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#1: CNY Floral Arrangement @ Bright Hill Evergreen Home

Bright Hill Evergreen nursing home

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Book Review: ‘To Siri, With Love’ by Judith Newman

To Siri With Love by Judith Newman

The book ‘To Siri, With Love’ is about the true story of a pretty ‘strange’ household. How strange? For one, the husband and wife have separate apartments (I don’t mean that they sleep in separate rooms or beds. They each have their own homes) and when their twin boys were conceived, the dude was actually 69 years old (he’s 30 years older than his wife). When the kids were born, the woman’s already 40 and one of the twin boys (Gus) was later found to have autism. It’s neither politically correct nor polite to say “I’m sorry your child is autistic” (‘cos what is there to be sorry about?) or “What were you thinking… having children when both of you aren’t exactly young anymore?” But it’s what I thought of saying to the author (when reading the book) if I do end up meeting her someday. But that would be discounting the fact that the couple took 7 years (and according to her, $70,000) with 5 or 6 miscarriages along the way, before they eventually had their twins.


It seems they TOTALLY missed certain signs or else they won’t be surprised that one child (or two) doesn’t turn out entirely ‘normal’ (but let’s not debate what normal means now). The couple live apart as John doesn’t like loud noises,ย gets upset when pillows aren’t arranged properly or when his mug is not in the part of the cabinet that he expects to find it in, and he also cannot leave a room without closing all the drawers. Judith herself doesn’t like to be touched (but sex is fine). Are they somewhere on the spectrum too? It’s anybody’s guess.

I love everything about the book, except for one portion. So here’s what I love… first:

  1. The innocence and genuineness that Gus has. His mother says that “if he becomes, say, a Walmart greeter, when he wishes you a nice day he will mean it with all his heart.” How many times have we heard “Thank you for coming” / “See you again!” from a salesperson who’s actually checking out her manicure or doing something else altogether, instead of looking at you and smiling sincerely?
  2. That technology has probably saved the sanity of parents with autistic kids. Gus chats with Siri for hours at a time, and she (it?) patiently answers all his questions.ย “In a world where the commonly held wisdom is that technology isolates us, it’s worth considering another side of the story.”
  3. Autistic people teach us that there is another way to live / be. Gus “thinks that everyone is his friend… has no idea about sarcasm or competition or envy or ambition.” I think the bit about envy and sarcasm is useful. If we could live without envying others (all you gorgeous people with curated pictures of your lives on Instagram!), wouldn’t we enjoy Life even more?

What I find difficult to accept is that while the author (obviously) thinks it’s fine to make babies with someone in his late-sixties and already has a child from a previous marriage, she wants Gus to either be a homosexual or get a vasectomy so he won’t be able to procreate. Wow. Just wow.

“My lifelong hopes that Gus was gay – what gay man doesn’t adore his mother?”

“I do not want Gus to have children… Gus should not be a parent.”

“I will insist on having medical power of attorney, so that I will be able to make the decision about a vasectomy for him after he turns 18.”

I really don’t know what to say. On one hand, this book presents lots of information about autism (that I didn’t know before) and I am learning a bit more about some of the (strange) things autistic kids might do, such as ignoring me or coming within two inches of my face to talk to me. But it makes me feel like screaming “WHY DID YOU HAVE A KID WITH SOMEONE IN HIS SIXTIES?!” and “WHY ARE YOU STOPPING YOUR OWN KID FROM PROCREATING –ย  YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO BUT HE DOESN’T?”

So… this book leaves me very dissatisfied. ‘Cos I can’t do the screaming bit. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

I hope the author changes her mind about “sterilising” her child and hopefully, Gus himself stays positive forever. The odds aren’t very good:ย “A 2015 study in the British Journal of Psychiatry found that people with so-called “high-functioning autism” are about ten times more likely to commit suicide than those in the general population.”

Finally, there’s this funny bit about the author’s plastic surgery, which totally reminds me of someone (I’d better not say who) who got a nosejob and also has an autistic kid with her (old) nose. These two mothers really should meet. ๐Ÿ˜€

Like Judith’s pal said to her:

“He’s got your nose – well, your old nose. Why don’t you get him your new nose? Is your plastic surgeon still in business?”

*If getting him a vasectomy is on the cards, getting him a nosejob shouldn’t raise too many eyebrows. ๐Ÿ˜›

Victoria Facelift (Singapore) Review: Free Trial, Price, Products

Victoria Facelift products

I spotted an offer on Facebook regarding a free 90-minute facial trial at Victoria Facelift some time back. And as it was near my place (yet I had never heard of the company despite its 7 outlets around Singapore), I decided to sign up for a facial treatment on the same day.

This is a screenshot of the ad on Facebook that I’d clicked on:

Victoria Facelift free trial

Interestingly, if you book the trial online, it’s FREE. But if you go to the outlet, you’ll see the poster outside which says the 90-minute trial costs $48 (U.P. $388) for the first 50 walk-in customers daily. Wouldn’t folks feel silly if they had paid the $48 then realized you can get it free online?

When I arrived about 10 minutes before the appointment, I was told to get a seat while they took my IC – perhaps to check that it was indeed my first visit. Then a consultant asked me the usual questions regarding medical history, last facial session etc. I felt the lady was just going through the motions, like she really wished she was elsewhere (not very friendly this one).

Then a more senior-looking consultant took over to do a scan of my skin. First, the inner side of my arm (not as tanned) then my face. I have no major skin issues so they could only point out the few small milia seeds that I have in the undereye area and also warn me about the dangers of not using sunblock and how pigmentation might result.

*She asked what my skin concerns were and what I hoped to achieve in that session. I told her I was only bothered by dark eye circles and slightly dry skin. She asked if I wanted to top up for the eye treatment. I said nevermind, just give me what’s in the free trial. ๐Ÿ˜€

The facial treatment itself was awesome! Yes, awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€

Victoria Facelift review

The room was really small though. Actually it’s not even a room. It’s one room partitioned into many smaller cubicles. But my therapist, a lady in her mid-20s (let’s call her A), was evidently skilled. Starting from the facial cleanse… I knew I was in good hands, literally.

There were 3 masks used during that session… before a machine was utilised for that final facelifting effect.

The first mask was (if I remember correctly) to help soften the skin / exfoliate / open the pores. There was also a “cold steam” (like a hydro mist) blowing on my face.

Then a hyaluronic hydrating mask.

Then finally a collagen mask.

In-between, there was extraction, simple eyebrow shaping, neck and shoulder massage, and a facial detox massage. I was left wondering how come this was free-of-charge. I contemplated giving A a $10 tip (the only money I had on me).

The ‘machine’ treatment has a 3-ball tip. After using it on the right side of my face, (as can be expected) she held up a mirror in front of me to let me see how the right side had been ‘lifted’. Then she worked on the left side.

*And oh, before and after pictures were taken, which I’m not concerned about since I don’t usually wear makeup anyway. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Post-treatment, it was the sales pitch, of course. I was first given a collagen drink – ‘cos it’s not cold, it tasted a little weird. And I was then told about the pricing and installment plans for payment via credit card.

Victoria Facelift Collagen drink

Apparently it’s $3,880 for 20 treatments (the more senior lady explained it as 10 treatments + another 10 “free” ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). With GST, it’s over $4K. But using a credit card, e.g. POSB’s, you get 10% discount. So the total amount is $3,736.44 which you can pay via 12, 24 or 36 months in interest-free installments.

And here’s the free 3-piece product kit I got to take home:

Victoria Facelift reviews

I didn’t sign up for the package as I am concerned about 2 things: (1) it’s quite common for companies to fold and there are no refunds for the unused portion of the packages, and (2) the service standards noticeably ‘dip’ after the first (trial) session.

I’d rather pay a la carte pricing whenever possible.

If you find yourself in a bit of a pickle after going for a free trial and consultants are trying to ‘hardsell’ you a package, here are some tips:

1) Be nice to staff. It’s hard to hardsell someone who’s sweet to you.

2) Have an exit strategy even before entering the shop. Even if the treatment is awesome, and you are tempted to purchase a package, you DESERVE to be able to think it through at home FIRST. So whether you want to arrange for someone to call or come in and ‘rescue’ you, or whether you want to leave your wallet at home, it is up to you. Just have a plan before heading for a free trial, whether it is at a facial salon or a gym or spa.

3) Ask the consultant other questions to get her off her guard. They have practised sales pitches so try to break their momentum. Once the momentum is gone, they will find it hard to get back on the hard-selling track. When she’s talking about the packages, try to change the topic to something else (I ended up chatting about traffic accidents. LOL).

4)*MOST IMPORTANT: if you have never been in the sales line before, have a very thin skin, and have difficulty saying ‘no’ to people… say no to the free trial instead.

I don’t mind going for free trials because (1) it’s free and facials (usually) don’t hurt, (2) I get to practise my “skills” when it comes to offering objections and (3) those trial sessions offer the best facial treatments (it’s true). I’ve read too many reviews of various facial salons which provide really good facials the first time, so customers sign up for packages and then the subsequent treatments are not as good – the therapist might be a different (less skilled) person, or there’s more up-selling of ampoules and various add-ons EACH time you visit the centre. That’s really stressful.

That said, I don’t mind (discounted) paid trial sessions too. Went for a few via Groupon. The bonus is that if you’ve paid something (even if it’s $20), you don’t feel so bad (paiseh) when you have to tell them you’re not signing up for a package, whatever the reason may be.


All in all, I’m more than pleased with the free trial at Victoria Facelift. It truly was an awesome experience. I do understand that companies only offer discounts to people who sign up for packages with them but with the current economic climate, perhaps the company can consider staggering the discounts for those who prefer a la carte pricing, e.g.:

(after trial session)

1st visit: pay 100% of facial price

2nd visit: pay 90%

3rd visit: pay 80%

and so on…

Thus, the more times the customer returns for a la carte treatments, the cheaper each session costs. It’s an incentive for the customer to come back if he / she likes the service here, and it also protects the customer from being left stranded if a company suddenly folds. ๐Ÿ™‚

Book Review: Wildflower by Drew Barrymore

Wildflower by Drew Barrymore

This is one book I love but which also leaves me puzzled. As puzzled as after I read this other book about eating, praying and loving, and how the author discovered her soulmate (this amazing guy) after a traumatic divorce and traveling to various places. Said author later divorces the guy and ends up in a same-sex relationship. This world is so freaking… confusing. And authors and creative types are the worst, I tell you! ๐Ÿ˜›

Anyway, in Wildflower, Drew Barrymore shares about how she met Will Kopelman, the proposal, the awesome in-laws, and beautiful kids. The book ends with no sign at all that her marriage would not be a ‘happily ever after’ story. And before you know it, tah-dah they are divorced. Brilliant. Thankfully, the book is not just about the couple (or ex-couple). It shares snippets of Drew’s past, her upbringing, her parents, the adventures she’s been on (like jumping off a cruise ship full of old people!), and also how she came to star in some of my favorite movies ever (like ’50 First Dates’).

What I would have loved for her to share about was her experience of getting into an ‘institution / rehab’ at the age of 13 and staying in there for 1.5 years. That part is missing from the overall story. Though I would understand if she’d just rather not share / recall. What she does reveal, though, are some bits about how she parted ways with her mother when she was 14, and how her dad was simply not playing the role of a dad throughout her life.

Through this book, I got to know a little better this former ‘child star’ who first starred in a dog food commercial at the (impossible) age of 11 months, and then other films including E.T. when she was 7. I was almost moved to tears when she described how she had been tracking the script for what would be the movie ’50 First Dates’ for YEARS before she eventually starred in it with Adam Sandler.

There’s so much more you need to read about in Wildflower. I’m sure you’ll love the book. I bought it yesterday at Times bookstore (50% off at Waterway Point) and am already done reading it today! That’s how good it is!

Here are 5 quotes I’ve picked from the book:

#1: “I am afraid. I’m thirty-five, and I don’t exactly know where my life is heading, and I just don’t even know what I am looking for.” (I’m sure SO MANY of us can relate. I guess this is why we love her and love watching her in the movies she has starred in.)

#2: “…we built relationships with people we admired and respected rather than party with the beautiful people” (Though her parents didn’t do a great job in terms of parenting, her life has been blessed with amazing people who’ve helped teach her, support her and love her.)

#3: “…you can be a warrior and be full of grace and class.”

#4: “You choose the great person in front of you and don’t play the game of Let’s Make a Deal and see what’s behind door number two because we are so conditioned to seeing what else is out there.” (Important advice for people who are single!)

#5: “We all have the capacity to be divine, but that damn ego always lets some people think they are bigger or better than others.”

Dining On Cloud 9: Cable Car Dining Review

dining on cloud 9

I had a most extraordinary birthday dinner yesterday in a cable car, thanks to my pal’s generosity (thank you, Samy!!!) Over 3 cable car round trips from Faber Peak to Sentosa, it was a 3-course dinner with an ever-changing view. Because of the gloomy weather, there wasn’t a glorious sunset to behold but it didn’t get boring (at one point, we even heard music coming from the direction of the Hard Rock Hotel). And how, here’s my review of the Dining On Cloud 9 experience and do note that I’m putting myself in the shoes of someone who paid $288++ and deciding if it’s worth the expense…

sky dining review

Welcome drink of champagne / mocktail before boarding the cable car

Upon arriving at Faber Peak, we found some seats and waited to board the cable car at 6pm for dinner. Signs were not quite prominent so at the beginning, we didn’t know where to go or who to ask regarding the Dining On Cloud 9 booking. Strangely enough, the lighting at the area around the cable cars is always kept dim. So later on, whenever the cable car pulls into a station, we’d just put a pause on the eating.

The first course on-board wasย Chilled King Prawn withย Mesclun, Salmon Roe and Mango Raspberry Dressing. Paired with it was a delightfully warmย Shellfish Consommรฉ, with Seafood Wrapped with Long Cabbage. It was a nice contrast of hot and cold.

cable car dining

At some point, I did wonder what the difference was between this particular $288++ package and the cheaper Singapore delights one, and of course, the regular no-food rides.

We had this cushion placed on top of the (hard) seats within the cable car…

mount faber cable car dining

Beyond that, if you’re expecting air-conditioning, nope there isn’t any. There were 2 small fans though which don’t offer much respite when we’re battling the post-rain humidity. ๐Ÿ˜€ Plus, the windows at the top weren’t shut so we had raindrops with the first course.

For the main course, we could choose either the Char Grilled Angus Beef Sirloin or the Almond Crusted Chilean Sea Bass. So we had one of each. Earlier on, I’d read online reviews about how the beef is rather ‘chewy’ / ‘rubbery’ but I still decided to give it a go. And the reviews were right. LOL! The fish was really good though. (How come it tasted like cod?!) With our mains were the house wine (red and white)

For dessert, we had Cheese Mousse with Wild Berry Compote plusย Coffee / Tea.

dining on cloud 9 review

Each couple also gets a box of chocolates (I’m not sure why since we already have dessert). The dessert was amazing – light, fluffy, and not too sweet. And it’s in the shape of a white rose. The berries were delicious too. This is what I mean by dessert having the power to either ‘make’ or ‘break’ a dining experience. This one was awesome.


Overall, here’s how I would rate our experience with Dining On Cloud 9…

Service: 1.75* / 5*

Food: 3.5* / 5*

Value-For-Money: 2* / 5*

The process of making a reservation via email was not that easy – I don’t fancy doing it again. Haha! The food was decent so I might head to Spuds & Aprons for meals in future. ๐Ÿ™‚

If the cable car is not your thing, perhaps the Singapore Flyer might entice you. For a shared capsule, their Premium Sky Dining Flight for 2 starts from 299++. For a private capsule for 2, the price would be $1,800++. (Apparently you get a bouquet there)

Fry Pan Shokudo @ Isetan Scotts Food Republic

Fry pan shokudo

The Katsu Tower (Pork / Chicken) $40

I’ve never imagined that tonkatsu could be stacked up to form a “Katsu Tower”, but apparently that’s what you’ll find is on the menu at Fry Pan Shokudo. There should be a challenge, say, if you finish eating the entire katsu tower within 20 minutes, then you dine for free. Idea, right? ๐Ÿ˜€ Anyway, my 3 makan kakis and I couldn’t finish that one tower, and I tabao-ed most of it back for the folks at home.

*By the way, Miss World Japan 2016, Priyanka Yoshikawa, will be in town at Fry Pan Shokudo on 4 October 2017, 7pm, to promote the newly launched outlet. So if you’re in the Orchard area and want to meet the beauty queen, you know where to find her. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s everything we ordered. And there was just one thing lacking…

fry pan shokudo review

Dinner for 4 came up to almost S$80

Fry Pan Shokudo doesn’t sell drinks. But why not sell hot Japanese tea for $2 a cup? If there are free refills, even better! After you’ve had tonkatsu and tendon, you’ll be craving for a cup of tea to wash it all down. But we did have the Salmon Head Miso Soup ($8). I think the soup could do with stronger seasoning, though I like the large portion size as it’s great for sharing.

fry pan shokudo isetan scotts

Saba Set Meal $9

The saba fish was decent, if a little dry. But I love saba, and have ordered saba sets at various food courts and Japanese restaurants. I haven’t found one that can be labelled “to-die-for” yet; if you have a recommendation, please drop me an email!

My favorite dish at Fry Pan Shokudo was their tendon; well-seasoned with a variety of veggies. And just a tiny portion of rice, so even girlfriends on a diet won’t complain about the quantity. ๐Ÿ˜€

fry pan shokudo isetan scotts food republic

Jumbo Tendon with Soup, $12 each

All in all, I’d say this place is good for students or anyone who will have a kick out of ordering the Katsu Tower. It’s unlikely I’ll return again really soon (ate way too much katsu that day) unless they have something special going on: maybe multiple sauces to dip pieces of katsu in, that 20-minute challenge I mentioned earlier, or something fun along those lines. If you want an insta-worthy katsu picture, though, you’ll certainly get one here. ๐Ÿ™‚

Would You Purchase Chili Crab, Pizza Or Popiah From A Vending Machine?

Singapore Vending Machines

Found these machines at GIANT Tampines. Located on the ground floor, this space previously had fruit stalls. Now there’s an entire row of vending machines selling everything from shavers to snacks.

After some late-night grocery shopping at GIANT Tampines yesterday, my pals and I chanced upon a row of vending machines at the ground floor behind the escalators which took us down from level 2. There was a machine from GIANT which would give you a prize worth $100 (supposedly) if you put in just $10 – but the machine wasn’t in operation yet so we didn’t try it despite the obvious temptation. There were other machines selling toys, shavers (which my pal said seemed “so expensive”) and the usual – snacks. But there were others (as pictured above) which sold crab from House of Seafood, popiah from Mr Popiah and pizza from Shiok Pizza. Wow. Would you try any of these?

As we’d already had our dinner at Chomp Chomp, I purchased just 2 packets of snacks from the boxgreen vending machine.

boxgreen vending machine

Some of the snacks on sale at a boxgreen vending machine.

Had the Acai Berry Granola for breakfast today. You must have heard / read about the superfood acai berry before, right?

The pack supposedly contained “2.7 servings” but I think it’s about 1 serving size lahย unless you’re a really small eater. Taste-wise, I found it too dry for my liking, and it was rather bland. I can probably whip up something similar with products from a supermarket. Just buy some rolled oats, and toss in a few raisins, and you’ll get a similar texture. I was looking for some crunch, or some natural sweetness, so I was a little disappointed.

But it’s healthy, right?

boxgreen acai berry granola

I found the list of ingredients on the back, and was rather shocked to see butter on the list. Butter’s not something I want in my breakfast… so I don’t think I’m purchasing this again.

boxgreen granola review

I also purchased their Shiitake Mushroom Chips. Strangely enough, I couldn’t taste that umami flavor that mushrooms usually have. And they used pepper instead of salt (healthier, yes, I know) but not strong on taste either.

*I’ve actually written to boxgreen about 5 hours before putting together this blogpost. They read my FB message within 33 minutes of me sending it, but didn’t send me a reply. Oh well. I’d wanted to know why butter was in their granola, and how they would respond to customer feedback that the snack’s not very good. No response. O.K.


When you’re making a purchase from vending machines, it’s generally better to purchase products you’ve already tried and liked, e.g. a certain soft drink or sports beverage. When it comes to food, especially if you’re concerned about food allergies, these machines don’t really give you the option of flipping the products around and checking their ingredients list or where they were manufactured. You’ll probably have to rely on the reviews by bloggers. I went to boxgreen’s FB page and didn’t see any review section – I’m hoping it’s not because they don’t want feedback. As for the chili crab, I’ve read some online reviews that it’s probably 80% as good as those you get in the restaurant. So… you might want to try those. (Read more here)

Run For Good: Balloon Run 2017

Balloon Run Singapore 2017

[ Pic not taken by me. My “rep” took this ๐Ÿ˜€ ]

October 1st appears to be an auspicious date – so many events happening today. While I was meditating under an imaginary mango tree at the Space Out Competition, he was completing a 5km run at the Run For Good: Balloon Run 2017. I’d signed up for both events and only realized much later that there’s a scheduling clash. So he went for one, and I went for the other. LOL. #Teamwork

While there are many environment-related concerns because of the use of so many balloons for this run, I have to agree with the organizers that the sight of balloons (especially such colorful ones) really helps make people feel happy. That brilliant balloon rainbow for the start / end point is so cute!

I like the strap attached to the medal as well. And he also brought back a floral balloon sculpture for me. Aww…

Balloon Run medal

The race cost just $12 per pax, with the money going to charity. It’s easily one of the most affordable races and they aren’t stingy with freebies either.

He received Wall’s ice cream (if it’s sponsored, THANK YOU WALL’S!), water and a banana.

Balloon Run Singapore

[ Pic not taken by me. My “rep” took this ๐Ÿ˜€ ]

After the Durian Run, and now the Balloon Run, I really cannot wait to find out what other fun Run will take place next. So exciting! ๐Ÿ˜€

Singapore’s First Space Out / Free Your Mind Competition: 1st Oct 2017

Space Out Competition

Yesterday, I was contemplating removing the Whatsapp application from my mobile phone ‘cos I found it such a chore to reply to messages, mainly those which could have been sent in 1 SMS but were broken up into multiple messages via Whatsapp ‘cos it’s free. At the Free Your Mind a.k.a. Space Out Competition at Geylang Serai CC this morning, I felt a sense of liberation. We could not use or even look at our mobile phones. ๐Ÿ˜€ Just what I needed! ๐Ÿ˜€

It was Singapore’s first Space Out Competition. In Korea, the record stands at 90 minutes and in Beijing, 2 hours. But in Singapore, we definitely set a world record today. Out of the 100+ participants, I was the among the final 7 (or 8) people left in the room after over 5 HOURS! Yes… darn, I could have stayed on and won. But I made a few mistakes, which I’ll share with you in a bit.

During the first two to three hours of the competition, we were allowed to move our head (look up, down, left and right), we could also stretch and change our sitting position (e.g. cross-legged to both feet on the ground).

We could also scratch if we felt itchy anywhere, sneeze, yawn, cough, burp, fart, stretch out our legs, etc. We were also allowed toilet breaks (maximum of 4 breaks) at 10 minutes each. What we couldn’t do included talking, singing, humming, standing up, dancing, laughing, etc.

Then as the hours flew by, and volunteers were packing up to leave, the rules got stricter. By the 5 hour mark, we could not move a muscle. If you turn your head just a little bit, you’re out.

I eventually got disqualified ‘cos a male marshal said my shoulder had moved. I believe I had taken a deep breath, and that was how my shoulder ended up (naturally) moving. Darn. About half an hour before I was disqualified, a female marshal came up to me and said my arm had moved. I told her it was because I’d just returned from the washroom and bent over to place the water bottle on the ground, and to please check with someone else. (Was she also ‘stoning’ to not have noticed?)

Anyway, I didn’t stay on to see who’d won and how long the person managed to endure. I left just before the 5 hour 20 minute mark. Some people might have run a full marathon during that time. So yes, I’m proud of myself. I thought this competition would only take 2 hours. *shrug*

Tips For Space Out Competition Participants:

  1. Wrap a shawl around your shoulders. A good color would be black, and without any prints. So if you need to move your fingers a little, no one will be able to see it happen under your shawl. My fingers got so cold and numb today, what with the air-conditioning and rainy weather outside. And no… I didn’t have a shawl.
  2. Don’t wear clothes with striking colors. I wore an Adidas jacket with neon pink stripes – I guess that’s how the guy saw my shoulders move. Choose an outfit in a dark, solid color with no print.
  3. If the organizer is playing a video, don’t watch it. They played funny Youtube videos today in a bid to make us laugh. Folks were hanging on after 3 to 4 hours… so they thought they would distract us this way. I simply stared at the sweater of the lady seated in front of me.
  4. If you’re the kind who falls asleep easily, don’t bother joining the competition. An elderly lady was disqualified within 15 minutes of the start of the competition ‘cos she had dozed off.
  5. Keep your mobile phone out of reach. The elderly gentleman seated on my left had placed his phone in his breast pocket and reached for it to “check the time”… and got disqualified within 15 minutes of the competition too.
  6. Look out for the air-conditioners. Don’t get a seat under or near them as it can get quite cold after a while.
  7. Go for your toilet breaks. Don’t hold your pee in. Even if you have no pee, it’s a good opportunity to stretch those muscles, scratch your nose or wherever and use the hand dryer in the toilet to warm those frozen fingers.
  8. Keep drinking water. We were allowed to drink water – just raise your hand and ask for a marshal’s permission. I should have done that just before I got disqualified. Haiz. I was waiting for another 10 minutes to pass before drinking some water.


So there you have it. My experience of spacing out and coming so close to winning a prize in this competition. Will I be back for the second edition (if any)? I doubt so. Competition would be much fiercer then. I guess they’ll last for 10 hours or more? ๐Ÿ˜€

La Source Spa: If You Need A Really Good Massage

La Source Spa Singapore

I went to La Source Spa today for the very first time – it’s their 10th anniversary! When the founder, Jane, looked me in the eyes and said it has not been easy at all, I really did believe her. The spa’s prime location along Scotts Road (opposite Far East Plaza and to the left of Galleria) doesn’t necessarily guarantee success. Locals would not usually walk along that stretch, I suppose. But the spa has won fans such as socialite Jamie Chua (who’s known for her collection of Hermes bags and appreciation of the finer things in life).

I enjoyed a complimentary neck + shoulder + hand massage today. It was most enjoyable even though the seating arrangement was a little weird. We sat on acrylic chairs – two rows facing each other – in one of the spa’s treatment rooms (where people usually get facials done, I believe). The therapist, Yaya, helped alleviate the stiffness in my neck, shoulder and arms. SO GOOD!

Didn’t manage to visit the various ‘stations’ (I think there was angel card reading and who knows what else). Just had a massage, some finger food and I left for lunch at Saveur.

I really do love those balloons – stared at them for a while ๐Ÿ˜€

La Source Spa review

I’m not usually one to reach out for cake pops but these golden blobs were really tempting. And tasted as good as they looked, which was a surprise!

La Source Spa

I liked the mini lobster charcoal burgers as well. Delish!

Mini Lobster Charcoal Burger

And the Ethereal Garden Tiramisu Pot looked so real – like little plants sprouting out of soil. I wonder if any of the guests would eat this…

Ethereal Garden Tiramisu Pot

If you’re in the Orchard area and would like a good massage, I’d highly recommend you pop by La Source Spa. Their in-house range of products smell heavenly and there’s nothing quite like a mid-day massage. You’ll need it if you want to shop till you drop!

Saveur @ Far East Plaza

saveur chili crab squid ink pasta

Far East Plaza used to be a very ‘happening’ place when I was a student. It’s where we went to buy accessories, shoes, clothes, etc. Now, it’s a lot ‘quieter’ and that’s somehow sad if you’ve visited FEP during its heyday. And like many malls in Singapore, retail’s gonna suffer but F&B joints (which make the cut) and services would do well. I went past Far East Plaza today, spotted a poster with their current promotions and went in for a late lunch. I ordered just two items from their menu: the Chilli Crab Squid Ink Pasta and their Homemade Iced Lemon Tea. Lunch cost $20 but was slightly underwhelming.

I didn’t know what to make of that pasta dish. The overall taste was tart due to the tomatoes. And there were scallions (I believe) and spring onion – since when is that in a chili crab dish? The pasta was cooked perfectly though. And eggs with runny yolks always put a smile on my face.

I should have gone with the Salmon Confit ๐Ÿ˜€

saveur singapore promotion

Anyway, this promo ends tomorrow. So hurry down to Saveur if you want to enjoy those 3 items at discounted rates.

Their lunch and dinner sets are pretty tempting too. A 3-course lunch set costs $22.90++ while dinner is at $29.90++.

saveur lunch set

IF I return for lunch next time, I’ll probably go with the *gulp* Truffle Foie Gras (add $6, plus some guilt), Slow-Roasted Pork Belly, and the Creme Brulee. (Today’s ‘dessert of the day’ is Vanilla Ice Cream – how, erm, uninspiring).

If it’s dinner, I’ll go with Truffle Foie Gras (add $2 only!), Steak Au Poivre (add $8) and a Salted Caramel Lava Cake (add $5). Oh gosh, I see what you did there, Saveur. $29.90 + $2 +$8 +$5 + SV and GST= $52.53.

*”Steak au poivre or pepper steak is a French dish that consists of a steak, traditionally a filet mignon, coated with loosely cracked peppercorns and then cooked.”

Saveur dinner set

The iced lemon tea tasted a bit odd. One of the oddest “homemade” iced lemon teas I have ever tried. I think I’ll order something else next time. Water (refillable) at 30 cents might be a good choice also.

Saveur is located at #01-07 of Far East Plaza.