Thailily: Authentic Thai Cuisine You’ll Love

It’s been a while since I’ve been back to Thailily and by “a while” I mean something like one-and-a-half years. 😀 SO glad they are still in business ‘cos the Thai food here is good. And one of their neighbors is Udders Ice Cream, which has mind-blowing chocolate ice cream – certainly one of the best chocolate ice cream places in Singapore. And this time, at Thailily, I found that there were airplants on the tables. Apparently, workshops are held here for people keen on putting together their own airplant table displays. Go follow Thailily on IG if you want to find out more. 😀 And since my professional photographer pal, Bosco, was with me, I shamelessly challenged him to a ‘shootout’ (haha) whereby he’ll use his professional equipment while I’ll use my trusty ol’ Samsung mobile phone. *The pictures watermarked with ‘workingwithgrace’ will be those I took. And the perhaps better-looking, unmarked ones will be his. Muahaha! 😀

These are the prawn cakes, which I’d also ordered back in 2018.

The handmade Thai prawn cakes cost $12.90 for 6 pieces. If prawn’s not your favorite, you can also try the handmade Thai fish cake at $9.90 for 6 pieces. There’s also something called the Thai Style Moon Shrimp Cake ($13.90) which I’ll probably order next time since it sounds intriguing. Their Lemon Chicken Nuggets are also handmade – I’m not sure where else in Singapore you can find handmade chicken nuggets. OMG!

They were served steaming hot…

thailily novena menu

Strangely enough, I enjoyed the sweet sauce back then. But now I think it should be dipped into a spicy sauce instead. Does age do this to tastebuds?! Anyway… the prawn cakes are plump and juicy enough that you can eat them without any sauce. I wanted to ask why they have a hole in the middle, like doughnuts, but decided *ahem* it’s probably to differentiate these ones from the prawn cakes from other restaurants. 😀

Then we also had the tom yum soup. It may look really spicy but it isn’t. With the coconut milk, it was even pretty manageable for my pal, who doesn’t usually take spicy food. He was surprised this soup tasted sweet. 😀

This is exceptionally good tom yum soup. Order it!

thai lily restaurant novena menu

And in a somewhat omakase fashion, chef also had us try this new noodle dish:

thailily restaurant novena

It was served with beansprouts (which I love) and bittergourd (which my darling loves, but I don’t) and my pal, Bosco, made the comment that it would be quite a waste if customers who aren’t used to the taste of raw bittergourd end up discarding them. Hmm. Maybe the staff should ask if diners like bittergourd and allow them the option of ordering this dish without bittergourd? As for the noodles, they can be a little dry so you can add a bit of the sauce provided (which is rather salty) OR add the tom yum soup, and it’ll taste truly delicious!

It’s hard to go wrong with ordering these prawns too:

thailily restaurant review

But I think we overdid it with this platter:

thailily restaurant halal

Somehow, eating deep-fried stuff makes me feel really full so I’d probably not order this again unless I’m feeling ravenous that day.

Do order the seabass, however, if you like fish. Thailily has a $16.90 promo (for a limited period) for their fresh sea bass. You can have it steamed in lemon sauce, steamed thai style, fried in thai chili sauce, stir-fried with green mango, fried with lemongrass in tamarind sauce, or even go for the 14 Spice Fried Sea Bass!

thailily restaurant

And one dish I really enjoyed comes with A LOT OF garlic! 😀

The squid’s decent but that garlic is amazeballs! I’d love to buy a jar of it. 😀

thailily novena

If you’re truly mad about garlic, you need to order this.

And on my previous visit, I said the lemongrass drink was odd but this time, it was good – I was surprised too! 🙂 If you like Thai food, do pop by Thailily at Novena. You won’t be disappointed.

*Thailily also has $8.90 set lunches available daily from 11am to 3pm (except on public holidays). There are 8 mains to choose from. And you’ll also get tom yum soup and a free drink!

When I searched for Thailily on Google, somehow this search term popped up: thailily restaurant halal. It’s likely not halal as they serve up pork dishes such as stir-fried minced pork with basil, and thai grilled pork neck. 😉 So if you were wondering, well, now you know.

I would actually recommend couples pop by Thailily for Valentine’s Day this Friday. I’m not sure what promotions there will be (if any) but you’re guaranteed good food in this cozy restaurant. And save some stomach space for the ice cream at Udders. It’ll be the perfect night out, for sure. 😉


165 Thomson Rd, Goldhill Shopping Centre, Singapore 307618 (beside United Square Mall

Tel: 6251 0123

* They do also work with foodpanda and deliveroo so you can get your food delivered to your doorstep if you’d prefer dining at home! 🙂

** And I now know not to pit myself against a professional photographer. I think he wins hands-down. If you need a photographer for your events, head over to Hearted Moments. 😀