Review + Giveaway + Discount Code: Sudio Vasa BLÅ Earphones

sudio vasa bla review

When I first saw these pink earphones from Sudio, I was drawn to them simply because they look really pretty. That baby pink shade with rose gold accents is gorgeous. And it’s only after testing them out that I’ve realized I cannot go back to using regular earphones because these Sudio ones appear to have been designed to reveal how much your regular earphones have been causing you frustration, but you have not had an alternative to them… till now.

Here’s why other people love the Sudio earphones *versus* why I love the Sudio earphones:

Many people would love how there are no more tangles…

Sudio earphones pink

[ Pic: from Sudio’s website ]

… and obviously, how visually pleasing they are.

Coupled with how the sound quality is more-than-decent.

Sudio Vasa Bla colors

[ Pic: from Sudio’s website ]


I love the Sudio earphones because:

#1: I can lean back fully in my recliner armchair now. Previously, when my earphones were plugged into my laptop, I had to sit up straight and avoid sudden movements e.g. picking up something which I’d dropped onto the floor, or else the earphones will be ‘pulled’ right out of my ears.

#2: I can even walk over to the kitchen to get a glass of water without having to hit ‘pause’. The dialogue or music from whatever I’m watching on my laptop continues playing in my ears. The distance over which this works is about 7 or 8 meters (according to my own rough estimation). Walk too far and there’ll be some interference – like when someone you’re speaking with over the phone has entered a lift.

#3: No wire getting in the way when you’re out exercising. A good plus is that the earphones don’t fall out easily too, even when you get sweaty.

sudio sweden vasa bla review

At the Botanic Gardens last week (Now you know what’s my fav color 😀 )


Purchase the earphones and you’ll also get a phone case in a white marble design with gold detailing (worth US$29.90). The package will be shipped to your doorstep in about 3 to 4 business days.

Sudio earphones review

What’s more, simply quote ‘workingwithgrace‘ and you get 15% discount off your order!

( The bouquet’s from the floral jamming class I attended. It’s *not* included in your Sudio package. 😀 )

If you want to WIN a pair of these earphones, head over to my Facebook page now – the giveaway ends on 30th April!~

Update: Giveaway ended! 🙂