Swee Choon Dim Sum 瑞春点心: Menu, Prices and Expectations Vs Reality

swee choon dim sum

When Singaporeans want to enjoy cheap and good dim sum, they’ll usually head to one of two places: Wan Dou Sek (126 揾到食) or Swee Choon (瑞春). It’s even better when you go with a few friends so you can order a variety of dim sum and share. And during this visit, I did something I’m not proud of: I ordered a dish solely because I thought it would look good in photos. Haha! You’ll see it in ‘Expectations vs Reality’ at the end of this post. Also, as can be expected, Swee Choon’s doing a roaring business. When we visited early in the evening on Monday, there was already a queue, and the coconut pudding as well as soya bean drink was sold out already. Soya bean drink sold out at 6pm? That’s serious business!

As you can see above, we ordered some fried items… plus these ones below:

swee choon dim sum restaurant

The chicken wings were really well-marinated with the prawn paste. The flavors had all been infused within the chicken meat. Delicious! The deep fried salt & pepper squid tentacles were really yummy too! Everything else was so-so – not bad, but not mind-blowing either.

I thought the shrimp on the fried rice was so pretty though:

swee choon fried rice

Here’s Swee Choon’s menu and the price list is at the end…

swee choon dim sum menu

swee choon tim sum menu

swee choon cooked dish and soup menu

swee choon dessert menu

swee choon price

And now for Expectations Vs Reality. I thought the Fried Custard Pumpkin looked gorgeous on the menu. What was served looked rather pitiful. Haha!

swee choon dim sum review

Taste-wise, it was chewy and slightly sweet. Like a mochi confection. Quite yummy, if you’re willing to overlook its appearance. 😀


Swee Choon is closed on Tuesdays. Pop by on Mon – Sat from 11am to 2.30pm or 6pm to 6am. On Sundays and Public Holidays, they are open from 10am to 3pm, and 6pm to 6am.