Tino’s Pizza Cafe @ The Centrepoint

tino's pizza cafe

Because we had a Fave voucher that would be expiring soon, we dropped by Tino’s Pizza Cafe for pasta + pizza even though someone has had a lot of pizza recently due to Starker’s $20-off promotion. Thankfully, Tino’s did not disappoint. But, food aside, what really made an impression on me was the staff. There’s this middle-aged guy, who’s probably about my height, and very welcoming. He made us feel very much at home – expressed concern about how there might be too many items on the table and whether we wanted to move over to another table that would seat four people, gently reminded me that the pasta pan is very hot and I should be careful, etc. It was a really pleasant dining experience thanks to this one guy.

tino's pizza cafe review

I’ve forgotten exactly what pasta we ordered but it’s something different from what we usually get e.g. seafood marinara. The flavor’s very mild so I think I was tempted, at some point, to add some of the chili flakes that’s for the pizza, onto the pasta too. 😀

tino's pizza cafe centrepoint

Ok, this photo doesn’t do justice to the pizza. We ordered the Messicano (beef) pizza, which comes with onions, beef pepperoni, jalapeno and chili powder. It tastes really good, especially when served fresh out of the oven. The portion size is just right for two people.

This cafe also has Durian pizzas – Mao Shan Wang ($21.90) and D24 ($16.90). Would you try them? 🙂


Tino’s is located at B1 of Centrepoint. 🙂