‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Movie Treat From PA

Spiderman Homecoming review

The People’s Association (PA) ran a series of contests on social media recently and I was one of the lucky winners who scored a pair of tickets to watch ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ yesterday evening at The Cathay. And it was awesome! 😀 I believe PA booked the entire theatre 7 and we managed to get seats right at the back (I love watching movies from the very last row) and they were ‘couple seats’ without an armrest between the two of us, so there was LOTS of space. Catch a movie for free and relax with spacious seating – what could be better? 😀 Well, there was food too! And a goodie bag to take home. And they gave us popcorn and drinks too.

I think some people mistakenly thought dinner would be provided, as we were told to come by at 7.30pm for some “light bites”. It was basically some sandwiches and finger food. BUT… people who were ahead in the queue took a fair bit and even had second helpings, so I suspect there wasn’t much (if any) left for people who showed up late.

Always be punctual, if not early, guys!

Spiderman Homecoming The Cathay

And when it came to queuing to enter the theatre, it was chaos as well. One massive queue, which quickly split into two when we were finally allowed to go in. Because it was ‘free seating’, we were really quite lucky to get final row seats. 😀

One of the winners even dressed up in a Spiderman costume just for this movie screening (a PA rep explained they didn’t pay him). 😀

There’s Spidey at the front, and us at the back row.

Spider-Man Homecoming

I enjoyed the movie, especially when Spidey saved his schoolmates from plunging to their deaths. And isn’t it awful when you discover your crush’s Dad is actually the villain? (@_@)

Also, I noted Tony Stark’s reference to how they invited journalists and “not bloggers” to interview Peter. *eye roll* Oh well. Don’t invite bloggers to your movie premieres anywhere in the world either, ok? 😛