Sudio Fem Earphones Review + Sudio Discount Code 2020

I’m totally in love with Sudio’s Fem Earphones. Yes, they are completely wireless and it appears that the portable charging case has gotten even cuter! Don’t even get me started on how gorgeous the baby pink color is! And because we’re all wearing surgical masks now, especially at the airport, it is definitely more convenient to be using wireless earphones when you need to remove your mask when going through the immigration checks. This blogpost offers a review and, as usual, a discount code so you can get 15% off! And because it’s Chinese New Year (and Valentine’s Day is coming up soon), there’s also a special promotion whereby you can get any 2 sets of earphones at 25% off. There’s no better time to get your hands on Sudio earphones. 🙂

If you don’t already know, the name ‘Sudio’ is a combination of “Swedish” and “audio”. And the products offer a minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic paired with outstanding sound quality. Available in black, white, blue and pink, the Fem earphones retail at $219.

And here’s what you need to know about the Fem:
20 hours of battery life, 6 hours in a single charge
Real Clear Voice: 4-microphones system
IPX5 – Splash, rain, sweat proof
Touch control
Individual automatic pairing (both earbuds connect directly to the phone)
Graphene driver for a great music experience
Siri & Google assistant compatible
Free worldwide shipping
18-month international warranty

It’s really great for phonecalls too. Amazing sound quality so you’ll probably never have to go “HELLO?! Sorry what did you just say? Can repeat?!” 😂


I got back last Friday from my trip to Pekanbaru. Took the Sudio Fem Earphones along, of course:

sudio fem

Not our intention to mimic celebrities 😀 Haha! Just that the people seated around us were coughing badly and they were NOT wearing masks. Therefore we had no choice.

I LOVED using the earphones while on the plane. Got to listen to an audiobook I’d downloaded before the flight: ‘Unshakeable’ by Tony Robbins.

At home, I found that I had to keep my handphone close to me. If I were to walk to the service yard to take in my laundry, for instance, the distance between me / the earphones and my phone left charging in the living room would cause me to lose the sound altogether. Same thing happened if I were to head to the washroom. But that’s probably the only downside to these otherwise fabulous earphones.

Sudio Pouch CNY Packaging

Photo courtesy of Sudio

Here’s why you should get your Fem earphones right now: the CNY promotion! You’ll get a FREE special edition CNY gift packaging + crossbody pouch + buy any 2 earphones and get 25% off (15% from code + additional 10%).

The CNY Promo is valid all the way till 14th February 2020! Why 14th February? I guess it’s a hint to all you guys and girls out there that the Fem earphones would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift! If you’ve already bought matching couple tees, rings, shoes, bags, phone covers, etc, and you’re quickly running out of ideas, well, get matching Fem earphones or any Sudio earphones for that matter! 😀 25% off makes them quite a steal!

*Also, I think it would be a truly lovely idea if Sudio allows customers to customize their charging case, say, with name engraving. *wink wink* Perhaps this may be possible in the near future… I hope. 😀

Book your Fem earphones now before they are all sold out!

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