my LIFE INC: A Fascinating Online Lifestyle Store PLUS A Giveaway!

[Giveaway worth S$400 at the end of this blogpost!]

my LIFE INC. is a new subsidiary of Eu Yan Sang International and their online lifestyle store ( offers a curated range of very interesting products.


I managed to get my hands on a Sprayology set via my LIFE INC. If you don’t already know, Sprayology has a number of celebrity fans:

Melissa Rycroft
Melissa Rycroft Sprayology

Garcelle BeauviasGarcelle Beauvias

Lisa RinnaLisa Rinna

Carrie Ann InabaCarrie Ann Inaba

(more pictures here)

And now I have my own set too! My Sprayology – Weight Loss Essentials set:


Besides its compact packaging (slip a Sprayology bottle into any clutch or purse) and affordable pricing, I love how Sprayology actually works!

– Tried And Tested –

I initially wanted to find out if this S$100 set would indeed help me lose some weight. But I decided that the most pressing issue at that time was my terrible cough which just would not go away despite the many cough syrups I had tried.

I contracted that really bad cough from celebrating my birthday in Jakarta. The air pollution was so horrendous that, pardon me, I don’t think I’ll be visiting that city again.

I returned to Singapore only to have my dad ominously proclaim that my cough has to be what the Chinese call “百日咳”, the literal translation of which is “hundred day cough”. (@_@)

Within the Sprayology set is a spray called the ‘Life Detoxer’, which “neutralizes daily toxins” and is a “homeopathic oral spray with St. Mary’s Thistle” – a herb which is known for helping the liver repair itself. 🙂

I read what was printed on the box and thought that weight loss can wait, I have to test if this product works first:

The Life Detoxer “relieves common symptoms of exposure to indoor and outdoor environmental toxins (including second-hand smoke), such as respiratory difficulties, coughing, lung and liver toxicity, and sluggishness”.

The best part has to be that it’s so easy to use: Just 2 sprays under the tongue, 3 times a day. The bottle slips easily into a small handbag and you can even use this spray when you are in a taxi or train – people will just think you are freshening up your breath! 😀

Melissa Rycroft

My cough cleared up in about a month’s time, and thankfully not a hundred days or I would have coughed my lungs out. I didn’t even have to take any yucky medicine or herbal teas! 🙂

~ Get Yours Now! ~

The individual bottles retail at S$48, and S$100 for a set of 3. Get them here:

You’ll also find other products like healthy Way Better Snacks, pet care and baby care products.

Enjoy FREE delivery for orders over S$50! 😀

3 Other Items From my LIFE INC On My Shopping List:

1) Organic Chocolate Bars Christmas Bundle $36

mylifeinc christmas bundle

2) Harmonic Christmas Travel Set $36


3) Natural Alternative’s bath products: $3 to $25

Natural Alternative



More information about Sprayology here:


The lovely folks at my LIFE INC. are kindly sponsoring FOUR sets of Weight Loss – Vitamin Spray Pack for you, my readers, to WIN! Each set has a retail price of S$100!


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* This giveaway is open ONLY to residents of Singapore. International fans, stay tuned for other upcoming giveaways! 😀 *