Review: The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 1


When he told me that The Walking Dead (Season 6) is premiering tonight, I went ‘ok, I’m coming over now!” :D

Not sure if there’s a change of director but the style of storytelling is different. The last episode of Season 5 was some time back… and I’d already needed some refreshing of my memory…

But episode 1 of season 6 nearly left me baffled with the constant cutting back and forth, past and present, color TV and black-and-white.

But wow! Nothing is more scary than seeing an entire valley FILLED with walkers (as you see in the picture above).

*Stop reading right now if you don’t want any spoilers!*

I like watching The Walking Dead because besides being gory (sometimes) and scary (a lot of the time, especially in all the first episodes), the show provokes thought on what it means to be human, and how humans can be expected to react in unexpected ways.

This first episode ends with a cliffhanger but I’d hazard a guess that one cannot kill a father without killing the son too ‘cos thoughts of revenge will always be running through the kid’s mind. (Let’s find out if I’m right or not in the next episode)

Also… I’m wondering why a builder is allowed to be at the head of the line “shepherding” the walkers. He’s not even a fighter or alert to his surroundings. And screaming his head off while his face is being ripped out… well… how come no one expected this to happen?!

Unfortunately, if the past seasons of The Walking Dead are to be referenced, the next episode is likely not going to be as exciting as tonight’s. But I’m happy to be proven wrong. :)

Will you be watching The Walking Dead with me next Monday at 9pm? (FOXHD, CH330)

Tsukada Nojo: Famous For Beauty Collagen Hot Pots

Tsukada Nojo

I’ve recently blogged about the excellent service staff at Big O Cafe & Restaurant (click on the link to read), and today, I had lunch at Tsukada Nojo at Chinatown Point and AGAIN experienced good service! Either service standards are rising across the island or there’s some serious Law Of Attraction at work. :)  For some reason, the name ‘Tsukada Nojo’ is quite hard for Singaporeans to remember so my pals always tell me about this hot pot place with a special beauty broth (美人鍋) that will supposedly give me great skin. How does one say ‘no’ to that?

I think it costs S$25++ or so per pax. At lunch today, I ordered their ramen, which I suppose comes with the same collagen broth. Their “beauty collagen stock” is made using organic chicken from Japan. The chicken is stewed for more than 8 hours till the chicken bones dissolve. The restaurant also uses organic vegetables sourced from a farm in Singapore.

When it comes to collagen broths, nothing beats the Kyushu Jangara Ramen I had in Japan. My goodness! That broth is to-die-for. It frustrates me to no end wondering why even fast food in Japan can sometimes taste way better than food served in some other restaurants in Singapore. WHY?! Is it the chef’s dedication to his craft? Is it the Japanese people’s patience in awaiting good food that may sometimes take a while longer to prepare? Is it the appreciation that customers show to the chefs in Japan (such as by slurping up those noodles loudly)?

What is it?!

I have not figured it out yet, but maybe one day I will.

Meanwhile, I have to say that the collagen broth at Tsukada Nojo is good – maybe not great like in Japan, but it’s tasty enough. Anyway, just keep chanting “Collagen, collagen, COLLAGEN” in your head and you’ll finish every last drop. :D

As mentioned earlier, the staggeringly high standards when it comes to food in Japan could be due to the Japanese chefs’ dedication to putting out only the best and the Japanese customers’ way of patiently awaiting their food, but there’s nothing I can do about that.

What I can do, though, is to highlight good service whenever I spot it, and hopefully it spurs the whole team on to greater heights.

Here’s the feedback I sent to Tsukada Nojo via their website:

Tsukada Nojo staff

The restaurant has, in my opinion, done well in two aspects:

  1. Enthusiastic welcomes: When a customer steps into the restaurant, welcomes are shouted out by the staff member who spots him/her, and then echoed by the rest of the staff. (I think it also helps in staff morale and team spirit, because they are doing something together, i.e. extending a warm welcome to customers)
  2. Staff who engage customers in conversation: Because I was dining alone, I did not feel comfortable with asking my server for his name. (But I found that out anyway near the cashier counter as there are pictures of the staff together with their names. Hehe) I believe it was Keta who served me – he came round to ask if I’d enjoyed the meal and whether the broth was too rich (I said it was almost on par with those in Japan… didn’t want to hurt his feelings). But the broth was good, ok. As he cleared the table and I finished up the refill of my hot Japanese tea, he told me (before he left for the kitchen) to have a nice day in case I’d left the restaurant before he returned. How lovely!


So there you go… my recommendation of a Japanese restaurant if you want to dine at Chinatown Point. For really good zhi char style dishes, head to the basement – there’s one fantastic one and all you need to do is look out for the crowd. (I forgot the name of the place. Ha!) But don’t you forget to compliment staff and let the management know too, ok? :)

6 Things The Singaporean In Me Loves About Japan

Scoot Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Pretty cabin lights during my Scoot flight to Osaka :)

I’ve been to Japan twice this year, revisiting cities I love: Osaka, Tokyo, Kobe, etc. In this blogpost, I’d like to share with you the reasons why I have no trouble at all with visiting Japan twice in almost consecutive months. But first, like all true-blue Singaporeans, let me point out one complaint I have on the Scoot flights to Japan. :D In case you are wondering, no, it’s not the wonderful cabin lights (those are beautiful). It’s actually got to do with the seats and the Call-An-Attendant button…

Scoot Boeing 787 Dreamliner seat

Scoot went all out in announcing its new fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliners, and flights to Osaka, and I had high hopes for the airline. As it turned out, even before the plane took off from Changi Airport, the cabin crew had to come round and tell us (and a couple of other passengers) that we had accidentally pressed the Call-An-Attendant button. It’s impossible not to hit the button by accident if you use the armrest. I don’t know which genius designed these seats… but seriously… it must be pissing off a lot of flight crew because they cannot ignore those signals when they light up, but 99% of the time, passengers had pressed them by mistake. (@_@)

And now… on to the GOOD stuff, a.k.a what I go to Japan for :D

(1) Melt-in-your-mouth Kobe Beef

Steak land Kobe Beef

We don’t really get such yummy beef in Singapore, unless you are ok with it costing an arm and a leg. But Steak Land in Kobe is pretty popular among tourists and locals alike. You can choose your preferred beef grade and enjoy it for lunch or dinner.

I’ve been to the same outlet twice and observed that the standards differ. One young chef cooked us really tasty beef but another older one gave us slightly tougher beef in meatier chunks.

So, if you happen to be served by the right chef (teppanyaki style), you can look to the heavens and say, like one happy Minister, HENG AH! :D

I’m no food blogger, so the way I’ll describe the beef is to compare it to marshmallows. The texture is just so soft! Make sure you head to Kobe and try Kobe beef even if you only have plans to visit Osaka, Kyoto, etc, as it’s pretty close by train.

(2) Japanese Curry Rice

Best Curry in Osaka

beef curry rice

I love the beef in Japan, but I love their curry too. And beef + curry is a match made in heaven. And at places where you can order an additional topping of an onsen egg, my goodness, you stop chatting with your dining companion because the food DEMANDS all of your attention. :D

Japanese food is simply put… worth getting fat for. And I’m really thankful that budget airlines are flying to Japan because I really do need to head over again just for oishii meals!

(3) Queuing For Japanese Cheesecake

Japanese cheesecake

Like all astute Singaporeans, we know that something must be good if there is a queue for it. And even if we don’t know what people are queuing up for, it is ok, just join the queue first and find out later…

It was exactly what happened one sunny, summer morning in Osaka. A long line of elderly men and women were queuing up outside a store which sells tidbits. We didn’t know what they were queuing up for, but we joined the line anyway and waited for our turn in the sweltering heat. After sweating for a good ten minutes perhaps, we got to the front and chose 3 packs of snacks (there was a limit of 3 packets per person) and continued queuing in line in order to make payment. Apparently there was some promotion going on that day. And if SO MANY old folks queued up for this snack, it must taste heavenly, right?


It was crunchy, no doubt. But rather tasteless and a waste of time to queue for.

Japanese cheesecake, however, is AMAZING! If you have the chance to eat a slice of cake in store when it’s fresh out of the oven and warm, you won’t forget that taste. Some have raisins in them too. SO GOOD…

(4) Plush Toys From UFO Machines

Little Twin Stars plush

I got this Little Twin Stars unicorn from one of the UFO machines. Probably spent less than S$10 to get this plush. Japanese UFO catcher machines are all programmed in such a way that it’s near impossible to get the toy without spending, say, S$40 or more.

I’m not going to give away the secret here, though. :D

About 2 years ago, he and I brought back a HUGE bag full of plushies. This year, we stopped at one. Hehehe!

(5) Brands + Huge Discounts

Adidas running shoes

I’d bought this pair at a sporting goods fair in Singapore before heading to Japan, and thought I’d bagged a good bargain. Turns out it’s even cheaper in Japan! (@_@)

Many Singaporeans THINK that everything in Japan is expensive. But this pair is about S$50 after the conversion. :D Also, if you’re a Daiso fan, Daiso items are sold at 108 yen (about S$1.20) so that’s way cheaper than in Daiso stores in Singapore. Also, there are Hello Kitty Daiso items you can only get in Japan, and not in Singapore. :D Getting an authentic Hello Kitty item for just S$1.20 is UNBELIEVABLE. Check out some of the kitty items I got here.

(6) Spacious and Comfy Hotel Rooms

Osaka Floral Inn Namba

Another misconception that some Singaporeans have about Japan is that the hotel rooms are TINY. This room is in Osaka Floral Inn Namba, and this picture does not do it justice because the “walkway” (space beside the bed) is pretty long and if you need to lay out 5 open suitcases, you can.


On my most recent trip to Japan, we had our wifi devices sponsored by Ninja Wifi and it is amazing! We had undisrupted wifi throughout and did not have to struggle to connect to some hotels’ lousy wifi networks.

If you’re traveling to Japan and love being connected while you’re at it, then make sure you book a device early and pick it up at the airport…

Ninja Wifi

Easy pickup at the Arrival Hall…

Global Wifi Kansai International Airport

Disney’s Tsum Tsum: Why This Game App Is SO Addictive

Disney Tsum Tsum

I’ve only started playing Disney’s Tsum Tsum about 2 months ago, and I’m hooked! It got so bad that at one point, I found myself playing tsum while having dinner with my closest pals. :( I’ve even got my significant other started with playing the game too, and we send each other “hearts” everyday. LOL. Couples who tsum together, stay together? :D :D :D

Here’s why I think this app is so addictive, and how it might possibly also give budding app entrepreneurs some clues about creating an app that people just can’t stop playing:

(1) TIME limits

You can only play this game when you have ‘hearts’ available in your heart meter. The maximum number of hearts available at any one time is 5 (unless you purchase more using your credit card, or in-game bonuses). Each game lasts for a minute or so, and in just over 5 minutes you’ll use up all 5 hearts. Each heart takes 15 minutes to regenerate.

Disney Tsum Tsum Hearts

This ensures there’s no player fatigue. To help you understand this… think about your favorite food (perhaps it’s chicken wings). If I were to get you to eat 100 chicken wings at a go, you might just stop halfway and declare that you never want to see another chicken wing in your life.

It’s the same with this game. It forces players to wait for the hearts to regenerate (and to do other stuff in the meantime) OR pay the game developers some money and get more hearts. This is how interest in the game is sustained.

(2) Leaderboard

As you can see in the picture below, there is a leaderboard and it is refreshed after each week. The top 3 players (among your LINE friends) on your leaderboard will get coins, with the player in #1 position getting 3,000 coins and the player in 3rd place getting 1,000 coins.

Every week, you get a chance to tsum your way to the top of the leaderboard, and also a chance to defend your title from last week. I’m in 1st place this week and the feeling is GREAT! :D I never thought I’ll be able to hit a score of 5 million. But now, I’m aiming for 6 million next! *wink*

Disney Tsum Tsum Leaderboard

If someone usurps my #1 spot just before the leaderboard is refreshed and the prizes (coins) are given out, I’d definitely be tsum-ing a lot harder next week. :D

For people with a competitive streak in them, this leaderboard reinforces the need to play to win, and to keep playing.

(3) Never-ending Collectibles

Remember how we used to be crazy about Pokemon as children? There are just so many of them (over 700 now!) and there is even a theme song “Gotta Catch Em All”. It’s the same with Disney’s Tsum Tsum. They constantly add new tsums. And you are kept feeling like you’ve almost caught them all. :P

There are a total of 64 tsums in this game, at this point. And I have 48 in my collection.

Tsum Tsum collection

Whenever I see a tsum that my friend has, and I don’t, I immediately want to get it too. And each tsum has a different ‘power’, just like the various Pokemon! So I want to get as many tsums as possible and find out more about their individual ‘powers’.

As long as Disney keeps adding new tsums, I guess I’ll keep on playing. There’s also a limit as to how much you can train a particular tsum. Once a tsum reaches the maximum level of 50, you have to move on and train another one.

With the regular addition of new tsums, players are kept hooked on this game. And honestly, I think Candy Crush pales in comparison but of course, that’s just my own opinion. :D

(4) The Element Of SURPRISE

Collecting tsums might sound easy to non-players of the game, but really, there’s an element of surprise when it comes to the purchase of, and unveiling of, tsums. Tsums come in two categories – Happiness Box and Premium Box.

Tsum Tsum Store

There are Pumpkin Mickey and Minnie tsums to collect for Halloween :)

Happiness Tsums cost 10,000 coins (which you earn while playing the game, or by spending real money) and Premium Tsums cost 30,000 coins.

You buy a box and HOPE it gives you your tsum of choice. However, more often than not, you don’t get the tsum you need for clearing some of the game’s missions. Because you can only choose the category and not the actual tsum you want to buy, this game forces you to play on till you get all the tsums you want. :)

Also, it’s fun to open the mystery boxes. The fiancé is pretty sweet – he collects as many coins as he can and lets me purchase those boxes and unveil the tsums for him. Because women love surprises, right? :D


All in all, I think this FREE Disney Tsum Tsum game app is awesome. I’d be hard-pressed to suggest any improvements for this app (let me ponder that for a while). And yes, though it’s a free app, I once bought some hearts using real money. I figured that the developers deserve to be rewarded for their effort in producing and maintaining this awesome app! :D

This blogpost is probably only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to explaining why this Disney app is so addictive. Perhaps you are a Tsum player too, and have your own take on this matter? Let me know! :D

This bento is likely made by a Tsum fan:

Disney Tsum Tsum Bento

[Source: Pic from Facebook]

If you were to google the term “Disney Tsum Tsum”, you’ll find over a million search results – testimony to the popularity of this app. There’s also merchandise that fans can buy. I’d already bought a sweatshirt and socks before I even downloaded the app. LOL. The characters are just way too cute to resist. Check out my blogpost here.

Chocoolate x Tsum Tsum

Chocoolate x Tsum Tsum socks

If you have developed an app that you think I’ll enjoy, do drop me an email :) In the meantime, happy tsum-ing! :D

My New Skincare Products from STENDERS and SOTHYS


I don’t know how beauty bloggers manage their stash of freebies from attending beauty product launches, especially when there can be multiple events to attend in a week. On Wednesday, I attended a SOTHYS launch, and yesterday, STENDERS’. I received the 4 products you see above. And I’ve begun using all of them. (Or else they’ll end up collecting dust somewhere)

And here’s my (quick) take on these products and whether they’re worth your time checking them out…

For SOTHYS, I have to say that the products have a delicate fragrance that would be well-loved. The Intensive Hydrating Serum (50ml) seems to do its job of delivering instant moisturization. The Hydrating gel-cream (50ml) seems to stay on my skin for a long time. Not sure why it’s not absorbed quickly – perhaps I apply too much of it at one go.

As for STENDERS, pretty packaging aside, I do think some of their products are worth buying!


In this second picture, I am holding the STENDERS Gentle Facial Exfoliator (75ml). Where my thumb’s pointing at is where the product ends – the rest of it is just air. I’m not quite sure why the company doesn’t just fill the entire tube with the product.

However, I like the wild rose scent and the consistency of the product – it’s like a jelly, without the micro beads that are present in many exfoliating products. So it’s very gentle on the skin. :)

One of the STENDERS staff did a demo on my pal’s hand and you can see the results below:

STENDERS plaza singapura

This is why regular exfoliation is important for cleaner, glowing skin. :)

The Moisturizing Toner (150ml) comes in a bottle which makes it hard to get the product onto cotton pads quickly. But this also means there’s less wastage, I guess.

STENDERS is located at #03-75, Plaza Singapura. I think their prices are very reasonable – probably around what you’ll pay for Body Shop products.

I was very interested in their 24 Carat Gold products. And I was shocked at how inexpensive they are. Seriously…

STENDERS Singapore

I can imagine how this would be a lovely Christmas present that looks very expensive but doesn’t cost a bomb. *wink*

Lady First SG Season 3 Episode 3: 101 Ways to Get His Attention

Lady First Singapore

This third episode is all about helping ladies to look stunning and get all the attention they crave. The street survey that was done to find out which part of a female’s body men think they look at first was not quite successful it seems, with many of the men interviewed keeping to the safe choice of “her eyes”.

However, the show gives good tips as usual. In the picture above, Candyce swops her frumpy outfit for a sexy, off-shoulder one. If you don’t want to show any cleavage, Keith’s advice is to flaunt your back instead. Apparently, saggy muscles and fats are not as obvious there and the skin on our backs tend to be the fairest and prettiest.

And here are a couple more tips:

(1) Qianyu has hereditary white hair so she recommends the hair dye from one of the show’s sponsors. Guru Wu Yilin shares that color #4 is good for Asians and that you can keep the bottle in a ziplock bag for the next application (and to store it in a cool, dark place, away from the moisture present in a bathroom).

(2) Don’t wear over-the-top accessories like Hayley in the ‘before’ picture. Do note though that pearls are in this season so ensure you get some hair accessories with pearl highlights!

Lady First Singapore Season 3

(3) Hair should be black and shiny. If your hair is ‘yellowish’ and/or too oily, consider using a latherfree shampoo and the raspberry vinegar featured in this episode.

(4) When spraying on perfumes, spray it along your neckline, at the wrists, behind the ears, and at the crook of your elbows. Do not rub, as it destroys the scent! And when purchasing perfumes, spray it on, then walk about the store and let the scent settle first. If you are pleased with the way it finally smells on your skin, then you may go ahead and purchase it.

(5) Pauline Lan described one of the female guests as having “strange” hair and a “really petite” frame. The latter is reportedly 1.47m tall, so Keith put her in these really “thick shoes”. The white pantsuit did give an elongating effect, but I pity any woman who has to wear such shoes as the arch is too extreme and it would be really easy to get a sprain or twisted ankle.

Lady First SG

To find out more about the episodes, giveaways, and featured products, head over to :D

Food Review: Big O Cafe & Restaurant at Paragon. Recommended!

Big O Cafe and Restaurant

We had dinner at Big O this evening and I have to say that it was a pretty enjoyable meal. Located at B1-08 of Paragon, Big O is a great place for date nights and the portions are, as the name suggests, BIG.

We ordered the 2 Meat + 2 Seafood platter and our choice of 3 side dishes arrived first: french fries, ratatouille, and mash. Do not be deceived by this photo. The sides come in really substantial portions. Just that bowl of mashed potato would be sufficient for dinner for a regular adult diner. Don’t ask me how we finished all this food. I really don’t know either. Just good conversation, and taking things slow. LOL.

The side dishes were passable, and nothing to shout about. But I do love dipping the fries into the mash – any one of you do that too? :D

The mains were awesome!

There was roast duck, pork sausage, salmon and calamari.

I am not a fan of duck. My friends know that I don’t eat duck so we don’t order it when we have our meals together. But interestingly enough, in a bid to help finish this platter of food, I found that I love the roast duck here. The meat is really tender and almost falling off the bone… like baby back ribs done well.

The pork sausage is good too. The sausage casing/skin is just a tad thick but the meat is well seasoned.

The salmon is delicious though the calamari is just so-so.

However, it’s still a perfect meal because the service staff are great. It’s been a long time since I called a waiter over just to ask for his name. I did so tonight.

His name is Isaiah and he’s from Malaysia.

Wrote an email to the management when I got home. So feel free to read it if you will:

Big O Paragon

I think it’s important to commend service staff when they deliver great service, and to commend them ON THE SPOT. Also, it’s nice if you drop the management an email too so they know who’s performing well at work and delighting the customers.

Don’t just send complaint letters, ok? :P

So there you go, my recommendation of a makan place if you want to dine at Paragon. :) I heard Big O is famous for its dessert too but we were just too full today! Till next time!

Finding The Best Wedding Vendors in Singapore On Bridestory

Remember my previous post about Bridestory and how I said I’ll share about some of the local wedding vendors I’ve found on their site? :D Well, here are my picks for bridal gown, hair and that all-important wedding cake…

(1) Gown by Ted Wu [Picture from Ted’s portfolio on Bridestory]

Ted Wu Bridestory

No long gowns for me as I’d hate to trip on my dress, and also because shorter gowns make more sense in our climate, especially if you’ll be taking pictures outdoors. The main trouble I’d have with this gown is the need to shape up those arms first… OR… I could just keep my hands on my hips the whole time. Hahaha! :D I love the ruffles, the lace and the ribbon details. And while I’m shaping up those arms, I’d have to get my legs toned too. On second thought, a long gown might not be such a bad idea after all. XD

(2) Hair and Makeup by Cleo Chang [Picture from Cleo’s portfolio on Bridestory]

Cleo Chang bridestory

Truth be told, I hate hair wax and hair spray of all kinds. Once these things get in your hair, they are terribly difficult to wash out and get rid of. I’d like to just get my hair tonged and curls pinned up with not too much fuss, and not too much hair spray either. And then a few tendrils let loose to make it all look effortlessly chic and carefree. Some bling won’t hurt too. :D

(3) Wedding Cake by Febspantry [Picture from Feby’s portfolio on Bridestory]

FebsPantry bridestory

I’ve actually interviewed the owner of Febspantry before! Check out my interview with Feby here. Feby makes really pretty cakes and cupcakes, so yes, who better to bake me a wedding cake than this talented lady? :)

You really should check out Bridestory for your wedding needs if you’re getting married soon! Wedding planning doesn’t have to be a chore if you visit a one-stop site like this one. :)

Jade Garden Seafood Corner in Sungai Rengit, Johor: Fantastic Food! :D

Jade Garden Seafood Salted Egg Crab

On Monday, I went on a ‘road trip’ to Johor with my pals. It was a road trip because we took almost 3 hours to locate this seafood restaurant that my pal had visited some three years ago. (We got lost) Back then, it was located in a coffeeshop setting. But now, it’s a full-fledged restaurant likely capable of hosting wedding banquets. Check out my pictures at the end of this blogpost! :D But first, here’s the food.

This picture you see above shows the Salted Egg Crab we ordered. It cost RM126 (S$42) and could be shared among three of us!

Then there’s the awesome lobster…

Jade Garden Seafood Special Fried Lobster

It looks deceivingly nondescript, as if it doesn’t taste quite special. But… (in a singsong voice) IT IS AMAZING!!~~~

If you like cereal prawns, you’ll love this dish because it’s even more yummy than the best dish of cereal prawns I’ve ever had! I don’t know what does into making those tasty, super crispy bits of crunchy goodness on top of the lobster but it’s definitely worth the drive into Johor!

Jade Garden Seafood Homemade Tofu

The homemade tofu (RM10) is really good as well. Not sure why there’s sotong and the other vegetables because the tofu just shines on its own already!

Jade Garden Seafood Sambal Lala

Sambal lala (RM20) that I did not eat much of because I’m nursing a sore throat. We also ordered a plate of ‘nai bai’ (veg) that tasted good! It’s like this restaurant can do no wrong when it comes to food!

Our total bill for 4 pax came up to just RM 387.20 (S$129) :D It would have been a lot more if we didn’t stop the waitress from sending us two crabs instead of one (one of us doesn’t eat crab) and two lobsters instead of one. LOL! Make sure you check that the wait staff have got your order correct before they send it off to the kitchen!

Here’s what the restaurant looks like:

Jade Garden Seafood

It felt like we were attending a wedding banquet :D

Then there’s the wall of photos taken with celebrities – something every famous restaurant must have :P

We spotted George Yeo, Fann Wong, Li Nanxing, etc…

Jade Garden Seafood Johor

The address: Lot 4785, Lorong Siakap 1, Sungai Rengit, 81620 Pengerang, Johor (It’s next to a primary school and government clinic).

Contact numbers: 010-800 5903 (Ms Len, Manager) / 07-826 5460

Lady First SG Season 3 Episode 2: Fashionista Mums

Lady First Singapore Season 3

This second episode of season 3 seems to be a first for Lady First Singapore, in which celebrity moms are invited and they bring their young children with them! As you can see from the picture above, the kids are not quite content to stay seated. There’s Jaime Teo’s daughter in the midst of vacating her seat, and Eelyn’s son could be heard screaming during a good portion of the show. Lina and Shuqing’s children were less… erm… active.

But it’s interesting to watch how the moms react to their kids’ behavior during the filming. :)

Gurus Kevin, Dawn, and Keith dished out advice for moms who want to look their best even after having children. Here are some tips I’ve gotten from watching this episode:

Lady First Singapore Eelyn1) If you don’t want to have an uneven skin tone, make sure you wear sunscreen (and ensure it covers your neck and collar bone).

2) Applying too much loose powder makes you look like you have too much makeup on and it also makes your fine lines more visible. If you have dull or sallow skin, don’t use pink lipstick. Instead, pick a coral shade.

Lady First Singapore Lina Ng

3) If you want to adopt Victoria Beckham’s fashion style, choose outfits with high necklines so it’s harder for kids to grab at your clothes when you carry them. Choose clothes in bright colors too if you’re not wearing any accessories (again because the kids will grab at them). You can even make your kids your ‘fashion accessories’ by dressing them in handsome outfits. *wink*

Lady First Singapore Season 3 exercises for moms

4) Make sure you keep exercising even after having children. It helps keep you in shape and can also be a good bonding time for you and your children. Here, Dawn demonstrates the ‘Superman’ exercise. You can also do squats together with your kid – work those thighs (especially the inner thighs)!

Lady First Singapore Shuqing

5) When using a BB cushion, use light, patting motions instead of spreading the product onto your face! Use a cream blush and apply it a bit higher than usual for a more youthful look!


To find out more about the featured products, episodes, and contests, head over to