“Cookoff” with Dr Leslie Tay and Wendy (Xiaxue)

[Edited: As XX doesn’t want her image on my blog. All pictures are my own.]

Because I won Lee Kum Kee’s blogging challenge (and S$1000 in cash), I got to participate in a filming session with Dr Leslie Tay from ieatishootipost and Wendy aka Xiaxue. 🙂 I’ve interviewed Dr Tay for this blog back in 2011 (click here) and it was really nice to meet him again.

Lee Kum Kee event

I was initially worried about the “cookoff” as I have no culinary skills to speak of. I love one-dish meals and don’t do any frying, deep-frying, pressure cooking, etc, at home.

As it turned out, we were following Dr Leslie Tay’s recipes and putting together 3 dishes and 1 soup “within 30 minutes”. Thankfully, he was helping us along the way and taking over when necessary.

It was quite a learning experience for me. Learnt:

1) How to make meatballs from scratch

2) Reason why chinese cabbage is put into soup (the glutamates make soup tasty)

3) How to make a nice Korean ‘sambal’ for french beans

4) And more… watch the video when it is out! 😀