Tsuta Soba Noodles @ Tai Seng: A Michelin-Starred Disappointment, Really

Tsuta Ramen Michelin Star

I was so excited about dining at Tsuta yesterday. This ramen place at Tai Seng looks very atas, and I believe I’ve seen the lunchtime queue outside the eatery before. Michelin star or not, Tsuta gives the impression that they serve very good ramen here. And you know what they say about the greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment, right? I’ve never felt so let down by a ramen place in SG before. Gosh. We popped by around the time they opened for dinner service (around 5-ish) and the place was empty. So the staff could take their time preparing the food for us. And it was finished off with a flourish – the way they added the toppings was almost like they were putting on a show for us. I was expecting the food to taste REALLY good.

We ordered the Ajitama Miso Soba and the Ajitama Teriyaki Chicken Spicy Soba. The two bowls of noodles cost us a total of S$33.60. There’s complimentary iced water though. 😉

I tasted the broth before even starting on the noodles and I was shocked. I can describe the broth in one word: weak. I was trying really hard to conjure up that great taste I thought it would have but no… Even the noodles tasted so-so. They’re not very generous with the toppings either. But the egg was really good… as can be expected.

Tsuta Tai Seng

Just 20 seats. Hence you’ll have to queue up outside if you pop by during lunch hour on weekdays, I guess. Doesn’t exactly mean the food’s to die for. The staff aren’t Japanese either. They are either locals or Malaysians, but I didn’t ask.

The bean sprouts come with the ‘tail’ attached. And I even got a misshapen one:

Tsuta review

Utterly disappointing.

Though Tsuta doesn’t charge 10% service charge like most of the other F&B places, their prices aren’t exactly low to begin with. If you’re looking for a value-for-money bowl of ramen, may I recommend Takagi Ramen Shop instead.

If you want to visit Tsuta anyway, there’s a touchscreen self-ordering kiosk near the entrance. You have to pay before the food is prepared…

Tsuta price

Because I was still feeling a little hungry after dining at Tsuta, we headed downstairs for nomvnom – just truffle fries and a glass of cold-pressed orange juice (total: $11.80).

nomvnom tai seng

There are lots of stuffed toys at nomvnom. I can’t imagine why.

nomvnom tai seng review

They serve up stubby fries which are glistening with oil. Both of us agreed that MOS Burger fries are more enjoyable. 😀 However, that was a delicious glass of orange juice. I’ll certainly return for the juice and a burger or salad next time. 😀


Tsuta is at #01-01 of 18 Tai Seng while nomvnom is at #B1-02.