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5 Gorgeous Customisable Mother’s Day Gifts Under SGD30

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and if you have yet to get a gift for your mom, I have 5 gift ideas for you in this post. I spotted these items on Carousell, and they are all under-S$30 gifts, so you might even want to purchase more than one! 😀 It’s best if you know what your mother likes – some women actually do not appreciate flowers (even though they’re not allergic to pollen), others like acts of service (breakfast in bed or even a massage, maybe?) or prefer family togetherness (they don’t even mind cooking the meal themselves). However, if your mother would really love a customised gift, then here are 5 options you can easily get via Carousell:

#1: Satin Pouch from @lipolipp.customs

Customised mother's day gift

I think this might even double up as a clutch. If your mother has lots of little barang-barang in her handbag that might need this satin pouch to help with organisation, then this is the gift to go for. Costs just S$18.

#2: Tumbler from @shop___

Customized mother's day gift

Most women (and men) don’t drink enough water. So get one of these to remind mom to get her fill of H2O daily! Also comes in baby blue, and costs just S$16! I actually wouldn’t mind owning one myself!

#3: Mason Jar from @theabsolutegifts

customised mason jar gift

You can print your mother’s favorite quote onto a mason jar if you’d like. Costs just S$16.90!

#4: Glass water bottle + customised sleeve from @ilovemasonjar

customised water bottle

I think this bottle would be great for yoga-loving moms. You can fill it up with cold-pressed juices or those fancy-schmancy kale concoctions. Or alcohol? No one will know! Muahaha! Costs just $23!

#5: Double wall glass mug from @ilovemasonjar

customised glass mug singapore

This 400ml mug would be great for those who need a morning cuppa – I prefer tea, by the way! 😀 This costs S$25. So pretty, so good for Instagram. My pals run ‘ilovemasonjar’ (nope, this isn’t a sponsored post) so go ahead and order from them – buyer satisfaction guaranteed. 🙂


If you’ve already gotten a gift for your mother, let me know what it is. I promise not to tell. 😀 I think it’s most difficult to get a gift for someone who seems to have everything he / she needs already. Though, as my mother would say, “cold hard cash” is always welcome. Muahaha! I should just find a gift box that is large enough for me to fit inside, jump in, get someone to tie on a ribbon, and surprise my mother. After all, what better gift than her own child, right? I can make her cry, I can make her laugh, I can even make her laugh till she cries. And I guess all that anyone can ever desire is more laughter and even more happiness! 😀 If you’re a mother who’s reading this, Happy Mother’s Day in advance! 🙂

Lazada Surprise Box Cancelled After Payment Accepted & Order Confirmed

Lazada surprise box confirmed

I’m writing this only because I’ve been so disappointed with the way Lazada has handled the situation with its surprise boxes. I don’t mind not having the “fastest fingers” and not being able to grab one of the popular boxes – Barbie, Watsons, Laneige, GoPro, innisfree, etc – fast enough. But for the one box that I managed to cart out successfully, they managed to burst my bubble the very next day! Yesterday, I paid for the Triumph x Lazada surprise box and everything went through successfully (screenshot above) and I was given delivery dates to look out for. Definitely looking forward to receiving the box. And this afternoon, they sent me SMSes and emails to say that my order has been cancelled and monies would be refunded…

Lazada surprise box cancelled

What a shock!

And when I tried to get in touch with them, a representative on their ‘live chat’ could only tell me that particular box is definitely out-of-stock (yes I know that already, please tell me something new) and he’ll let the company know to get in touch with me if there happens to be more stock. (>_<) The odds of that happening? You and I both know it’s unlikely, right?

Was there any compensation? Anything at all to let a disappointed customer know that they’re truly sorry for letting you down? Nope. I did a quick Google search and found that last year something similar had happened as well and a number of customers had their surprise box orders cancelled. Somehow Lazada’s system is unable to stop payment from going through even though an item is out of stock already. So just collect the payment and disappoint folks later? Why did the SAME problem happen again this year? Is the management even paying attention to this?

lazada surprise boxes

I didn’t know that when the tagline goes “YOU’RE IN FOR A SURPRISE”, they really meant it. What a nasty surprise it was.

Update (27/4) – After a bit of arm-twisting complaining, they’ve given me a $5 voucher. Better than nothing, I guess. So, thanks ah!

The Original Katong Laksa a.k.a. Janggut Laksa

The Original Katong Laksa

I’ve always thought that the most famous Katong laksa shop is the one called ‘328 Katong Laksa’ with that female boss with red hair. Today, he took me to ‘The Original Katong Laksa’ that’s located at Roxy Square. The boss, a certain Mr Ng, had supposedly started selling his laksa in the 1940s! But when it comes to food, it doesn’t matter if yours is the “original” or not if the taste isn’t better than your competitors’, no?

I have a picture of the stall (below) simply because I was standing in front of it for a long time. There was no one ahead of me in the queue but the lady who was supposed to be serving customers was chatting with one of the deliverymen. I watched as she handed over cash, he counted the money, she said she’d called their office, he said he didn’t know of the call, she said she did, and told him to look at the invoice blah blah blah. All while a queue was steadily forming behind me.

I had lots of time to stare at this:

original katong laksa prices 2018

It’s really amazing how we’re becoming almost like Hong Kong in this aspect. When your business is super good, like that stall selling fish soup at Amoy hawker centre, you really don’t have to be too customer-oriented and yet people still come by. I’m just glad no one’s throwing cutlery around or slamming bowls onto tables like I’ve seen happen in Hong Kong. *So, anyway, you pay an extra fifty cents if you want takeaways.

The medium serving was a little too much for me. I’ll get a small bowl of their laksa next time. I find the price really reasonable though!

best katong laksa

As for the taste, I was struck by how sweet the broth was. What do you do to get such sweet broth? Add minced meat into the stock? While 328 Katong Laksa for me is a spicier version (because I add lots of chili), this ‘original’ one is sweet and can be savored slowly without breaking into a sweat. 😀 So please don’t ask me which is better. If I’m craving for something hot and spicy, 328 it is. If I prefer something sweeter that day, then I’ll go for the original.

I like that prices are kept relatively lower in this kind of setting: air-conditioned coffee shop style.

The Original Katong Laksa Roxy Square

And by the way, ‘Janggut’ means beard in Malay. Apparently, this original Katong laksa stall is also known as Janggut laksa because Mr Ng had hair growing out from his mole located at his chin. Gosh. The things you find out from doing some research online. (>_<)

They have an outlet at Queensway Shopping Centre (#01-59), 331 Upper Paya Lebar Road, and this one at Roxy Square. If there are any other outlets, I don’t know about them… yet. 😀

Where’s your favorite place to get a bowl of laksa? 😀

Movie Review: I Feel Pretty

We watched the movie ‘I Feel Pretty’ yesterday evening, and it was all my idea, obviously. He walked into the cinema, checked the list of movie screenings, asked me if the movie I’d got us tickets to was this one and he said “Aiyoh!” and that it’s a movie for females to watch. (>_<) And he’s right. Grab your mothers, sisters, aunts, girl pals, etc, and go catch this movie! 😀 I watched the trailer a couple weeks’ back and was hooked.

In short, Amy Schumer stars as Renee, your usual pleasantly plump (see how I avoid saying ‘fat’?) OL. She goes for a spin class, falls off the stationary bike, hits her head, and wakes up thinking she is absolutely gorgeous. Her confidence levels are through the roof. (If we can bottle it all, and sell it, we’ll make a gazillion bucks!) Then, as luck would have it, she hits her head again with another fall and it’s back to square one. So what happens then? 😉 Watch the movie and find out.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of how you can “Change everything without changing anything”. Beauty is no longer tied to waistlines with a measuring tape. It doesn’t depend on how sharp your jawline is, how big your boobs are, how toned your legs look. It is an attitude.


This is a movie every woman needs to watch. Actually, the guys might probably enjoy it too. There’s that (fake) bed scene. AND that bikini contest. There’s lots of humor. And also lots of truth. He rated the movie a 7/10, but I’ll give it an 8.5 mainly because of that really motivational / inspiration bit towards the end when Renee gives a speech on stage. 🙂 😉

Meet Your Marvel Avengers Superheroes @ Serangoon NEX

Picture Credit Steven Teo and Louie Teo

Picture Credit: Steven Teo (The Perfect Father) and Louie Teo

Serangoon NEX is one ‘happening’ mall. Whenever there’s a blockbuster movie, there’s likely a themed exhibition in NEX too. Right now, as fans get ready to catch the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ movie, there’s even more reason to pop by NEX: photo opportunities with your favorite superhero, games station with (really fancy) Nerf guns, movie screenings, merchandise and more!

I popped by really early today, as the crew were still setting up the place:

Marvel Avengers Infinity War at Serangoon NEX

Of all the activities, I was drawn to the claw machines *hehe*

Claw Machines Serangoon NEX

From a certain unnamed person, I learnt that in order to get a token for the claw machines, you need to spend a certain amount of money within the mall, which would qualify you to get a free Avengers: Infinity War umbrella (more details below) and you’ll get a token as well. *I’m guessing this is likely “while stocks lasts” as there aren’t that many capsules in the machine to begin with. Despite having some experience with playing claw machines, my first attempt here did not nab me one of the capsules. On the second try, I received a 150g pack of Green Tea Kit Kat Bites. 😀 There are small LEGO (?) toy sets, candy, and other items to be won. Go give it a try!

And don’t forget to snap a picture with your favorite character. There’s Black Panther too!

Avengers Infinity War at Serangoon NEX

Iron Man at Serangoon NEX

I didn’t get my hands on one of those very cool-looking Nerf guns as the guys were still busy setting up the games stall but I think kids will have lots of fun here. I’ve never seen these particular blasters before.

Nerf games at Serangoon NEX

And right below is the very BIG umbrella I mentioned earlier. Spend a minimum of $200 or $350 (inclusive of Cold Storage or FairPrice Xtra receipts) to redeem it from now till 20 May. (Maximum of 3 combined same-day original receipts)

*Avengers: Infinity War Golf Umbrella*

Avengers Infinity War Serangoon NEX

Thereafter, from 24 May to 6 June, the collectible you can redeem is a 13cm Baby Groot plush, and from 7 June to 20 June, a 13cm Iron Man plush. Finally, from 21 June to 30 June, take home a 13cm Spiderman plush. 🙂


Movie Screenings @ NEX ATRIUM LEVEL 1, 7pm

  1. Iron Man 3 on 21 April
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 on 22 April
  3. Captain America: Civil War on 28 April
  4. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 on 29 April


There’s also an Avengers: Infinity War Fantastic Draw (from now till 30 June 2018). Every $50 spent at NEX gives you a chance to win an 8D6N holiday to New York for four people. The prize is worth over $15,000! There’s also $2,000 worth of NEX vouchers to be won in a lucky draw (5 winners)! I’m not sure about you, but I’m certainly going to be swinging by NEX pretty often. Good thing it’s located near to home. 😀

What’s New At Paradigm Mall, JB (April 2018)

LIANG Sandwich Bar Paradigm Mall

We popped by Paradigm Mall this week, to find out if new stores have opened since our last visit. 😀 Yes, Daiso is finally open! And there are a couple of other stores I really like too. For one, there’s this particular “Sandwich Bar” that’s been drawing the crowds, no doubt due to pictures (and video clips) of the handsome Jay Chou. 😀 Besides the celebrity draw factor, the food is actually pretty good!

I ordered the “Tuna Mayo Sandwich” (RM7.90) which is actually a very thin, very crispy ‘prata’ enveloping the ‘tuna mayo’, egg and lettuce. It’s delicious! And just opposite this stall is Gong Cha, and once again I bought the Earl Grey Milk tea with white pearls and ai-yu jelly (a large cup of this costs just RM11).

Paradigm Mall LIANG Sandwich Bar review

Here’s the menu for LIANG Sandwich Bar:

LIANG Sandwich Bar menu

We didn’t order the beverages here (‘cos… obviously, there’s Gong Cha) but I think prices are SO reasonable. I’ll definitely try one of their beverages in future. And possibly a couple of the add-ons for the sandwich as well! 😀

LIANG sandwich bar add-ons

And if you think cheese teas are weird, try popcorn Gong Cha. Seriously… I don’t know what to say. This blows my mind (and also ‘cos I hate popcorn)…

Gong cha popcorn Paradigm Mall

We had lunch at Nyonya Leaf, which has so many outlets in JB that you’ll likely have spotted at least one at some mall you’ve been to. I found the Penang Asam Laksa not spicy and not sour enough (it’s just kind of boring). Meanwhile, the Nasi Lemak Pandan Rendang Chicken did not impress despite the name. The sea coconut dessert was refreshing though the portion size was a little small; most of it’s just ice shavings. Total bill: RM32.10.

Nyonya Leaf Paradigm Mall

And *ahem* there’s one store we bought a lot of items at, mainly because everything gardening-related is so cheap inexpensive. The same packet of vegetable seeds may be retailing at S$4 here, but it’s RM4 there. That store’s HomePro. If you’re furnishing a new home, it’s one place you should drop by first.

Look at these mosaic tiles. What a “SHOCK DEAL” indeed. 😀 😀

HomePro Paradigm Mall promotion

S$1.30 for a SEVEN-litre pack.

HomePro Paradigm Mall

Buying lighting in JB

Such cute lighting too:

Cute lighting Paradigm Mall

I suspect we’ll be back again very soon. I need more of those prata-like “sandwich” things from LIANG and more Gong Cha without popcorn, please! 😀

PWP: Hello Kitty Items At FIVE Ringgit Each

Guardian Malaysia Hello Kitty

With new malls sprouting up in Johor Bahru every so often, “older” malls tend to lose their shine very quickly. When he insisted that we pop by KSL City after visiting Paradigm Mall, I knew there would be a stark contrast between these two malls. KSL looked older and duller and most of the shops appeared rather boring. The only store which managed to catch my eye was Guardian as they have Hello Kitty Purchase-With-Purchase items going at just *gulp* RM5, which is less than S$2!

There’s a lined Hello Kitty notebook, fleece blanket (in 2 colors) and cushions in 2 colors as well. You can get 1 Hello Kitty item with every RM20 spent on Guardian Malaysia’s housebrand products. We bought just one Guardian housebrand item which cost over RM60 and so managed to get all three Kitty items at RM5 each. 😀

Guardian Malaysia Hello Kitty PWP

Here’s the previous Hello Kitty PWP items, which are supposedly out-of-stock now:

Guardian Malaysia Hello Kitty Exclusive


I count myself very lucky for getting these cute Kitty items at RM5 each. Such a good deal is unlikely to happen in Singapore, don’t you think? 😉 Besides, even if we have this here, I probably won’t be able to get my hands on a single item since there are lots of Kitty fans and those happy to resell items online at a higher price. 😛 SO, thank you, Malaysia! 😀 😀

JBL x Lazada Surprise Box

Lazada JBL Surprise Box

It’s almost time for another round of shopping for Lazada’s Surprise Boxes. Lazada has a Birthday Festival coming up (they’re turning 6 this year) and there’ll be the extremely popular surprise boxes as usual. I got a sneak preview of the JBL Surprise Box and I’ll reveal 1 of the items within! 😀 Read on…

I already have 2 JBL mini speakers at home, and I use them infrequently. Unless we’re watching a movie at home, there’s no real need for speakers. So is there a speaker within the JBL box? *cough cough* You’ll have to buy the box to find out. 😉

What I WILL tell you though is that the JBL yurbuds (read: earbuds) within are pretty cool. It says they are “guaranteed never to hurt or fall out” and this pair is designed for women, so female runners are certainly going to LOVE this!

JBL yurbuds review

Take note of the Lazada Birthday Festival Dates (24 to 26 April) and set your alarms for the surprise boxes you’re aiming to get! Other than the boxes, there will be more than 600 flash deals with items going at up to 90% off, up to $120 vouchers, and even some exclusive premium beauty boxes going at $50 (but worth $100 or more). Keep your eyes peeled!


Head over to Lazada during the festival and use this code ‘LAZPARTYNC6‘ for 18% discount (capped at $6 and for the first 100 new customers only).

Review: Aunty Esther’s Salted Egg Potato Crisp

Aunty Esther's Salted Egg Potato Crisp

Isn’t it interesting how the salted egg snack craze has lasted for so long? Now there are even new players in the market. I first spotted Aunty Esther’s products at 7-eleven but did not buy them as there were no samples (obviously) and I wasn’t about to fork out good money for potato chips (or fish skin) sold at a premium just because of the salted egg added without sampling them for free first. So I got some today at CompassOne where there’s a bazaar going on at the atrium. I tried the Yam crisps and the Tapioca crisps too, but found them a little harder to chew, and not as thin and crispy like the potato crisps. *I also preferred the potato crisps over the fish skin, interestingly.

Their items come in spicy and non-spicy versions. The spice doesn’t really ‘kick in’ until you’ve had a few mouthfuls.

Aunty Esther's Salted Egg Potato Crisp review

As for the pricing, it’s $8 per pack, which is slightly more wallet-friendly than the wildly popular Irvins snacks, I believe. You can also get 4 packs at $28. I actually got 2 for $15.

I think the snacks from Aunty Esther are a little less addictive, which is a good thing. You’ll be able to grab a handful from the pack, then seal the remainder in the ziplock pack it all comes in, instead of finishing everything at once.

If you’ve tried them, let me know if you prefer the potato crisps or the fish skin! 😀

Review: BreadTalk’s Messy Bun

BreadTalk Messy Bun review

On Sunday, I popped by BreadTalk at Serangoon NEX to get one of their “Messy Buns” since I’ve seen quite a number of advertisements about them. Alas! All the flavors were out-of-stock and the staff were only in the process of wrapping up some of the MILO-flavored ones. I wanted to try the chocolate messy bun, but no one knew how long a wait it would be, so I left. Went to BreadTalk at Waterway Point today and found LOTS of the messy buns.

The Lemon White Chocolate and the Ultimate Chocolate ones are going at $2.50 each (or $4.50 for 2) while the Green Tea and Dinosaur ones are going at $2.20 each (or $4 for 2). I picked the Ultimate Chocolate ones because… the name sounds pretty awesome? 😀 😛 And I LOVE chocolate.

BreadTalk Messy Bun price

It’s also the first time I’ve been given wet tissues when making a purchase at BreadTalk. So I could tell it was going to get REALLY messy. After you lift the lid of the box that the bun is in, there’s transparent film to help you pick up the bun without getting your fingers dirty… just yet.

BreadTalk Messy Bun chocolate

Bite into the messy bun and watch the cocoa powder disperse every which way. Don’t eat this if you’re wearing a white dress, ok? 😀

I was rather disappointed by how dry the bun was (not like Sunshine’s Double Belgian Chocolate soft bun), how ‘airy’ is it, and how there wasn’t much chocolate cream (can’t really taste any).

BreadTalk Messy Bun

In conclusion, it’s a rather dry bun with lots of cocoa powder on top, but it’s nowhere near satisfying. The 80-cent (‘cos of the promotion) Sunshine soft bun appears to deliver more value. Though in all fairness, this “Messy Bun” only promised to be messy (and delivered on that promise) – it never said it was a ‘Tasty Bun’.