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Auguste Escoffier Gala Dinner 2018

Auguste Escoffier Gala Dinner 2018

I attended a most unusual gala dinner yesterday evening; one that involved 8 chefs (and more) plating the food in front of everyone in the ballroom at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, got to find out a little bit more about ‘Auguste Escoffier’ and Disciples Escoffier Asia (mountain tortoise me did not even know this prestigious association existed), had the privilege of sampling some really delicious dishes, and also got to witness the CEO of e2i, Mr Gilbert Tan, get inducted as an honorary member of Disciples Escoffier in a way that resembles knighting but there’s no sword involved, just an oar (paddle?) – 3 taps on the shoulders and then a WHACK! on the left arm. *ouch* 😀

There’s Gilbert in the green sash. In his shoes, I won’t be laughing. Big angmoh with a ‘weapon’ in hand coming towards me? I just know it’s not gonna end well. 😀 #blueblack

honorary member Auguste Escoffier

e2i's Gilbert Tan honorary member of Auguste Escoffier

Then there was the MOU signing ceremony for Republic Polytechnic, e2i and Escoffier. I’m looking forward to Chef Neo Jun Hao making Singapore proud in March 2019 when he represents our country in Bordeaux for the Young Talents Escoffier world finals.

The 24-year-old chef will be training in Hong Kong for a month in preparation, and this is made possible with the support from e2i and Colin’s.

MOU signing with Auguste Escoffier


There were 6 courses yesterday evening and I liked the first 3 the most. So here’s a shoutout to Chef Edward Voon and Chef Yew Eng Tong from LEPAN, Hong Kong. ‘Les Textures de Champignons’ was amazing! Colin’s Chef Koh Han Jie and Chef Neo Jun Hao also put together a truly delectable ‘Citrus Glazed King Salmon’ which was also a visual feast. Chef Herve Frerard from Ginett also did justice to the barramundi which was cooked to perfection. As I was eating the two fish dishes, one thought came to mind: “The fish didn’t die in vain”. 😀

Book Review: ‘Sick: A Memoir’ by Porochista Khakpour

‘Sick: A Memoir’ by Porochista Khakpour is unputdownable, but not in the usual ways. I wanted to read this book (and did so in less than 24 hours) because it’s strange. Why is this lady on the cover, with an oxygen tube (or a nasal cannula if you want to be specific) and pills of all sizes and colors? Why’s the book titled ‘Sick’ instead of something like ‘Road to Recovery’, ‘My Battle With Lyme’, or something along those lines? Sure, ‘Sick’ cuts right to it but it still makes you wonder why someone SO, apparently, ill would bother with writing a book and its accompanying strains on time and energy what with the editing, the promoting of the book, tours, etc?

sick by porochista khakpour

“I am a sick girl. I know sickness. I live with it. In some ways, I keep myself sick.”

And while reading the book, I’m thinking this lady is a real warrior. In her shoes, I might have taken the easy way out. Yes, really. After all those hospital visits, trips to meet “healers”, pills, therapies, broken relationships and more, wouldn’t it just be easier (so much easier) to end this life? After all, can you endure chronic insomnia, not knowing when you’ll faint again on the streets, or when you’ll vomit in public, or when there’ll be a relapse? I doubt I can. And having your parents tell you to please leave their home because they can’t live with a sick daughter anymore, and want their quiet lives back? That’s brutal.

If you’ve watched the video I’ve embedded above (if the link doesn’t work, just head to YouTube and search for “Porochista Khakpour with Eileen Myles: Sick | 6-5-2018 | NYPL Author Talks”), you’ll find that the author is a very intelligent individual with a great sense of humor. I’m already planning to read her two novels which were published before this memoir came out. 🙂 [*I love the way she handled that heckler of a woman in the audience, around the 42-minute mark of the video :D]

In this particular book, she mentions a lady who wanted the author’s help with her manuscript for a memoir. But Porochista read the lady’s manuscript and found that it was made up largely of fabrications. So she turned that lady down. I’d hazard a guess that much of this book, if not ALL of it, is true or what the author believes to be true. She’s so brutally honest that sometimes I find myself shaking my head in disbelief and disapproval as I read about how she purchased a CARTON of Marlboro Reds when she went to college and purposely got herself addicted to cigarettes (WHO DOES THAT?!), and how she was STILL smoking when she put together this memoir, as a “reward for some paragraphs or pages”. I have very little sympathy for sick people if they smoke while already ill. They have a right to smoke, for sure. But don’t expect any help or pity from me.

“Another part of it is the thrill of the sick person making herself sicker. If you know a part of you is always dying, taking charge of that dying has a feeling of empowerment. My body goes against me often, so what if I put it through that myself?”

A common theme in Porochista’s life has been that of ‘addiction’. Not just cigarettes, but also drugs. In her younger, and healthier, days, she took cocaine, ecstasy, etc. At some point, she even got sexually assaulted by two men after a drug-fuelled escapade. Later on, as many ill people are, she had a drug addiction because of the medications prescribed to her.

She has managed to present so many years, if not decades, of her life into this one book that has just 250 pages but will leave you thinking she has lived a full life. She has experimented with so much, lived in so many cities, had so many relationships (probably not a good thing) and now she’s a very successful author.

“At some point I questioned why I had for much of my life leaped from one person to another, with no end in sight. I’m not sure my conclusions are good, but I can tell you when the body feels out of place it will cling to anything that looks like life. Cities. Homes. People. Lovers.”


I’m not sure what you’ll take away from it.

At the end of the day, it leaves me thinking about wealth and of health. Would you want to be a writer who has gotten accolades from The Oprah Magazine, Buzzfeed, Cheryl Strayed, etc? Would you want to have to go through what Porochista did in order to get there? 😉 I’ve already read a couple of books recently which made me think that it’s such a privilege to be able to go to sleep at night with little trouble. So many people have to battle insomnia, and so many need pills in order to fall asleep and even if they do get some sleep, they don’t wake up feeling refreshed.

If anything, this book makes me feel even better about my own life, and reminds me of what I need to be thankful for. Sure, it’s probably not the author’s intent. She probably wants to raise awareness regarding Lyme disease, how flawed the medical system is because doctors don’t take young women’s complaints of being ill seriously enough thus leading to delayed detection of Lyme, and shining a spotlight on society’s attitudes towards those who are ill and not being productive, not working and not hustling.

Overall, it’s a great read. It shows you what war and revolution (the author’s family are refugees from Iran), and dysfunctional families can do to young people. And it might even get you alarmed at how a tick bite can lead to severe health consequences. Before this book, I didn’t even know there’s such a thing as Lyme disease!

Porochista currently has two fundraising campaigns going on at gofundme.com. If you are so inclined, go donate some money to help her fight Lyme disease.

Book: Billion Dollar Whale by Tom Wright and Bradley Hope

billion dollar whale book

I don’t usually buy books at full-price from bookstores when they are first launched, but I thought this one held lots of promise. And it’s cleverly sealed up so you cannot browse in-store. After reading about a third of this 376-page book, ‘Billion Dollar Whale’, I’m thinking it’s probably not quite worth the $29.96 pricetag. Just borrow a copy from the NLB. If you’ve managed to read the book from cover to cover, consider me impressed.

I think the main reason I’m not a fan is because despite these years of investigating the 1MDB story, the authors include no footnotes, no letters, no emails, no correspondence whatsoever to back up what they are saying. It’s as if you have to take their word to be the absolute truth. Sure, they can say they promised their sources confidentiality. But it makes me feel the reader is being taken for a ride. And the authors may just end up being the next Billion Dollar Whales judging from book sales.

Within the book are 8 pages of photographs and a good number of them are from *eye roll* Getty Images. Long story short, I’m expecting more. And this book under-delivers. I think I’ll stop reading and move on to another book.

HDB Farming: Growing Organic Tomatoes At The Rooftop Garden :D

hdb farming tomatoes

I secretly want to bring everyone I know to the rooftop garden and show them the tomatoes I’ve grown FROM SEED! But they probably won’t be impressed. 😀 It’s taken so many months before the plant bore fruit that I’ve lost count. Finally I have golf ball sized tomatoes ripening and it’s making my heart sing. 😀 I’ve been like a paranoid mother checking the leaves to see if insects (read: pests) are setting up their homes, pruning the plant, weeding, etc. I do also think the soil has been ‘fertilized’ with my sweat because it’s always a sweaty affair when I am at the rooftop garden and the sun’s beaming down on me. Finally, my baby’s all grown up and I have 8 tomatoes! 😀

Some are still green, but the size is pretty good.

Growing tomatoes in Singapore

I’ve wrapped up the redder ones in newspaper so the birds and insects won’t notice and attack them. I’ve read somewhere on the Internet that birds will peck at the tomatoes because they want to drink what’s inside; they’re just thirsty. I’m not taking any chances. So it’s newspaper PLUS netting!

And I’ve always had to combat the pest issue. Because no pesticides are used, there’s everything from white flies to grasshoppers to what I just found today… some black ladybird-like creatures and their eggs on the underside of one leaf:

Pests attacking tomato plant


It’s been quite a journey. I’ve seen a neighbor give up on her tomato plant because it wasn’t bearing fruit (perhaps more patience was required). And my plant has grown so tall, it’s even taller than me now! Just imagine that!

From growing tomatoes myself, I’ve learnt that the leaves are so fragrant. I think I’ll be able to identify a tomato plant in future just by smell alone. 🙂 And if you’re wondering what I’m thinking of growing next; it’s my favorite veggie: eggplant a.k.a brinjal.

And I’m so amazed at the power of just one seed. The seeds are so tiny you’ll probably need a tweezer to pick them up yet they can grow into ginormous plants and bear big fruit. And whenever I feel this level of amazement, I think there’s zero possibility that there’s no God. This kind of beauty can only happen by design, not by default.


Click to read about my earlier crops:




Ice Edge Cafe: One Of The BEST In Kovan / Hougang Area

ice edge cafe pasta

It was drizzling a little yesterday in the Kovan area when we made our way to Simon Plaza where Ice Edge Cafe is located. Just a short walk from the Kovan MRT station. I wasn’t expecting much, to be honest. How good can the food be if I’ve never even heard of this place before despite staying nearby in Punggol for more than a decade? Well, that’s why people say there are “hidden gems”. Ice Edge Cafe was just a gem waiting to be discovered by us oblivious folk. Of course, no place is perfect, but here’s what was outstanding…

ice edge cafe pizza

The Pizza Prawn Mentaiko ($18.80) was delicious. Super thin crust pizza that even girlfriends on a diet will be able to enjoy. There’s mentaiko under the toppings and drizzled around the edge, and apparently some Japanese mayonnaise which if you don’t already know, is the secret sauce which makes so many Japanese food items so yummy.

And of course, there’s the Tom Yam Seafood Linguine (also $18.80) which you saw in the first picture above. SO GOOD! Gosh, I can eat this every single day, really!

As for the gelato, I tried their chocolate flavors and even the lychee martini and found that my favorite was their Brownie Chocolate gelato. 🙂 There’s Mao Shan Wang and all, which you can try when you visit.

ice edge cafe gelato

This was exactly how the gelato looked when it was served to us. Kind of a dripping mess. But because it tasted ok (see how important sampling is?), all was forgiven. 😀

ice edge cafe kovan

Gelato: Brownie Chocolate (my pick), Rum n Raisin (his pick)


I really liked their staff, Angie. I think she’s Filipino based on the accent. But I might be wrong. She’s so very polite and when you smile at her, she gives you the most brilliant smile back.

There was this other taller lady who had the “you owe me money” face. When I wanted to sample the gelato before deciding on a flavor for my brownie, she just handed over the sampling spoon with the most icy of attitudes. After the second flavor, she simply WALKED OFF without a word! No “Miss, would you like to try anything else?” or “How does that taste?” She simply… WALKED AWAY. My goodness. If not for Angie’s awesome service attitude, I’d have asked Ice Edge Cafe for a refund of the service charge. Gosh. Can the boss please review the CCTV footage and find out who I’m referring to? 😛

ice edge cafe lunch menu

There’s a 1-for-1 promotion when you drop by for lunch. I’d try their Seafood Spaghetti and Oven Baked Salmon. Haha! I’ve already decided what I want to eat when I next pop by (for lunch). 😀

Also, I think what’s really lovely is that there’s this water dispenser where you can help yourself to free water refills. SO MANY restaurants and cafes don’t have this, and others even want to CHARGE you for plain water. In Japan, just about every place provided a full jug of water for each table. So we didn’t even have to order any sweet beverages. I’d totally wean myself off sweetened drinks if I had stayed there any longer.

ice edge cafe singapore

Go check out Ice Edge Cafe! 😀


2 Kovan Road, #01-10 Simon Plaza, S548008

Tel: 6858 5729

Day 6 in Okinawa: Kouri Shrimp, Okinawa Fruits Land, Neo Park, Mazemen Mahoroba

Kouri shrimp food wagon okinawa

From Hotel Koza to Kouri Island, where the Kouri Shrimp food wagon is located, we took the expressway and paid the toll of 720yen. Traveling so much also meant needing to refuel. Petrol at JASS was relatively cheaper this time at 133yen per litre. At the airport on our way back to Singapore, there were state-sponsored surveys happening – apparently there are plans for a railway line to connect Naha in the south and Nago up north, and they were interested in what travelers thought and if they would use it. I told them it made more sense to drive because I was just buying way too many things and lugging them onto the train would be too troublesome. 😀

A pretty scenic drive…

Kouri Shrimp is so popular that it is already crowded from the moment it opens for business at 11am (*do note that it is closed on Thursdays).

The most unusual thing about this place has to be that the toilet is ‘hidden’ behind an unmarked white door.

Kouri Shrimp Okinawa

You order the food and pay at the food wagon, and return to collect your food there too. The wait is about 15 to 20 minutes though it feels much longer when the weather’s so hot.

I’d already done my research and knew exactly what I wanted. The beef is a steal at just 500yen! We decided to eat in the car instead of at the 2nd floor deck behind Kouri Shrimp ‘cos the weather was just unbearably hot.

Thankfully, the beach is close by so people can cool off in the waters.

I think the shrimp would be much more delicious without the shells but I was too lazy to peel them. Hot weather, remember? D:

Okinawa Fruits Land

This place is really kid-friendly. Go on a quest to try and free a king supposedly captured by fairies. Answer questions and collect stamps along the way…

Blue seal ice cream okinawa

And of course, I had to have Blue Seal Ice Cream again. The pineapple sorbet flavor is really good. The milk tea one so-so.

Then it’s off to Neo Park but before that, we popped by the Seria store that is near to Neo Park. It’s the only 100yen shop I’ve been to in Okinawa that allows the use of credit cards!

Neo Park

Neo Park can be described as being really “open concept” as you can go right up close to the animals here. Very kid and family friendly!

Why, hello there, little piggy!

It was soon time to return the rented car to Orix. There is an ENEOS petrol station just next door! So you can top up the petrol tank before returning the car. Orix also provides a free shuttle service to Naha airport – we alighted at the domestic terminal. Found a locker rental service for baggage storage then took the monorail to Makishi station where Kokusai Dori is. Around 15mins was all it took and cost just 300yen.

We didn’t quite know what to eat for dinner because we were spoiled for choice along Kokusai Dori! Then I recalled that we didn’t eat at Mazemen Mahoroba after visiting Makishi Market as it’s closed on Tuesdays so off to MM we went…

Mazemen Mahoroba

Mazemen mahoroba

Mazemen mahoroba is located in a dark alley. But isn’t that where good hole-in-the-wall eateries are? 😉 Just trust Google Maps to get you there. Thankfully we had our wifi device from Native!

Keep to the main road then turn in to a small, dark alley and walk till you see a white vertical signboard a few metres ahead and it’ll be Mazemen Mahoroba.

Spicy Taiwanese Stir Noodles 😀

Stir Noodles with Charred Cheese – can be jelat after a while. Go with the spicy Taiwanese stir noodles instead…

*Free Oimeshi: you can ask for some rice to “finish up the left over sauce in your bowl”.

Kokusai Dori at night:

The coolest thing has to be seeing the folks dressed up as Super Mario characters driving go-karts around Kokusai Dori!

I love the surprises around every corner. If we don’t return to Okinawa, at least we’ll have all these memories flooding back from reading my blogposts again. 😀 Blogging on the go is tedious but so necessary.

Day 4 in Okinawa: Aeon Nago, Churaumi Aquarium, Hotel Koza Dinner During Typhoon Kong-rey

Though we managed to avoid Typhoon Trami, we didn’t realize Typhoon Kong-rey was hot on its heels. So I’m typing this now in the comfort of our hotel while the howling of the wind continues outside. When I asked the hotel staff if it was safe to head out to buy food (thank you, Google Translate), the reply was “Very, very dangerous!” *gulp* We went anyway. There’s no stopping two Singaporeans from getting their makan. Haha! Even though the supermarket was just two blocks away, and definitely within walking distance, I insisted on driving there. I wasn’t afraid of being blown away but I was terrified of having something fall and hit me whether it be an air-conditioning unit, signboard, or tree branch. 😀

In the morning, the drive up north to Churaumi Aquarium was rather challenging. Visibility was very poor in some areas due to the heavy rain. But the drainage system for the Expressway was apparently very good. There were hardly any waterlogged areas.

Couldn’t even see the license plate of the car in front:

It’s about a 2-hour drive up north to Nago. You take a ticket from the entrance toll gantry (machine). At the exit toll gantry (where there is an actual human), hand over the ticket and pay cash. The GPS even calculates toll payable and notifies you even before reaching the toll station! 🙂

For us, the toll payable was 1020yen.

After that crazy long drive, with our bladders about to burst, we made a quick stop at Aeon…

Aeon Nago Shopping Center

We had udon at Sanuki Udon Hanamaru. Picked this seasonal item ‘cos it looks so good. The croquette is really good too. Plus, there’s free chilled water you can help yourself to, like in many foodcourts in Okinawa.

We were running a little low on petrol after the long drive so we popped by JASS, where regular petrol cost 140yen/litre.

Churaumi Aquarium

We parked at the multi-storey carpark, which we found simply by following the long line of cars ahead of ours. Despite the heavy rain, there were still lots of people headed for Churaumi. I suppose, like us, they had pre-purchased tickets AND visited Okinawa mainly because there’s this fantastic aquarium with whale sharks. Not one, but two!

And rays and lots of fish…

Plus exhibits to scare you…

Camera-friendly fish below:

We wanted to visit the Ryugujo Butterfly Garden too but it was closed due to the impending typhoon. So we decided we should return to the hotel.

The toll for the return trip via expressway was 720yen.

We stopped by Plaza House Shopping Centre too but just about all the shops and eateries were closed. A supermarket and a taco place remained open though.

Hotel Koza (business hotel)

Parking at Hotel Koza costs just 500yen/day, which you pay upfront when you check-in. Then you’re free to park at any of the lots belonging to the hotel.

There is a supermarket nearby so we drove over to get some dinner – basically sushi and other cooked items. And beer. I’ve had more beer in one week in Okinawa than in my entire life, I think. I’m not sure why Okinawans live such long lives when they have cheap beer and cigarettes. 😀

Not too shabby a meal when a typhoon’s sweeping by, eh? The winds are crazy. Have you ever seen a lamppost moving? Well, now I have.

And what you see on TV is real.

Okinawa supermarket during typhoon

Lots of food sold out. But there’s always still some sushi and lots of sashimi. 😀

Okinawa Day 2: Makishi, Kokusai, American Village, Naha Main Place Mall

We visited Makishi Market, which is about a 15-minute walk from our Kariyushi hotel. Most of the shops and stalls were closed, probably due to the recent typhoon.

We found one stall in the “wet” market selling sashimi. One platter costs just 500yen, inclusive of scallop, uni, etc. Nothing exciting but very cheap. Add 50yen to sit at a table nearby for dining in.

Sashimi at Makishi Market

Sashimi at Makishi Market

We also had one of those doughnut balls(?) that, again, was nothing to shout about. I think we’ll probably give Makishi Market a miss next time.

Should try one of those oyster-like clams in Okinawa.

Along Kokusai Street…

And if you want to get snorkeling gear, head to Donki…

Or get a Minions outfit…

We also found a KOI outlet, with a GIANT ‘cup’ at the entrance. It’s a pity their drinks come with a choice of just 3 toppings.

As always, I had to visit MOS burger. The shrimp burger was delicious! Burgers were served really warm too. Such a delight!

Because we had paid some 1800yen for overnight parking at the ‘repark’ carpark near our hotel (parking is really expensive in Okinawa!), we headed to the spots with free parking today, e.g. AEON near American Village.

(Note to self: No more Daiso at AEON Okinawa Rycom!)

American Village is kind of boring. But we found 100yen stores. Bought A LOT. Spent 5000yen to get a tax refund.

They seal your purchase in a transparent bag and you are not supposed to open the bag till you leave Japan.

Ended the day in Naha Main Place Mall. Free parking, yay! Had dinner at the food court. He had omu rice while I had saba fish with a BIG bowl of tofu soup that was so comforting. We spent about 700yen each.

So much awesomeness:

That’s sashimi at half price. How to say no to that? 😀 #CheapSupper

Okinawa Day 1: Cafe Curcuma, Orix Car Rental, Okinawa World, AEON!

*Reposting as the first draft was published by mistake :D*Once you exit Immigration, the Information counter is on your right and the currency exchange counter to your left. The latter opens at 9am (not 9.30am as stated on your GoGo Pass redemption voucher) so go ahead and get your pass at 9am. If you’ve also bought tickets to Churaumi Aquarium, make sure they give them to you too. 🙂

The Naha airport doesn’t have many shops and eateries so don’t bother. Just get what you need at the Lawson convenience store on level 1 and you’re good to go.

Car Rental

The staff from Orix and OTS were waiting right outside Immigration. Impossible to miss. Their company shuttle buses are outside, waiting to take you to the car rental pickup location. For Orix, the leisurely ride took just over 15 minutes I think. The driver seemed to be going at 20km/hr. The great thing about driving in Okinawa is that there aren’t any/many speed demons. And everyone drives as if they have all the time in the world. Probably the secret to their longevity, eh?

The staff at Orix are super friendly. Check the car for any defects before leaving their venue. We paid 18,000yen for 6 days’ rental.

First stop: Cafe Curcuma

This is a very homely, wooden cabin- like place, with a nice waterfront view too. And there’s this slightly creepy statue at the entrance to… erm… welcome you.

Curcuma Special Curry Set 1570yen and Green Curry 1140yen.

The special set seems to offer good value for money BUT it’s essentially the same curry, with different meats and varying levels of spiciness. The chicken cutlet comes with crispy skin so you might like it. I found the green curry delightful. They offer free iced water. And the seaview is awesome! 🙂 We ate indoors as there were lots of insects outside – dragonflies and such.

They have an English menu and will hand it to you without being asked to if you’re heard speaking in English. 😀

Okinawa World

Like a giant kampong with each wooden hut showcasing a traditional art form. Some fruit trees were devastated by the typhoon. At least one toilet was without running water for the taps.

The highlight of visiting Okinawa World was, ironically, the Blue Seal ice cream which can be found all over Naha. Lol.

We tried the Chocolate and Mango Tango flavors and the former was decidedly better.

Across the road, the Valley of Gangala cafe was also closed because of the damage from the typhoon.

Likewise, the cafe that is a hot favorite among Taiwanese tourists, Hanabe no chaya, was closed as well! It’s supposed to reopen on the 7th but we’ll be back in SG by then. What a pity!

Hard to tell a typhoon has just gone by… when the waters are such a brilliant blue and so still…

We loved visiting the various Aeon malls. Aeon Town Nanjo Osato has Daiso, which was a delight. And this other Aeon Haebaru was even bigger. Its foodcourt also has an A&W outlet. I went for the shrimp burger plus chili cheese curly fries combo. Total of 1080yen.

Meanwhile he had the Udon – a medium-size serving for 550yen. Hearty and good value for money.

Aeon haebaru foodcourt
My post on Day 2 is coming right up. 🙂

Images Of Okinawa Two Days After Typhoon Trami

Okinawa after typhoon

This life-size dinosaur has been strapped down. Just in case the strong winds get it moving about and scaring folks? 😀

Uprooted trees in Okinawa

Uprooted trees

No water after okinawa typhoon

No water here. Luckily I had wet wipes with me. 😀

Starfruit tree barren after the typhoon. Starfuits littering the ground.

Valley of Gangala cafe closed

When traveling around this time of the year, whether to Japan or to Taiwan, there is a high possibility of encountering a typhoon. This time round, it’s Typhoon Trami, just as we’re about to journey over from Singapore to Okinawa. I’ve seen some horrifying images and videos of the damage caused by this natural disaster. And now we get to see, first-hand, what it’s like to be in Japan two days after a typhoon has struck.

Truth be told, apart from some leaf litter by the sides of roads in the more rural areas, everything seems back to normal. Electricity and water supply disrupted in just a handful of places.

The weather has been terrific. Hopefully it stays that way for the rest of our holiday. 🙂