U-Cha / Milkissimo Bubble Tea: Cheaper, Cuter, With Cheese Teas Too!

Milkissimo bubble tea

I tried cheese tea for the first time ever yesterday, even though I have said I’m never going to fork out good money for something so outrageous! In my defense, it was just a small, sample cup. While I can’t say I like it very much (cheese tea tastes as weird as I imagined it would be), I totally adore the mascot and the bubble tea cups (or mugs if you will) at U-Cha or Milkissimo at Serangoon NEX. Located at level 2 of the mall, next to the escalator that takes you up to level 4 (where the cinema is), it’s difficult to miss the huge teddy bear outside the bubble tea shop.

So smart of them to place the bear here. It’s like a kid (and female) magnet:

Ucha Mascot

Ucha menu

Cheese teas are priced between $3.60 and $4.20. And there are fruit teas, lemon tea and of course, milk teas! I tried their Agar Bubble Milk Tea ($3.30) which was milk tea with white pearls, basically. It was a decent cup of bubble tea! A rich milky flavor, with a distinct scent of the tea leaves, with a generous serving of pearls.

They also have a panel by the side with canisters containing the various tea leaves. You are welcome to open the lids and have a sniff. Some customers will certainly love this kind of sensory experience, and staff can take the time to explain the characteristics of each type of tea leaf, etc, when there isn’t a crowd. This will certainly help foster brand loyalty.

Ucha tea leaves

Apologies for the quality of the pictures! I think we were too shocked that the original Milkissimo gelato cafe had been suddenly replaced by this bubble tea shop. We’d bought a Groupon voucher for 2 large cups of gelato (3 flavors each) and were here just to redeem them. And lo and behold… they sell bubble tea now.

Milkissimo Serangoon Nex

As the shop is in its first few weeks of business, the staff are still tweaking the recipes. They asked for my feedback since I was trying their bubble tea for the first time, and as there weren’t any other customers, I went ahead and drank about a quarter and gave them my comments. In turn, they gifted me this little teddy accessory. How cute!

U Cha bubble tea

I love the cups as they come with the teddy bear print, which is so kawaii! If you’re purchasing the milk teas, you can also get your drink in the plastic carriers.

The next time I’m catching a movie at Serangoon Nex, I’ll certainly be tempted to pop by and grab a cup of bubble tea to enjoy together with my movie. 😀


Update 22/06/17: I tried the Cassave Bubble Milk Tea ($3.30) this time – basically it’s the regular black pearls with milk tea. And I didn’t quite like the drink this time round as it seems a little diluted and the white pearls are definitely more delightful.

Milkissimo bubble tea serangoon nex