Just 1 Day! Nature’s Farm Supplements At An Incredible $3.80 ONLY!

Nature's Farm Singapore

When I first found out that Nature’s Farm was celebrating International Women’s Day (8th March) today with a special 1-day-only offer on their supplements – pay just $3.80 PER BOTTLE – I found it a bitter pill to swallow. I’d just bought a batch of supplements from them, before the news of this great offer came out. So there was only one thing left to do: go and buy more of the heavily discounted supplements. πŸ˜€

Besides the $3.80 vitamin C supplements for children, you can also pay $3.80 for any these ones:

  1. Evening Primrose Oil 1000 (60 softgels) – usual price: $28.50
  2. Spirulina 1000 (60 tablets) – usual price: $35.80
  3. Milk Thistle Extract (60 capsules) – usual price: $43.80

The best part is there’s no minimum spending required and the offer is open to members AND non-members. Of course,Β it’s all while stocks last. So head there early (I definitely did) and stock up. πŸ™‚ $3.80 is really too good a deal to miss.

*To avoid disappointment, CALL your preferred outlet before heading over. The supplements are definitely flying off the shelves. The popular kids’ vitamins might already be sold out in some stores!

(This post was *not* done in collaboration with Nature’s Farm. I do actually take these supplements. That said, please check with your doctor or the staff at Nature’s Farm before purchasing or consuming any of these supplements. I take no responsibility for your health – good or otherwise – and this post is purely for the purpose of sharing a good deal.)


I do also know that Padeve is offering a buy-1-get-1-free promo on their herbal sanitary pads and liners. There’s free shipping for customers in Singapore, and like Nature’s Farm, no minimum spending required. πŸ™‚ I have not actually tried the pads from this brand, but I soon will (with this promo). If you need to stock up on sanitary pads, head to padeve.com.