Where To Buy Fortune Cookies in Singapore

fortune cookie singapore

It’s that time of the year when you’ll be able to get your hands on fortune cookies pretty easily! If you’re still wondering where you can buy fortune cookies from right here in Singapore, I have two recommendations which you’ll read about below. Interestingly, the fortune cookies sold in Singapore tend to come with 4-digit numbers on the paper slips within the cookies. I think it’s because 4D punters like activities which will give them more numbers to bet on. 😀 I’ve actually bought 4D with the first set of numbers I got from a cookie this year and the amount I’ve won is shocking (details below). But for now, let’s just focus on the taste, message contained within as well as the pricing and just where to get those cookies!

In the first picture above, I have fortune cookies from Guardian Singapore. I got mine from the store at Punggol’s Oasis Terraces. For a bag of 30 cookies, it’s S$5.95 but you can get two bags at just S$8, so each cookie will cost you only 13 cents.

I like the message in their cookie:

fortune cookie message

I’m trying to find a solution to a messy problem. Indeed, my problem is that I have trouble keeping my personal spaces tidy. Time to read Marie Kondo’s life-changing book again. Wait… it means it wasn’t life-changing the first time round. Damnit.

The other place you can get fortune cookies from in Singapore is Garden Fortune Cookies. Their office is located at 1 Ubi View #03-12 Focus One, Singapore 408555. The location is a little bit inaccessible for the general public unless you own a vehicle. The pricing is also steeper, at $8.80 for 30 pieces (29cents a cookie). *If you are too busy to make your way down to their office, they can send the package over via qdelivery for $4.50. You can find their website at foodieland.sg.

Their pricier cookies come in a box though so it might be a good gift option for some.

where to buy fortune cookies

I actually bought 4D with the numbers from one of these Garden Fortune Cookies and alas! I won the ultimate grand sum of zero dollars. Not even a consolation prize. So that was upsetting. The numbers were: 2675. Maybe the 3224 from the Guardian cookie will do the trick. 😉 If it doesn’t, then I’m SO DONE with fortune cookies. Hahaha!

*The message within the cookie from Garden stated “Hope your day is sunshine and flowers with happy thoughts to fill the house.” Sounds pretty weird. Actually now I can’t wait to open the rest of the cookies to see what other funny things they’ll say. 😀

As for the taste, I prefer Garden’s as it’s not as hard. The one from Guardian is a bit too solid for my liking. Flavor-wise, they are about the same. These aren’t gourmet cookies after all. It’s just for a bit of fun during Chinese New Year.