Shea’s Bath & Body Products: A Hidden Gem in Orchard Central

[Giveaway: S$83 worth of Shea products at the end of this blogpost!]

On my first visit to Orchard Central’s Basement 2, I discovered a hidden gem in Shea – a store which sells bath and body products from all over the world!

Shea soap cake

In case you are wondering, I’m actually holding slices of ‘soap cake’. 😀 Use them during your bath, and try not to eat them!

Shea soap cakes

I got to speak with the founder of Shea, Mr Jagdeep Singh, who told me that this business was started because of a humble bar of soap.

Here’s Mr Jagdeep Singh:

Mr Jagdeep Singh

The soap which started it all:

Nyassa soap

Mr Jagdeep Singh bought a bar of Nyassa soap when he was in India. His daughters (he has 4 daughters) later commented on how good he smelled after his shower. He asked the soap seller if he could purchase the soaps back in Singapore, but was told that the soaps are not distributed outside of India. A lightbulb went off in his head, and Mr Jagdeep brought the brand to Singapore.

Then he added more and more items, and Shea now sells products from England, France, Africa, Australia, etc.

Bomb Cosmetics candles:

Bomb Cosmetics candles

Goats Milk Soap – great for those with eczema, psoriosis, etc:

Goats Milk Soap

Anti-Hairfall Oil:

Anti-Hairfall Oil

And many more items!

Here are my Top 3 Picks from Shea @ Orchard Central:

(1) Bomb Cosmetics Body Butter (S$27.50), Body Lotions (S$25), Shower Butter (S$24.90)

Bomb Cosmetics Body Butter

Bomb Cosmetics Shower Butter

I highly recommend you pick up the Strawberries & Cream body butter for a whiff (or better still, buy it!). It smells absolutely yummy! Also, the shower butters contain 30% shea butter for an amazingly moisturizing cleanse!

(2) Bomb Cosmetics Bath Blasters (S$9.90 each or 3 for S$27 )

Bomb Cosmetics Bath Blasters

Even if you don’t have a bathtub at home, save them up for your next holiday, which will be soon (I know). 😀

(3) Bomb Cosmetics Little Hotties – Home Fragrance Melters (S$18/100g)

Bomb Cosmetics Home Fragrance Melters

Mix and match

Mix and match these little hotties in a range of colors and shapes to create your own divine scent.

Check out too, the cold press soaps, which take 3 weeks to manufacture by hand!

Cold Press Soap

Some products I got from Shea:

Shea Singapore

I’ve never used a Konjac sponge before, though I’ve heard so much about them. 😀 I love the scent of the mint choc chip shower butter – even yummier than the white chocolate bath gel (from another brand) I once used! I’m going for a sponsored staycation (yes, another one!) on Friday and I look forward to ‘bombing’ the bathtub with the bath blaster! Mr Jagdeep Singh said the colorful stars will float to the surface – I want to see that happen! 😀 And the ‘sunkissed’ body butter has been tried and tested – proven to leave shimmery sparkles all over the area it is applied on. Great for Christmas parties, methinks!



Shea is kindly sponsoring 2 prizes for my reader giveaway: a S$65 Bomb Cosmetics hamper and S$18 worth of Home Fragrance Melters you can mix and match yourself!

Prize #1: Hamper

Dr Foot Tippy Toes

I was told that there are two main reasons for cracked heels: (1)When ladies wear footwear (usually high heels) that lead to drying of the skin and (2)Obesity – excess weight and pressure on your feet.

So, here’s Dr Foot and Tippy Toes to the rescue! No more cracked heels! 😀

Prize #2: Mix and match Home Fragrance Melters

Shea Home Fragrance Melters

Make your home smell absolutely divine with your own unique blend. The fun is also in the picking of the individual pieces – so many colors and shapes to choose from! 🙂

How To Win:

1) ‘Like’ my Facebook giveaway post on Shea

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3) Comment on this blogpost, state your email address and tell me which prize you want: Hamper or Melters 😀

*Winners will be contacted via email, regarding prize collection at Shea, Orchard Central*

For more information about Shea:

Visit Shea Singapore’s Website or their store at B2-47/48, Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road Singapore 238896

*The second outlet will be ready at Liang Court in early-December. Watch out for it! 🙂

*Update: Bath Blasters*

I ‘bombed’ the bathtub at Quincy Hotel during my staycation. I had expected the stars to float up to the surface…


Bomb Cosmetics Bath Blasters


Bomb Cosmetics Bath Blasters

The stars SANK to the bottom… and stayed there. Bummer.