Changi Airport: Peach Garden, Nectar, Icenoie Hokkaido, Hawker’s Chili Crab Bun

We made a special trip to Changi Airport today because there’s 7% + 7% GST absorption! You should visit Changi too, if you have shopping to do. Sure, Orchard Road is offering 7% GST absorption tomorrow (7th July) but Changi’s offering almost double that. No competition. We also had dinner at Peach Garden (Terminal 2) as there’s 50% off via Eatigo. We are such bargain hunters! πŸ˜€ And dinner was amazing. We had the Roasted Pork Cubes ($14), Asparagus ($20) and Horfun with Seafood ($24). After 50% off, we paid just $34.13. πŸ™‚ The horfun is definitely enough for 2 diners and interestingly, there were different kinds of veggies for the same price. If you pick kailan instead of asparagus, well, you must really love kailan. I’d pick the pricier veggie!

Asparagus with X.O. Sauce:

We returned the braised peanuts and didn’t use any wet towels so those ‘extra’ items were off the bill. πŸ˜‰ So that’s a tip for people who want to save some money.

Very worth it, at 50% off a la carte items (excluding drinks and dessert)

I was so happy to find Nectar at Jewel. I love the outlet at Punggol’s Oasis Terraces. Alas! It’s a disappointment. In Punggol, they’ll include brownie both on top and in the middle. Here, it’s just on top…

We had Icenoie Hokkaido’s soft serve too. You can find the Fave deal via their app – $6 for two. Chocolate is pretty good! Had matcha soft serve at Singpost Centre recently with my pal Grily and matcha wasn’t good. So glad chocolate is nice here!

And for once, I made a terrible decision at picking food. I thought Hawker’s Chili Crab Bun looked amazing on the menu. The crab’s even from ‘No Signboard’?! And you can add $2 to get a drink and curly fries (they’re offering a Large serving of Curly Fries as an opening special).

So dry and un-chilicrab-ish:

You could have fooled me into thinking the patty is one of those frozen fish fillets out of a bag. Dry, unappetising, tasteless. They need to add more sauce. Even Japanese mayo would be good. The burger buns are like ‘mantou’ – crispy on the outside, softer within.

The fries were a disappointment too – dry, a tad too salty and most of the pieces aren’t even curly.

I’d rate Hawker 3 / 10. 1 point for the friendly staff, 1 point for the cold can of green tea and 1 point for brilliant advertising. They got me. They got me good. That’s $10.90 I regret paying.

SAYBONS @ Bishan Junction 8

SAYBONS is my favorite French-style eatery in Singapore. I can usually be found at their outlet in Plaza Singapura. In fact, probably the only reason for me to head to PS is to dine at SAYBONS! πŸ˜€ If you don’t already know, I did an interview with the founder of SAYBONS a long time ago in 2011 – read it here. So Darling and I were at Junction 8 this afternoon and were horrified to find that the Korean food stall at the foodcourt is already gone, and will be replaced by another vendor soon. I’ve only just blogged about how much I like that stall and now they’re gone?! So glad I had the ginseng chicken that day! So we checked the Fave app for deals at J8 and found SAYBONS! He went for the Truffle Mushroom Carbonara set with Iced Lemon Tea and which cost just $7.90 via Fave. I stuck with my favorite Mushroom Tomato Cheese crepe ($5.90) with Seafood Bisque and Iced Lemon Tea ($5.80).

Everything tasted great. My only complaint would be that the staff appeared to have forgotten my order. Darling had his pasta ready at 3.38pm and finished it all while my crepe and (likely readymade) soup were nowhere to be seen. After alerting the staff, I got my food at 3.51pm. Tsk tsk. There were no other orders in the queue and yet they forgot about mine?! Good grief.

Anyway we were both very distracted by the two ladies seated next to the glass panels. They were talking rather loudly about boyfriends and sexual escapades. One lady was *ahem* pleasantly plump while the other was tall, slim and wearing a dress which seemed a little… attention-seeking. And the sexy one shared about how her guy asked her if he could *** in her mouth. (@_@) Do they think the other diners are hard of hearing or what? Gosh, the young people these days. They make older folks like us blush. XD Luckily I wasn’t drinking my soup then or I’d have choked on it. Ha!

SAYBONS is offering a really good deal to students who come by between 2pm and 5pm on weekdays:

I wish they’re extending the same to adults!

Here’s the menu, if you can read the fine print πŸ˜€

SAYBONS is located at #02-43 of Bishan Junction 8. Joe & Dough is right outside SAYBONS. *When you dine here, please speak softly ‘cos, really, everyone can hear you!

And this is where the Korean stall was at the foodcourt. The ginseng chicken poster is still on the wall, but the operators are gone! So sad! To Jimmy: which other stall do you recommend? πŸ˜€

Nectar froyo @ Punggol’s Oasis Terraces

Every time I am at Oasis Terraces, I make a beeline for R&B Tea where I can get an XL-size cup of bubble tea. πŸ˜€ But now, I may have another outlet to visit. My darling bought a Fave voucher for Nectar recently and at just $3.50, you can get froyo with 1 topping or sauce of your choice. They use Greek yoghurt so you can just imagine how healthy it is sans topping. But, of course, there’s brownie as a topping option, so I’m not eating plain froyo, yo! My darling says our meal should have a “happy ending”, and yes, this is why he’s my kinda guy. To me, the dessert can make or break the meal. Even if the meal is horrid, a good dessert can save the day. And while this froyo is, apparently, entirely guilt-free, you can pick a topping to satisfy your sweet tooth. There are interesting ones like Pandan Jello, Earl Grey Jello, Mango Popping Bobba, Honey Jello, Honey Mini Pearl, and the usual diced fruits.

As it was a Public Holiday yesterday, many items on their menu were sold out:

The acai bowls aren’t cheap, but still were sold out, so I’m guessing they’re really good. I’ll want to get one next time. πŸ™‚

And if you like gula melaka, there’s currently a promotion for gula melaka froyo:


Nectar is located at #B1-17 of Oasis Terraces, near the exit to the carpark. It’s opposite Kue Kue Nyonya by Bakery Cuisine. <- They were entirely sold out of waffles when I visited around 8.20pm. Public Holidays are really good for business, it seems.

Update: 29 May 2019

Went back for another round of froyo + brownie and to our surprise, the lady even gave us two additional small sampler cups of froyo with the popping bobba and jelly. Such an unexpected sweet surprise.

We’ll be back. πŸ™‚

Takagi Ramen @ Downtown East

We each have to find our own motivation to go to the gym. And I found mine today: a post workout meal at Takagi Ramen. πŸ˜€ The broth was delicious – almost as good as what I’ve had in Japan. And it cost just $7.90 with the addition of the egg (I didn’t take them up on the offer of an additional FREE serving of noodles though). It’s like getting a taste of Japan without having to board a plane. Yumz! The staff were lovely too. I decided to pay for the ramen using only coins and the lady was delighted. She said they needed coins. πŸ˜€ So instead of them doing me a favor and helping me get rid of the coins in my bag, I was helping them out. Cool. You’re welcome. πŸ˜€

And the broth was so good I finished it all and found these words at the bottom. Sis tells me (and I’ve guessed) that it’s probably something along the lines of… if you’ve finished your meal, good luck will be with you…?

And if you’re wondering about soup concentrates…

Love that we get to collect the food ourselves. No need to wait for the staff to come round:

I have a suggestion, though: they should have the option of having more bean sprouts and spring onions! πŸ˜€

The sets were tempting, yes, but just not today lah:

Perhaps, at my next visit, I’ll try the bakkwa ramen. It’s so tempting. I do hope the bakkwa is good though. Maybe it won’t beat Bee Cheng Hiang Grillery‘s but at least it’ll be served hot (‘cos it’s dipped in the broth)?


Takagi Ramen’s outlet at AMK is forever crowded – we’ve often gone there wanting to dine in but the queue outside always made us do a U-turn. Luckily there’s Downtown East, where few people head to on weekdays. πŸ˜€

I’ll certainly be back. When there’s a yummy meal waiting for me, any workout can be instantly more enjoyable.

Mingle Mangle: Ice Cream Cafe Near Punggol

I’m still mourning the closing of Wayne’s Chill-out at Punggol Settlement. It was such a lovely place to have ice cream and waffles, with a view of the sea. So, once in a while, we pop by Mingle Mangle at Blk 476 Upper Serangoon View where you can still get ice cream and waffles in a variety of flavors, but there’s not much of a view. Yesterday evening, I even had to wait in line while a family of 3 (couple and their daughter who looked to be about 6 or so) debated the merits of ordering double scoops of ice cream vs single scoops. *cue eye roll* The Mingle Mangle folks probably didn’t want to offend the family by taking my order first so they didn’t say anything, and I simply… waited.

I’m not even sure how people can argue over the simple and enjoyable act of ordering ice cream.

Sure, a single scoop costs $3.60 and a double scoop costs $6.60 but if your wife wants a scoop of ice cream to enjoy all by herself without two flavors touching each other, or having to share, why not?Β 

Thankfully, my darling loves outsourcing stuff to me, such as the picking of 1 or 2 ice cream flavors out of the multitude. I chose for us the Earl Grey and Mud Slide on a dark chocolate waffle:

I’m not exactly sure… but standards appear to have dropped since the last time we were here. I think I’ll go grab a tub of Ben & Jerry’s when I visit the supermarket this week. πŸ˜€

I don’t know how a small ice cream parlor like Mingle Mangle manages to survive while eateries next door can’t. But… good job! I should probably try the Pandan Waffle next time to see if it’s any good.


Anyway, I’ve been thinking about the parents and kids I’ve encountered in public recently. It seems like parenting is not a very happy business, if you know what I mean.

Just now, I was waiting for the train at Sengkang station, and when it arrived, a lady and her daughter in a primary school uniform entered the train cabin without letting the passengers alight first, and totally ignored us folks who had been in the ‘queue’. What is this lady ‘silently’ teaching her daughter about consideration for others? To my horror, at Punggol station, they were there yet again when I was taking the lift up to the LRT platform. Same thing happened yet again. They wanted to enter the lift, and exit it, ahead of everyone else. Maybe someone at home was dying… I don’t know.

Perhaps, some people are naturally better at parenting than others. Perhaps there should be courses (SkillsFuture?) on Parenting 101. Perhaps influencers who post loving pictures of family togetherness on IG should also post about those times the kids scream like little devils in restaurants, throwing their toys, cutlery and food onto the ground. And how they wreck havoc at home too.

And Punggol LRT platform is also where I once spotted a Dad who looked like he was on the verge of a nervous breakdown – he sat on the metal bench and watched as his daughter (maybe 9 years old) was chased by the brother (who looked to be about 5). The boy pushes his older sibling and she decides to chase after him. Silly boy trips all by himself and the father is incensed. He grabs his daughter, lifting her off the ground, screams at her to stop running, and drops her down hard on the metal bench – I heard her knee come into contact with the bench *ouch*. I don’t know if anything was broken (her leg or the bench) but I was rather horrified to see the boy taking his father’s hand, like the perfect little angel, while the sister was left to walk to the train with a slight limp.

I guess parenting is a scary business. Probably no one comes out of it quite the same… or sane. I’m 33 and I don’t have a kid. Sometimes, societal and family pressure makes me feel like someone my age should already have a kid to call her own. But most of the time, I feel like I am child-free, not child-less. And when I read articles like this CNA one about teachers getting bullied by students, good grief, I thank my lucky stars I’m child-free. What would I do if a teacher tells me my kid is terrorizing her or the class?

I think folks who are entertaining the thought of having children should just… you know… find a nice cafe somewhere and enjoy some ice cream in child-less comfort.

*That said, I’m happy to adopt a cute kid as my god-son or -daughter. If the kid is later labelled as a tyrant by a teacher, at least it won’t be my responsibility. πŸ˜€Β 

Bee Cheng Hiang Grillery: The Best Bak Kwa In Singapore :D

I wasn’t too pleased at having to go all the way to Bee Cheng Hiang’s flagship store at 1359 Serangoon Road yesterday for lunch as it’s quite far from home and I was pretty hungry already. But the experience blew me away. I didn’t even know that there’s such a thing as a Bee Cheng Hiang Grillery, where you can enjoy freshly grilled bak kwa and even have them paired with wines! My goodness! It reminds me of the time I went for an almond cookies baking class and tasted fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies. That taste cannot be compared with anything else; it’s just out of this world! Same for the bak kwa! Why have I been eating bak kwa at room temperature, and has been kept for a few days (or weeks) during Chinese New Year? Bak kwa, like a lot of other things, tastes best when hot and freshly grilled! And best of all, I have to say, is the fact that with the Eatigo promo, all the a la carte food items were at 50% off!

At this Grillery, you can, of course, get bak kwa grilled on the spot and customize it! (1) Choose the level of char you’d like and (2) how you’d like your bak kwa to be trimmed.

And you might just want to get some of those heart-shaped bak kwa for Mother’s Day:

They are going at $34.80 for 600g or $58/kg.

The dining area is rather compact. I think they can accommodate up to 6(?) groups of diners. I love the plush seating and how everything looks so posh. It’s great for business meetings, really.

Some gourmet fusion bak kwa they let us sample:

And there’s “Spa Water” (an awkward name for fruit infused water) you can help yourself to:

I ordered the $14 DIY Sliders (Pork, instead of Chicken) and I liked this the most! You should definitely order this when you visit! It comes with caramelised onions (so yummy!), quail eggs sunny-side up, etc. But the house-made sambal mayonnaise rocks! *You might want to keep some of that for the pasta or couscous, ‘cos those aren’t as tasty.

The BEST sliders I’ve ever tasted anywhere in Singapore, really!

I’m not saying this because I “made” the sliders. They really taste amazing. After the first bite, I was thinking “This is ridiculously yummy!” Love that they provided gloves. So thoughtful! πŸ™‚

The Steamed Egg Custard ($5) looks really pretty! The server told me there are three layers in all so make sure your spoon goes all the way to the bottom and mix them up. So I told her that since there are three layers, then it should be served in a glass cup, no? Then diners can see all the pretty layers at once. πŸ™‚

Unfortunately, I think there’s too much going on with this custard. There’s a base of Gourmet Fusion Bakkwa (fusion of pork belly and hind leg) and sauteed caramelized onion, then a body of egg custard with simmered katsuobushi (bonito flakes?) and kombu (edible kelp) and on top, there’s Gourmet Fusion Bakkwa and tobiko. I feel that the ratio of egg custard to all those yummy ingredients should be improved. There’s not enough egg custard in there. In other restaurants, there’s too much egg and too little of the other ingredients, but here, they’re very generous with the expensive stuff but there’s insufficient egg. Ha!

And interestingly, I thought I’d taken a picture of the Seafood Couscous dish ($22) but for some reason, it’s not in my photo gallery. So here’s the pic of my Seafood Aglio Olio dish ($18). The prawn is HUGE and the scallops are yummy BUT the pasta is almost tasteless. Did they forget the salt? Anyway, I think I’ll try the Cappellini Carbonara ($12) or the Chicken Roulade ($22) next time. πŸ™‚

And since Mother’s Day is around the corner, do make an advance booking if you’d like to take your Mom here for dinner. The promos are rather attractive:

Call them at 6291 5753.


We also went to the Royal Sporting House Moving Out Warehouse sale yesterday. Within 10 seconds of being in there, I realised I’m in the wrong place. It’s stuffy and there were many boors in there – men who are happy to bump into you, push you out of their way or say “Excuse me!” as if they are really saying “Get lost!”

Needless to say, didn’t get anything here.

The staff, too, weren’t friendly. Perhaps they weren’t too happy about working on a weekend. They’d rudely tell customers to wait in a certain area (under the hot sun) while they stood near the doors to the building in air-conditioned comfort. I also overheard some of them discussing the day’s takings so far. One person mentioned a “target” amount and another said they’ll probably do “170”, which I take to mean $170,000. Got so much meh?! Who knows. Anyway, they’re not gonna earn my money.

I Googled the term ‘parasitic marketing’ and there’s indeed such a thing.

I thought the banner ad for the warehouse sale for watches was brilliant. People are drawn to the Royal Sporting House sale so they’re here. But they can’t miss these banners as well. So a good number (like us) ended up in that small shop they call a warehouse for watches. We didn’t buy anything but I’m guessing that out of 10 people who walk in there, probably 1 or 2 will buy a watch.

Smart. Very smart indeed.

Seorae @ Plaza Singapura: Even Koreans Dine Here

seorae plaza singapura

See that Minion in a hawaii-inspired outfit? πŸ˜€ I won it on the first attempt at a certain claw machine in Timezone, Plaza Singapura yesterday! Super happy but there was no one to celebrate with as I’d reached the mall early, ahead of our dinner. Muahaha. Once again, it’s an Eatigo 50%-off discount, at Seorae this time. Actually I didn’t even know this place existed so their listing themselves on Eatigo is a wise move! The restaurant is actually located in the old wing of Plaza Singapura. I’d thought it should be the new wing but couldn’t find it there. (@_@) As I was waiting for my dining companion, I noticed that Korean ladies seem to like dining here. Maybe it’s the food. Or perhaps it’s the largely male staff. I think I spotted only one female who was tasked with serving the food. The rest of the wait staff seem to be male. πŸ˜‰ *Not that they are extra friendly or anything. Quite the opposite. Cold like the U.S. winter. πŸ˜›

They serve 4 side dishes here, all of which are yummy:

seorae plaza singapura review

At seemingly no charge… since it’s not stated on the bill.

And I ordered the Cold Barley Tea (you can have it warm too) ‘cos it’s refillable and costs just $4.90++. I highly recommend you get a jug of this. It’s a welcome treat on a hot day.

seorae singapore review

The Sundubu Jjigae ($14.90++) is a stew that comes with rice. The stew contains tofu, minced pork (so it tastes sweet), clams, vegetables and egg. It’s both spicy and sweet and just delightful. I’d order this again!

The Dolsot Bibimbab ($12.90) was a bit of a disappointment. I think the bibimbap I last ate at Patbingsoo in Northpoint was much better.

seorae korean charcoal bbq plaza singapura

Seorae is located at #02-01 of Plaza Singapura, near the escalator. In-between Itacho Sushi and ON Cat accessories.

Fish & Co. @ Waterway Point: Surprisingly Good Food!

fish and co review

I’ve dined at just about every F&B outlet in Waterway Point, yet I’ve never visited Fish & Co. before. Isn’t that strange? Had a fabulous lunch there today, also because of the awesome company (thanks, Samy!) I don’t have much to say about the service (rather lukewarm, like Monday blues have been carried over to Tuesday) and the company itself (processes not quite in place since they ran out of ‘chips’ so you can have fish and (no) chips today). But either we are geniuses at ordering just the right items, or the standard’s just so high at this outlet, ‘cos both the mains we ordered were SO YUMMY!

Here’s the lunch set menu:

fish and co lunch menu

I had the White Fish with Ebiko Gratin ($13.95) that comes with two sides and a drink. My pal had the Peri peri chicken with golden fried fish ($15.95), also with two sides and a drink. As they were totally out of chips, we had the paella rice and coleslaw. SO GOOD!

Just look at the state of my plate after I was done:

fish and co waterway point review


And here’s the best of both worlds… the peri peri chicken (that sauce is amazeballs, and yes, I think it goes better with rice than chips. Haha!) and the fried fish which my pal says is battered and fried so well, it’s like goreng pisang. πŸ˜€

fish and co waterway point

Pic credit: Samy Rajoo

For a business that serves such delicious fried fish, it’s rather strange how few diners there are at lunchtime, as compared to its neighbor next door that serves raw fish.

My pal asked how I would jazz up this business. And I think you really have to get customers through the door, that’s all. I’ve been blogging about Waterway Point since the mall first opened its doors to the public, and I’ve not dined at Fish & Co. Maybe the fengshui isn’t good and I’ve never felt “drawn” here? There must be some awesome promotion that gets people in, to try the taste of the food and get them hooked.

Maybe a 1-for-1 promotion? Maybe a $5.90 lunch set meal offer for a week? Maybe buy a main and get a soup, drink and dessert for free?

But service, yes, service definitely needs to be better. Welcome diners and usher them to their seats. SMILE. Be friendly. Ask if they’ve dined here before. Don’t just hand them an iPad after the meal to ask for feedback / to collect particulars for marketing purposes. πŸ˜›

And don’t you dare run out of chips again. Seriously? Fish and chips WITHOUT chips? Would you have chicken rice without rice? Prawn mee without noodles? πŸ˜›


And don’t place the spoon on my fish (as in the first picture above). Put it on the side where there’s no food. Or place it on the serviette on the table. It’s a $13.95++ meal, not a $3.50 one at a hawker centre, after all.

Still, the food was delicious. So all is forgiven. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

*StarHub subscribers who spend at least $40 on a la carte items can redeem complimentary Fried Calamari. Only for dine-in; no takeaways! Valid till 31 Dec 2018. Check in-store for more details.

Gourmet Paradise Foodcourt at Oasis Terraces: $8 Prawn Noodles / Chicken Chop Hor Fun

KL Chilli Mee Oasis Terraces foodcourt

Because the restaurants and eateries at the lower levels of Oasis Terraces have been so enticing (read about Lau Wang and Penang Kitchen here), I’ve never quite had the urge to go explore the foodcourt located right at the top floor – take the escalator just outside the Popular bookstore to get to Gourmet Paradise (yes, that’s actually the name of the foodcourt, and not my personal opinion of it. Haha!) We even spotted para-athlete Jason Chee dining here, but we totally chickened out and didn’t go over to say ‘Hi’. (@_@) I guess we didn’t expect to see someone famous in a slightly obscure foodcourt in a brand new mall in ulu Punggol. Ok, excuses. Maybe we were just hungry. Hi, Jason, if you’re reading this. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

So… the stall which caught my eye was one ‘KL Chilli Mee’. What made my jaw drop was the price of their prawn noodles: $8 for prawn noodles in a foodcourt?! And they also had other more expensive versions of their noodles. So, guess what? I did the “smart” thing of ordering a cheaper version first, and if it’s good, I’ll order the pricier versions next time.

The basic… Signature Chilli Noodle…

KL Chilli Mee Oasis Terraces foodcourt

I didn’t know it came with an egg so I’d ordered an extra egg (70cents) to go along with the noodles. There’s complimentary spinach soup which is pretty decent. The noodles remind me of the expensive Kiki noodles which are quite the rage here in Singapore (you can get them at Buzz convenience stores). The meatballs are alright; nothing to shout about. And they have 5 different levels of spiciness to choose from.

As for him, it was the Chicken Chop Hor Fun which caught his eye. To me, it’s super weird. Chicken chop should be on a plate, with perhaps coleslaw and fries, or something. Not on top of hor fun. It’s like serving popiah on a piece of prata; how do these two go together?

Totally not something I would order, but I have to say the taste is OK.

mini wok oasis terraces foodcourt

This Chicken Chop Hor Fun ($5.50) is from the Mini Wok stall, and the Signature Chilli Noodles that cost $5.70 (with an extra egg) is from the KL Chilli Mee stall.

With more and more people moving to Punggol, I guess even this additional place to dine, shop and chill at would be insufficient. But for now, I’m quite happy with having Oasis Terraces to explore πŸ˜€

Kuro Izakaya: 50% Off Yummy Japanese Food At Suntec City

Kuro Izakaya suntec city

The first time we dined at Kuro IzakayaΒ in September last year, we found most of the food incredibly salty and not the most memorable dining experience we’ve had in a Japanese eatery so we simply forgot about it. Two days ago, we were looking for a place to have our dinner (at 9pm) because Day One of the National Achievers Congress ended really late, way past 8pm! We found that there’s 50% off at Kuro Izakaya via EatigoΒ (<-click on the link to check out the current promotions) for the 9pm timeslot, so we gratefully made our way there. We found the place looking incredibly familiar (like ‘Hey, we’ve been here before!’ and lo’ and behold I’ve even blogged about it before. LOL) and we ordered items we’d not tried previously. And they were HITS!

This Black Pepper Beef Don was served last but was totally worth the wait.

Kuro Izakaya Suntec City review

For just S$4.45++ (after the 50% off via Eatigo), there are sizeable chunks of still very tender (and pink in some areas) beef, and those awesome slices of fried garlic. I SERIOUSLY love garlic! While he found it a little salty (actually he finds a lot of things salty as he’s watching out for his blood pressure), I thought it was alright. For this kind of pricing, you won’t find something similar elsewhere ok? I’d recommend you head down ASAP to enjoy the Eatigo promotion before it’s gone.

And it’s the same thing for the Aburi Salmon Don. Just S$4.95++ after the Eatigo promotion (and we’re talking about Suntec ok, so this is mindblowingly cheap affordable). And the Sashimi Platter’s just S$12++.

Kuro Izakaya suntec city

I love the swordfish and salmon sashimi slices. I’m not a big fan of tuna, unless it’s in a sandwich like those at Subway. The Aburi Salmon Don (Aburi means “flame seared” – I just Googled it too, so you’re welcome) with the mentaiko sauce was TOO YUMMY! He was a bit apprehensive when I ordered the small portion of this dish but I wasn’t taking any chances. And it turned out alright – sauce was fantastic, salmon delicious, and it’s easy to finish all the rice when you pair it with the sauce.

And if you’ll read my previous blogpost about Kuro Izakaya here, you’ll find that the OYSTERS are really good too. What are you waiting for? It’s now or never. Book a 50% timeslot and go order the a la carte items (lunch sets, drinks, etc are not included). You’ll thank me for it later.

Don’t even have to feel paisehΒ (read: embarrassed) about not ordering drinks (we had our water bottles filled to the brim at the NAC) because you do the ordering via the tablet located at your table. Order’s sent electronically to the kitchen and staff only serve you what you’ve selected. No one’s going to stand around and ask “So, what drinks would you like to have? Any skewers to go along with the food? How about dessert?” πŸ˜€


Our total bill for this meal was S$25.19. Also, we’re getting $1.50 rebate from Shopback ‘cos we clicked through to Eatigo via Shopback. Too much trouble for you? Then just pay full price lah. πŸ˜€

Kuro Izakaya is located at Tower 3 of Suntec City, #01-6-4/605. It’s not within the shopping mall; it’s actually outside, and you’ll see it if you’re heading out to the taxi stand.

You’re more than welcome. πŸ™‚