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Durian Empire Punggol: Awesome Mao Shan Wang At A Discount

Durian Empire Punggol reviewOne advantage of following Durian Empire-Punggol on Facebook is that you get notified (especially when you’ve set their posts to ‘See First’) when there’s a promotion which is like a ‘flash deal’. Usually it is when it’s a rainy evening and few are tempted to head to Punggol Plaza for their durian fix. On good days, durians are sold out fast (usually before 9pm) but on slower days, you can score a sweet deal if you happen to be online when they post on their Facebook page. Two nights ago, I saw their post regarding the last few sets of MSW going at a special price and to PM if one is keen. I PM-ed them and found that instead of the usual price of $42/box, it was about $38 (‘cos it’s a set of 3 boxes for $115), which is roughly 9% off.

(Today, the price is $44/box! I’m not sure why the prices keep going up. Has supply been affected yet again?)

An example of their flash deal posts:

durian empire discount

Even if you see “last 4 sets” and there are 4 or more people keen on getting them, just go ahead and PM the team anyway. They are usually able to fill all orders while the post’s still up.

And my order took about an hour to be delivered to my doorstep. I would have to pay a little extra if I ordered from some other durian seller elsewhere, for this “1 hour delivery”. But since we’re in the same neighborhood, I got my durians delivered pretty quickly at no surcharge.

And I weighed them all. Each box was over 500g, with one over 600g.

Durian Empire Punggol

Seeds are generally flat, which I like:

mao shan wang seeds

So far, I have had zero issues when ordering durians from Durian Empire – Punggol. It’s true that these days, durian lovers have to pick their sellers first before/instead of choosing the durians. Go follow them on FB for the best deals. πŸ™‚

And please be careful if you’re enjoying your durian while watching election debates. Be sure not to choke on the seeds! πŸ˜‰

Phase 2: Drink Bar Unavailable at Saizeriya

saizeriya oasis terraces

Had dinner at Saizeriya yesterday and fully expected to be able to drink to my heart’s content. (Not alcohol. Just soft drinks! :D) But we found a notice left on the table and it stated that “Due to Phase 2 regulations, our Drink Bar & Condiment Station will not be available.” (@_@) It seemed too late to walk out of the place as we’d already scanned the SafeEntry QR code and had been ushered to a table all the way inside the restaurant. Oh well. I’m not sure which Phase 2 regulation disallows drink bars, as I get my drinks just fine over at Subway, so this is very strange. My darling said this probably encourages people to leave once they’re done with the food. <- Which makes more sense. ‘Safe distancing’ is definitely practised at Saizeriya as the table beside you will always be left unoccupied. So they probably don’t want diners to stay around just to chit-chat.

saizeriya no drink bar in phase 2

Since there’s no free flow ‘drink bar’, we made do with plain water from our water bottles instead. XD So healthy! And we noticed that two students seated nearby were drinking bubble tea. And I guess this is why folks love Saizeriya so much. There’s a relaxed vibe here. You’re welcome to help yourself to the drinks and they don’t charge GST nor service charge. And now… staff don’t even bat an eyelid when you drink bubble tea in the restaurant.

As for the food, in the very first picture you see above, we had Cheese Focaccia ($2.40) though I still prefer the garlic version. Let’s have garlic focaccia next time, darling!Β 

And here’s my Spaghetti Vongole in tomato soup ($5.90). I do regret ordering this. It’s watered down and the ‘soup’ tastes like tabasco sauce in lots of water. Spaghetti’s done al dente, and some of the clams had some sand / grit. So… not entirely delightful.

spaghetti vongole saizeriya

The pizza, though, was amazeballs! This Rucola Pizza ($7.90) has a paper-thin crust, cheese and chicken cubes on it. And lots of rocket leaves! A veritable mix of flavors that leaves you craving for more.

saizeriya rucola pizza

The 4 Cheese Ravioli ($5.90), as the name suggests, was just an overload of cheese. We truly had too much cheese during this meal! πŸ˜€ We’ll make better choices next time. But this dish is good for dipping the focaccia into. So we just might order this again.

And now I’m craving for more of that pizza. When the Drink Bar is finally back in action, we’ll certainly have to visit again.

Saizeriya without the free flow Drink Bar is just not the same, eh? πŸ˜›

Greyhound Cafe SG Didn’t Make Me Smile, So They Failed

greyhound cafe singapore review

It was with feelings of anticipation and also trepidation that I’d made a reservation at Greyhound Cafe Singapore last week. If you’ve read my BKK blogposts, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of Greyhound Cafe in Bangkok as their Fettuccini with Shrimp and Mushroom Cream Sauce is pure amazeballs. They get me every single time. So will Greyhound Cafe SG live up to expectations or will it fail miserably? As I walked towards the cafe, I saw one of their staff with a grey tshirt that says “If I can’t make you smile, then I failed”…

greyhound cafe singapore

And right from the get-go, I think yup, they’re lucky I’m not reviewing the cafe for some food guide or they’d definitely fail. My Eatigo reservation was for 5pm, and by about 4.32pm or so, we’d already reached Paragon so I thought I’ll try my luck and go see if we will be seated early since it was Day 1 of Phase 2 and there were few diners at that time. Unfortunately, the dude whom I’m assuming is a supervisor (or manager) since he was wearing a long-sleeved white shirt and a black tie was unfriendly, bordering on rude. While my darling preferred to pleasantly ask if it would be possible to let us be seated at the table first since the place was nowhere near crowded, I just turned around and walked off.

Since we’d arranged to meet our pal, Steven, here for dinner, it would be a hassle to get a table elsewhere so we went back just before 5pm. And guess what… the QR code we had to scan was so tiny they had to have 2 red arrows pointing to it or else customers would miss it altogether. Why not just print a larger one then, so people don’t have to get so close in order to scan it?

Quite dumb really to have diners ‘bunch’ together just to scan this puny thing:

And the staff who took our temperature was reeking of cigarette smoke. I know the weather’s chilly these days. And yes, it’s Day 1 of Phase 2 so… give chance a bit now. But please wake up your idea k? πŸ˜›

Thankfully, there was 50% off via Eatigo or I’d have hated dining here. Service was lackluster especially after the dinner crowd came in. At one point, we almost had to get up and go serve ourselves more water.

We had Calamari Fritti ($13++ before discount) and it was decent. Rather addictive too. I’ll order this again…

greyhound cafe singapore menu

My pal had the Tom Yum Soup ($14++) which came with ravioli (how interesting) and a large tiger prawn.

greyhound cafe prices

As we tried to avoid sharing food during this COVID-19 period, I did not get to taste the tom yum soup. My pal said it’s good though. And yes, it looks real appetizing, for sure.

My darling had the Spicy Muay Thai Burger (Beef) that costs $15++ and the fries are so good! That bottle of mustard he’s holding leaked pale yellow ‘water’ and nothing else.

grey hound cafe

As for dessert, which was a real killer, we had Mango with Sticky Rice ($9++) and we had to ask for serving plates because nobody took the initiative of providing extra plates. Strange how they brought 3 forks but not the plates.

And the mango was SO SOUR! So this dessert was ruined. I’ve never had such sour mango – really appalling.

greyhound cafe dessert

As for drinks, the lychee juice I wanted was not available (but staff taking my order did not know) and my dining companions had lemongrass tea ($5.50) and warm water ($1, refillable).

There was a hiccup with payment as well. When I’d called in the morning to check if my Eatigo reservation was reflected in the cafe’s system, the guy who answered the call said they were aware and knew that I’d even included a $5 Eatigo voucher.

But when it was time to make payment, they did not deduct that $5. And thankfully I’d checked the receipt (as my darling had made the payment without my knowledge) and noticed the discrepancy. Then we had to get the attention of the staff and have them void the transaction and swipe the credit card again. (@_@)


Would I return to Greyhound Cafe SG? Highly unlikely. So I won’t even bother leaving the address and contact number below.

I’m not sure why they’re so fantastic over in Bangkok but here… the food just does not match up. Was there a proper transfer of skills?

I think I’ll just save my money for my next trip to BKK. I’ll need at least 2 meals over at Greyhound Cafe in BKK. πŸ™‚

8 Durian: How Good Is ‘AAA Grade’ Mao Shan Wang?

8 durian delivery singapore

I sent in an order last week for durians to be delivered today. And, really, the last thing I should have done was to revisit the website and check out today’s prices. Because they’ve fallen! (@_@) Today (22/6/2020), my ‘AAA Grade’ Mao Shan Wang would cost just $42.30 a box while last week’s price was $46. Alamak! Not a big deal except for the fact that I’d ordered 3 boxes. XD

Today’s price:

8 Durian 22 June 2020 price

Just 4 days ago:

8 Durian Price

If you’re wondering why durian prices are still considerably high even though it should be the peak durian season in June, when there should be a bountiful harvest and therefore lower prices, I have the answer. I’d read online that on June 10th, there was “torrential rain” in Raub (Pahang) and many durian trees and their fruits were destroyed. *ouch*

So… if you want to have your durian fix this season, well, expect to pay a bit more. It’s probably a lot more painful for the farmers as those trees take years to grow.

And at 8 Durian, there’s free delivery when you spend over $100. So you’ll probably end up getting 3 boxes or more. πŸ˜‰


8 durian singapore

I believe these were chilled, as stated on the website. The delivery time slot I’d selected was 5pm to 10pm and these arrived at about 8.20pm.

VERDICT: Creamy with a strong alcoholic taste/smell. Highly addictive – very difficult to stop at one box. Mixture of very large as well as small and flat seeds. I appreciate that they chill the durians though I think placing a moisture absorbing sheet below the durians might help prevent the underside from turning slightly mushy.

mao shan wang delivery singapore

Almost as many large seeds as there are small and flat ones:

mao shan wang seeds

Each box is supposed to have about 450g of durian. And I WEIGHED THEM! Do note that the weight of the box is approximately 25g.

durian delivery singapore

After deducting 25g for the box, I’m left with approximately 515g, 464g and 468g, all well above what is promised on their website.


My durian-eating philosophy (if there’s such a thing) is that I should just go straight for the best stuff. So while 8 Durian has ‘A Grade’ Mao Shan Wang and ‘AAA Grade’ Mao Shan Wang, I didn’t even want to try the cheaper one to see if it’s any good. I did spot a review on the website that says the cheaper version tastes similar to the AAA one:

8 Durian review

If you want to save some money, you know what to do.

I’m just a little annoyed that I’d selected the 5pm to 10pm delivery slot. It’s such a wide timeframe, and I just had no idea when exactly the durians would reach me. I might have trouble ordering from them for parties at home because friends might be sitting around waiting for the durian after dinner, and I don’t think anyone will stay till 10pm. *There’s Express 1 Hour Delivery for an additional 18bucks, which I think I’ll recommend if you’re having said party at home.

If your delivery is late (by an hour or more), you can also get a full refund via store credits:

8 Durian Late Delivery

It would be really nice if 8 Durian can provide an update when the durian has been picked up by the delivery personnel and is on the way. Just an additional form of ‘service’ which customers will appreciate. They do have a “24 Hours Whatsapp Chat” with this number: 85553702. I whatsapp-ed them when I could not tahan anymore and just had to know when the durians will be delivered. πŸ˜€ And yes, replies are pretty prompt.

If you’ve been tempted thus far to get your hands on some Musang King durians, or maybe you want to try the Premium Black Gold durians, you can head over to https://8durian.com/

Pillow Pineapple Tarts from Garden Pastry & Cake

garden pastry and cake

I should really stop buying pineapple tarts when it isn’t the CNY period. Last night, I could not resist getting the pillow pineapple tarts at Garden Pastry & Cake – a neighborhood cake shop located in Aljunied Crescent. There were only 3 tubs left and while I was curious about the date of expiry, I couldn’t find a sticker on the tub so I had to ask the cashier. She said it’ll last a few weeks with no issue. And when my darling pressed her about the date of manufacture, she blurted out “TODAY” in Mandarin, after saying it could not have been made during CNY. But “today” seemed less than truthful to me. And upon tasting the pineapple pillow, yup, I don’t think it was made the same day I purchased it. πŸ˜›

Each tub has 3 layers of tarts. The price is decent at $22.80 though I’d probably get some pineapple tarts from Bengawan Solo in future, if I really have a craving again. They’re the sort who’d have more accurate dates to inform me about.

garden pastry & cake pillow pineapple tart

I love the color, obviously, and it was what drew me to these tarts. No anaemic-looking ones. No burnt ones. Just plump-looking pineapple tarts. As for the taste, well, there’s only a hint of sweetness so if your folks at home are always complaining about this being too sweet and that being too sweet, these tarts will not elicit such remarks.

But I don’t think I managed to get freshly-baked tarts, so it’s a pity I won’t be able to rave about these. They do taste like perhaps they were baked a week ago or so. Not exactly stale / unpalatable, but not baked-today-FRESH either.

And besides the Garden ‘branding’ sticker on the top, there’s no sticker of any sort elsewhere. Not below, not at the side.

singapore pineapple tarts review

I do hope bakers start paying a bit more attention to these things. Put a sticker stating the best before date at least, if the date of manufacture is a little sensitive.

I did also purchase their banana swiss roll for $4.80 and that was really good. I kept it in the fridge last night and even when we ate them for breakfast this morning, the taste was still pretty good. I would purchase the swiss roll again.


Garden Pastry & Cake Pte Ltd is at 95 Aljunied Crescent, #01-505, Singapore 380095.

Tel: 67455706

Review of Ollella’s Kueh Lapis and Dairy-free Cempedak Cake

ollella kueh review

If you thought Facebook was dangerous ‘cos the ads prompt you to buy stuff (OK lah, it’s me. I’m so susceptible) then Youtube is worse. I’ve already installed Adblock for Youtube but recently I watched a video from the channel ‘Our Grandfather Story’ and it was about kueh lapis. It prompted me to immediately order Ollella’s cakes online (See? So dangerous!) and since there’s free delivery with $35 spent, I bought Prune Rum Lapis and the Dairy-free Cempedak Cake. It was just sent over via UParcel (I was surprised) and I managed to have some kueh before dinner! Haha! If you’re wondering whether Ollella’s cakes are worth the pricetags, read on…

First up (I love my egg nail, btw), the Prune Rum Lapis costs $24 for 350g, $50 for 700g (which is pricier than getting 2 x 350g, why?) and $90 for 1.4kg.

kueh lapis singapore

At first, I thought I’ll cut the kueh into 4 slices. Then, since it’s a pricey kueh, I made it 8 slices instead. Haha! There’s a decent amount of prune all over. However, I couldn’t taste any rum. And I’d forgotten about the rum part and treated an Indonesian helper who lives in the same block as me to a slice (Oops! Sorry!) and she didn’t find anything amiss either. (@_@)

One of eight precious slices:

prune rum lapis ollella

Here’s the size and price comparison for the kueh lapis and the cempedak cake. As you already know, making kueh lapis is hard, painstaking work so the price really reflects that. As for the dairy-free cempedak cake… hmm… a bit pricey eh?

ollella singapore review

Upon opening the box, I was sad at finding that the cake had sunk in. I wondered if there was too much moisture? In any case, thankfully, this was not given as a gift to a client or friend or else I’d feel so bad about it. On the website, the cake in Ollella’s picture was perfect.

ollella cempedak cake review

I did send Marcella from Ollella a Whatsapp message about the cake and this is her reply:

So apparently most of the cakes are sunken where the cempedak slices are placed. I wonder if the fruit could be sliced more thinly maybe? Or ‘stack’ more slices below to prop up the top part? (I’m not a baker so I don’t know, ya? Just wondering out loud)

Order this cake if you’re eating it yourself OR if the recipient will not mind. Taste-wise, it’s decent. Not too sweet. Very moist. And there’s a fair amount of cempedak.

cempedak cake

What I did not expect biting into this cake was how it reminded me of pizza. Not the taste or smell, mind you! But when biting a chunk off, there are still connective fibres(?) of the fruit linking it back to the rest of the cake. It is like how you take a bite of pizza and the tendrils of cheese refuse to be disconnected. πŸ˜€ Super fun! Very fragrant cake too. The aroma hits you the minute you open the box. (And actually you can smell it already once the box is out of the bag)

Overall, the cakes are decent. I like that there’s free delivery with $35 spent because I certainly do not want to travel to 454 Race Course Road just to get cake. I would rate the cakes 3 / 5. So far, the best kueh lapis I’ve ever had were in Surabaya, Indonesia. The kind of taste that makes you think about it ever so often and wish you were back there. But, of course, food savored when on holiday always tastes just that bit better.

If you have a kueh lapis craving though, Ollella is a good place to start. Just a few clicks over at https://www.ollella.com/#/ and your cakes will be on their way to your doorstep.

The Straits People Cafe + R&B from Thomson Plaza

the straits people cafe review

Last week, I think I had just one ‘cheat day’. I managed to go easy on sweetened beverages and drank mainly plain water. Then there was that one day we decided to make a reservation via Eatigo for a 50% discount slot at The Straits People Cafe. But alas! We were done with work too early and it wasn’t even close to 6pm, so there was no point heading to the cafe first as they couldn’t offer us that discount of 50% at, say, 4pm. Then it started to drizzle. So off we went to Thomson Plaza where, for the longest time, they had the only R&B bubble tea outlet open in the whole of Singapore (during the Circuit Breaker).

Before I tell you which drink I picked (not my usual favorite), here’s TSP’s menu:

We ordered chicken + mash, chicken + pasta, meatball + pasta and an American Cheese Burger. After the Eatigo discount and a further $5 gift voucher, our total bill for 4 mains was just $16.80. So that’s like $4.20 per dish? Ridiculously good value for money!

The chicken thighs were tender and juicy. And I enjoyed the meatballs. He loved the burger. But I think there was just not enough marinara sauce for the pasta.

rnb thomson plaza

When we got to R&B, and I was expecting a long queue, we were surprised to find only two girls from Hwa Chong ahead of us. So of course we had to order something. And while it looked like there weren’t too many walk-in customers, the tables at the entrance of Koufu were full of orders waiting to be picked up by food delivery personnel. I guess some riders may have been stranded somewhere due to the rain. Looking at those orders… yup, Koufu’s shares suddenly look attractive.

The R&B menu:

While I’ll usually order the All-In Milk Tea (XL size), I went for the Mighty Luffy this time – also in XL size. 0 sugar, if you’re wondering. πŸ˜‰ And do remember to flash your Passion card for 5% discount!

I’m not sure why. But my order took especially long to prepare, such that the folks who’d ordered after us all got their orders and we were still left waiting. Then staff walked over from somewhere else in the Koufu foodcourt to the RnB outlet with my drink which had yet to get the plastic seal over it. Seems a little unhygienic as I don’t know whether she’d washed her hands before ‘transporting’ the cup. Not sure why the R&B outlet only churns out certain drinks, while others have to come from somewhere else within Koufu. Hmm. But I guess once Phase Two is here, I can head back to my usual R&B outlet within Punggol.


It is definitely a little annoying to not be able to dine-in. Some burgers just don’t fare so well during takeaway, and especially for deliveries which take a while as there aren’t enough riders or road or weather conditions aren’t the best.

However, there’s no service charge, so that’s great. And whatever I cannot finish can simply be placed into the fridge and reheated the next morning.

Am I hoping Phase Two will start soon? Yes. Do I think it will / should? Nope. Not when we still face the risk of imported cases. I’m really not sure why foreigners are let in during this time, even to seek medical treatment. It sure makes me upset when they later are confirmed to have COVID-19. *sigh*

My Third Veggie Bundle Purchase from CCL IMPEX

ccl impex

It’s really worthwhile to stalk CCL IMPEX on Facebook and be notified when they have new veggie bundles for sale. Currently, there’s a Superior Bundle for just $9.90 and it’s irresistible! I also bought their Purple Corn ($5) and White Bitter Gourd ($3.50). For purchases of $10 and above, you get free delivery. I’m not sure how they make money this way, but I’m certainly not complaining. Check out the Superior Bundle:

ccl impex superior bundle

Yup, it comes with an additional FREE pack with a handful of chili padi, three shallot bulbs, one garlic head and ginger that’s been halved (I’m not sure it’s terribly fresh).

And since I’ve not had purple corn before, I thought I’ll get one to try:

ccl impex purple corn

It’s supposedly full of antioxidants.

ccl impex white bitter gourd

And here’s white bitter gourd. I don’t even like bitter gourd. πŸ˜€ But I thought I’ll try this.

And about two weeks ago, I’d ordered yet another of their bundles. Most of the items were very fresh.

ccl impex bundle

The only item I didn’t like was this set of broccoli and cauliflower florets with sliced carrot. There was too much moisture in there…

ccl impex review

And the carrots had turned a little mushy and also smelled slightly funky. So… into the bin they went. I did manage to salvage most of the broccoli and the cauliflower.

ccl impex singapore review

And if you remember my first post about CCL IMPEX, when I found the mushy and stinky asparagus, well, all I can say is that when something is sold real cheap, do not expect perfection. There might be one or two items that aren’t up to expectation and might have to be tossed out. BUT for the price of $9.90, it’s still very much worth it.

I’ve also found that when I buy veggies in these bundles, I end up eating a variety of them. Carrots, for instance. I don’t usually eat carrots. But I’ve had quite a lot of them since I first discovered CCL IMPEX via a Facebook ad. And I’ve also had mushrooms, baby corn, capsicum and celery, all of which I do not usually purchase. So yup, I’d highly recommend that you check out this site below and grab a $9.90 veggie bundle today:


12 Of The Cutest Momiji Dolls EVER

Cutest Momiji Dolls

I spotted an ad on Facebook for a Momiji giveaway and one thing led to another, and I ended up spending a lot of time on their website oohing and aahing over their ultra kawaii dolls. I think I’ve seen the Japanese-inspired dolls in the past, which were cute no doubt, but these ones I’ve shortlisted from their website are ridiculously adorable. Apparently, there are a number of limited edition ones, and many have been sold out and are *sob* gone forever. The dolls are also hand numbered and you can only find about 20+ of them on sale currently. It’s evident that these dolls are popular around the globe. The company has some 230,000 followers on FB and over 61,000 on IG. One reason for their popularity could be that these dolls are created by designers from all over the world too. And guess what… YOU can be a guest designer too and get paid for your work.

Now, let’s look at the 12 dolls I’ve selected and will introduce here in no particular order:

momiji Pixie Pixel

Pixie Pixel was launched in March 2019. And it is still available! I love the pretty pink bow and the camera she’s holding. We do probably take more photos using our mobile phones these days, but it makes more sense to have the doll hold a camera to show she’s taking a photo, ya? πŸ˜€


LITTLE STARLIGHT GIRL (July 2019 edition) is still available. Love the glitter. Love the stars at the ends of the hoodie strings. And we’re still not over unicorns yet, right? πŸ˜€

And… of course:

Little Starlight Girl original

Launched in Oct 2016, this was probably the original ‘Little Starlight Girl? It is gone forever though, with only 300 pieces made, according to the website. Which do you prefer more? The colorful one or the disco edition above? πŸ˜‰

momiji Pascale and Pablo

This one is called ‘Pascale & Pablo’. Super duper cute. It’s obviously all sold out – some 2000 pieces since March 2017. I guess they could launch this design in other colors again, right? But to make it exclusive and worthwhile for collectors, I would understand if they don’t. That said, I wonder if dolls which come with friends (bunnies, for instance) sell a little better compared to those which don’t? πŸ™‚

momiji Yeehaa

This one is Yeehaa. I love the name. Plus she looks ready to grab life by the horns. Launched inΒ Sept 2017, this cutie is still available!

momiji Wish Upon a Star

And this one is probably my favorite: Wish Upon a Star. Launched in Dec 2018, it is still available. I like how serene and hopeful this seems. The fringe, the star hairclip, the hearts at the ends of the ribbon are all adorable details. πŸ˜€

momiji Astrid

Astrid is another one I like ‘cos there’s Hello Kitty! Plus she looks so happy. This doll was launched in Feb 2011, which feels so long ago, ya?

momiji Kindness

Kindness was launched in July 2017 and is still available. I have a feeling even my mother would like this one.

momiji Wonder

Wonder is one of those which come with ‘friends’. Launched in Oct 2017, it is ‘gone forever’. It’s so cute though. And the doll’s hugging the earth, which is probably a reminder for us to love our environment and cherish what we have now. I do wonder what new dolls have been created as designers all around the world have been in some kind of lockdown situation due to COVID-19, and might have had more time to be inspired and to create. πŸ™‚

momiji Tilly & Ralph

Tilly & Ralph is another one which is all sold out. Some 1500 pieces since Jan 2017. Love how the doll looks like some character from Japanese anime.

momiji Explore

Explore was launched in Apr 2017 and you cannot get it anymore. Unfortunately, we cannot do much exploring now. In fact, I just read an article about how we might not even be able to shower at swimming complexes when they open – we’ll have to take our showers at home before and after our swim. (@_@)

momiji ellie

Ellie is another doll which looks so happy! Launched in May 2018, it has probably captured more than a few hearts.


I’m definitely looking at getting a couple of these adorable dolls as Christmas gifts. They are too precious! πŸ˜€ If you absolutely cannot wait, and want to get your hands on Momiji dolls now, you can head over to their website and order away:


Razer’s Mask Vending Machine Seems More Popular Than I’d Thought

During the Circuit Breaker, Razer’s Mask Vending Machine was deployed to Waterway Point (and other malls) and up till 29th May at least, the machine in Punggol still looked to be 100% stocked, as though no one had redeemed the ‘free’ masks. Today, however, it looked like a number of people had gone to redeem / buy the masks. Vending single pieces of mask can be a little tricky. If you look at the pink arrows I’ve drawn on the picture above, there are empty spaces where masks should be. Did the masks slip out from the gaps? Or have the coils been carefully calibrated to ensure that additional “free” masks do not fall out when they shouldn’t? It’s anybody’s guess.

I spotted at least one slot (#10) with all the masks, save for one, already redeemed:

I’m curious about whether people who got these masks actually used them. Or kept them as collectibles. After all, the branding’s quite prominent: there’s #razerforlife on top and RAZER in bigger font size at the bottom. Is this a collector’s item for Razer fans? I’d like to know! πŸ˜€

And I’d even gone on Carousell to check: no one’s selling these free masks! However, there are some Carousell users selling the government-issued reusable masks! πŸ˜‰

razer mask vending machine

Located outside Uniqlo and Din Tai Fung at Waterway Point πŸ™‚

Would you download the Razer Pay app and sign up for an account just to get a free single-use mask? I’d initially thought we’d need to send in pictures of the front and back of our NRICs for verification, but upon reading their Support page, it seems you only have to do that if you want to send or receive funds from other Razer Pay users. So you will only have to provide your mobile number, full name, date of birth and nationality, then create a login password and Payment PIN.

Is it worth the effort and does it seem like you’re trading your personal particulars for something that costs so little to produce? All questions you have to answer for yourself.

I do, however, have some things to say to the Razer management:


Tan Min Liang (on FB) – “I see some negativity about how we require verification via Razer Pay – but if you think about it – this is the only way we’ll be able to ensure there’s no free for all on the masks. We aren’t the government and have no access to the Identity Cards etc. We’re funding this completely ourselves and would like to ensure there’s no fraud.”

There is another way: just send the masks to the G to give out together with the reusable masks. πŸ˜›


β€œThere are times potentially where you leave your house and you realise, β€˜Oh no, I don’t have the mask’. We think that this is something that we can do … to ensure that society stays safe,” said Mr Lee Li Meng, chief strategy officer of Razer. (CNA)

Oh no, you put your vending machines INSIDE malls. We cannot even get into the mall without a mask. How to get to your vending machine ah? Teleport? πŸ˜›

In any case, congratulations on being the first to place a vending machine in Waterway Point.