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Terrazzo Tray Casting Workshop at The General Company

terrazzo workshop singapore

My pal G signed us up for this Terrazzo Tray Casting workshop at The General Company as my b’day gift. But she fell ill so I went for the workshop with my darling today. And as it turned out, he enjoyed it (probably a lot more than I did). That thing with the sandpaper is really tough work – my arms were aching. Anyway, there were 10 participants at the workshop. And my darling leaned over and asked me if there’s still a limit of 5 people for such events, and I didn’t know the answer. (Is it still 5?) Anyway, we were the earliest to arrive. And two people came exactly 14 minutes late. Everyone else was punctual early. Yup, I cannot stand it when people are late, and I hate it more if the instructor tells us to wait for the latecomers. (WHY SHOULD WE?!) Thankfully, we waited for only 2 minutes after the official ‘start’ time of 1pm. ๐Ÿ˜›

So when those two came in, we were already picking out colored chips to make the first item: a coaster. I took a lot of the pink. In fact, I picked the seat closest to the pink, even before the workshop even started. Haha!

jesmonite singapore

According to the workshop facilitator, jesmonite is an eco-resin. It does have some plastic properties so while your finished product might break in half or get a chip if you drop it, it is unlikely to shatter. The best part is that no firing is required. It cures quickly. But it also means you need to get everything mixed and into the mould within ten minutes.

The colors aren’t really showing when you get it out of the mould, so you have to use the sandpaper…

terrazzo coaster singapore

The back of the sandpaper has a number printed on it. The ’80’ is coarser and can give your coaster quite a number of scratches, so use the ‘400’ after to smoothen things out.

We also made bigger trays without the chips. And some of us attempted a marbling technique, which was not always successful:

terrazzo tray casting workshop singapore

The finished products. To bring out the colors, apply a layer of wood oil (which can be purchased from IKEA).

I like that we were given this bubble packaging to protect our creations:

terrazzo workshop review


This workshop cost $150 for 2 people. If you’d like to make more products at home after the session, you can purchase the raw materials from local vendors. Just google “Jesmonite Singapore” and you’ll be able to find them.

Interestingly, 80% of the workshop participants were females. My darling said he felt relieved when the only other guy appeared. Before that, he was thinking of pretending to be gay. Haiya. Anyway, I hate working with sandpaper. That stuff’s hard work. And I’m glad my darling could help me out. LOL. Also, he said he can kinda understand why people sign up for such workshops – they take your mind off things, such as your job. Duh… you have to be so damn focused during those crucial 10 minutes and make sure you pour, stir, mix it all up well, throw in the chips, mix and pour into the mould, and tap to get the air bubbles out…?! Cos once it sets, there’s little you can do. And once it has hardened, you have to grab that sandpaper and really work it… and you might even wonder why you signed up for this in the first place. Haha!

There has to be a tool for doing that sanding. I’ve got to find it. ๐Ÿ˜›

Fishy People @ PRIME Buangkok Square Mall – Last Day TODAY!

Yesterday, I told my darling that maybe we should visit that fish & chips place at Buangkok Square Mall. Fishy People is located within PRIME supermarket (near the entrance) so we have been past it a couple of times but never dined there as we’ve usually had our meals before heading to the supermarket. And guess what… when we were placing our order for lunch yesterday, the lady told us Sunday’s their last day of operations! Wow. I believe this place opened some time in February last year, if FB posts are to be believed. And now, they’re ready to pack up and leave already. So glad we managed to try the food here before they’re gone. (Also, to my absolute horror, I found that the Shih Lin’s outlet has shut, and so has the nyonya kueh one next to it. What? Is Buangkok Square raising rents or what?)

So we ordered the Fish & Chips – there’s 50% off the second platter. And I also had their $6 Fish Soup Noodle.

Actually their Fish & Chips look really good. This is the White Snapper ($10.80) since the Red Snapper version ($11.80) wasn’t available.

They do also sell Poke Bowls, Laksa, etc.

And the promotions ARE attractive…

They do deliveries via Food Panda and Grab Food too. So why isn’t the business thriving?

I think, for one, the fish & chips look good but lack seasoning. Perhaps it could be beer battered or cajun spiced fish & chips. And they could come with a variety of sauces – salted egg, wasabi mayo, mala?!ย If it’s just chili, ketchup and tartar sauce all the time, I suppose it can get boring after a while. And if there’s an awesome coleslaw… yum!

So yup, it’s sad. If you have been here, and want to have a final meal here before this place closes, well, make your way there TODAY!

MUST Visit: Food Hub @ 455 Sengkang West Ave

huff and puff food hub

The initial plan was to head to Our Tampines Hub to catch a football match but since today’s weather has been so dreary, we decided to stay closer to home… by checking out this place at Sengkang West Ave where there’s a Sheng Siong supermarket (that’s open 24hrs), a coffeeshop (that seriously resembles a foodcourt), a Burger King outlet (that’s so BIG yet so deserted), and a couple of other neighborhood shops. And I’m impressed most of all by Food Hub – that posh-looking coffeeshop. In the picture above, you see one of the stalls within, and it’s called Huff & Puff and it sells cakes and pastries. (OMG the illustration’s too cute!)

The ‘Juicy Big Chicken Pie’ ($2.20) looks totally tempting so I’ll get this next time…

huff & puff sengkang west ave

What I did buy were the Portugese Egg Tarts ($1.50 each and buy-2-get-1-free)…

huff & puff portugese egg tart

Bought 6 of these yummies. Not too sweet. Ridiculously flaky crust. Yum.

And in the chiller, which had tubs and tubs of agar agar, brownies, etc… were fruit tarts. I used to love fruit tarts as a kid. And the lady kept emphasizing that these are amazing and it’s the LAST box since it’s so popular that they’re selling out… So yeah… I got suckered into buying these at $5.50…

huff & puff fruit tarts

Totally not worth it as the crust was soggy. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I wondered why they didn’t taste awesome though the lady had said they are oh so popular. Lifted the box and found ’19’ written on it. I’d hazard a guess that they were made on the 19th – two days ago. MEAH.

Not buying these anymore.

BUT… the Banana Chocolate Brownie is freaking… DELICIOUS! It’s dense yet moist. It smells like a banana cake but it tastes like a brownie. It freaking boggles your mind and delights your sense. And it costs just $4! (Can I get a refund on those soggy fruit tarts? :P)

huff & puff banana chocolate brownie


And in case you think I had a whole lot of dessert for dinner. Nooooo… I had them BEFORE dinner. Haha! Dinner was from this stall called ‘Hua Zai’. At the bottom of this picture – if you can tell – is their ‘Boneless Duck Noodle’ which costs $4.50! I like duck but I like chicken more than duck because the latter doesn’t seem to have as much flesh and there’s always a lot of bone to deal with. So… boneless duck noodles? Take my money! ๐Ÿ˜€

food hub hua zai hong kong style roasted delight

And $9.90 for a whole steamed chicken really is a very reasonable price. I usually just get a whole uncooked chicken from NTUC FairPrice and it already costs about 7 bucks.

Tabao-ed! And I LOVED that I didn’t have to deal with duck bones. ๐Ÿ™‚

food hub hua zai hong kong style roasted delight review

There’s this other stall which caught my eye too. It’s called Fatty Bom Bom. I dare you to resist giggling as you repeat the name three times! ๐Ÿ˜€ And yes, it’s halal-certified, which I think is awesome. Recently I’ve been thinking that if I’m Muslim, I would not have many food options around. No char kway teow, no bak kut teh, no wanton mee, etc. In a regular coffeeshop, there’d probably only be 1 to 2 stalls I can order food from.

fatty bom bom food hub

We had Western food earlier today so we gave Fatty Bom Bom a miss today. My darling bought beef hor fun from another stall and it cost only $4 – no extra charge for takeaway too. And they tie up the plastic sheet containing the horfun before placing it into the squarish paper box and another plastic bag, so there’s absolutely no spillage during the ride home.

I think Food Hub’s pretty cool. Definitely worth a visit! And yes, we’ll be back again real soon. Boneless duck meat ROCKS! ๐Ÿ˜€

Pink Mushrooms Are Sprouting In My HDB Flat

kin yan pink mushroom growing kit

Found these growing silently in a room… all on their own

This is slightly crazy. For days, I’ve been sniffling and I thought I was coming down with a cold (*cue the chicken soup*) and yesterday, I found the cause! Apparently, this mushroom growing kit I’ve got in one of the rooms at home has been sprouting. So yes, spores are probably everywhere. And here’s the funny thing: when I was diligently tending to a previous mushroom kit, the mushrooms that grew out of it were puny and looked a little lame. But these ones, which were growing on their own with no attention whatsoever, are beautiful and look ‘meaty’ and plump (if you know what I mean). SIGH.

And yes, if you didn’t know there are pink oyster mushrooms, well, now you know! ๐Ÿ˜‰ They taste the same as the regular ones. Just that these are prettier ‘cos of the color. My mother thinks pink mushrooms are strange! And I just had to remind her that she’s buying RED kiwi from China and she eats BROWN rice. How is a pink mushroom strange?ย 

And oyster mushrooms offer many health benefits, apparently, such as lowering your blood pressure, regulating cholesterol levels, and they supposedly have anti-Inflammatory and anti-cancer properties too!

Anyway… you can grow these pink oyster mushrooms by leaving them in a corner somewhere in your home and pay them zero attention. OR, you can do it the usual hard way.

I got my Kin Yan Agrotech kits from GoPasar at $9.90 during the 9.9 Sale some time back. I did also get the Golden Oyster Mushroom Growing Kits. ๐Ÿ™‚ (I think the pink ones are cooler) The usual price is $15.

On Day 1, just peel out the cardboard panel and use a penknife to cut an ‘X’ into the plastic. And use the little spray bottle included within the kit to lightly mist the package. By Day 3, the X should be looking a little pink, as such:

By Day 4, these little aliens should have emerged:

By Day 5, you’ll be thinking that the X you’d cut was too big or the box is too small:

By Day 6, you’ll be wondering how many mushroom dishes you can have at dinner before someone protests:


Now you probably see what I mean about letting the mushrooms grow on their own without any attention?

Yup. But I would add that you should keep the kit inside a big cardboard box so the spores are somewhat contained. Otherwise, if you leave the kit on a table, for instance, you’ll find that your table is covered in a layer of white powder very soon… which are, of course, all the spores.

And if you have a kit somewhere in the house, which you aren’t ready to use yet, and you start sniffling for no reason, check the kit. ๐Ÿ˜‰ย 

I think the recent wet weather is perfect for growing mushrooms. You won’t even have to water the kit! ๐Ÿ˜€ And yes, I’m having mushrooms for dinner. Ha.

8 Degrees Taiwanese Bistro – We Are Back Again!

8 degrees taiwanese bistro oyster and chitterling meesua

My darling and I were wondering if we should have dinner at Subway or McDonald’s, then since we were in the area, I suggested we eat at 8 Degrees Taiwanese Bistro instead. ๐Ÿ˜€ Even at about 4.20pm, the place was almost full with diners, a number of whom did not look like locals too. Today we did not have a Fave voucher so we placed our order with the help of the QR code on the table. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to food so I’m always going back to my tried-and-tested favorites. So it’s the Oyster and Chitterling Meesua ($6.80) of course. *You can indicate that you don’t want the coriander or fried onions (?) but why would you? I asked for more coriander and tah-dah, I got it! ๐Ÿ˜€

I also ordered their Brinjal With Pork Floss. At $5.80, it’s quite a reasonable portion with thick strips of brinjal – crispy on the outside, soft within. And they are generous with the pork floss too. I would order this again.

8 degrees taiwanese bistro brinjal with pork floss

And this is what my darling calls a “happy ending”. I wanted to try 8 degrees Taiwanese Bistro’s Ice Cream Toast ($8.80). I’d actually wanted their “snow ice” but it was all unavailable. Haiz. Public holiday, you know! How can?! They need to be more prepared next time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

8 degrees taiwanese bistro ice cream toast

I ate the ice cream first and… hmm, it’s not very good. I won’t name brands but this is one of the cheaper ones. You can tell immediately. And it even has ice crystals within. Bummer. The toast was alright – not wow – and the addition of the heart-shaped marshmallows is a cute touch. But the ice cream was a real letdown. Will not order this again till they change their ice cream supplier.

And if you so wish… you won’t have to handle cash or speak to anyone. Just order and pay online. Otherwise, you can pay in person at the counter before or after your meal…

8 degrees taiwanese bistro review

Here are some interesting items on their menu which I spotted, and may try on my next visit: Sweet Potato Porridge Set, XO Sauce Fried Chee Cheong Fun (say whuttt?!), Five Spice Cheese Fries, Milk Tea Pot (which sounds awesome and ridiculous at the same time).

8 degrees taiwanese bistro menuThe Silky Snow Ice wasn’t available! Why oh why?!
8 degrees taiwanese bistro silky snow ice

8 Degrees Taiwanese Bistro is at 37 Teck Chye Terrace, Singapore 545734.

Eat at Taipei – SAFRA Toa Payoh

Eat at Taipei SAFRA Toa Payoh

Had lunch at Eat at Taipei yesterday with a 50% discount slot booked via Eatigo. SUKI-YA is right next door so the two ‘share’ staff as sister companies under the management of Creative Eateries. Thus, while you’re eating Taiwanese fare, you might hear the staff greeting guests in Japanese. ๐Ÿ˜€ This place seems quite popular though I have to say that I prefer 8 Degrees Taiwanese Bistro more.

The cutlery came in plastic bags, which made it all seem more hygienic. Though you might, of course, have concerns about how this might not be eco-friendly.

eat at taipei review

I ordered the Dang Gui Herbal Duck Mee Sua ($12.90) as I like herbal soup and mee sua. ๐Ÿ˜€ Unfortunately, I didn’t like the duck much. Instead of being tender, it was dry… and tough. Probably wayyyy overcooked. The broth was light and refreshing. I’d also ordered the Ginseng Soup with Chicken ($10.90) which came with chicken thigh chopped into two halves, in a small bowl of soup. Once again, the chicken was dry instead of being tender and juicy.

My darling ordered the Gong Bao Chicken with Century Egg and Rice ($9.90). I liked the shortgrain rice and the first few bites of the chicken were delightful. Then it started tasting a bit too salty.

The Keelung Oyster Omelette ($9.90) was the most enjoyable. It’s evidently different from SG’s version of oyster omelette. There are onions, spring onions and beansprouts, all of which I like.

Really missing Taiwan. I wonder when we’ll be able to visit the country again.

Dabao-ing A Salad From Subway? Read This First.

subway waterway point

Have you ever wondered why Subway is featured so often in Korean dramas, especially the popular ones like ‘Descendants of the Sun’ and ‘Crash Landing on You’? I have. And you can read about it on Quora too. SO anyway, I was watching an episode of CLOY earlier today and then got a craving for Subway (damn these product placements) and made my way to Waterway Point to get myself a Subway salad. (If you wanna lose weight by eating salads, you might as well walk to the outlet and buy it yourself. No GrabFood OK?) Haha! Luckily, there was just one guy ahead of me in the queue and he had ordered a wrap – so healthy too!

The lady who prepared the salad for me did the right thing. She did not have me “skip the queue” even though my salad was ready in a jiffy while the guy ahead of me was still waiting for his wrap to come out of the toaster/oven. SO, as you can see in the picture above, my salad was ready and I could have made payment ahead of the guy in front, but the staff did not tell me to go to the counter before the guy did. Smart. Also, the guy was covered in tattoos – from his neck all the way to his hands, and who knows where else.

*Strangely, though, it’s near impossible to know the names of the staff in this outlet. Either they are not wearing nametags (as has happened before), or like this lady’s, the name printed on the label is already peeling / torn / faded. So I made a guess, and let’s call her S.

S seemed rather preoccupied with talking to the guy in the green shirt behind her. From the dynamics of how their conversation went, I’d have guessed that he’s a supervisor or at least someone with a bit more power. She was trying to impress him. And I don’t know the backstory of what she was saying but I inferred that she had (maybe) slipped and fallen while carrying a tub of lettuce to the counter, but she had held on tightly and therefore no lettuce was harmed. (@_@) “So stupid hor? I should have just let go of the lettuce!”

So… I’m thinking that yes, she should have let go of that lettuce… and WHY does the guy need to know? He’ll promote her because she took good care of company property? Is that it?

Anyway… I asked for more tomato and onions and she totally did not hear / respond. Had to ask a second time. I guess she’d much rather talk to the guy.

After making payment and collecting the bag containing my salad,ย I noticed that one slice of capsicum was sticking out between the bowl and the plastic lid…

Always check your purchase before you leave…

subway waterway point

She did not do a good job of placing the veggies neatly into the bowl, and simply left the lid on top instead of pressing it down and sealing the thing. Haiyaaaaaa…

If this happened for dine-in, perfectly acceptable.

But since I wanted to take the salad home… do you know what would have happened? If I had swung that plastic bag just a little, or been a bit clumsy like she supposedly was, my salad would not just be a tossed salad. It would have become Salad-In-A-Bag.

Guys… please take note. If your wife tells you to dabao something home, and she is hungry or worse, hangry, and you return home with a salad spilled into a bag… WOW. There might be new fireworks in your relationship… and not the pretty kind.

So immediately, I informed S about this. And instead of admitting her mistake, she tells me that for TUNA SALADS, they do not press the lid down. THEN WHY GIVE ME THE LID?!ย Only for other salads, like the meatball ones, will they seal them properly.

Sounded like a lousy excuse to me. I didn’t bother replying. I sealed the damn thing myself. And, of course, I sent feedback to Subway via the link printed on their receipt. I don’t even want the cookie on my next visit – too many calories.

At home, I found that I’d been given two pairs of cutlery for one bowl of salad:

subway singapore review

Haiz. Just give your customer what he/she wants, and not what he/she doesn’t need. S will probably tell me it’s not a mistake. It’s an additional pair of cutlery to use during my next visit. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tian Wai Tian Fish Head Steamboat @ 638 Veerasamy Road

Tian Wai Tian Fish Head Steamboat

My darling bought a Fave deal for 4 pax to dine at Tian Wai Tian Fish Head Steamboat. For just $46.30, there’d be a (snapper) Fish Head Steamboat, salted egg prawns, har cheong gai chicken, stir-fried kai lan / sweet potato leaves, and 4 bowls of white rice. Service was good, food was served pretty fast and I think we got our money’s worth! The best part has to be the unlimited soup refills. ๐Ÿ˜€

This branch at Veerasamy Road is in a coffeeshop…

Head there early for dinner if you can – 5.30pm? The place fills up fast at dinnertime.

They served us the greens first. You can’t go wrong with kai lan stir-fried with garlic. Then came the prawn paste chicken – I couldn’t taste any prawn paste – which seemed like regular fried chicken wings. As for the salted egg prawns, they’re alright though there are only 4 prawns. XD I could probably have eaten 5 of them. The broth for the steamboat’s really good. And I like putting lots of soup into my rice bowl so I get a porridge of sorts. ๐Ÿ˜€


And we also ordered an add-on: Prawn Rolls (medium sized serving at $12). I can’t say I liked this very much. For one, they don’t look terribly appetizing. Kinda like the chopped up body parts of a… zombie? And I don’t think the taste is outstanding either. I’d rather eat ngoh hiang or just a regular spring roll. But apparently, older folks love this. I don’t know why…

tian wai tian prawn roll

I think we’ll be back if there’s another Fave deal. Steamboat’s really suitable for the recent weather, don’t you think? Now my only issue is weight gain. Can’t help it. When the weather’s cold, I just feel like eating more. Haiz.

Waterway Point Updates: Marks & Spencer Pop-Up, Sushiro, Switch Work Booth

waterway point

I’m glad that malls are still putting effort into Christmas decor and dressing up the malls. Waterway Point always prettifies their entrance so it’s a nice spot for taking a picture! And if you haven’t been to WWP in a while, now’s a good time. There’s a Marks & Spencer Food pop-up store, Sushiro has opened a restaurant here, and you’ll probably find a few new things to see, buy, or tell your friends about. ๐Ÿ™‚

First up, we finally got to try the laksa and meatball/fishball soup from one of the stalls near the entrance to the foodcourt. Sometimes the queue here at Ah Ma Chi Mian ้˜ฟๅฌคๅƒ้บต can be ridiculously long.

$4.80 each:

The handmade fishballs and meatballs are delicious though the price is a little steep, don’t you think? The laksa was good too, but I’d hardly taken a mouthful when my darling told me his dad’s neighbor passed away due to a heart attack recently. And I’m like…ย why tell me about heart attacks when I’m eating laksa? Haiya. Don’t wanna eat liao. ๐Ÿ˜›

M&S is now near where Esprit once was:

marks and spencer waterway point

Didn’t buy anything but I thought the Millionaire’s Mini Bites seemed cool:

m&s popup

And over at Valu$, I found them selling alcohol swabs at $2.95 for each box of 100. If you’re wondering where you can get alcohol swabs in Singapore at a low price… here’s where. I wonder what CCS would have to say about this. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

where to buy alcohol swab in singapore


And my darling and I spent a while searching for the Sushiro restaurant at Waterway Point. I’d found out on Facebook that Sushiro was opening an outlet at Waterway Point on 6th November, Friday, at 3pm. (They checked the almanac for this date and timing, is it? Kind of odd) And we went in search of the sushi restaurant. It’s in the East Wing of Waterway Point, past the customer service and Chi Cha San Chen BBT outlet. Go all the way to the end, where the hair and nail salons are located, and you’ll find Sushiro…

sushiro waterway point

I’d hate to break the news to them. Restaurants in this part of the mall don’t seem to do very well. Even The French Table, which I ADORED, couldn’t survive. PLUS, there’s already Sushi Express which has a much more central location, and Genki Sushi on level 2. So yah… good luck to you guys OK? I’m guessing they signed a 2-year lease, plus maybe spent a bomb on renovations. So they might be around for 2 years, at least. Fingers crossed.

Quite chio, nice walkway…

sushiro waterway point

And there are, of course, many congratulatory flower stands outside but just one caught my eye:

cheery balloons singapore

It’s from Cheery Balloons and it’s so pretty! Flowers seem boring next to this one featuring so many balloons. ๐Ÿ˜€ They’ll probably last longer than blooms too.

And no… we did not eat at Sushiro as we were already full from lunch at the foodcourt.


And then there’s this work pod that has popped up in the middle of nowhere…

switch work booth

From the Switch website, I’ve found out that it costs $3.50 per hour to work in one of these work booths! It’s kind of funny! Why would anyone rent a workstation in the middle of a busy mall, and outside a jewelry store? I think it’ll probably make sense if parents can deposit their kids in these booths and have them study while the parents go shopping. LOL. “Ah boy ah, you have 1 hour to solve these 50 Math questions. Or else I won’t let you out. Muahahahaa!”ย 

Waterway Point never fails to impress. Even while other malls may be suffering, WWP just keeps getting new tenants. I guess I might go try that sushi soon. ๐Ÿ˜€

Received SMSes From “Propnex” Agents? You’re Not Alone.

Unsolicited SMSes from Propnex agents

At 10.07pm on my birthday last month, I received an SMS from one “Winnie” who claims to be from “Propnex”. It was not a ‘happy birthday’ wish but an unsolicited marketing SMS, asking if I’d like to rent out my home. (@_@) I wasn’t impressed. My number has been registered with the Do Not Call Registry. Around the same time, I’d also seen my pal, J, posting on Facebook that he’d received a similar message – from someone called Diana, also purportedly from Propnex. I’d replied to Winnie and toldย herย I’ve lodged a DNC complaint and to please stop spamming people on the DNC list. (Of course, there was no reply) I thought that was that. Then, today I found out my darling had also received a similar SMS – this time it is from one “Stef”. (@_@)

I know some people find the silver lining in everything. When I shared about this on my Facebook page, some followers praised these agents for being hardworking, others felt I should give people a break ‘cos times are hard, and one guy even asked if I could share this agent’s number with him as he’d like to recruit hard-working salespeople! WLE. I don’t want to argue with people like that OK. I’m just saying (1) I got my number registered on the Do Not Call list, (2) a lot of salespeople RESPECT this DNC list and do not spam me with their marketing messages so let’s be fair, and (3) why should disrespectful people (or law-breaking ones) be rewarded with new leads / customers? What about those who pay more to print brochures or flyers and pay SingPost to put them in mailboxes, or hire distributors to go door-to-door to hand out flyers? Why should those who break the law and spam us via mass-sent SMSes be rewardedย for being “hard-working”? I do not understand this logic.

Anyway, if someone breaks the law to try and make me a customer of his/hers, I’d be foolish if I make this person my agent. This same person might (who knows?) go on to break other laws or not be entirely aboveboard during our future dealings or in any rental transaction that might occur after I respond to their message.

So, all I’m saying is… if you receive such an SMS, report it (if you’re on the DNC list), ban/block the sender’s number, and delete the message. Don’t even bother replying. They’ll just keep spamming other people.

Are these agents really from Propnex? I sent an email to the company last month, after receiving that SMS. And I received a response from their Legal Department in about 10 days’ time. In short…

(1) The company cannot identify the numbers I provided even after checking their database of agents and telemarketers

(2) The company thinks there may be a possibility these people are not from Propnex (and this would not surprise me)

(3) The company also kindly provided me links to the authorities who will be able to better assist me:

1) Violation of DNC: https://www.pdpc.gov.sg/complaints-and-reviews/dnc-complaint-form

2) Non-registered real estate salesperson conducting real estate marketing: https://www.cea.gov.sg/consumers/complaints/report-a-salesperson-estate-agent

3) Harassment: https://www.statecourts.gov.sg/cws/FilingMagistrateComplaint/Pages/Filing-a-Magistrate-Complaint.aspx

4) Police: https://eservices.police.gov.sg/content/policehubhome/homepage/police-report.html

So yup, don’t bother contacting Propnex either. (I do also think the police will not be bothered, as no monies were lost and they have better things to do than pursue spammers)


Just head over here for the DNC Complaint Form: https://www.pdpc.gov.sg/complaints-and-reviews/dnc-complaint-form

If you are an agent who is thinking of following in the footsteps of these spammers, well, you can read the news article about a property agent from Huttons, Kuan Chow Sheng, who was fined $27,000 for breaching DNC Registry rules. 235 complaints had been lodged regarding the mass-sent messages from him. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Do the right thing, folks, even if times are tough. It’s tough for everyone.