Tamako Meal: Truly DELICIOUS Japanese Food @ Casuarina Road

Tamako Meal Saba Shio

Tamako Meal is located at Casuarina Road (if you haven’t heard of this road, I don’t blame you… it’s somewhere near the Lower Peirce Reservoir Park) and not that accessible unless you drive. But I’m quite sure it’s worth the journey there, especially since… wait for it… there’s a Groupon promotion going on right now (weekend groupons are sold out already!). This business was started by a Japanese grandmother and now her grandchild is running the show. I suspect standards haven’t dropped at all as I really enjoyed the meal here.

For starters, we had salmon sashimi (which came in thick slices) and saba shio as I love grilled saba fish. The saba fish served at Tamako Meal is seasoned just right, so you can even eat it on its own without rice! I really do appreciate how there’s a pop of color on the saba fish platter: the red tomato, yellow lemon slice and a bit of green garnishing. It’s not atas Japanese dining, but more of the homely fare which I adore to bits.

I love salmon sashimi:

Tamako Meal review

As for the mains, I had the Una-Tama Don which, as you can probably tell, comes with unagi (yummy!) and egg. I love the mushrooms, sweet onions and peas too. It’s one dish which I can truly eat everyday without getting tired of…

Tamako Meal singapore

He ordered the Curry Udon, and I do approve of his choice. The noodles are really thin as you can see in the picture below, and the curry is the sweet Japanese sort. He was expecting something spicy like our local curries, but this one can be enjoyed without having to ask for a glass of cold water. 😀

Tamako Meal Casuarina

Besides free flow hot tea and free wifi, you can also get a small serving of this seaweed if you like Tamako Meal’s facebook page and check-in while you’re there (just let the staff know).

Tamako Meal groupon

The entire meal cost us just S$22.20 with a Groupon voucher ($20 for $40 worth of food). It’s such good value, especially when we didn’t have to pay full price. 😀

Pop by Mondays to Thursdays and you can enjoy these items at just $10 too.

Tamako Meal menu

I’m so tempted to buy another Groupon voucher and head back a second time but my wiser half tells me to avoid the ‘curse’ of the second visit – food usually tastes really good on the first visit, but strangely disappoints on the next. Oh well. Why don’t YOU go and give the food at Tamako Meal a try then. Let me know if you enjoyed it as much as I did the first time. 🙂

Tamako Meal is located at 128 Casuarina Road. Tel: 6553 4128.