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Best Places to Buy Affordable Authentic Designer Bags in Singapore

Image courtesy of Codogirl

We all know that designer goods will often cost us a fortune. If given a chance, who does not want to own a designer bag, right? Often, we would all wish to own at least one designer bag but the prices always seem way too expensive. If you’re having the same thoughts then fret not! There are a few shops in Singapore that sell designer goods at a lower and thus more affordable price so you can now own designer goods from your favorite designer brand.

If you intend to purchase designer bags, then here are a few shops in Singapore that sell designer items at affordable prices that you should not miss out on!

Luxury City

Image courtesy of Luxury City

Located in Chinatown Point, the flagship store of Luxury City offers a variety of designer brand products from handbags to accessories and even body care products like perfumes and colognes.

What’s more amazing is that they have sales of up to 70% off designer brands such as Miu Miu, Coach, Burberry, Kate Spade, Prada, and Gucci. The sales at Luxury City certainly demonstrate that the business lives up to its motto of β€œLiving the City Luxuries for less”. Everyone can own a designer item when shopping with them!

So what are you waiting for? If you wish to purchase designer bags or goods, make sure to head to Luxury City!

Madam Milan

Image courtesy of Madam Milan

Having two retail stores located in Far East Plaza and Raffles Place MRT Station, Madam Milan is the place you should visit if you don’t mind purchasing or selling pre-loved authentic designer goods. Aside from just bags, the stores do sell and purchase other designer items such as belts, bracelets, passport holders, jewelry, and cardholders.

Madam Milan offers a wide range of designer brands such as Coach, Jimmy Choo, Miu Miu, Kate Spade and even includes higher-end designer brands like Celine, YSL, Chanel, Dior, and Versace. With a wide range on offer, you can surely find the right bag that best suits your preferences.

Thus, Madam Milan is the place you should go to if you wish to purchase designer goods without making a huge dent in your wallet.

Vestiaire Collective

Image courtesy of Vestiaire Collective

An online option to help save you from breaking the bank when purchasing designer goods is Vestiaire Collective. Vestiaire Collective is an international platform that sells all kinds of pre-loved designer brand products at 30% to 70% off the original retail price. These products are listed by members all around the world.

You can choose to either buy, sell, or even swap designer goods with members around the globe. It works just like Carousell but the products that the platform offers are in the luxury and high-end categories.

As an example, through the international platform, you can purchase or sell high-end products such as Chanel bags, Fendi bags, LV bags, Prada bags, Balenciaga bags, etc. Hence, with the convenience of the internet today, you can now look for your favourite designer products by just searching for them online with little hassle.

In conclusion, opting for designer goods from pre-loved stores or purchasing sales items will surely be a great idea as it is way cheaper and can save you tons of money. Never be afraid to shop pre-loved if you want to own authentic designer bags and still save yourself some extra pocket money!


This is a guest post and therefore the comments section is closed. πŸ™‚ ~Grace

Trejoy Vending Machine @ Cathay: 50-Cent Can Drinks, $1 Bottled Beverages

trejoy vending machine cathay

Last month, I was at The Cathay when I noticed a green vending machine with drinks sold at unbelievable prices. Bottled fruit teas were being sold at just $1 each while the canned version was going at only 50 cents. So I thought I’d find out why the prices are so low by asking the company – Trejoy. Is Cathay paying them to place a machine here? Otherwise, why are the prices this low?!


Here’s their reply:

1) Your vending machine at The Cathay dispenses can drinks that cost as little as 50 cents and bottled beverages at mainly $1 each. This seems highly unusual for such a prime location. What’s the reason(s) for the low prices? Are you being paid to place a machine there?

At Trejoy Pte Ltd, we operate a wide range of vending machines, and our vending machine at The Cathay is one of them. Indeed, The Cathay is a prime and prominent location in the town area. Instead of retailing our beverages at a higher price, we priced our beverages at the lowest price point possible, which is 50 cents and $1.00 respectively.

This tradition started when we kicked off our vending machine operations in early-2018, with the idea to place vending machines which offer the best value and lowest-priced beverages to consumers. In fact, at times it surprises the people who notice our vending machines, and we do often get smiles and waves from customers who walk past our vending machine when we replenish the stocks at the machine.

In addition, we are not being paid or receive any monetary support to sell drinks at low prices.

2) Your best and worst experiences with regard to procuring / using vending machines for your products?Β 

Through our years of operating vending machines, I would say our best experience has been in forging fruitful business relationships with numerous businesses and landlords. I wouldn’t say we have the worst experience but the more unsightly encounters are when dealing with the technical aspects of the vending machines. When it comes to systems and software issues, we try our best to solve the issues within a short time frame, to ensure the vending machine is always in good operating condition.

3) Trejoy imports and distributes drinks and snacks which may not be familiar to everyone, as compared to Coca-Cola, 100Plus and other household names. What obstacles / challenges has the company faced (or overcome) when getting the word out about the brands it carries?

Yes, Trejoy is the sole distributor of Sosro beverages from Indonesia. Despite being a new brand in Singapore, we do have quite a fair number of people who know about Sosro beverages, mainly due to the budget flights to Indonesia and also people who have been to Bali and Jakarta for vacations would have come across this brand. At the initial stage, we did face road blocks here and there, and also, getting businesses and other establishments to try out our beverages is not an easy task as it is a new brand here in Singapore. Thus, at Trejoy, apart from our beverages and other products, we believe in providing good service to all of our business partners and customers.

4) Your products are sold via e-commerce platforms, supermarkets, convenience stores and vending machines. Which retail mode has proven to be the most popular among your customers? And which are your best-selling products?

Good question! I think despite this COVID-19 pandemic, the proven retail mode is still with the supermarkets here in Singapore. This is where everyone gets their groceries from and thus it is still the retail mode that offers the best brand exposure and branding. However, the e-commerce platforms are booming, and traction is increasing. I guess more people are getting their groceries online, and especially because our beverages can be quite heavy, this leads to more customers buying from us through our online platforms.

Our best-selling products would be our Sosro Tehbotol Original and Less Sugar flavours, and next in line will be our Baby Food products such as Peachy Baby Food puree and snacks.

5) Trejoy appears to be a family business. What have been the advantages and disadvantages of working with family members thus far?

Yes, Trejoy is a family business. I think no organisation is perfect, it is about how we set the culture and interest for the company. We don’t really run Trejoy like the traditional style of many family-run companies. Instead, we operate as a company with collaborative effort. Everyone here works as a team and when it comes to business meetings and discussions, all of us are welcome to share our opinions and ideas. I guess this is very important, especially when it comes to moving forward and and developing new business streams for the company.

Personally, I work with the saying at the back of my head of “Cannot, Do Until Can” which in short means that if you want something, you hustle and work hard till you get it.


So there you have it, folks! I wanted to just be kaypoh and ask about why the drinks are so affordably priced. And I ended up getting a bit of (free) motivation along the way! So… for this week, let us all remember this motto of “Cannot? Do Until Can!” πŸ™‚

(EATIGO 50% Off) Verdure Cafe @ Springleaf Nature Park

verdure cafe review

Didn’t know this cafe existed, and certainly didn’t know there’s a ‘Springleaf Nature Park’ here in Singapore. XD My darling found this place via Eatigo and we booked a 3.30pm dining slot. The 50% Eatigo discount is applicable only to mains, and not drinks / desserts / appetisers. So we ordered the Fish & Chips ($15.90+), Chili Crab Pasta ($16.90+) and the Truffle Rib Eye Steak ($18.90+) that you see in the picture above. And because I like lychee tea, I wanted to try Verdure Cafe’s version of the beverage. πŸ˜€ It costs $5.90+ here and comes with two lychees. <- It also happens to be my favourite out of all the items we ordered here. LOL.

The Truffle Rib Eye Steak was a bit of a disappointment. It’s really thin – probably 0.5cm thickness and the seasoning was overpowering. Way too salty. The rub they used would probably be more suitable for steak which is three times as thick. I must say, though, that the chef did well in not overcooking the meat as it’s so thin that you just have to be distracted a little when cooking and it’ll be burnt already. I’d probably slice this steak and serve it on a salad instead of as a main dish.

verdure cafe chili crab pasta

As for the Chili Crab Pasta, hmm… I’d probably rate it a 2 or 2.5 upon 5. In terms of color, it’s like baby food. And taste-wise, it doesn’t remind me of chili crab. The sauce isn’t spicy. Was this done on purpose to cater to families with young children? Adults can certainly tolerate the heat – in fact, we probably expect it if you’re calling your dish ‘Chili Crab whatever‘. This dish deserves a score of 2 because (1) it’s served steaming hot and (2) they use shredded crab meat instead of (horror of horrors) crabstick. But that’s about all. We don’t like the taste enough to order this again.

My darling liked the Fish & Chips though. I think the fries are delicious.

verdure cafe fish and chips

And definitely order the Lychee Tea when you visit. I enjoyed it very much. They don’t serve it with a straw so I hope you don’t have sensitive teeth. πŸ˜€

verdure cafe lychee tea


What we noticed about the diners here when we visited was that there were two categories: (1) couples with young children or couples with dogs, and (2) solo diners.

springleaf nature park

If I were to visit this place again, I think I’ll just order lychee tea plus a slice of cake. πŸ˜€


If you’ve read all the way to the end of this blogpost… leave a comment and I may just send you a $20 Eatigo cash voucher via email. *Remember to leave your best email address when filling out the comment. *wink* (If you’ve already won one recently, give others a chance OK? :D)

Hawker Chan – A Good Reason To Visit 18 Tai Seng

18 tai seng hawker chan

Went to 18 Tai Seng primarily to check out the new Auntie Sam vending machine there. It was supposed to be stocked with Nutox Anti-Ageing Cream (how awesome is that?!), Asepso Bar Soaps and Asepso handwash. By about 2.30pm, the machine was almost empty already except for some slots which were out of service. (@_@) I’ve always thought 18 Tai Seng’s a sleepy mall, especially on weekends. However, there’s a Hawker Chan outlet at 18 Tai Seng so we had a yummy lunch there. For just $23.60, we had Soya Sauce Chicken Hor Fun, Beansprouts, Signature Braised Herbal Duck Drumstick Rice, and Dumpling Soup. An affordable and satisfying One Michelin Star dining experience.

We were both very impressed by this mound of beansprouts. And I think hor fun tastes much better when there’s A LOT of beansprouts. Hehe…

18 tai seng hawker chan review

We agreed that the dumpling soup is a little overpriced at $5 and that the chicken definitely tastes much better than the duck. πŸ˜€ And I’ll take hor fun instead of rice any day.


And here’s the almost-empty Auntie Sam vending machine:

18 tai seng auntie sam vending machine

Consider me impressed that the items were so popular even though they require about 3 tokens each. I think the machines certainly help draw people to their (mall) locations. Yup, I recently went to Tiong Bahru Plaza just to check out the machine there as it had items not available at Waterway Point’s. XD So the malls should definitely consider charging less for the space or even offering Auntie Sam free space! πŸ™‚

A little bummed that the Auntie Sam CNY e-angpow campaign is over. Really looked forward to redeeming samples, then reviewing them, and getting angpows all the time. Now I have over 50 tokens because of this particular campaign. Bring it back again soon!!! πŸ™‚

Two Bakers @ Serangoon: An Instagrammable Cafe That Ladies Will Love

two bakers review

My darling has been saying we should visit Two Bakers @ Serangoon ever since his colleague told him about this cafe and how it apparently serves up really delicious food. We’ve been *ahem* stalking this place on Eatigo and apparently they don’t offer more than 25% discount. Hmm… if they’d offered 50% discount slots like some other cafes do, we’d have visited them much sooner. Haha! Anyway, we popped by for lunch today at 12.30pm – only 20% off. I have to say that their desserts look gorgeous, the cafe looks so welcoming and homely and the decor is fab. As you can see in the first picture above, we ordered their (brunch item) Earl Grey Pancakes ($14+) and ThΓ© Oolong (which is in the shape of a cube and costs $8.50+).

The pretty cake chiller:

two bakers serangoon

two bakers serangoon review

This dessert features oolong-infused mousse, lychee compote, vanilla chiffon and a sale tart. (I have no idea what a ‘sale tart’ is) How would I rate this dessert? Hmm. It’s pretty, delicate and light. Perfect for ladies on a diet. Not for those with a sweet tooth, like me. XD No sugar rush after eating this.

As for the pancakes, wow, I love the poached pear, the stack of 3 pancakes and even that caramel sauce which reminds me of Werther’s candy! I would order the pancakes again!

The owners really have an eye for beauty. I love everything from the artwork to the cushions to the flooring…

two bakers cafe

I might steal this look for my next home. πŸ˜€

As for the mains, he had the Bulgogi Steak Don ($18+) while I’d ordered the Saucy Pork Ribs ($20+). The difference in size was rather funny. He ate out of a small pink bowl while I had a ginormous plate with pork ribs to chew on. LOL.

two bakers price

The Bulgogi Steak Don comes with angus sirloin, spinach, shimeji mushrooms, soybean sprouts, 64degC egg, and purple rice. <- Yup, purple rice! Not even your regular brown rice. And in case you think this might all taste a little too salty… nope. The food here seems to be generally seasoned really lightly. So don’t bring the elderly folks – they’ll be wondering why everything seems tasteless.

two bakers bulgogi steak don

As for my Saucy Pork Ribs, there’s 20Hr Sous vide pork ribs with a purple cabbage slaw (<- I did not like the slaw), honey roasted sunflower seeds, and fries. Their fries are good! Seemingly unsalted fries which are really addictive – ask for chili sauce or ketchup too!

two bakers saucy pork ribs

I ordered their Tropical Smoothie ($9+) which looked beautiful and wasn’t too sweet. Had to request for a (paper) straw as it’s usually just served with a spoon.

two bakers tropical smoothie

The Eatigo discount does not apply to the set meals, beverages, as well as the dessert (bummer!) However, the brunch pancakes are not classified as ‘dessert’ so you can still get that 10%/20%/25% off! πŸ™‚

If you’re not into downloading apps like Eatigo, and prefer paying full price for meals, well, there’s still set lunch specials to choose from. XD

two bakers menu

The staff here are really well trained. So you won’t have to ask for water (it’s complimentary) and they’ll ask if you need sharing plates, a change of cutlery, etc. It’s all worth the service charge paid!

Our bill today came up to $65 exactly – two mains, pancakes, cake and a drink. Hmm. I’m not sure if I’ll return again soon. I’m still more in love with the Taiwanese bistro at the other end of this same row of shophouses.

Two Bakers @ Serangoon

9 Teck Chye Terrace, Singapore 545720

Tsum Tsum Mission Bingo Card 23 – Pop 3 Coin Bubbles With Beard Tsum

disney tsum tsum mission bingo card

The only mobile game app I’m addicted to is LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum. Have been playing this for YEARS! Now it’s already Mission Bingo Card #23. Did not have much trouble clearing most of the missions except for a few. There’s ‘Get a 200 combo in 1 play with a pink ear Tsum’ which took a few games to clear. Then there’s the annoying one that is ‘Mission 20: Pop 3 Coin Bubbles in 1 play with a beard Tsum.’ I’ve used Beast and Holiday Jack, which didn’t work.

Finally found that Jack Sparrow would do the job in just one game. And here are the stats of my Jack Sparrow tsum:

Hopefully it’s useful to you if you’re trying to clear this mission! πŸ˜‰

(EATIGO 50% Off) Le Cafe Blanche @ Thomson V One

le cafe blanche croque madame

Had a late lunch / early dinner at Le Cafe Blanche, with 50% off via Eatigo. REALLY WORTH IT! Parking’s a bit of an issue here though. We parked at one of the HDB carparks and walked over. Almost got into an altercation with someone driving a Mercedes ‘cos the person (we really couldn’t tell if the driver was male or female – my darling believes the driver is male while I think it’s a she XD) was waiting at the entrance and not moving forward. So we overtook that vehicle and waited further ahead. Then a van left… and my darling proceeded to park in that lot. Mercedes driver drives right up, gestures wildly, shows an angry face, and even when we moved our vehicle out of the lot to let her park, she refused to take it. I really don’t know WTF happened. But anyway… I’m not too familiar with this area so thankfully my darling led the way, and we walked past many of the shops at Thomson V to find #01-02 where Le Cafe Blanche is.

Their Croque Madame ($12+) that you see in the picture above is absolutely amazeballs. Rich and creamy and all-round wonderful. I would LOVE to have this for breakfast every morning!

The Signature Blanche Pizza ($22+) was much bigger than expected. There were something like 8 slices so I guess it can serve 4 people? It was a bit of a stretch for just the two of us. XD The flavors are incredibly mild and light. I’m not a fan of the pizza crust though – it’s soggy in some places and tough in others. I might try the sandwiches next time.

le cafe blanche pizza

What was shocking though was that so many items were unavailable at 3pm on a Wednesday. They were out of mushroom soup (which I wanted to try), and there’s no calamari either, and they were all out of panini (their sandwiches). Their desserts were also almost all unavailable. As a Singapore-version of Uncle Roger might say… “You open cafe but so many things unavailable?! Then you open for what? Haiya!~” πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

3 out of 4 dessert items NA:

le cafe blanche dessert

As for the wait staff, there were 3 guys but it seems 2 of them are completely new to the job. Like, probably first day working in F&B. I wanted to get the chocolate lava cake. And the shorter guy said he’s not sure if it’s available and that all the available desserts are in the chiller display. So I walked over to the chiller and pointed out the 3 lava cakes. And his response was that he wasn’t sure what they are. (@_@) Thankfully, I was in a really good mood so I didn’t make a fuss. And I found out he’s new to the job. So… LOL.

Anyway, after talking to him, I bumped my head against some shelving while heading (hurhur) back to my seat. WLE! I hope he knows what’s a lava cake now!

Because mushroom soup was unavailable, I ordered Tartines d’champignons ($8+) which, erm, I think you can skip lah.

Tartines d'champignons

DEFINITELY order their Croque Madame. Here’s another picture because the dish is awesome…

best croque madame singapore

The croque madame’s supposedly only served during brunch hours (and not served after 3pm) BUT the more experienced waiter said they can make any item for me even though it’s after 3. Fabulous!

And here’s the Lava Cake ($10 with ice cream) that caused me to bump my head against the shelf after pointing it out to the clueless waiter…

le cafe blanche lava cake

It’s pretty decent. Though for the life of me, I can’t tell why the ice cream has already melted this much.

Their menu’s pretty cute:

le cafe blanche menu

And right where this pink arrow’s pointing is the spot I bumped my head against. OUCH. I guess folks seated here must be careful when standing up and exiting too!

le cafe blanche review

Le Cafe Blanche is a very pretty cafe indeed. I do see myself returning for that Croque Madame. I wonder if there’s 50% off via Eatigo before 3pm. XD

Our meal (with 50% off via Eatigo, and 10% service charge) cost some $28.60 only. I wasn’t able to pay with my credit card since a minimum spending of $50 is required for card payment. So I paid in cash. πŸ™‚ *There’s 10% service charge but no GST.


If you’ve read all the way to the end of this blogpost, well, I have a treat for you. Leave a comment below (using your best email address) and I may send a $20 Eatigo cash e-voucher your way! πŸ™‚ Yes, you can use it ON TOP OF any Eatigo discount e.g. 50%. Your meal may end up costing next to nothing. πŸ™‚


Update: I emailed Le Cafe Blanche regarding my experience and I’m most impressed by their response. Here’s a portion of their email to me:

“We have put-up signage for people to beware of the sharp corner and will ensure we highlight this to customers who are seated near the table. Thanks for the detailed feedback and review you posted. We will try to improve on those items that you were not satisfied with. The premium ice-cream we got from our supplier has a very low melting point and we will no longer use this ice cream in future.”

Definitely a business worth supporting. Once they’ve ironed out those kinks, properly trained part-timers and interns, this is one cafe that will make its way into any must-visit list of brunch places. πŸ™‚ Jiayou!

(EATIGO 50% Off) Gaku Sushi Bar @ Downtown East

gaku sushi bar downtown east

Next to Takagi Ramen at Downtown East is Gaku Sushi Bar which opened a few months ago. I believe the spot used to be taken by Sakura International Buffet, but I may be wrong. The waitress told me it was previously Sakae Sushi here. (@_@) Anyway… it’s now a very posh-looking place where you can opt to be seated at the tables or at the counter where you can watch the chefs prepare your food. Their alcohol menu is as extensive as the food menu so I suppose many would love to come here just for drinks too.

gaku sushi bar

The ladies are dressed in traditional Japanese garb, though for the life of me, I can’t tell if they’re kimono or yukata, having never worn either of them. XD And since it was Monday yesterday, we enjoyed their Happy Hour special of $5++ King Salmon Sashimi…

gaku sushi bar happy hour promotion

Below: King Salmon Mentai Donburi ($24++ and SO YUMMY!), Mekajiki sushi ($3.5++ and so-so), King Salmon sashimi ($5++ and served on SO much ice), and the 4 Kinds Egg Chawanmushi ($6++ and so delightful with the century egg within)…

gaku sushi bar review

And here’s the plate of King Salmon sushi I posted on FB about. We’d ordered King Salmon Belly sushi while folks at another table ordered King Salmon sushi. The waitress got our orders mixed up and sent the latter to our table. We did not notice anything amiss and just ate them all. By the time she got back to say she’d made a mistake… it was too late. XD

gaku sushi bar king salmon sushi

Thanks for the free sushi!

And here’s the foie gras aburi ($7++) and the King Salmon Belly sushi:

foie gras sushi gaku sushi bar

I think we enjoyed the foie gras more than the salmon belly. XD Not sure what the fuss about the King Salmon is all about.

The menu (for the food) consists of just this one page… with everything in fine print. Not a single picture. And one of the waitresses told us the font size on her tablet used for ordering is also tiny, so she’ll take a while to record everything. The lighting’s pretty dim here too. So… there was a mistake. The mekajiki I’d wanted was recorded as unagi instead. XD

gaku sushi bar singapore menu

So be really careful when you’re here. Always check the printout after placing your order. So if there’s any discrepancy, you can tell the wait staff and they can alert the chefs.

Our meal cost $35.05 (after the 50% eatigo discount) plus $5.90 (for the Happy Hour sashimi which is excluded from the Eatigo promo). Hmm… it was alright, I guess. Not sure if we’d be back again soon. Might just opt for Takagi Ramen next time – cheaper and more satisfying. XD


If you’ve read all the way to the end of this blogpost… leave a comment and I may just send you a $20 Eatigo cash voucher via email. *Remember to leave your best email address when filling out the comment. *wink*

(EATIGO Voucher GIVEAWAY) PLUS ‘Cream In A Cup’ review

cream in a cup

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and since it coincides with CNY this year, well, I expect many people will be dining out. Remember to stay safe and keep your TTT close to you, OK? πŸ™‚ This blogpost is about the cold treats we had at Cream In A Cup last week, and as a cool treat for you, I’m giving away 10 sets of $20 Eatigo cash vouchers! πŸ˜€ Yup, I’ll be picking 10 winners and each person will receive an e-voucher to use via the Eatigo app for $20 off. (No minimum spending but please ensure you dine with at least 1 other person *wink*)

At this cute cafe ‘Cream In A Cup’ in Hougang, we had waffle + gelato + lava cake!

cream in a cup review

I like how they bother to plate their desserts well. This lava cake ($5.50) doesn’t come with ice cream so go ahead and order it separately. It’s cool how just about everything’s a la carte so you can mix and match. Maybe a lava cake on top of a waffle for you? Haha!

cream in a cup lava cake

Yup it oozes so we were quite pleased. The lava cake’s also not too sweet so you might enjoy this too!

I do think that their gelato’s good enough on its own (2 scoops for just $6.50). No need for waffles and such. πŸ˜€ I picked two flavors – dark chocolate and earl grey – which are kind of the ‘default’ flavors I go for at any ice cream cafe. XD *The waffle cost $5.

Truly satisfying. I’ll be back. πŸ™‚ Maybe not on Valentine’s Day though.

cream in a cup eatigo

A rather charming place to chill with gelato, waffles, lava cake, and good company. πŸ™‚ When we visited, I saw a family having a meal here (yup they serve mains too) and a lady who seems to be the mother of the teenage kids had a bandana and mask on while the rest enjoyed their food. Seemed like she’s a cancer warrior. Hopefully all goes well with her treatment and she gets to enjoy the food here next time.

I think COVID-19 has reminded us all that having good health really is such a blessing. It allows us to continue to spend time with those we love. And this Valentine’s Day, who will you be spending it with? Tell me in a comment below and I may just send a $20 Eatigo voucher code your way. *Make sure you leave your best email address when filling out the comments form below OK? All voucher codes will be sent via email. πŸ™‚

A Happy Valentine’s Day in advance to you and those you love. πŸ™‚

Tai Cheong Bakery at Waterway Point Gets Numerous Complaints About “Salty” Pastries

Tai Cheong Bakery published a Facebook post on Feb 2, 2021, announcing that their outlet at Waterway Point is open, and customers have recently been leaving comments on the post and sharing that they’ve received “freaking salty”, “super salty” and even “insanely salty” pastries. It appears from some of the comments that the outlet at Square 2 in Novena was similarly affected. Thankfully, the egg tarts I bought on 2nd Feb tasted ‘normal’ and not overly salty. I do have to agree, however, that they tasted somewhat different from those I had at the Takashimaya outlet a long time ago. Back then, at the height of the egg tart craze, we even had to queue for quite a while in order to get our hands on those coveted egg tarts… which were certainly worth the wait.

Sitting pretty in the display case at WWP:

tai cheong bakery waterway point

Bought 1 to eat on the spot and 4 (in a box) for the fam:

tai cheong bakery review

Here’s where I was disappointed. The egg tart shell was rather dry, almost like a biscuit. I found this particular egg tart I ate unremarkable. I do not think I’ll purchase them anymore. Better to save my money for Tong Heng’s egg tarts. I’m avoiding Chinatown this whole CNY period so that’ll have to wait till after CNY. πŸ˜€

tai cheong bakery punggol

If you’d like to get some pastries from Tai Cheong Bakery at Waterway Point (I’m quite sure they’ve located the cause of the problematic batch), the outlet is at B2 of the West Wing. It takes the place of Twelve Cupcakes, and it’s just outside the FairPrice store. Give it a go and tell me if the taste is alright now. πŸ™‚