McDonald’s HELLO KITTY Perfume Bottle Sticker Dispenser

McDonald's Hello Kitty Perfume Bottle Sticker Dispenser

When I saw this on Instagram, I knew I had to go get one. 😀 It’s a Hello Kitty perfume bottle that does not contain perfume. Instead, it has a row of 8 stickers which you can pull out from the side of Kitty’s face. Why not just include some perfume? LOL. It might not be the most practical gift in a Happy Meal – there’s a hair band and purse in the upcoming weeks – but it is just so pretty.

There’s a whole new set of Hello Kitty and Yo-Kai toys at McDonald’s and if you don’t already know, you don’t have to pay for the toy – it’s free with every Happy Meal!

McDonald's Happy Meal toys

Probably the smartest thing that McD has done is to create the Happy Meal. Parents think it’s a good deal ‘cos there’s a free toy with the not-too-pricey meal, and kids get hooked on McDonald’s from a young age, and are likely to be loyal for life. Awesome business strategy.

I’m not sure if I’m collecting the rest of the Kitty toys though. Unlike a lot of people, I don’t have an urge to collect ’em all. I don’t need “complete sets”. If there’s just one item I really like in a collection, I get just that one item. Do you do the same? If you are the kind who collects everything, well, I envy the storage space you have at home. 😀


Nam Kee Pau’s Amy Yip Pau (葉子楣大包)

Nam Kee Pau

I don’t think the cash register at Nam Kee Pau (at Waterway Point) has stopped ringing since they first opened for business. These days, I have to queue for a good 10 to 15 minutes if I want to purchase one of their pau for breakfast. Today’s no different though we did get the Amy Yip pau instead of the regular-sized Big Pau or char siew pau. The monster-sized Amy Yip pau costs S$4 and they’ll put it in a box for you, instead of the usual plastic bags.

We did wonder why it says “malaysia Boleh!” on the box. Turns out Fei Siong Group (which runs Nam Kee Pau) also has 12 other F&B brands that it’s managing – from Encik Tan to London Duck (which I suppose is not to be confused with my favorite London Fat Duck which is under the Akashi Group). Malaysia Boleh is located on the 3rd floor of Jurong Point 2. It is a foodcourt featuring Malaysian street hawker fare. I guess Nam Kee Pau simply uses their food boxes as they are all under the same management anyway.

Nam Kee Pau - Malaysia Boleh box

Truth be told, I think the Big Pau ($1.80) gets my vote. It’s just the right size (hur hur) versus the massive Amy Yip pau. I don’t really know who Amy Yip is so I speculated that this pau, modeled after her substantial cleavage (so I’ve heard), must mean she’s a double D at least? Googled her and found she has a H cup. ‘H’ probably stands for “How is this possible”?

I think Nam Kee Pau makes really good pau. I like their Big Pau and Char Siew Pau. Though the Amy Yip one is way too big, it’s moist and the filling is tasty. It’ll just put you into a food coma straightaway.

Flight Simulator Review: Flight Experience – Singapore

Flight Experience Singapore review

I’ve never been in the cockpit of a plane before so this ‘Flight Experience’ was a nice introduction to the world of flying… as a pilot. From the get-go, you’re addressed as “Captain”. 😉 I took a while to get used to it because… Captain, you’ll need to watch a 15-minute pre-flight briefing video first before you’re allowed to fly. 😀

flight experience simulator

The video is just so mind-boggling that at the end of it, you probably won’t remember a thing. It’s better to just listen to your co-pilot (i.e. instructor’s) directions. People train for 2 to 3 years before they become pilots so don’t expect a 15-minute or even a 30-minute video to do you much good. 😀

Sidetrack: I found it interesting that pilots are trained to escape from the flight deck in an emergency situation by breaking a window (a really small one) and climbing down with the help of a rope. No wonder most pilots look pretty fit. If they don’t watch their weight, they’ll most certainly get stuck. I don’t even think I’ll be able to get out of the window easily.

Landing the plane is not quite simple either. Often, I’m horrified when the plane lands “badly” when I’m on one of those commercial flights. I wonder why the pilot can’t brake gently and just land the plane like a leaf gently drifting down to the water surface causing barely a ripple. But when I’m the one “behind the wheel” (so to speak) I find that it takes both skill and luck. There are things like wind which the pilot cannot control, but which can greatly affect how the plane lands.

The great thing about this simulator is that where you’re seated doesn’t move or else someone’s going to throw up (either you, your co-pilot, or the unlucky person(s) seated behind you two). The sound effects, though, are pretty realistic.

At some point, I got so bored I took my hands off the controls, but everything seemed to be going well. I turned to the instructor and asked if it auto-pilot mode was on, but it wasn’t. So, ladies and gentlemen, do not trust me to fly the plane you’re on, ok? 😀


If you’re raring to go, just note that prices start from $175 (for a 30-minute flight). Yup, and effectively, you don’t go anywhere. 😀 Would I do this again? Probably not. Also, I think it’s a better idea to let the instructor pick the route. We had selected (1) Grand Canyon National Park and (2) Tokyo Haneda to Narita Mt Fuji. Both were rather boring.

Still, it’s a great opportunity to ask a trained pilot any questions you may have about flying. 😀 And you’ll also get a Certificate of Achievement when you’re done.

Omakase Dinner At Birders 鳥人: A Gastronomic Adventure Awaits

Birders Degustation Dinner Menu

If you don’t already know, Keong Saik Road was ranked 4th in Lonely Planet’s top 10 Asian travel destinations for 2017. But what do you eat there for dinner, apart from the pricey hor fun that I’ve reviewed previously? At the very instagrammable Hotel 1929, you can have an omakase dinner at Birders (鳥人), which I enjoyed together with my pal recently. We were not too surprised to find that it was a full house on a weekday because Birders has received extensive media coverage thanks to its creative menu and that undisputed celebrity factor: it’s co-owned by actor Adam Chen.

*Their new Degustation Dinner Menu requires advance booking of a minimum of 2 days.

Birders Keong Saik

The 8-course omakase Degustation Dinner provided a rollercoaster ride of flavors that showed just how much thought had gone into crafting this entire dining experience. Besides wowing with attentive service, I think it’ll be difficult to leave this place and not tell a friend about what was served up during dinner. You’ll see why in just a minute…

Birders Sashimi Moriawase

First up was the Sashimi Moriawase. It’s a delightful and aesthetically pleasing platter of salmon, swordfish and yellowtail sashimi, together with amaebi (sweet shrimp) and ikura. The beautiful plating and fresh seafood certainly heightened our anticipation (and expectation) regarding the next 7 courses.

After sashimi, which most people are familiar with, the next course is for the adventurous foodie. It’s called “Liver Mousse 2 Ways“. There’s chicken liver mousse and even liver chawanmushi.

Birders Liver Mousse 2 Ways

Paired with the yuzu marmalade, the chicken liver mousse actually becomes quite enjoyable. It’s also served up in what looks like a cute little sardine can. Spread the mousse generously onto the brioche sticks and savor the surprise it brings. The liver chawanmushi will make you wonder what sort of creative genius would come up with an item like that. And the person who came up with this menu is *drum roll* none other than actor Adam Chen!

We certainly seized the ‘photo op’ with a celebrity – this is just one of many pictures 😀

Adam Chen Birders

From left: Adam Chen, our new friend Felix, yours truly, and Bosco Lim who took all the pictures for this blogpost 🙂

Birders French Onion Soup

Next, we had the savory French Onion Soup, which we found a tad too salty. But I’ve been told this item is not a permanent feature in the menu so you may get some other dish or soup when you dine here. It’s omakase after all.

If you haven’t already guessed, the next dish will be one that’s out of the ordinary. And it’s the “Birders Beef Katsu Sando“. According to Adam, beef katsu is quite the rage in Japan now and one of Adam’s friends has a business selling $120 Beef Katsu sandwiches. *gulp* Thankfully, prices at Birders are much more affordable, and this Beef Katsu Sando is truly delicious.

Birders Beef Katsu Sando

Although the beef looks almost raw, this sandwich is undeniably one of the best I’ve ever eaten. It’s also paired with lotus root chips which are very addictive even though they don’t come with copious amounts of salt. Birders should start selling these chips as the healthy alternative to salted egg chips. I’d certainly purchase a few packs.

After the high from eating a mouth-watering sandwich, it’s back to the familiar with Ribeye Steak (about 70grams worth). And it comes with brussel sprouts (one of my favorite veggies), nagaimo (mountain yam) and mushrooms.

Birders Ribeye Steak

I found the brussel sprouts a little dry. And the ribeye could do with a bit more seasoning though I have to say that this cooking method retains the juices well. The slightly taller chunks of Nagaimo (mountain yam or chinese yam) prevent the dish from looking too flat in pictures, but it doesn’t taste like much despite being packed with vitamins and minerals.

Then there’s what we’ve been waiting for: the Yakitori Platter. I’d initially thought Birders was famous just for yakitori and sake. So the other dishes really came as a surprise.

Birders Yakitori Platter

On this platter, we had thigh, tail, tsukune (chicken meatball), heart, ginnan (ginkgo nuts), and tomatoes. I’m not a fan of the ginkgo though the chicken skewers are really good. After all, this place is called ‘Birders’. I like how just about every part of the chicken is used in the food. And, of course, with the onsen egg, which coats everything with that golden goodness, it’s certainly a treat.

I think the skewers are best enjoyed with some sake. And it’s a bonus that the sake comes in really cute 180ml glass bottles. I even took the bottles home! 😀 Of course, you can enjoy some wine, whiskey or any of the other alcoholic beverages at Birders.

Birders Restaurant sake

In all honesty, I was surprised by this next dish: Mentaiko Chazuke. It’s a very comforting dish, no doubt, yet I was already bursting at the seams from the 6 courses preceding this dish and you serve me RICE?! 😀

Birders Mentaiko Chazuke

As usual, there’s dashi broth and tea, with mentaiko and other toppings. Diners with bigger appetites will certainly appreciate this dish (you won’t walk out of Birders still feeling peckish after the 8-course dinner, for sure). Ladies who are feeling full already, just surrender the dish and let the gentlemen have it. 😀

However, for some strange reason, I always have space in my tummy for dessert. And how important that is! Dessert makes or breaks a meal. And Birders serves delicious Matcha Crème brûlée. It’s made in-house so you definitely have to give it a try. Also, it’s so pretty – a riot of color – and reminds me of the first dish featuring sashimi. And we’ve now come full circle and can head home with happy bellies.

Birders Matcha Creme Brulee


Birders is located at 50 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089154. Tel:
8748 4585.

*To book the S$68++ Degustation Dinner, send a message to the number listed above.


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Head over to my facebook page to take part in my giveaway. You stand to win a $50 voucher to dine at Birders. 😀

May 2018: Paradigm Mall, Sutera Mall, Buying Durians In JB

JB Paradigm Mall Sutera Mall

He said we’re really lucky to be able to “earn in SG and spend in JB” as it’s such a short trip over the Causeway. I agree. It’s really convenient to pop by JB even without a car  – just take public transport. During this trip to JB, we visited our current favorite – Paradigm Mall – and also Sutera Mall which we used to frequent. And although I cannot stand the stench of durians, I did take a few bites of the pungent fruit this time. GASP. (@_@)

They seem to have ‘upgraded’ the bus – from rickety to rather plush:

JB bus to Paradigm Mall

The bus ride from JB customs to Paradigm Mall cost just RM2.20 per pax. Once you reach the bus terminal, there’ll be people ushering you to the right bus. Just state where you want to go.

Only 1 thing I want to eat at Paradigm Mall:

Once again, I ordered my favorite Tuna Mayo sandwich from LIANG Sandwich Bar. This item costs just RM7.90. It’s like a super crispy prata enveloping the fresh veggies and tuna. For just RM2, you can add a drink. And we had the Iced Peach Tea, which was surprisingly good. He went with ‘Jay Chou’s Favourite’ as his choice of sandwich and it turned out to be something like chicken ham and honey – I found it tasted so odd. Sure wouldn’t put it on my list of favorites.

LIANG Sandwich Bar Paradigm Mall JB

Also ordered Gong Cha’s Earl Grey Milk Tea with Ai-Yu Jelly and White Pearl which cost just RM 11. I’m someone who isn’t very adventurous when it comes to food. If I find that something tastes good, I’ll just order it again next time, without bothering about the other items on the menu. Makes life simpler, no? Too many people stand in front of extensive menus and seem to get paralyzed when confronted with so many choices. And then regret this new choice if it isn’t as good as the previous one. I cannot understand this sort of people. Just stick to what’s tried and tested!

After shopping at Paradigm Mall, we decided to get a cab and go to Sutera Mall. It was raining when we stepped out of Paradigm and headed to the taxi stand – thankfully I had an umbrella in my bag. Why the taxi stand is located so far away, I do not know. (@_@)

Taxi touts outside Paradigm Mall wanted us to pay RM20 for a ride to Sutera Mall, which is really not very far from Paradigm. By “touts” I mean taxi drivers who drive taxis with prominent messages on the cab doors stating that these are metered taxis and haggling is not allowed. The audacity. Previously, we even tried to bargain with one such driver and his retort was “What’s 5 ringgit to you Singaporeans?!” I simply turned and walked away. It’s money, that’s what. I’m sure there are many other Singaporeans who would be willing to part with any sum these guys state, but I believe we (or rather, I) shouldn’t be encouraging these drivers to forego metered fares and start stating whatever price they want. (Don’t encourage such behavior, ok?)

You’ve just got to be really patient and wait till a taxi driver who is willing to switch on the taxi meter appears. Our ride cost RM10.50, almost half of what the other drivers wanted us to pay. Bless this good man’s soul.

We had lunch at EverGreen Restaurant located at L1 of Sutera Mall, and next to the mall’s Aquarium with REALLY BIG fish. I think the biggest fish might be at least 1.8m long.

EverGreen Restaurant Sutera Mall

EverGreen Restaurant Sutera Mall JB

We had the Specialty Curry Fish Head (RM37), mantou (RM6.80), Fried Mee Suah (RM9.50), coffee (RM3.20) and (fresh) Pineapple Juice (RM5.80). The bill came up to RM69.30, just over 20SGD. The fried mee suah was delicious while the mantous were much bigger than expected and served warm and fluffy. The curry fish head was decent, though we wondered where the claypot had gone – the fish was served up in aluminium foil on a plate.

To our surprise, Sutera Mall has a public library within! And it’s gorgeous inside. It’s certainly as attractive as our libraries here in Singapore.

my library Sutera Mall

We also wandered around the area near the mall, which has lots of coffeeshops, pubs, specialty stores, etc.

Inside Scoop JB

We chanced upon this ice cream shop called ‘Inside Scoop’ which apparently has many branches in Malaysia. They were totally out of waffles and ice cream cones, and almost out of ice cream as well. Because of the public holidays after the elections, there were no deliveries.

I like the decor:

Inside Scoop ice cream JB

We enjoyed the Valrhona chocolate and another something-Tango flavor. The double scoop of ice cream cost RM13.50 and we also had to top up RM3.80 as we had selected the premium flavors.

My first taste of durian in decades:

JB Durians outside Sutera Mall

There are 2 durian stalls along the main road, which you’ll see as your vehicle is turning into Sutera Mall’s carpark. We found that the stall on the right (when facing the main road) had a lot more customers so we picked this stall. He had 2 durians for a total of RM10 while I had the fresh coconut for RM4.

Mistake: Ordering 2 durians at the same time. One tasted good while the other was rather lousy. There was a mother-and-daughter pair at the table next to ours and they ordered durians one at a time, taking their time to enjoy each fruit. So the boss always made sure they liked each durian they were served so they’d order more.

From Sutera Mall to the JB customs (Woodlands checkpoint, not Tuas), the metered taxi fare was close to RM30. Not sure how much the touts would have asked us to pay but I’m glad we found a Chinese uncle who was not only friendly and chatty but also willing to turn on the meter. According to him, 4pm to 7pm is when traffic jams can be expected, but there’s also a second ‘peak hour’ from 9pm to 10pm. So heading home between 7pm and 9pm is best. You’re welcome. 😀

Tiger Sky Tower: Children Ride For FREE (15 May to 12 Aug)

Tiger Sky Tower Sentosa

[Image courtesy of Sky Tower Pte Ltd]

Tomorrow, we’ll celebrate the International Day of Families (15th May). For 3 months starting from tomorrow, the Tiger Sky Tower will be offering children free rides and only the adults need to pay (*bummer*)! I know my pal with 5 kids will certainly enjoy this promotion because going anywhere with 5 children is going to be costly. At the Tiger Sky Tower, each full-priced adult ticket ($18) is entitled to 5 complimentary child tickets. <-That’s pretty generous as the usual price for a child ticket is $10!

If you’re someone with many kids, bring the young ones to Sentosa and get on board the 360° revolving cabin to marvel at the breathtaking sights.

On Aug 12 last year, 39 people were stranded in the Tiger Sky Tower for 4 hours. Ordinarily, I’d be quite afraid of taking the ride ever again. But the folks who were stuck in the Sky Tower were given food and water, and there was air-conditioning and a mobile toilet as well. Most importantly, no one was in any real danger as the ride also has “failsafes similar to elevators”. The ride has since been cleared by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), so you don’t have to worry, and can bring the whole family out for some fun and take advantage of this promotion.

Kids-ride-for-free promo:

Date: 15 May to 12 Aug 2018

Time: 9am to 9pm daily (Last admission: 8.45pm)

Venue: Tiger Sky Tower @ Imbiah Lookout

*Other terms & conditions apply.

Nordgreen: Scandinavian Design Watches By Previous B&O Designer

Nordgreen watches singapore

Thanks to Nordgreen, I got to test and review one of their highly popular watches. If you haven’t heard about them yet, their January 2018 Kickstarter project was fully funded in 2 hours, and almost fifteen times oversubscribed, netting them about S$320,000 in sales when the campaign ended. I’ve found the watch to be incredibly lightweight and beautifully crafted. What impressed me most are the quick release straps – I’d no longer need anyone’s help in order to change my watch straps! 🙂

Nordgreen how to change watch straps

I can easily switch between the leather strap and the mesh strap to suit different outfits and looks:

nordgreen quick release straps

For me, the ability to change my watch straps to suit my outfits and moods is the main draw of these Nordgreen watches. For a lot of other consumers, it’s the fact that the watches are designed by Jakob Wagner, who has worked for brands like Bang & Olufsen, Alessi and Hay. Also, for every watch you purchase, you will get the chance to “give to one of three charitable causes – environment (preserve 200 sqf of rain forest in Latin America), health (two months of clean water to one person in The Central African Republic) and education (two months of education to a child in India)”.

Jakob Wagner nordgreen watches

If it’s time for you to get a new watch, or if you’d like to get one as a Mother’s Day gift for the most important woman in your life, pop by the Nordgreen website. (Link and discount code below)


Use my affiliate code ‘GRACETAN’ and get 15% when you purchase a Nordgreen watch. 🙂

Steamov 食尚捞: Conveyor Belt Hotpot in Chinatown

Steamov hotpot

After enjoying sushi delivered on conveyor belts, I think Singaporeans won’t be too surprised to find that hotpot ingredients can be selected off a conveyor belt too. For me, the main draw was the $8 pricetag for up to $17 worth of food (plus the soup base and 1 canned drink). I’d gotten this deal off Fave or what was once known as Groupon SG. 😀 And I had so much to eat that I walked out of Steamov feeling stuffed to the brim.

I liked that Steamov offers a pleasant air-conditioned dining environment, and we each had our own individual hotpot on an induction stove. The steamboat ingredients seemed pretty fresh (I have no complaints whatsoever) though I steered clear of the veggies as I know many F&B establishments serving steamboat don’t wash their vegetables (no pesticides for me, thank you very much).

Most of the items are priced at $1 or $3 per serving though you can also order a meat platter (starts from $8).

I have to say that their roast duck was pretty enjoyable. And I’m someone who doesn’t really like duck meat. (I do have a thing for London Fat Duck though)

steamov menu

During this visit, we chose the Mushroom & Black Chicken pot and the Herbal Duck pot. I’m not sure if it’s the soup base or the condiments, but the feeling I got after the meal was that I had ingested a lot of MSG as I was feeling SO thirsty. After 2 canned drinks and lots of water, the thirst had not been quenched. So, when you visit, do go easy on the sauces and just use the soup base to cook the food and try not to drink too much of it.

steamov chinatown

I did enjoy mixing my own blend of sauce though. I like including lots of minced garlic and spring onions. 😀

Would I return? Sure.

The Fave deal is still on. It’s $13 for a Mini Steamboat Hotpot Set for 1 person. Still a really good deal though. I’d paid $8 ‘cos there was a special promo code about a month ago.


Steamov is located at 325 New Bridge Road.

Waze: Free App For Motorists To “Avoid Traffic, Police, and Accidents”

Waze app

On the Google Play Store, Waze has been downloaded over 100 million times. It’s a community-based app in which drivers submit information that helps other drivers – roadworks, traffic jams, accidents, cop hideouts and even petrol prices! What I’m most curious about, though, is how this free app makes money! And why Google would pay $1.1 billion or what others say is a more accurate figure of $966 million. Whatever (@_@) Also, there are a couple of reasons why you just might want to download Waze for your mother if she’s the one who ferries family members around, and give her a surprise this Mother’s Day. 🙂

Why is the app free?

If they’d charged just $0.10 per download, do you know how much they’ll make? >10mil just from Android downloads alone.

When downloading the app, it requires access to 10 different items on your phone – from your identity to your contacts, SMS, Photos, to even Device ID & Call information! Nothing is ever free in this world so if you don’t mind giving the app access to the information in your phone, you’ll enjoy the alerts regarding road hazards, police, traffic jams, etc, submitted by other Waze users. You might even end up saving some money on petrol with the petrol prices submitted by other users. Also, you might see advertisements regarding businesses along your route.

Why did Google acquire it?

Besides getting your data and some ad revenue, Google might be viewing the Waze app acquisition as a (cheaper) way for collecting up-to-date information via its many millions of users. Smart.

And here’s why you might want to download Waze for Mom anyway…

4 Driving Hacks From Waze:

Tip #1: My Voice Is Your Command, Mum

You can record your own Waze navigation voice to guide her on the road. (I hope you have a nice-sounding voice!) To enable voice customisation on Waze, head on over to Advanced Settings > Sound & Voice > Voice Directions. No worries, Waze will guide you through the recording process to ensure that the directions mum receives will remain clear and accurate. Once recorded, your custom Waze voice pack can also be easily shared with the rest of your family.

Tip #2: New Waze to Drive

Planning an upcoming road trip, or just looking to stay ahead of the rush hour? Never miss an important family appointment with the Waze ‘Planned Drives’. This feature will help mum plan her upcoming trips: She’ll know exactly when to leave, and if she’s a lady who lives by her calendar, then she can sync with business meetings and Facebook events.

Tip #3: Mum’s Trusted Co-pilot

Waze is more than just for navigating traffic, it’s also a trusted co-pilot for every essential pit stop while driving. Take the ‘Gas Stations & Prices’ feature for instance: choose mum’s preferred petrol type, and Waze will show price updates and station locations along her driving route.

Whether it’s stocking up on groceries or finding the nearest clinics during emergencies, Waze has got mum’s back by recommending those nearest at any given location, including available parking lots.

Tip #4: Family-friendly Driving

‘Are you there yet, Mum?’ Instead of calling your mum endlessly to check up on her, encourage mum to use Waze’s ‘Send ETA’ feature. Running late or unsure of the arrival time? Tap ‘Send ETA’ at the bottom of the Waze map to let family members follow mum’s drive in real-time via text or WhatsApp, so you’ll never have to worry. You can also send the same to your mum, so she’ll know when to expect you.

What’s In The Elizabeth Arden x Lazada Surprise Box?

Elizabeth Arden Lazada Surprise Box

This is the only surprise box I’ve purchased from the recent birthday bash that Lazada held. The Triumph x Lazada surprise box I’d earlier bought was cancelled the day after payment had been processed and the order confirmed. If you’d like to find out what happened, read my blogpost ‘Lazada Surprise Box Cancelled‘ for the details. I’ve never bought anything from the Elizabeth Arden brand, but it sounds atas enough for me to be curious about what could possibly be in their $29 surprise box. 😛 As always, I like to find out what is the retail price of the products within the box to check if Lazada’s claim that the surprise boxes contain items worth $100 or more is true or not.

The two items in the Elizabeth Arden x Lazada Surprise Box are the Ceramide Ultra Lipstick (in watermelon) and the Ceramide Purifying Toner. There’s also an additional set of vouchers with discount codes for use on the Lazada shopping site.

lazada surprise box

If you’re wondering what ceramide is, I’ve found some info online: “A ceramide is one of three types of lipids (fats) that helps keep moisture in the skin.”

What I found most shocking was the pricetag, actually:

elizabeth arden ceramide ultra lipstick

What sort of lipstick costs $84?! And its net weight is only 3.5g!

The 200ml bottle of toner seems more reasonably priced at $39. 😀

elizabeth arden ceramide purifying toner

The total value of these two products (with the toner being on sale) is S$124.14, which is about 4 times the price of the surprise box. Wow. If you’ve ever wondered why the surprise boxes get snapped up so quickly (sometimes within seconds of the launch), here’s why. It’s really good value. Plus, there’s free delivery to your doorstep.

Ok, now I can’t wait for the next batch of surprise boxes on Lazada! 😛