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“Unsolicited, Unpaid, & Wholehearted Support Of [Grace’s] Good Work” from Patrick Liew, CEO of HSR (Real Estate Company in Singapore)

(Interview with Patrick Liew – 10 June 2011)

Click Here For The Interview With Patrick Liew

Click Here For The Readers’ Q&A With Patrick Liew

From Carol Chiam, News Presenter & Principal:

Translated: Thank you Grace, awesome reporter, and admirable professionalism. Everybody, please show your support for her blog, and if you are free, do read the interview post. Many thanks!

Click Here For The Interview With Carol Chiam

From Ron Kaufman, “the world’s leading educator and motivator for uplifting customer service and building service cultures”:

Look out for the interview with Ron, coming to you later this year 🙂

From Dennis Ng, bestselling author of ‘Mastering Your Personal Finance’ and ‘Why Is Money Always Not Enough’, expert in personal finance and housing loans (www.HousingLoanSG.com, http://www.MasterYourFinance.com)

“Meeting and chatting with Grace, I find that she is really as graceful as her name.

She shared with me excitedly with a wide smile and sparkle in her eyes about community work she is involved with…I’m truly inspired by her initiative and zest for life and her efforts to contribute to the society.

I enjoy visiting her blog to read the interviews she did with various people and learning from the interviewees featured on her blog.”

-Dennis Ng

Click here for the interview with Dennis.

Hire Grace to be the interviewer for your corporate videos

1) Ms Choo Lee Lian, co-founder of TOUCHE™

“(It was) great working with you and Adrian! Thank you for your patience too :)”

2) Mr Yao Shih Lien, CEO of Genius Mind Academy

“We all had fun. The session was really great and very authentic. Thank you very much.”

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