Social Media: Who You Are Dating Becomes Everyone’s Business (The Rachel Wong Saga)

*Update on 3rd Jan 2014, after receiving an email from Rachel, who said “My best friend wasn’t actually together w my current beau. Ever. So basically his last girlfriend was Tammy. And I’m the next girlfriend.”*

When I was asked if I have heard about the blogger, Rachel Wong, and what she did, I was clueless. Apparently, there have been rumors that Rachel dumped her boyfriend and slept with her friend’s boyfriend. Is it really our business who she is (or is not) sleeping with, and whether she dumped her boyfriend? No, but the average Singaporean will want to know, get all riled up, and post something on the offending blogger’s blog.

All I can say after reading the blogposts by two bloggers (Rachel Wong and Tammy Tay) is that the private lives of young bloggers these days are so complicated. Tammy Tay claims she is one of the ex-girlfriends of the guy that Rachel Wong dumped her boyfriend for. Confused? Well, it’s a small (dating) world?

You may or may not recognize Rachel (from her facebook profileRachel Wong

Rachel wrote a blogpost addressing the rumors: ‘A Heartfelt Truth‘. It does seem like this girl is very much in love, and don’t we all make mistakes when we are blinded by love? “Fighting” for one’s happiness does sound good, but at the end of the day, you’ll want the blessings from your friends and family, not nasty blog comments telling you to be careful of karma and whatnot.

From the comments, I’m piecing together the story that Rachel dumped her boyfriend, “Choon Yan” (whom she had dated for over 2 years) and stole her good friend’s (Alissa) boyfriend, “Daryl”, who is also the ex-boyfriend of Tammy Tay. [Rachel emailed me to clarify: “My best friend wasn’t actually together w my current beau. Ever. So basically his last girlfriend was Tammy. And I’m the next girlfriend.”]

After 63 comments on her blogpost, Rachel was smart enough to disable further comments. Tammy’s blogpost ‘Girlfriend Code‘ “sparked more views” than the latter had expected.

Why am I blogging about this? One: Since I was kaypoh enough to go read their blogposts, I might as well blog about the saga and see what we can learn from this, from a social media standpoint.

Two: I just have a comment on how such hoo-has will blow over soon. Around this time last year, the blogosphere buzzed with the Zoe Raymond saga. A year on, I guess many have forgotten her name, and most don’t care what is happening in her life now.

If your life happens to be the talk of the town blogosphere and who you are dating suddenly becomes everyone’s business, just disable comments and keep a low profile. In a week’s time, people will have moved on. And in a year’s time, people will have trouble recalling your name. Just don’t create another scandal. 😛