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What’s New At Paradigm Mall, JB (April 2018)

LIANG Sandwich Bar Paradigm Mall

We popped by Paradigm Mall this week, to find out if new stores have opened since our last visit. πŸ˜€ Yes, Daiso is finally open! And there are a couple of other stores I really like too. For one, there’s this particular “Sandwich Bar” that’s been drawing the crowds, no doubt due to pictures (and video clips) of the handsome Jay Chou. πŸ˜€ Besides the celebrity draw factor, the food is actually pretty good!

I ordered the “Tuna Mayo Sandwich” (RM7.90) which is actually a very thin, very crispy ‘prata’ enveloping the ‘tuna mayo’, egg and lettuce. It’s delicious! And just opposite this stall is Gong Cha, and once again I bought the Earl Grey Milk tea with white pearls and ai-yu jelly (a large cup of this costs just RM11).

Paradigm Mall LIANG Sandwich Bar review

Here’s the menu for LIANG Sandwich Bar:

LIANG Sandwich Bar menu

We didn’t order the beverages here (‘cos… obviously, there’s Gong Cha) but I think prices are SO reasonable. I’ll definitely try one of their beverages in future. And possibly a couple of the add-ons for the sandwich as well! πŸ˜€

LIANG sandwich bar add-ons

And if you think cheese teas are weird, try popcorn Gong Cha. Seriously… I don’t know what to say. This blows my mind (and also ‘cos I hate popcorn)…

Gong cha popcorn Paradigm Mall

We had lunch at Nyonya Leaf, which has so many outlets in JB that you’ll likely have spotted at least one at some mall you’ve been to. I found the Penang Asam Laksa not spicy and not sour enough (it’s just kind of boring). Meanwhile, the Nasi Lemak Pandan Rendang Chicken did not impress despite the name. The sea coconut dessert was refreshing though the portion size was a little small; most of it’s just ice shavings. Total bill: RM32.10.

Nyonya Leaf Paradigm Mall

And *ahem* there’s one store we bought a lot of items at, mainly because everything gardening-related is so cheap inexpensive. The same packet of vegetable seeds may be retailing at S$4 here, but it’s RM4 there. That store’s HomePro. If you’re furnishing a new home, it’s one place you should drop by first.

Look at these mosaic tiles. What a “SHOCK DEAL” indeed. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

HomePro Paradigm Mall promotion

S$1.30 for a SEVEN-litre pack.

HomePro Paradigm Mall

Buying lighting in JB

Such cute lighting too:

Cute lighting Paradigm Mall

I suspect we’ll be back again very soon. I need more of those prata-like “sandwich” things from LIANG and more Gong Cha without popcorn, please! πŸ˜€

PWP: Hello Kitty Items At FIVE Ringgit Each

Guardian Malaysia Hello Kitty

With new malls sprouting up in Johor Bahru every so often, “older” malls tend to lose their shine very quickly. When he insisted that we pop by KSL City after visiting Paradigm Mall, I knew there would be a stark contrast between these two malls. KSL looked older and duller and most of the shops appeared rather boring. The only store which managed to catch my eye was Guardian as they have Hello Kitty Purchase-With-Purchase items going at just *gulp* RM5, which is less than S$2!

There’s a lined Hello Kitty notebook, fleece blanket (in 2 colors) and cushions in 2 colors as well. You can get 1 Hello Kitty item with every RM20 spent on Guardian Malaysia’s housebrand products. We bought just one Guardian housebrand item which cost over RM60 and so managed to get all three Kitty items at RM5 each. πŸ˜€

Guardian Malaysia Hello Kitty PWP

Here’s the previous Hello Kitty PWP items, which are supposedly out-of-stock now:

Guardian Malaysia Hello Kitty Exclusive


I count myself very lucky for getting these cute Kitty items at RM5 each. Such a good deal is unlikely to happen in Singapore, don’t you think? πŸ˜‰ Besides, even if we have this here, I probably won’t be able to get my hands on a single item since there are lots of Kitty fans and those happy to resell items online at a higher price. πŸ˜› SO, thank you, Malaysia! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

JBL x Lazada Surprise Box

Lazada JBL Surprise Box

It’s almost time for another round of shopping for Lazada’s Surprise Boxes. Lazada has a Birthday Festival coming up (they’re turning 6 this year) and there’ll be the extremely popular surprise boxes as usual. I got a sneak preview of the JBL Surprise Box and I’ll reveal 1 of the items within! πŸ˜€ Read on…

I already have 2 JBL mini speakers at home, and I use them infrequently. Unless we’re watching a movie at home, there’s no real need for speakers. So is there a speaker within the JBL box? *cough cough* You’ll have to buy the box to find out. πŸ˜‰

What I WILL tell you though is that the JBL yurbuds (read: earbuds) within are pretty cool. It says they are “guaranteed never to hurt or fall out” and this pair is designed for women, so female runners are certainly going to LOVE this!

JBL yurbuds review

Take note of the Lazada Birthday Festival Dates (24 to 26 April) and set your alarms for the surprise boxes you’re aiming to get! Other than the boxes, there will be more than 600 flash deals with items going at up to 90% off, up to $120 vouchers, and even some exclusive premium beauty boxes going at $50 (but worth $100 or more). Keep your eyes peeled!


Head over to Lazada during the festival and use this code ‘LAZPARTYNC6‘ for 18% discount (capped at $6 and for the first 100 new customers only).

Review: Aunty Esther’s Salted Egg Potato Crisp

Aunty Esther's Salted Egg Potato Crisp

Isn’t it interesting how the salted egg snack craze has lasted for so long? Now there are even new players in the market. I first spotted Aunty Esther’s products at 7-eleven but did not buy them as there were no samples (obviously) and I wasn’t about to fork out good money for potato chips (or fish skin) sold at a premium just because of the salted egg added without sampling them for free first. So I got some today at CompassOne where there’s a bazaar going on at the atrium. I tried the Yam crisps and the Tapioca crisps too, but found them a little harder to chew, and not as thin and crispy like the potato crisps. *I also preferred the potato crisps over the fish skin, interestingly.

Their items come in spicy and non-spicy versions. The spice doesn’t really ‘kick in’ until you’ve had a few mouthfuls.

Aunty Esther's Salted Egg Potato Crisp review

As for the pricing, it’s $8 per pack, which is slightly more wallet-friendly than the wildly popular Irvins snacks, I believe. You can also get 4 packs at $28. I actually got 2 for $15.

I think the snacks from Aunty Esther are a little less addictive, which is a good thing. You’ll be able to grab a handful from the pack, then seal the remainder in the ziplock pack it all comes in, instead of finishing everything at once.

If you’ve tried them, let me know if you prefer the potato crisps or the fish skin! πŸ˜€

Review: BreadTalk’s Messy Bun

BreadTalk Messy Bun review

On Sunday, I popped by BreadTalk at Serangoon NEX to get one of their “Messy Buns” since I’ve seen quite a number of advertisements about them. Alas! All the flavors were out-of-stock and the staff were only in the process of wrapping up some of the MILO-flavored ones. I wanted to try the chocolate messy bun, but no one knew how long a wait it would be, so I left. Went to BreadTalk at Waterway Point today and found LOTS of the messy buns.

The Lemon White Chocolate and the Ultimate Chocolate ones are going at $2.50 each (or $4.50 for 2) while the Green Tea and Dinosaur ones are going at $2.20 each (or $4 for 2). I picked the Ultimate Chocolate ones because… the name sounds pretty awesome? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› And I LOVE chocolate.

BreadTalk Messy Bun price

It’s also the first time I’ve been given wet tissues when making a purchase at BreadTalk. So I could tell it was going to get REALLY messy. After you lift the lid of the box that the bun is in, there’s transparent film to help you pick up the bun without getting your fingers dirty… just yet.

BreadTalk Messy Bun chocolate

Bite into the messy bun and watch the cocoa powder disperse every which way. Don’t eat this if you’re wearing a white dress, ok? πŸ˜€

I was rather disappointed by how dry the bun was (not like Sunshine’s Double Belgian Chocolate soft bun), how ‘airy’ is it, and how there wasn’t much chocolate cream (can’t really taste any).

BreadTalk Messy Bun

In conclusion, it’s a rather dry bun with lots of cocoa powder on top, but it’s nowhere near satisfying. The 80-cent (‘cos of the promotion) Sunshine soft bun appears to deliver more value. Though in all fairness, this “Messy Bun” only promised to be messy (and delivered on that promise) – it never said it was a ‘Tasty Bun’.

Carousell Clothes Buffet On 28 and 29 April!

Carousell trusted meetup spot

From 28th April onwards, Frasers shopping malls will have “trusted meet-up spots” for Carousellers “to make it even easier and safer to buy, sell and connect”. Before that happens, Carousell will host an β€˜All-You-Can-Stuff’ Carousell Clothes Buffet on 28 and 29 April. Grab as many items from the clothes buffet as you’d like after you make a donation and get a bag. *All proceeds will go to The Salvation Army.

~ Clothes Buffet ~

Location: The Centrepoint, Central Atrium

Time: 11am to 5pm (28 and 29 April 2018)

*From 23 to 27 April, you can donate your clothes by dropping them off at this venue. Collection time will be from 11am to 3pm and 6pm to 8pm.

At the Clothes Buffet, you can buy ziplock bags of different sizes, priced from $5 to $15 a piece. And apparently, “the more clothes you donate, the cheaper the bags”. πŸ˜‰

Carousell trusted meet-up spots

I don’t have any other information about the ‘trusted meet-up spots’. I’m not even sure if it’ll benefit me if or when I buy or sell something on Carousell. I’d love to find out why the company found that there’s a need to have these meet-up spots when Carousellers have been arranging to meet up at MRT stations, etc, without much trouble. And also, why Frasers’ malls want to host these meet-up spots in what is essentially prime retail space. Who’s making money from this? πŸ˜€

Fortunate HK Dim Sum @ Food Opera ION Orchard

food opera ion orchard review

Just before meeting one of my blogging workshop students at Orchard, I had a meal at Food Opera (at basement 4 of ION Orchard). I don’t usually dine there so I simply picked the first stall I saw at the entrance to the Food Opera food court. If I remember correctly, the stall’s name is ‘Fortunate Restaurant’ and they sell dim sum. If you’re one of those discerning folks who order the char siew bao at any (new) dim sum place to gauge the quality of the dim sum sold there, high five! If the char siew bao doesn’t impress me, I’m not ordering any other dim sum. πŸ˜€

At Fortunate, they sell the char siew bao individually or you can get 2 at $2.60 (with a small discount). I like steaming hot pau, and the ones I had here were, at best, lukewarm. Rather disappointing. The taste was ok though.

I also ordered the Seafood Porridge ($5.80) and once again, though I had to wait for it to be prepared (at least 4 to 5 minutes), the porridge wasn’t exactly steaming hot. It’s great for kids and the elderly because you don’t need to wait for it to cool. I did like the chewy scallops and fish slices though. Definitely needs a dash of pepper though. *If you’ve noticed, I’ve been eating more porridge lately. My new go-to comfort food. LOL

fortunate hk dim sum food opera ion

If there’s any stall you’d recommend I try the next time I visit Food Opera at ION, drop me a message or an email! πŸ™‚

Fish At Aranda: Ikan Puyu Fishing

Fish at Aranda ikan puyu fishing

Fish @ Aranda (or Fish At Aranda) is located at the Aranda Country Club near Wild Wild Wet in Pasir Ris, and the parent company has another outlet in Bugis, called Fish@Bugis+ where there is an indoor air-conditioned prawning venue (probably the only such venue in Singapore, where you don’t have to inhale second-hand cigarette smoke from fellow prawners). During the most recent ‘fishing’ trip at Aranda, we had a decent harvest, so this blogpost is basically just to record what I learnt from this session.

Just before we commenced fishing, there were two other boys with their mother. Not sure how long they were there fishing, but they caught just 1 fish. And they got the operator to release the fish back into the pond. This usually happens when people catch just a few prawns or fishes and can’t be bothered bringing this small catch home.

I like this ‘ikan puyu’ because they are very lively, very noisy fish which will come right up to the water surface and cause many splashes, especially near the edges of the pond. So you can easily tell, just by observing, the approximate number of fish in the pond.

Before we started, the operator (helpfully) suggested that the fish like bread. But there was no bread among the bait we had brought with us. Just fish, prawn, plus the ‘chicken heart’ provided by the operator.

Fish at Aranda

I did bring my own portable fan though. Which was a good thing as the operator wouldn’t switch on the large fans on the pillars unless there are customers.

  1. Prawns work very well as bait for the ikan puyu. Guppies (halved, not whole) are ok but not as good. Chicken heart cut into very small pieces by the operator works as well but requires much skill as the small pieces get ‘snatched’ away by the fish really quickly. If you’re someone who’s easily distracted, get slightly larger bait like the prawns (which you bring and slice up yourself).
  2. Watch the float like a hawk. If there’s a ‘bobble’, get ready to ‘catch’ the fish by the second bobble. After the third, it’s likely the fish has gotten away… with your bait.
  3. Place the bait at the tip of the hook.
  4. Watch where the fish are (there’ll be splashes aplenty) and place your bait there. Leaving your line, hook and bait in a quiet corner would result in a long, long wait to land a catch.


I’ve never tried using bread as bait so that’s something new for the next time we go fishing! πŸ˜€

Sushi Tei @ Serangoon NEX: Try The ‘Specials’

Sushi Tei review

I’ve not been to Sushi Tei in a long, long while, so it was a rather pleasant surprise to find that dining at a Sushi Tei outlet I’ve not been to before (at Serangoon NEX) was just as satisfactory. I wanted to feast on sashimi while he opted for the more filling option of a chirashi don, and it was also the NEX-exclusive special. πŸ˜‰

I picked the ‘Asama’ which had 3 kinds of fish – bluefin tuna, yellow-tail, and salmon ($34++ for 5 slices each). SO worth the pricetag.

He had the NEX special of a spicy bara chirashi don, that cost $13.80++. It had very satisfying chunks of fresh fish. Who knew that that added spice would lend such a kick to an already-awesome dish? I’ve never had spicy chirashi don before, but from now on, I will! πŸ˜€

I think it’s a reasonable price to pay for a dish brimming with generous chunks of fish!

*There’s another NEX special, but I’ve now forgotten what it is. So if you pop by, just check the menu for it.


Just these two items alone (together with the wet towels) resulted in a bill of S$56.70. I think it’s a worthwhile treat, though I don’t think we’ll be eating out at Sushi Tei very often! πŸ˜€

Recently, I’ve been wondering about the importance of customer service in the F&B industry. In Hong Kong, for instance, it is not uncommon for cutlery to be (almost) thrown onto the table by unfriendly wait staff at popular cha chan tengs, who would also yell if you take too long to decide what you’re having. By “too long”, I mean something like 5 seconds.

At Sushi Tei NEX, I don’t think service is outstanding either. But the quality of the food served up will make me return once again.

Also, there’s this fish soup stall at Amoy Street Hawker Centre that is EXTREMELY popular, and I had the misfortune of popping by during lunchtime this week. When I joined the queue, there were probably about 30 people ahead of me. And by the time it got to about 10 or 12 people ahead of me in the line, the auntie came by to collect payment. And this happened:

*The entire conversation was in Mandarin*

Her: “ζ”Άι’±” (which loosely translates to “collect money”, i.e. pay up!)

Me: (in Mandarin) But I haven’t even placed my order. What am I paying for? (@_@)

Her: (apparently pissed) So… tell me what you want!

Me: Fish porridge –

Her: $5 (with her hand gesturing for the money)

Me: I’m not done yet. Fish porridge, fish soup and could I add on another item later? Still waiting for a reply via Whatsapp.

Her: No.

While I certainly admire her formidable memory (memorizing what each customer wants and relaying the orders to the cooks without any mistake is no mean feat), the customer service is pretty horrible here.

But for the thick slices of fish in a decent broth, I’d take her nastiness again, I guess:

amoy hawker centre fish soup

$5 for this ‘Small’ version. There’s $7 for ‘Medium’ and $9 for ‘Large’.


Book Review: Vincent Yong’s ‘Flow: The Art of Creating AbunDance’

Vincent Yong Flow The Art of Creating AbunDance

This might be the first time I’m reading a book from the publisher Black Card Books. πŸ˜€ Since the founder of the company is Gerry Robert, the guy who wrote ‘Publish a Book & Grow Rich’, among many other titles, I’m curious about how the publisher will be helping to promote this new author, Vincent Yong, and help him “get rich” from writing this book. πŸ˜€ I’m keeping my eyes peeled.Β Anyway, if you’d like to get a copy of this book, ‘Flow: The Art of Creating AbunDance’, details and a special price may be found at the end of this blogpost.

According to what I’ve read, Vincent is the first person in Singapore to become a Certified Movement Analyst (CMA) and Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist (RSME&T). He uses “dance and movement for learning, growing and healing purposes”. Before reading this book, I didn’t even know what “somatic” meant! And when reading the book, it became clear to me that some of the content is what you might get from undergoing life coaching. There are even visualization exercises, which do also mean that the book is likely not a substitute for attending classes.

In short, this is a book for people who are willing to dig deep.

At first, I was struck by the author’s love for alliteration, and the number of photos (of the author at about the same age, it seems). I counted 23 pictures of him in this book with just 137 pages. πŸ˜€ Interesting contrast with another book that I’ve just read and reviewed, ‘educated‘, which had no photos of the author. If you’re one of Vincent’s students, or a huge fan, you’ll certainly cherish this book!

Vincent was born with a congenital heart condition so it’s pretty amazing that he has become such an accomplished dancer. And in the book, he also shares some background about his family, such as the time when he was 11 years old and his parents got a divorce. He also lost his mother to cancer before he turned 30.

Here are a couple of gems from the book, which resonate with me:

“When you are able to give freely, you will begin to experience abundance and be able to re-source freely.”

“Focus on what you want, not what others want of you.”

And when you’re feeling “stuck”, MOVE. πŸ˜€

The book also mentions the types of flow, and that when you direct the flow in your life, you command the abundance you get.

I guess there’s only one thing in this book that I disagree with: “People who have a purpose never seem to sleep a lot.” To me, sleep is paramount. If you’re one of those people who sleep 4 hours a night, then guzzle caffeine throughout the day to keep you awake, I’m not impressed. For me, the minimum is 8 to 9 hours of sleep every night. Or else I get cranky and I can’t function well during the day. (If you’ve read Arianna Huffington‘s ‘The Sleep Revolution’, you’ll know what I mean) Also… I don’t drink coffee. πŸ˜›

And here’s one nugget from the book, which I absolutely love:

“Practise until you cannot get it wrong. It is not enough to just get it right.”

~ Questions for Vincent ~

1) Who is this book for?

– People who feel blocked or stuck in life.
– People who need hope and inspiration.
– People looking for change and need guidance and direction.

2) What does this book aim to do?

Give guidance but allow readers to get in touch with themselves. Wisdom is within us and just needs a key to be unlocked. Flow unlocks that.

I share, through personal stories, why things work or not and what are we really looking at.

Most importantly, the deep and profound re-connection to our bodies and hearts, without which things will never be aligned or work right ‘cos we ain’t gonna be happy.

3) How to purchase this book?

Send an email to flowcreatesabundance@gmail.com. 34 USD is the retail price but SG citizens pay 34 SGD. Giving a bit of love here. Visit danspire.com for more infomation about Vincent Yong, the author.