Movie Reviews: ‘Pegasus’ (2019) and ‘Escape Room’

pegasus escape room movie review

We watched ‘Escape Room’ in JB recently and, my goodness, I’d thought it would be incredibly boring but it was anything but dull! The group of 6 had been selected because they had one thing in common – they all survived something while others had perished, e.g. in a plane crash. So there’s an evil mastermind who lured them to the escape room setup with prize money and they had to try and escape before they got burnt, frozen, gassed or crushed. Ridiculously exciting… even heart-stopping! Crazy dude next to me went “siao siao siao SIAO SIAOOO!!!” at some point. And *spoiler alert* the movie ends with the two sole survivors, Ben and Zoey, attempting to take a plane ride to go locate the evil mastermind. BUT the diabolical genius already knows of their plans and has even done a simulation for an ‘escape room – plane version’ so the two heroes have only an estimated 4% chance of survival to find the way to save the whole planeload of people (and themselves) before the plane crashes. Really good movie. A must-watch! I hope there’s a sequel. 😀

The movie cost us RM19 per pax at TGV. Just over S$6.


As for Pegasus, I found it pretty enjoyable too. Here’s a synopsis from GV’s website:

“Zhang Chi (Shen Teng), a hubris [sic] and dominating six-time racing champion, falls from grace following a crisis. After a five-year suspension from the motorsport, the now single-father to a six-year-old boy throws down the gauntlet once again to a younger generation of racing geniuses, and vows to regain his past glory. The father-and-son duo braves a brand-new world of auto-racing which puts them into some rather ironic situations.”

I found this movie much funnier than Make It Big Big, and there’s just one main sponsor whose logo you keep seeing. I don’t think it makes people more inclined to purchase the Volkswagen Polo though. I really don’t see the point of in-your-face product placements in movies.

I love how Zhang Chi cast everything aside because he wanted to bring up the child – that baby someone left on the bonnet of his car. Even after the DNA report showed the child’s not his, he still took on this huge responsibility. And he demonstrated what devotion to your craft is. It’s more than just passion. He was mentally rehearsing that route every day of those 5 years that he was suspended. So when he was put back on the track, without his partner by his side, he was still able to emerge champion.

The movie ends rather awkwardly. At first you think Zhang Chi must be dead… but he reappears on the airport tarmac, attempting to ‘race’ a dude flying a plane.

Still a decent movie. Watch it during CNY if you’d like. 😀