Green Signature: Vegetarian Food At Waterway Point

Green Signature Waterway Point

Green Signature is one of Waterway Point’s new additions and I had lunch there today. I was feeling a bit sad that Zakka Thai has been replaced by Green Signature. But I perked up at the sight of the S$1 Claypot Rice with Chicken in Gong Bao Sauce. S$1? Where can you find $1 Claypot Rice in Singapore?! What’s the catch? Well, you have to buy a drink, and I did. Their Homemade Barley drink costs $2.30++. Take a good look at the poster and you’ll see a claypot dish brimming with “chicken”, veggies and mushroom, and you can see almost no rice. That’s the Expectation. And now… here is reality:

Waterway Point Green Signature review

What went through my mind when the server put the dish in front of me was “erm, so much rice, and just half of the ingredients shown in the poster?” Looks nothing like what’s advertised. But for $1, you really cannot complain, ya? As for the barley drink, it was incredibly diluted. Basically, it’s water that looks like it could be a barley beverage.

I actually found the taste of the food decent. The seasoning’s done just right so it’s not too salty. The rice even had that burnt/charred smell and taste – I know some people love it.The claypot keeps the dish steaming hot throughout the meal so if you’re a slow eater, this will ensure the food doesn’t get cold before you’re done. However, be very careful. I nearly got myself scalded when the back of my hand accidentally brushed against the claypot. It’s SUPER hot. If you’re dining with young children, make sure you keep the claypot out of their reach otherwise you’ll have howling and wailing kids in no time!

I didn’t finish the rice as it’s pretty charred at the bottom:

Green Signature vegetarian food at Waterway Point

For a total of just S$3.90, it was a so-so meal. Would I be back again soon? Maybe. I’ll give the other dishes a try. This place is opened by the AONE Group. You’ve probably tried their porridge elsewhere before. 😉 Very smart of them to take over this outlet that used to house Zakka Thai. They’ve kept the furniture and the kitchen looks similar. Probably didn’t have to spend very much on renovation.

That said, sit as close to the entrance as possible. The further into the shop you get, the more cramped the seating space is. 😉

Green Signature is located at #01-29 of Waterway Point. Tel: 6242 3919.


Uncle Leong Signatures @ Waterway Point: The Signature Hor Fun Is Da Bomb!

uncle leong signatures waterway point

It’s quite funny how the dishes at Uncle Leong Signatures at Waterway Point were served according to how much we (eventually) rated each dish. The best was served up right at the start, and as you can tell from the title of this blogpost, their Signature Hor Fun is mind-blowing. Best hor fun I’ve had in a long time, even if it had weird things (according to me) floating around in the broth, such as black beans. There’s even cauliflower and broccoli, like HUH?! But it all worked so well together. I don’t want to say it went downhill from that first dish onwards, but yes, towards the end, we could only say wow, that’s one good hor fun dish to come back for! 😀

Anyway, this meal happened because I won a $50 voucher via a contest on Facebook (that was not affiliated with Uncle Leong Signatures) and we only had to top up $7.50 (including GST and service charge) for these 4 dishes we ordered.

We had the medium-sized serving of their Signature Hor Fun ($14) and I’d say it was well worth every penny.

Then a small portion of Sunkist Pork Ribs ($13.80). They look as if they have salted egg sauce drizzled over them but no, it’s some kind of sunkist orange juice-infused sauce. Quite delicious. Plus pretty plating.

Uncle Leong review

And he wanted venison ($14.80). But I was wondering if that would be a wise choice because I tend to want to order what everyone else usually orders, so the ingredients would be… I don’t know… fresher? In any case, my worries were unfounded. The venison was tender and well-cooked. The black pepper sauce was not overpowering so you can even eat this on its own, without any rice!

Uncle Leong Waterway Point

Finally, we had the Treasure Box Beancurd ($13.80). Ordered this because it looked so good on the menu. But it was rather disappointing. It’s basically egg tofu with the middle hollowed out and stuffed with some chopped-up seafood (?) and just some soy sauce, I think. Not something I would order again. (>_<)

Uncle Leong Signatures review


So that sums up our lunch for today. Between us, we couldn’t really finish all the food so we arranged for the remainder to be packed into takeaway boxes. The staff were so accommodating.

If you’re wondering what you should eat / order at Uncle Leong Signatures, when you don’t want to splash out on some seafood, definitely try the signature hor fun. It’s amazing. Pro tip: ask the staff for some pickled green chili to go along with your hor fun. 😉

*Uncle Leong Signatures is located at B1-21 (East Wing) of Waterway Point*

Nonya Delights @ Waterway Point’s Foodcourt

nonya laksa

I spotted a new ‘Nonya Delights’ stall at Waterway Point‘s foodcourt recently, and immediately ordered their Nonya Laksa’. Then went back again the same week to try their Ayam Rendang, Ngoh Hiang, Otah, etc. 😀 Waterway Point’s foodcourt is notoriously difficult to find, but if you do manage to locate it, then make sure you pop by this stall. If Peranakan food isn’t your thing, then I’d recommend you try Lam’s Signature instead. 🙂

The Nonya Laksa ($4.50) you see in the picture above was delicious. The chap chye (which I ordered as an add-on item for $1.50) was a little too salty for my liking. It would have gone perfectly with some rice though.

Waterway Point foodcourt Nonya Delights

The Ayam Rendang was slightly disappointing. The chicken drumstick was rather ‘skinny’. (The pictures are a little misleading, because of the ‘zoom in’ function, and the angle at which the pictures were taken) I love the accompanying chili and ikan bilis though.

Ayam Rendang Rice

The Ayam Keluak Rice didn’t come with half an egg, unlike the Ayam Rendang set. Taste-wise, nothing to shout about as well. I’ll definitely stick with ordering the laksa next time. 🙂

ayam keluak rice

We’d also ordered the ‘add-ons’ of ngoh hiang and otah. They came with a special chili paste that’s different from the ones with the rice sets. Only grouse: the wait for the defrosting and frying of these items was pretty long.

Ngoh Hiang and Otah-otah

I don’t know why the staff don’t ask if we want any of these add-ons. You’ll have to spot the poster yourself as there is no up-selling here. Perhaps business is too good. 😉

Waterway Point foodcourt nonya

For all the kueh-kueh lovers…

Waterway Point kueh

 To get to Waterway Point’s foodcourt, go to the West Wing of the mall and take the escalators all the way up to the 2nd floor. It’s really near Times bookstore, so once you spot the Koufu foodcourt, just head right in – the entrance to the foodcourt is quite small but the seating area within is huge.

Sakana at Waterway Point: Order the Salmon Sashimi Don and DESSERT!

Sakana Waterway Point

Since Sakana opened at Waterway Point, I’ve always wanted to visit. It looks like the kind of Japanese restaurant I’d enjoy dining at. Having visited twice in less than a week, yup, I was right. You’d hardly think that a Japanese restaurant would serve good dessert with toast but they do! 🙂 And in this post, I’ll share with you what to order when you’re at Sakana…

Sakana Waterway Point

If you have a sweet tooth, definitely order the Mango Shibuya Toast. And even if you’re feeling greedy / hungry, don’t get one for yourself. It’s for sharing! If you’ve had a full meal with friends or family, just order one to share among 3 or 4 pax.

Sakana Mango Shibuya Toast

If you don’t like overly sweet dessert and you’re a fan of matcha, then go for the Matcha Shibuya Toast. The restaurant is too generous with the red beans. 😀

Sakana Matcha Shibuya Toast

As for the mains, I highly recommend the Salmon Sashimi Don. Firstly, it’s so pretty! We ‘feast’ first with our eyes, don’t we? There’s another Japanese – Western fusion restaurant nearby that served up a really ugly sashimi don for me previously and I just had to send the restaurant some feedback. Here, taste-wise, it’s good too, and that wasabi packs a punch, in case you are wondering why it’s just one small dollop. You might feel your eyes beginning to water and your nose tingle if you eat too much of this wasabi at once. (@_@)

Sakana Salmon Sashimi Don and Lychee Zing

And the drink behind the bowl? That’s their Lychee Zing which my pal ordered. Served with a umbrella and a syringe. Apparently, there’s some kind of syrup within the syringe and you’re supposed to ‘inject’ it into the drink. When she’d picked up the syringe, one of Sakana’s male staff hurried over and tried to stop her – apparently you’re supposed to keep the syringe ‘underwater’ before you release the syrup. Otherwise it’ll squirt all over you. The staff told us that unfortunately happened to another customer recently. Hmm. I wonder why the person who served the drink didn’t warn us.

Anyway, here’s the salmon sashimi don I ordered on another occasion. It’s equally pretty. I like when standards are consistent. 🙂

Sakana Salmon Sashimi Don

My sis ordered their hotplate beef cubes, which came with rice and miso soup. I thought it was rather odd that there were fries too. Let’s just say this isn’t a low carb meal. So if you’re on a diet, well, order something else. The beef could do with a bit more seasoning and truth be told, ordering beef in a restaurant called Sakana (which means ‘fish’ in Japanese) is not exactly the smartest decision. Haha! Order their fish!!!

Sakana Hotplate Beef Cubes

If you’re going to have a meal at Sakana and you already have set your eyes on having dessert there too, then maybe you might want to give the drinks a miss as they look like they have quite a few calories in there too.

My skinny pal ordered the Hojicha Caramel Macchiato, and well he should since he’s skinny and can handle the extra calories. 😀 Look at that whipped cream 😀

Sakana Hojicha Caramel Macchiato

And this is their Matcha Azuki Shiratama Latte. It doesn’t look like it’s for one person.

Sakana Matcha Azuki Shiratama Latte

I’m just a little disappointed that the restaurant doesn’t serve (free) water. You can purchase bottled water from them. The desserts are sweet, the drinks are sweet, and without water, it can seem a little overwhelming. Hence, I skip the drinks when I dine here. Maybe the restaurant can earn some money by charging for water, but perhaps they’d earn more if people order these drinks knowing that they can ask for some free iced water when it gets too sweet for their tastebuds. *shrug*

That said, I know I’ll be back for their Salmon Sashimi Don and Mango Shibuya Toast. There’s this pretty cool tea time promotion for the dessert and drinks so anyone who heads there with me can have the drink on my behalf! 😀

Sakana is located at #01-25 of Waterway Point.

老火汤 @ Waterway Point: Buy-1-Get-1-Free Soups

Waterway Point 老火汤

I had lunch at Waterway Point today as there’s a promotion going on at one of the new eateries. 老火汤’s soups are on offer now till 31 August – order one bowl of soup and get another (of the same price or lower) for FREE! We picked ‘Buddha Jump Over The Wall’ or what the Chinese call ‘佛跳墙’ as it’s easily one of the most pricey soups on their menu, getting the most out of the promo! 😀

Of course, you can opt for any of the other soups, such as Pork Rib with Apple & Snow Pear Soup (S$9.80), Sea Coconut Chicken Soup (S$14.80) or their herbal chicken soups (S$14.80 – S$16.80).

We ordered Pumpkin Rice and Brown Rice (S$2 each) to go along with the soups. I like having both kinds of rice mixed together.

As for the ‘Buddha Jump Over The Wall’ soup, I liked that it doesn’t have a ton of MSG in it (so we didn’t actually feel thirsty after the meal) and that the ingredients seem pretty fresh. There was chicken, fish maw, mushrooms, wolfberries, scallops (really small ones), etc. Really good comfort food on rainy days, I believe. But today’s weather was horrendously hot.

If, like me, you’re wondering why this soup comes with such an interesting name, and since when did Buddha actually jump over a wall, well, Wikipedia says it’s because the dish is so yummy that it’d entice vegetarian monks to jump over temple walls to get to it. LOL. Not sure if it’s true, but that’s an interesting story.

老火汤’s business sure was brisk today, no doubt due to their 1-for-1 promotion. Staff give out flyers at the mall’s entrance daily, I believe, so I’m sure many shoppers popped by to try the soups. Meanwhile, Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh just next door clearly suffered. While 老火汤 had few unoccupied tables, Rong Hua’s were largely unoccupied at lunchtime with perhaps only 2 pairs of diners. Since their clientele is largely the same, I’m sure Rong Hua’s boss won’t be pleased a competitor is right next door.

Another thing I noticed was how some diners leave a mess behind. There was a middle-aged man seated at the table next to ours, and after he was done with his meal, he left behind lots of chicken (or pork?) bones and bits of cartilage and all on the table, and the poor waitress had to pick them up one by one with the pair of chopsticks he had used. Clearing his one table took a while. Hopefully, more of us can learn to leave those bits and pieces we don’t want to eat in a separate bowl or plate so it makes clearing the dishes that much easier for staff. #beagoodcustomer

~ How To Enjoy The Buy 1 Get 1 Free Promo ~

The promotion is available from now till 31 August, only from 11am to 430pm on Mondays to Fridays, excluding weekends and public holidays.

Address: Waterway Point #B1-22 East Wing (between Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh and Uncle Leong’s Signatures). Tel: 6386 0830.

*There’s the usual 10% service charge and 7% GST – it’ll be added to your bill.

Only One Stall @ Waterway Point’s Foodcourt With A Queue!

Punggol Waterway Point foodcourt

On a whim, I decided to have breakfast at Waterway Point‘s foodcourt this morning. Little did I know that it was a great way to find out which stall’s the most popular. Around 10am or so, when everyone who needs to be at work is already at work, people who can have a leisurely breakfast are those who are in absolutely no hurry to go anywhere, and who have the time for a good breakfast. They are also the people who know which stall serves the best food. When I pop by the foodcourt at dinnertime, for instance, everyone just wants to grab a quick dinner and head home, and some are in a hurry to get takeaways for hungry family members waiting for their food at home, so any stall will do.

This morning, I realized that no one stall constantly had a queue, except for one called “Lam’s Signature”. It serves a couple of noodle dishes. Their signature item is one noodle dish that comes with some (small) abalone on a satay stick. 😀 I selected the one with watercress soup instead, and no abalone. It cost S$6.

I tucked into the noodles first. It was pretty simple: just noodles, some minced meat, chopped spring onions, and one medium-sized piece of fried lard. However, the noodles tasted so sour! I don’t know how much vinegar went into the dish, but strangely enough, it tasted really good!

The handmade fishballs and meatballs tasted really fresh and springy – delightful! Likewise, the watercress was fresh and also such a lovely addition to the meal. As for the soup, it did not overwhelm with MSG like so many other soups found in foodcourts. So I drank half of it, I think.

All in all, it was a really satisfying meal. If you’re at Waterway Point, and you don’t want to dine at one of the many restaurants in the mall, preferring the more affordable prices at the Koufu Foodcourt, try the food at this stall. 🙂 The foodcourt is located next to Times Bookstore, in case you were wondering.

The French Table at Waterway Point: Awesome Roast Chicken!

The French Table Waterway Point

We didn’t quite know where to have lunch at today, because we’ve been to Waterway Point too many times already. He didn’t want to try the Vietnamese food, while I felt that the Japanese food in this mall ‘CMI’ so we decided to head back to The French Table, which we’ve dined at previously. The lunch set menus are updated regularly and this time round, it was a pleasant surprise which awaited us: the half-roasted chicken at just S$9.80 before tax and service charge!

Because they actually have a standee for this promotion, I’m guessing that it’s going to be ongoing for a while. These standees don’t exactly come cheap, so yes, that’s my guess. And I sure hope it goes on for a long time, because the chicken is DELICIOUS!

The French Table Half Roasted Chicken

When the roast chicken was served, the couple seated at the next table on my right looked over, and the guy in the green shirt asked the wait staff if they could change the order he’d placed, as he wanted to order this same dish that had just been served to me. Hehehe! #copycat And the chicken really tasted as good as it looked! I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t any of the yummy potato mash that The French Table used to serve with their braised pork belly. But the sauce beneath this half-roasted chicken is SEDAP, OISHII, and YUMMY all rolled up into one. And the chicken was so tender and juicy! Even the chicken breast (which I do not eat, and do not like for being dry and tough) was so tender! Amazing! Totally worth the rather long wait for the food. *Bring a book or surf the Net using your phone, because The French Table doesn’t serve fast food. They serve good food.

What was actually served to us first, before the chicken came, was the pork bolognese baked rice with cheddar and mozzarella. It’s part of their set meal, which includes soup and a drink, for just S$9.90 before tax and service charge.

Waterway Point The French Table

It’s tasty, no doubt. But we would have LOVED if there were more ingredients within. It’s just a thin layer of cheesy goodness and minced pork on top (and perhaps a few other ingredients) and LOTS of rice beneath. If you’re ordering this on its own, you might not be able to finish eating all the rice.

But once the roast chicken was served, we mixed the yummy sauce with the rice, and it was delicious. You’ll end up scraping every grain from the claypot. 😀

Here’s the lunch set menu that was available today. Do note that it might be different when you visit as the chef likes to surprise customers with something new each time:

The French Table Set Meal

This meal for two ended up costing just S$23.20 all-inclusive. *I like that the server (with the big eyes and spectacles) brought over a cup of iced water without my having to ask for it, since we’d only ordered one drink. Hehe! We’ll be back again, for sure. 🙂

The French Table is located at #01-31 of Waterway Point. Tel: 6385 8052.


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Pizza Hut @ Waterway Point: Remember To Claim Your FREE Pizza!

Pizza Hut Waterway Point

[ The pizza was FREE; the drumlets were not ]

The majority of tenants at Waterway Point are already open for business. Unfortunately, the crowd on weekends is still quite overwhelming despite the many restaurants and cafes available. But it’s almost always possible to get a table at Pizza Hut though. 🙂 There’s ample seating area both indoors and in the al fresco area. But what amazes me most is the FREE personal pan pizza given out to customers who take a quick survey. It’s just like at Subway – take a survey and get a free… cookie. LOL.

At the bottom of each receipt:

Waterway Point Pizza Hut

Just take the quick survey at the website stated on the receipt, write down the 5-digit code that is given to you at the end of the survey, and bring your receipt on your next visit to claim your free pizza. It’s that simple. 🙂

I’m a huge fan of hawaiian pizzas – I love the pineapple! 😀 And the personal pan pizza is actually not that small either. Great for sharing with a loved one. For the redemption today, I bought the 6pc drumlets, which were so fiery and yummy! And guess what…

I was promptly given another receipt to continue taking the survey and to claim another pizza on my next visit! LOL. Smart, very smart, Pizza Hut.

*I have no idea whether this survey + free pizza promotion is for all Pizza Hut outlets or just for the one at Waterway Point. You can check your receipt if you’re dining at another Pizza Hut outlet.

*Though there wasn’t anyone else before me in the ‘takeaway’ queue, I waited over 30 minutes for the pizza + drumlets to be prepared. 😦 Thankfully the food was worth the wait. Phew.

Pizza Hut is located at B1- 11 (West Wing) of Waterway Point.

Zakka Modern Thai at Waterway Point: Good Thai Food in Punggol

Zakka Modern Thai at Punggol Waterway Point

Punggol’s new mall, Waterway Point, has many interesting restaurants and one of them is Zakka Modern Thai. If you like Thai food, it is one restaurant you might want to visit soon. At Zakka Modern Thai, I discovered some very tasty dishes that I want to recommend to all my friends. So read on… 🙂

Zakka Modern Thai

If you’re curious about what Zakka means, here’s what a quick Google search brings up:

Zakka meaning

At Zakka, the chefs make little improvements to original Thai recipes so as to bring authentic Thai food to the next level – modern and extraordinary, yet not “fusion” nor pretentious. In other words, they strive to make good Thai dishes taste even better to Singaporeans. I’ve heard that the head chef has been cooking Thai food for over 20 years, so I was definitely looking forward to this lunch hosted by Zakka. *Thanks so much for having me and my pals over! 😀

Zakka has proven that a good recipe can still be improved upon. For instance, the watermelon salad comes with salmon instead of catfish (which is in the original recipe) because the chefs have found that salmon makes this Thai dish taste even better.

And while the chefs are given the leeway to unleash their creativity when it comes to the menu, customers also have the option of making special requests. If you don’t like your food to be very spicy, the chef can omit the chili from the salad, for example. So don’t be afraid of asking. 🙂


Here are the dishes we tried:

Salmon & Watermelon Salad S$12.80

Zakka Salmon and Watermelon Salad

You’ve probably tried mango salad at many other restaurants. But this salmon and watermelon salad is a combination of sweet watermelon balls + sour-ish mango slices + crispy salmon: an interesting mix of taste and texture. I really love the addition of watermelon, which offers a refreshing respite when you’ve been eating a lot of spicy Thai food. 🙂 So don’t polish off this appetizer too quickly! LOL.

Seafood Tom Yum Soup S$12.80

Zakka Seafood Tom Yum Soup

One great thing about Zakka is the chef’s willingness to tone down the level of spiciness – just indicate to the wait staff that you’d like a less spicy version of tom yum soup. 🙂 This one was just right, allowing us to slurp up the soup like a pro, without setting our tongues on fire. For the price, though, it would be great if there could be more of the yummy seafood and mushrooms. 🙂

Zakka Wings S$8.80

Zakka Wings Waterway Point

Zakka places a lot of emphasis on wanting customers to enjoy their visit, so they go the extra mile in cutting the mid-joint chicken wings into two, so it’s easier to eat without having to struggle with getting the chicken meat out from between two bones. Very thoughtful indeed.

(Homemade) Salmon Otah S$9.80

Zakka Salmon Otah

When I saw this on the menu, I knew I just had to order it. And it did not disappoint! Actually, I can eat just this homemade salmon otah, plain rice, plus a cup of thai milk tea. It’d be a most satisfying meal already. The otah is so tasty, and the level of spiciness is just perfect. I need to order this again! 😀 And no, the next time round, I won’t be sharing the otah with anyone. It’s all MINE! 😀

Iberico Garlic Pork S$14.80

Zakka Iberico Garlic Pork

This is deep-fried Spanish Iberico pork collar served with a Thai green chili dip. Actually the pork is awesome just on its own. And it went so well with my plate of white rice. 😀 If you’re like me and you’re wondering why it’s called “iberico pork” instead of just “pork”, well here’s the answer from Google: “The Ibérico pig is an indigenous species that is only found in the Iberian peninsula. The superb quality of the meat from the Ibérico pig is down to the climate, their freedom to roam outdoors and their diet.” In short, this is very yummy atas pork. Order and try ok? 🙂

Thai Style Braised Pork Knuckle S$14.80

Zakka Thai Style Braised Pork Knuckle

You can’t really tell how truly BIG this serving of pork knuckle is from the photo. But it’s great value for money! Make sure you order this dish if you are a fan of pork knuckle. I guarantee you won’t regret it. We shared this among the three of us! The meat is so tender and it’s quite amazing how it falls off the bone. Braised to perfection, this is. MUST order!

Salt Baked Fish S$32.80 – whole seabass

Zakka Waterway Point Salt Baked Fish

This salt baked fish can definitely feed a whole family. 🙂 The waiter helped remove the layer of salt and the skin of the fish, and revealed well-baked (and still tender) fish, with steam still rising from it. You can either eat the flesh of the fish on its own, or wrap it up in a lettuce leaf, together with the coriander and other herbs, with a little squeeze of lime, plus the sauce. And whatever you do, DO NOT eat the layer of salt ok? LOL

Claypot Black Pepper Crayfish S$15.80

Zakka Claypot Black Pepper Crayfish

I love glass noodles with everything. Whether it’s with this black pepper crayfish or with steamboat, I simply love tang hoon. So for me this would make a very satisfying meal on its own. 🙂

And now… for dessert! Likely the HIGHLIGHT of our meal! 😀

The Mango Sticky Rice (S$12.80) comes with two-color glutinous rice served with fresh mango and coconut ice cream with azuki beans.

Zakka Mango Sticky Rice

This is indeed Zakka – an improvement on the original mango sticky rice. You get black glutinous rice too, beside the white. And red beans with the coconut ice cream. What can I say? You definitely should order this dessert after your meal. And go ahead and share it among 2, 3 or even 4 friends. 🙂

As for drinks, like any decent Thai food restaurant, there’s free iced water. You can also order the juices which are all freshly squeezed. And here’s what we had:

Zakka Waterway Point

[ Chai Milk Tea Latte S$5.90, Watermelon Breeze S$8.90, Thai Iced Lemongrass S$5.90 ]


Zakka Modern Thai comes under the same parent company that manages The French Table (also at Waterway Point). I think it might be beneficial if they do some kind of cross-promotion, such as giving diners at Zakka some vouchers to try out TFT’s food as well, and vice versa. This way, customers can enjoy the same attention to detail, the same great value for money, and the same enjoyable dining experience. I’m a fan of The French Table’s set lunch promo – check out my review here. 🙂

To visit Zakka Modern Thai, head to #01-29 of Waterway Point’s East Wing. Opening hours: 1130am to 10pm. Tel: 6385 8044.

*Lots of thanks to my pal, Bosco from Hearted Moments Photography, for the pictures taken of this meal. 😀


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The French Table @ Waterway Point: Amazing Value 9.90 Lunch Sets!

The French Table Braised Pork Belly With Mash

If you don’t already know, I am in love with Waterway Point, the new mall in Punggol. 😀 This is my 3rd food review in 4 days since the mall first opened on 18th Jan. LOL. I’m sorry the pictures don’t do justice to the AWESOME lunch I had at The French Table this afternoon. I was there slightly after 1pm today and it was so easy to get a table. I sensed that there were decidedly fewer people in Waterway Point today – has the ‘magic’ worn off already? My lunch companion and I had initially thought that The French Table sounds, you know, atas and maybe pricey. But their lunch specials cost just S$9.90 before tax and service charge!

I chose the Braised Pork Belly because who can resist pork belly, you tell me? 😀 And it was such a fabulous choice, even if I do say so myself! My knife sliced through the skin and fat like a hot knife through butter. The pork is so soft, and the fatty bits are so, well, fatty and delicious, that I just had to stop myself halfway to take this photo, as a reminder of a yummy meal:

The French Table Braised Pork Belly

And the mashed potato which came with the braised pork belly was incredibly tasty too! I want more of it!!! There was a salad as well.

And before I forget, we were first served the cream of tomato soup before the mains. I found it very tangy, and didn’t quite finish it. I guess they used real tomatoes to make this soup, for it to taste this sour. You can request for some pepper, if you’d like.

The French Table Cream Of Tomato Soup

And we both had the iced peach tea which came free with the set lunches. You can select iced ocha too. I was very impressed that the drink that came with my S$9.90 lunch actually had a peach slice in it! WOW! This blew me away.

The French Table Iced Peach Tea

He ordered the Teriyaki Beef with Rice and Sunny Side Up. It was a good choice too. Slice through the egg yolk with your knife and watch the runny yolk flow out and coat the rice and other ingredients below. The wonderful flavors feel like a dance is happening on your tongue. And I love how The French Table is generous with the mushrooms, onion, and beef. If the Braised Pork Belly is my favorite item here, this teriyaki beef with rice is a close second!

The French Table Teriyaki Beef with Rice and Sunny Side Up

My empty plate… HEHEHE!

The French Table Review

I asked one of the male wait staff how long this promotion would last and he said it’ll probably be 3 months or so. That definitely surprised me. Yummy Pork Belly at just S$9.90 and I can enjoy this promo for the next 3 months? No kidding! I don’t know how long this promo will actually last, but I do know that YOU should definitely pop by and try it yourself. I was told it’s available on weekends too! (Update: TFT Management has written to me to clarify that the promotion is NOT available on weekends! Please pop by on weekdays instead) Starting from 11am to about 3pm. Die die must try ok!

The French Table Lunch Set Promotion

And if your kids are tempted to touch the “display food” outside the restaurant, be warned that it is REAL food, not the plastic display ones. And you can check out the actual serving sizes. REALLY good value for money. I’ll be back, FOR SURE!

The French Table Waterway Point

Waterway Point The French Table

Set lunches for 2 cost us S$23.30 total, inclusive of tax. Unbeatable value for money. So pardon me for raving about this restaurant. In case you are wondering, nope, the food was not sponsored, and I was not paid for this review. I walked in today just like everyone else, lured by the pork belly display and low price! Haha!

The French Table boasts a good view of the Waterway and the surrounding area too. Get a table near the full-length windows if you can. It’s located at #01-31 of Waterway Point. Tel: 63858052. I noted that there were two child seats or high chairs (whatever you call them) during my visit. I’m not sure if it’s sufficient for the young families who will be visiting. So, maybe make a reservation before you head over if you are bringing a young kid, and tell the staff to reserve one for you?

Service was excellent this afternoon too. And they serve free water here – go grab a cup at the water dispenser. 🙂

And as the French might say… Bon Appétit!~

Final Update: TFT changes the lunch set menu every 2-3 weeks so you’re assured of something new each time you visit 🙂 Most recently, it’s…

Soup: Cream of California and Corn
Main Courses: Pork Ragout Pizza OR Carbonara Pasta OR Chicken Curry Baked Rice with poached egg
Drinks: Iced Peach Tea / Iced Ocha
*I do hope they’ll change it back to pork belly again soon! 😀 😀 😀

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The French Table Pork Belly

[ Different presentation and ingredients ]

I visited The French Table again on 24/02/2016. Unfortunately, the pork belly was not as good the second time. The plating was different, the vegetables were different, and most importantly, the texture of the pork belly was different.

Apparently the sauce had been changed to a “thai sweet red wine sauce”. I’d sent feedback to the chef via their marketing personnel, ‘cos I was a little paiseh to just walk right up and say that the pork belly wasn’t as good as during my first visit. 😛 😉

The texture of the pork belly was just too tough for my liking during my second visit. Couldn’t finish it all. The mash was still yummy. And the boiled vegetables were ok, I guess.

Hmm… not really sure if I’ll pop by again. But I was quite adamant that I didn’t want a hosted lunch here because I think going incognito (read: undercover) is better so I get to taste the food just like any one of YOU would. Then my reviews would be more accurate. 🙂