Lady First SG Episode 9: Tropical Winter Fashion

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It’s kind of an oxymoron, yes. Tropical winter fashion? I’m still quite rebellious where fashion is concerned. I really do like my tank top + shorts + slippers combo, and I like putting on little to no makeup! (I do believe in skincare though) Hehe. In this episode, gurus Keith and Kevin show us how to rock the tropical winter look. They also shared that nature-inspired menswear is fashionable right now! 😉

15 Tips For The Tropical Winter Fashionista:

1) To rock the ‘sweet punk’ look, note that piling on colors at the end corners of your eyes works only if you have deep-set eyes like the Westerners or Indian ladies. Otherwise, apply your colors at the corners of your eyelids with thin strokes, and with a contrast color on top, such as fuchsia and blue as shown below:

Lady First SG

2) Wear contact lenses in a purplish shade – it’s difficult to go wrong with this color as it’s both ‘warm’ and ‘cool’ tone, and should match your makeup and skin tone.

3) Draw the blue line first (in picture above) before using black liner, if you are a beginner.

4) You can use a pencil for the first color then black liquid eyeliner.

5) Avoid large patches / swathes of color which will make your eyes look puffy.

6) Make your eyes look wider / longer by drawing contrasting geometric lines.

7) For the grunge look that Vee is trying to pull off, wear shapewear even under a thick jacket. Choose Triumph’s which can (supposedly) lower your body temperature by 1.27degrees.

Lady First SG

8) Choose a body sculpting bra with large side panels for more support. Put on the bra first, before your shapewear.

9) Quilted panels on a skirt make you look skinnier.

10) For the leather jackets, choose a lighter color (e.g. white) instead of black all the time. This makes the look less ‘heavy’. Alternatively, choose those which come with two materials e.g. chiffon and leather. Going sleeveless is recommended so it doesn’t get too hot. Be sure to choose the right cut and material.

11) If you want to sport ulzzang lips, ensure your lips don’t end up looking too dry and wrinkled, like Candyce’s. Pearl powder is good for the runway but not for everyday use.

12) Choose Laneige’s LED lipsticks, which have over 35% moisturizing serum. You can use a magenta-colored one then a berry red one.

Lady First SG

13) Nude colored boots or booties make your legs look longer.

14) Some boots have perforated soles to let your feet ‘breathe’ and cut-outs so the look is less ‘tense’.

15) Choose neon nail colors based on your personality, e.g. darker shades for clubbing and pastel / ‘macaron’ types for outings with girlfriends. And use crystal nail sheets on alternate fingers, not on all nails.

Lady First SG

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Lady First SG Ep 8: Thigh-tanic

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With the help of the gurus (Jackson, Keith and Liu Yan), this episode seeks to combat lower body issues. Three groups of people are especially susceptible to such weight issues: white collar workers, students and TV addicts. This is because sitting for long periods of time can lead to the accumulation of fat in the belly and hip regions.

12 Tips to Combat Thigh-tanic Issues:

1) Avoid pleats if you have wider hips as they create unnecessary emphasis on the lower half of your body. The reverse is true if you are really skinny and seem to have ‘no hips’ or bum. The same applies for outfits with prints and gathers. lady first sg

2) Save yourself from stretch marks by not drinking too much alcohol, and by avoiding drastic weight gains and losses.

3) If you already have stretch marks (the white, silvery or purplish ones are the worst), use firming and whitening products and massage in circular movements.

4) Oils with high fat content (such as olive oil, rosehip oil) are great for the anti-stretch mark massages.

5) From the time you realize you are pregnant till after you are done with breastfeeding, you should diligently do the massages to prevent the formation of stretch marks.

6) Wear a seamless girdle if you need help creating a firmer-looking tush.

7) To create the illusion of a fuller bum, wear high heels.

8) Avoid wearing floral pants if you have fat thighs. Choose those with smaller prints if you absolutely have to wear them. Avoid contrasting colors. Stretchy jeans are good, especially those with ‘shadows’ down the sides, to create the illusion of slimmer legs. A-line skirts work as well.

9) If you have a fuller bum, then avoid wearing jeans with elaborate designs on the back pockets as these draw unnecessary attention and make your bum look bigger. Skinny jeans are a no-no so avoid following fashion trends blindly. Bell-bottom jeans might be the key.

10) Do some hip slimming exercises like squats, and placing a tennis ball at the back of your knees and moving to the right and left of the ball. lady first sg

11) Wedge sandals can make your legs look longer / slimmer. Lady First SG

12) Wear heels with pointed toes or in nude shades if you’d like to make your legs look longer.

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Lady First SG Episode 6: SOS Quick Fix

This episode is for those times when you need an emergency quick fix for your hair or skin. Experts Wu Yi Lin and Bryan are quick to point out that we do still have to work on our skincare and haircare and cannot make the ‘quick fix’ our daily fix!

1) Candyce : Greasy Hair

Candyce says she uses an oral spray to help her feel calm so her body secretes less oil. The spray purportedly helps you relax and focus too. This Rescue Remedy Spray (get 15% off by following the link at the end of this post) is to be sprayed directly onto the tongue.

For more immediate effects, use dry shampoo. Word of caution: this cannot replace hair-washing!

Yi Lin shared that there are different dry shampoos for pregnant women, women and men – so get the right kind. Those with a spray nozzle to produce fine droplets are best – don’t get the liquid kind which can lead to clogged follicles. Hair thickeners can clog follicles too!

Lady First SG

Part your hair and spray from 10-15cm away, layer by layer. Then attach some hair accessories. Pearl hair accessories are trendy. When using a ‘hair claw’, don’t just clip it on – slide sideways and push upwards.

Lady First SG

2) Lina: Dull-looking Skin

Bryan recommends the Wang San Yang 王三阳 Jasmine Flower Tea. He says you should drink this mindfully; kind of like conscious eating.

Lady First SG

He also recommends using the Nu Skin ageLOC® Galvanic Spa System for 5 minutes, 2 times per week. This device helps in reverse aging, and has different ‘conductor heads’ for slimming, reducing fine lines, etc.

3) Kelly – In Need of a Fuss-free Hairdo

Yi Lin showed us how to just tie 2 braids, give them a twist and secure with a flower hairclip.

Lady First SG

She also mentions that trendy now are hair accessories with pearls and diamonds on them.

4) Celyn – Pimples

Bryan says the special acupoint zhangmen can fight skin irritations and prevent obstetric problems. Pressing this liver meridian nourishes the internal organs. If pressing it hurts, this means the liver is overworked (from late nights or alcohol).

Lady First SG

Yoga-lovers would also be familiar with the tree pose, which activates stem cells and keeps acne under control. Raise your foot as high as possible then raise your arms overhead and say “XU”.

Lady First SG

Once again, drink tea. The ‘shui hsien tea’ (a type of oolong tea) from Fujian, should be consumed before 3pm so it won’t keep you awake at night. Avoid tea after meals; wait half an hour before consumption.

5) Silver – Flaky, Itching and Dry Scalp

Yi Lin recommends a pre-wash scalp treatment (Phytopolléine Botanical Scalp Treatment). Leave for 20mins then rinse it out or go to bed. Use your fingers (not the nails) to press and hold for three seconds on various spots on your scalp.

Lady First SG

Then interlace your fingers, relax and lean back for 3-5 seconds:

Lady First SG

Run your knuckles down the side of your neck, in a ‘guasha’ fashion.

Lady First SG

*Wash your hair even after using dry shampoo. Dry shampoo does not replace regular hair-washing!

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Lady First Ep 5: Hairstyles That Make Men Go Ooh La La

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This episode is all about how to turn heads with a stunning hairdo no matter whether you have long hair, short hair or curly hair. I wondered if there was any tension within the studio as two hair gurus were featured in this episode. 😀

Yi Lin was a natural before the camera while Dexter tried too hard to keep facing the camera while doing his demonstrations – he should have been focused on his subject instead. 😉

Based on the street survey that Kelly conducted, it was found that guys like girls with big curls best.

lady first sg

Take note of the tips associated with your current hairstyle, whether you have curly, straight or short hair, or whether you like wearing your hair in a bun or ponytail.

Curly Hair – Silver

1) Comb through your curls with your fingers, so they look more natural

2) Use a leave-in conditioner before utilizing a curling iron. It can protect your hair from the heat and also help ‘hold’ the curls

3) Men love it when you wear your hair in the over-one-shoulder style – exposing a bit of neckline drives men crazy 😉

lady first sg

Straight, Long Hair – Celyn

1) Part hair in a zigzag fashion so your bangs don’t look as flat

lady first sg

2) For the Princess-y half ponytail, push the ponytail up before adding a hairclip

lady first sg

3) Use a spray to add shine to your hair

The Bun Hairstyle – Hayley

1) Use dry shampoo – it removes excess oil from hair

2) To make a bun, use a thicker sock unless you have a lot of hair. Cut a hole at the tip of the sock, around where your toes should be, then roll the sock outwards into the shape of a donut. The sock should match your hair color. With your hair through the ‘donut’, roll your hair outwards till the bun is formed, and use 2 hair pins to secure it in place

lady first sg

lady first sg

3) Use a serum to reduce frizz

lady first sg

The Ponytail – Kelly

1) Tie a ponytail at the roundest part of the back of your head

2) Tie a French braid for use as a ‘hairband’

lady first sg

lady first sg

Short Hair – Vee

1) If you have heavily damaged hair like Vee’s, don’t use sticky styling products – use more lightweight ones

2) It is trendy to wear your hairband ‘low’ – down your forehead. Use the hairband to push your fringe upwards first so it doesn’t look ‘flat’

lady first sg

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Lady First Season 2 Episode 4: The Korean Wave

I use only ONE makeup product (seriously, just one) and it is featured in this episode! 😀 I’m not exactly a fan of Korean TV shows, dramas, music, food or fashion. But I do love that luminous makeup look.

In this episode, the gurus Keith and Xiao Kai (so dashing!) teach us how to rock the K-pop look and have soft and delicate skin that even the Koreans would be envious of. 😀

As usual, the Ladies’ Team demonstrate (and exaggerate) some flaws in our makeup and dressing, and the gurus rectify all the mistakes.

1) Candyce was indeed well-informed when she told us that Koreans have beautiful skin and that they use the luminous makeup look, in which light bounces off the skin, to look as if they are glowing.

She preps her skin (before makeup) by using a moisturizing mask and facial serum before going to bed. However, she overdoes the ‘shimmer’ part in her makeup; using a shimmer pearl base, foundation, then shimmer powder on top. This is not suitable for Singapore’s climate.

Xiao Kai used the upgraded version of the Laneige BB Cushion on Candyce. It can lighten skin tone, has anti-sweat properties, and can be used directly after a basic skincare routine even if you don’t use sunscreen because it has SPF 50 PA+++.

Pat instead of spreading it over skin so you don’t stretch skin but get to cover up spots more effectively.

The product is highly moisturizing, slows down oil production, and eliminates the need to use loose powder.

And here is my review of the product!

Laneige BB Cushion Before and After

My skin tone seems more even after application and I look more radiant. It was really easy to apply and I now know why the puff (or applicator sponge) is so popular! It grabs onto a sufficient amount of the product and cleanly transfers it onto your face, leaving little to no residue behind on the puff! I am very impressed! For those who are particular about keeping the puff clean, either wash it or purchase new ones at S$5 per piece whenever you need a change! *Psst: the refill pack also comes with a new puff! 😀

I made a serendipitous discovery as well. I’d wanted to test if the Laneige BB Cushion can conceal skin imperfections such as freckles. So I took a spotted pear from the fruit bowl and conducted an experiment. To answer your question and mine, no, this product is *not* exactly a concealer (or perhaps the one I am using is not the upgraded version). BUT, it does give you really radiant skin. Watch out for that light spot on the pear. I applied the BB cream only on one small portion, and noticed that it made light from my ceiling lamp reflect off the pear, even though it doesn’t conceal/cover any dark spots!

(*If the vid doesn’t load, click here)

I am not kidding you. This is one seriously good product! Two thumbs up! 🙂

lady first season two

2) Kelly had a ‘transformation’ during this episode and the Triumph Maximizer Aqua bra she got from Keith had her go up two cup sizes! I own a Maximizer bra too and can vouch that it really works. It is really every (flat-chested) woman’s dream come true, and also every man’s nightmare. Haha! 😀

Aqua Maximizer bra

3) Silver wanted those Korean-style under-eye bags which supposedly give one an innocent look. She used too much of the under-eye brightener and ended up making her eyes look puffy and small.

Xiao Kai advised her to put on some (vanity) glasses and to use a champagne color instead of silvery-white for her under-eye makeup as she will be less likely to go wrong with it.

For ‘deep’ double eyelids, use some (COSMOS) eyelid tape slightly above the original crease. Then use 3M Nexcare Blenderm eye beauty tape across your nose (concealed by the glasses).

double eyelid

pull 1

pull 2


4) Vee thought it would be a good idea to wear shorts to work but because she chose to tuck in her loose top, she looked like she had a lot of belly fat when viewed from the side.

Vee tummy

Keith advised her to use a big bag to ‘cover’ her legs so it doesn’t look like she is exposing too much skin when wearing shorts.

Also, pairing bright colors with a black blazer is key here. Add an accessory for some bling. 🙂


How short / long should your shorts be?


5) Kanny shared about a 4-2-4 method of face washing which involved leaving cleansing products on your face for up to 4 minutes. Xiao Kai says this is inaccurate – cleansing products shouldn’t be left on for so long.

He recommends the petrochemical-free, fragrance-free, soap-free Face Cleansing “Eggs” which are from the Holika Holika Egg Soap special set.

The white one is for sensitive skin, green one for people with large pores, charcoal for deep cleansing and pore minimizing, etc.




Also, there is the Clarisonic Mia 2 that supposedly removes impurities from every pore. I have heard SO MUCH about it that I really do feel like I should get it, even though I don’t think I need it. Ever felt this way before? Last time I felt this way, I bought an ipad 2 which I ended up not using at all. LOL.

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Lady First SG Episode 3: The Male Revolution

lady first sg episode 3

Are Singaporean men “oily” and “sloppy” like Pauline Lan said last year? According to this episode, yes they are! But help has arrived in the form of gurus Wu Yi Lin and Keith Png!

Yi Lin thinks there is a lot of room for improvement while Keith believes that men go to the gym and get good physiques but wear the wrong clothes after.

Kelly did a survey (at Bugis+) and asked the ladies what they disliked about the way Singaporean men dressed. Some complaints included the pairing of jeans or pants with slippers, an evident lack of effort in dressing up, polo shirts with the collars propped up (ah beng style), long hair, greasy hair, looking sweaty.

And the male respondents said they: live nearby so they felt no need to dress up, drove to this location and hence would not have met many people along the way, were just hanging out with buddies, prioritize comfort over style, chose outfits which kept them comfortable in Singapore’s hot weather.

Having the 5 male guests on the show was such a welcome surprise!

There was Yew Kuang (a director) who was carrying a backpack in a less-than-glam fashion, Daren who wore an outfit with sleeves which were too short plus pant legs which were not rolled up properly, Li Ming Lun was sporting a weird-looking fringe, Jeremy was decked out like a Christmas tree with way too many accessories, and Jason (last year’s winner of Manhunt just sported a really strange hairdo.

(1) Yi Lin thinks Ming Lun posed the biggest challenge of all. He has a flat back-of-head plus he had a couple of bald spots, with most of his hair growing at the back of his head.

Yi Lin used the Phytostim thinning hair Fortifying Spray ($94.40 after discount) and the Wella Ocean Spritz Beach Texture Spray on Ming Lun.

She recommends botanical therapy for its volumizing effect on hair, leave-in treatment, and scalp treatment.

Lady First SG

(2) Daren flaunted his pearlie whites and shared that he uses Pearlie White Blanc Perfect Professional Whitening Toothpaste (check out the giveaway at the end of this post!)

However, Keith said that while having clean and white teeth is a plus, Daren should also avoid wearing tight outfits with floral prints, as they give him a ‘playboy’ and not-too-sincere vibe.


  • Wear clothes in the right size. Your outfit should not be too tight.
  • If you are muscular, your choice of top should be made from stretchable fabric. Use layering of clothes and do a mix-and-match. Wear a summer jacket made of light, breathable fabric, especially in Singapore’s hot weather.
  • Wear ankle socks with loafers.

Lady First SG

Lady First SG

(3) Yi Lin commented that Jason has a rather big head (when taking into consideration his sloping shoulders).

She added some curls to his hair then used a matte finish product

Lady First SG

Lady First SG

Lady First SG

(4) For Jeremy, the ladies’ team felt he was wearing ugly underwear, while Keith thought he should not carry too many items in his pockets (and should carry a bag instead).

Candyce recommends Triumph HOM Men’s underwear – “made of sensitive polyamide microfibre – an exceptional material preventing overheating and allowing the skin to breathe – or in elastane cotton for cotton fans.”

Probably the sexiest pair she brought:

Lady First SG

Keith says the trick to layering bracelets is to “focus on the tone”. He also recommended studded shoes from Dr. Martens.

Lady First SG

Lady First SG

Keith also made Jeremy wear a hot pink cap and a scarf around his hips.

Lady First SG

(5) For director Yew Kwang, Yi Lin brushed his hair towards the back of his head, used a non-greasy styling product to add volume to his hair by massaging the product to his hair roots.

Lady First SG

Lady First SG


  • Avoid greasy and glossy products
  • Make your hair look and feel light
  • Use matte finish hair products

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whitening toothpastes

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Lady First SG Season 2 Episode 2: Hairy Nightmares

<– Season 2 Episode 1

Episode 2 is all about hair problems, most of which are exacerbated by our warm and humid climate. How do you get rid of unwanted body hair – DIY or professional hair removal?

This episode tackles issues such as female mustaches, skin inflammation and itching, waxing and hygiene around our bikini area, darkened armpits, and hair loss.

1) Female mustaches

Avoid bleaching or plucking hairs in this area. This “renzhong” area is especially sensitive so don’t do any pimple-squeezing here too!

Silver has many fine hairs growing like a mustache. Liu Yan says threading is helpful as the hairs are pulled from their roots real fast.

lady first sg

The key here is to ensure you wipe all moisture off and keep the area dry before hair removal. Also, use men’s aftershave which can make thick and coarse hair become soft, while soothing irritated skin.

2) Skin inflammation and itching from shaving

Kanny’s skin becomes itchy and develops red bumps after she shaves. Liu Yan’s advice is to not shave too much off, as this damages hair follicles, leading to inflammation. This problem is made worse when you shave various parts using the same tool! It ends up spreading bacteria and inflammation, leading to skin problems. So take note!

Bryan recommends the Clariancy Me Touch. It is suitable for all skin types and hair colors and apparently doesn’t hurt at all. It might feel a little warm but the in-built customized sensor ensures the skin does not get pricked. The device combines intense pulse light (IPL), E-light, RF technology and shaving all in one!

lady first sg

Hairs should be at least 1mm long before removal.

When shaving, E-light penetrates into the skin to prevent hyperpigmentation. RF technology prevents pimentation and also stimulates collagen production.

On your first use, get a shave. From the second use onward, just activate the E-light. If you happen to be pregnant, breastfeeding or have just undergone surgery, refrain from using this device! Aftercare and sunscreen is important too.

3) Bikini area: waxing and hygiene

Vee used to do DIY hair removal at home for her bikini area (she even tried tweezing!) In this episode, she is whisked off to RUPINI’s spa for professional waxing. There are two kinds of wax – hot wax and hard wax.

Powder is first applied to reduce pain and protect skin. Hot wax might hurt while hard wax causes hair to grow back a little thinner, and is therefore better for the bikini region.

lady first sg

Long story short, Vee is screaming during the procedure but claims it is worth it at the end. She shares that usually after shaving, there is a little irritation when washing this sensitive region with shower gel. Liu Yan explains that soaps are usually alkaline. Our skin is generally neutral in pH but this particular area is slightly acidic. So if you use an alkaline product, it irritates the skin.

Liu Yan recommends using the right cleanser (Lactacyd White Intimate) – one which reduces hyperpigmentation, restores skin elasticity, and helps keep skin soft and hydrated. On top of being a whitening product, the Lactacyd feminine wash supposedly smells good too.

lady first sg

When we wear skinny jeans, we run the risk of having trapped moisture mixing with our sweat to produce a bad smell. This is worsened when we are having our period. This scented feminine wash can help to neutralize the bad smells.

*Hair removal tends to remove the stratum corneum too. So if you use a peeling product the day before treatment, your skin barrier is absent and skin gets irritated easily.

*Always cleanse skin before treatment and ensure skin is dry. This will prevent dust and dirt particles from entering hair follicles.

*Aftercare is also extremely important for soothing skin, calming any irritation, and to hydrate and restore skin.

4) Darkened armpits

Lina has darkened skin at her armpits. Whitening deodorants don’t work for her.

Liu Yan recommends cleansing the area and then massaging it.

Massage your armpits as there are many lymph nodes there. Massage can help the skin look better, prevent breasts from sagging and ‘armpit fats’ from forming.

Pull upwards then press…

lady first sg

lady first sg

Apply facial whitening lotion to a cotton pad then place it on your armpits:

lady first sg

Don’t ever use expired whitening products! The whitening lotion recommended contains ingredients like watermelon and mulberry root, and help make melanocytes less active.

*Myth busted! Use potato slices for whitening skin? It’s a myth! The only reason it looks like it works is because there is a little moisture on the potato after you slice it so when your skin absorbs the moisture and appears brighter, you think it has become whiter.

*Apply a moisturizing lotion or cream. A cream with vitamin B12 can help boost metabolism and rejuvenate skin.

5) Hair loss

Kelly used to have little “excess” body hair and almost no eyebrows previously. She was introduced to a method of rubbing the skin with alcohol and tangerine peels to promote hair growth. Bryan gives the thumbs up for tangerine peels but says alcohol is a no-no as it’ll damage follicles.

Because she has been styling her hair a lot recently, Kelly’s hair keeps falling out and she even has a receding hairline issue.

Bryan recommends dried tangerine peel or lemon essential oil which lower DHT levels and promote hair growth. You can add lemon juice to water and just pat it on with a cotton pad.

He explains that after 7 years, hair simply falls out and there is a 3-month “rest period”. During this period, you have to massage your head regularly. If the follicles get clogged, hair will not grow.

In the past, women would comb their hair throughout the day. Now, with wax, we don’t even touch our head, much less massage it.

Use a boxwood comb (which is ISO 9000 certified, and which usually costs about $20).

Empress Dowager Cixi used boxwood combs. A substance found in boxwood helps promote healthy hair growth, and relieves stress-related migraines. Add two to three drops of rosemary oil to a cotton pad and pat gently onto the rounded bristles of the comb. Let the boxwood absorb the rosemary oil.

[The first queen of England used rosemary to enhance hair growth. And Spanish rosemary is apparently the best and purest of all]

Start combing from the top of the head to the back of the neck (Comb for 5 times)

lady first sg

At the dazhui acupoint, do meridian tapping (tap for 50 times). This can combat poor blood circulation and stress-related hair loss.

lady first sg

At the back of your ears is the fengchi acupoint. Use the handle of the comb to massage it gently.

lady first sg

* You can use any of your favorite essential oils, such as rosemary, lemongrass, lavender.

Final words of advice

Liu yan: Have a good cleansing routine so you won’t have an issue with smelling bad.

Bryan: Don’t trust rumors. Always try to find the right methods.


*On top of a S$50 shopping voucher, and the Samsung K mobile phone*

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Lady First SG Season 2 – Episode 1 ‘Slim Down! Shape Up!’

Lady First SG is back for Season 2 and the fact that the show now comes with English subtitles is nothing short of awesome! Catch the show every Tuesday at 8pm on StarHub Ch 111 or 825.

English subtitles rock!

Lady First SG

In this first episode, there are some new faces – skincare specialist Liu Yan, fitness guru Jackson Tan, and Rebecca on the Ladies’ Team.

This episode tackles 5 issues: Belly Fat, Getting that V-shaped face, Slimmer Limbs, Overall weight loss and Weight Maintenance.

~ Belly Fat ~

I was hooked right from the start, as I do have a problem with stubborn belly fat. Vee from the Ladies’ Team managed to lose 6kg in 2 months but her belly fat has come back to haunt her. If you tend to sleep late and often find yourself sitting in front of the computer (oops!), you will not be a stranger to belly fat.

Vee learnt that Miranda Kerr has been drinking coconut oil to help in weight loss, so she brought some for the entire team. Liu Yan commented that coconut oil can aid in increasing one’s metabolic rate but the oil is high in calories!

Bryan recommends sleeping before 11pm. Sleeping late causes problems in your liver’s production of bile, which can lead to fat building up. I personally have read that the golden hours for rest are between 10pm and 2am. And I have found this to be true. These 4 hours are truly crucial, and can be the difference between a well-rested body and one that feels like it didn’t get any rest at all.

Liu Yan recommends a belly mask (La Dèffidose Paris Body Patch) which contains caffeine and fat-burning ingredients. She also used a body sculpting essence (Darphin Paris Nourishing Satin Oil) containing more than 10 essential oils to give Vee a belly massage.

Lady First SG

Lady First SG

Instructions: [Do this yourself or ask a friend for help] Lie down, and pressing down on your belly with your fingers, start from the lower right side of your belly, ‘push’ upwards, then to the left and down. This helps move stool through your large intestine so you don’t get a bloated belly.

I drew these arrows to show you the direction of massage – just follow the intestinal path


*Myth debunked!* Drinking more water reduces bloating. So the “drinking water before bedtime leads to bloating” rumor is unfounded. Drink some water after a massage, even if it’s right before bed.

~ V-shaped Face ~

Cheryl has been on a “5:2 diet” which is essentially 5 days of 1200 calorie intake daily and for 2 days, just 500 calories daily. In 2 months, she lost 2 kg but her period stopped for 3 months. Bryan noted that such diets affect metabolism, and cause menstrual cycles to get messed up. If your menstruation stops for 6 months, you run the risk of becoming sterile!

Cheryl found that it has been hardest to get her face looking slim and Bryan recommends targeting the acupoints for a V-shaped face.

Quchi acupoint:

Lady First SG

Taiyang acupoint – treats puffiness:

Lady First SG

Yingxiang acupoint at ‘wing’ of nose removes excess fat from waist:

Lady First SG

Appetite suppression acupoint – also suppresses sugar cravings:

Lady First SG

V-shaped face acupoint:

Lady First SG


1) Use face massage cream with red sandalwood – restores collagen, removes excess water, promotes blood circulation

2) Gua sha with a red medicinal stone held at an angle of 15 degrees instead of the usual 45 degrees for gua sha on the body. [Just twice a week will do]

~ Toned Limbs ~

Silver had previously done the 90-day Nu Skin ageLOC® TR90 SYSTEM challenge. But her flabby arms remained.

Liu Yan recommended using a “body sculpting bon bon lotion” (StriVectin-TL Tightening Body Cream) for stimulating collagen elasticity.

As if you are wringing a towel dry, massage the person’s arm to loosen the fat cells (1-2 mins) using the Barbie Curves Gloves then grab the arm with both hands and pull from top (pit) to wrist, as if you are trying to lengthen her arm.

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~ Sustainable Weight Loss ~

Kelly has managed to reduce her weight from 52kg to 40kg. To prevent yo-yo weight and gaining back the weight she has lost, Bryan recommends ancient indian yoga techniques / finger yoga.

(1) Ring finger touches the thumb, then press the thumb against the ring finger, then put your hands together. This helps those who have cold hands and feet, metabolic and digestive disorders, or those who have trouble sleeping at night.

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(2) Press index finger against thumb, middle finger and ring finger touching the thumb, then pull the little finger away. This improves heart function and promotes weight loss.

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(3) The seashell pose improves memory:

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~ Exercises to do at home ~

Rebecca weighed 76kg at age 17. Her obesity led her then-boyfriend to break up with her. She started skipping dinner and went running. And she lost 26kg in 6 months, but gained 8kg after coming to Singapore.

Jackson asked whether they thought a glass of juice or a glass of coke contained more calories, and the answer was actually juice because it is high in fructose. He recommends eating just two fist-sized fruits a day, e.g. two apples.

To lose 1kg within a week, just cut out 7000 calories. What you can do daily is to cut out 500 calories from food and burn another 500 with exercise.

The first 20mins of any exercise just burns carbohydrates, and only after that does the body burn fat, so exercise for longer durations, and consider anaerobic exercises in which your heart pumps faster and you may sometimes feel out of breath due to the intensity.

Jackson demonstrated 3 out of his arsenal of 9 exercises. These exercises are to be done for 1 min each then followed by a 30sec break. In 13mins, you will complete one set. Do two sets a day.

(1) Lie prone on the ground, quickly lift your hips, hold it, lean your body forwards, then jump forwards, stand up. Repeat.

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(2) With only your bum on the ground, and straight arms and legs, draw circles in the air. If you find this too difficult, bend your knees.

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(3) Jumping lunge with alternating legs. To make this a whole body exercise, have your (straight) arms crossing overhead each time you do a switch. Remember to land on tiptoe, not on your heels!

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