Merchandise That Song Joong Ki FanGirls Will Love

I read with amusement the report that Korean actor Song Joong Ki’s image has been printed on hell notes in China. Apparently, he is so popular and so hot that people feel obliged to share his image with their departed relatives (though I’m thinking the latter might already be aware of the whole Song Joong Ki fever raging right now). If you don’t already know, the Korean drama that’s airing right now, Descendants Of The Sun, has gotten ladies in many parts of the world in love with Song Joong Ki. And I wondered if there might be merchandise that I’d actually be interested in purchasing. Cue: Taobao.

Here are 6 Song Joong Ki-related merchandise that might set fangirls’ hearts aflutter and make them whip out those credit cards…

#1: So You Can Gaze Into Those Wistful Eyes All Night

Song Joong Ki cushion

Yup! Who needs regular cushions when you can have one with Song Joong Ki’s flawless face on the cover? Give him a big hug or place this cushion next to your pillow and slowly drift off into sweet slumberland knowing oppa’s watching you. 😀 😀

#2: So His Picture Is The First Thing You See In The Morning

Song Joong Ki Digital Clock

Nothing like His Hotness to get you fully awake (Yes, Sir!) in the morning and ready to report for school / work / household chores. Yes, you might even let the alarm ring a little longer so you can continue admiring his good looks. Yes, please shoot me if I stay in bed any longer. Muahahaa.

#3: It Won’t Shield You From Bullets But It’ll Shelter You From The Rain

Song Joong Ki Umbrella

Nothing like an umbrella with his face on all panels to proclaim to everyone in this neighborhood and the next one that you’re a huge fan of His Hotness. Nope, you’ll have to dodge bullets yourself but you’ll always be safe from the rain… and the sun… and on those windy days. So you’ll always get home safe and in time to catch the next episode of Descendants Of The Sun! 😀

#4: So You Can Count Down The Days Till He Arrives In Your Country

Song Joong Ki Calendar

Who cares if smartphones already come with calendar apps? Every fangirl needs one of these calendars. And it doesn’t matter that it’s already April. Don’t you know waiting for each episode to air already feels like a year in itself? And yes, I do wonder when Song Joong Ki will be in Singapore again. Those folks in Hong Kong are so lucky that he’s there for a press conference! 😛

#5: You’ll Find Some Use For This One…

Song Joong Ki pencilcase

I do not own a pencilcase at this point in time but suddenly feel like I need to have one. Perhaps this can also be a cosmetics pouch?

#6: Because You Heart The Idea Of Having Coffee With Him

Song Joong Ki Mug

Who cares if the mug changes color or not? If a mug has his face on it, it will instantly become your favorite mug… ever. 😀

Yup. And for guys who are still scratching their heads wondering why-the-hell this Korean actor is so popular right now, well, I’ll TRY to answer that:

  1. He’s cute, with boyish good looks and a super cute smile with beautiful teeth.
  2. He has flawless skin. A guy who puts such effort into skincare is a gem.
  3. He has a hot bod too.
  4. He wears a uniform. Yes, that explains a lot.
  5. He fights really well.
  6. He’s smart, funny and mysterious (I stole this line from the drama).
  7. He does the sweetest things… like tie her shoelaces when they are undone.
  8. He saves lives. What can be hotter than that?