StarHub: Putting ‘Conscience’ Back Into Business

Starhub Recontract Eligilibility

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I only recently found out about the My StarHub app (no, totally not being paid to write this) and even though I hate downloading apps as storage space in my phone has largely been ‘eaten up’ by photos, this is one app I think StarHub subscribers cannot do without. It’s not just useful for things like converting your rewards points to cash vouchers or bill rebates, it helps you prevent bill shocks by tracking your data usage, call time usage and the number of SMSes and MMSes you’ve sent out (and shows you how many remain too)!

I think there are way too many apps in the market. There’s an app for everything – from booking your next manicure to tracking your menstrual cycle. I also have an app for tracking the number of steps I take daily so I can take part in the Health Promotion Board’s Steps Challenge (for more free vouchers to shop at NTUC FairPrice). But I think the My StarHub app is a must-have in any phone because of these features:

StarHub Data Usage Tracking

This is my actual data usage for the month. I’m impressed. 😀 And I really do need to call more people and send more SMSes.

(1) Data Usage Tracking

I like that data usage is one of the first things I see when I use the app. And I think this really shows that StarHub is in the business of listening to its customers and helping them improve their lives. It actually makes more ‘cents’ for telcos to NOT show us how much data we’ve used, and only send us the bill once a month to tell us to pay up. With this app, I can track my data usage every day if I so desire, and if I do still exceed the 6GB limit, and end up paying for the excess, well I have only myself to blame. 😉 [PokemonGo users should really appreciate the knowledge of how much data they’ve consumed each day in search of Snorlax and what-have-you]

(2) Rewards Redemption

StarHub Rewards

I do not know how many thousands of points people have forfeited (yes, those points expire!) simply because they don’t bother redeeming them. If you have many contracts with StarHub, you might have a lot of points. Go check! I know of someone who regularly exchanges his points for Gold Class movie vouchers. As for me, I don’t spend that much with StarHub so what I’ve gotten is enough for a few S$5 vouchers for places like BreadTalk, bill rebates, etc.

And I love how StarHub allows us to exchange our points by gifting to charity. For instance, you can use your points to send a family of 4 to the movies. I think that would be an awesome gesture to spread some love to underprivileged households this upcoming Christmas season. 🙂

(3) Checking When You Can Recontract

StarHub recontract

My actual recontract eligibility 🙂

If you’ve ever tried to dial a telco’s hotline, you know that the wait to speak to someone can be a really, and I mean REALLY, long one.

Wouldn’t it be great if you can simply click on the app and see (immediately) how far you are into your current mobile contract and when you can recontract and get a new phone? And oh, I switched from SingTel to StarHub as the latter gives me vouchers when recontracting so I pay less for my new phone. I think M1 does that too. SingTel… maybe they do now, I’m not sure. But I was a SingTel user throughout my school days and much of my working life, so I guess they’ve earned a fair bit from me already 😛

And if you’ve been tracking your data usage (and it is LOW) and your contract is up, perhaps you want to save some money by switching to a lower-priced plan. 🙂 That hasn’t happened to me yet. I just keep on adding more data allowance (@_@) I thought 4GB would do, then I exceeded that regularly… and so now it’s 6GB *fingers crossed*


So there you go… my reasons for downloading and loving this app from StarHub. It has no fancy bells or whistles, but it gives you just about everything you need. I do like dealing with businesses with ‘conscience’. Hard to describe what that means but… it’s the knowing that yes, they are earning my money from the services they provide, but they also do want to help me avoid over-spending. Also, in their own quiet ways, encouraging me to do my part for charity. Hey, if your StarHub points are going to waste anyway since you cannot be bothered to redeem them regularly, why not send some folks to the movies? I heard there are a couple of good movies recently. Dr Strange is one, and Lulu supposedly is pretty hilarious. 🙂

Zenfone Zoom: Special Features You’ll Love

ZenFone Zoom White Front and Back

I’m a fan of ASUS’ phones because I think the cameras are pretty good. I can easily snap a photo and use it as my blog or Facebook Page banner because the colors and the resolution are great. The ASUS Zenfone Zoom comes in two colors – white and black. And it also comes with a wrist strap to help prevent your phone from hitting the ground if it happens to slip out of your hand. So thoughtful, right?

Zenfone Zoom

And the phone has a few cool features other phones may not have (yet). To wake your phone and have it launch the camera, just use a finger and trace a ‘C’ on the screen and voila… the camera is fired up. Want to go to your email? Just do the same and write ‘e’ instead. For some ASUS phones, an ‘S’ will fire up the camera’s selfie mode. AMAZING! I tested it on my Zenfone 2 and it works as well!!! *much love*

I like that the Zenfone Zoom has 3X optical zoom (great for snapping photos of lecture or presentation slides even if you’re sitting at the back of the room), 10-element HOYA lens (which the iPhone can’t seem to beat yet), 0.03s Laser Auto-Focus (great for snapping pictures even in a moving vehicle), Gorilla Glass, and a 4GB RAM and 64GB storage.

I think the phone does really well when it comes to shots taken outdoors as well. There’s really no need to bring a DSLR with me anymore. Here are some unedited pictures from a recent archery “lesson”:


You can still see that arrow quivering a little:

Arrow hits apple

When you are outdoors and you want to (quickly) snap a photo, it is very helpful to have a phone in which you can just ‘write’ a C on the screen and the phone ‘wakes up’ and launches camera mode instantly. It’s even more helpful when there’s no need to tinker with various manual settings. I love cameras which can take decent point-and-shoot type of photos! And it’s pretty affordable too!

The recommended retail price of the ASUS Zenfone Zoom is S$659 but you can get the phone for just S$99 with a 2-year 4G 4 plan from StarHub. Oh, this phone is EXCLUSIVE to StarHub so you cannot get it from any other telco. *wink*

Here’s a video from StarHub regarding a user’s unboxing of the Zenfone Zoom:

Lady First SG Season 3 Ep 9: Beauty Round The Clock

Lady First Singapore

It’s the final episode of Lady First Singapore – Season 3! You can still watch it on TV – hit the VOD button – if you’re a StarHub subscriber. 🙂 I love how the team leaves us with great tips in this last episode to help us stay pretty 24/7… almost. Socialite Jamie, for instance, shared how she uses lavender oil to help her relax and fall asleep at night. Dawn also taught us some breathing exercises to do at bedtime:

Press down on your right nostril and breathe in and out through the left one:

Lady First SG

*To help you stay awake when you are feeling sleepy, do the reverse: press down on the left nostril instead.

STRETCH… and breathe deeply into each stretch

Lady First Singapore Season 3

Avoid using your computer, handphones and other digital devices before bedtime. So difficult, I know. Also, sleep facing the ceiling, instead of sleeping on your side which will lead to the formation of wrinkles (apparently these aren’t just the temporary ones). When you get sufficient sleep, your hormones are in balance and you don’t end up over-eating throughout the day. Weight gain is quite common for people who usually don’t get enough sleep.

Other Issues:

(1) Water Rentention: Drink coffee, and use a fat-burning massage cream on the problem areas (e.g. legs). The one that Kevin recommended has guarana extract, which supposedly has 3 times as much caffeine as coffee, thus aiding the fat-burning process. Use a 3D slimming gel for a tightening effect.

(2) Difficulties Falling Asleep: If you find that it’s hard for you to go to sleep because of an over-active mind, perhaps take a bath with water at 36 or 37 degrees Celsius. Try to get 7 to 8 hours of good sleep. One way is by keeping your bedroom as dark as possible – it’ll help you enter “Dreamland” easily. 🙂

(3) Puffy Face: Try to reduce your sodium intake if you find your face looking puffy even if you didn’t drink much water before going to bed. Jamie also recommends an electrotherapy device for a V-shaped face. Use a warm orange tone concealer for the under-eye area, and some contouring makeup products too. A lipstick in a redder tone will give the illusion of a “smaller face”. *wink*

Lady First Singapore S3E9

Not all of us can afford to be like Jamie who drinks birds nest before she even brushes her teeth in the morning. But what we can do is to take our vitamin pills after breakfast and put on suitable clothing so we can sleep comfortably. We may not all end up looking like a pampered tai-tai, but we most certainly can strive to look our best! 🙂

Lady First SG Episode 12: Forever Young

{ For a list of all the products featured in this episode, click HERE }

Pauline Lan admits to going to the doctor’s for a bit of help with retaining her youthful looks. But for the rest of us who do not wish to go under the knife or get any injections, what sort of pills, potions and lotions can help us look “forever young”?

The gurus Bryan and Kevin make their recommendations – from hydrating gels to Tibetan yoga postures. Whether you have dry skin, rough skin, matured skin, hyper-pigmentation or fine lines, this episode of Lady First Singapore can help you!

Dry Skin

Kevin recommends that the 3 things we must do is to cleanse, moisturize and protect our skin. He raved about the Astalift Jelly Aquarysta, a hydrating gel that contains nano-Astaxanthin, nano-Lycopene, nano-Ceramide, collagen, and with 1000 times more anti-oxidizing effect than Q10.

Astalift Jelly Aquarysta

Available at Astalift stores (ION Orchard #B3-66, #JEM 01-20) at S$148 for 40g OR in a Trial Kit (inclusive of 15g of jelly) at just S$60 *I called the ION store to check the pricing on 21/8/14*

Rough Skin

Charlyn has had skin troubles since giving birth to her kid. And Bryan recommends eating the locally-grown bananas, available only at Little India. Steam the bananas just like you would steam sweet potatoes. According to him, they are very nutritious.

Lady First Singapore

Also, he recommends the Riiviva Microderm skin-resurfacing tool which can reduce fine lines and the appearance of dark spots. Avoid using this tool on areas with acne, wounds or if you have eczema. Go over any one spot with the tool just once. At the end, gently press on some soothing rose lotion and avoid any rubbing. Follow up with any product containing aloe vera or collagen.

Fine Lines

Kevin recommends the Nuxellence Youth and Radiance Revealing Fluid, which contains more than 10 floral extracts. Apply immediately after cleansing your face, spread it out with your fingers then massage it in, moving your hand in an upward motion from side of nostrils to temples, for an instant face-lifting effect. In 28 days, fine lines will be reduced by 93%, according to Kevin!

Lady First Singapore


Candyce says she drinks the Wen Ken Three Legs Pe Pa Kao as it is “helpful in relieving sore throats, reduces phlegm and nourishes the lungs”. Bryan says it is recommended to take a teaspoon of it with warm water every night.

He also recommends some yoga stretches, as usual.

Give yourself 8 minutes of ‘me’ time / relaxation time every day to purify your body and mind. Eat some dried fruit, light a beeswax candle, and wear a silk scarf scented with an essential oil. Apparently, wearing silk helps ladies feel relaxed and thus can contribute to the slowing down of the aging process. Also, read some positive-thinking books that make you happy, and have some of your favorite crystals next to you. Then try these:

1) Abdominal (deep) breathing

With a silk scarf around your neck, place your hands on your belly and breathe in deeply through your nose and let your breath out from your mouth.

2) Butterfly Stretch

With the scarf on your legs, flap your legs against the ground. It should produce a sound each time your legs come into contact with the ground.

Lady First Singapore

3) Belly-shrinking Hip Rotation
Sit cross-legged on the floor and with your thumbs placed just under your ring fingers and clenched into fists, place them in front of your hip area. Rotate your hips in a circular movement five times while holding your breath. Keep your back and arms straight.

Lady First Singapore

Matured Skin

A makeup look for people with matured skin:

Lady First Singapore

1) Use a pearl base with a high moisture content, and which is not oil-based

2) Apply translucent foundation so the look isn’t cakey

3) Wear tinted sunscreen

4) Use a water-based under eye concealer (By Terry Touche Veloutee Highlighting Concealer) and pat it on gently.

5) Mix white and champagne-colored eyeshadow

6) Dab shimmer powder across your eyelids

7) Use eyeliner to fill the space between your lashes. To gauge where your eyeliner should end, imagine an extension of your double eyelid crease at the end corner of your eye – that is where your eyeliner should end

8) Use smudge-proof mascara

9) Use eyebrow powder for a less severe look. Straight brows are in this year

10) Apply a coral orange lip gloss as blusher with the help of a sponge

11) Pick a subtle rose-colored lipstick


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Lady First SG Episode 11: Bags Attack

This episode will likely rank as one of my top favs in the whole two seasons of Lady First Singapore! 😀 It’s all about bags! I can’t believe the team was so awesome as to put together an ENTIRE episode about bags! My goodness! They really know what women want! 😀

A long time ago, I started an online blogshop selling bags (and the store’s called ‘Bagging Rights’) because I thought it made more sense than selling shoes or clothes because the latter come in many sizes and you’d have to keep so much stock! But with bags, it’s one size fits all, no?

Still, there’s so much to note with regard to having the bag match your body shape (e.g. don’t carry an over-sized bag if you’re petite) or personality, and how to care for your branded bags!

lady first singapore

In this episode, the gurus Keith and Kevin introduce bags from Saint Laurent, Longchamp, Fendi, Loewe, Ferragamo, and more. Check out the list here.

I have realized that when I carry bigger bags, I tend to put more things into the bag, and it really weighs down on my shoulder and causes aches and pains! So I now try to carry backpacks for a more even weight distribution, or carry smaller bags.

lady first singapore

Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Bag

I LOVE the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Bag in baby pink. It’s just so pretty! Here I am with the same bag in red…

Saint Laurent Classic Sac De Jour

Saint Laurent Classic Sac De Jour

Pretty eh? 😀


Here are some tips from the show regarding accessorizing with bags, and for bag care:

1) Cleaning your branded bags: use lens cleaning cloths without fibres as fibres might stick to the bag’s surface. Do not use newspapers to clean your bags as the ink might get transferred onto your branded bag! Always pat dry instead of rubbing off any residual moisture.

2) Crossbody bags are ‘hot’ right now, and bags in a blue-green shade are trending!

3) If your bag has a chain, clean it with a lens cleaning cloth when you are home so as to prevent bacterial growth on the chain which has come into contact with sebum from your skin. Also, do not store your bags immediately in a cabinet. Let it ‘air’ for a bit after you get home.

4) Adjust the length of the straps to suit your height:

Lady First Singapore

5) Use tassels and bag charms to jazz up plain-looking bags:

bag charm

bag charm

bag charm

bag charm

6) You can even transform your bags using necklaces and earrings! Talk about recycling! 🙂

bag charm

7) Interesting designs – let your choice of bag reflect your personality:

Lady First Singapore


The famous Karl Lagerfeld bag charms made from mink, fox and goat furs:

Karl Lagerfeld bag charms

Karl Lagerfeld bag charms

The amount you’ll spend on one of these is enough to buy you a branded bag. 😉


All I want now is an episode on shoes or watches. 😀 Hehe!

Samsung K

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Lady First SG Episode 9: Tropical Winter Fashion

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{ For a list of the products featured in this episode, click here }

It’s kind of an oxymoron, yes. Tropical winter fashion? I’m still quite rebellious where fashion is concerned. I really do like my tank top + shorts + slippers combo, and I like putting on little to no makeup! (I do believe in skincare though) Hehe. In this episode, gurus Keith and Kevin show us how to rock the tropical winter look. They also shared that nature-inspired menswear is fashionable right now! 😉

15 Tips For The Tropical Winter Fashionista:

1) To rock the ‘sweet punk’ look, note that piling on colors at the end corners of your eyes works only if you have deep-set eyes like the Westerners or Indian ladies. Otherwise, apply your colors at the corners of your eyelids with thin strokes, and with a contrast color on top, such as fuchsia and blue as shown below:

Lady First SG

2) Wear contact lenses in a purplish shade – it’s difficult to go wrong with this color as it’s both ‘warm’ and ‘cool’ tone, and should match your makeup and skin tone.

3) Draw the blue line first (in picture above) before using black liner, if you are a beginner.

4) You can use a pencil for the first color then black liquid eyeliner.

5) Avoid large patches / swathes of color which will make your eyes look puffy.

6) Make your eyes look wider / longer by drawing contrasting geometric lines.

7) For the grunge look that Vee is trying to pull off, wear shapewear even under a thick jacket. Choose Triumph’s which can (supposedly) lower your body temperature by 1.27degrees.

Lady First SG

8) Choose a body sculpting bra with large side panels for more support. Put on the bra first, before your shapewear.

9) Quilted panels on a skirt make you look skinnier.

10) For the leather jackets, choose a lighter color (e.g. white) instead of black all the time. This makes the look less ‘heavy’. Alternatively, choose those which come with two materials e.g. chiffon and leather. Going sleeveless is recommended so it doesn’t get too hot. Be sure to choose the right cut and material.

11) If you want to sport ulzzang lips, ensure your lips don’t end up looking too dry and wrinkled, like Candyce’s. Pearl powder is good for the runway but not for everyday use.

12) Choose Laneige’s LED lipsticks, which have over 35% moisturizing serum. You can use a magenta-colored one then a berry red one.

Lady First SG

13) Nude colored boots or booties make your legs look longer.

14) Some boots have perforated soles to let your feet ‘breathe’ and cut-outs so the look is less ‘tense’.

15) Choose neon nail colors based on your personality, e.g. darker shades for clubbing and pastel / ‘macaron’ types for outings with girlfriends. And use crystal nail sheets on alternate fingers, not on all nails.

Lady First SG

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Laneige lipstick

Lady First SG Ep 8: Thigh-tanic

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With the help of the gurus (Jackson, Keith and Liu Yan), this episode seeks to combat lower body issues. Three groups of people are especially susceptible to such weight issues: white collar workers, students and TV addicts. This is because sitting for long periods of time can lead to the accumulation of fat in the belly and hip regions.

12 Tips to Combat Thigh-tanic Issues:

1) Avoid pleats if you have wider hips as they create unnecessary emphasis on the lower half of your body. The reverse is true if you are really skinny and seem to have ‘no hips’ or bum. The same applies for outfits with prints and gathers. lady first sg

2) Save yourself from stretch marks by not drinking too much alcohol, and by avoiding drastic weight gains and losses.

3) If you already have stretch marks (the white, silvery or purplish ones are the worst), use firming and whitening products and massage in circular movements.

4) Oils with high fat content (such as olive oil, rosehip oil) are great for the anti-stretch mark massages.

5) From the time you realize you are pregnant till after you are done with breastfeeding, you should diligently do the massages to prevent the formation of stretch marks.

6) Wear a seamless girdle if you need help creating a firmer-looking tush.

7) To create the illusion of a fuller bum, wear high heels.

8) Avoid wearing floral pants if you have fat thighs. Choose those with smaller prints if you absolutely have to wear them. Avoid contrasting colors. Stretchy jeans are good, especially those with ‘shadows’ down the sides, to create the illusion of slimmer legs. A-line skirts work as well.

9) If you have a fuller bum, then avoid wearing jeans with elaborate designs on the back pockets as these draw unnecessary attention and make your bum look bigger. Skinny jeans are a no-no so avoid following fashion trends blindly. Bell-bottom jeans might be the key.

10) Do some hip slimming exercises like squats, and placing a tennis ball at the back of your knees and moving to the right and left of the ball. lady first sg

11) Wedge sandals can make your legs look longer / slimmer. Lady First SG

12) Wear heels with pointed toes or in nude shades if you’d like to make your legs look longer.

For a list of the products featured in this episode, click here.

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Lierac Body Slim Multi Action Concentrate

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Lady First SG Season 2 – Episode 1 ‘Slim Down! Shape Up!’

Lady First SG is back for Season 2 and the fact that the show now comes with English subtitles is nothing short of awesome! Catch the show every Tuesday at 8pm on StarHub Ch 111 or 825.

English subtitles rock!

Lady First SG

In this first episode, there are some new faces – skincare specialist Liu Yan, fitness guru Jackson Tan, and Rebecca on the Ladies’ Team.

This episode tackles 5 issues: Belly Fat, Getting that V-shaped face, Slimmer Limbs, Overall weight loss and Weight Maintenance.

~ Belly Fat ~

I was hooked right from the start, as I do have a problem with stubborn belly fat. Vee from the Ladies’ Team managed to lose 6kg in 2 months but her belly fat has come back to haunt her. If you tend to sleep late and often find yourself sitting in front of the computer (oops!), you will not be a stranger to belly fat.

Vee learnt that Miranda Kerr has been drinking coconut oil to help in weight loss, so she brought some for the entire team. Liu Yan commented that coconut oil can aid in increasing one’s metabolic rate but the oil is high in calories!

Bryan recommends sleeping before 11pm. Sleeping late causes problems in your liver’s production of bile, which can lead to fat building up. I personally have read that the golden hours for rest are between 10pm and 2am. And I have found this to be true. These 4 hours are truly crucial, and can be the difference between a well-rested body and one that feels like it didn’t get any rest at all.

Liu Yan recommends a belly mask (La Dèffidose Paris Body Patch) which contains caffeine and fat-burning ingredients. She also used a body sculpting essence (Darphin Paris Nourishing Satin Oil) containing more than 10 essential oils to give Vee a belly massage.

Lady First SG

Lady First SG

Instructions: [Do this yourself or ask a friend for help] Lie down, and pressing down on your belly with your fingers, start from the lower right side of your belly, ‘push’ upwards, then to the left and down. This helps move stool through your large intestine so you don’t get a bloated belly.

I drew these arrows to show you the direction of massage – just follow the intestinal path


*Myth debunked!* Drinking more water reduces bloating. So the “drinking water before bedtime leads to bloating” rumor is unfounded. Drink some water after a massage, even if it’s right before bed.

~ V-shaped Face ~

Cheryl has been on a “5:2 diet” which is essentially 5 days of 1200 calorie intake daily and for 2 days, just 500 calories daily. In 2 months, she lost 2 kg but her period stopped for 3 months. Bryan noted that such diets affect metabolism, and cause menstrual cycles to get messed up. If your menstruation stops for 6 months, you run the risk of becoming sterile!

Cheryl found that it has been hardest to get her face looking slim and Bryan recommends targeting the acupoints for a V-shaped face.

Quchi acupoint:

Lady First SG

Taiyang acupoint – treats puffiness:

Lady First SG

Yingxiang acupoint at ‘wing’ of nose removes excess fat from waist:

Lady First SG

Appetite suppression acupoint – also suppresses sugar cravings:

Lady First SG

V-shaped face acupoint:

Lady First SG


1) Use face massage cream with red sandalwood – restores collagen, removes excess water, promotes blood circulation

2) Gua sha with a red medicinal stone held at an angle of 15 degrees instead of the usual 45 degrees for gua sha on the body. [Just twice a week will do]

~ Toned Limbs ~

Silver had previously done the 90-day Nu Skin ageLOC® TR90 SYSTEM challenge. But her flabby arms remained.

Liu Yan recommended using a “body sculpting bon bon lotion” (StriVectin-TL Tightening Body Cream) for stimulating collagen elasticity.

As if you are wringing a towel dry, massage the person’s arm to loosen the fat cells (1-2 mins) using the Barbie Curves Gloves then grab the arm with both hands and pull from top (pit) to wrist, as if you are trying to lengthen her arm.

Lady First SG

~ Sustainable Weight Loss ~

Kelly has managed to reduce her weight from 52kg to 40kg. To prevent yo-yo weight and gaining back the weight she has lost, Bryan recommends ancient indian yoga techniques / finger yoga.

(1) Ring finger touches the thumb, then press the thumb against the ring finger, then put your hands together. This helps those who have cold hands and feet, metabolic and digestive disorders, or those who have trouble sleeping at night.

Lady First SG

Lady First SG

(2) Press index finger against thumb, middle finger and ring finger touching the thumb, then pull the little finger away. This improves heart function and promotes weight loss.

Lady First SG

(3) The seashell pose improves memory:

Lady First SG

Lady First SG

~ Exercises to do at home ~

Rebecca weighed 76kg at age 17. Her obesity led her then-boyfriend to break up with her. She started skipping dinner and went running. And she lost 26kg in 6 months, but gained 8kg after coming to Singapore.

Jackson asked whether they thought a glass of juice or a glass of coke contained more calories, and the answer was actually juice because it is high in fructose. He recommends eating just two fist-sized fruits a day, e.g. two apples.

To lose 1kg within a week, just cut out 7000 calories. What you can do daily is to cut out 500 calories from food and burn another 500 with exercise.

The first 20mins of any exercise just burns carbohydrates, and only after that does the body burn fat, so exercise for longer durations, and consider anaerobic exercises in which your heart pumps faster and you may sometimes feel out of breath due to the intensity.

Jackson demonstrated 3 out of his arsenal of 9 exercises. These exercises are to be done for 1 min each then followed by a 30sec break. In 13mins, you will complete one set. Do two sets a day.

(1) Lie prone on the ground, quickly lift your hips, hold it, lean your body forwards, then jump forwards, stand up. Repeat.

Lady First SG

(2) With only your bum on the ground, and straight arms and legs, draw circles in the air. If you find this too difficult, bend your knees.

Lady First SG

(3) Jumping lunge with alternating legs. To make this a whole body exercise, have your (straight) arms crossing overhead each time you do a switch. Remember to land on tiptoe, not on your heels!

Lady First SG

Lady First SG


Nu Skin exfoliant scrub

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StarHub Mobile’s FREE HD Voice Service & How I’d Look As A Housewife! :D

Did another video with my wedding photographer pal, Jiahe, again (after a long time). Nope, not a wedding video. That you’ll have to wait a little longer for! 😀

This time we did a short video about StarHub’s HD Voice service (which is free for all StarHub Mobile subscribers with a HD Voice-enabled handset).

Watch the video and find out what I’d be like as a housewife (not pretty I tell ya!). LOL! But discover the benefits of using a HD Voice-enabled mobile phone – which include fewer misunderstandings and happier wives! 😀

HD Voice, or High Definition Voice, significantly reduces background noise during your call, so it’s great for people who make calls on-the-go or from a noisy office/home/nightclub(?). 😀 You’ll probably never hear the other party asking “Where are you? It’s so noisy in the background!”

And the best part is… this service is FREE. Enough said.

StarHub Hd Voice FAQ HERE.

*Thanks to Jiahe for posing as my “husband” with the hilarious expressions! 😀 When he’s not working with me on videos and blogposts, he’s a professional wedding photographer at Hearted Moments.