. How nice!

Claressa and Me

I think the event was a huge success. Despite the large number of people who turned up, we did not get stuck in registration queues, the service staff were efficient, the food was delicious(!), and most of the people I met were nice folk!

We were also grouped according to age and occupation, I believe. So it was easy for people to make new friends within the same age group:

Machiam Wedding

The goodie bag was also, surprisingly, packed with pretty useful stuff!

The More Useful Items In The Goodie Bag

And it’s 2.46am now! I’m such a hardworking blogger! But before I go to bed, I think that since a lot of guys expressed interest in perhaps dating a blogger like me, I have this to say:

Guys, So You Want To Date A Blogger? Read This First:

1) Never (ever!) look down on Blogging as a profession.

2) You have to help take photographs of us, the bloggers. They are needed for our blogs, and facebook pages, and instagram and other such nonsense. And one take is not enough. Different angles, please! And ensure we don’t look fat in the pictures. Yes, we can jolly well lose the extra fat, but you can also just find the right angle – which is faster? 😛

3) Food photographs are mandatory so hand over your dishes as soon as they are served. Even if you are on the brink of starvation, satisfactory photos of the food must be taken before you eat! To overcome this ‘inconvenience’, just order the exact same food your blogger girlfriend orders, then you can eat in peace.

4) You will sometimes get dragged along to bloggers’ events. Just obey, and no one gets hurt, okay? 😀

5) You will have to deal with having a girlfriend/wife who is more famous than you are. Live with it. Heh heh!

*Please don’t take the 5 points above too seriously. There is SOME truth in them but it’s late and I’m sleep-deprived. So, good night!*