Free Ice Cream, Ecobags And VR Rides At Samsung’s Galaxy Studio

Samsung S8

The Galaxy Studio is located outside Ngee Ann City, and it’s HUGE… This pic shows just half of the whole studio.

I popped by the Samsung Galaxy Studio yesterday with my pal who’s also a Samsung phone user. We were lured by the prospect of winning a new phone in the lucky draw – just visit any 3 of the user experience stations within the studio, get the issued card stamped, and submit your entry for the lucky draw. While you’re at it, you can also enjoy a free popsicle (I love the chocolate one), collect a free ecobag, and also indulge in some VR rides.

Here’s the mildest one…

Samsung Gear VR 4D

My pal looks like he’s lying face down for a massage, doesn’t he? 😀

Then we went for a 4D ‘spaceship’ ride, using a VR controller to shoot at flying robots. At that point, I felt my lunch was going to reappear before my eyes. It was quite nauseating.

Finally, my pal went for this topsy-turvy 360 degrees spill-out-your-guts ride. Just watching him on the ride was scary for me. 😀 I was not amused when he got off the ride and didn’t seem shaken at all. I would have gotten jelly knees.Samsung VR

And all the rides are FREE!

There are lots of ‘stations’ for you to try out the Gear VR, Gear 360, Galaxy Tab S3, etc.

Samsung VR experience

And you’ll probably fall in love with the S8. I already have. There are lots of cool new functions such as this one – see an unfamiliar building? Snap a picture of it, and your ‘phone’ will tell you the name of the building, when it was built, which businesses can be found within, etc.

Samsung S8 feature

Don’t forget about the Gear 360:

Samsung Gear 360

And at this station, you might want to be a little wary. I ALMOST put my non-water-resistant Samsung S5 phone into the water-filled station because there was a sign saying something like ‘Place Your Phone Here’. That would have killed my phone. I’m sure of it.

Apparently… you can take a picture of yourself using the Samsung S8:

Samsung S8 phone

The phone is dunked into the water… and your selfie magically appears on the screen. 😀

Photo Wallpaper

To get over the scare of having nearly ‘killed’ my own phone (my S5 has lasted a really long time. Now the S8 has already been launched)… there are free popsicles… Just listen to the young ladies explaining how Samsung Pay works, and you get to pick your popsicle flavor.

Samsung Pay

A sweet treat to end a fantastic experience at Samsung’s Galaxy Studio. My pal’s verdict: Samsung has a lot of budget, ah. I agree.

The Galaxy Studio is located at the Civic Plaza, Ngee Ann City. Pop by between 11am and 9pm, from now till 29th June! 🙂