Takagi Ramen Takeaway: Just As Impressive As Dining In

takagi ramen review

Knowing that I like the ramen from Takagi Ramen, he bought me this for dinner. 😀 I’ve only ever dined in at TRS so it was quite a surprise to see how they’d packed the ramen for takeaway orders. Even more impressive was how the soup was still warm even though some 40/45 minutes had passed since the order was placed at 5.05pm and we tucked in only at about 5.50pm! 😀

takagi ramen takeaway

Remove the paper-based container (I’m not sure if it can be called a ‘bowl’. It actually looks like those tubs you find ice cream in) from the carrier, and lift the lid. You’ll see lots of bean sprouts (*much love*) then remove the paper that all the ramen ingredients sit on, and you’ll find the soup below. I love how the noodles are separated from the broth so they don’t get soggy and you’ll also always be able to enjoy the thick stock without having it all get absorbed by the noodles by the time you get home / when the food’s delivered to you.

This is the Chashu-men ($8.50) – it had so much chashu I had to place them on the lid so I could get to the noodles! 😀

takagi ramen ang mo kio review

Let the noodles sit in the broth for a bit, give them a good stir and then slurp them up! 😀

takagi ramen

The best part is that after enjoying the ramen and drinking a considerable amount of soup, you won’t feel thirsty. I’m guessing there is little or no MSG at all.

Takagi Ramen should absolutely have a branch in Punggol! I’m sure the queue would be so long, it’d reach Sengkang! 😀


Takagi Ramen is located at 51 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #01-01C.

Takagi Ramen Shop @ Ang Mo Kio

Takagi Ramen Shop Black Tonkotsu Ramen

Last week, I finally tried the ramen from Takagi Ramen Shop after all the OMG-TRS-editors-started-a-ramen-shop hype has died down. And I came to realize that Takagi Ramen Shop, like The Real Singapore, has its own group of loyal fans. When I popped by their outlet at Ang Mo Kio, I noticed that groups of friends dined at the coffeeshop and only ordered from one stall – TRS’. And no wonder too.

Takagi Ramen Shop serves decent ramen at wallet-friendly prices. And they even offer the unthinkable: free noodle refills! Luckily for them, I’m not really into consuming a lot of carbs! Haha! But the bf definitely redeemed his free noodle refill! 😀 In the first picture above, you see the Black Tonkotsu Ramen ($6.50 + $1 for the egg). And this second picture shows the Takagi Ramen ($5.50 + $1 egg)…

Takagi Ramen

The Takagi Ramen is my personal favorite. I like the intense flavor of the broth, the springy noodles and especially, the ajitama (or flavored soft boiled egg). The egg is so yummy! I’ll order two next time. 😀

Shared the yumminess on IG too:

Takagi Ramen Shop instagram

And here’s the menu I snapped a picture of. I’ll definitely pop by for ramen again if I’m in Ang Mo Kio. 🙂

Takagi Ramen Menu

The Takagi Ramen Shop is located within a coffeeshop, and is not actually very visible from the entrance. It’s right between the Vegetarian Food stall and the one selling Beverages. However, there’s this awkward pillar blocking it from the public’s view. Hence, there’s a signboard to show bowls and bowls of yummy ramen.

Takagi Ramen Ang Mo Kio

If you need the address, it’s Blk 721, Ang Mo Kio Ave 8. If you’re walking from the MRT station or AMK Hub towards Djitsun Mall, you’ll spot the coffeeshop. It’s right smack between Jubilee Square and Djitsun Mall, a short 5-minute walk from Ang Mo Kio MRT station. 🙂

While eating the ramen, I did think to myself ‘If only they had sold ramen right from the start, and did not start a website’. But Life is such. There’s no time for regrets, only the realization / knowledge that we do the best we can (or know how to do) at any point in time. I’ve read some not-so-positive reviews regarding Takagi Ramen Shop from some popular commentary sites which want to get the traffic such reviews will bring but don’t actually support TRS to begin with (read: dislike TRS for whatever reason). If you can’t write an honest review objectively, but still want to do it anyway for the eyeballs, then just know that I don’t think very much of you, M.