Uncle Ringo FunFair Is Back In Punggol: Here’s What We Won

uncle ringo win

Remember I blogged about Uncle Ringo previously, and the plushies we won (1 pooh bear and 1 minion)? The mega funfair near the Punggol MRT was pretty awesome! I went to the next one at Sembawang and was sorely disappointed (didn’t even bother playing anything). This newest “pop-up” one at Punggol – near the Riviera LRT station – is not as impressive but at least we were tempted to play 3 games. Won a balloon at one of the game booths (but we didn’t claim our prize ‘cos I didn’t want a balloon) and an Uncle Ringo cushion (that you see above) from another booth. It was actually a ‘Large’ prize which we won. *We didn’t realize there’s another tier no one told us about. 😛

According to the instruction sheet on the table, getting a ‘3’ gives you a large prize, ‘2’ a medium prize and ‘1’ the smallest prize. I thought 3 would win me the bear… but lo and behold, the staff pointed to the ‘4’ pinned to one of the bears hanging above the booth. ‘4’ was nowhere on the instruction sheet. Argh. So… we won a cushion. LOL. And we were so happy at getting a ‘3’… #happyfornothing 😛

uncle ringo prizes

Anyway the game we played here was the dart-throwing one. There are balloons of various colors. You get 3 attempts to burst a balloon, but you can collect only a maximum of 1 prize. Tip: Aim for the balloons at the outer corners, or perhaps those at the bottom row. Those at eye level for adults or in the center are unlikely to contain the ‘big’ prizes. 😉

You can visit the funfair over the weekend. It’s near the container eateries at Punggol. Lots of parking spaces available too.

uncle ringo funfair

uncle ringo punggol

This next game looks deceptively easy. But you have to aim for only the blue cups. If your plastic ball lands on any other color… no prize! I had 3 tries and none landed on a blue cup. Bummer… The previous edition was easier… there are different prizes attached to different colors.

uncle ringo games

I tried this next one too. Use a small net attached to a pole and fish out one of the ping pong balls. Won a balloon here but didn’t want to claim it.

uncle ringo singapore

Saw many people try to land a hoop around one of the bottle necks… and how they failed. So I didn’t play this one. The bears look like they may want to come home with me though. Next time…

uncle ringo game

I think kids will surely enjoy the rides. I was there just for the game booths. And I have to say that this smaller pop-up version was more enjoyable than the one at Sembawang, though it still pales in comparison with the awesome mega one at Punggol previously. Oh well. I’m sure they’ll be back ‘cos there are lots of kids in Punggol. 🙂

uncle ringo rides

Anyway, who is Uncle Ringo, ah? I’ll have to find out next time!