One Place Bistro And Bar (Jalan Kayu) Review

One place bistro and bar review

One Place Bistro & Bar is a good chill out spot at Jalan Kayu for dinner and drinks, and for watching soccer matches! 😀 Due to a promotion on Fave, we went to try their skewer selection for one fixed price, and also got white rice to go along with them. I have to say that the first few mouthfuls were delicious. Maybe also because we had just gone prawning before dinner, and were therefore ready to fill our bellies.

If you ask me for a recommendation regarding which skewered meats (or otherwise) to order, I’d say go for the Garlic Pork Sausage and Shisamo. The sausage is meaty and juicy while the shisamo had roe within! In second place would be the quail eggs and shiitake mushroom skewers. The only drawback, really, is that EVERYTHING is coated with the same spice – that chili powder you’ll find dusted over your (Taiwanese-style) XXL chicken cutlet at some stalls in shopping malls. It gets quite jelat after a while. And spicy too!

one place jalan kayu

I found the grilled squid the least enjoyable as it’s mainly the tentacles that we got and it’s overcooked and therefore tough and (too) chewy.

one place bistro and bar

We’ve actually dined at this place with friends before. And we’d ordered their mains previously. Can’t remember what we ate though. Here’s the menu anyway:

One Place Bistro and Bar menu


One Place Bistro & Bar is located at 273 Jalan Kayu. Tel: 6555 6539. They’re open in the evening till late. 😀