Inspirit House: Family Friendly Restaurant At Punggol Settlement

Inspirit House Punggol Settlement

In theory, it seems like Punggol Settlement is a great place to set up an F&B establishment as you can offer a waterfront dining experience that customers will love, but my take is it’s really tough to draw people there. If you don’t drive there, the place is pretty inaccessible though there is one bus service (expect a rather long wait). And there aren’t many fringe activities for people to enjoy – it’s just eat… then head home. The Punggol East Container Park might fare slightly better as there’s prawning, futsal and a billiard centre nearby. Even then, I’ve noted that one bingsoo place quietly ‘closed shop’ not too long ago. So whenever F&B outlets at either Punggol Settlement or the Container Park offer discounts via online sites, we tend to show them some support. That’s what happened with Inspirit House recently. 🙂

We ordered their Truffle Fries ($5.90) to nibble on while we waited for the mains of a Pork Loin Steak ($20.90) and Nonya Seabass ($18.90).

The fries were alright. Though if you need condiments to go along with it, you might have to pay a little extra (e.g. if you want cheese).

Inspirit House Truffle Fries

The Pork Loin Steak was enjoyable. I would say it was cooked to perfection. I loved how the pork remained tender, did not get chewy (which would have been a letdown) and the fatty bits were so delicious. Portion size was incredibly small though. And the salad leaves did not look too fresh – upon close inspection, they looked like they had wilted a bit, though I have to say they look decent in this photo. 😀

Inspirit House review

If you’ve noticed, we had both the pear and the chili sauce with the pork loin steak. I was asked which sauce we wanted with the pork, and it was hard to decide. I wanted to try the pear sauce (because doesn’t it sound yummy already?) but I also wanted to know if the chili sauce here is any good. *Staff said they make their sauces in-house. So I requested for the pear sauce, and to have the chili sauce served by the side. In any case, they served us both sauces in small cups. Which was perfect because I didn’t like the pear sauce, and the chili was a little too spicy. So heng ah, neither was poured directly onto the pork which tasted perfect on its own. 😀

As for the Nonya Seabass, the sauce enveloping the fish was a nice mix of sweet, sour and spicy. The (supposedly) poached carrots were so hard though. I prefer carrots nice and soft instead of almost raw. Thicker asparagus would have offered more ‘bite’ too (and less oil on the asparagus, please). 😀 The portion of rice was rather small as well.

Inspirit House Punggol Settlement


I think they’ve put a fair bit of thought into decorating the place. I don’t know if I should call it a restaurant, as it feels more like a cozy bistro instead. And walking past Inspirit House previously, I’ve always thought it was a place you bring friends for an alcohol-fueled evening. 😀 Only after dining here did I realize it’s family-friendly. A diner at another table was a wheelchair-user, and there were so many of IKEA’s baby high chairs stacked at both sides of the dining area. You can see a few in this picture below:

Inspirit House Punggol

I like that it’s spacious enough, so you don’t feel like you’re eavesdropping on the diners chatting at the table next to yours. 😀 And service was pretty good, possibly also because it wasn’t busy even on a Friday evening at dinnertime.

*Prices are before GST and service charge

*Opening hours: 3pm to 12am (Tues to Thurs), 3pm to 1am (Fri and eve of PH), 11.30am to 1am (Sat), 11.30am to 12am (Sun and PH). Closed on Mondays.

*Tel: 69206388

*Address: 3 Punggol Point, #01-05, The Punggol Settlement, S(828694)


Punggol Settlement (Food Review) – Just The Place 1 For 1 Mains

Punggol Settlement restaurant

Punggol Settlement is very quiet these days; if you’re looking for a dinner spot that’s not crowded, has a nice sea view and offers value-for-money promotions, you might just want to head there. Some restaurants have taken to Groupon (a.k.a. Fave) and Eatigo in a bid to boost their business. Others have simply folded. We had dinner at Just The Place using a Groupon voucher and I’ve shot a quick video you can see below. 🙂 In other news, that awesome waffle / ice cream place ‘Wayne’s Chill Out’ has shut. They never really put up a sign or statement online to say that they’ve shut for good, and more than once, I’ve seen people walk past thinking it’s Wayne’s off day but that longing for ice cream is clear on their faces.

That “chat” between the terrapins is based on real conversations 😀

When the food was served, his first comment was “Looks promising, ah”. Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving. The Seafood Marinara ($22.90) had plump prawns, squid and clams. But the portions of fried fish were small. And the sauce lacked one thing: spice. Adequate spice would give it that “oomph” the dish sorely lacks. This dish tastes so mild that I believe parents can feed it to young children without any issue. I would love to have some ‘heat’ in it; maybe some chopped up chili padi?

Just the place review

As for the Cajun Boneless Chicken ($18.90), I have to say that the sides certainly outshine the lead. The baby potatoes and the mushroom ragout are DELICIOUS. The chicken itself is visually appealing, but offers no surprises taste-wise.

Just the place punggol settlement

Would we be back for the 1-for-1 mains, which we’re told could be offered till the end of the year? YES! Next time, we won’t bother with getting a Fave voucher. 😀

Just The Place is at #02-07/08 of Punggol Settlement. Tel: 6702 7370.

Kampong Chai Chee Steamboat @ Punggol Settlement

Kampong Chai Chee Punggol steamboat

If you’re a fan of ‘battleship’ a.k.a. steamboat, Kampong Chai Chee has a steamboat set for 4 to 6 pax at only $29. Purchase your voucher via Fave / Groupon. This halal eatery has a few outlets in Singapore, but we picked the Punggol one as it’s pretty quiet – great for a chill Sunday dinner. The seafood platter for “4 to 6 pax” is the one you see above. I think it’s more suitable for 3 pax instead of, say, 6 people. 😉 Unless your friends are all supermodels who eat only salad greens.

I was a little worried about dining here as the reviews both on Groupon and facebook seemed to suggest that they were short of staff here, the food’s not the freshest, and there isn’t even any sauce to go with the steamboat.

Interestingly enough, besides the portion size, I don’t think we have any complaints about the food or service here!

As you can see, there’s chili sauce and even sliced green chili! It’s free flow so you can go ahead and take as much as you like. The chili sauce is very spicy (so shiok!), and tastes like really good chili sauce for chicken rice. Haha!

Kampong Chai Chee Punggol review

I thought the fish tasted ok, but my pal said there was a “fishy smell”. In any case, we’d cooked everything thoroughly so I don’t think anyone had a tummyache after the meal.

For the soup base, we chose chicken soup as we had a little kiddo dining with us. The other option was tom yum – too spicy for him. The chicken soup was delicious!

Not sure why there were only 3 eggs when it’s a seafood platter for 4 to 6 people, but my pals don’t eat eggs so… good for me and too bad for them. 😀

If you’d like a quiet venue for a meal with family or friends, and with a nice view to boot, pop by Punggol Settlement. It’s SO QUIET there these days. Even a seafood restaurant has folded, and I fear that many more eateries will follow suit. The place is a little out of the way, yes, and it’s more convenient if you drive. But there’s also a bus service which stops there. So take advantage of the promotions available and treat yourself to a good meal with a scenic view. 🙂 (I’ve reviewed Georges By The Bay previously)

*We paid an additional $4.30 for 3 plates of rice. Drinks are charged separately too. 😉