Review: Prawning @ ORTO (Yishun)

orto yabby fishing

What better way to celebrate National Day than to enjoy a buffet lunch and then go prawning – eat our fill then go ‘lepak one corner’ at a prawning venue. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve heard quite a bit about ORTO but never visited till yesterday as we’ve kind of retired our prawning rods – we used to have all the equipment; from new, super sharp hooks, to the ‘xia fen’ (powder used during prawning, to coat the bait). It’s true: most people won’t catch many prawns if they don’t have the necessary equipment, technique or endurance. At ORTO, there are ponds where you can fish for prawns, and others for yabby (crayfish).

This prawning venue is evidently designed for prawning enthusiasts. There are lots of plastic chairs available and many adults even stack them up for added height so they get a ‘better view’ when prawning. There are also pole holders which can hold your rod while you prepare more bait, etc. *And it appears that customers can bring their own drinks to the venue. We brought sugarcane juice while other people brought 1.5litre bottles of Coke. (We also used double hooks for the first time in Singapore, since we’d noticed on ORTO’s fb page that double hooks are allowed; or so it seems.)

What we forgot to bring, though, were caps and sunglasses. The afternoon sunlight reflected off the water surface is dazzling (and not in a good way) while the light from above was pretty harsh already.ย 

orto prawning review

It was a decent catch for both of us as we haven’t gone prawning in ages. For 2.5 hours, using just 1 rod, we caught 16 (I think) prawns. Some lucky folks caught really big prawns with tags attached to them – I don’t know what they won with those tags. But we paid some $108 for 10 hours of prawning. Yes, it’s really not cheap if you’re just counting the number of prawns you catch vs. the number of prawns you can purchase from a supermarket. But the feeling of landing a catch and having your heart beat that much faster from the excitement is something you can hardly replicate in a supermarket.

And getting to the prawning section in ORTO is a little tricky. You have to follow the signs closely or else you end up in the longkang fishing department, or the trampoline area, or the F&B section, etc. Yes, the place is pretty big. There’s also futsal and paintball too!

Lots of kids engaging in longkang fishing here. Gosh, the fish must be so stressed out. I wonder how many even survived their first night away from ORTO…

orto longkang fishing

So here are the signs you have to follow very closely to get to the prawning venue. There are a couple of these signs, with small indicative arrows. Miss a turn and you end up somewhere else. Not a bad thing if you need the extra exercise. But when the weather’s so hot, I just want to get to the venue extra quick, grab a chair and sit down and sip on sugarcane juice. (@_@)

orto prawning

ORTO is located atย 81 Lor Chencharu, S769198. They are open 24 hours for prawning, so head there any time you like. ๐Ÿ™‚


And here’s a video tutorial the folks at ORTO did, to help you out if you need some guidance: