Run For Light 2019: Racepack Includes Ticket For Return Ferry Passage To Batam

run for light 2019

Not sure why this person is sticking out his bum right there for everyone to see, just as runners are returning from the race… 😀 😀 😀

Last Saturday, I participated in the Run For Light 2019. It’s a run that’s very attractive (to me) for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, it’s held at Punggol Waterway, which is within walking distance from home (so I don’t need baggage deposit). Secondly, it’s in the evening so I don’t have to wake up early for the run- woohoo! And finally, it’s not too expensive (normal rates: $45 for the 10km run, $38 for 5km) AND there’s complimentary return ferry passage (Singapore-Batam-Singapore) by Majestic Fast Ferry, excluding taxes. Of course, there’s the race tee and finisher medal, with a few other useless items (like flyers) in the race pack. 😀 *I actually sold the energy gels on Carousel – turns out there are people who want to buy them.

Also, Run For Light is in support of Guide Dogs Singapore, which serves clients with visual impairment. There was also a Blindfold Walk as part of Run For Light…

run for light

I don’t recall spotting any guide dogs though. I guess there were just too many people and honestly, the Waterway’s not suited for large races. There’s no proper barricade to separate the runners from the clueless public – they kept cutting across the race route. Also, for some reason, many parts of the Waterway are undergoing enhancement works and there’s lots of painting going on. Had to hold my breath when running past. It was awful.

At the end of the race, we each received a can of isotonic beverage and got to check out what the sponsors had to offer. Amex was giving out free icecream (I picked Cempedak – so good) while Prudential was giving out… candy floss. LOL. Why candy floss?! The ‘uncle’ had zero business as far as I could tell and the Pru ladies just stood around like statues. I don’t think they really wanted to approached red-faced and sweaty runners, and they also couldn’t talk to the folks queuing up for ice cream courtesy of Amex.

run for light 2019 review

Was about to join the queue when two guys ran ahead of me and cut in front. SO gentlemanly. (@_@)

I hope this run happens again next year. I’d gladly sign up again. 😀