my LIFE INC: A Fascinating Online Lifestyle Store PLUS A Giveaway!

[Giveaway worth S$400 at the end of this blogpost!]

my LIFE INC. is a new subsidiary of Eu Yan Sang International and their online lifestyle store ( offers a curated range of very interesting products.


I managed to get my hands on a Sprayology set via my LIFE INC. If you don’t already know, Sprayology has a number of celebrity fans:

Melissa Rycroft
Melissa Rycroft Sprayology

Garcelle BeauviasGarcelle Beauvias

Lisa RinnaLisa Rinna

Carrie Ann InabaCarrie Ann Inaba

(more pictures here)

And now I have my own set too! My Sprayology – Weight Loss Essentials set:


Besides its compact packaging (slip a Sprayology bottle into any clutch or purse) and affordable pricing, I love how Sprayology actually works!

– Tried And Tested –

I initially wanted to find out if this S$100 set would indeed help me lose some weight. But I decided that the most pressing issue at that time was my terrible cough which just would not go away despite the many cough syrups I had tried.

I contracted that really bad cough from celebrating my birthday in Jakarta. The air pollution was so horrendous that, pardon me, I don’t think I’ll be visiting that city again.

I returned to Singapore only to have my dad ominously proclaim that my cough has to be what the Chinese call “百日咳”, the literal translation of which is “hundred day cough”. (@_@)

Within the Sprayology set is a spray called the ‘Life Detoxer’, which “neutralizes daily toxins” and is a “homeopathic oral spray with St. Mary’s Thistle” – a herb which is known for helping the liver repair itself. 🙂

I read what was printed on the box and thought that weight loss can wait, I have to test if this product works first:

The Life Detoxer “relieves common symptoms of exposure to indoor and outdoor environmental toxins (including second-hand smoke), such as respiratory difficulties, coughing, lung and liver toxicity, and sluggishness”.

The best part has to be that it’s so easy to use: Just 2 sprays under the tongue, 3 times a day. The bottle slips easily into a small handbag and you can even use this spray when you are in a taxi or train – people will just think you are freshening up your breath! 😀

Melissa Rycroft

My cough cleared up in about a month’s time, and thankfully not a hundred days or I would have coughed my lungs out. I didn’t even have to take any yucky medicine or herbal teas! 🙂

~ Get Yours Now! ~

The individual bottles retail at S$48, and S$100 for a set of 3. Get them here:

You’ll also find other products like healthy Way Better Snacks, pet care and baby care products.

Enjoy FREE delivery for orders over S$50! 😀

3 Other Items From my LIFE INC On My Shopping List:

1) Organic Chocolate Bars Christmas Bundle $36

mylifeinc christmas bundle

2) Harmonic Christmas Travel Set $36


3) Natural Alternative’s bath products: $3 to $25

Natural Alternative



More information about Sprayology here:


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Losing It With Jillian – Season 1 Episode 5 to 8

I hope you have read my previous blogpost about Episode 1 to 4 of Losing It With Jillian! 🙂 I’m a huge fan of Jillian Michaels and here’s proof:

I have borrowed just about every single book she wrote…

Jillian Michaels books

And I’m already done reading two of them. 😀

And here are the rest of the episodes of Losing It With Jillian that I’ve watched on Youtube:

Episode 5: Mark, Laverne and family

Mark played football in high school and college, and he once weighed 305 pounds with just 9% body fat but he let himself go after that. By the time Losing It was filmed, he already had 11 heart procedures in just over a year. His son, Elijah, weighs 330 pounds at age 14, clearly following in dad’s footsteps.

*Watch this episode if you, or someone you know, has self-esteem issues from being overweight, resulting in an unhealthy downward spiral.

“When you give yourself credit for something, when you take pride in what you do, it doesn’t mean you think that you are better than someone else. It just means that you value who you are, and you send that message to the world.” – Jillian

Episode 6: Native Americans – 3 generations in a family (Delores, Cora-lei, Brandon)

Because of their more ‘modern’ diets, many native Americans have diabetes, and obesity and other heart-related ailments plague their community.

Jillian is taken aback by how these people eat fry bread, which is dough fried in lard. She shocks them by dumping the bread right before their eyes. 😉

[Referring to the enriched, bleached flour] “When something is enriched, it means they are adding vitamins back into it. When you have to add vitamins to something, that usually means it is pretty darn bad for you!”

*Watch this episode if you are overweight but don’t know what to do, how to change, and need more information in order to set things right.

Episode 7: Todd and Amy, and their daughters – Lily (9) and Chloe (7)

Amy is a smoker while Todd goes on late-night binges or ‘grazing’ as he would call it. Amy once had gastric bypass after which she lost a lot of weight but when her business failed, she put the weight back on. Todd needs a sleep apnea machine.

Todd eventually decides that he has to “be here for the girls” – “What intelligent man goes out and just kills himself by eating food?”, “I have all the power in the world to change my life, and I’m going to do everything I can”.

Episode 8: David Sr. and Carmen, and their kids Melissa and David Jr.

David Jr. at nine years old has to test his blood sugar daily as he is pre-diabetic. David Sr. is in denial while his son is learning by example. David Sr. has obstructive sleep apnea, and could die in his sleep without the aid of the machine.

Soundbites: “Command it, make it happen”, “I will try until I get it right”

Losing It is a very inspirational series. I’m so blown away by how Jillian has helped some people go from being helpless and hopeless to being healthy and happy. It is simply incredible!

I’d SO love to meet Jillian Michaels one day. Sending this out to the world now… 😀

p/s: Last night, as I was getting home from a run around the park, I spotted a really obese guy waiting to cross the road with his young daughter. In his left hand was a bag containing two 1.5litre bottles of Coke and in his right hand was his daughter’s little hand. And I totally had a Jillian Michaels moment there – “Why is he doing this?! Why is he killing himself? Why does he not want to stay around and watch his daughter grow up? Why?” *ahem* [End of rant]

Losing It With Jillian – Season 1 Episode 1 to 4

If you don’t already know, I am currently CRAZY about Jillian Michaels. She is America’s Toughest Trainer, and has been on The Biggest Loser show. ‘Losing It With Jillian’ is special because she has just 5 days with each family to turn their lives around. It’s more than just a weight-loss program, it’s a life transformation program! To me, this is an amazing show!

Episode one: Jim and Family

Definitely watch if you can identify with these: Food obsession, yo-yo weight, had gastric bypass but failed or still feel like a fat person inside, emotional eating after a death in the family, couples without open line of communication.

Soundbites: “Don’t try. Trying is planning to fail”, “Don’t try, do!”

Episode 2: Debra and her two young kids

Watch if you can identify with: being a single parent, sudden death of spouse.

“You deserve more than this!”, “If you want more, you have to give more”, “Failure is not an option”, “When you’re stuck on the couch, when you’re feeling like you can’t do it, you can do it”.

I love the part when Debra tries to explain that she’s fat ‘cos she has never learnt how to exercise and Jillian retorts with something along the lines of “Can you walk?” 😀

Episode 3: Ruth and 3 children

Ruth got a divorce she never saw coming, had ovarian cancer, and lost her job.

Ruth hoards stuff, has anger management issues and is overweight. One daughter has trust issues because her father broke her trust by walking out on the family.

“I can do anything I want to do. I just have to do it.”, “Taking care of this body, and keeping it healthy, that’s loving yourself”

Episode 4: Patrick, Kim and 14-year old twins Ameer and Ameera

Patrick lost his job and his self-esteem. Kim is exhausted from shouldering all the responsibility, and feels she can’t do it all on her own. Patrick became a quitter.

The family eats very high calorie meals including macaroni and cheese, chicken wings, etc. Patrick even has food stashes while Kim loves sugar. The family loves skating but Patrick always sits on the sidelines. During the show, he realizes his participation makes his family happy.

Soundbites: “You tell your body what you need it to do and it will do it”, “The only way to really fail is to give up”, “When you’re plump, it makes you look young – no wrinkles” 😀 Resilience: “You can come back from anything, happier and healthier”.

And just for FUN, here’s a clip with Jillian and the CUTE minions

from Despicable Me:

Go on… have a ba-na-na and hit the gym this weekend! 😀

From 100kg to 55kg – The Interview With Kylie Yuen

Kylie Yuen

Photo Credit: STOMP

1) You’ve mentioned that a close friend’s comment prompted this radical change in your life. Tell us about that comment, how it made you feel and are you still friends with that person? 

 The comment was ” If you could lose weight, pigs will fly”. Well, I was definitely saddened upon hearing that comment…but I was not angry/upset with her. She is a good friend of mine for many years, and I know the type of person she is. She’s just a very straightforward person, and means no harm. Though it really hit me hard that time and the comment remained in my memory ever since. I’m still friends with her! There are too many fond memories to cherish 🙂

2) Do you think you would have made those changes to your lifestyle and be the very slim you right now if not for that friend’s comment?

Hmm, I think I would. The main reason I decided to embark on this weight loss journey was because I wanted to wear pretty clothes and have the ‘right’ to fall in love. When I was plump, I felt I wasn’t good enough to be in love with anyone. Well…not a good stream of thought but yeah. Deep down in every person, there’s always gonna be 1 or 2 insecurities, right?

3) How did you lose that incredible 45kg? 

I totally changed my diet. Cutting out refined/processed foods entirely. I eat very healthily now with foods that mother nature provided us with. Meat, seafood(<3), veg, fruits, whole grains, nuts etc.

Some people believe that I’m totally against carbohydrates, which is not true. I just do not eat the ‘white’ sources, like white rice/white bread because they have gone through many man-invented refining processes which have removed all the nutrients that the food used to possess. I eat rolled oats every morning, and believe it or not, veg and fruits are also sources of carbohydrates. People say “fruits are high in sugar leh, you are gonna gain weight” but please, that can of soda or piece of cookie you’re eating probably has 10x or more sugar content then the fruit I’m eating.

Fats and protein are essential for everyone. Protein gives you a sense of satiety and boosts your metabolism. Fat is required for your body processes to operate, although I would recommend everyone to eat good oil sources (oily fish, nut, avocado, olive/canola oil) and cut down on the deep fried, junk & saturated fats.

4) What do you do to maintain your current weight?

I’m still sticking to my ‘diet’. However to me, it has already become a lifestyle instead of a ‘lose weight diet’. I’m not torturing myself by limiting myself to the non-refined/processed foods. In fact, I totally love the food I’m eating. And I frequent buffets to indulge in the glorious seafood and sashimi <3<3<3

Though time is tight, I still try to remain as active as possible. Taking stairs all the time instead of the escalator. Do not be afraid to be “different from the crowd” hahaha. I also do a lot of walking.

5) What would you say to encourage another teenager who struggles with weight issues and perhaps, unkind comments from peers or even family members?

You do it for a better you. Do not do it for anyone else. There will always be people who support you and there will be people who don’t. Motivation and encouragement come from external sources, which may or may not be there. Thus, it is more important to seek an internal source, aka Self-Discipline. With that, we can push our limits and prove others wrong.

Never be disheartened by the slow process of losing weight. It takes time. Just hold on to your faith. I’m an average girl. I did it and so can you. 🙂

Grace says: I chanced upon Kylie’s weight-loss story one day and thought, wow, I have to feature this lady on my blog. And so I have. 🙂

If you are overweight not due to health reasons but because of overeating, a lack of self-control or just plain laziness to exercise, I hope you (and I) can take a leaf out of Kylie’s book. 45kg weight loss in 2 years is not something unattainable – Kylie has done it.

Kylie currently looks fantastic – I’ve met her at the recent SPELL fashion show I blogged about. I bet she’s happily dating too *wink wink*

I’m working on losing some weight too (not 45kg, or I’d cease to exist) and it’s partly for vanity’s sake (soooo many pretty dresses I wanna wear!) and partly due to health concerns (my body age is 30 though I’m nowhere near the big 3-0 yet). @_@ I’m cutting out the junk food and eating healthier meals and incorporating more exercise into my lifestyle. What about you? 🙂

Do you have a weight loss story or tip to share (no MLM, NM representatives please)? 🙂

Conclusion: My Slimming Quencher Journey [Days 3 and 4]

[Read about Day One and Day Two]

Day 3

It’s tough. My mind’s constantly on food. Not unhealthy food, but food such as tofu, raisin bread and mushrooms (stuff I really like to eat).

And I’ve not been so grouchy in a long, long time. I don’t even want to talk to the fiance over the phone and hear him share about his day and the yummy things he ate. If possible, I’d like to be Sleeping Beauty and wake up only when it’s time to FINALLY eat. 😦

Just one more day to go and I can EAT!!! 😀 This isn’t really a slimming journey, it’s a test of one’s willpower, methinks!

Day Four

What joy! I’ll just have to survive the rest of today and I can eat solid food again! 😀

Just took some waist measurements and found I’ve lost 2 inches off my waist! 🙂 The suffering has been worth it. For my tummy to be entirely flat, though, I’ll probably need another round of the Slimming Quencher or loads more exercise.

My mood’s much better now but it’s to be expected – it’s the last day of fasting! Hurray!


Perhaps you’ve decided you want to go ahead with the Slimming Quencher experience so I have some “helpful words of advice”…


1) Let your family and loved ones know what you’re doing this for, that it’s entirely safe (many bloggers tried it and lived to tell the tale), and that you need their support (e.g. by not trying to tempt you with food or telling you that ‘just one bite won’t kill you’).

2) The Slimming Quencher tastes most acceptable when chilled so store it in smaller bottles and refrigerate them.

3) Drink a lot more when it’s nearing your usual mealtimes. When you’re feeling full, the temptation to eat is reduced.

4) Stay away from your usual favorite foods. I held a small piece of chocolate in my hands  on Day 3 and very nearly ate it. Woah.

5) Read my blogposts about the Slimming Quencher journey and know that whatever ‘suffering’ you’re going through, you’re not alone! 🙂

The Slimming Quencher can be purchased online at at S$96 (free delivery).

~ Treat your body like a temple and serve up only the best food, and not a junkyard you feed all sorts of junk food, and you’ll never need to go through such detox suffering! ~ Grace


I’ve checked out 4 slimming centres – so which treatment is most effective?

Part One: How I lost 1.3kg in 2 days 

[This post is Part Two] The previous post detailed my slimming treatments at Jean Yip and London Weight Management. I was subsequently on the lookout for a slimming centre which can do a body fat analysis using a machine instead of some consultant’s bare hands ( I really don’t want anyone else touching my tummy anymore), actually help trim away fat instead of inducing water loss, and have little to no hard-selling. Am I asking for too much? Hmm…

Here’s my experience at two other centres: Body Perfect and Beyond Beauty

3rd stop: Body Perfect, Tampines, 25th October 2012 (Thurs)

I’d bought a copy of Simply Her magazine and one of the vouchers given out entitled me to a complimentary session of SureSculpt Contouring at Body Perfect.

The Tampines outlet was a little difficult to locate – it’s near the carpark entrance to some building. I had to locate the DBS bank before I could find it.

It all started off pretty well. They actually did a muscle mass, fat mass, water mass, etc analysis for me using just one machine. I thought it was great! I trust that little printout from the machine more than any number of words a consultant spouts.

[I’m not showing you the ‘sensitive’ information 😛 ]

Then came the catch. Apparently, the contouring treatment will not be sufficient. I’ll have to top up another $38 ($40.66 with GST) for a fat burn treatment. The consultant said only those with an ideal weight would not have to go for the fat burn treatment and just the contouring would be enough. My argument was that no person with an ideal weight would go to a slimming centre, right? And if the fat burn treatment was so necessary, it should be included with the contouring treatment or clearly stated on the voucher. I gently turned her down.

So… I went for only the contouring treatment.

Once again, the transparent paper undies were given to me (I am so hating these now. Why can’t they provide colored undies? I’ve been to spas where black paper undies were handed out… It preserves one’s dignity(?) a little more? And I was also given what looks like a dishcloth or rag for me to wrap around my chest.

The consultant used a measuring tape to help take some tummy and hip measurements. I was impressed. This time, I can do a before-and-after comparison and see if their treatment is indeed effective.

Then a lady came in and wrapped my problem area (i.e. tummy) with what was perhaps 5 cold bandages, from which water/solution started to drip in a while. I was told to stand on a towel for 20 minutes. I could neither lie down nor sit. The bandages were wrapped around my waist tightly, like a corset of some sort. Thankfully, I had my iPad with me. 😀

20 minutes later, the bandages were removed and measurements taken again. How many centimetres did I lose? It was a stunning…

Wait for it…





That’s right! The lady who removed the bandages also took the measurements for me and she was blushing slightly when she said there’s no change at all – I’d basically stood around for 20 minutes for nothing. (>_<) But I suppose it was still her rightful duty to ask if I’d like to sign up for one of their packages. The answer’s no.

At the very least, there was no hard-selling. Not much of any selling, in fact, except at the start. $38 was a small amount to pay but I didn’t like the fact that customers weren’t told upfront about it – that the SureSculpt contouring will not be effective without the fat burn treatment first.

Overall satisfaction with the experience: 2/5 – The people were nice enough – I quite liked them.

Overall satisfaction with the weight loss: 0/5 – I don’t think I lost any weight. And I definitely did not lose even a centimeter off my waist. (@_@)


4th stop: Beyond Beauty, Tampines, 29th October 2012 (Mon)

A friend of mine received some vouchers upon purchasing an insurance policy and she gave them to me. I decided to utilize the one from Beyond Beauty and try their ElectroSlim treatment. I think it’s most unfortunately named – I was slightly afraid something would go haywire and I’d get electrocuted. (@_@)

As mine’s a free treatment, I fully expected them to try to sell me something. But the consultant wasn’t pushy at all. She just mentioned that I can opt for their fat burn treatment as well, at a special price of $77 (‘cos it’s their 7th anniversary) instead of the usual $188 or so. [It was quite strange that the consultant was plump – she’s at least 1.5 times my size. And she never once said I’m fat (unlike at the other centres I visited) or I’d hand her a mirror.] 😀

I said I’ll just try the ElectroSlim treatment and see how it goes.

Turns out, they are using a machine similar to the one at Jean Yip.

This time round, I got to keep my underwear on (no paper undies! yay!!!) and the treatment time was 20 minutes.

Electric pulses were used to target the fat around my belly and it felt both ticklish and like someone was kneading my belly. The consultant said my belly area will feel slightly numb after the treatment and that this is normal. Indeed, it felt as if the electric pulses would never go away, till just before I reached home.

After the treatment, I put on my clothes, retrieved my slippers from the shoe cabinet myself (there was no one around to assist me) and walked out to the reception, was asked to sign on the registration form and I was free to go. Wow. This place deserves top marks for the lack of hard-selling!

Strangely enough, though, no measurements were taken. They didn’t want to know my height or weight nor waist measurements. It was as if I’d just wanted a haircut. (@_@)

Overall satisfaction with the experience: 3/5 – They make me puzzled. No hard-selling at all? Seriously?! I’d even stated on the form that I’m a “tutor” and not a blogger so there was no reason why they’d not unleash their best salespeople on me. Hmmm. The treatment was pretty comfortable, I did not die from electrocution and I very nearly fell asleep too.

Overall satisfaction with the weight loss: 1/5 – There was NO measurement at all. As if they didn’t care whether I lost any weight or inches. But the treatment did FEEL effective. No way to be sure though.


Conclusion: I’ve visited 4 slimming centres (both the famous ones and the not so famous ones) and have only this to say – none of them offer the perfect solution to my problem.

My cousin, Janet, left a long comment on my first post [Thanks, cuz!] and generously shared about her slimming experience. If you missed it, here it is:

All these sound (ah…) so familiar. I’ve been duped repeatedly by slimming centres claiming this and that but after spending tens of thousands, nothing is lost except my hard earned money, precious time (yes, I could have spent it more meaningfully) and that all important self esteem (brutally bruised since young for being a fat girl). You can be sure that whatever is lost is water during such treatment. Actually, if you tried weighing yourself upon waking, after urinating, after drinking, after a meal and after (excuse me) poo-ing, there will be some weight difference. I even had 900 grams difference before and after I cleared my bowels. And, once you’re onto the programme, they’ll start you on a dieting plan. C’mon, we all could start to lose weight if we starve ourselves, couldn’t we. But who wants to keep starving? How is this sustainable? And why should we be starving to lose weight when their machines and treatments are supposed to do the trick? So, all these claims of one treatment and you’ll lose up to ? grams or kilograms are tricks they get to fleece more money out of us. Once you’re signed onto a package, before it ends, they’ll tell you about another new treatment or ask you to convert existing ones and top up another few grand to get the latest treatment. It’s purely preying on our deepest desire and bruised esteem of wanting so much to look slimmer. Ultimately, it’s really the diet and exercises, a change in lifestyle, that makes the difference. So, I hope your readers would stop wasting all that money, a lesson I’ve learnt after 20 years of spending it on slimming centres, diet programmes and diet pills.

So, what’s the secret to losing weight fast?

There’s liposuction, of course. But no secret.

You work out and eat right, and work out some more.

Having said that, I’m all for detox programmes. Sometimes, exercise can’t help if you have water retention issues or bloated-ness, for instance. I’ll be embarking on a 4-day fast next month to address these issues. And I’ll be glad to share the results so stay tuned to find out more. 😉

*All my slimming endeavors thus far are not sponsored nor am I endorsed by these companies. Friends have asked if I’ll get into legal trouble for sharing these experiences on my blog but hey, I’m just stating the truth (what I liked and what I didn’t) in the hope that people don’t go for trials without knowing what they are getting into.

If you’ve found the two articles thus far useful to you, leave me a comment here or email me at gracewwg [at] Your constructive feedback gives me motivation to bring you even more. 🙂

Update: What’s really worked for me is a good diet and proper exercise. So feel free to fill out this contact form if you have questions for me:

I Lost 1.3kg In Two Days From Slimming Treatments At Jean Yip & London Weight Management

I’ve long been fascinated by the claims that slimming centres have made, and the incredible weight loss stories we are bombarded with everywhere in the media. Hence, I’m setting out to discover for myself what goes on behind those doors – are the treatments really effective? Do the consultants conduct themselves professionally? Are the salespeople employing hard-selling techniques to get consumers to sign up – and is there any way to escape?

I’ll be blogging about the experiences in their entirety so read on and comment here or send me your questions, if any.

Here’s Part One, with my first two slimming treatments at Jean Yip & London Weight Management.

1st stop: Jean Yip, Sengkang Compasspoint, 19th October 2012 (Fri)

How did I secure this treatment? I actually signed up on Facebook for one of their hairstyling promotions. As it turned out, the hairstyling department sent my details over to the slimming department [They think I look fat in my Facebook profile pic is it?! The audacity!] . So they called and I went for a free slimming session. Here’s what happened…

Completed a very basic questionnaire about my eating habits (what I usually eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, supper). No machine-assisted body fat analysis – the sales consultant used her bare hands to probe my love handles and thighs, that’s all. 😛

Was told to strip and put on a rather transparent pair of undies and bandage my breasts chest like I suspect some lesbian women do. Hmm… couldn’t they have told me to wear a tube top instead?

Got my height and weight measured. (And oh wow, I’ve recently lost weight actually!)

First up was the Detox bit and I was hooked up to a machine for 30 minutes. It was supposedly for lymphatic drainage. It caused little vibrations on the chest, tummy and thigh areas. I was told I could sleep during these 30 minutes but I was too nervous to fall asleep, I guess.

Also, the other lady who was in charge of carrying out these treatments left me alone in the room most of the time. I was bored to tears. There was no TV, no clock even. I had to ask her to get me my handphone when she next came into the room.

Oh, and they served me water in a chipped (!!!) cup. I was shocked that they did that! Unsuspecting customers might get cut!

After Detox was the Body Cleansing. I was first led to a steam room to “open up my pores”. I kinda suffocated in there despite the wet towel she gave me to cover my nose. Back in the room, the lady covered my body with something like a body scrub (containing sea salt), then wrapped me up in a white plastic sheet (I commented that it looks like a body bag) then piled on some towels and a huge wrap-thingy. I ended up looking like a Subway sandwich or popiah roll, if you will.

I spent 30 minutes staring at nothingness. Come to think of it, there wasn’t even ambient music playing. I stared at the places on the walls and ceiling where the paint was peeling, the hole in the wall that was stuffed with tissue paper and the door (willing the lady to come back in soon to relieve me of this suffering). Our brains really need to be constantly stimulated, huh? When there’s absolutely NOTHING to do at all, it’s terrible.

Even if they had an LCD TV in front of me showing nothing but 30 minutes of Jean Yip commercials, I WOULD WATCH IT!!!

She came into the room twice to check on me. And when the wrap was finally off, I found myself drenched in perspiration. What with the heated bed and the many layers piled on me, it was hard not to perspire, actually.

I was so thirsty, I drank a sip of water when she wasn’t looking. Apparently, I’m not supposed to drink till my weight’s been measured again. Oops! 😛

Then a quick shower and it was time for the measurement and “consultation” aka sign-on-the-dotted-line.

How much weight did I lose? A grand total of 400g! The figure might be greater had I not drunk some water initially. XD Still I suppose it was mainly water weight lost, not fat.

How much does the package cost?

10x Detox = $1,500

10x Body Cleansing = $1,800

10x SlimUp = $2,100

Total = $5,400 (with additional bonus of body wraps, etc)

When I stated that I’m not prepared to pay $5,400, the consultant then revealed that she can use her “points” to get me a discount of 20%. Hence, I’ll only have to pay $4,320. So there are still people in this industry using this fake “points” system huh. 😉 Well, I have only this to say – perhaps their companies should give them MORE points to give away, and we can all have more affordable treatments. 😛

I hesitated so she tried various permutations (Detox + Body Cleansing only, Body Cleansing & SlimUp, etc). She finally said that if I needed more time to consider before making a decision, I can leave a $300 deposit in order to secure these discounts. I asked if I’ll be able to get my $300 back if I change my mind later and she said no, I can only redeem treatments worth $300. I mentioned the Lemon Law and she said that it does not apply to her company. What???

I think the fact that I stated I’m a blogger prevented her from giving me her namecard. I asked for one and she brushed me off. I’ll state something else as my occupation next time. 😉

Overall satisfaction with the experience: 2/5 – It wasn’t that traumatic though it was BORING!

Overall satisfaction with the weight loss: 3/5 – The fiance said 400g is close enough to half a kg, so yes, it’s quite a bit eh! But I drank 2 cups of water after, and I guess I piled it all back on. (>_<)

2nd stop: London Weight Management, City Square Mall, 22nd October 2012 (Mon)

How did I secure this treatment? It was via an invite. Apparently bloggers who sign up can get 6 free treatments worth a total of $668 and a set of slimming products. I thought it sounded pretty good.

Here’s the catch: When I received a call from London WM after online registration, it turns out I will only have to visit their centres twice (instead of 6 times, like I’d thought) There’d be 3 treatments per session. Hmm…

I made an appointment but couldn’t turn up ‘cos I was suddenly struck by either gastric flu or food poisoning, I know not which. But I SMSed the consultant to say I couldn’t make it and this was her reply…

I felt her reply was so callous, it didn’t deserve a response from me.

Anyhow, when I was feeling much better, I went to their outlet at City Square Mall and was pretty impressed by the posters stating that there is a “guaranteed 8-16cm loss or more in ONE slimming session”. So… logically speaking, after 2 sessions, I’d lose at least 16cm in total???

It’s pretty similar to what happened at Jean Yip – the consultant uses her hands to feel my belly fat without the aid of a machine. Then she walks me through a checklist regarding my ‘Medical & Physical History’.

I’ve been to New York Skin Solutions before so the sales techniques used at London Weight Management came as no surprise – I believe they are under the same parent company.

What I have yet to get used to is how the consultant will attempt to sell you a package BEFORE you’ve even tried their treatments. They tend to give you the most obnoxiously-priced package at the start so whatever they offer you AFTER your treatment sounds reasonable in comparison.

So… I was basically offered the package with 10 times of this and that, for a total of $3800. Obviously I said this was unacceptable as I’ve not even tried their treatments ONCE, how can I commit to coming back many more times and paying close to 4 grand?

Then the shocking statement uttered by the consultant… “Let’s not talk about cm or inches lost. Let’s talk about grams. If you lose 100grams or more after the treatment, you sign up for this package immediately, without thinking or hesitating”.

Having been a salesperson myself, I was both shocked she said that, and kinda impressed she dared to. I felt like I was being bullied into signing up. And the consultant DID seem like a Singaporean ah lian. She’s Singaporean, as a matter of fact – I asked.

What treatment did I undergo? An aroma steam bath ($80), lavender sea salt therapy ($300) and the Thermo Hot Blanket ($60). [I add up the prices and multiply it by 2 and it doesn’t add up to the $668 package us bloggers were supposed to get. Someone in the company is bad at addition?]

Before the treatment began, though, I was shocked when the consultant asked me to lift up my shirt and pull my shorts down so she could take photos of my belly, butt and thighs. Seriously?! In the consultation room? Shouldn’t we have proceeded to a private room in the back or something? It was a very uncomfortable experience.

After taking the photos, she went to print them out and with the printout, circled the areas that needed shaping up. [Over the phone, when making the appointment, I’d been assured that no photo-taking was necessary. Guess they lied to me. But as my ‘face’ wasn’t in the pictures, I decided to let this little deception slide]

I was then asked to drink a full glass of water before taking my height and weight measurements. Well, of course, if you give me a full glass of water and make me drink it, my weight is definitely gonna go up, right?

And then, once again, it was the see-through paper undies and a robe. The $80 aroma steam bath was basically a steam room (or rather, cubicle) with a pathetic slice of lemon sitting in a bowl.

The lavender sea salt ($300) seemed pretty watery and the hot blanket ($60) was similar to the one at Jean Yip. I was wrapped up once again for 30 minutes, in a room with no TV but with music playing. The people at Jean Yip say I should not sleep while wrapped in the blanket as sleeping causes one’s metabolic rate to decrease, while the people at London say I should sleep.

The consultant did come back in to check on me every 10 minutes or so, and at the 30-minute mark, she was concerned that I wasn’t perspiring enough. So… she added another 10 minutes to the treatment time. I was rather concerned. I suppose she’d want to dry me out totally till I resemble a dried prune and proudly announce I’ve lost lots of weight. 😛

I took a quick shower before getting my weight measured again. Guess what? The consultant wanted me to fry my hair to a crisp with the hairdryer so I’d not bring an extra gram onto the weighing scale. She even took the hairdryer and blow-dried my hair for me. Can you believe it?! I don’t have thick, long hair so I really felt she was overdoing things.

Moment of truth: I lost 900g that day. I couldn’t believe my own eyes actually. Considering how no detox was done for me (unlike at Jean Yip), the results were pretty good.

Then came the time for sales pitch #2. The initial 10 sessions of everything could be cut down to just 5 sessions each and the price would be halved. And I can get an additional 10% discount too.

I hemmed and hawed and said I’d have to discuss this with a “friend” and see if “she” would like to sign up together with me. If “she” didn’t want to, then I’d not sign up as well.

The consultant then brought in her supervisor as well. And I was presented with an offer I almost couldn’t resist.

I’d get all of this for a very low price of just $321, inclusive of taxes:

The supervisor said this package would originally cost $800 but she could utilize the “points” (not again!) that she and my consultant had. So I only had to pay the all-in price of $321.

At other centres, perhaps I’d sign up immediately but I didn’t want to be bullied into paying for more packages each time I came for my treatments under the $321 package. This package seems to be the ‘bait’ to get me on board and more will follow. 😉

Overall satisfaction with the experience: 2/5 – I felt so exhausted mentally and emotionally after wriggling my way out of signing that document. I think others would have just given in to the salespeople and signed anyway. I wish they didn’t seem so overly eager to close the deal.

Overall satisfaction with the weight loss: 4/5 – 900g is nothing to snort at! I was really impressed! I’m just concerned about whether there was any health risk in staying under the hot blanket for that additional 10 minutes.


Ultimately, I hope this sharing will assist you in making an informed decision about whether to enrol in a slimming programme or not. My personal experience is that working out in the gym and attending classes like Body Pump and Body Combat gives me a lot more satisfaction (perhaps from the endorphins released) and aching arms and legs too. While there is no body ache associated with going for slimming treatments, you may feel the ‘pinch’ as these treatments don’t come cheap. I’ll be going for 2 more treatments at other companies and will share my experiences in another blogpost so stay tuned! 🙂