Paulinni: Really Good Pizza @ Chinatown Point

paulinni singapore menu

Here’s another Groupon hit: the pizza at Paulinni, Chinatown Point. People usually pop by Paullini for their wraps, coffee and gelato BUT I’ve found that what they TRULY excel at is their pizzas. In particular, the Ortolana Paulinni pizza you see in the picture above. For just $16, you get about 8 slices of this delicious pizza. The ingredients are so fresh (just check out those avocado slices), there’s just the right amount of cheese, it’s so tasty, the pizza crust is just the right thickness (not the pretentious thin crust pizzas, and not those thick enough to give you a jaw workout). Put simply, I’m in love with this pizza. 😀 I’d even go so far as to say that it was better than the world-famous pizzas I had at Motorino, Genting! (*Also, I love how it’s not burnt at the bottom; you can lift the pizza slice and check – it’s not black all over underneath)

Then there’s the wrap we tried: $12 for Soba Heaven. You won’t feel like you’ve gone to Heaven, but I like how the fresh veggies, tofu and soba make for an interesting wrap. It’s quite filling too, therefore it’s good for sharing.

paulinni chinatown point

We also had a waffle with 3 scoops of gelato (dark truffle, mango and rum& raisin) that cost $13.80. When ordering ‘sweet’ flavors like chocolate, I’ll order something else a little tart or outright sour (like the mango) so there’s a nice balance. The waffle itself is uninspiring so it was pretty fortunate that we liked the gelato! 😀

paulinni review

Wow. That’s a lot of food-related blogposts I’ve been sharing. I do feel like I’ve been overeating now. ANYWAY… the reason I’m blogging about what I eat is because it serves as a really good food diary for me. If I forget where I ate that yummy pizza with avocado on top, just a quick search on my blog will take me here. 🙂 If you’ve tried something that I recommended, and you like it too, let me know. 🙂 If you didn’t like it, however, I don’t need to know (‘cos taste is subjective anyway). LOL 😛


Paulinni is located at #01-05 Chinatown Point, S059413).