Spouse For House: Do HDB’s Rules Pressure Young Couples Into Marriage?

Selena Li TNP

[Pic source: TNP]

Due to a fellow blogger’s recommendation that I should watch ‘Spouse For House’ on xinmsn, I did. 6 episodes in fact. I wonder if it is not entirely impossible that a couple would get married just because their BTO flat is ready so as to avoid losing both their money and the flat if they decide that marriage is not for them. Hmm…

[Just a warning: Be prepared for many annoying Triumph ads if you want to watch Spouse For House on xinmsn!]

The main characters in Spouse For House are played by the very pretty Selena Li and Alaric Tay of ‘The Noose’ fame. In the first episode, Alaric’s character, John, wonders aloud –¬†“you are getting married because everyone says you should? Your parents, your friends, and most importantly, HDB.”

It struck a chord with me because that’s exactly what happens. People like to ask me when I’m getting married. And I know that will not be the end of their questions. In future, it’ll be “When are you having a kid?”, “Which preschool are you enrolling your kid in?”, “Which primary school is your kid in?”, “How did your kid fare in the PSLE?”, etc. Point is, is it any of their business? *ahem*

So John and Jessica get married just for the house and for their folks, and decide to split the proceeds from the sale of the house after 5 years. In the meantime, they face all sorts of “married couple woes”.

John’s mother (played by Irene Ang) decides that just because she helped the couple foot the 15% downpayment on the flat that she can come stay with them anytime she likes, and she constantly (and relentlessly) reminds them about that 15%. John’s father¬†likes hitting the furniture and wall fixtures, slapping walls, and slamming doors to check if they are “solid”-ly built. The couple also tend to hammer on the main door each time they come to visit. Truth be told, if someone comes hammering on my door like a loanshark demanding his million dollars back, I’ll call the police.

John’s mother also loves to find out every single detail about the young couple’s lives. She even designated every Saturday evening as family night. Come to think of it, yes, it would be extremely difficult for a mother to stop, well, meddling in her dear son’s life even if he has a girlfriend or wife to take care of him.

She kinda becomes the “third party” in their relationship. Though come to think of it, as she’s the mom, she was there first. The wife’s the ‘third party’. I used to be rather taken aback when the future MIL joined us on our dates, even to JB. Men don’t really care about such things, because to them, hey, it’s just one more person in the car, and it’s not like there’s no space! Women, on the other hand, like to know who is the most important woman in his life, hence that very silly question of “If your mother and I both fall into the sea at the same time, who will you save first?”

Men will perhaps finally understand this when the first child is born and the wife gives her 100% attention to the baby. That’s usually when men feel neglected and want to look for another woman who thinks he’s the most important guy ever.

It’s tough to divide your attention between 2 women (especially if one’s your mother and the other is your wife) and love them the way each wants to be loved. So don’t do strange things like attempting to have them live together under the same roof!

Back to the topic of whether HDB’s rules pressure couples into getting married. Yes! The G’s not stupid. It wants families and it wants babies.

So I’m not getting a BTO flat. *cough*