Halal Buffet @ Royal Palm (Orchid Country Club) 1-For-1 Promotion

Royal Palm buffet review

From now till 30th September 2017, you can enjoy the 1-For-1 National Day Promotion at Royal Palm at Orchid Country Club. It’s valid for lunch and high tea (everyday) or for dinner (Mondays to Thursdays only) at $40++. It made for a decent National Day lunch as there’s chili crab and fresh prawns (eaten just before we went prawning at ORTO). We were just a tad disappointed that there wasn’t any sashimi (apparently it only makes an appearance during the high tea session) so we ate our fill of prawns, mussels and crab.

In case you’re wondering, it’s not Sri Lankan crabs. I think they’re the usual ‘flower crabs’ but the chili crab sauce is pretty good. And because of the high ‘turnover’, each piece you get is piping hot. Yumz. And because the shell is soft, you don’t need any kitchen tools to crack the shell; just use your teeth. 😀

Royal Palm buffet lunch

I was also pleasantly surprised at finding salmon heads at the buffet spread. There’s not much flesh (mainly in the cheek region) but, strangely enough, I like the skin and gelatinous bits at the top of the salmon’s head. 😀 How weird is that?! And the prawns are so very fresh.

Royal Palm review

There’s also a selection of pizza (which I didn’t eat) and breads. Even ‘mantou’ for the chili crab sauce! There are salads, veggies, prata, etc. But I skipped the carbs for the dessert. I like their mango pudding (looked like it was made in-house) and the range of kueh.

Royal Palm Orchid Country Club buffet

For an atas-looking restaurant located within a country club, I have to say that the price of their buffet is very attractive with the ongoing promotion. I just might want to return again for the sashimi during their high tea sessions. 😀 Trying to locate the restaurant after parking was a pain though. Apparently you have to walk past the kindergarten (or is it a childcare centre?) before you can get here. Walk in the wrong direction and you’ll see the golf course, more pools and even the gym.

Royal Palm Orchid Country Club


For reservations, call 6555 2165. 1 Orchid Club Road, #01-21, Singapore 769162.