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Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice: Avoid Misunderstandings By Ordering In English!

wee nam kee chicken rice set

In all my years of ordering chicken rice, I’ve never encountered a misunderstanding over which part of the chicken I wish to have with my rice… until I dined at Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice in Northpoint Shopping Centre. 😀 I walked past the eatery and was taking a look at their menu when a friendly waitress asked if I’d like to place an order. I pointed to the very attractive picture in their menu and said I’d like the drumstick set… all in Mandarin. The drumstick is 鸡腿, and she related the order to a guy holding on to an iPad (like his job is just to hold the iPad the entire day) and he keyed in 鸡尾 (which is the portion above the chicken’s bum). Thankfully, I took a look at the order slip they printed out and placed on the table while the food was being prepared. I noticed the discrepancy and quickly told the friendly waitress I’d said ‘drumstick’, not back. She said she’ll check…

wee nam kee chicken rice

They’ll charge you for the wet tissue so return it if you’re not using it.

She returned and said that since the ‘back’ had already been chopped up, won’t I like to have it instead of the drumstick? (@_@) I said no, I’ll have the drumstick, please. (Nice try, woman, but you’re not getting between me and the chicken drumstick I want to eat)

I also found this hilarious sign next to the cash register. 😀 It’s funny because the cashier was pulling a long face, like she utterly hates her job. It’s pretty common, ya? F&B staff are usually kind of upset all the time. “Free flow smiles” eh? Only the boss is smiling, I guess.

northpoint chicken rice

Wee Nam Kee serves up decent chicken rice. Though I have to say that they destroyed the chicken drumstick. It’s chopped up or rather hacked in such a fashion that the bone splinters and bits of bone end up all over with the flesh, so you think you’re biting into a piece of meat until *ouch* you bit into a piece of bone too. Maybe I’ll ask them to not chop up the drumstick next time. Yes, that might be really wise.

I do love that the condiments are available at each table, so you’ll never run out of chili sauce or that ginger/garlic sauce. I really do like their chili sauce as it’s so spicy! 😀

wee nam kee chicken rice northpoint

Here’s proof of a meal I enjoyed:

wee nam kee chicken rice review

The whole meat cost me $9, which is rather reasonable. (The drink I had – cold Barley – cost $2)

Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice is at #B1-48, Northpoint City. Tel: 6481 4889.

*There are other outlets at United Sq (main branch), Jurong Point, Marina Sq and Singapore Post Centre.

Meats N Malts: Tai Seng Offers Great Places To Chill During The Weekends

meats n malts review

It was yet another 70-cent meal yesterday! 😀 I thought my 70-cent meals will only be at Starker Concept in Punggol. Haha! And this time, it’s all thanks to Eatigo as I’d earned a $25 voucher from their previous promotion and we picked a 50%-off time slot to dine at Meats N Malts. 😀 The BreadTalk IHQ is a really good place to visit during the weekends to chill as there’s not much of a crowd and there’s just this laidback vibe. As we’ve never been to Meats N Malts before, we didn’t really know what to order off their menu. So he picked the (safe) choice of the Meats N Malts Burger ($18.80) you see above, which even has onion rings in the middle! *On the menu, it’s stated that the burgers will come with a pair of gloves for diners to “get messy” but we didn’t receive a pair – oh well, less wastage then.

I like the fries and the slaw and how the plate’s ‘decorated’ with some chopped-up herb?

We also ordered the Garlic Parmesan wings ($9.80).

meats n malts garlic parmesan wings

For the same price, perhaps the Spicy Red Bull wings might have been a better choice. Not sure if you can see it in the picture – the wings are sitting in a parmesan ‘soup’. The sauce is too watery. And if you aren’t a fan of garlic, you’re not going to like this.

I’d picked the Ribeye ($22.80) which, unfortunately, I didn’t quite like. I think the heat distribution during the cooking process might not have been quite equal because one portion of the ribeye was ‘well done’ while another was more of the ‘Medium’ I’d wanted. The sunny side up egg also looked like it had a layer on top that wasn’t fully cooked – it’s still shiny and transparent. Naturally, I didn’t eat the egg. (@_@) *We also try not to return food to the kitchen no matter where we dine at, unless for example blood’s dripping from the chicken, because you really won’t want staff to spit in your food or purposely drop it on the ground and serve it back to you.

meats n malts tai seng

meats n malts menu


We’ll probably skip the food and order only drinks the next time we visit. If you’re wondering, the prices for the cocktails start from $12, liqueurs from $10, mocktails at $8 and non-alcoholic beverages from $2. A cup of coffee will cost $3.50 and a milkshake, $7. And of course, you can get a beer, wine, etc right here too.

But the great thing about dining at Meats N Malts is that there’s no 10% service charge. AND you can book a 50%-off dining slot via Eatigo. 🙂

30 Tai Seng Street, #01-07, BreadTalk IHQ

Tel: 69090010

The Shopee Quiz Will Prove You Know Very Little About Singapore

shopee quiz cny edition

I’ve only just started participating in the Shopee quiz this week and… OMG… it’s seriously difficult! I get eliminated pretty early on in the game and I can only watch while other folks get their share of the 80,000 or 180,000 Shopee coins prize pool. *SIGH*. Unless you’re super knowledgeable about Singapore or you can Google for the answer really quickly (within 15 seconds), it’s near impossible to get all the answers correct in each quiz. Take, for instance, the live quiz that just happened at 6pm today. Here are the questions:

Who is the wife of Phua Chu Kang?

Who sang the National Day song in 2000?

Where is Pasir Laba Camp?

Which of the following is not a location of Singapore’s natural hot springs?

When did the government start regulating the use of fireworks?

Where will the Shopee booth be located at the Chinatown CNY Bazaar?

How many STB-approved Merlion statues have been built in Singapore?

How many times has Singapore changed her time zone since 1905?

The answer to that final question is SIX! What?!

There’s another quiz happening at 9pm so… wish me luck, and may my Internet connection be strong. XD

Avoid The Grouch – Best Place To Buy Herbal Tea in Waterway Point

ztp herbal tea punggol

In just TWO days, I’ve already met and spoken with THREE people who live in Punggol and have ulcers on their lower lips. How weird is this? Either there’s been some passionate kissing going on that I’ve totally missed out on, or people have been indulging in some unrestrained feasting on (heaty) CNY goodies. I’m not much of a risk taker so I’ve bought herbal tea from Waterway Point instead of bubble tea (BTW, I have found the best bubble tea place in Punggol; tell you about it next time). At Waterway Point, there are a few places you can get herbal tea but to avoid the Grouch, you should get your herbal tea fix from ZTP where staff are friendly and welcoming. When you’re nursing a cold, cough, sore throat or even one of those lip ulcers, the last thing you need is to meet THE GROUCH.

I’ll usually get 4 bottles each time: 2 x Barley, 1 Honey Lemon and 1 Honey Aloe Vera. For a total of S$5.60.

ZTP is located at B2 of the West Wing. Once you head out of FairPrice where you can do some serious shopping for CNY, it’s about 4 shops away from the escalator. The staff here are very friendly. And the drinks are reasonably priced and not too sweet.

There’s another shop I avoid because of the Grouch. She treats customers as if they’re invisible, barks out her answers at you (most of the time to say that what you want is out of stock and really, how dare you ask for it?!), and generally dislikes people – I cannot fathom why.

Take care, folks! The CNY goodies are yummy but moderation is key. Unless, of course, you don’t mind meeting people while you have a giant ulcer on your lip. As if nosy relatives don’t have enough to ask you about, ya? 😉

LIANG Sandwich Bar: I’m Not Eating This In Singapore Or JB Again

liang sandwich bar vivocity

I first got to try the tuna ‘sandwich’ from LIANG Sandwich Bar in JB – Paradigm Mall, to be exact. And I thought I’d found the BEST thing to eat in JB on all future trips. I loved their tuna mayo sandwich (actually calling it a sandwich is just weird) and the outlet was located a few steps away from Gong Cha! Perfect pairing! But it seems that LIANG is expanding rapidly in JB and they have gone to the extent of having two outlets per mall so usually one might be at the basement and the other at the top floor of the shopping mall. The business must be flush with cash, eh? But the strangest thing ever has happened: no more tuna mayo sandwich on their menus! But in Singapore, it’s still available. I know because I just bought it yesterday at Vivocity after my visit to library@harbourfront. They’re located near GIANT at the basement. *BTW, Giant now occupies only 1 floor it seems; the one above has been all boarded up.

Here’s the menu for the SG store:

liang sandwich bar menu

I’ve been to the other one at Raffles City (I believe) and it was pretty good back then, when they first set up shop.

Yes, tuna mayo is still on the menu but I really don’t care now if they remove it. It’s just a stingy little bit of tuna with a thin layer of egg. I don’t know what happened to the mayo. But yes, the crispy ‘prata’ is really good… still. The overall standard has plummeted so it’s goodbye to LIANG.

Good choice of ambassador though. 😉

liang sandwich bar singapore


Tsum Tsum Help: Get A 36+ Chain With A Friend-Calling Skill

tsum tsum 36 chain friend calling skill

After the previous mission of having to pop 13 score bubbles with a green tsum tsum, this one requiring the use of a tsum with a friend-calling skill to clear a 36+ chain is the most difficult yet. I’ve tried the usual suspects like Chip and Dale, and even Stormtrooper (which makes other Stormtroopers appear) and nothing worked! The trick is in using the tsum ‘Space Ranger Buzz‘ but it requires a lot of skill and patience in order to get the 36+ chain too! So here’s what you should do:

  1. Use the 5>4 power
  2. Use the tsum’s skill once and you’ll get Buzz and his pal (both large tsums)
  3. Then once it’s time to use the skill again, hit the fan/gyro multiple times until the big tsums go all the way up, out of your screen. Then you hit the skill button.
  4. Repeat until you have enough large tsums to link together in a chain. I think I had about 6 plus lots of other regular Buzz ones, and I got my 39 chain.

Gosh. This particular event has been more difficult than expected. But it also provides 3 pins when there are usually only 2. So perhaps it’s worth it in the end? 😀

‘Make It Big Big’ (PG) Reveals Why Made-In-Singapore Movies Suck

make it big big movie review

We watched this at GV Paya Lebar. Gosh hall 8 is really small. I can only accept seats in row H. There’s also very little space / leg room between the rows. (@_@)

‘Make It Big Big’ is a film about the (real) lives of four local DJs at LOVE97.2 – Mark Lee, Dennis Chew, Marcus Chin and Chen Biyu. Near the bottom of the movie poster, there are the words (in Chinese) saying ‘Funny or not? Find out in the cinemas’. So I was expecting a hilarious ‘rollercoaster ride’ from start to finish, but I left the theatre with a heavy heart. In the movie, Mark Lee’s character is embroiled in a ‘fake news’ scandal while Dennis Chew has a mental health crisis. The way these issues are handled leaves much to be desired. Also, as Jack Neo’s protégé, Mark Lee has ensured that the ‘tradition’ of including cringe-worthy product placements and sponsor shoutouts is continued and he has, arguably, taken it to the next level. (I’ll not mention the sponsors as much as possible since they aren’t paying me to make a movie :P) Perhaps unintentionally, this movie ‘Make It Big Big’ has revealed crucial reasons why made-in-Singapore movies tend to suck.


Since I’ve already mentioned the sponsors, yes, let’s talk about the sponsors for movies.

In ‘Make It Big Big’, Marcus Chin tries to convince a sponsor to fund Mark Lee’s new movie. He has to entertain them but lands in hot soup when he (accidentally) pokes fun at the plump lady’s XXL size. Then there’s more apologising and pandering to the potential sponsor and especially, her mother. The latter gets Marcus to entertain her and her four other taitai friends who, whipping out their phones, want him to sing for them and hit extremely high notes. Eventually, what happens is that you learn you can pander to the sponsors and even then you may not get the funding you want. Even bringing them gifts like a gigantic hamper won’t help if you’ve not given them sufficient ‘face’ or worse, caused them to ‘lose face’.

Mark Lee also made me do multiple eye-rolls when he performs a ‘magic trick’ in the movie for his young daughter. He picks out the egg yolk from the raw egg and lets it roll around on his palm. It’s apparently… wait for it… M A G I C. Make a guess: which egg company sponsored this? 😉 His on-screen daughter then picks out more egg yolks between her thumbs and forefingers and says oh it’s because these eggs are of high quality, blah blah (insert possible sponsor-crafted message), and it’s not magic. Right. Thanks, little girl.

Just for the fun of it, I tested this with one of the very cheap and possibly not very high quality eggs bought from a supermarket nearby and O M G, it’s still possible to pinch the yolk and have it separate from the white. Of course, the advertisement for this egg company was pretty impressive though I’ve never wanted to separate yolks and whites before when cooking at home. I’m not making meringues after all.

In a similar vein, there’s this very popular skincare company that often does roadshows in Singapore. The beauty consultants love to do this ‘experiment’ to show you why you should buy their lotion together with their miracle product. On one hand of yours (the back of your palm, really), she’ll apply the lotion first then the best-selling product and it all gets absorbed into the skin (or so it seems). On your other hand, she’ll apply only the product (without the lotion) and the beads of liquid seem to stay on the surface of your skin. And therefore… you’ll have to buy them BOTH if you want to ensure your skin really benefits from this wonderful essence of youth. Now… when skin is moist, it allows for the product to get absorbed (more) easily. So, newsflash: you don’t have to use their lotion. It’s just science. Use water for the same result! (Perhaps they’ll be a sponsor for the next Jack Neo or Mark Lee movie)


Since sponsors can be a**holes, then the G might be a good source of funding. For this movie, the MCI or the Ministry of Communications and Information, is involved. Like, REALLY involved. Two ladies playing the roles of officers from the MCI (I’m not sure if they are actresses or not) have a meeting with the DJs in this movie to discuss how they want to let radio listeners know more about the PDPA.

So since you’ve got *ahem* the G’s support, no bashing of the G then. And you’ll also have to be their mouthpiece. In this movie, the PDPA is mentioned numerous times. Also, there’s the DNC and also what you should do if you ever notice a suspicious bag in public places. *yawn*

I think the main issue with sponsorship is that there’s always the need for ROI. No one is going to give a movie producer lots of money and say “Just take this and make a movie Singaporeans will love. No strings attached.”


In the movie, Mark Lee talks about wanting to film a movie about 4 DJs but he’d need to hire (more famous) actors to play the parts of his DJ pals, because the latter aren’t quite famous overseas. And stars with regional and international appeal don’t come cheap. Try getting Andy Lau to star in your movie.

In ‘Make It Big Big’, there are cameo appearances by folks like Jack Neo, Henry Thia, Zoe Tay, Fann Wong and ‘aiai’ Christopher Lee. It seems like a local movie needs a cast as huge as that of the President’s Star Charity before it’ll attract folks to the cinemas. After all, when you can watch ‘Aquaman’, why would you watch ‘Make It Big Big’? 😛

In the movie, Marcus Chin says he’ll help Mark Lee get the sponsorship if he gets to play the lead role. He finally settles for commission of 20%. Well, it’s not hard to see why the children of sponsors get to act in TV series or in movies. But whether having them around is a plus or not remains to be seen.


I don’t mind awkward film titles like ‘Make It Big Big’ if the plot’s really good. If you can’t entertain the audience, at least inspire them. Many parts of this movie are rather predictable. I knew the police were going to show up after Mark’s annoying photo with the suspicious-looking bag. And that the parrot-like professor would be the psychologist meeting Dennis Chew after his apparent mental breakdown. At first, this annoying professor was pretty funny when interviewed by Guo Liang and You Yi. But it seems the movie will flog anything good to death. They’ve forgotten to ‘见好就收’ – to know when to stop.

I think that Dennis is a really good actor so perhaps the movie could have focused a lot more on him. After all, it seems there’s a lot of buzz around mental health lately. I felt burdened instead of entertained or inspired after watching ‘Make It Big Big’ so it’s not one of those shows I’ll watch again.


Having said all that, perhaps we shouldn’t be too hard on Mark Lee since it’s his first film as a director. There are some parts which were good / somewhat funny. Such as when Marcus Chin convinces his daughter’s teacher that the young girl is not at fault for playing truant – it’s the teacher’s fault for not making lessons interesting – and that the girl should only be blamed for being stupid enough to get caught. I think we should see more of Marcus and Dennis acting in films. Mark is the typical beng so if there’s a role for an ah beng, then yes, cast him. As for Biyu, her voice is truly lovely though her acting doesn’t seem to come across as being ‘natural’ but who can blame her? Hopefully these 4 continue their careers as radio personalities and don’t produce a sequel to this movie – ‘Make It Extra Big’, ‘Make It Super Big’ (Super Coffee *wink wink*), ‘Make It Incredibly Big’ etc are all not suitable film titles.

And seriously, Mark, ‘Ah Girl To Boy’?! What were you thinking?! 

The New Library@Harbourfront Is GORGEOUS!


I’ve been wanting to visit the new library@harbourfront since its Opening Day on Jan 12 this year. 😀 Thankfully, I waited a little ‘cos there were lots of library-goers that day. The spanking new library is located one floor above the Golden Village cinema. Yes, where Daiso was once located. 🙂 This is wayyy better than a Daiso store, obviously. Allow me to take you on a quick tour of the library at Vivocity and I’ll point out the stuff that really wowed me.

Once you enter the library, the Children’s section is on the left…

library @ harbourfront

Gosh. Just sit there and use the bookshelf as a background for your Instagram post… even if you don’t read a single book in a year. 😛 SO cool, no?

Then there’s this section where kids can learn about poetry and rhymes…

vivocity library review

Bring your kiddos and let them explore the area. There’s lots more, obviously. But I was distracted by what’s over at the other side…

Here’s my absolute favorite part of the library… what looks like Business Class seats in an airplane…

vivo library

And if your handphone battery is running out of juice, the library has got you covered. Just watch over your phone, please, and don’t leave it unattended.

vivocity library handphone charging station

And what made me do a double take was this elevator for the ‘less mobile’. It’ll take you up and down the area where there are seminar room-style long desks, with a view of Sentosa in the distance.

vivocity library wheelchair accessible

I’ll not post the pictures I took of that area so it’ll be a surprise for you when you visit. 🙂 It reminded me of SMU lecture rooms though. And I couldn’t help but feel like someone would stand up and give a speech all of a sudden.

And it’s quite something to see our senior citizens reading digital newspapers. No more fighting over limited copies of the papers, and no more sneaky tearing or cutting out of coupons within. Now you read with a swipe of the screen. I sure hope we won’t end up having libraries with zero physical books. Imagine a library with only desks and computers for you to read everything online. Sounds terrible to me, really.

vivocity public library

I’m guessing the best seats in the house would be these two. Though you may or may not need a cushion for your bum. And maybe suncreen too.

vivocity library

Unbiased Review: Chinese New Year Snacks From POON CONFECTIONARY

poon confectionary review

If you haven’t purchased your Chinese New Year snacks, well, in this blogpost I’m going to review some of those homemade goodies from POON CONFECTIONARY, which you might have seen people talking about online. This review might come across as being brutally honest though I’d like to view it as being unbiased (hence the title). 😉 POON allows for sampling over at 502 Macpherson Road or you can simply purchase the cookies online and await your delivery at home ($6.90 delivery fee waived if you spend at least $100).

Here are the 5 items I have tasted:

poon confectionary

Pineapple Tart (Rating: 3.85 / 5) I’m a big fan of pineapple tarts and can eat them all year round so I’m rather picky about these. And in general, one tart can have approximately 80 calories. I did a 1km walk yesterday for “exercise” and burnt off fewer calories than that. So sample pineapple tarts before buying them! These ones from POON have a not-too-sweet filling enveloped in a soft pastry shell. It’s a more-than-decent tart for sure (or pineapple ball if you want to be more accurate) though I can’t help but feel there’s something missing. And after mulling over it for a while, I decided that these tarts could do with a extra hint of salt to keep them from becoming boring.

poon confectionary pineapple tarts

Almond Cookies (Rating: 3.5 / 5) There’s a delicious scent the minute you open the lid. The cookies are crunchy and will go really well with coffee or tea. It’s not entirely melt-in-your-mouth because of the crunchy bits but it’ll be a great snack for watching yet another Stephen Chow film on TV. I’ve baked almond cookies before and I have the absolute best recipe (seriously) – you can find it here.

Prawn Rolls (Rating: 4 / 5) It’s hard to go wrong with prawn rolls, just as it’s hard to go wrong with fried chicken. 😀 These ones are crispy to the max. Watch out if you’re wearing dentures! As for the spice level, well, they certainly pack a punch. I don’t think I’ll be eating any more than two at a time.

Green Pea Cookies (Rating: 1 / 5) I think someone made a big mistake in deciding to include this in their product offering. 😀 When a cookie has green spots on it, I can’t help but feel there’s mould growing on it? As for the taste, it doesn’t taste of anything in particular which is such a pity. Maybe they could have added wasabi! I love TONG GARDEN’s wasabi coated green peas and buy 2 x 400g packs at a go. As for these cookies, I’d say save your calorie allowance for something else.

Pork Floss Snack (Rating: 2.5 / 5) At first glance, these remind me of the pig innards floating about in Taiwanese mee sua bowls. I think they’re just kind of a novelty snack? It’s one which allows you to pop floss into your mouth without getting bits stuck under your long piggy-themed gelish nails. If you ask me, I think the prawn rolls would be a better choice since there’s that extra spice.

Now, about everything else…

I think POON has done a fantastic job with the packaging. I’ve never seen plastic inserts like theirs before – they keep the cookies in place so that during the delivery process, the cookies don’t get tossed around and crushed.

I do think that since their CNY goodies are supposedly made in Malaysia without the use of any preservatives that they should advise customers about the best-before dates or, at the very least, the date of manufacture. As it stands, there’s nothing on the tub except their logo, so it can be disconcerting, especially when there are cookies with green spots on them (ok, I’m just kidding :D)

Here’s the pricing of the items I’ve mentioned above, and where to order them:

Pineapple Tarts: $15.72

Almond Cookies: $14.41

Prawn Rolls: $14.41

Green Pea Cookies: $14.41

Pork Floss Snack: $15.72


Disney Tsum Tsum Jan 2019 Help: Green Tsum For 13 Score Bubbles

tsum tsum january 2019

I’ve already collected two pins in this month’s event: Stitch’s Cousin Frenzy. Apparently there’s a third one which is blue, I think. But so far the mission which I’ve found terribly difficult to clear is the one requiring the usage of a green Tsum Tsum to pop 13 score bubbles in 1 play. On reddit, folks have said that they used Peter Pan (why is this green?) and MU Mike to clear this mission but both these tsums did not work for me!

Apparently, the trick is to check which of your green tsum tsums have the highest skill level. Both my Peter Pan and MU Mike tsums are at level 1/6 so it’s of no help at all! I had to use (regular) Mike, which is at skill level 5/6 and all it took was just 1 play. Gosh. I should have known. 😛

The next level which might pose some difficulty is when you have to use a Tsum’s skill 20 times in 1 play. In this case, you should use Thumper, and you’ll easily clear that stage.

I still have one more card to go before clearing this entire event. What about you? 🙂