Yole’s Everything-At-3-Dollars Promotion: Did You Get Yours? ;)

yole singapore promotion

Yole Singapore celebrated its birthday yesterday with a Everything-At-$3 promotion. I saw the posts on Facebook and when I visited the shop at Waterway Point, there wasn’t even a sign to tell folks about this promo. It’s a birthday celebration, but kind of hush-hush. Which was probably a good thing, too, since they seem to be understaffed. I’ve seen a couple of ‘complaints’ on their Facebook page regarding long queues, stores running out of toppings and even machine breakdowns(?!) Thankfully, everything went well over at Punggol when I went by with my sis. I’d ordered their Japanese Matcha Fresh Ice Cream while she picked the Original frozen yoghurt. I think hers is the better choice. Ha!

The large ibiza would have cost around $6.95 usually (?) but we paid only $3. You get to choose two fruits, two crunchy toppings and one sauce. She liked the white chocolate sauce while I enjoyed the dark chocolate one. As for the toppings, she didn’t like the strawberry but thought the kiwi’s really good. I made the wrong choice of picking coconut (so hard!) but I like the mango and mandarin orange.

There were so many other toppings and sauces that we didn’t get to try:

yole toppings

yole sauces

That shiny ‘golden sauce’ was really alluring but I only spotted it just as I was about to make payment. 😀

I think the promotion could have gone on for another two days, maybe? That way, we can get to try other ice cream flavors, toppings and sauces. Gives folks a chance to find their favorite combination.

On other days, I’d hardly drop by. Only ate here once previously, with my pal C (you know who you are). Yes, I’ve never even had llao llao before that.

It would be really nice too if we get to scoop out the toppings and sauces ourselves then weigh it all at the end and pay based on the weight of whatever we’ve chosen. I think I’d enjoy that a lot more. 😀