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Supermarket Selling Air Freshener That Looks Exactly Like Bubble Milk Tea

As if the shock of finding out that McDonald’s meal packaging is worth some money on Carousell wasn’t enough, my sister told me that there’s actually air freshener being sold at the supermarket nearby, and it’s the spitting image of a cup of bubble milk tea (yes, there’s even one that looks like taro milk tea). 😀 Wonders never cease. But if you accidentally drink this air freshener… yup, your life might cease… This Farcent Hi Tea Bubble Tea Air Freshener comes in 3 flavours *ahem* I mean scents: Sweet Strawberry, Tipsy Grape and Pearl Milk Tea. It’s $6.95 at the supermarket and you can also find this product on Lazada where it’s retailing for $23.70 for a bundle of 3.

“Bubble tea” amongst the regular air fresheners. No wonder my sis stopped in her tracks to do a double take.

For erm… “Unforgettable fun”, you may want to get one of these air fresheners. I’m sure it’ll be a talking point for visitors to your home. Just make sure you warn everyone that this isn’t BBT first. Or else, you might be preparing some food, and your pal says “Bro, I help myself to a drink ah!” and you’re like “Sure, go ahead!” And before you know it, your pal has ingested some of this:

Or this…

Want to make a guess regarding where this product is from? Well… *drumroll* it’s China, duh. And the Warning portion on the label says “This is not food. Do not ingest. If accidentally swallowed, do not vomit, and seek medical attention immediately. Keep out of reach of children and pets.”

Erm… why do not vomit, ah? Shouldn’t you try to purge what you’ve swallowed by mistake?

According to the British Red Cross’ website, if someone has ingested something harmful, “By making them sick, you can cause further damage to their throat or block their airway.” Ahh! No wonder!

Ok folks, so now we know.

If someone has accidentally ingested this product, just rush them to the nearest A&E department. You don’t want the “pearls” clogging up their airway.

Cute product! Though if I were to purchase it, I’ll have to keep it on the highest shelf at home, to ensure that no human or pet can get near it. And also ‘cos I don’t want to have to see it every day and get a BBT craving all over again. XD

A Day to Remember: McDonald’s packaging becomes sellable thanks to BTS!

I’ve never thought this day would come: McDonald’s meal packaging would be cleaned, dried and sold on sites like Carousell. The BTS meal is basically a 9-pc McNuggets meal with large fries and a large Coke… and the packaging’s purple in color. And instead of the usual curry sauce for your nuggets, there’s now the cajun and sweet chili sauces. It costs $8.90 and is only available via delivery. Many enterprising folks have already begun listing their BTS meal packaging online so do have a look… just for laughs…

This Carouseller deserves top marks for effort. The picture says it all:

Some offer additional freebies in order to stand out from the crowd. Smart!

And since the brown paper bag with the BTS logo on it isn’t available in Singapore (WHY AH?), you have people selling the bags from overseas:

No one said it’ll be cheap though. It just might be the most expensive paper bag you’ll ever buy in this lifetime!

You can also opt for miniature merch! 😀 Like I said, some folks are so enterprising. I like.

And if you’re the sort who believes everything you read online, well, this BTS meal priced at $25,000 has been *Reserved*.

This next Carouseller made me laugh though! 😀 The outline of the nugget plus the white arrow were drawn by the user…

If you’re not looking for a Jungkook-shaped nugget, there’s always the $2,000 Among Us ones… though it’s highly unlikely the user managed to get it from a “BTS meal” a week ago when the meals were only launched in Singapore today! Ha! But still… that IKEA ziplock bag though… funny!

Another Carouseller is offering a pricier Among Us-shaped nugget but has kindly offered to “reheat the nugget so that it is warm when you receive it”! 😀 Hahaha! Why the need to reheat though? Someone’s going to eat a $225 nugget?

I’m so glad McDonald’s made the brilliant move of only offering this BTS meal via delivery. The last thing we need now is an army (yup) of fans rushing to McDonald’s outlets. Actually, they might have begun queuing last night and camping out at the restaurants if it was allowed.

Also, I’m grateful for these people who made me laugh today with their hilarious BTS meal listings on Carousell.

And if you find a McNugget that looks like someone we know… please… share! 😀

Takeaway from Water Drop Teahouse (滴水坊) at Fo Guang Shan

We had a rather interesting dinner yesterday – takeaway from Water Drop Teahouse at Punggol’s Fo Guang Shan temple. Interesting because (1) I’ve lived in Punggol for decades now (haha) but I’ve never set foot in the temple before, and (2) Water Drop Teahouse serves pretty good vegetarian food! In fact, if you are looking for vegetarian food in Punggol, you should pay a visit to Water Drop Teahouse. Despite charging GST, the prices still seem very reasonable. I had a look at their menu yesterday and the most expensive item was the Burger + French Fries, at $6! And especially intriguing are the items such as the Lemon Grass Prata ($3.50), Ruyi Bread ($4.50) and Lor Mee ($5.50)! Vegetarian lor mee?!

Well, here you go… even the “meat” looks so real

The lor mee noodles are great – very silky and delectable. The mock meat, as you can tell, looks impressive and for a moment, you might forget you’re eating a vegetarian dish. The broth, however, is not the ‘sticky’ kind. It’s more of like a herbal soup. But consider me impressed. I’d give this dish 3 out of 5 stars.

Now, what was really shocking was the Rendang Rice ($5.50) which my darling had ordered. Usually I’m the one who’s better at (somehow) picking the tastier items at a restaurant that we have not visited before. But he had read multiple online reviews about the Rendang Rice here and my goodness, those people weren’t lying! It’s really lemak, really flavourful and oh-so-shiok! I really want to try the lemon grass prata with this! 5 stars!

Rendang Rice $5.50 + 20cents for takeaway

I’d also chosen the Sliced Ngoh Hiang ($3.50) which, of course, tastes nothing like your usual meaty version of ngoh hiang. In fact, I find it hard to describe how this tastes as it’s like nothing I’ve ever had before. It’s like you’re suddenly introduced to alien cuisine. I think there’s black fungus and carrot in their ngoh hiang, but I don’t know what else there is. On the whole, it’s still palatable though I would like (1) a special sweet sauce to go with it and (2) fatter chunks instead of thin slices. Though, of course, I don’t expect the chef to read this. XD I’d give this 2 stars.

And I’m not a fan of rojak – you’d hardly see me ordering the dish. I’d probably get popiah most of the time. Anyway, my darling bought their Rojak which also cost $3.50 so instead of the sliced ngoh hiang, you may want to get this instead. It’s quite addictive. I’ll have to ask them about the ingredients some time. I could have finished all of this myself. 3.5 stars!

What I really want to try next from Water Drop Teahouse:

  1. Laksa Noodles $5.50
  2. Lemon Grass Prata $3.50
  3. Miso Mee Sua Soup $4.50
  4. Dumpling Noodles $5.50
  5. Potato Wedges $3.50
  6. Fried Brinjal with sauce $4.50

Now that we’re allowed to dine in at F&B outlets in pairs, we just might pop by the teahouse. Can save on the takeaway box fees too. Haha! Our dinner which consisted of 2 mains and 2 sides cost a total of $18.40, with the 40 cents being the fee for the boxes. XD

Sushi From Waterway Point For Your Father’s Day Celebration

Friday, 18th June, was International Sushi Day and we actually bought sushi from Waterway Point for dinner. 😀 Perhaps you may want to get sushi for your Father’s Day celebration today too. So here’s my recommendation: Sushi Express’s platters. In the picture above, you see their Polar Bear Platter. It has my favourite Hana Maki sushi. 🙂 I’d actually purchased the $58 bundle deal which comes with the Polar Bear Platter, Aburi Platter and a whole New York Cheesecake. <- Staff had informed me that they do usually sell each slice of this cheesecake at $3. 😉

Good for 3 to 4 people:

The cheesecake’s entirely frozen so do let it thaw in the fridge first. It’ll taste a bit like ice cream as it’s so cold. And I think the best part is that it has been sliced for your convenience. 10 slices in total.

Initially, I’d thought of ordering the sushi platters via GrabFood and picking it up myself as there’s 25% off for ‘Self Pick Up’. But the prices via the app seem to be different from those in-store so I walked to Waterway Point first.

The Polar Bear Platter costs $20 if you were to walk in and place your order directly with Sushi Express:

But it’s $28 on GrabFood. With 25% discount, you’re still paying $21, a dollar more.

Apart from Sushi Express, another eatery you can get sushi platters from is Kuriya Japanese Market. Prices start from $46.80:


Wherever you’re getting your food from, do make your reservations early. I was told that people had already booked Sushi Express’s Bundle A earlier this week for collection today.

Highly recommended is Sushi Express’s Polar Bear Platter. 🙂 At $20, it’s pretty affordable, especially if your family loves sushi. I’m not a big fan of their cheesecake though. I’d much rather get a slice of Lychee Cheesecake from Starbucks.

In any case, I’d like to wish all fathers a Happy Father’s Day! 🙂 🙂

Getting My First Pfizer Vaccine Shot: What I Wish I Was Told

The waiting / holding area for the Sengkang CC vaccination centre.

Initially I’d booked a vaccination slot in mid-July at Hougang CC as that was the earliest slot available for the Pfizer vaccine. Then thanks to my pal, J, who shared that there were (new) slots available at Sengkang CC this month, also for the Pfizer vaccine, I quickly changed my appointment date and venue. The slot I’d selected was for 9.30am this morning and I’d arrived early – it wasn’t even 9am yet. I’d heard from other folks who’ve gotten their jabs that there’s little waiting time – they waltzed in and got their shots. Unfortunately for me, this wasn’t the case. Along with a few other folks who’d arrived early, we were seated at the waiting area, in the picture you see above, watching those with 8.30am/9am appointments getting their registration done. And it was FREEZING in there. I think there were about 8 portable air-conditioning units just in this space alone. It gave me an overwhelming urge to pee *cross legs*.

Protip: Just be punctual for your appointment (no need to arrive early), go pee prior to registration, wear long pants and tops with short sleeves. Bring a shawl if you’re really afraid of the cold. An auntie seated in front of me wrapped herself in a shawl and I was SO envious! But thankfully I didn’t wear anything sleeveless today.

We were given this pamphlet to read while waiting. It still states that “You should NOT get the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine if you are under 16 years old, pregnant, have a history of anaphylaxis to other medicines, vaccines, insect stings or food.”

Once the registration was done, I was given this little slip of paper with my particulars printed on it, then I joined the queue and we walked over to the vaccination area. The lady who gave me the jab looked SO young (maybe 20 years old?), but she had such kind eyes and the jab was given swiftly. I’d rolled up my sleeve, taken a deep breath and just as I was breathing out, she said “take a deep breath in” *oops too late* and I felt the needle prick my skin. And that was it. Done. Plaster on and I could go.

She told me to press down on the injection site for a minute, and so I did. As I walked to the waiting area and got myself seated, I followed her instruction. No one else did, it seemed.

We sat here for 30 minutes before our names were called and we went to the discharge stations.

Of course, everyone was happily using their mobile phones while waiting for the 30 minutes to be up. No one seemed to have any adverse reactions to the Pfizer vaccine. We were told to raise our hands if we needed medical attention.

After the ‘discharge’, we received freebies on our way out: A 50-pc box of masks from BYD CARE, a 500ml bottle of Lifebuoy hand sanitiser and a reusable mask.

It’s been about 2 hours since my jab. I’m feeling good. I don’t feel any soreness. After the jab I felt just a little temporary tingling in my arm and that was it.

My darling went for a Moderna jab and he tells me his arm began feeling sore almost immediately after the jab, and the soreness lasted for about two days. He also had trouble raising the arm when changing his clothes.

So now he’s telling me to raise my arm, and I do it effortlessly, and he’s like (@_@) how come yours not painful?!

But of course, everyone’s going to respond differently to the vaccines, no matter which one you’re getting. If you feel any pain or fever, take Panadol every 6 hours as needed.

The important thing is to get yourself vaccinated as soon as you can. And do take my advice and go pee before you register. 😀 This morning, it felt like I was on the set of ‘FROZEN’, my bladder was about to burst, and only after a very long wait could I… let it go~~~

Jewel Changi Airport after the reopening…

We visited Jewel Changi Airport today for our dinner and grocery shopping. And also because we were curious about Jewel’s current state, after the reopening. Has the crowd returned? It’s the school holidays after all. 😉 For dinner, he picked Pow Sing Restaurant while I got takeaway from Gochi-So Shokudo. PS’ white beehoon was decent and the chili sauce and pickled green chili provided made this dish so much tastier. The Garlic Loin Don I’d ordered was good too though I noticed the pork was in smaller chunks compared to our takeaway from their Seletar Mall outlet.


The promo ends tomorrow… but maybe if *touch wood* this Phase 3 HA is extended then perhaps the promo would be too?

Spotted people getting their wedding as well as graduation pics taken. Good time to do so!

Some restaurants such as Din Tai Fung remained shut.

Bought this Salted Egg Fish Skin snack for $6.50 as there’s a 1-for-1 promo right now. Makes it really worth buying. I might do a review soon. XD

I think the Bengawan Solo shop looks really sad. Seemed like there’s just one lady manning the store, and there were no customers. In the past, tourists would have filled the store. Strangely enough, there are still some shops with queues. Rich & Good Cake Shop, for instance, always has people queuing.

With free parking from 10am till 11pm daily, now till 11th July, there’s probably no better time to visit Jewel. 😛

Meadows TRUFFLE Potato Chips vs Potato Sticks

The Meadows Truffle Potato Chips need no introduction. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have seen it in stores or at least tried it once upon a friend’s recommendation. Each 60g pack of Truffle Potato Chips costs just $1 (usual price) or $9.90 for a carton of 12 at selected 7-eleven outlets (which means each pack ends up costing you just 83 cents). I was rather excited about the launch of Meadows Truffle Potato Sticks because the potato chips have been so well-loved that the potato sticks must certainly be worth trying too, no? 😀 I got mine from 7-eleven and paid $2.85 for a pack of the potato sticks. Inside, there are 5 smaller packs weighing 20g each.

If you need help with portion control, well, this’d be useful:

I opened a pack and poured out the contents into a bowl. There were probably only 20+ small-ish sticks. I was a little disappointed. That’s it?

Upon opening the pack, there’s that familiar truffle smell you get with the potato chips. As for the mouthfeel, well, the sticks are obviously going to be crunchier than the chips but because they’re so small, and there aren’t many of them, you feel oddly… unsatisfied after.

My darling summed it up in four words: “I prefer the chips”.

Yup, me too. Plus, the potato chips offer you more bang for your buck.

Potato chips (60g) – $1 (or 83 cents when purchased in bulk)

Potato sticks (100g) – $2.85

Interestingly, the potato chips are manufactured in Malaysia but the potato sticks come all the way from China! In fact, printed on each of the small packs of potato sticks is the Halal symbol with the words “Shandong Halal Certification Service”.

If I’m going to enjoy a snack while catching a movie, I’ll definitely pick the 60g pack of truffle chips. I’ll certainly enjoy the chips more, and also feel less guilty about eating one pack of chips vs. five (small) packs of potato sticks. XD

7-Eleven’s Hello Kitty Silicone Pouch

Feeling ridiculously lucky today! 😀 Spent over $26 at Vivocity’s 7-eleven store, collected 5 stamps and then paid $8.90 to get a blind box. Inside the box is a sealed black bag containing the silicone pouch. There are holes punched into the bag so you can take a peek. One hole showed me the item within was white, another hole was pinkish (Kitty’s bow). I was over the moon, obviously. *If you don’t mind getting any of the 8 characters, then by all means go ahead and rip the bag open. But if you would want to trade with someone else to get the character you desire, then keep the bag sealed. Most people will request for a sealed bag – you can find them on Carousell or over at 7-eleven’s Facebook page.* I’m obviously not trading. XD

Spending $5 gets you just one stamp, so in order to collect 20 stamps and redeem a free pouch (blind box), you’ll have to spend $100.

Obviously, some character pouches will allow you to store more items in them. The yellow Pompompurin one, the purple Little Twin Stars and the green(?) Cinnamoroll ones are definitely going to be more roomy.

But the Hello Kitty one is the only character pouch I want. Hehe! As it’s mainly white in color, I do worry that it’ll get dirty real quickly.

If you want to get your hands on one of these character pouches, do make your way to a 7-eleven store ASAP. As with previous other campaigns, I’d expect stocks to run out fast and eventually there may only be a few outlets where these blind boxes will be ‘consolidated’ at and you’ll have to head to those specific outlets to make your redemption. And by then, you might find it tough to do a swop with someone else since most of us would have gotten the pouches we want already.

Ask Your Neighbour What’s His/Her Problem

Yesterday evening, I saw a meme post on IG and noticed there’s a new addition to the usual ‘badge lady’, ‘hwa chong lady’, ‘racist guy’ lineup. There’s now a ‘Gong Lady’. Wow. Then I went to track down the video to watch. It might as well have been choreographed. Guy’s doing his prayers and ringing the bell and lady dashes out of her home and begins hitting a gong with admirable fervour. OK… so what’s her problem? I don’t mean that in an accusatory way. I mean to ask… why is she doing what she’s doing? Often, we won’t know until we ask. We can only speculate / assume, and we might be wrong.

I wish someone would ask her.

I did notice the two households seem to be located really close to each other.

And yes, I think the guy is definitely entitled to go about his prayers.

Just as we have added the word ‘umbrage’ to our collective vocabulary, it is evident (from comments on social media) that we are also learning that Hindus ring the prayer bell to “welcome divinity and dispel evil”. Ok… so if I chase evil out of my home, where do the evil spirits go? And if my neighbour then decides to use a gong to chase away the evil spirits too, is that necessarily wrong? We’re essentially performing the same action using different instruments according to our own culture and religion.

And yes, you might question that neighbour’s gong-hitting intensity and that look on her face (Anger? Spite? RBF?)

I’m only saying… someone should really ask her.


As I’m typing this, a fire alarm is ringing in a neighbouring block. 😀 It’s almost 10am so it’s not too bad. Exactly a week ago, the fire alarm at my block rang at around 4am. I wrote to my MP after that and someone from the town council responded to say the alarm was due to “faulty heat detectors”. Erm… ok.

As we’re forced to work from home these days, we’ll get bombarded by distractions and disturbances. In my case, it’s neighbors smoking by their windows and rogue fire alarms. What’s yours?


And if it seems like the crazies are coming out of the woodwork, well, I do think there’s a lot of pent-up frustration.

Truth be told, I’m uncomfortable with this tightening and loosening of measures. One week I can dine in restaurants and the next I have to carry reusable containers with me.

I’ve had makan sessions with pals cancelled, and work’s affected too. 

We hunker down and get community case numbers low, and then we have imported cases (no biggie if there’s no ‘leakage’ into the community). And why are the “Permanent Residents” not permanently in Singapore but still flying in with COVID-19 infections?


And this is a true story. Just last month, my darling and I had gone to Punggol Plaza to get lunch (and for me, bubble tea). Driving out of the carpark, we stopped at the pedestrian crossing to let a lady (probably in her forties) cross the road. I was happily sipping on my bubble tea.

She had walked till about the middle of the pedestrian crossing when she suddenly did a sharp kekanan pusing (right turn, military style) so she was now facing our vehicle and standing in front of the driver’s side mirror. Her right arm was raised in a salute. She was saluting… us (?!)

I was stunned. And I think a few bubble tea pearls dropped back into the cup.

My darling’s the kind with a wacky sense of humor and he took this to be perfectly normal. He played along. He simply raised his hand to his brow in a salute and the lady began marching away.

Meanwhile, I’m gripping my seat and looking from him to her and back, and wondering what in the world just happened. Is this some prank? Is there a camera somewhere?

What would have happened if I was behind the wheel? I’d probably have driven around her. Then… would she still be standing there saluting all who went past? Well… I’ll never know.

Likewise, we’ll never know what a pissed-off neighbour’s actually thinking (or suffering) till we ask. Ask your neighbour what’s his/her problem. You may even be able to help, once you know.

Lay’s vs Calbee’s Hot and Spicy Potato Chips

Calbee’s Hot & Spicy chips are one of my favorites when I’m catching a movie. 😀 Recently, Lay’s Hot & Spicy chips have been spotted in stores and vending machines. I got my pack F.O.C. from the Auntie Sam vending machine at Waterway Point. Their 48g packaging got me excited because it seems to be the perfect size. In the picture above, I’m holding the 22g pack of Calbee chips. 22g is, well, insufficient. Meanwhile, Calbee’s 80g pack simply holds too many chips – if you’re eating the entire bag of chips on your own, you might end up *BURP* feeling too full after that. So Lay’s 48g pack appears really promising.

So first up… Lay’s version of Hot & Spicy chips. Well, the first thing I noted was how some of their chips look really bloated, like UFOs.

Chip 1:

Chip 2:

The chips seem to be larger and longer in size when compared to Calbee’s. As for the taste, they’re slightly similar to Calbee’s (since they’re both hot and spicy chips) but the Lay’s version seems to have a hint of what seems to be… ketchup? It’s this sourish / tomato-ish / ketchup-y taste which I don’t quite like.

As for Calbee’s, it’s like they all conform to the same level of thickness. You’re unlikely to find a ‘UFO’ chip. The taste is also more… how shall I put it… full-bodied?

In terms of pricing… as stated on FairPrice’s website:

Lay’s – $8.85 for a carton of 6 packs (so each 48g pack will cost $1.475)

Calbee – $1.50 for an 80g pack


Definitely try the Lay’s version of Hot & Spicy chips. You may like it. I’m sticking to my old favorite though. 😀