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Meet Peter Buffett, son of billionaire investor Warren Buffett.Β Peter was one of my former interviewees, and here’s a quick clip for those who have never met him before:


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Who Are The PJ Masks And What Are They Doing At NEX?

If you have a kid at home, you’ll probably know who the PJ Masks are. I didn’t, till I went to NEX yesterday where the characters came on stage and I saw just how well-loved they are by young children. One little toddler even went right up to the stage just to get up close with the PJ Masks during their performance, and her father and some of the event staff had to go get her back. πŸ˜€ Apparently, these 3 – Amaya, Connor and Greg – have special powers for fighting villains and solving mysteries when they transform into superheroes at night. Don’t we all love superheroes? Mine was Captain Planet. πŸ˜€

This holiday season, the masked crusaders will be at Serangoon NEX, and even the supervillain called Romeo will be making his first appearance in Asia (!) so definitely take your kids to NEX during the live musicals, workshop and tea party sessions, and don’t forget to have a go at the flying-fox experience and games too!

PJ Masks Live Show (29 Nov – 8 Dec) – Tuesdays to Sundays *Photo passes redeemable with $20 minimum spending (NEXrewards members) or $50 (for non-members) in 1 receipt. Limited to 50 passes per session. Each pass admits a family of 4.

PJ Masks Workshop and Tea Party (29 Nov – 8 Dec) – Children get a chance to meet Catboy, Owlette & Gekko, and also make their own masks. These sessions happen at 4pm on Tuesdays to Thursdays. Redeem a pass with $20 minimum spending (NEXrewards members) or $50 (for non-members) in 1 receipt. Limited to 30 children (aged 4 to 12 years old) per party. Each pass admits 1 child only.

PJ Masks Super-Hero Training Course (29 Nov – 8 Dec) – The mini flying-fox experience will allow children to soar like Owlette. Redeem a pass with $20 minimum spending (NEXrewards members) or $50 (for non-members) in 1 receipt. Children must be between 4 to 9 years old to participate in the Super-Hero Training Course. Each pass admits 1 child only.

Come dressed up as your favorite superhero:

FREE ENTRY 12pm – 9pm daily: PJ Masks Interactive Area – Time to play some video games!

The very safe, speed-controlled flying fox experience that kids will love:


And… don’t forget to get some PJ Masks merchandise for Christmas!

Because there are lots of fabulous prizes to be won at NEX when you shop for Christmas gifts:

Heartbeat@Bedok: Kaki Makan

If you’re in Bedok, apart from getting Tease bubble tea which I recommend, you might also like to drop by Kaki Makan at Heartbeat@Bedok. This Halal-certified eatery serves up yummy food at decent prices! We tried their Crispy Lemongrass Chicken Nasi Lemak set which is priced at $8 and the Laksa set at $6.50. I’m not sure why there’s kaya and butter toast to go along with nasi lemak and coffee (quite a lot of carbs, no?) but it all tastes good so I’m not complaining. Also, the laksa is SO ‘lemak’. The cockles are really small but there’s an entire boiled egg in there. I’d like to challenge you to not finish the laksa gravy, ‘cos it’s really very good.

On this particular visit, while we still deliberating about what to eat, I suddenly heard a loud sound like something had fallen from a height, and found that one of the staff at Kaki Makan, a young man who was working the cash register, had suddenly fallen to the ground. I think the floor was a little slippery and in a moment of carelessness, he’d slipped. Even though he ended up sprawled on the ground, he quickly picked himself up and it seemed like there was no harm done. So, do be careful, guys!

Here’s the menu:

We’ve had the laksa before so we know it’s good. Ahhhh! Local food is SO good and yet the guilt after is real!

Thankfully, we don’t stay near to Bedok or else I won’t know how we’re going to burn off all those calories. πŸ˜€


Kaki Makan is at #01-13 of Heartbeat@Bedok.

Bubble Tea at 30-50 Percent Off: Tease @ Djitsun Mall

It’s almost unthinkable! Bubble tea at 30%-50% off? YES, via Eatigo you can get these discounts all day at Tease at Djitsun Mall in Bedok. We go to Djitsun Mall only because there’s the Fat Cat arcade there and I recently redeemed an entire Hello Kitty mahjong set because we’d accumulated so many tickets at Fat Cat. πŸ˜€ Below the arcade, there’s an Eighteen Chefs outlet as well (probably the least crowded outlet you’ll find in SG), Selfie Coffee (which was closed when we visited on Sunday – I can’t fathom why), Tease which sells bubble tea, and a couple of other F&B outlets.

I think the owner(s) of Tease put in quite a bit of effort into the decor and concept. However, the walk-in crowd at this mall seems to be lacking. And even the arcade wasn’t that crowded. I suppose many Singaporeans are now overseas. Probably not great for business.

Here’s the menu for Tease. And the prices are already low / affordable before the discount so imagine if you pop by at 12noon or 1230pm and already have an Eatigo booking for 50% off:

I found their cup lids the most interesting because there’s this sliding panel which you can move to the side and get direct access to your drink and the toppings. You know how sometimes you try to stab the cup of bubble tea but the end of the straw is blunt and the plastic lid just refuses to give way? And you can’t get a new straw as you’ve walked too far from the outlet already? πŸ˜€ Well, this panel solves everything. And if you’ve finished your drink but there are still lots of toppings at the bottom, you have to peel off the plastic wrap to get to them or else it’s such a waste, right? Again, no worries once you have this panel here:

I really like this bubble tea shop. The drinks are tasty, the prices are reasonable and clearly, they’ve put much thought into the packaging and concept.

However, I’m not sure how viable this business is at Djitsun Mall. I’d think a bubble tea business needs to be where there’s a lot of footfall. Unfortunately, this mall doesn’t ever seem to be bustling to me.

*If you were wondering, we had the Lychee Lime Sencha and Earl Grey Honey Tea this time. The bill came up to about $5+ – I don’t recall exactly how much, after the 30% discount. πŸ˜€

Amazing Castle @ Cineleisure: Great Place To Scream Your Head Off

I would never have set foot in this place if not for my darling who bought a Fave voucher for games here. The regular prices seem too steep – I wonder who pays $5 or $7 per game when you can spend less at Timezone, for instance. Also, Cineleisure seems to be a mall that’s struggling though probably many malls around the area are trying hard to stay afloat too. In fact, the MOS Burger outlet at Cineleisure even hands out loyalty cards where you can get a stamp for each meal you purchase and redeem rewards later on. So… I’d say pop by Amazing Castle while it’s still open here at Cineleisure, and while the Fave vouchers are still available. Perhaps on 12.12, there will be another round of cashback discounts. πŸ˜‰

There are a number of games you can play here but my favorite has to be the basketball one. A question appears on the screen and there are two possible answers with corresponding ‘baskets’. Throw the ball into the one you think is the right answer.

Interestingly enough, there was a question about whether Pluto is a planet or not. And I’m ADAMANT it’s NO LONGER a planet. But my darling, who totally skipped the earth-shattering news, thought I was crazy (“Pluto IS a planet”). Ha ha! Guess who had the last laugh. [ If you are wondering, NO, Pluto is not a planet lah! Go read. ]

And my second favorite is this one where you stick your head in and scream as loudly as you can… or as high-pitched as you possibly can:

You can scream for multiple rounds, not just once, and check out your final score at the end.

It was at this point that the male staff left our side. I think my screams shattered his eardrums or something. πŸ˜€ Very good stress reliever, I must say!

And a ball pit for adults as well as kids. There are ropes all around so you can save yourself if you find yourself drowning in there…

And after you pop into this space with the rotating dragon (dinosaur?), there will be buttons around you that light up and you have to go press them as quickly as you can without tripping over the red rotating menace…

There are other games which test your memory and hand-eye co-ordination but I wasn’t quite impressed. Still, I have to say this is an interesting concept.

Like I’ve said, the pricepoints are rather high. So… if you’d like to, pop by ASAP. I’m not sure how long this business will last.


Amazing Castle is located at #02-04A/05 at Cineleisure.

Review: Teeth Whitening At Massive Aesthetics (Riverside Point)

I reached Riverside Point about 45 minutes ahead of my appointment on Thursday. And I found that Massive Aesthetics was indeed within a shop with the name ‘Beauticove’ at #02-05/6. There were 2 female receptionists seated behind the counter. The shorter one looked smiley and friendly while the taller one is all ripped jeans and attitude. Tall lady tells me, somewhat annoyed, that the person I’m supposed to meet isn’t here yet. I take that as my cue to get out and come back later.

So I took a seat outside Harry’s, which was closed during lunchtime, and watched boats go by serenely on the Singapore River. πŸ™‚ Also, it was a good chance to finish up my Ten Ren’s Tea (bubble tea) purchased at Chinatown Point. I figured I’d have to drink less tea after the teeth whitening session so I might as well indulge beforehand. Same rationale behind going for a buffet just before commencing your dieting plans. πŸ˜€

I reach before 2.15pm and the ‘therapist’ was still missing. The tall receptionist placed a clipboard with a questionnaire on the counter WITHOUT A PEN and told me to fill it in. I also watch her signaling to a customer who has just stepped out the front door to come back as she has some final instructions to impart. Safe to say I don’t think she’ll be receiving any sort of ‘Best Receptionist’ or ‘Best Customer Service’ award any time soon.

I check my phone and see that an SMS has come in – from Amanda who is stuck in a “traffic jam” and would like me to come by at 2.25pm. Erm… but my appointment is for 2.15pm and I don’t want to head back to Harry’s. πŸ˜€

There is a steady stream of female customers though. I think Beauticove serves as some sort of aggregator for service providers – maybe massage, facial, waxing, etc? (It’s already 2.26pm)

A pretty lady with a black Chanel bag comes in and is directed by the receptionist to a room. I think she gets undressed in there? Receptionist goes in too and spends a few minutes in there – maybe 5? Then receptionist and pretty lady both come out and the receptionist asks for payment and pretty lady hands over her Nets card as instructed. I was so confused. What went on in the room? And what’s she paying for?

Amanda arrives at 2.33pm. She smells strongly of cigarettes so I wonder if she was perhaps caught up in a smoke break instead of a traffic jam. In any case, her shoulders and biceps seem *sorry* massive. So I don’t comment about the cigarette smell.

It’s a tiny room…

When she came close to me, to apply the gum protector, insert the retractor(?) and apply the whitening gel, it was a bit uncomfortable for me. I guess I shouldn’t have booked an appointment during the rainy season when smokers need more smoke breaks than usual.

I like that protective glasses are provided, with a piece of tissue for hygiene purposes. However, I suspect she may have applied the whitening gel onto my teeth with her bare fingers (I was wearing the glasses so I couldn’t see) but when her hands were on both of my cheeks to guide me into facing the right direction, I could feel the warmth of her fingers on my skin. So… no gloves, I guess.

And she worked on probably only 12 of my teeth:

At one point, she used some sort of instrument to probe my gums. Did cause a bit of pain, discomfort and shock.

There were supposed to be 3 rounds of gel + light treatment. But after 2 rounds, Amanda says she’ll help clean me up. I could hear her customers chatting with her outside so I wasn’t surprised. Because she had showed up late, but her customers were all on time or early, my treatment time was cut short.

I’m told my teeth look a little discolored with uneven patches but that it’ll sort itself out in a couple of days. (True) Also, Amanda says 1 treatment is never enough. I may need 1 to 2 more. And that she’ll message me later in the evening – but she didn’t.

Ok. No hard-selling then.

3.19pm: I am out. There are no instructions as to what to avoid eating or drinking, and basically no after-care.

There’s no gum sensitivity (which is what I’m afraid of), no pain after the treatment (which is good), though I don’t think I will be back. Better to get whitening professionally done at a proper dentist’s office. Back in 2014, I had teeth whitening done at i.Dental and the results were stunning.

This time, my treatment at Massive Aesthetics was booked using a Fave deal (with the 11.11 promo, it cost just $7.70!) BUT I did let Amanda know beforehand that I’d be blogging about the session. Gave her my blog address as well. And she did still show up late, smelling of cigarettes. So she probably isn’t impressed with bloggers.

I’ll also do myself a favor and not go for cheap teeth whitening sessions from now on even if the Facebook reviews (for other services by Amanda) are good.

HIANG ιΌŽι¦™ @ 379 Upper Aljunied Road

For just $19 via a Fave deal, you can get a ‘Red Grouper Fish Head Steamboat for 2 – 4 People’. The restaurant is called ‘The Teochew Kitchenette’ (at Tanjong Pagar Plaza #02-102) or HIANG ιΌŽι¦™ (379 Upper Aljunied Road). The fish head (approx 650g) is chopped into chunks, and served with chinese cabbage, yam, coral lettuce, seaweed, tomato and tofu. We had our dinner at the Aljunied branch this evening and we can only say the service here is 10/10. The guy at the counter was cheery and friendly – I’m not sure if he’s the boss or manager / supervisor – even though we arrived around 5pm when the place had just ‘opened’ for dinner service, after their lunch break.

You can also check out the menu outside the restaurant – it has the pricing stated as well, which I like:

I may be Teochew but I don’t really know what a good Teochew broth should taste like! πŸ˜€ I can only say the one they’ve used for tonight’s steamboat wasn’t too heavily seasoned. I think they wanted to let the ‘sweetness’ from the fish and cabbage enrich this broth. The yam was in such small pieces that I think they disintegrated. So even though I don’t like/eat yam, I did end up consuming it.

Good that the fish is all chopped up. Though they could have cleared more of the scales πŸ˜€

We did not order rice and I think the auntie who works here was a little surprised. She made a comment to the young(er) man about how young people don’t eat rice these days. But I supposed she didn’t mean any malice because she quickly launched into the disadvantages of having all these young people ride PMDs (they don’t get any exercise!) while the kind young man looked at her as if he’s listening to his sweet ol’ granny talk.

Though we didn’t eat any rice, we did order the prawn paste chicken (small serving at $9)…

I think the chef is a guy who’s very happy to work here as we could hear him sing out the order from the kitchen and he told the auntie who was serving us the food that today’s chicken was going at “buy 6 get 1 free”. She happily relayed the message to us, and also explained that because some pieces were smaller, we got an additional 1 free, compliments of the chef. πŸ˜€ So cute lah these two!

Anyway… best part about dining here: no GST and service charge. Plus we could pay via FavePay.

I think you should definitely come here if you’re taking your grandparents out for a meal and you want them to really enjoy themselves. πŸ™‚ I noticed that grannies certainly enjoyed teasing the ‘yandao’ (handsome) young man, and they were quickly made to feel at home in this cosy restaurant.


379 Upper Aljunied Road

Tel: 6281 0098

Meiji Seika Warehouse Sale: Worth A Trip To The West

If you don’t already know, Meiji Seika Singapore’s Warehouse Sale ends tomorrow. I popped by today and purchased a total of $57.40 worth of Meiji goodies – SO much to carry all the way back to Punggol via public transport! The Meiji office is at 36 Quality Road (love the address, by the way) and the sale is from 10am to 5pm. Head down first thing tomorrow morning, as they’re probably already closed now! You can take bus 246 to get here – I boarded the bus opposite Lakeside MRT station, but you can also take the bus from Boon Lay interchange (5 stops). Payment is via Cash and Nets! And in this blogpost, I’ll show you some of the things I really liked about this warehouse sale…

The prices are pretty good. And they restock very quickly as it’s their warehouse after all. A lot more stock at the back. πŸ˜€

And here’s an item I haven’t had in a long time. I think it was a former JC classmate by the name of Catherine who introduced me to these yummies:

There’s also milk, ice cream, probiotic drinks, etc but I didn’t get them because the long train journey back to Punggol probably won’t suit these temperature-sensitive products.

The company has hired many part-timers to hand out samples. And some are even left in the open for you to help yourself too. (Each is individually wrapped / sealed) Macadamias are expensive nuts, ok:

As my Darling absolutely LURVESSSS samples, I took some home for him. Haha!

Since the right thing to do is to collect all 3 designs of the FREE Limited Edition Pouch, I bought 5 of these…

And I did get all 3 designs! *Update: Have given away the extras – one to a FB fan of mine and another to someone who read this blogpost πŸ˜€

I’d thought they were MUCH bigger – like those pouches you can stuff all your barang (wallet, phone, tissue, keys, etc) into but these ones are probably just coin pouches for a small amount of loose change.

I bought an entire carton of the Yan Yan snack too. At just $32 for 80 cups, it was too good to miss.

The staff are really friendly. I was impressed right from the start. After alighting at the bus stop (conveniently located right in from of Meiji) and entering the Meiji compound, I saw two gentlemen directing the shoppers and the drivers. One uncle even stopped a car so I could get across the pedestrian crossing first. (Even though I think the driver could probably spend a lot more money than me here since he has a vehicle to transport everything home). Very touched indeed.

Then the other uncle told me to just follow the signs to get to the warehouse sale. πŸ™‚

The staff within the warehouse were friendly, gave away samples generously and it was altogether a very pleasant shopping experience.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to accumulate $80 minimum spending in order to get a go at the claw machine. Meiji is giving away small plush toys of their mascot and some “mystery prizes” if you get one of the capsules. Perhaps they should reduce it to $60 minimum spending instead? πŸ˜€

I spent only $57.40 and my big backpack was full. And I also had my hands full with 3 plastic bags. How to spend all of $80?! πŸ˜€

Printcious: 60% OFF your customised print goods! :D

I ordered my print goods from Printcious before 11.11 and guess what… because of 11.11, there’s 60% off! So I’m going to place yet another order. But first, let me just say that I really like their cotton tees. The material is so soft and the color doesn’t run in the wash. You can print your company logo on it, your artwork, or whatever you find online and that you want on a shirt. In fact, in the picture you see above, I found that Hello Kitty graphic online and got it printed on a cushion via printcious. And it looks great! Even though the resolution of the image I copied+pasted from some random site online may not have been fabulous. Consider me impressed.

Below: a tee I intend to gift to a friend for Christmas. So I shall not unfold it here. And a tote bag I had the words “Suspicious looking article” printed on. Now… to carry it around an MRT station and see if anyone reports it. πŸ˜€ And btw, it’s inspired from a tote I saw on Naiise, but which was a little out of my budget for tote bags.

And here’s one of the coolest things you can get via Printcious: a sparkly, sequinned cushion (in a variety of colors) that transform into a picture of you and your loved one once you slide your hand across the sequins and have them face the other way. Magic!

I’m not too sure why I got this next item. But I think it has to do with me having too many keys and sometimes losing some of them… A cute keychain with a photograph of two cuties. πŸ˜€

And I wanted a mug with beautiful calligraphy but, of course, I’m not amazing at calligraphy (yet) so I got an image from Google and had printcious print it on a mug for me. Same image at the back too, so no matter which angle you’re looking at it, you’ll see the same Bible verse. Or perhaps, you can have two different Bible verses on your mug. πŸ˜‰

All these are done in Malaysia then couriered to your home/office in Singapore. I do recommend them as the customer service folks respond well/fast via email and there’s no better time to get your customised gifts than now with 60% off (I believe it ends tonight!) and get it all in time before Christmas. πŸ˜€


Head on over to https://www.printcious.com/sg and see if there’s something which catches your eye.

Grumpy Bear @ Kebun Baru CC and Fish At AMK (Prawn/Yabby)

I skipped lunch today as I had gone for the ice cream buffet at Udders, but we had an early dinner at Grumpy Bear located within Kebun Baru CC. That probably explains why I’m feeling hungry now. πŸ˜€ I picked the Goma Chicken while my darling had the Chilli Crab Chicken…

There was 50% discount via Eatigo, and the bill came up to $18.40. At certain tables, you’ll even be able to watch people play basketball at the CC’s court. I’m a little envious of how those young men (boys?) can guzzle 1.5litre bottles of fizzy drinks and still look and move the way they do. (@_@) Or perhaps it’s because they are so sporty that drinking such beverages doesn’t make them pile on the pounds. Meanwhile, let me just grab my glass of non-fizzy, unsweetened, crystal clear, boiled tap water.

I can’t say the food at Grumpy Bear is worth shouting about but it’s alright. I’ve tasted better Japanese sesame sauces. The salad’s decent. The serving of fries was a little small (I had to steal some of his) but the chicken was well-cooked and all the fatty bits were retained so how can you not like it? πŸ˜€

The chilli crab sauce here is legit too.

And after the food we headed over to the new prawning place that’s under the train tracks leading to/from Yio Chu Kang MRT station.

There’s some shelter from the sun, but every time a train passes overhead, there’s a loud rumble – does that affect catch rates?

Interestingly, we found no one smoking here except for one member of staff who’d ditched his cigarette just before bringing his huge net over and adding prawns into the ponds. There were quite a few people fishing for prawns and yabbies. But it’s a Sunday, and there’s been so much hype online, I was expecting a lot more people, really.

And the kids sure were having fun at longkang fishing. I wish there’s a version for adults…

Anyway, prawning here at Fish At AMK (where’s the fish?) is great because you can use double hooks (yes, verified that with staff) and there are supposedly prizes up for grabs when you get prawns with colored tags:

If I’m feeling lucky one day, I’ll head here to catch some tagged prawns. πŸ˜€

30-Minute Financial Planning Talk w/FREE 1.5hrs Udders Ice Cream Buffet? I’m IN!

I had six cups of ice cream *burp*

“Please don’t be late” doesn’t seem to work as many were late.

So I spotted a Facebook ad regarding a 30-minute financial planning talk that came with a 1.5hrs free ice cream buffet at Udders. Talk about a sweet deal. Sure. I’ll listen for half an hour. πŸ™‚ Will work hard for my ice cream. Haha!

Was pleasantly surprised that the speaker did indeed keep to the 30-mins promised instead of rambling on forever. It’s probably not her first time. However, most of us arrived at 11am (as required) but the session proper started only at 11.31am. It was a lot of waiting, and early birds / those who were punctual were, in a sense, penalized. Luckily they let us have ONE scoop of ice cream to savor while waiting.

The Senior Director then introduces the speaker for today. A lady who has been with the company for 10 years and attained ‘MDRT’ for 7 consecutive years. I thought that was brilliant! Having the director ‘promote’ her instead of having her blowing her own trumpet.

Then, instead of telling us about policies, plans and the like, she shares about her “supportive husband” and baby she just delivered, how she has done many claims and delivered numerous maturity cheques, even showing screenshots of Whatsapp conversations with clients (with sensitive information redacted, of course).

What was somewhat touching / relatable was her mention of a primary school friend who had a brain tumor (he had, supposedly, wished his parents had bought more insurance for him ‘cos now he cannot buy it for himself). Also, she shared about her dog which had passed on. And her mother who had gone for an eye operation.

The finale was good, though it could have been better. She hands out kitkat (2fingers, not 4) which she says would be a nice topping for our ice cream. Then she unwraps hers and drops the chocolate on the ground. It was supposed to be a “wait what?!” moment but I think a lot of us couldn’t see where the chocolate had landed (too many tables in the way so the impact was somewhat diminished).

She asked if we wanted to swop the clean, wrapped chocolate in our hands for the one she’d just dropped on the ground. Then says the paper wrapping is like the protection you get when you are well insured. Nice! πŸ˜‰

And that was it.


Today’s session was a great opportunity to try the various ice cream flavors. And here are my ratings, purely for my own benefit so I know which ones to order / avoid next time πŸ˜€

Lychee martini – 2/5 too mushy

Rumrum raisins -4/5 yum!

Earl grey – 1/5 cloying

Awesomely choc – 4/5 good! With choc shavings πŸ˜‹

Cookies n cream 1/5

Wildberries – 5/5 alcohol! Packs a punch!

Mango – 4/5 refreshing

Milky choc – 3/5

The Mao (Shan Wang) 4.5/5 Delicious


The speaker, when doing her rounds, shared with me and my pal that the sessions cost her around $40 per pax(!!) I think that’s quite a hefty sum but cheaper than paying a marketer $50 per lead, ya?

Also, Udders gave us each $10 in vouchers so some folks bought waffles on the spot while my pal and I decided to save ours for another time.

I like the indirect ‘selling’. She told us this buffet is a good time to try other flavors. Don’t always stick with the same flavor at the same cafe. Otherwise you don’t know what you are missing out on. πŸ˜‰ If your agent is MIA or has left the industry, perhaps it IS time to move on.

I’m very happy with my current agent so I have no plans to make the switch. But thanks for the ice cream! I’ll let my friends with (less likeable) agents from your company know about you.