Lady First SG Episode 13: Queen of Elegance

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It’s the last episode of Season 2. :( I was rather surprised the crew didn’t bid us adieu in this episode, making me hopeful there’s a next ep. But there’s no preview for another ep on the official website so this is it, I guess.

This episode is about elegance, so, if you have learnt nothing at all from the entire season, at least get some final tips on elegant hair and attire from gurus Keith Png and Wu Yi Lin.

It came as a shock to see Lina cry in this episode. But she’s been an actress since forever, really. (I used to watch her in City Beat – who remembers that?) So I’m not sure if she was really moved to tears by just a change of hairdo. Hmm.

Yi Lin gave her a low ponytail look, which I’m not exactly in favor off. Cos she looks matronly both before and after. Haha! But I love the tip of using a blusher brush to get hair spray onto her hair, and tidying up the loose ends, instead of spraying it on directly from the can.

Lady First Singapore

Lady First Singapore Lady First Singapore Lady First Singapore


Silver is a fan of the fashionable ‘punk’ looks that Arissa Cheo (wife of Van Ness Wu) likes putting together. She’s hot, for sure:

Arissa Cheo

Arissa Cheo

(You HAVE To check out her blogpost (from 2012) about her room tour – she has a serious shoe collection:

Keith was super embarrassed during this segment, but still managed to get Silver to get a change of bra, and introduced Triumph’s new Forever Young collection.

Also, I loved how he showed us examples of outfits which look good but need not cost very much, such as this gown going for just $36:

Silver 1

Lady First Singapore


For Kelly’s new hairdo, Yi Lin recommended that she use a hair thickener or mousse, and that she must choose the right styling products if she doesn’t want to use too many bobby pins.

Lady First Singapore

Lady First Singapore


As for Cheryl, she wears black outfits to work thinking it represents power and authority. However, the color looks too stern and lifeless on her. Keith puts her in an absolutely gorgeous outfit from Ted Baker instead, and she looks stunning! I love the splash of color and those floral pants (though I don’t think they’ll suit everyone!) :D 

Lady First Singapore Lady First Singapore Lady First Singapore

Also, Keith helped her accessorize with pearl earrings and bracelet, and a crystal-studded watch from Swarovski. I love the whole look. Keith is truly a fashion genius!


Candyce looked like a disaster before her hair makeover. Because permed hair gets frizzy easily, use hair wax to tidy the look.

Lady First Singapore

Lady First Singapore

She looks so much better after the makeover! :D


Well, that’s it for the entire season! I’m not sure if there’ll be a third season. But I love the changes this season – subtitles, fitness tips, featured product lists, etc. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, ladies!

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Lady First SG Episode 12: Forever Young

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Pauline Lan admits to going to the doctor’s for a bit of help with retaining her youthful looks. But for the rest of us who do not wish to go under the knife or get any injections, what sort of pills, potions and lotions can help us look “forever young”?

The gurus Bryan and Kevin make their recommendations – from hydrating gels to Tibetan yoga postures. Whether you have dry skin, rough skin, matured skin, hyper-pigmentation or fine lines, this episode of Lady First Singapore can help you!

Dry Skin

Kevin recommends that the 3 things we must do is to cleanse, moisturize and protect our skin. He raved about the Astalift Jelly Aquarysta, a hydrating gel that contains nano-Astaxanthin, nano-Lycopene, nano-Ceramide, collagen, and with 1000 times more anti-oxidizing effect than Q10.

Astalift Jelly Aquarysta

Available at Astalift stores (ION Orchard #B3-66, #JEM 01-20) at S$148 for 40g OR in a Trial Kit (inclusive of 15g of jelly) at just S$60 *I called the ION store to check the pricing on 21/8/14*

Rough Skin

Charlyn has had skin troubles since giving birth to her kid. And Bryan recommends eating the locally-grown bananas, available only at Little India. Steam the bananas just like you would steam sweet potatoes. According to him, they are very nutritious.

Lady First Singapore

Also, he recommends the Riiviva Microderm skin-resurfacing tool which can reduce fine lines and the appearance of dark spots. Avoid using this tool on areas with acne, wounds or if you have eczema. Go over any one spot with the tool just once. At the end, gently press on some soothing rose lotion and avoid any rubbing. Follow up with any product containing aloe vera or collagen.

Fine Lines

Kevin recommends the Nuxellence Youth and Radiance Revealing Fluid, which contains more than 10 floral extracts. Apply immediately after cleansing your face, spread it out with your fingers then massage it in, moving your hand in an upward motion from side of nostrils to temples, for an instant face-lifting effect. In 28 days, fine lines will be reduced by 93%, according to Kevin!

Lady First Singapore


Candyce says she drinks the Wen Ken Three Legs Pe Pa Kao as it is “helpful in relieving sore throats, reduces phlegm and nourishes the lungs”. Bryan says it is recommended to take a teaspoon of it with warm water every night.

He also recommends some yoga stretches, as usual.

Give yourself 8 minutes of ‘me’ time / relaxation time every day to purify your body and mind. Eat some dried fruit, light a beeswax candle, and wear a silk scarf scented with an essential oil. Apparently, wearing silk helps ladies feel relaxed and thus can contribute to the slowing down of the aging process. Also, read some positive-thinking books that make you happy, and have some of your favorite crystals next to you. Then try these:

1) Abdominal (deep) breathing

With a silk scarf around your neck, place your hands on your belly and breathe in deeply through your nose and let your breath out from your mouth.

2) Butterfly Stretch

With the scarf on your legs, flap your legs against the ground. It should produce a sound each time your legs come into contact with the ground.

Lady First Singapore

3) Belly-shrinking Hip Rotation
Sit cross-legged on the floor and with your thumbs placed just under your ring fingers and clenched into fists, place them in front of your hip area. Rotate your hips in a circular movement five times while holding your breath. Keep your back and arms straight.

Lady First Singapore

Matured Skin

A makeup look for people with matured skin:

Lady First Singapore

1) Use a pearl base with a high moisture content, and which is not oil-based

2) Apply translucent foundation so the look isn’t cakey

3) Wear tinted sunscreen

4) Use a water-based under eye concealer (By Terry Touche Veloutee Highlighting Concealer) and pat it on gently.

5) Mix white and champagne-colored eyeshadow

6) Dab shimmer powder across your eyelids

7) Use eyeliner to fill the space between your lashes. To gauge where your eyeliner should end, imagine an extension of your double eyelid crease at the end corner of your eye – that is where your eyeliner should end

8) Use smudge-proof mascara

9) Use eyebrow powder for a less severe look. Straight brows are in this year

10) Apply a coral orange lip gloss as blusher with the help of a sponge

11) Pick a subtle rose-colored lipstick


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Lady First SG Episode 9: Tropical Winter Fashion

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It’s kind of an oxymoron, yes. Tropical winter fashion? I’m still quite rebellious where fashion is concerned. I really do like my tank top + shorts + slippers combo, and I like putting on little to no makeup! (I do believe in skincare though) Hehe. In this episode, gurus Keith and Kevin show us how to rock the tropical winter look. They also shared that nature-inspired menswear is fashionable right now! ;)

15 Tips For The Tropical Winter Fashionista:

1) To rock the ‘sweet punk’ look, note that piling on colors at the end corners of your eyes works only if you have deep-set eyes like the Westerners or Indian ladies. Otherwise, apply your colors at the corners of your eyelids with thin strokes, and with a contrast color on top, such as fuchsia and blue as shown below:

Lady First SG

2) Wear contact lenses in a purplish shade – it’s difficult to go wrong with this color as it’s both ‘warm’ and ‘cool’ tone, and should match your makeup and skin tone.

3) Draw the blue line first (in picture above) before using black liner, if you are a beginner.

4) You can use a pencil for the first color then black liquid eyeliner.

5) Avoid large patches / swathes of color which will make your eyes look puffy.

6) Make your eyes look wider / longer by drawing contrasting geometric lines.

7) For the grunge look that Vee is trying to pull off, wear shapewear even under a thick jacket. Choose Triumph’s which can (supposedly) lower your body temperature by 1.27degrees.

Lady First SG

8) Choose a body sculpting bra with large side panels for more support. Put on the bra first, before your shapewear.

9) Quilted panels on a skirt make you look skinnier.

10) For the leather jackets, choose a lighter color (e.g. white) instead of black all the time. This makes the look less ‘heavy’. Alternatively, choose those which come with two materials e.g. chiffon and leather. Going sleeveless is recommended so it doesn’t get too hot. Be sure to choose the right cut and material.

11) If you want to sport ulzzang lips, ensure your lips don’t end up looking too dry and wrinkled, like Candyce’s. Pearl powder is good for the runway but not for everyday use.

12) Choose Laneige’s LED lipsticks, which have over 35% moisturizing serum. You can use a magenta-colored one then a berry red one.

Lady First SG

13) Nude colored boots or booties make your legs look longer.

14) Some boots have perforated soles to let your feet ‘breathe’ and cut-outs so the look is less ‘tense’.

15) Choose neon nail colors based on your personality, e.g. darker shades for clubbing and pastel / ‘macaron’ types for outings with girlfriends. And use crystal nail sheets on alternate fingers, not on all nails.

Lady First SG

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Laneige lipstick

Lady First Ep 5: Hairstyles That Make Men Go Ooh La La

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This episode is all about how to turn heads with a stunning hairdo no matter whether you have long hair, short hair or curly hair. I wondered if there was any tension within the studio as two hair gurus were featured in this episode. :D

Yi Lin was a natural before the camera while Dexter tried too hard to keep facing the camera while doing his demonstrations – he should have been focused on his subject instead. ;)

Based on the street survey that Kelly conducted, it was found that guys like girls with big curls best.

lady first sg

Take note of the tips associated with your current hairstyle, whether you have curly, straight or short hair, or whether you like wearing your hair in a bun or ponytail.

Curly Hair – Silver

1) Comb through your curls with your fingers, so they look more natural

2) Use a leave-in conditioner before utilizing a curling iron. It can protect your hair from the heat and also help ‘hold’ the curls

3) Men love it when you wear your hair in the over-one-shoulder style – exposing a bit of neckline drives men crazy ;)

lady first sg

Straight, Long Hair – Celyn

1) Part hair in a zigzag fashion so your bangs don’t look as flat

lady first sg

2) For the Princess-y half ponytail, push the ponytail up before adding a hairclip

lady first sg

3) Use a spray to add shine to your hair

The Bun Hairstyle – Hayley

1) Use dry shampoo – it removes excess oil from hair

2) To make a bun, use a thicker sock unless you have a lot of hair. Cut a hole at the tip of the sock, around where your toes should be, then roll the sock outwards into the shape of a donut. The sock should match your hair color. With your hair through the ‘donut’, roll your hair outwards till the bun is formed, and use 2 hair pins to secure it in place

lady first sg

lady first sg

3) Use a serum to reduce frizz

lady first sg

The Ponytail – Kelly

1) Tie a ponytail at the roundest part of the back of your head

2) Tie a French braid for use as a ‘hairband’

lady first sg

lady first sg

Short Hair – Vee

1) If you have heavily damaged hair like Vee’s, don’t use sticky styling products – use more lightweight ones

2) It is trendy to wear your hairband ‘low’ – down your forehead. Use the hairband to push your fringe upwards first so it doesn’t look ‘flat’

lady first sg

[For a list of all the products featured in this episode, click here]

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Lady First Singapore 女人我最大 by Starhub – Episode 13 [Final Ep]

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In this final episode, the guests and experts, Xiao Kai and Keith, discuss how we can travel in style. No more oversized, overweight luggage, or skincare woes again! :)

Masking On Planes

1) Masking while on the plane? Don’t leave the mask on after the usual 15-20 minutes of masking! The sheet mask will reabsorb all the serum and this leaves your skin dry. Also, when you eventually tear off the mask, it is harmful to your very dry skin then. On top of all these, the masks actually prevent the skin from “breathing” so don’t exceed masking times!

2) Pack your serums/essence/sprays in smaller bottles to take onto planes. Bear in mind, though, that you can use smaller plastic bottles only  if the original bottle is also made of plastic. If the original container is made from glass, for instance, it may indicate that the substance it contains might have a chemical reaction with plastic bottles.

3) Don’t neglect your lips too! Keep them moisturized!

A Short Island Getaway


1) Bring multi-use clothes and accessories so you can mix and match them without bringing too many items, e.g. a belt with a different color on each side

2) Choose black outfits ‘cos they are less recognisable when you are re-using them, e.g. converting a toga dress into a tube dress.

3) Foldable flats are useful for the times when your feet are sore from walking around in heels too much

4) Aching legs from all those beach activities? Instead of normal medicated plasters, use these colorful ones that athletes use and disguise them as a fashion statement:

Lady First Ep 13 Medicated plasters

Too many skincare / makeup products


1) If your makeup is too heavy, your skin can’t breathe. On the plane, use some makeup wipes to cleanse and moisturize your skin

2) Use a nourishing cream for your body too.

Too many jackets in the same color or style


1) Firstly, choose jackets in the right size

2) Invest in jackets that will not go out of style, e.g. the waisted coat, the cape coat (in black or nude)

3) Choose leather jackets too. When you return home, get them dry cleaned, moisturized and stored in a closet with a dehumidifier.

Makeup cracking up in cold countries?


1) You can use your current foundation but allow some moisturizing essence to be absorbed into your applicator sponge. Dab all over face. [An alternative would be to mix the essence with your foundation, if you know how]

2) You can also use a lipstick to double up as a blusher – get some onto the back of your palm then transfer the color to your cheeks with a finger.

Lady First Ep 13 Lipstick as blush

3) Consider getting a liquid eyeshadow so your eyeshadow color doesn’t get dry or cracked in colder climates.

Final Tips: Don’t bring unnecessary stuff, and be knowledgeable about the products you are using, e.g. which lipstick can double up as a blush.

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Lady First Singapore 女人我最大 by Starhub – Episode 12

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There’s just one more episode before we bid farewell to Lady First SG! Not sure if there’ll be a second season! So, let’s learn as much as we can, and hope for the best. :D

The experts: Keith and Yi Lin

In this episode, the guests present 5 different problems related to dressing up for various functions/events.

First up… Kelly’s, erm, flat chest…

1) Kelly wants to dazzle in her gold-colored dress but she has just one problem: her rather flat chest

Keith recommended the aqua bra, and it succeeded in making her bosom appear fuller. It also allows for additional inserts for extra oomph! ;)

Keith also recommended a Cleopatra clutch (worth 10K) whose design was inspired by Elizabeth Taylor. He said that the silver clutch matched Kelly’s gold dress better than a gold-colored clutch, which would just have looked tacky.

There’s also the green Diana bag which is even pricier at 20K!

Lady First SG diana and cleopatra

Keith says we should look beyond the pricing and view these bags as investment pieces – well, easy for him to say. ;)

2) Silver’s bangs and long, wavy tresses don’t quite suit the look she wants to achieve

Yi Li recommends an up-do but there are a couple of problems: Silver’s rather flat head and visibly short neck from the back.

To counter these issues, Yi Lin pulls the hair at the nape of Silver’s neck upwards and holds them in place with U-shaped pins.

Lady First SG Silver updo

*AWESOME TIP* When using styling spray to keep stray/baby hairs in place, avoid spraying directly onto your hair or you’ll get a hard/stiff look. Instead, spray onto a blusher brush and gently brush those hairs into place so as to avoid a hard finish.

3) Candyce requires a smart-casual look for attending a friend’s ROM ceremony

She wants to dress without stealing the limelight. However, her hairdo appears a little weird as her head is bigger at the area around her forehead, and her hair parting is skewed too much to one side.

Yi Lin recommends that after you curl your hair, do a comb through so your hair appears fuller and denser.

Lady First SG hair accessories

Also, you can choose smaller stick-on accessories instead of their bigger, chunkier counterparts.

4) Vee wants a semi-formal look that will hide her flaws

Vee tends to wear baggy clothes to hide her flabby tummy. But Keith recommends that people who are plump should avoid the androgynous look. He thinks they should choose outfits in black, wear pantsuits, etc, but most importantly, he thinks they should invest in…

Lady First SG vee shapewear

Lightweight Shapewear!

5) Carrie wants a low ponytail look for her company D&D

Yi Lin reveals that it is usually difficult for a low ponytail to look good. On top of that, Carrie has a short chin, chubby cheeks, and her forehead is shorter at the sides. So, she needs to put in more effort in ensuring her hairdo looks good. In the end, it still looks kinda weird…

Lady First SG low ponytail

Tip: For a sleek look, mix hair gel and water, plus olive oil or baby oil.

Final words from the experts:

1) Yi Lin – Pay attention to how you look, both from the front and the back. Avoid having oily-looking hair.

2) Keith – Always look your best, no matter the occasion.

The next episode will be this season’s last. Hopefully, the team will come back for a second season! :D

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Lady First Singapore 女人我最大 by Starhub – Episode 10 & 11

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~ Episode 10 ~

In this episode, experts Clarence and Yi Lin teach us how to do the impossible – get our makeup and hair ready in 3 minutes (each). Interesting too is how the guests point out what Singaporean ladies do that is undesirable, such as stepping out of the house with (almost dripping) wet hair.

1) Wet Hair

Beware of complications like inflammations and in more serious cases, balding issues. If you don’t get a blowdry, what happens is that you will find your hair in clumps.

Dry your scalp with tissue:

Dry your scalp

2) Skincare not absorbed

Carrie put a filler concentrate on her face, and before it was fully absorbed, she put powder on.

What she could have done was to use a serum, then sunblock. And wait for a few minutes before applying her makeup.

Skincare can also be ‘mixed’ on your palm, so you’ll only need one application.

3) Oily Hair

Plastic combs aren’t good for long or dyed hair. Get a hairbrush with round plastic tips on the bristles. These won’t harm your scalp.

If you have a lot of hair, separate them into 2 layers before combing.

Comb the ends first and remove those tangles, then work your way upwards.

Don’t use oil on your hair, so as to avoid bad smells later. Your hair should be ‘light’ and ‘dancing’ in the breeze, instead of being in clumps.


4) No makeup, just falsies?

Going out with just your falsies on as “makeup”? It’s not enough! Use an eyeshadow, eyeliner and falsies – but cut your false eyelashes in half and stick them on only the outer corners of your eyes for a more natural look.

Is there a difference between using black eyelash glue versus white ones? No, black eyelash glue will also turn transparent so there’s really no difference.

5) Help a “Passerby”

Irene on lady first sg

Once again, the most “wayang” segment of this show. Kelly hits the streets, spots many ladies with little makeup who “brutally” reject her offer of a makeover, and finally “FINDS” Watsons blogger, Irene, in (woohoo!) a Watsons store. (@_@) Irene acts shocked at the offer of a makeover and “reluctantly” agrees.

Clarence used a BB cream to even out her skin tone. Then a lash curler, liner, mascara, fills in her brows and applies loose powder (in pink) and lipstick.

Pauline Lan makes a rather brutal comment in saying that Irene looks like an “auntie” in the ‘before’ picture. (@_@)

6) Hide messy bed hair under a cap?

Yi Lin advised Vee not to hide her natural curls and messy hair under caps due to Singapore’s hot and humid weather. She used a special hair spray on Vee’s hair which is supposed to remove moisture. She explained that this is necessary because wet hair will result in more obvious natural curls.

She also plaited Vee’s hair and completed the look with a hairband. :)

vee hair makeover

Final tips:

1) Clarence: Take care of your skin. And trim your eyebrows daily – just a few strands a day, and you can have a polished look everyday!

2) Yi Lin: All you need are good tools and good products and you can save a lot of time every morning when fixing your makeup and your hair! :)

~ Episode 11 ~

The experts on this episode are Keith & Kevin. I love this episode because it’s packed with useful information and great tips for sun protection and looking beach ready. :)

Lady First SG Keith Png Fashionable beach wear

Ready to step out into the sun? Here are 12 tips:

1) Sunblock now comes with SPF130 and pa+++. Use non-greasy sunblock so it doesn’t clog your pores. Use oil blotters to test – apply some sunblock on the back of your palm, then check how much oil gets transferred onto an oil blotting sheet.

2) You must apply a sufficient quantity of sunblock – about a 20-cent coin size. It may be too much for one application, so split it up in two applications and layer it on.

3) Use makeup remover (oil or emulsion) to remove sunblock as it is waterproof.

4) Let your eyeliner dry before opening your eyes (wide) to prevent smudging.

5) Apply mascara onto the roots of your eyelashes first and only try to lengthen the rest of your lashes on the second application. This is to prevent your lashes from getting too “heavy” from the mascara and drooping, instead of curling up nicely.

Lady First SG Makeup for UV Protection

6) TANNING: Three days before you head to the beach, exfoliate, so you can later get an even tan. Three days after getting some sun, use a snail secretion(?) mask – sticks to skin just like how snails stick to walls. It’s good for lightening scars too.

7) Kevin recommends a ‘self tan’ (in a can) which will last a week. This ensures you won’t suffer from sun damage. ;)

8) Use a mousse foundation – go for a shiny, not oily, look. Avoid too dark a color below your eyes or you will look old. Apply blush from the area near your ears to your cheeks ‘cos where the blush touches first is darkest, so you don’t want that on your cheeks. Eyeshadow: Apply from your eyes to browbone then bring the final stroke down the side of your nose for a contoured look.

Self tan

9) Besides your outfit and makeup, have a cute nail color too! Neon is ‘in’ these days. ;)

10) Carry a big bag – it can help hide your tummy or thighs *wink wink*

11) Folds down the middle of a tankini hides your tummy. Some tankinis can also help sculpt ur body too, like a corset.

Hiding Flaws Fashionably

12) If all else fails, throw on a cover-all top to hide all flaws. :D

Now you are ready to head off to the beach! :)

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Lady First Singapore 女人我最大 by Starhub – Episode 9

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I totally missed this episode on Monday as I was overseas on a sponsored trip to catch the Asia premiere of Wolverine (any fans here? :) ) but thankfully, I got to catch this episode on Saturday, 12.30pm. I think StarHub has 2 replays of each episode. So awesome right? :)

In Episode 9, we find out all about clothes (storage, selection and recycling matters). :)

Here are 12 tips from experts Keith and Kevin. By the way, I am SUPER impressed by Keith in this episode – for one, he demonstrates amazing fashion sense in the way he “recycled” old tees and made bags, tank tops and scarves out of them!

1) If you have big boobs like Kanny, avoid wearing tops with ruffles as it just makes your chest look more heavy and attracts too much (unwanted?) attention.

2) Repeated patterns and light colors have an “magnifying effect” on you and make you look even bigger than you really are, so pay attention to this if you are trying to find clothes which make you look slim. ;) Even netting can work against you!

3) Have a ‘recycling’ box in your wardrobe. Each time you pick up an item that doesn’t fit you anymore, just drop it into the box, instead of shoving it back into your wardrobe. When the box is full, it means it is time to take it out and give the clothes away.

4) Arrange clothes according to color. You’ll get a visual reminder of which colors and styles you already own and it will help you avoid buying something similar. Great tip for saving money!

5) Every 3 to 6 months, you should do a spring clean of your wardrobe and throw out items you no longer wear.

6) Keep the original stuffing papers, not newspapers, in your bags to help retain their shape and absorb moisture. Newspapers may stain the inside of bags especially if the lining is of a lighter color. Store your handbags, etc, in the dust bags they come in.

7) Buy clothes based on your bust size, not your waist size if you are busty. After the purchase, send the clothes for alteration to pull in the waist, and make the entire outfit look ‘fitting’. If you purchase an item based on your waist size, it will just be really uncomfortable on top and too tight around the bust!

8) Buy silica gel and put them in dustbags with your clothes, to prevent the latter from getting moudly. To recycle the silica gels, put them in the oven for 15mins. You can only recycle silica gels a maximum of 5 times.

9) If you are always feeling cold, it is easier for you to get fat. Your body will start storing more fat when your body temperature drops so always keep a cardigan in your bag for when you are in an air-conditioned environment, to maintain your body’s normal temperature.

10) Use bright green, red, and blue accessories to enliven dull-colored retro/vintage outfits, e.g. a bright green cardigan over a brown vintage dress.

Lady First Retro Vintage Outfits

11) Always use dehumidifiers for your wardrobe, etc. And place one on EACH shelf! Remember to change them regularly too!

12) Keep track of which items you have instead of constantly buying so many of the same style or color, mix new items with older ones, and give away those you can’t wear anymore.

In this episode, Kelly brought some clothes that she claimed were passed down from her grandmother to her mother and then to her. She told the “stories” behind each dress – one was for her mom’s first job interview, etc. But for one particular piece that she said was tailored for her mother, I noticed that there was a clothes label attached to it. So I’m not quite sure if I should believe her story. Hmm…

Kelly's Vintage Outfits

In any case, I think Kevin did a great job in making Kelly look good, even though the dresses are ultra-baggy and in rather dull colors.

A very useful episode! I just wish Keith had more time to go through step-by-step for each tee-revamp he did! I have some old tees I’d really like to transform! :D

This post (and more information about the episodes) is available on StarHub Community.

Lady First Singapore 女人我最大 by Starhub – Episodes 7 and 8

[Ep 1][Ep 2][Ep 3][Ep 4][Ep 5][Ep 6]

The experts on episode 7 are Bryan and Kevin(yay!) :)

And here are 11 Whitening Tips from this episode:

1) Some products with vitamin C should only be used at night as sun exposure can result in the undesired darkening of skin.

2) Jacelyn Tay’s recommendations, including eating white fungus and birds’ nest.

3) After all skincare and sun protection steps have been done, you may consider oral supplements. Just ensure all products are safe for use and don’t have dangerous, banned substances.

4) Don’t squeeze lemons – the flesh has vitamin C but what’s in the skin could counter the whitening effects of the vitamin C.

5) Choose the right cleanser and ensure you exfoliate your skin! Before age 30, exfoliate once a week, and after age 30, exfoliate twice a week.

6) After exfoliation, use sunblock before going out.

7) If you have dark spots/pigmentation, Kevin’s recommendation is the Beauty Republic Cosme Device which comes with an LED light.

8) If you use too many products with different SPF levels, it may cancel out the one with the highest SPF!

9) UV rays are present everywhere!! As a guide, anywhere there is light, there are UV rays.

10) Bryan shows the pressure point to hit when your skin is itchy. It will also make you fairer.

Lady First Episode 7

Cover your knee cap with your palm, spread your fingers and the spot where your thumb lands on is it.

11) Bryan’s recommendation to counter dark spots: lavender flower spray, pink crystal, gold flakes(?)

Parting words from Kevin: While sunblock is important, a little sun is good for your bones!

~ Episode 8 ~

[14 Tips For Taking Your Look From Day To Night]

This is an interesting episode as it reveals how Singaporean ladies actually can’t be bothered with touching up their makeup throughout the day, and often don’t bother with dolling up for events after work because they simply are too busy and have no time to get a change of outfit or ‘glam’ up their makeup.

So here are 14 tips from Kevin and Clarence to get you from a day to night look:

1) When going on a date after work, know that black outfits are bad. Kevin says the color is “mysterious” to men, and conveys the impression that you are difficult to understand. Choose soothing colors instead.

2) Don’t reveal too much. Just show a little bit of shoulder for instance and it will ensure your guy will want to see more. Ooh. (@_@)

3) When you look tired, get a massage for your face and neck. And to touch up your makeup, use a waterproof eyeliner and blend it out with a finger quickly before it gets dry. You can use a dark green eyeliner for your lower lid (end portion). Use a glitter eyeliner to make your eyes sparkle and a silver eyeliner for the inner eye portion.

Candyce - Eye Makeup

4) Definitely use makeup remover even if you think your makeup is already gone at the end of the day. A good idea would be to use one which is 100% olive oil.

5) Your clothes must reveal your strengths, e.g. if you have a full bust, don’t conceal it under an outfit with multiple folds.

6) If you have thin lips, avoid using red lipstick which highlights how thin your lips are and makes you look like someone who is perhaps, miserly and unfriendly.

7) Use a herbal mist spray for moisturizing and rejuvenating tired skin. Follow up with powder – press gently and do not drag. For tired eyes, use lightweight powder.

8) Stick on your false eyelashes FIRST before using eyeliner! Unless you are going for a “thick” makeup look, then use liner first, attach your falsies then use liner again to fill in any gaps.

9) If you have a warm skin tone, go with orangey red lipstick. If you have a cool skin tone, choose a red lipstick with blueish undertones.

10) To prevent lipstick from staining your teeth, stick a finger into your mouth, as if you are sucking your finger and pull your finger out.

11) To prevent lipstick from staining your wine glass, lick your lips first. Once wet with saliva, the lipstick will not get transferred over to your wine glass.

12) If your arms are fleshy, sleeves should be wider and not tight around your arms or they’ll make you look fat.

13) Going clubbing? Have your own style. Don’t dress like everybody else!

*Save A Passerby Segment* Kelly hit the streets to find an office lady who would agree to a makeover by Clarence. Everyone rejected her till she “found” someone – once again, a Watsons blogger (Elaine) – who pretended to be slightly reluctant. (@_@)

Elaine - Fake Passerby

14) If you have fleshy legs, choose chunkier footwear. If you choose thin stiletto heels, your legs will look even fatter.

Silver Ang - Clubbing Outfit

Ultimately, it is as Kevin said, know your strengths and flaws so you can highlight your strengths and conceal your flaws.

Stay beautiful!

Lady First Singapore 女人我最大 by Starhub – Episode 6

[Episode 1][Episode 2][Episode 3][Episode 4][Episode 5]

This episode is dedicated to Office Ladies aka OLs and it’s all about their hair and outfits. I’d probably be SO thrilled if I’m an OL. LOL!

Lady First Episode 6

11 Tips for OLs:

1) Make sure your clothes are fitting. Don’t get a size bigger for fear of getting fat soon.

2) Consider getting jackets and outfits in other colors and not just black, white and off-white. Details like sheer portions and detachable sleeves are interesting too!

3) Don’t tie your ponytail too tightly. You don’t want to accelerate hair loss or get a headache!

4) Your ponytail must look nice even when undone. It must not look like a mess when you let your hair down. Curl your hair before tying it into a ponytail.

5) Massage your scalp after your hair is out of a tight ponytail like Yi Lin 老师’s.

6) Curl the fringe portion so it doesn’t end up flat.


7) Don’t reveal too much cleavage as it is not professional.

8) If you have a short bob, use hair wax in spray form. Normal wax would be too oily.

9) Bobby pins must not be exposed!

10) Hairbands should be thin, and ribbons (if any) should be small and slim.

11) Apply some hair wax to the end of your fringe and tuck it at the back of your ear where it will stay put! ;) And avoid severe center partings unless you want to look matronly.

Side vs Center Parting

And there you have it – 11 tips for looking your best as an OL! :D Actually, non-OLs stand to benefit from watching this episode too! I sure did!

*This post is also available on StarHub Community – join in the discussion! :)