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Some F&B Promotions at Waterway Point

han's waterway point

Han’s Breakfast Pancake Burger Set

In recent days, I’ve found that many people seem to be experiencing a deficit of joy. And much as I’d like this post to be purely about the delights of dining out (solo, and because I have to) during this otherwise pretty bleak situation, *ahem*, I’ll have to be honest. It’s usually more enjoyable to stay home but since there’s work to do today, I had lunch at Han’s in Waterway Point. The Frasers Experience app, which I have been using to collect points based on my FairPrice purchases (above $10) each time, has accrued sufficient points to allow me to redeem for evouchers at various outlets in Waterway Point (and islandwide). So I spent some on Han’s vouchers – 30 points for a $10 evoucher. And my set ‘lunch’ today cost me just $1.80 after the discount. I ordered their (All Day) Breakfast Pancake Burger Set ($11.80) with orange juice.

One of the ‘chefs’ was a little less-than-friendly. He asked me why I was hovering near the Collection counter. Well, ‘cos my queue number is 1102 and 1101 has collected his food. So I’m next. Since there wasn’t anyone after me. Duh. Anyway, after the encounter, I went to my seat, only to have to get back up moments later. After that, the ladies at the table behind me were commenting about how staff are so rude, taking such little care when pouring the hot drinks into the mugs, such that they overflowed. And their drinks were too diluted, it seems.

han's waterway point menu

In any case, I’m quite impressed with the extensive menu at Han’s Waterway Point. Don’t join the queue, alright, till you’ve figured out exactly what you want to order. I think I might get the $9.80 Fish & Chips Set Meal (with soup and coffee/tea/OJ/Iced Lemon Tea next time).

I do think their drinks are a little pricey. Iced drinks cost a minimum of $2.40 unless you are opting for cold water at 30 cents.


Two other places I’d considered dining at were Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh and the Lao Huo Tang place.

$8.90++ for Regular Pork Ribs with Rice and 1 side dish, together with a drink (Iced Lemon Tea/Barley/Lime Juice) *ONLY FOR DINE-IN, Mondays to Thursdays (non-PH)

rong hua bak kut teh

All in, the meal will cost $10.41


And I like the Free Membership at CocoCane. After you’ve signed up and registered using your mobile number, you get $2 in evouchers ($1 x 2) and an evoucher for a free topping.

I spent them today on a large Vita C Boost. And I requested for a honey lime jelly topping. Truth be told, the drink tastes rather watered down (not too sweet, so some may actually like it) and the coconut pulp is not my favorite. However, I’m grateful for the discount, and the honey lime jelly’s pretty nice!

And here’s another promo that’s really tempting:

Dian Xiao Er Waterway Point

If you’re heading to Waterway Point, I’d recommend popping by in the afternoon, if you can. That way, you won’t have to queue up to enter the mall. The wait can be pretty long.

Nihon Mura Express @ Rivervale Mall: Avoid The Rattling Conveyor Belt

Last Sunday, we had lunch at Nihon Mura Express at Rivervale Mall and we were surprised because there weren’t too many diners despite the 50% discount via Eatigo. The staff directed me to a table on the right, next to the conveyor belt, right where the plates go on a U-turn. It turned out to be one of the worst places to be at as it was so noisy. The plates were rattling and the vibrations can be felt where I was seated too! (@_@) And I didn’t pick anything off the belt because it’s hard to tell how long those items have been sitting there. There wasn’t much of a lunch crowd. So I ordered only from the menu.

Salmon sashimi ($9.60++ for two servings)

My Spicy Salmon Don ($8++) and his Salmon Ikura Don (also $8++)…

I prefer my spicy version. And with 50% off, it’s REALLY worth it.

The Hotate Mentaiyaki ($3.80++) was delicious, even if it was a little too salty. And I liked the Salmon Mentai Sushi and Tuna Mayo Temaki too.

Here’s the menu for Nihon Mura Express:

nihon mura express rivervale mall menu


The chawanmushi was decent, though it’s prepared in a little plastic cup so if you prefer being ‘zero waste’ and all that then don’t order it. The Aburi Unagi Sushi was a disappointment. The Lobster Salad Temaki is worth ordering again. All in all, a more-than-decent meal that cost us a total of $23.49 after the discount. *Bring your own wet tissues so you don’t have to use theirs and they’ll take it off your bill.

We were also given a voucher for $20 off a minimum spending of $100. Still not as good a deal as Eatigo’s 50% off. πŸ˜‰ I would dine here again with Eatigo.

Nihon Mura Express is located at #02-10 of Rivervale Mall.

Tel: 6384 1200

Gochi-So Shokudo @ Westgate

The egg yolk’s broken… so that’s quite sad.

Made the ‘Journey to the West’ on Tuesday to meet a pal for lunch. He picked Gochi-So Shokudo, which I have not visited before, and since I was early, I studied the menu and decided I’ll have D5 which is the Secreto Belly Don ($11.80). He had D1, the Pork Jowl Don ($13.80). The eggs look like a mess (nothing like in their menu’s pictures) and both cuts of iberico pork ended up looking quite similar, though I have to say that I think the ‘secreto belly’ is superior even though it’s cheaper.

gochiso shokudo westgate menu

I would try their oyster katsu next time I’m here (or at one of their other outlets)…

He also made a comment when he saw me taking a photo when the food was served. Something along the lines of it being what a blogger just has to do. Ha! There are so many wannabe food bloggers with their intimidating cameras, who snap a million pictures (with the flash on) and have to let the food go cold before they are done. I simply take ONE photo and that’s it. Every time.

And I blog because I want to have a record of what’s good to eat, what I should skip next time, and what are the items I want to try next. The last thing I want is to order the same dish (which I’d hated the first time round, then forgot about it) and repeat a mistake. XD

So here’s my take on this particular visit:

(+) Food was decent (I finished it all), free water (which you get from the dispenser yourself), range of sauces you can add to your food

(-) Staff asked if we’d like to sit where there’s sunlight (and was obviously hot), egg yolks were broken

Gochi-So Shokudo is at #01-02 of Westgate:

gochi-so shokudo westgate

Day 1 in Bangkok: Century mall, Le Tada Residences, Platinum, The Market Bangkok, Big C Supercenter

bangkok airport sim card

Was supposed to be on a plane today, actually. Because of COVID-19, all plans were changed. So I’m just going to complete this blogpost regarding Day 1 of my Bangkok trip in February 2020. πŸ˜€ Pretty interesting how we just went with the flow that day – we’d planned to meet my pal who is based in Bangkok and probably most of the day would have been spent with said friend. This Singaporean pal in Bangkok was supposed to pick us up from the airport but as there was no reply to my messages, I figured he must have overslept so we decided to make our way to the hotel without waiting for him.Β 

At the airport, I picked up the sim card I’d booked via Klook, for something like $6.35! Cheaper than if I were to get a Changi Recommends wifi device! Here are the sim card rates I’d have paid over-the-counter if I hadn’t booked with Klook:

klook bangkok sim card

Then we headed to the basement where we could take an ‘airport train’ to Phaya Thai, and which would cost us 45baht for the full journey. Before we got onto the train though, we noticed that there are a few bubble tea shops to the left of the automated ticketing counters. We found one at a (hidden) corner called ‘Monte’s Cup’. It had a steady stream of airport workers buying their bubble tea here. So we joined the queue and bought Yakult Green Tea + a topping of aloe vera for 60baht.

monte's cup bangkok airport

Always follow the lead of the people who work in an area. They know what’s best. πŸ˜‰

From Phaya Thai, it cost another 16baht to take the BTS to Victory Monument station. We had lunch at Narai Pizzeria, which is SO popular among students. No doubt because you pay a flat fee and then get to eat and drink all you want.Β 

narai pizzeria

*Note to self: Definitely eat the proteins with the shabu shabu first before the carbs (pizza, pasta).Β 

narai pizzeria review

narai pizzeria shabu shabu

The food’s OK. Nothing amazing. Just good for when you’re feeling ravenous. Haha!

We paid a total of 509baht for the shabu buffet for two.Β 

And we did pop by the cinema to check out the movie ticket prices. I can’t say they are cheap though:

movie ticket price bangkok


le tada residences bangkok

After lunch, we made our way to Le Tada Residences. The reception counter was in one building but we stayed in another, which was fine with us. Since we saw that a group of Mainland Chinese folks were staying in the first building. And the receptionist even mentioned that people from Wuhan were staying in the hotel – which no doubt spooked us a little.Β 

Luckily we were in a bit of a food coma, and rather chill, ‘cos check-in was quite a disaster. After heading to the second building and locating our room (#327), we found that there was a strong smell of cigarette smoke within. Since the smell was unacceptable to us, AND we didn’t want to end up having to pay some cleaning fee or other (on behalf of the previous guest), we headed back downstairs and over to the next building to inform the receptionist. We were then issued the keycard for room #528 but when we got to the room, alas, it was not ready. In fact, it was in quite a mess. The housekeeper, who probably speaks little English, just said “LATER! LATER!” to us. So off we go again… back down to the lobby and this time, the lady comes along with us to yet another room (#529). The keycard issued to us was problematic though – it wasn’t able to open the door. (>_<) So we told her we’ll just drop our bags in the room (since the ‘master’ card she had was able to open the door), wash up, then collect replacement keycards from the lobby on our way out.Β 

Quite an ‘adventure’, no? Anyway, on Day 2, we found they had left a surprise for us in-room.


Since my pal had gone MIA (Ah! It’s really a young millennial thing), we took a 15-minute Grab ride to Platinum, and that cost just 92baht.

best shopping in platinum bangkok

My fav shop in Platinum. I don’t even know what it’s called. But EVERYTHING’s priced at 20baht.

And I evidently don’t do enough walking, as I felt my knees HURTING after a while! Unlike other men, my darling doesn’t complain about accompanying me shopping, does a great job of steering me in the right direction when I am lost in that maze of stores, and his knees are just fine! Hmph! (@_@)

After feeling like I’ve just ascended a mountain, and I’m not really feeling my legs anymore, we head outside and use the overhead connector to get to the mall beside Big C. Apparently, it’s called The Market Bangkok.

At their foodcourt, there’s supposedly some Tom Yum Goong Noodles with a Michelin Bib Gourmand accolade. It turned out too sweet for my liking plus it didn’t look nor taste like it would win any kind of award. πŸ˜‘ Good thing the foodcourt has an ongoing promo whereby you can exchange 100baht for 120baht in coupons. My darling’s tom yum goong fried rice wasn’t remarkable either. I really don’t think we’ll be back again. I’m sure we aren’t the only ones waiting for Don Don Donki to open its outlet downstairs. πŸ˜‰

At Big C, we spent almost S$60 on snacks and drinks! And what’s perplexing was that there were many randomly-pasted signs along the aisles and on product shelves that said “εŠ ζ²ΉδΈ­ε›½”. We certainly haven’t seen anything like that in supermarkets in Singapore. And now, it’s probably not just China, but the whole world, that needs the encouragement.

At another store, I found interesting tidbits such as these crispy bamboo worms in a can. ORIGINAL FLAVOR, no less. I’m not sure I’ll like ‘original flavor’ worms. Maybe if they’re spicy or have some other flavoring (tom yum?), I might be able to enjoy them. πŸ˜€Β 

crispy bamboo worms bangkok


In any case, I am glad this blogpost’s done! πŸ˜€ The previous ones did make me feel like ‘Ah~~ I wish I can go travel’ but because of this virus situation, we’ve got to stay home more often than we’d like. πŸ˜‰ And as my sis kindly reminded everyone at dinner, we can choose to stay in 1 of 3 places: Home, a Hospital, or a Picture Frame.Β 

~ 55555 ~

Bangkok Day 2: Greyhound Cafe at Siam Center, Mont at MBK, Family Seafood BBQ

Valentine Burger Chicken Cheese with Pink Cream Sauce

Valentine Burger Chicken Cheese with Pink Cream Sauce. Thailand is truly amazing. πŸ˜€

And now we move on to Day 2 of my most recent Bangkok trip. πŸ˜€ After watermarking my photos for this blogpost, I’ve realised how awesome it is that we have the ability to take photos, then look at them after, and it takes us back to that point in time when we’re savoring that remarkable salmon belly (yumz) or that marvelous mookata dinner. Also, if Singapore does implement a lockdown, I’ll probably be able to clear the entire backlog of blogposts, which would not be a bad thing actually. Anyway, this is Day 2, when we woke up at 5.40am to make it for our supposed 7am start of the Klook day tour. (Turns out it was cancelled due to insufficient numbers)

We went back to sleep then took a 88baht Grab ride to Siam Center, where there is a Greyhound Cafe on level 3, which we have been to last time and obviously loved the food there.Β 

greyhound cafe siam center

300baht++ and worth every penny.

The fettuccine with shrimp was still available and still awesome. Incredibly smooth pasta in a thin-enough-to-not-be-jelak cream sauce. It is SO addictive and certainly NOT for sharing. We HAVE to order 2 of this next time! It’s one of those meals whereby you forget about who you’re dining with (haha!) and just quietly savor the yumminess. How can the pasta be so smooth?! It’s just so ridiculously good.

[And my goodness! I’ve just checked out the menu (online) for Greyhound Cafe Singapore. And they have this exact same dish. *Psst Greyhound Bangkok is no longer on Eatigo but Greyhound Cafe Singapore is! Book here.]

greyhound cafe buffalo burger

Buffalo Burger 320baht++.

The burger was decent. The way it is served is just so cute with 2 mini bottles of mustard and chili sauce. The burger patty was juicy and the veggies were fresh. But nothing beats the pasta, seriously.

greyhound cafe fried salmon toro with dip

Fried Salmon Toro with Dip, 240baht++. Can skip this.

Our appetiser of fried salmon belly was a letdown. Nothing special. Even the garlic chips disappointed.

greyhound cafe innocent voyage

Innocent Voyage 130baht++

The drink I picked was called Innocent Voyage. It was rather tart and came with lots of ice. It probably doesn’t warrant the pricetag. The blue glass makes it look special and that is it.

I love how the cafe has tablecloths on each table, which contribute to that very homey feel, but which are probably headaches to clean and keep clean. I even spotted a table with a vase of fresh white roses on it. Very atas this place is.Β 


Then we made our way to MBK as no trip to BKK is complete without at least a short visit to MBK. Hahaha! That famous bread place, MONT, is still there and still amazing:

As for the shopping, well, we bought more at MBK than at Platinum on Day One. 😱


After clocking an insane number of steps, we made our way to Family Seafood BBQ for dinner. The main draw: live prawns which you get to catch yourself.Β 

Flower crabs available too, but those were already dead.

family seafood bbq bangkok

It was a 938baht dinner at Family Seafood BBQ. The ordering of drinks is mandatory. So just go ahead and order plain water without ice if you’re not up for beer.

Make sure you come by early – they open at 5pm – because there’s no refill of the tank of live prawns. Once the prawns are all caught, you will have to make do with the dead ones on ice.

As fresh as they get:

Use the tongs to grab the prawns one by one. Dunk them into the tray with ice cubes and once the prawns stop struggling, you can get them out and quickly bring them back to your table and barbecue them before they are revived. It probably sounds cruel, but what’s worse is that some people don’t place the prawns into the icy water first. They just take them out of the tank and place them on the grill.Β 

There’s salmon sashimi too:

I like how this place uses a lot of ice to control the temperature and ensure the proteins don’t go bad. However, they need to find a way to keep the houseflies out. This top tray is full of flies – all those black spots in the picture are actually flies, not black peppercorn or anything like that.

But we did not have stomachaches after this dinner, so I guess we cooked our food thoroughly.Β 

Glorious salmon belly…

Needless to say, it was a most satisfying dinner. I would visit again. Once this COVID-19 situation is over. Which, as we’ve just heard, could take a year or two.


And Bangkok has interesting hours for the sale of alcoholic beverages. You cannot drink early in the morning nor after lunch (but during lunch, can!) (>_<)

thailand alcohol laws 2020

And even though we were filled to the brim with seafood, we managed to finish this platter of fruit left in our hotel room.

Apparently, this is customer service recovery from Le Tada Residences. I’ll tell you why in my next blogpost about Day One. πŸ˜‰

Read about Day 3 here. And Day 4 after.

Day 3 in Bangkok: (KLOOK) Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Maeklong Railway Market, Asiatique

Inside the minibus which we boarded at Century Mall

The current COVID-19 situation has disrupted our upcoming travel plans (haiz) so I might as well complete blogging about our previous trip to Thailand. πŸ˜€ On Day 3, we went on a tour that we had booked via Klook (get S$5 off your first activity by clicking this link) We got to vist the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and Maeklong Railway Market. The tour cost $33.65 per pax after a discount with a Klook promo code.

Spotted this building along the way. It looked like a dragon had tried to climb to the top. πŸ˜€ Turns out it’s King Power MahaNakhon, one of the coolest buildings in Bangkok:

Please go Google for a better image if you’d like. This was taken while on a moving vehicle so… πŸ˜‰

First stop: 7-eleven

Our hotel (Le Tada Residences) was pretty near the pickup location – precisely why I booked that hotel in the first place. So it was easy for us to be there at 7am. We’d actually wanted to go on this day tour on Day 2 of our Thailand trip but they did not have enough guests to warrant proceeding with the tour, and as luck would have it, we did not check our emails and Klook wasn’t able to get in touch with us. So we showed up at 7am that day, then went back, and returned again the next day at 7am. πŸ˜€ There were 7 of us on that tour, so it was definitely comfortable in the minibus, which could probably seat 10 or more people. Apart from me and my darling, it was a group of 5 Filipinos.Β 

And unfortunately, our guide Cherry was late so we did not make it in time for the train. So there were some changes to the schedule. We went to a rest stop (kind of like Yong Peng in Malaysia) where there was a 7-eleven outlet. (I bought Lactasoy with no sugar, and it was just awful) Some of the ladies bought their breakfast here – one even bought cup noodles to bring onto the minibus. I’m surprised they didn’t spill any hot liquid on themselves as they shared the noodles.

Then we visited a temple – Wat Bang Kung – that was built during the Ayuttaya period. There was also a Thai Boxing Temple nearby, not that we saw any actual boxing going on:

Then we made our way to Maeklong Railway Station. We were told that atΒ 11.10am, the train will arrive and at 11.15am, we were to meet our guide, get tickets from her and get onto the train before 11.30am. It was simply a train-riding experience – we had to alight at the next stop, and the journey took something like 15mins only.

maeklong railway station

When the train is in sight, EVERYONE clamors for a picture. And yes, people will stand on the tracks, as if unafraid of being run over.

I’m not sure why this is a tourist attraction.Β 

But the food at the station is really good! And cheap too! We were attracted to a stall called Rom Hub Station as there was a lady with a gigantic hair accessory on her head (the flower was bigger than her face) calling out to passersby. The Mango Sticky Rice is VERY GOOD (and cost just 50baht) while the fresh coconut costs only 15baht. You won’t regret dining here!

One very enjoyable meal in Bangkok!

After boarding the train, we found that sitting on the left side was cooler. πŸ˜€ Do take note if you’re boarding the train around 11am. πŸ˜‰

When we reached Lat Yai Station, we got off the train and made our way to the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. We were given watermelon and some water before we got onto the boat, which was probably a good thing.Β 

We were supposed to go for the 60-minute boat ride at 10am. But because our guide was late, and we missed the train, we got onto the boat after 1pm, when it was SUPER HOT!

The Filipinos sat in front, while we took the back seats, as we did on the minibus. XD

Β  I got a fright when this lady stuck out this long pole with a hook at the end, latched onto our boat and pulled it close to her ‘shop’.Β Β 

Like that also can, ah?

Either the boatman would select which ‘stalls’ he wanted to stop his boat at (and we’ll sometimes see him receive cash, whether or not we bought anything), or we get dragged in, as shown above. (>_<) And unless you don’t mind paying exorbitant prices, don’t look, don’t point and most certainly don’t ask any questions. The sellers are experts at coaxing people into parting with their cash, and unless you are a seasoned shopper and can put your foot down and say “No, it’s either this price or I’m not buying”, it’s best to just keep quiet and look at your phone or elsewhere. Let the sellers grumble to the boatman in Thai about how miserly you all are, and then you get to leave. πŸ˜€Β 

I like this lil old lady’s smile πŸ˜€

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Unfortunately, it seems to me that this floating market serves mainly tourists. I didn’t see locals buying stuff off the boats.Β 

After we were done with the boat ride, we were shown places where we could sit down for a meal. Darling and I set off towards the nearest 7-eleven store, where we bought Cherry Blossom Magnum ice cream, among other things.Β 

We could then select our preferred drop-off location: Asiatique, Chinatown, Siam Center or Century Mall where our journey began.Β 

We picked Asiatique, and there we had dinner at Checkmate Bar & Bistro, which was offering 50% off via Eatigo (yes, you can use Eatigo in Thailand!) There was also 1-for-1 for Stella Artois beer.

BBQ Pork Ribs at 380baht++

We also had their deep-fried chicken wings (just the mid joint) at 180baht++, which went SO WELL with beer. The Tom Yum Kung (250++) was a disappointment though. I’d probably not come here for mains again. It’s more of a finger food + beer place. πŸ˜€

We did also have ice cream at Swensen’s.

asiatique swensens

The Swensen’s at Asiatique doesn’t serve hot foods. You come here just for dessert. Had two scoops of ice cream, with jack fruit, fudge and cherry toppings, and a yummilicious chocolate lava cake! The bill? Just 254baht. And water is served free-of-charge. πŸ™‚

Read about Day 4 of our Bangkok 2020 holiday HERE.

Shunfu Mart Food Centre: The Char Kway Teow is Awesome!

I wasn’t expecting much, really, when we popped by Shunfu Mart Food Centre this afternoon for lunch. It looks really small for a hawker centre. But this one serves a lot of seniors. After we had found a table and were just about to put our stuff down and get seated, one auntie comes over, plops herself down on a chair and says she’s taking the table (and like we could possibly buzz off). We didn’t know if she has some kind of mental illness or not so we go off in search of another table, carefully avoiding the seniors. And not knowing which stall to order from, I pick the one with the long queue – the char kway teow stall. They serve up plates of char kway teow really fast. You can have either the $2.50 or the $3 version, and add $1 if you’d like the otah as well. Truly cheap and good, with lots of ‘hum’ (blood cockles). I’d totally order this again! πŸ˜€

My darling also ordered popiah (and told me the folks aren’t too friendly) and porridge with a few side dishes, which was good.

Will probably give this a miss next time. Nothing to shout about.

We also bought muffins from Chocolat N’ Spice, which has outlets in Tanjong Pagar Plaza and Telok Blangah so you’ve probably tried their muffins before. Double Choc was sold out so I picked Choc Chip, and I can’t say I like it very much. There aren’t enough chocolate chips in the muffin. (>_<)

Will probably be back soon to try the fish soup – it was closed today. XD

COVID-19’s Impact On Jewel Changi Airport in 14 Pictures

This spot usually attracts A LOT of people who want to get pictures taken with the Rain Vortex in the background. Today, it’s easy to get a clear shot.

After reading reports about how traveler numbers are down and how retailers at our beloved airport are struggling, I thought I’ll make a trip down and see for myself. After all, there’s FREE ENTRY to the Canopy Park now and I thought clocking 10,000 steps would be a piece of cake here. So here are some pictures which *might* make you think / believe that visitor numbers have dropped drastically:

FREE entry to the Canopy Park! (Actually I secretly think it should just be free all day, everyday lah)

Some people surrounding a robot that’s handing out FREE bottles of water and candy, as if they are wondering whether they need to sanitise their hands first. After I grab a bottle, the others follow suit.

The Apple store. I think there was a talk / class going on, but there was just 1 interested participant already seated. The rest of the people are mostly their own staff.

Not a soul in Bengawan Solo – I was surprised:


And here are some pictures that suggest otherwise:

A&W still attracts a queue, albeit a much shorter one.

Rich & Good Cake Shop was almost sold out at around 12.45pm.

And just look at that LONG queue outside Shake Shack – no virus is gonna keep these people from the burgers they love:

There are a number of eateries offering tempting lunchtime promotions, so it’s probably true that businesses at Jewel are struggling (and therefore are trying to draw the crowd back in). Though I wonder how many of their diners are actually people who work at Changi Airport, versus those who work elsewhere or who are travelers flying in/out of Singapore.

Arteastiq was tempting:

Jack’s Place has a $9.90 Healthier Choice Lunch Set:

Shang Social is offering great value indeed:


I picked Four Seasons Restaurant, yup, the company that’s known for its durian products…

When I entered the restaurant, there was only ONE table which was occupied. So essentially that couple would have felt like they’d booked the entire place if I hadn’t walked in. Haha! πŸ˜€ Anyway, I think it’s because the restaurant is located in a corner that people don’t usually walk to so it attracts fewer diners. But next to them is Dian Xiao Er, and further ahead in a prominent location is Toastbox.

There’s no ice cream today, sadly, but they offered free flow of green bean soup. The free flow drink is actually some fruit punch (?) which I thought tasted nasty.

However, the Curry Chicken with Rice tasted a lot better than it looked. Served steaming hot, the curry is delicious with the right balance of lemak and spice.

Free cookies, cordial and green bean soup

What I really loved was their durian cookie! OMG. It looks like a regular butter cookie. But boy, is it fragrant. And it’s melt-in-your-mouth. AND it’s eat-all-you-can! I’m surprised they don’t mention cookies in their promotional poster and when the staff tell you about the $9.90 nett lunch set. The mains and the cookies are what you should come here for. The beverage and dessert are a lousy second.

The cookies so impressed me that I think I ate 5 (of the big ones) and then bought a Fave voucher for 40 of their durian cream puffs, which cost just $13.80 in all, so each puff costs just 35cents. πŸ˜€ You’ve got to get that Fave voucher while it’s still available! You can redeem it at their other outlets too, if Jewel is too far for you.


Four Seasons is at B2-228 of Jewel Changi.

Wild Olives: Most Popular Stall @ Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre

We FINALLY got to try the food from Wild Olives, that super-popular stall at the Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre. Yup, that hawker centre where business is not quite spectacular for many of the hawkers (in fact, some look like they’re really struggling). Wild Olives is that outlier. It ALWAYS has a queue and when we popped by at about 5pm, when the stall wasn’t exactly ‘open’ yet, there was already a queue with four people! *Watch out for that line which you must not cross unless the boss has signaled to you that you can step forward to place your order. πŸ˜‰

I had the Sirloin Steak with fries and grilled herb potatoes:

He had the Grilled Pork Chop with Signature Mushroom Rice and Grilled Herb Potatoes:

Mine cost $10.90 and his was $5.90 inclusive of the side dishes! NOW you know why there’s always a queue? πŸ˜‰

The mushroom rice was tasty, and I like the caramelized onions that came with the potatoes. The sirloin steak was paired with a garlic sauce which was surprisingly good. But I think the pork chop did not impress. We *may* be back only if the queue’s not too long. I don’t think it’s actually worth a long wait.


The Western Food mains come with your choice of 2 side dishes. Choose from Wild Olives’ Signature Mushroom Rice, Grilled Herb Potatoes, Thick Cut Fries, Seasonal Vegetables, Homemade Coleslaw, Garden Green Salad, and Whipped Potatoes.

If you would like to contact or follow them:

The Co-op @ Our Tampines Hub

the co-op tampines review

We picked The Co-op for dinner yesterday as it looks like a very cool eatery located within OTH. AND there was 50% off via Eatigo too! πŸ˜€ If you happen to be a HomeTeam member, you can get a table at the members’ area where you get a good view of the football field below – especially worthwhile if there is a match going on. We aren’t members so we got a table in the regular dining area. I ordered the Laksa Mania ($16.90++) while he went for the Wagyu Burger ($20.90++).

For the Eatigo discount, you can select any item in these categories: Burgers, British, Pizzas, Fresh Pasta and Mexican. And the best part is that Co-op is offering free flow soft drinks with any of these mains.

The dispenser includes Yeo’s Iced Lemon Tea (my fav) and Kickapoo (also another of my favs)…

The ice comes out in dribs and drabs though so be patient.

This place offers Halal food and it is also a Muslim-owned eatery. They seem to love QR codes. You enter, scan a QR code to do a health declaration, get seated, and place your order via QR code, and then you can even leave them a Google review using this QR code too:

Here’s the menu if you want to check out what’s on offer:

the co op tampines hub menu

the co-op menu tampines

How’s The Food?

I like the sauce with my spaghetti. The prawns were succulent and fresh too. However, I’m not a fan of the pasta. They say it’s made fresh daily, using durum wheat semolina flour and water. I prefer pasta which is smoother and which you can ‘slurp’ up (more satisfying that way). Anyway, I like that they deshelled the prawns, leaving only the head and tail on so it’s so easy to eat. PLUS there’s sliced chili padi in the dish too. LOVE LOVE LOVE chili padi.

As for the burger, well, it comes with fries served steaming hot, and which we dipped inΒ Sriracha chili sauce:

The burger comes with crispy buns and BEEF BACON (tastes like bak kwa to me). It probably ranks as one of the best burgers you can find in Tampines.

Would we come back again? Sure! Especially when there’s 50% off. πŸ˜€ The lady who got us seated and helped confirm our orders was very friendly and sweet. We were surprised though that we could not order an extra main to share because our Eatigo reservation was for 2 pax so the discount would only apply to 2 mains. At other places, we could go ahead and get 3 mains to be shared between us. I guess different rules apply to different places. Plus, this one is offering free flow soft drinks! πŸ˜€

We were a little concerned that the lady who assisted us during payment was having the sniffles. Not sure why she’s not resting at home. (@_@)

The Co-op is at #03-04 of Our Tampines Hub.

*There’s GST and service charge here. πŸ˜‰