Delicious Tomato Soup Noodles @ EVENTASTY δΈ€η’—η”°, Funan

FINALLY visited Funan today, after everyone else already has, it seems. πŸ˜€ And my darling said it’d be a good idea to dine at Funan too, even though we’d made an Eatigo reservation elsewhere (which we later canceled). He found a Fave deal for set meals at EVENTASTY which is supposedly famous for its hand-pulled noodles? For just $13.70, you get a main (up to $15.90), a side dish (up to $3), and a canned beverage. It’s a pretty good deal! πŸ™‚ We ordered what is essentially the same dish – Braised Wagyu Beef Noodle – but with different soup bases: the Signature Tomato Soup Base for him, and the Beef Bone Soup Base for me. We also got to select the type of noodle we want! πŸ™‚

I found the Beef Bone Soup Base rather bland. You can add some of the chili oil that’s provided in a little container at each table. But the tomato soup base is DELICIOUS! He picked the “Small Flat” noodle for the tomato soup base and the pairing was just… PERFECT.

As for the side dishes, we had the Mashed Potato w/Braised Beef Sauce (below, left) and the Marinated Beef Shank w/Shredded Cabbage (below, right). I like both of these dishes. Very generous portions too, if I may add. Definitely worth the $3!

Here’s the noodle selection:

And here’s the menu:

I think we will order the Mushroom Braised Beef Shank Dry Noodle the next time we dine here. And we will absolutely get the Braised Wagyu Beef Noodle in Tomato Soup too! πŸ˜€

Jollibee @ Changi City Point

Jollibee at Waterway Point has been doing such a roaring business that much as I’ve been tempted to, I’ve never actually joined the queue and purchased a meal there. So when I was at Changi City Point recently, I went to Jollibee there, where there wasn’t much of a queue. Truth be told, I don’t know what the fuss is all about. Firstly, in the pictures you’ll always see the chicken drumstick but what was served to me was chicken breast (which I hate) and chicken wing. (@_@) I should have asked for the drumstick and thigh. It never crossed my mind to ask them for the exact chicken part I would like to have. Secondly, the fries are what my pal Steven would call anaemic – yellow and not quite golden, and under-salted. Not special like MOS Burger’s or deliciously golden-brown and well-salted like McD’s.

And that same night, I had a bout of food poisoning. Don’t know if it was Jollibee or the high tea at Changi or KOI bubble tea or dinner I prepared myself at home or the GongCha my darling bought. (@_@)

Short queue:

Menu… see the drumsticks everywhere?

I assumed I’d get a drumstick too. Assumed wrongly. So learn from my mistake, folks.


Honestly, I don’t get why Jollibee is so popular. Prices are comparable to any other fast food outlet. And fried chicken is fried chicken. KFC’s is pretty good too. I’d hazard a guess that the Filipino community is the one most enthusiastic about Jollibee’s expansion in SG. As for me, I’m super happy with MOS BURGER. And Waterway Point now has its own MOS outlet too. I don’t hafta head to CompassOne anymore… except to visit the library. XD

Black Gold Durians from Rich Star Durian (Go Richard)

I’ve tried many cultivars of durian, from the famed Pahang Mao Shan Wang and Black Thorn, to weird ones like Shen Xian. It was just a matter of time before I moved on to… Black Gold. πŸ˜€ Because I follow a certain Facebook page about durians, I came to know about Richard and Rich Star Durian. So I ordered 14kg of Black Gold recently. My wallet hurt a little ‘cos it was all of $193.80! Wanted to pay cash on delivery but was told that prepayment via paylah or paynow was necessary as they will get Lalamove folks to send the durians over. Oh well. Delivery was late by 2.5 hours apparently due to some jam at the Customs. *Note to self: NEVER order during a public holiday or a long weekend with public holidays! *Another note to self: Only order from durian sellers with Facebook pages where they allow customers to leave reviews. Those who don’t allow reviews are usually less trustworthy. And if you’re wondering, yes, Rich Star Durian allows (and more importantly, encourages) reviews.

In the picture you see above, there is durian missing. I’d opened one box for photo-taking and my darling had already stolen some durian before I could take a picture. He never does this. Goes to show how long he had waited for the delivery guy to come by! I’d simply gone to bed at 9pm after the Whatsapp message came that the truck was stuck at Customs. Ha! There is NOTHING more important than sleep. Those people who boast about sleeping 4 hours a night (or less) and say that you can sleep all you want when you’re dead… well, they don’t appreciate sleep enough so they might as well be dead. Also, they’re probably guzzling lots of coffee in the daytime just to ‘keep going’. Poor them. Anyway…

Here’s $193.80 in 7 styrofoam boxes:

The seeds:

Seeds: largely small and flat though there were some BIG seeds as well. About 11 seeds per box. Is it worth the pricetag? You decide.

Taste: very rich, some seeds were superbly bitter and some with an almost alcoholic taste. I prefer sweet durians so I guess MSW will still be my pick after all. Because Black Gold can taste SO bitter, I find that I cannot eat as many seeds as when I’m eating MSW.

Packaging: I’m not sure it’s airtight at all. The smell of durian is still strong though it’s all supposedly sealed up. Probably not suitable for taking onto public transport and planes!

If you ask me to rank Black Gold, MSW and Black Thorn, it’d probably be, for me, (1) MSW, (2) Black Gold, (3) Black Thorn.


If you’d like to place an order, message 9220 1177 / 9084 1945. The shop’s at 46 Sims Place #01-191 Sims Vista, Singapore 380046. *Apparently there’s a BIG open carpark just in front of the shop. πŸ˜‰

Hao Zhou Dao ε₯½η²₯道 @ 305 Ubi Ave 1

hao zhou dao ubi

Haven’t blogged in almost 2 weeks, it seems. Been so very busy but the long weekend’s been fabulous. We even went to Ubi to have a leisurely late lunch of porridge. Some call it ‘old people’s food’. Some say it’s comfort food. But good porridge stalls should be treasured. Especially the kind that offer air-conditioned seating areas! Hao Zhou Dao (ε₯½η²₯道) is one such place. Thanks to my darling who brought me here. Or else I would not have known about this hidden gem. So well hidden at the foot of Block 305 Ubi Ave 1. There’s a playground right in front of the eatery so I guess it must be a popular makan place for families with young children. πŸ˜‰

He had the Signature Porridge ($6.80) while I went for the Seafood Porridge ($8). The latter had 2 plump prawns, 3 scallops and some fish slices. The former had sliced pork, a meat ball, liver, sliced fish, cuttlefish, century egg, etc. I prefer the Seafood Porridge as it’s light in aroma and taste. The Signature Porridge is darker in color, has a stronger smell because of the intestines and all, and I think it’ll make me feel ‘jelat’ real quickly.

Here’s the menu:

hao zhou dao menu prices

They are open everyday from 9am to 830pm, which I think is admirable. No rest days?! Is the rental that high here? Also, they offer $1 off the porridge bowls if you come by on weekdays between 9am to 12 noon.

They also have one of those loyalty cards which you’re more likely to get from bubble tea shops. You get 1 stamp per bowl and you can get 1 free (hot) drink after getting 4 stamps, and $3 off your total bill after collecting 8 stamps. There doesn’t seem to be an expiry date too. So that’s great. I believe I’ll be back again. Love that there’s air-conditioning, and there weren’t too many people on a public holiday – but it could also be because we came by after 2pm when most of the lunch crowd’s gone? πŸ˜€

Even if you don’t drive, it’s still pretty accessible. Take the train toΒ Ubi MRT station (Downtown line) and head out of Exit A. This porridge stall is a short walk away. Check if you need directions. πŸ˜‰

Stackable Shoe Boxes From Masons Home Decor

Some people have been complaining that I line up my footwear in the space between the metal gate and wooden door, intending to cause them to trip. (@_@) But it’s the PERFECT place for shoes! No need to step outside barefoot in order to reach the shoe cabinet, and when the cleaners come by with their power hose, my shoes and slippers don’t get wet as they are shielded by the metal gate! πŸ˜€ Anyway, now I’ve gotten these 6 stackable shoe boxes, I expect to receive only compliments. Haha! Let me share what’s great about these, and what can be improved…

They are delivered to your doorstep in these cardboard boxes:

Everything’s wrapped in plastic and you have to assemble the shoe box yourself…

Unlike IKEA, it’s not all flatpacked. But, like IKEA products, you have to put things together. I didn’t find it very intuitive. And I wished there was an instruction sheet. But from looking (again) at the pictures on the website, I figured out how to fix up my shoe boxes:

By the 6th one, I was quite the expert. Haha! And interestingly, after stacking up 6 boxes, the height was just right, and didn’t obscure my light switch! πŸ™‚

If you’re wondering about the price of these boxes, well, it’s cheaper when you buy more:

1 Ador Shoe Box – S$13.50
6 Ador Shoe Boxes onward – S$12.90
24 Ador Shoe Boxes onward – S$12.00
60 Ador Shoe Boxes onward – S$10.00

Who needs 60 shoe boxes though? πŸ˜€

*Dimensions: Width: 29 cm, Height: 19 cm, Depth: 36 cm

*Fits footwear up to size Men’s US 13

Now it’s all pretty neat, eh:

As for ventilation, there are two holes at the bottom of each shoe box. I’m not sure if that’s sufficient. Will update this blogpost if there’s anything else I’d like to share. πŸ˜‰

If you want to get some shoe boxes, furniture or home decor products, you can check out Enjoy free delivery for all purchases above S$150.


Self-Collection Point (Home Decor ONLY)
31 Woodlands Close #03-17, Woodlands Horizon, Singapore 737855

Operating Hours:

Monday, Friday, Saturday: 11 am to 5 pm

Closed on all other days and public holidays.

Ginger Thai @ Cuppage Terrace: Spicy Thai Food With Eye-Watering Prices

We dined at Ginger Thai on Sunday, as there was 50% discount via Eatigo. Still, the bill looked just a tad scary. πŸ˜€ We ordered only 3 dishes, without any rice or drinks. We were told the 50% discount did not apply if we ordered crabs, rice or beverages. Everything else, including dessert, would be at half-price. At first, I thought the waitress was a little rude when she dropped the menu onto our table (reminding me of the ‘service’ in Hong Kong) but she later warmed up and was quite pleasant.

For a start, just the fish cake, which was served with a sweet chili sauce and a peanut(?) sauce:

I picked the Tom Yum (Seafood) Hor Fun, which was pretty good:

The waitress told us the Chef could make the hor fun dish less spicy for us as my darling wanted to try the Suicide Ginger Chicken and there’s no reduction of the spice level for that dish.

This is the famous Suicide Ginger Chicken:

One of those names which so appeal to daredevils. Just like ‘Heart Attack Fried Rice’. Basically this dish contains some chopped up chicken pieces in a super spicy sambal-like sauce. It’ll make your eyes water and nose run, and before long, you’ll be asking for another pint of beer or a fire extinguisher. Towards the end, I dunked the chicken into mineral water just to get rid of some of that crazy-hot chili. It actually works. If you don’t want to waste food, but just can’t bring yourself to eat another mouthful of this spiciness, try my mineral water trick. πŸ˜€

Here’s some of what’s on their menu:

I thought $5.80 for 3 chicken wings looked reasonable. Then I took a closer look and saw it’s $5.80 PER PIECE, minimum 3pcs! So three stuffed chicken wings would cost you, after service charge and GST, a total of $20.36! *gulp*

And rice, which you’re probably used to paying $1 or $2 for, costs $4++ here:

The prices for the veggies are similarly on the high side:


We are unlikely to return again because of the steep prices. However, the food tastes pretty good. Especially that tom yum hor fun. Rather memorable. This meal – 2 mains and 1 side – cost us $39.16. And we bought drinks at 7-eleven just opposite after leaving Ginger Thai. πŸ˜€ Beer was only at $2. Haha!

If you’re dining here, may I recommend you make a reservation via Eatigo first for 50% off?

Ginger Thai is at 37 Cuppage Road, Singapore 229460

Tel: 6734 5682

Durians: η₯žδ»™, 老ε€ͺ婆, Awesome Mao Shan Wang

After dinner at Pump Station 1965, we had durians for dessert. I wanted to try other cultivars this time, besides our usual Awesome Mao Shan Wang from Pahang. So I made a reservation for η₯žδ»™ (celestial being?) and 老ε€ͺ婆 (Old Granny) durians. Alas! The two 老ε€ͺ婆 durians which Durian Empire Punggol had reserved for me were not good. The seller tossed them straight into the bin after opening them to let me ‘check’. I actually didn’t get to see what was wrong with them but just let him tell me if they are good or not. We then had to decide if we would take the durians home together with the husks or have the company pack just the flesh in boxes for us. Decided on the latter and it was a good decision because one of the η₯žδ»™ durians had some rotten or unripe parts and they replaced some seeds with MSW. Hence one of the boxes you see above has both MSW and SX written on it.

The seeds of the η₯žδ»™ durian:

Most of them are small and flat but I did get one fat seed.

η₯žδ»™ is bittersweet – some seeds are bitter while others are sweet. My darling said he got the REALLY sweet ones. Well, good for him. I ended up getting more of the bitter ones. (@_@)

The color’s not as attractive as the MSW, and the taste and fragrance not as strong, but it’s still pretty good, considering it’s $14/kg as compared to the $23/kg Awesome MSW.

There is another durian seller I’m contemplating getting durian from but orders have to be 10kg and above to qualify for free delivery. Since the season is ending soon, it’s now or never I guess.

It’s so ridiculous how expensive durians are. I mean, it’s easy to spend over $100 on durians. I spent $95 today only ‘cos the (good) 老ε€ͺ婆 durians weren’t available. But how many people make $100 a day? Why should a fruit be so expensive?

There’s actually a YouTube video on the topic:

Hopefully, Takagi Ramen’s Chef Won’t Get Fired For This!

Actually, I didn’t want to eat at Takagi Ramen anymore after two recent incidents. One was at their Ang Mo Kio outlet where one of the staff was actually sleeping during the peak hours (dinner) and really, hogging one of the booths with the cushy seats. So annoying. Also, the entire place was so cramped that people walking past where we were seated had to raise their trays (with food on them!) over our heads before they could inch over to their own seats. Worse of all, one member of their staff accidentally spilled something onto our tiny table space and personal items. Then when we ate at the outlet at Downtown East, the chef (whom I don’t recognize) served up rather lukewarm food – ramen with almost-cold broth is disgusting, really. So when my darling said we should have dinner at Takagi Ramen today after popping by the Kalms vending cafe event at Downtown East, I was quite reluctant. (@_@) I wanted to dine at Founder’s Bak Kut Teh instead even though I’ve never eaten there before and am not adventurous when it comes to food.

Anyway, from the pic above, it’s obvious who gave in.

I do still have the picture from 25 June 2019! This guy in the renoma (I think) briefs was sleeping as the place was filling up with diners. So many people walked over here, saw the guy sleeping, and did a U-turn in disappointment / disgust / disbelief:

takagi ramen ang mo kio

He might be ill. He might be really tired from holding down three jobs (who knows), but really… he should NOT be sleeping here, when the restaurant is open for business and a steady stream of customers are coming in. Anyway, why I did not send this piece of feedback to the owners of Takagi Ramen, I know not.

I’m never visiting the AMK outlet again. I like hole-in-the-wall places, especially in Japan, but I don’t want people carrying trays of ramen overhead anymore. Once is more than enough, thanks.

When both rows are occupied, there really isn’t any more space for people to walk:

takagi ramen ang mo kio review

Also, I kinda hated the chili crab ramen. So much hype, too much disappointment.


However, the saving grace today was that the awesome Chinese guy was the chef over at Takagi Ramen, Downtown East. There was one time I dined here alone and the chef forgot to add the egg into my ramen, and when I asked him about it, he quickly apologised and placed the egg in. And kindly gave me an extra serving of bean sprouts too. I seriously LOVE bean sprouts. Any sort of noodle I eat tastes better with bean sprouts. I really should start growing them at home myself. 70cents a pack over at FairPrice seems expensive, no? πŸ˜›

So, anyway, today I decided to ask the Chinese lady at the counter if I could have an extra portion of bean sprouts. She did not take my order (I’d done it all via the self-serve kiosk) but she relayed my message to the chef and TADAH…

I was blown away… an extra PLATTER of bean sprouts, at no charge?! What! I LOVE THIS CHEF!

takagi ramen downtown east

So ok, I’ll be back! πŸ˜€ I love the Takagi Ramen (yes, the actual dish) and it’s so hard to find another dish that I like here. We ordered the Awabi Shoyu Ramen as well this time and the light broth is pretty good. I can probably order it again. πŸ™‚

Anyway, dinner was the highlight. The Kalms vending event was quite a letdown. We’d all gotten push notifications via the app yesterday to say there’s an Opening event today at 4pm. A handful of people showed up before 4pm, including myself. We’d expected the lucky draw to be conducted, as was stated in the app’s notification. But there was nothing happening. Absolutely nothing.

There was this poster in store:

And some “prizes” I guess:

But when I asked the angmoh staff about the lucky draw, his answer was that as long as you’ve gotten the notification via the app, you’re enrolled in the lucky draw. HUH? So if you got the notification but don’t show up, you still stand a chance?! I find it so hard to believe angmohs. And you’ll only be notified much later if you win, and the company will then try and find a suitable day and time to get you your prize. I kinda got the ‘message’ that there’s no on-site lucky draw happening, or that maybe it’ll happen really late in the evening, so we left and went to Takagi Ramen. We left Kalms after 4.35pm because there was nothing happening at all. Got us to come by at 4pm for what sia?

But I DID get to purchase multiple items from the vending machine. The last time I was here, the part-timer was SO clueless. Items were stuck, app was down, connection was slow, and she took down my particulars and promised to call but didn’t. Today, the Kalms staff were out in (almost) full force so I happily purchased multiple items (app was still slow but nothing got stuck).

Super fizzy drink *burp* and a Doraemon snack I quite enjoyed:

Life. Full of discoveries, disappointments and delight. πŸ™‚

Takashimaya’s Craziest Toys Sale: Is It Truly Crazy?

I found out about Takashimaya’s Craziest Toy Sale via FB and thought it deserved a visit. Just how crazy is it? I’m expecting ridiculously low prices and an extensive selection if you’re gonna call your sale the “Craziest”. My verdict: yes, it is indeed crazy because some items are REALLY cheap. You’ll be tempted to get stuff for Christmas presents though it won’t be December soon. The sale is on till 4 Aug at the usual spot over at Takashimaya Square, Basement 2. I was hoping to get some Barbie dolls to add to my collection (totally forgetting about minimalism, which I was just into not so long ago) but there weren’t many.

I was there at 10am and saw how people flocked to this section the minute they were allowed to enter the Sale area:

Just some Hot Wheels / Star Wars toy cars, I think, so I really don’t know what the fuss is all about.

Anyway, moving on… found some cute ‘Baby Secrets’ figurines in bathtubs going for a dollar. Bought one.

Thought these baby seal items are so cute, but have no one to gift them to, so I gave them a miss:

Bought quite a few of these biscuits going at $1 or 2 for $1:

Thought the Shopkins dolls are ridiculously cheap:

Star Wars wallets at $15! I like black wallets but decided I’m not that big a fan of Star Wars…

Disney Doorables… once you go down the route of collecting the figurines, that’s it, you gotta collect ’em all. Approach with caution:

Pie Face at $5!

Another item I thought was ridiculously priced was the Star Wars tote. 3 for $5! Good material too! What sort of fire sale is this?! Why would a Star Wars canvas tote be going for less than $2? Cheaper than no-brand stuff at Daiso!

I bought this for $3 – gonna be a gift:

And this:

If your kid, who does no housework, somehow needs a hand spa, get this:

Foot spa for kids. Why oh why?!

Monopoly pouch with a furball attached:


There are obviously a lot more items over at the toy fair. I think it deserves a visit. πŸ™‚ And while you’re there, you can visit the once-famous egg tart stall which used to draw long queues. Now they even have a promo if you buy more egg tarts. πŸ˜€

TANSAN MAGIC: Soda Spa Foam, Sparkling Beauty Hair, Dental Spa

I first tried Tansan Magic’s Soda Spa Foam when I was on holiday in JB (remember Puteri Pacific?) and fell in love with that grapefruit-like fragrance. What I did not know then was how much I’d like Tansan Magic’s other products, such as their Dental Spa, too! So in this blogpost, I’ll share about 3 of the products in the range – the Soda Spa Foam, Sparkling Beauty Hair and Dental Spa. You can find the products on Qoo10: they’re all priced affordably between $30 and $50.

First up, the Soda Spa Foam:

How To Use: Shake the cannister, press down on the nozzle head to release the foam. Apply it to 5 points on your face – forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Then spread the foam out evenly. (I’d usually apply it on my neck area too!) Leave it on for 5 minutes or more then wash it off. Both men and women can use this. My darling likes the scent too, and he says the foam feels cool on his face but warmer around his neck. I find that the lines on his face are less obvious after using the product just twice.

As for me, the skin on my face is thinner so I actually feel that when the foam’s working its magic, it’s actually warm. Now, the Soda Spa Foam is unique because it contains 8000ppm of Carbon Dioxide extracted from the Japanese onsen (hot springs) and the product helps combat signs of aging, cleanses clogged pores (which could be the reason I have pimples), tightens your pores, removes harmful chemical residue from the usage of sunblock, sunscreen, foundation and other make-up products. Also, I’ve read that “the natural carbon dioxide in the Soda Spa Foam regenerates corroded skin cells because it is rich in anti-oxidants”.

Had an angry-looking pimple that looked less obvious in the ‘after’ pic:

tansan magic soda spa foam

Use it once every 2 days before bedtime! πŸ™‚

You can also watch this video by the NinjaGirls to find out more about the Soda Spa Foam:


As for this next product – the Dental Spa – I really love it because it is super effective in ridding the mouth of unpleasant smells. You know I love durian, but I hate durian breath. It’s even worse than garlic breath after a meal of chicken rice! Darling and I had durians at our pal’s home recently and yes, while Mao Shan Wang smells lovely in the husk / box, it is terrible for your breath. And Dental Spa, which is a food grade product, takes just 1 minute to work!

There are 30 sachets in each box:

Open the sachet, pour the contents into your mouth and move the granules around your mouth as if you’re gargling mouthwash. The granules interact with your saliva to form a foam. After a minute, you can either swallow it (food grade, remember?) or spit it out. And durian breath is gone!

Yes, I know that not everyone will be eating durian but the possibilities are endless. We could be going hiking, for instance, and we may not want to use our precious bottles of water for brushing our teeth but still want to maintain good oral hygiene, then this product is a godsend. Each sachet weighs just 1 gram, which is next to nothing. People who have to meet customers often, such as salespeople, should keep these sachets in their bags to ensure they have fresh breath always. Also, if you’re confined to bed-rest after an operation, for instance, then this product will save you the trips to the bathroom to brush your teeth.

I’d highly recommend you try this product! Especially if you have been indulging in durian but can’t stand having durian breath. This works better than brushing your teeth!


As for the Sparkling Beauty Hair, I like it because it’s a leave-in conditioner. I’ve cut my hair short recently because the weather has been insanely hot and also because I want to be rid of tangled hair. Unfortunately, my chin-length hair has somehow also managed to get tangles. So it’s not true that you don’t need conditioner if you have “short” hair.

This product smells somewhat similar to the Soda Spa Foam but the texture is more like that of a mousse. I like it because it acts as a hair fragrance product too, besides the obvious benefit of preventing and eradicating tangles.


There are other products in the Tansan Magic range so feel free to check them out on Qoo10. These three above are definitely worth purchasing. If you’d like to ask me which one to buy first, I’d recommend the pink cannister – the Soda Spa Foam. Simply because you can use it for your face and for your scalp. πŸ™‚

For more information, visit: