Lady First Singapore 女人我最大 by Starhub – Episodes 7 and 8

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The experts on episode 7 are Bryan and Kevin(yay!) 🙂

And here are 11 Whitening Tips from this episode:

1) Some products with vitamin C should only be used at night as sun exposure can result in the undesired darkening of skin.

2) Jacelyn Tay’s recommendations, including eating white fungus and birds’ nest.

3) After all skincare and sun protection steps have been done, you may consider oral supplements. Just ensure all products are safe for use and don’t have dangerous, banned substances.

4) Don’t squeeze lemons – the flesh has vitamin C but what’s in the skin could counter the whitening effects of the vitamin C.

5) Choose the right cleanser and ensure you exfoliate your skin! Before age 30, exfoliate once a week, and after age 30, exfoliate twice a week.

6) After exfoliation, use sunblock before going out.

7) If you have dark spots/pigmentation, Kevin’s recommendation is the Beauty Republic Cosme Device which comes with an LED light.

8) If you use too many products with different SPF levels, it may cancel out the one with the highest SPF!

9) UV rays are present everywhere!! As a guide, anywhere there is light, there are UV rays.

10) Bryan shows the pressure point to hit when your skin is itchy. It will also make you fairer.

Lady First Episode 7

Cover your knee cap with your palm, spread your fingers and the spot where your thumb lands on is it.

11) Bryan’s recommendation to counter dark spots: lavender flower spray, pink crystal, gold flakes(?)

Parting words from Kevin: While sunblock is important, a little sun is good for your bones!

~ Episode 8 ~

[14 Tips For Taking Your Look From Day To Night]

This is an interesting episode as it reveals how Singaporean ladies actually can’t be bothered with touching up their makeup throughout the day, and often don’t bother with dolling up for events after work because they simply are too busy and have no time to get a change of outfit or ‘glam’ up their makeup.

So here are 14 tips from Kevin and Clarence to get you from a day to night look:

1) When going on a date after work, know that black outfits are bad. Kevin says the color is “mysterious” to men, and conveys the impression that you are difficult to understand. Choose soothing colors instead.

2) Don’t reveal too much. Just show a little bit of shoulder for instance and it will ensure your guy will want to see more. Ooh. (@_@)

3) When you look tired, get a massage for your face and neck. And to touch up your makeup, use a waterproof eyeliner and blend it out with a finger quickly before it gets dry. You can use a dark green eyeliner for your lower lid (end portion). Use a glitter eyeliner to make your eyes sparkle and a silver eyeliner for the inner eye portion.

Candyce - Eye Makeup

4) Definitely use makeup remover even if you think your makeup is already gone at the end of the day. A good idea would be to use one which is 100% olive oil.

5) Your clothes must reveal your strengths, e.g. if you have a full bust, don’t conceal it under an outfit with multiple folds.

6) If you have thin lips, avoid using red lipstick which highlights how thin your lips are and makes you look like someone who is perhaps, miserly and unfriendly.

7) Use a herbal mist spray for moisturizing and rejuvenating tired skin. Follow up with powder – press gently and do not drag. For tired eyes, use lightweight powder.

8) Stick on your false eyelashes FIRST before using eyeliner! Unless you are going for a “thick” makeup look, then use liner first, attach your falsies then use liner again to fill in any gaps.

9) If you have a warm skin tone, go with orangey red lipstick. If you have a cool skin tone, choose a red lipstick with blueish undertones.

10) To prevent lipstick from staining your teeth, stick a finger into your mouth, as if you are sucking your finger and pull your finger out.

11) To prevent lipstick from staining your wine glass, lick your lips first. Once wet with saliva, the lipstick will not get transferred over to your wine glass.

12) If your arms are fleshy, sleeves should be wider and not tight around your arms or they’ll make you look fat.

13) Going clubbing? Have your own style. Don’t dress like everybody else!

*Save A Passerby Segment* Kelly hit the streets to find an office lady who would agree to a makeover by Clarence. Everyone rejected her till she “found” someone – once again, a Watsons blogger (Elaine) – who pretended to be slightly reluctant. (@_@)

Elaine - Fake Passerby

14) If you have fleshy legs, choose chunkier footwear. If you choose thin stiletto heels, your legs will look even fatter.

Silver Ang - Clubbing Outfit

Ultimately, it is as Kevin said, know your strengths and flaws so you can highlight your strengths and conceal your flaws.

Stay beautiful!

Lady First Singapore 女人我最大 by Starhub – Episode 6

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This episode is dedicated to Office Ladies aka OLs and it’s all about their hair and outfits. I’d probably be SO thrilled if I’m an OL. LOL!

Lady First Episode 6

11 Tips for OLs:

1) Make sure your clothes are fitting. Don’t get a size bigger for fear of getting fat soon.

2) Consider getting jackets and outfits in other colors and not just black, white and off-white. Details like sheer portions and detachable sleeves are interesting too!

3) Don’t tie your ponytail too tightly. You don’t want to accelerate hair loss or get a headache!

4) Your ponytail must look nice even when undone. It must not look like a mess when you let your hair down. Curl your hair before tying it into a ponytail.

5) Massage your scalp after your hair is out of a tight ponytail like Yi Lin 老师’s.

6) Curl the fringe portion so it doesn’t end up flat.


7) Don’t reveal too much cleavage as it is not professional.

8) If you have a short bob, use hair wax in spray form. Normal wax would be too oily.

9) Bobby pins must not be exposed!

10) Hairbands should be thin, and ribbons (if any) should be small and slim.

11) Apply some hair wax to the end of your fringe and tuck it at the back of your ear where it will stay put! 😉 And avoid severe center partings unless you want to look matronly.

Side vs Center Parting

And there you have it – 11 tips for looking your best as an OL! 😀 Actually, non-OLs stand to benefit from watching this episode too! I sure did!

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Lady First Singapore 女人我最大 by Starhub – Episode 5

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Episode 5 is a mish-mash of a number of things: fashion, hair, and it even has supermodel Sheila Sim! I’m not quite sure what Sheila was on the show for – we didn’t get to hear very much from her. LOL! And I’m still not quite convinced about the style choices for SG weather but I do love this episode’s tips about accessorizing! 🙂

The experts this time are celebrity stylist, Keith Png, and Yi Lin 老师, a celebrity hairstylist who brought an assistant with her! 😀

14 Tips From Episode 5:

1) Don’t just wear a spaghetti strap top and jeans even though SG weather is hot and humid! Throw on a jacket or a nice hat, and decent shoes so as to look presentable! The hot weather should not be your excuse to not dress up.

Lady First accessories

2) Avoid wearing denim shorts (it’s no longer in fashion), especially those that are baggy. Choose more fitted ones.

3) Get a lightweight bra with memory cushions, and which are not obvious under clothes. [Likely Triumph’s!]

4) Instead of hiding your hair under a cap, have a nice ponytail with a ribbon hairband or clip. Polka dots, soft fabrics and neon colors are now very trendy!

5) Choose a bra color that is close to your skin color. So don’t choose a white bra just because you are going to wear a white top! Of course, you should definitely avoid wearing black bras under white tops!

6) A tip from supermodel Sheila Sim: your outfit should not have more than 3 colors!

Lady First Sheila Sim

7) When using hair products, hold them 10-15cm away from your head then spray.

8) Moisturization of your hair and scalp is important because even staying in an air-conditioned room can strip your hair of its moisture!

9) If a product causes your hair strands to clump up, it’s too oily!

10) Make sure you use a product to protect your hair before heating/perming/styling/etc.

11) While it is important to feel comfortable, it is also imperative that you look stylish when you step out of your house. So pick your clothes wisely!

12) When wearing cutesy hairbands, place them towards the front of your head and you can even have the ribbon at the side instead of right smack center!

Lady First hairbands

Here’s Pauline Lan acting cute:

Pauline Lan acting cute

13) Don’t overdo things – avoid piling on all the bling and looking like a christmas tree!

Celyn overdoes it

14) Spend a bit more on accessories – they can help jazz up any outfit! 🙂

I’m not sure about you but I LOVE accessories. Thing is, I buy so many of them, but I always end up using the same few I love most, regardless of outfit. Haha! Anyone else faces this issue too, or is it just me? 😀

Lady First Singapore 女人我最大 by Starhub – Episode 4

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Ironically, due to a StarHub event on Monday, I ended up missing the first ten minutes or so of Episode 4, though I had rushed back in a cab. 😀 Perhaps, this means I should go figure out how to watch 女人我最大 on catch-up tv! LOL! Anyway, what I did catch was this:

Kelly said she does a 3-minute ‘nude’ makeup sometimes, using only false eye lashes and nothing else. And my goodness! I do that almost all the time! Ever since I started on SK-II’s Cellumination range, I decided that since my face is already somewhat glow-y, there is no need to pile on the makeup anymore. So it’s either falsies or eyeliner + mascara, and absolutely nothing else! Good skin is better than the best makeup, seriously!

But everyone told Kelly that she looked pale and sickly (没气色). I think a little blush is required – maybe go for a run or use a cream blush?

And Clarence showed us a gel eyeliner in pencil form – how cool is that?!

To avoid getting wrinkles on your forehead (at least, not so early) Pauline says Xiao Kai taught her to keep her face expression-less and use one finger to prop up the eyelid of the eye she is applying eyeliner on. Useful tip!

More tips!

1) Mascara should be waterproof or lashes will “collapse” due to Singapore’s humid weather

2) You should have lipstick on even with nude makeup on your face

3) Don’t rub your eyes when removing eye makeup to avoid wrinkles and loss of lashes

4) When attempting a smoky eye look, try adding some shimmer, to avoid looking like a panda

Lady First SG How To Do A Smoky Eye Look

There was a makeover segment which was obviously staged. Kelly “hit the streets” to find someone with over the top eye makeup. And she “found” Karen, whom I know to be a Watsons blogger. 😉 Because Karen’s eyes are small and she has single eyelids, Clarence used a little bit more eyeliner on top and some pearlescent eyeshadow below for a doe-eyed(?) look.

Before the makeover, and makeup removed from one eye:

Lady First SG Bad Eye Makeup

After the makeover:

Lady First SG Karen's makeover

The final guest on the show decided to do a PK with Xiao Kai. Vee eventually lost (how could she have won against him, anyway?). Vee wanted to make her eyes look bigger with lots of eyeliner and ended up drawing something that looked like a whale’s body. Find the video here

Final tips from the gurus:

1) Clarence: Avoid using too much eyeshadow – start with lighter shades then progress to darker ones

2) Xiao kai: Hygiene is very important!

Looking forward to Episode 5! I believe one of my former blog interviewees, Sheila Sim, will be on the show! 😀

Stay tuned!

Lady First Singapore 女人我最大 by Starhub – Episode 3

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Lady First SG Episode 3 is all about how to look beautiful whether you are in your 20s, 30s or 40s! I’ve picked up some useful makeup and skincare tips so read on to find out what they are! 🙂

On the show this time are the beauty experts Xiao Kai 老师 and Bryan:

Lady First Singapore Episode 3

Sidenote: I find good-looking Taiwanese men very attractive 😀

The show begins with Kelly hitting the streets to ask people how old they think the female guests on the show are. Celyn, seated next to Kelly, is in her early 20s but people thought she was at least 40 years old! Poor thing!

First Problem: Pimples!

Celyn actually demonstrated to us how she uses BB cream with anti-acne properties – she puts a HUGE amount of it onto her face as if she’s slapping cement onto bricks! Xiao Kai 老师 tells her that is way too much and that it will block her pores! He also advises that such creams or even anti-acne medications must be applied right after cleansing.

Lady First Singapore Episode 3 - Celyn and too much bb cream

Also, if you have pimples, get lightweight foundation so it is almost like airbrushing. You want coverage, and not to look like you are wearing a mask.

Everyone was shocked when Xiao Kai 老师 revealed that a powder puff not washed for 3 days has more bacteria than a toilet bowl! (@_@) You definitely do not want that on your acne-prone skin!

Also, you will need a concealer brush to hide pimples, blemishes, etc. Fingers are not good enough for the job.

Second Problem: Wrinkles!

Kelly is beginning to see wrinkles as she nears age 30. Xiao Kai 老师 recommends under-eye massages to reduce wrinkles and upper-eyelid massages (with gentle pressure in three areas) to reduce puffiness.

Lady First Singapore Episode 3 - gold and white gold product

Above: With improved blood circulation, dark eye circles and eye-bags will naturally disappear!

Lady First Singapore Episode 3 - Eye and Face Massage

*He also shared that if we want a v-shaped jawline, we must not forget the neck areas during our skincare regimen. Always push the skin upwards and also, do not let the apples of your cheeks sag too! Pull from the side of your nostrils to your temples.

Third Problem: Lines on neck!

Candyce has been eating vitamins since she was young and thus has fairly good skin. However, she has multiple lines (folds?) on her neck which are supposedly hereditary. Bryan recommends a mixture of “mi kang you”, “ru xiang jing you” and
“tan xiang fen”(tumeric?) to help Candyce. [I have NO idea what the first two ingredients are] 😀

Bryan also mentioned that we must exfoliate the skin around the neck but not by using products we usually use on our body as the skin around the neck is thinner!

He said that If one’s spleen is weak, the neck starts to sag. Hmm…

Fourth Problem: Dull skin and too much concealer!

Carrie uses concealer on her whole face (except for two small parts) The result is that there is no glow. She does all that just to conceal small facial veins, blemishes and pimples. But Xiao Kai 老师 says that If skin is radiant, it can hide blemishes already. He advises using pearlescent makeup so, instead of concealing, just reflect light. But of course, do not use those products on their own or you will start “glowing” like a lightbulb. Mix the product with a liquid foundation, and blend it in.

Lady First Singapore Episode 3 - Foundation mixed with product

Final Problem: Mature skin/Loss of elasticity

Limei is in her 40s and her skin has clearly lost much of its elasticity. Bryan used a handheld RF device to stimulate collagen production, at about 40 degrees Celsius.  It looked like it worked! 🙂

Lady First Singapore Episode 3 - RF device for better skin elasticity

Final words from Xiao Kai 老师: We have access to great makeup and skincare products so do not let your lack of skills put them to waste.

Missed an episode?

Lady First SG Episode 1

Lady First SG Episode 2

Leave me a comment! 🙂

I’d love to know if you found my notes for this episode useful! 🙂 If you have a question, comment, or you just want to say ‘thank you’, go ahead and do so in the comment box! I will respond to all comments! *wink*

Lady First Singapore 女人我最大 by Starhub – Episode 2

[If you have missed Episode 1, here it is]

In episode 1, the Lady First Singapore team shared about the makeup and hair woes of Singaporean ladies living on this oh-so-hot-and-humid island. In the same vein, episode 2 is about the problems we face when dressing up – what’s cool enough for this climate but warm enough so we don’t shiver after stepping into air-conditioned rooms?

Also, this episode tackles some of those body shape issues faced by local women – do you find that you are too short, too plump, too skinny, pear-shaped, look fat in photographs, etc? Then you’ll love episode 2. 🙂

With Pauline this time is Clarence and Kevin (who takes on a ‘stylist’ role). I’m very impressed by Kevin actually!

Here are some of the ladies after their fashion makeovers:

Lady First Singapore Episode 2

The guest in the middle (可欣) is rather short and from the back, it seems as though she has a long bottom (measured from waistline to end of butt). I think Kevin commented that it’s due to lack of exercise. 😉 In any case, he put her in high-waist pants as you can see from the picture and they made her legs look SO LONG! Also, she put on really high heels in the same color as her pants so it looks like an extension of the outfit, creating a visually lengthening effect.

Kelly (second from right) came in a baggy outfit resembling pyjamas so they put a belt on her to pull in that waist and also gave her more fashionable shoes. Kevin mentioned that guys don’t like ladies in leggings, though he failed to explain why. Maybe men want to see more skin? 😀 But it seems wedges are considered less intimidating than stiletto heels:

Lady First Singapore Episode 2 Kelly's outfit makeover

Kevin advised Kelly not to dress like guys or men would only view her as one of their “bros” and not as someone they could possibly date. He later gave her an outfit makeover and had her wear a white flowing dress with pink accessories. Also, he mentioned that in fashion are shoes with a sporty, athletic look. Statement necklaces also help to jazz up any outfit.

Another guest, Celyn, laments her pear-shaped figure but Kevin dressed her up like a Japanese girl and she looked great – less stout, plus the skirt helped hide her fleshy bum. Apparently, light blue denim jackets are very popular this year too. Kevin advised against big tote bags for bigger ladies, and he chose a smaller neon pink bag for Celyn.

As for another guest, Angel, whose face tends to look ‘fat’ in photographs, the consensus was that she had done too much ‘shading’ on her face, which made her face look “dirty”. What she was taught was that a pearlescent blush/makeup can give her a ‘dewy’ look. Also, her face and eyes are round, so she should make her eyes look wider with eyeliner (which shouldn’t extend beyond the length of her eyebrows!)

The ‘highlight of the show was very likely the makeover for the fifth guest, Christina. She is obese and Kevin showed her how to flaunt her curves appropriately:

Lady First Singapore Episode 2 Christina's makeover

“Where are you looking, Kevin?” 😀

Kevin explained that while polka dots are tricky for obese folks, the trick is in choosing outfits with dots that are spaced far apart, on a black base, and the dots should be off-white instead of pure white. He had Christina put on shape wear which, coupled with the ‘ribbon dress’s deep V neckline’, resulted in a well-fitted look. The dress also hid her big thighs and her pastel purple suede shoes gave her a more proportional look overall – apparently because shoes in brighter colors help “expand” the area around her feet, thus “balancing out” her ‘bigger’ body. Kevin also gave her a rich, plum lip color to help make her face look smaller. How? A nude lip color would make it seem as though the lower portion of her face is just one huge mass of flesh. The outstanding plum color helps ‘break’ this “continuity” and makes the face look a little smaller. Now we know. 😀

I think this episode is largely a success – us Singaporean ladies now know how to look good despite our flaws. However, I do still think that the outfits do not really suit our climate. I do love dressing up but it’s SO HOT here that I just want to put on a tee and shorts, not a whole denim jacket + dress + hat ensemble! (@_@)

In any case, I’m looking forward to Episode 3! 🙂 I’ll also be blogging about Kevin’s recommended makeup and beauty products in a bit so come back again soon. Leave me a comment (even if you just want to say ‘THANKS!’) so I know people are reading this and appreciating it, then I’ll post about the upcoming episodes too. 🙂 Have a question? Leave a comment! 🙂

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Lady First Singapore 女人我最大 by Starhub – Episode 1

Did you manage to catch Singapore’s version of 女人我最大 yesterday night on Starhub TV? I sure did. 😀 I even stayed over at the fiance’s place just so I could watch the program! If you didn’t manage to catch the program, here’s what you missed…

Lady First Singapore Episode 1

Makeup maestro, Kevin, and hair styling guru, Ken, were on the show together with Pauline and 5 female guests.

Lady First Singapore Episode 1 Pauline Lan and guests

Of particular concern during this first episode are the weather-related problems faced by Singaporean women, namely, oily faces and flat and/or oily hair.

Some tips I learnt from Episode 1:

1) After applying sunblock, wait for 3 minutes before applying your makeup

2) Apply concealer in a downward, not upward, motion or it’ll clog ur pores

3) For the more oily parts of your face, use less powder so no clumps will form when you do touch-ups

4) Before you do touch-ups, lower your body’s temperature by getting the back of your neck cool first (use a wet towel or cool spray). The back of your neck is somewhat like a heat-sensing region – more oil is produced on your face if this “heat-sensor” detects that temperatures have gone up!

5) Use a clean foundation sponge to dab off facial oil, instead of using oil removal wipes as the latter tend to strip your face of the essential layer of oils, causing more oil to be produced

Lady First Singapore beauty tips

Bad skin camouflaged by makeup, but exposed by HD TV *hmmm*

6) If you have an oily scalp problem but you also have dry hair, use a shampoo for oily scalps and a moisturizing conditioner

7) Use dry shampoo for soaking up oil and prevent the occurrence of flat hair

8) Too much black around your eyes “shrinks” the eye area. Obese folks like wearing black clothes for the slimming effect which makes them look smaller. So if you use black around your eyes, your eyes may actually appear smaller!

9) Apply mascara first for the roots of your lashes. Then apply a second coat to lengthen, and finally a third waterproof coat to prevent smudging

10) Apply eyeliner just at the ends of your eyes for an uplifting and lengthening look

11) Wash your hair everyday! A female guest on the program claimed she washes her hair only once every two to three days. And everyone said her hair was smelly, on top of being greasy. Apparently, too much oil clogs pores and worsens her hair loss problem. So she was exacerbating the problem unknowingly!

And there you have it, my 11 takeaways from watching the program. 🙂 If this is helpful to you, leave me a comment ok, even if you just want to say two words – thank you! Then I’ll be happy to share my notes about the upcoming episodes too. 😉


Earlier on, Pauline Lan came to Singapore to speak with the press about this new program and when quizzed about how stylish she thought Singaporean women are, she gave us a 3 out of 10 on her style scale. I was rather pissed. I wanted to tell her that not all Taiwanese women look good too, despite her haranguing them for what must have been a decade already. 😛 Then I realized that it could also be a ploy to get us to watch her program, ‘cos watch it I did! LOL! 😀

It’s a great program to watch to learn some makeup, beauty or style tips! Even the fiance was impressed (he actually watched the entire thing with me!!!) and he made two observations: One, the makeup guy (Kevin) is really good at what he does, and two, Pauline Lan doesn’t do very much, she’s very much a facilitator for what happens on the show. 😀 I can’t help but agree with him!


For more, check out Episode 2 here.