Singapore Blog Awards 2014: WINNERS!

Singapore Blog Awards 2014 Winners[Minister of State, Ms Sim Ann, taking a group ‘wefie’ with all the winners]

It was new faces galore at this year’s Singapore Blog Awards. Only one winner from last year’s Blog Awards won again this year. The rest of the winners in the 9 main categories seemed to be newbies or experienced bloggers who have not won previously.

And here are the 9 winners…

Judges’ Choice categories:

Best Family Blog: Mum in the Making

Best Fashion Blog: Shopping Queen’s Haven

Best Food Blog: Johor Kaki

Best Individual Blog: 女飞侠 (sent representative)

Best Lifestyle Blog: Smith’s Blog

Best New Blog: Travelled Paths

Best Photography Blog: 龟头部落 (sent representative)

Best Topical Blog: Seriously Man

Best Travel Blog: Allyoffduty

Singapore Blog Awards 2014 Winners

They will each receive a trophy, 5D4N trip to the Philippines, a pair of tickets to Alive Museum Singapore and hair care products.

My blogging mentee, Simon, won the Best New Blog award! 🙂 Singapore Blog Awards 2014 Winners Singapore Blog Awards 2014 Winners

{ Check out his blog at }

Another student of mine, Steven, who blogs at, is a finalist in the Best Individual Blog category.

I’m so proud of their achievements! Can’t wait to see them scale greater heights!

I’m looking forward to mentoring even more bloggers. It’s ‘achievement’ on yet another level for me. 🙂

21 Giveaway Winners! :D #BestGiveawayEver

A big THANK YOU to all who participated in the voting process for this year’s Singapore Blog Awards. On behalf of my students, Simon and Steven, I thank you! 🙂

This year, we have 21 prizes to reward those who have voted. Names were picked in a random draw, with those who voted more often given more chances to win. (Please note that all decisions are final, and no disputes will be entertained)

Some of you have sent in over 20 votes, and we are totally blown away by your overwhelming support. We have no fewer than 21 prizes to give away so, hopefully, your name is on this list:

(In no particular order)


Rilakkuma Giveaway: CinCin Chong

Mega Giveaway: Jamie Feng

Lego Friends Giveaway: Esther Chng

LINE Friends Giveaway: Eugene AND Evon Cheng

Barbie – Tennis Champion: Sarina Lim

Barbie – Track Champion: Rahama Tunnisa

Barbie – Gymnast Champion: Anna Adona

Barbie Glam Pool: Wen Hwei

Barbie Set of 3: Robert Sim

Novotel Seafood Buffet for 2: Tony Tan

Kenzo Fragrances: Janelle AND Joanna May

Sanyo Camcorder: Vincent Lee

Samsung Camera: Toh Pei Lin

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence: Celyn Huang

Mystery Prizes: Neti Fashion, Teo Nguan Meng, Bea Danica, Jacelyn Tan AND Annabelle Tong

To claim your prize: Send an email to and include these details
Email subject: [Your Name] + [Prize You Have Won] (e.g. Cin Cin – Rilakkuma Giveaway)
1) Name
2) Mobile Number
3) If you do not reside in Singapore, provide your mailing address (If you reside in Singapore, you’ll be invited to our prize presentation)
Your email must reach us by 9th August 2014, 23:59hrs. 🙂
Once again, THANK YOU ALL for participating. I hope I have good news to share with all of you on 16th August 2014, after the Awards Ceremony for the Singapore Blog Awards 2014. 🙂

Singapore Blog Awards 2014: Please VOTE! :D

Because of a new Singapore Blog Awards ruling (which I found quite lame), this blog is not participating in this year’s blog awards. HOWEVER, two of my blogging students have successfully made it into the finals on their first attempts! So I would like to request for your help in voting for them! 😀

First, here’s the ruling I was telling you about:

Singapore Blog Awards 2014

I can safely say all blogs are “commercial” platforms. Do bloggers turn away advertisers? I’d think not. At least I don’t know of any blogger who turns down all advertorial requests.


Please help vote for my 66 year old blogging student and dear friend, Steven Lek, as well as travel blogger, Simon Chan! 🙂

Here’s how you can participate and also win some cool prizes along the way:

Step 1: Go to the Singapore Blog Awards site, click on Editors’ / Judges’ Choice

Singapore Blog Awards

Step 2: Log in with your facebook account so they know you are not a robot. Your info will be kept secure! 🙂

Singapore Blog Awards

Step 3: Decide whether you want to participate in the Lucky Voters’ Contest

Singapore Blog Awards

Step 4: Scroll down till you see the Best Individual Blog and Best New Blog categories

Singapore Blog Awards

Step 5: Click on the circle to reveal the list of finalists and vote for Steven

Singapore Blog Awards

Step 6: Click on the circle for Best New Blog and vote for Travelled Paths

Singapore Blog Awards

To Win A Mystery Prize

Send your screenshot to Your screenshot should look like this:

Singapore Blog Awards

If their pictures appear in the circles, it means your vote has been counted. Also, I should be able to see the date and time in your screenshot of your desktop! 🙂 [Mine’s in the bottom right hand corner!]

OR if you are using your handphone to vote:

Singapore Blog Awards

THANKS for voting! You Are AWESOME!

1 Vote Per Day If You Can! 😀

Make Your Blog An Award-Winning Blog: 1st Dec 2013

Singapore Blog Awards Trophy

It is one thing to win a blog award. It is quite another to help someone else get good enough to win a blog award.

This is the challenge I have thrown myself. 😀

Today, 5 bloggers attended this workshop which have set them on the path to winning their first blog award. I’ll be with them the entire way and I’m sure that in 2014, I’ll be able to celebrate their wins with them. 🙂

What They Learnt Today:

1) What Is The SBA & Why Do People Bother?

2) Which Categories To Concentrate Your Efforts On?

3) Why Some Blogs Win Awards While Others Don’t

4) What To Do Between NOW And SBA 2014

What They Said After The Workshop:

“This workshop teaches me how to prepare for SBA 2014!”

“Good to know why and how those bloggers won this year!”

“Insightful tips!”

“Really awesome… and really worth the fees”

“Insider knowledge of what it takes to win!”

Singapore Blog Awards 2013 Winners

To find out more about upcoming workshops or to engage me for personal coaching, drop me an email at gracewwg [at] gmail [dot] com. 🙂

Blogging Workshop: What It Takes To Win A Blog Award

Last year, I made my first attempt at winning a blog award by entering my blog into the Singapore Blog Awards 2012. I got into the Top 10 for my category (Best Individual Blog) but did not win the trophy. 😦

I wondered what it took to win the award. Why did that person win and in what way was his blog “superior” to mine?

This year – and my second attempt – I went home with the trophy. 🙂 (Psst… The 2012 winner was again one of my “competitors”)

And I believe I now have some answers. 😉

So if you are thinking of starting a blog, or you already have a blog and would like to get those same answers, join me for my next Blogging Workshop.

Two dates to choose from: 20 July (Saturday) / 18 August (Sunday) [Pick one]

Time: 20 July 3pm to 5pm, 18 August 10am to 12noon

Venue: A location in town, to be announced later

Bring: Laptop/netbook/tablet (optional) or good ol’ pen and paper

Group size: Maximum 5 people per session

Notes provided? Yes

What else? FREE… LIFETIME Email Coaching 


What’s going to be covered:

1) Blog Content – What Is GOOD Blog Content?

2) Blog Monetization – How To Make Money From ANY Blog [In an Ethical, Moral and Legal manner, of course]

3) Blog Awards – Why Some People Win Awards While Others Don’t [The Brutal, Honest Truth]


How Much? S$250

No gimmicks, No up-sell, No subsequent course. You walk away with everything you require.

How To Sign Up: Email with subject title “Blogging Workshop”, with your name, handphone number and preferred date (2o July or 18 Aug) and I will send you payment details. 

Hurry! – ONLY 5 seats per session and ONLY two sessions. It’s a fact that only a handful of bloggers will walk home each year with the trophies and awesome prizes. The rest go home empty-handed. Which group do you want to be in?

Lady First Singapore 女人我最大 by Starhub – Episode 2

[If you have missed Episode 1, here it is]

In episode 1, the Lady First Singapore team shared about the makeup and hair woes of Singaporean ladies living on this oh-so-hot-and-humid island. In the same vein, episode 2 is about the problems we face when dressing up – what’s cool enough for this climate but warm enough so we don’t shiver after stepping into air-conditioned rooms?

Also, this episode tackles some of those body shape issues faced by local women – do you find that you are too short, too plump, too skinny, pear-shaped, look fat in photographs, etc? Then you’ll love episode 2. 🙂

With Pauline this time is Clarence and Kevin (who takes on a ‘stylist’ role). I’m very impressed by Kevin actually!

Here are some of the ladies after their fashion makeovers:

Lady First Singapore Episode 2

The guest in the middle (可欣) is rather short and from the back, it seems as though she has a long bottom (measured from waistline to end of butt). I think Kevin commented that it’s due to lack of exercise. 😉 In any case, he put her in high-waist pants as you can see from the picture and they made her legs look SO LONG! Also, she put on really high heels in the same color as her pants so it looks like an extension of the outfit, creating a visually lengthening effect.

Kelly (second from right) came in a baggy outfit resembling pyjamas so they put a belt on her to pull in that waist and also gave her more fashionable shoes. Kevin mentioned that guys don’t like ladies in leggings, though he failed to explain why. Maybe men want to see more skin? 😀 But it seems wedges are considered less intimidating than stiletto heels:

Lady First Singapore Episode 2 Kelly's outfit makeover

Kevin advised Kelly not to dress like guys or men would only view her as one of their “bros” and not as someone they could possibly date. He later gave her an outfit makeover and had her wear a white flowing dress with pink accessories. Also, he mentioned that in fashion are shoes with a sporty, athletic look. Statement necklaces also help to jazz up any outfit.

Another guest, Celyn, laments her pear-shaped figure but Kevin dressed her up like a Japanese girl and she looked great – less stout, plus the skirt helped hide her fleshy bum. Apparently, light blue denim jackets are very popular this year too. Kevin advised against big tote bags for bigger ladies, and he chose a smaller neon pink bag for Celyn.

As for another guest, Angel, whose face tends to look ‘fat’ in photographs, the consensus was that she had done too much ‘shading’ on her face, which made her face look “dirty”. What she was taught was that a pearlescent blush/makeup can give her a ‘dewy’ look. Also, her face and eyes are round, so she should make her eyes look wider with eyeliner (which shouldn’t extend beyond the length of her eyebrows!)

The ‘highlight of the show was very likely the makeover for the fifth guest, Christina. She is obese and Kevin showed her how to flaunt her curves appropriately:

Lady First Singapore Episode 2 Christina's makeover

“Where are you looking, Kevin?” 😀

Kevin explained that while polka dots are tricky for obese folks, the trick is in choosing outfits with dots that are spaced far apart, on a black base, and the dots should be off-white instead of pure white. He had Christina put on shape wear which, coupled with the ‘ribbon dress’s deep V neckline’, resulted in a well-fitted look. The dress also hid her big thighs and her pastel purple suede shoes gave her a more proportional look overall – apparently because shoes in brighter colors help “expand” the area around her feet, thus “balancing out” her ‘bigger’ body. Kevin also gave her a rich, plum lip color to help make her face look smaller. How? A nude lip color would make it seem as though the lower portion of her face is just one huge mass of flesh. The outstanding plum color helps ‘break’ this “continuity” and makes the face look a little smaller. Now we know. 😀

I think this episode is largely a success – us Singaporean ladies now know how to look good despite our flaws. However, I do still think that the outfits do not really suit our climate. I do love dressing up but it’s SO HOT here that I just want to put on a tee and shorts, not a whole denim jacket + dress + hat ensemble! (@_@)

In any case, I’m looking forward to Episode 3! 🙂 I’ll also be blogging about Kevin’s recommended makeup and beauty products in a bit so come back again soon. Leave me a comment (even if you just want to say ‘THANKS!’) so I know people are reading this and appreciating it, then I’ll post about the upcoming episodes too. 🙂 Have a question? Leave a comment! 🙂

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