Durian Empire: 2 for $15 Mao Shan Wang Durians

durian empire punggol

It’s been about 7 months since I last blogged about Durian Empire in Punggol. And the business is still going strong. I was at Punggol Plaza this evening to visit the post office next door, and also ‘cos he was keen on getting some durians at Durian Empire: the current ‘$15 for 2 MSW durians’ offer is very tempting indeed. Everyone stood in line and there was no fuss. One lady from Durian Empire even handed out chilled bottles of Dasani water – 600ml each! Where else do you find service like that? If you want to eat durians in Punggol or just purchase some to take home, I think you should make Durian Empire at Punggol Plaza your first stop. πŸ™‚

I think he bought a total of 10 durians. πŸ˜€

ethical durian seller in singapore

The flesh is firm, though there aren’t many seeds. I’m going to borrow from the “cheap, fast, good” theory and say that there’s no such thing as “cheap, tasty and many seeds” when it comes to durians. If you want cheap and tasty durians, expect that there will be few seeds. If you want tasty durians with lots of seeds, then expect that it’ll come at a price. *wink* If you want to pay only for the weight of those ‘seeds’ and not the husks, then you can check out DurianDelivery.com.sg. They remove the husks and only sell you the durian flesh (with the seeds within of course). There’s the advantage of ensuring you have enough durian for everyone if you’re throwing a party. You don’t want to buy whole durians only to find out after opening them that there are too few seeds within.

durian empire punggol review

Durian Empire’s operating hours depend very much on when their durian stocks arrive, so I’d highly recommend that you stalk them on their Facebook page for daily updates:



Lau Wang Claypot (θ€ηŽ‹) @Punggol’s Oasis Terraces: Ridiculously Long Q On Weekends!

lau wang oasis terraces review

As mentioned earlier in my blogpost about Punggol’s Oasis Terraces, there’s this one eatery that people don’t mind queuing up for. In fact, when we first walked into this mall, my darling told me “See that long queue over there? Confirm Singapore Pools.” We walked closer to investigate and it was actually a queue to enterΒ Lau Wang (θ€ηŽ‹). SG Pools is located downstairs, within the FairPrice supermarket. πŸ˜› Because we were dining at Penang Kitchen yesterday, and the queue outside Lau Wang did not seem to ever get shorter, it got me really intrigued. So this morning, I cycled all the way to Oasis Terraces just to find out what’s so magical about this Lau Wang place that makes people stand in line on a weekend.

On weekdays, getting a seat is a breeze, no queuing required. The downside is that the other stores nearby are still undergoing renovation (so the noise level is quite bad). Few will stay behind after their meal and enjoy a drink or read a book because the constant hammering and drilling noises will make you want to quickly eat your food and leave. On weekends, there’s no renovation noise issue.

Lau Wang Oasis Terraces Punggol

I wanted to try the Homemade Ngoh Hiang ($5) at lunchtime today but it’s not available because apparently they “did not have time to make it” and it’ll only be ready around 5pm today. I did try the Nyonya Chap Chye ($5.20) and Sambal Seafood ($8.50) though.

lau wang menu

Lau Wang pricing

~ The Taste ~

lau wang oasis terraces review

Because the food’s served in claypots, you can be assured that they stay warm for a long time. When I was ready to leave, and to pack up the food which I couldn’t finish, I could still see steam rising from the sambal seafood dish. The latter’s slightly saltier, with a rather thick layer of oil floating at the top. There’s a good number of prawns, fish slices, sotong, and veggies like ladies finger and also mushrooms. And there’s A LOT of onion in this dish. The nyonya chap chye dish was delightful, somewhat like my comfort food.

I really can’t say that the food blew me away but I think the service is good. The lady who served up the food actually handed me the chopsticks instead of just putting it on the bowl or on one of the claypots. I don’t remember that ever happening at eateries in Singapore. Then she did the same again when she served a male diner his order. There are also helpful reminders to be careful as the claypots are really hot.

On top of having friendly staff, there’s also no GST and service charge here. So, obviously, that’s GREAT! Assuming a family of 4 comes by and orders rice for 4 pax, ngoh hiang, the nyonya chap chye I had, plus the sambal seafood and a (large) Herbal Chicken soup dish, it’ll cost just $29.60 in total, just over $7/ pax. No wonder people don’t mind the weekend queue to enter Lau Wang!

I believe I’ll be back, ‘cos I want to try the Ngoh Hiang. It’d better blow me away, ‘cos the staff said it’s always sold out really fast, and I’m pretty peeved I did not get to try it today. I thought the stars were aligned; there was no queue, I could pick any table I wanted, and service was good. Alas!


Lau Wang is located at #01-15 of Oasis Terraces, Singapore 820681 (681 Punggol Drive)

After Waterway Point, Oasis Terraces Is Where Punggolians Are Flocking To

Oasis Terraces Punggol

There’s a new mall in Punggol and it’s certainly drawing in the crowds. Over at Oasis Terraces, where the Punggol Polyclinic is also located, there’s a decent-sized mall which has recently opened its doors to the public and there are stores like Chateraise, Popular bookstore, McDonald’s, Crystal Jade, Guardian, etc, with many more slated to open in the coming months. Yes, Punggolians certainly need a new hangout venue ‘cos it’s really crazy in Waterway Point (I try my best to avoid it during weekends due to the crowd). But please be warned that Oasis Terraces is no less crowded during the weekends either. πŸ˜€

Yesterday, we tried the lor mee and hokkien mee at Penang Kitchen. It was a 45-minute wait, most of it spent waiting in line to place the order. But the food’s good.

Penang Kitchen Punggol review

The lor mee comes with crispy beancurd skin, which I love. All it lacks is some spiciness. The hokkien mee comes with this delicious broth and plump prawns, and what would make it even better would be some sotong rings for that added texture. I’m not complaining though, don’t get me wrong, ‘cos the prices are reasonable at $4.50 and $4.80. And the chili sauce packs a punch.

Penang Kitchen Punggol

And if you think the wait at Penang Kitchen was long, the eatery just opposite PK was doing a roaring business – the queue outside was SO long and did not seem to ever get shorter. It’s called ‘Lau Wang’.

~ I love the supermarket ~

Oasis terraces ntuc fairprice

I was really surprised to find the bananas at the FairPrice supermarket going at S$1 per bunch (of at least 4). They usually cost at least S$2.15 ‘cos they’re the big Cavendish bananas! So they definitely ended up in our shopping basket.

There are also Click & Collect Lockers in the supermarket. Not sure how they work since I didn’t bother finding out. I suppose you can do your shopping online then pick it up in store? Then you won’t have to pay for delivery or have to wait in line to make payment.

oasis terraces ntuc fairprice click and collect

There’s also a Singapore Pools outlet within this FairPrice store, and apparently, few punters know about this so there’s practically no one in the queue. That made soccer betting very easy for me… and I lost S$20 this time betting on Croatia to win. Sigh.

Anyway, I found Wasabi and also Shinshu Apple kitkat at FairPrice. How cool is that? I’ve never tasted these flavors before but if you wondering, I didn’t buy them ‘cos we just bought some really awesome ones from KL, and I haven’t even eaten those!

wasabi kitkat singapore


You can get to Oasis Terraces by taking the LRT to the Oasis station. Or rent a bicycle (Ofo, Mobike) from Waterway Point and cycle over if you’d like. πŸ˜€ I enjoy the cycling ‘cos my current favorite bubble tea shop (from Marina Sq) has just opened a new outlet right here in Oasis Terraces (did they read my mind about opening a store in Punggol? :D). The XL-size cups of bubble tea have probably a gazillion calories in them so I definitely need to cycle there and back. I’ll attempt running next time. πŸ˜€

Kuro Izakaya: 50% Off Yummy Japanese Food At Suntec City

Kuro Izakaya suntec city

The first time we dined at Kuro IzakayaΒ in September last year, we found most of the food incredibly salty and not the most memorable dining experience we’ve had in a Japanese eatery so we simply forgot about it. Two days ago, we were looking for a place to have our dinner (at 9pm) because Day One of the National Achievers Congress ended really late, way past 8pm! We found that there’s 50% off at Kuro Izakaya via EatigoΒ (<-click on the link to check out the current promotions) for the 9pm timeslot, so we gratefully made our way there. We found the place looking incredibly familiar (like ‘Hey, we’ve been here before!’ and lo’ and behold I’ve even blogged about it before. LOL) and we ordered items we’d not tried previously. And they were HITS!

This Black Pepper Beef Don was served last but was totally worth the wait.

Kuro Izakaya Suntec City review

For just S$4.45++ (after the 50% off via Eatigo), there are sizeable chunks of still very tender (and pink in some areas) beef, and those awesome slices of fried garlic. I SERIOUSLY love garlic! While he found it a little salty (actually he finds a lot of things salty as he’s watching out for his blood pressure), I thought it was alright. For this kind of pricing, you won’t find something similar elsewhere ok? I’d recommend you head down ASAP to enjoy the Eatigo promotion before it’s gone.

And it’s the same thing for the Aburi Salmon Don. Just S$4.95++ after the Eatigo promotion (and we’re talking about Suntec ok, so this is mindblowingly cheap affordable). And the Sashimi Platter’s just S$12++.

Kuro Izakaya suntec city

I love the swordfish and salmon sashimi slices. I’m not a big fan of tuna, unless it’s in a sandwich like those at Subway. The Aburi Salmon Don (Aburi means “flame seared” – I just Googled it too, so you’re welcome) with the mentaiko sauce was TOO YUMMY! He was a bit apprehensive when I ordered the small portion of this dish but I wasn’t taking any chances. And it turned out alright – sauce was fantastic, salmon delicious, and it’s easy to finish all the rice when you pair it with the sauce.

And if you’ll read my previous blogpost about Kuro Izakaya here, you’ll find that the OYSTERS are really good too. What are you waiting for? It’s now or never. Book a 50% timeslot and go order the a la carte items (lunch sets, drinks, etc are not included). You’ll thank me for it later.

Don’t even have to feel paisehΒ (read: embarrassed) about not ordering drinks (we had our water bottles filled to the brim at the NAC) because you do the ordering via the tablet located at your table. Order’s sent electronically to the kitchen and staff only serve you what you’ve selected. No one’s going to stand around and ask “So, what drinks would you like to have? Any skewers to go along with the food? How about dessert?” πŸ˜€


Our total bill for this meal was S$25.19. Also, we’re getting $1.50 rebate from Shopback ‘cos we clicked through to Eatigo via Shopback. Too much trouble for you? Then just pay full price lah. πŸ˜€

Kuro Izakaya is located at Tower 3 of Suntec City, #01-6-4/605. It’s not within the shopping mall; it’s actually outside, and you’ll see it if you’re heading out to the taxi stand.

You’re more than welcome. πŸ™‚

Otto Berlin Haus: German Food @ Hotel Boss (500 Jalan Sultan)

otto berlin haus hotel boss

After the conclusion of this year’s National Achievers Congress, we had dinner at Otto Berlin Haus (the outlet that’s in the Lavender area). For just S$22.90 with a Fave voucher, you get a “family platter” that comes with a “Whole pork knuckle, Grilled chicken,Β Two German sausages, Sauerkraut, Homemade mashed potato, andΒ Aglio olio”. The wait is incredibly long (our food took about 35 minutes to be served), but I told Darling that it’s ok, as long as the food is worth the wait, let’s not tell the chef to hurry up.

*They changed the mashed potato to a few soggy fries, without telling us beforehand. Oh well. And I really don’t think it’s a family platter for 3 to 4 pax. It’s just nice for two hungry people.

The pork knuckle had really crispy skin that was quite delightful, and stuck to our teeth too. But it’s tough and dry inside. It’s like if you have dentures, the whole set will get stuck in the pork. I stabbed at the pork knuckle, put down my knife and fork and declared I won’t be able to eat it. Only the skin and the very fatty areas (which remained moist) are edible. Even my darling, who never wastes food whenever he can help it, left quite a bit of pork knuckle untouched.

Otto Berlin Haus review

The yummy sausage. LOVE it.

The sausage was a whole different story though. It was incredibly moist (might have just been lots of oil, but whatever) and yummy! The grilled chicken was normal “food court standard”. The few fries they gave us were oil-soaked and soggy, but well, I love soggy fries. And the aglio olio was well-seasoned and cooked to perfection.

I’d order the pasta and the sausage again. But not the pork knuckle. It’ll take out my teeth and then I’ll really need dentures.

The stall’s located inside a food court that’s called EPIC HAUS. It’s not actually within the hotel, per se. It’s beside it, facing the road.

Otto Berlin Haus lavender

500 Jalan Sultan, #01-15, Singapore 199020.

National Achievers Congress featuring Gary Vaynerchuk: 9 Lessons From 9 Speakers

National Achievers Congress Gary Vaynerchuk

As I’ve watched Gary Vee’s videos on Facebook more times than I care to remember, it was a fantastic experience seeing him ‘live’ on stage right here in Singapore at the National Achievers Congress (NAC)! πŸ˜€ I took 10 pages of notes for this 2-day event (13th and 14th July 2018), but I’ll pick out 9 takeaways from this year’s NAC just for this blogpost. πŸ™‚ You know, it’s funny how I’d won a pair of VIP tickets to the NAC via a Facebook contest, and then I also won an autographed copy of Gary Vaynerchuk’s book ‘Crushing It’ at the event via an Instagram contest. (To Clarence, if you’re reading this, the copy I’d already purchased via bookdepository.com is yours. Happy Birthday!)


I’ve paraphrased some of what the speakers have said:

Speaker: Peng Joon, Internet Marketer

“The person who can pay MOST to acquire a customer WINS.”

Chatri Sityodtong

Speaker: Chatri, One Championship

“To be a WORLD CHAMPION, it’s about the inches. Keep getting better.”

Speaker: Sandy, Trader

“Change jobs, build businesses, go on BIG adventures.”

Speaker: Rajiv, Business Coach

“Be HUNGRY for success”

Speaker: Patrick, Property Investor

“The greatest poverty is a poverty of DREAMS and ACTIONS.”

Henry Patterson National Achievers Congress

Speaker: Henry, 14-year-old Serial Entrepreneur

“The most important thing for me is to GIVE BACK.”

Speaker: Sean, Value Investor

“Assess the BUSINESS, not the stock!”

Speaker: Aaron, U.S. Real Estate Investor

“Why are you using your time and skill to make SOMEONE ELSE rich?”

Speaker: Gary Vaynerchuk

“Everybody else SUCKS too!”


Gary Vee National Achievers Congress

This year’s NAC event has been especially memorable because there’s GARY VEE (who nearly caused a stampede), Chatri from ONE Championship and Henry (14 year old serial entrepreneur). If you haven’t already guessed, these 3 people had no programs to sell. Sure, Gary and Henry had books for sale. I bought Henry’s at S$35. And here’s a funny story:

I was at the book table and Henry’s mother, Rebecca, was collecting payment (in cash) from people who wanted to buy the book (there were something like twenty copies only) and Henry was so obliging in taking pictures with everyone. I fished out $35 from my wallet, and then the new friend I’d made was asking Rebecca if she could buy the book the next day instead as she didn’t have cash on her. So I helped pay for her book too. Then the guy standing in the queue behind her also needed cash to buy the book. So I had to dig out money I stash inside my handbag for times when I’d forgotten to bring my wallet out. And in total, I paid for THREE books. So, sure, we can move towards a cashless society and all, but there’ll certainly be instances whereby it’s good to have at least $50 in your wallet! Come on, people. Hide some money somewhere. Between your phone and the phone case is another place you can leave some moolah.

If you’re ever wondering if you should attend the NAC (again) simply because you’ve felt it’s like a series of seminar “previews” one after another, I think you should just look at the lineup of speakers and see if there are people who don’t have anything to sell you but have so much to give to inspire you. For NACSG2018, Gary, Chatri and Henry have done that for me. πŸ™‚

Punch Machine

Durian Delivery SG: Phenomenal ‘Old Tree Mao Shan Wang’ Durians! :D

Durian Delivery Singapore

I’ve always thought that Mao Shan Wang (or MSW) durians are probably the most prized / most desirable durians you can get in Singapore. But after trying the Old Tree Mao Shan Wang (also known as TSW or Royal MSW) I think I cannot go back to eating “regular” MSW anymore. Oh no! (@_@) So, if your wallet allows, just go straight for the TSW. Or, if you’ve ordered both the MSW and TSW, eat the MSW one first and end your durian feast on a high with the TSW. πŸ˜€

*The durians featured in this blogpost are from Durian Delivery Singapore.

Here’s What I Like About The Durians From DurianDelivery.com.sg:

#1: Very small and flat seeds. So there’s SO MUCH FLESH!

Durian GIF

#2: Very fresh durians

Apparently, the durians are transported from Pahang* directly to Singapore, packed and sent straight to your doorstep. I was very surprised to find one of those moisture absorbing sheets under the durians – usually you only find them under meats purchased at supermarkets.

*What this also means is that there might be delays due to unfavorable traffic conditions. The durians reached my place almost an hour later than expected.

#3: Packed so well. You can put the durians in the refrigerator (they taste SO GOOD chilled as well) and there’s no smell at all.

durian delivery 2018


Pricing of durians from Durian Delivery:

The durians are dehusked and divided into 400g packs. You’re paying just for the flesh of the durian and not the heavy husks so the prices will reflect this fact.

For MSW, it’s $21.90 / pack of 400g. If you get 800g, it’s $39.90.

For TSW, it’s $29.90 / pack of 400g. If you get 800g, it’s $57.90.

*From reading other blogger reviews previously, I’ve found a promo code on one of their blogs for 5% discount! πŸ˜‰ So quote β€œyoucanbefree”. You’re welcome.*


Whatsapp your order to 93874394 now! πŸ™‚


Calling All Students: EVOLVE MMA Has A S$10,000 Scholarship For You. Apply Now!

What a fantastic piece of news for students in Singapore! EVOLVE MMA is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a S$10,000 scholarship to be awarded to one student in October. There is NO BOND attached, you can apply even if you have already commenced your studies, use the money at any accredited institution of learning EVEN IF you already have a scholarship, and all nationalities are welcome! It doesn’t matter if you think you don’t really have a way with words ‘cos EVOLVE is asking for a 2-minute video submission so you can convince them as to why YOU deserve this scholarship. Gosh. How exciting! You’ll find more details plus the link to the registration page below…


Here’s the full press release:

“9 JULY 2018, SINGAPORE – In conjunction with its 10th anniversary, EVOLVE Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Asia’s top martial arts organization as ranked by CNN, Fox Sports, and Yahoo Sports, has launched the EVOLVE Warrior Scholarship; a merit scholarship awarded to one outstanding individual per year for the purpose of supporting his/her studies. The scholarship is valued up to S$10,000 and is eligible to use at any accredited institution of learning in Singapore.

The EVOLVE Warrior Scholarship is open to all individuals, regardless of nationality, that are presently studying or about to undertake their studies in any institute of learning based in Singapore. Interested applicants need to fill out an online form, as well as submit a 2-minute video essay detailing why they should be awarded the scholarship. The recipient of the EVOLVE Warrior Scholarship for 2018 will be selected and announced in October 2018.

“At EVOLVE MMA, our mission is to unleash greatness in every individual that we cross paths with. As well as helping people become the best version of themselves through the power of martial arts, we consistently engage in various community outreach programs for the less fortunate and underprivileged as we want to leave a lasting and positive impact on peoples’ lives and change the world for the better. The EVOLVE Warrior Scholarship is no different; these students represent future generations of greatness and we want to help them reach their maximum potential. The past ten years at EVOLVE MMA has been nothing short of incredible. We have made remarkable progress, and this scholarship is another way in which we can play our part in giving back to the community”, says Wesley De Souza, Vice President at EVOLVE MMA.

EVOLVE MMA is Asia’s #1 martial arts academy and has the largest collection of World Champions on the planet. With the largest class schedules in Asia, containing over 700 classes a week, EVOLVE MMA has a comprehensive selection of martial arts classes, ranging from Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling, and many more. EVOLVE MMA’s mission is to unleash greatness in everyone through authentic martial arts under World Champions. EVOLVE MMA believes that martial arts is about the journey of continuous self-improvement of the mind, body, and soul and one of the greatest platforms to unleash human potential.

Over the last ten years, EVOLVE MMA has been helping people from all walks of life unleash their greatness through the power of martial arts and the EVOLVE Warrior Scholarship is one more way in which EVOLVE MMA can help people become the best version of themselves possible.

The application period for the EVOLVE Warrior Scholarship is currently open. To apply, please visit https://www.EVOLVE-mma.com/scholarship.”


What are you waiting for?! Apply now! πŸ˜€

Flavour Flings: Slightly Pricey Halal-Certified Brunch Place in Hougang

flavour flings dada ayam pasta

On Facebook, they’re known as “THE PLACE WHERE Singapore’s NATIONWIDE SALTED EGG YOLK PHENOMENON STARTED.” But as I’m not one to chase food trends (‘cos weight and waistline won’t keep up), I picked this place by accident while trying to find a cafe for brunch, and since I’ve never been here before, I didn’t know about its claim to fame. Thanks, Eatigo! We ordered only two items at Flavour Flings and one dish (the Dada Ayam Pasta you see above) helped me appreciate why they named this place as such. It’s an adventure for your tastebuds – whether you’ll return for the same dish, or treat it as a once-off affair, it all depends on you. *wink*

The Dada Ayam Pasta ($14.90) tastes like a mee rebus + pasta fusion dish. It’s totally unlike anything I’ve tried. Yet I don’t dislike it. Actually it’s difficult to go wrong with a hearty dish involving chili padi and some sort of pasta. While I’ve never liked chicken breast meat (please give me the drumstick whenever possible), I found the small chunks here palatable. The “house braised sauce” is pretty good, though I didn’t ask what went into it. Go try this dish. πŸ˜€

*Beware! That chili padi packs a fiery punch.

Flavour Flings review

The Brunch Burger ($19.90) needs a little more work. I like the burger (that deep fried breaded chicken was surprisingly good) but the scrambled eggs needed more seasoning. For $19.90, I’d also expect something a bit more filling, not what resembles a slider. Or, at least, it should come with a beverage. Flavour Flings is, after all, located at the foot of a block of HDB flats in Hougang, so prices seem a little steep to me.

Flavour Flings

What’s great about this place is the cosy setting. It feels like you’re visiting a friend’s home. You grab a plastic stool, help yourself to some water, admire the decor, and wait for the food to be served (you won’t know what to expect but you’d suspect it should be good). *They’ve plastered blogger reviews and media recommendations at the entrance. πŸ˜€

Some of the house specials:

  1. Salted Egg Yolk Brick Toast ($13.90)
  2. Chicken Cutlet w/Swiss Raclette ($23.90)
  3. Jolly Juice ($6)


Flavour flings hougang ave 1

Flavour Flings is located at 121 Hougang Ave 1, #01-1348, Singapore 530121.

Tel: 62860051.

Tsum Tsum Fondant Cupcake Baking Workshop @ BakinCalf

When I saw the BakinCalf workshop listed on Fave, I wanted to sign up even though it’s a kids workshop for those who are between 4 and 12 years old. What can I say? I’m a kid at heart. And tsum tsum is the only game app I have in my handphone. I’ve never worked with fondant before so I jumped at the opportunity to make some tsum tsum fondant cupcakes! πŸ˜€ These workshops are usually held during the June and December school holidays so if I miss this round, I’d have to wait for many more months before the next one happens.

bakincalf workshop

I thought we’ll be making a set of 4 tsum tsum character cupcakes, as per this picture in the Fave listing.

Silly me. I thought we were making all 4 tsum tsum character cupcakes. As it turned out, we did only 2 designs: Daisy and Tigger. I suppose that since we’re paying only $35 via Fave (instead of the usual $55) for the workshop, the number of characters would be ‘discounted’ as well. I can’t say I like this arrangement very much, but it’s my own fault for not checking first.

baking classes in Singapore

It’s good that the instructor, Shinni, pre-cut all these fondant shapes for us.


#1: Location of venue: The class was conducted in her HDB flat in Yishun, conveniently located just 3 bus stops away from the interchange.

#2: Conduciveness: There was sufficient space. I think the venue can indeed be used for a workshop for up to 12 pax though there were just 4 adults + 4 kids for this session. As it’s a kids workshop, there was no washing up required. πŸ˜€ I brought my own hand towels, which came in handy when wiping up spills and splashes. No one else brought their own stuff. They even had to borrow pens from the instructor.

#3: Instructor: Though I’ve read some of the Facebook reviews stating that the instructor can be rather brusque and impatient, I didn’t see that happening in class. In fact, she was even rather nice to the mother-and-daughter pair who arrived shockingly late (as shocking as the mother’s bright purple hair). We’d already put the muffins into the oven to bake when they arrived so all they could do was to work on the fondant tsum tsum characters. *I absolutely cannot tolerate people who are late (read this post) so I think Shinni fared really well in this aspect.

That said, Shinni is rather fastidious about cleanliness. We were still working on our fondant when she decided to move the small shot glass that held water and paintbrushes. Why? I have no idea. But maybe she still had butter on her fingers and managed to overturn that entire shotglass onto my Tigger! Gosh, was I upset! I felt my creation was ruined and I would have loved to redo the entire thing but she felt dabbing at it with a paper towel would do. (Minus 1000 points!)

Also, before everyone was really done with their work, she would be clearing bowls, spatulas, placemats, etc. It’s like when cafe staff clear your cups and wipe down the tables to indicate to you that you should get out of the cafe as they’re nearing closing time. It’s terribly annoying. And because she’d ruined Tigger, I needed extra time to work on putting him back together and naturally, I was the last to leave.

When Shinni asked if anyone had brought their own boxes for transporting the cupcakes home, no one had. I’m not surprised since the Fave listing said all materials, including cake box, would be provided. So, really, she should have known.

#4: Overall taste: Strangely enough, the cupcakes are delicious! The fondant, which I’d thought would be super sweet, was just ‘pleasantly sweet’. The muffin’s moist and the buttercream, that little of it, was ok as well. It’s actually a decent cupcake! Can’t say the same for character cupcakes you’d purchase in stores which just look good but taste nasty.

So I think I’d order cakes and cupcakes from this baker. But would I attend another class? Quite unlikely, I think.

#5: Overall value: It’s a really good workshop for kids. I just wish that parents and grandparents would just chillax in a corner and let their kids do what they have to do. Even if Tigger ends up looking like a cat that got soaked in the rain, let it be. It seemed to me that the workshop was for adults, and the kids were just there to observe ‘how it should be done’. Sigh. Parents, if you want to make your own cupcakes, purchase a ticket for yourself. If the workshop is for your kid, let him/her take charge. If your child has lots of hands-on fun and enjoys the process, I think it’ll be well worth the money.

Here’s my final creation:

tsum tsum fondant cupcake

*The cupcakes aren’t held in place (such as when you get a box of cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes), so make sure you take a picture of your cupcakes before you leave the class. By the time you get home, the ears, feet, hands and who-knows-what-else might have all fallen out already. #ProTip.