Patbingsoo at Plaza Singapura: Deserving Of A Second Visit

patbingsoo plaza singapura menu

Had lunch at Patbingsoo (Plaza Singapura) today upon my pal’s invitation. Apparently, he wanted to try their “Korea cheese ribs” (or so he said). From the pictures I saw online, it seemed like it would be a meal with a high calorie count (*gulp*) but I went anyway since it was one of the rare times he was offering to treat me to makan. 😛 Thankfully, it was worth the trip there. For one, it’s really near the MRT exit if you’re taking the North-East line. The Korean bistro is located where the previous fish shop was. I’d always wondered how the latter survived – selling pet fish in a shopping mall? People were more likely to have fish for a meal.

What we ordered at Patbingsoo was their Rolling Cheese Pork Ribs (spicy version). It’s not the most spacious bistro I’ve visited – the tables are rather small. So, thankfully, the staff took the initiative of helping us ‘wrap’ the pork ribs in the cheese at another (unoccupied) table. And it was served to us like this:

patbingsoo plaza singapura review

I’m not sure why there are pineapple slices and chips to go along with this dish. Is it how the Koreans enjoy this dish? The pork ribs were delicious though. This platter is good for 2  not-too-hungry people to share; you’ll get about 5 pieces of the pork ribs wrapped in cheese (OMG). I love the fries too as they are so soggy and likewise, enveloped in cheese.

I shall head back for the ramyeon next time. I’d wanted to order that initially, but since it was my pal’s treat, I let him choose what we should eat. 😛

I do love how the staff (mainly the locals) are friendly and helped us out with wrapping the pork ribs in cheese – I wouldn’t be able to do it so well. What was a little disconcerting was how a housefly was flying around our food. Patbingsoo is located at the basement of Plaza Singapura, there’s air-conditioning, and yet there are flies? Hmm. Hopefully, there’ll be no such encounter again on my next visit.

For dessert, we had the (recommended) Sinsa Patbingsoo. Do not be deceived – it’s actually only half a melon. The flesh is scooped out and used as the ‘cover’ on top. Inside, you’ll find shaved ice, cornflakes, nata de coco, red beans and vanilla ice cream. For $14.90, I’d say it’s decently priced.

patbingsoo plaza singapura

I’m actually tempted to make this dessert at home.

If you’re at Plaza Singapura, you might want to pop by Patbingsoo. I wouldn’t recommend ordering the cheesy ribs on a first date though. It can get quite messy. Gloves, serviettes and cutlery can be found in the drawer under each table (but only on one side). *Customer reviews on their FB Page are mixed, so I guess it was good that we visited today (on a weekday, at lunchtime).

Patbingsoo is located at B2-47 of Plaza Singapura.