FREE Unicorn Night Light With Every $12 Purchase* At Watsons

watsons singapore promotion

It’s Buy-1-Get-1-Free Day at Watsons! And once again, there are free gifts. Every $5 purchase of participating products gets you a 360ml bottle of Mr Juicy Orange Juice. And if you spend a minimum of $12 on participating products from the Watsons housebrand, Orita or Pure’n Soft TODAY, you get a unicorn night light and Mr Juicy! 😀 Because I made separate purchases of over $12 each on Watsons’ products, I received two of each free gift. Yup, the unicorn night lights come in two colors: pink and white. So I got one of each! 🙂

It’s already pretty awesome that it’s buy-1-free-1 but to score those freebies as well?!

watsons singapore


Let’s just say I won’t be running out of hand soap or wet wipes or masks any time soon, since the Buy-1-Free-1 Day occurs pretty often. There was one in June, and another in July. I love how there are different freebies each time. Sure prompts customers to spend on items they already have at home! 😛

I just couldn’t resist getting those unicorn night lights. Too cute!


Gudetama Travel Tissues FREE With $18 Nett Spending On Watsons’ Buy-1-Free-1 Items!

Watsons Singapore

It’s time to head to Watsons again for their 1-Day-Only promotions, with lots of housebrand items going at Buy-1-Get-1-FREE! Best of all, spend just $18 and you get the set of 3 Gudetama travel tissue packs! 😀 If you spend just $10, you get the Mr Juicy Orange Juice drink for free. I’m glad they aren’t giving out yet more pouches as free gifts! Haha! SO I stocked up on the lavender-scented hand and body wash (again). Also, this time I purchased the Watsons tissue packs and pantyliners as well. It’s no wonder I’m such a fan of Watsons as there are free gifts on top of the attractive promotions.

Watsons Buy 1 Free 1

I’m using lavender-scented everything. There are lots of mosquitoes where I stay as there’s so much construction work going on in Punggol – it’s inevitable. So there you go… lavender-scented pantyliners as well.

watsons singapore promotion

Watsons Pantyliner

Prices of items I bought today:

Shower Gel $6.90

Hand Wash $3

Tissue Packs $2.20

Pantyliners $2.50

*All Buy-1-Free-1 items 😀


What I Did Not Buy:

Watsons baby wet wipes

Interestingly, I noticed the Watsons baby wipes are now going for 2 for $2.50 instead of the 2 for $2 previously during the most recent Buy-1-Free-1 day last month. Good thing I’ve stocked up that time. 😉 Or I’ll be paying 25% more today.

Tip Of The Day: When you spot a good deal at Watsons, don’t hesitate, just purchase as many as you can if you know it’ll be of use to you. When first introduced, the housebrand items are really cheap, but sooner or later the price starts inching upwards. 😉

1 Day Only: ‘Buy-1-Get-1-Free’ Promotion At Watsons

Watsons Buy 1 Get 1 Free

It’ll be worth your while to pop by a Watsons store today for the Buy-1-Get-1-Free promotion with selected items from the Watsons brand / Pure’n Soft / Orita. I bought their house brand shower gel, hand soap and wet wipes. And I received the Mr Juicy Orange Juice Drink as a free gift for spending over $10! 🙂 Spend $18 and you’ll receive a free pouch! I’ll usually stock up whenever there’s this Buy-1-Get-1-Free promo, and just carrying these home today gave me a good arm workout!

If you haven’t already noticed, I picked the Lavender scented shower gel and hand soap even though there are many other scents to choose from. And it’s not because I’m particularly fond of the lavender scent or the color purple either. I’ve read that mosquitoes don’t like lavender so I try to have as many lavender scented items at home. (*Diffusers really work in keeping mosquitoes away too!) 😀

Here are the prices of the items I bought:

1litre shower gel: $6.90

500ml hand soap: $3

Baby wipes: $2

Got them all at Buy-1-Free-1 so it’s ridiculously cheap. 🙂


At Watsons, it’s great if you have a membership card and also make payment with a POSB Everyday Card – both earn you rebates you can use to offset your next purchase.

I’m a huge fan of Watsons and you can probably see why. Even when there’s a promotion like this, they also offer free gifts to people who hit a (low) ‘minimum spending’ amount. The last time they did this, I received a pouch upon checkout, and the aunty next to me wanted to get a similar pouch but didn’t qualify so I gave her mine as I’d gotten two gifts and the hand soap was more useful to me. Totally made her day and mine too. Now… who do I give this orange juice drink to? 😉