Secret Recipe at Vivocity: Yummy Tom Yum Kung! Must Try!

I’m a huge fan of Secret Recipe’s Tom Yum Kung, but I’ve never ordered the dish in Singapore before. I’ve always ordered it when overseas, in Malaysia. After all, if I’m paying ‘half price’ for the same thing in JB, why would I want to order it here, right?

In Singapore, it costs S$14.90 before tax. (I’ll update this post with the RM price in future)

Secret Recipe vivocity

It’s actually an award-winning dish, so do try it when you next visit Secret Recipe. I had a late lunch there today, and I was starving as it was right after gym. It was either this or Marche. But I’ve been to Marche many times already, so Secret Recipe it was.

There were few diners then as it was already close to 4pm. And I got to enjoy the ‘tea time special’ of a slice of cake and a beverage for just S$6.90 before tax. And oh, keropok is on the house.

Secret Recipe vivocity

I have to warn you, though, that the dish does not look terribly appetizing when served. In fact, the prawns were overcooked and hence, no amount of filters could ‘save’ it…

Secret Recipe vivocity

Not the most photo-worthy dish, I know. But I still slurped up all the noodles. And that broth is pretty good. Any fan of this dish will know that it’s slightly different from the ones served in Malaysia. There, it’s spicier and less sweet. Also, the noodles there are just a little bit thicker I think, or it could just be my imagination.

Anyhow, service at Secret Recipe (Vivocity) was fab today. The very young wait staff, Aryna, was polite, served me iced water promptly (without my having to request for it), cheerful, and very quickly noticed that I had left my water bottle behind when I got up from the table to head to the cashier – she quickly retrieved it and handed it to me. *If I’d been ‘mystery shopping’ here, she’d have gotten top marks.

Because I was dining on my own, I overheard (ok, call it eavesdropping if you want) her conversation with her colleague. Apparently, her dad had wanted to name her ‘Arena’ ‘cos he’s a big soccer fan. Like, erm… ok. But after her mother opposed to that choice of name, blah blah blah, they settled on Aryna, I believe. :D Interesting.

And I also had *ahem* chocolate banana cake. I just really like Secret Recipe’s cakes – they hit the right spot, always. If I can’t get Awfully Chocolate’s, I’ll settle for Secret Recipe’s anytime. :)

My lunch cost a total of S$25.65 – this could easily have bought a meal for two in JB. The prawns were overcooked, but the service was awesome. So I’d have to say that the money’s well-spent anyway.


Add: Vivocity, 1 Harbourfront Walk #02-108/109

Tel: 63769618

Hong Kong Egglet at Jurong Point: Got My Hopes Up, Then…

Hong Kong Egglet Jurong Point

I was at Jurong Point yesterday to check out yet another store which stocks Sonny Angel – my latest obsession. Jurong Point is located at the other end of Singapore, from where I stay. (@_@) So, I don’t usually shop there.

Imagine my surprise and delight when we spotted Hong Kong egglet at #03-10 Jurong Point! Hong Kong is famous for its food and in particular, its snacks. And we were both FAMISHED, having skipped lunch in order to attend a Toastmasters meeting.

Unfortunately for us, we had to WAIT before we could collect our order of a Chocolate Egglet (S$2.60).

We guessed that it meant the snack must taste really good as there was a short queue for collection.

And since we were both hungry, whatever we ate then had to taste really good, right? Doesn’t everything taste good when you are hungry?

Hong Kong Egglet Jurong Point

We were disappointed.

I thought I was eating cardboard when I bit into these little ball-shaped ‘egglets’. (@_@)

Hong Kong Egglet Jurong Point

It LOOKS like it’s chocolate flavored, but it tastes nothing like chocolate. I might as well have torn off the cardboard backing from foolscap paper to satisfy my hunger.

Lesson learnt: Don’t assume that anything with ‘Hong Kong’ in its name must automatically taste good, and don’t mistake a ‘queue’ for an indication of good food. Also, never expect something to taste good just because you are hungry.

For the record, I had him finish the egglets. I went in search of better snacks. Heh! :D

Teddy & Me At Marina Square: That Mr Bean Cafe :D

Teddy & Me

I’ve been past this Teddy & Me cafe a few times in the past, but never stepped in for a meal. Yesterday, in-between meeting an advertiser and running some errands, I had a late lunch here. There were no other diners past 2pm and it felt like I’d booked the entire place. Good thing, too, as I found myself chuckling while having lunch. And I was eating alone. (@_@)

Teddy & Me

If you’re a Mr Bean fan like I am, you’ll love this place. Check out this picture above – there are so many photo possibilities! :D

And here are the tables… with really cool Mr Bean cushion covers. And yes, that’s my new clutch bag on the table. It reads ‘Off Duty Blogger'; but as you know, we don’t really have off days. This blogpost is a case in point. LOL!

Teddy & Me

I opted for the S$14.80++ weekday lunch set meal of 1 main and 1 drink:

Teddy & Me

I had the Teddy Beef Bolognese (u.p. S$12.80) and the Strawberry & Mango Iced Tea (u.p. S$5.60). The iced tea was so diluted and lacking in taste that it might as well have been iced water with a few drops of tea. My meal here was nothing to shout about, but as you can see, I only had 1 main and 1 beverage. Perhaps their other mains and even the desserts might be yummy. I might give this place another chance, we’ll see.

Here’s the menu for your reference:

Teddy & Me

Teddy & Me

And yes, remember I said I was chuckling during my meal? Scroll up and see those iPads at each table? You don’t really use them for ordering food (the wait staff come and take your order) but you can watch Mr Bean videos on those iPads. I dare say that’s a first for me – eating alone and chuckling over my beef bolognese. Lunch here cost me S$17.40 (after tax) but the feeling of having the entire place to myself and funny videos to watch is – I would say – priceless.

Mr Bean Teddy


#02-207A Marina Square

6 Raffles Boulevard

Singapore 039594

Tampines’ Seafood Park (海鲜食霸) Tze Char: Our Valentine’s Day Dinner 2015

If you think you have a boyfriend who is very ‘practical’, wait till you meet mine. :D He bought me flowers before flower prices went up, and all his gifts (yes, more than one) are really, well, practical. Don’t ask me what they are though. And today, we had our romantic Valentine’s Day dinner in a HDB heartlander fashion. Not that I’m complaining; I actually find it pretty amusing that we did not succumb to the lure of restaurant meals that will cost an arm and a leg. Instead, we had dinner at a kopitiam in Tampines. Not just any kopitiam, mind you. One that had such brisk business, we had to wait an hour for our tze char dishes.

Yes… lots of time to gaze into each other’s eyes. (@_@)

The best part of dinner, really: The awesome Iced Lemon Tea (we had seconds!)

Seafood Park iced lemon tea

Seafood Park (海鲜食霸) is located at Blk 823A, Tampines St 81 #01-02 (Hint: they take reservations).

We placed our order for 3 tze char dishes and we were told that it’d take 30 minutes for the food to be served. Looking at the number of hungry diners waiting to be served, we figured it’d take longer than that.

So we had chicken chop from the Western food stall while waiting. And then popiah from the popiah stall too.

The Western food tasted so-so, and I don’t have a picture to show you. But here’s one of the popiah. I loved that it had parsley in it. :D


Note to self: Must learn to make popiah! :D

The first tze char dish to be served was the Cereal Pork Ribs. Despite the rave reviews on blogs, I found this dish unremarkable. There’s not very much cereal, for one. And while the first mouthful tasted pretty good, it got quite jelat by the second. I think it’s the combination of mayonnaise and deep-fried food – you just can’t have too much of it without getting sick of the taste. Only redeeming quality: no bones whatsoever, which is pretty awesome!

 Seafood Park Cereal Pork Ribs

 After what seemed like an eternity, the homemade tofu dish was served. It’s actually pretty decent. Not too salty at all. Very silky smooth and all in all, one of the best tofu dishes I’ve eaten in a long, long time. Go ahead and order this one:

Seafood Park homemade tofu

The final dish was a little underwhelming. But considering how we’ve already eaten chicken chop (with fries and all), popiah, and 2 tze char dishes with rice, we were already 99% full by then. The claypot brinjal dish was too salty for my liking. But if you like savory dishes to go with white rice, then yes, order this dish:

Most of it eaten before I realized I’d forgotten to snap a picture:

Seafood Park claypot brinjal

So that’s our Valentine’s Day dinner. LOL! We spent just S$31 on this tze char meal, not including the cost of the pork chop, popiah and drinks, of course. But add everything up and it’s probably cheaper than a decent Valentine’s Day bouquet.

If you’d like to pop by Seafood Park, they have a number of outlets (Clementi, Victoria St, Eunos, Pasir Ris, and two in Hougang). To contact this one in Tampines, here’s the number: 6260 0548.


It’s almost the end of Valentine’s Day so before it’s midnight, I’d still like to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” to you! :D

If you are single, don’t fret. Like I tell all my friends who are single, it is better to be single and happy than to be in the wrong relationship and unhappy. Really.

Saw a female blogger posting on Facebook about how her wedding has been cancelled (without giving many details) and I’m thinking that yes, while that’s sad (considering how they must have spent money on booking this-and-that for the wedding already), it’s still better than getting married and living with regret or having to file for a divorce, especially if they are having kids after the wedding.

If you are in a relationship, it’s probably time to evaluate it. What’s working right, and what isn’t. Never wait till it’s too late to fix what’s not working.

If you are married, and happy, great! If you are married and unhappy (like another of my friends on Facebook), then quit whining, get moving, say goodbye. Life is short, and even good friends can only tolerate so much of your whining. <- Note to self too. :D

McDonald’s Singapore: Valentine’s Day LINE Plushies (S$19.80 Per Set)

McDonald's Singapore LINE plushies

The McDonald’s x LINE for Valentine’s Day box set includes the two large Brown and Cony plushies you see in the picture above. I’ve put the smaller ones (that went on sale earlier) beside them for a size comparison. Check out my blogpost about the smaller LINE plushies HERE. The Valentine’s Day plushies are more expensive than the regular ones, but I guess they still make a great gift on February 14th. ;)

McDonald's Singapore LINE plushies

The plushie set also comes with a little message card. You’ll probably not be able to write much on it, but a simple “I love you” should fit. XD

And here are all the McDonald’s LINE plushies I own:

McDonald's Singapore LINE Valentine's Day plushies

I purchased 4 of them, except for Moon (the one with the basketball). It was a gift from my photographer pal, Max! (Thanks, Max!) I did not purchase 2 other plushies from the collection.

If you are wondering why the LINE plushies don’t sell as well as the Hello Kitty ones at McDonald’s, I guess it’s because there are so many characters in this LINE collection. I didn’t even know that one’s called ‘Moon’ till my pal gave it to me, and I saw the name on the back of the box!

There are also the frog and duck plushies (I really do not know their names, and don’t care either) which are still available at many McD outlets. Unlike the Hello Kitty collections, which all feature Hello Kitty (maybe in different costumes or themes), this LINE collection does not feature just the most popular character.

*If you want the (small) Cony plush, it’s still available at McD Compasspoint as of this afternoon when I was there.

Also, I have noticed that McDonald’s Singapore has not spent very much on advertising for this LINE plushie collection. On the first day of its launch, they did not even place their usual ad on the front page of The Straits Times. Perhaps the marketing team already suspected it wouldn’t do as well as the Hello Kitty collections. And they are right.

No fights, no squabbles, no buying-then-selling-on-eBay. No lines forming for LINE plushie sales. ;)

You know what I’m looking forward to? More of the Hello Kitty toys! Best if they come with little chains for handphones and handbags. So we can bring our hello kitty plushies everywhere. :D #dontjudge


I have received emails from two people thus far, asking me if I’d sell the Valentine’s plushies to them. My answer is no. Firstly, I’ve already taken the plushies out of the box and bag and they are no longer in ‘mint condition’. Secondly, they are mine, and not-for-sale. ;)

However, if you’d like me to drop you an email if I spot an available set for sale anywhere in Singapore, just leave a comment on this blogpost. DO NOT EMAIL ME. I get enough emails on a daily basis. Thanks!

Mcdonalds line

Mcdonalds line

What To Do In Penang (Georgetown)

It’s my second day in Penang and I already am dreaming of staying put in Georgetown and not returning to Singapore. :D If you have been following me on Facebook, you’ll know that I had a blog coaching session here yesterday AND I also found my ‘Blogging For A Living’ books being sold in a Popular bookstore in Penang! :D

So… this might be my retirement town in future. LOL! And here’s what you should do when you come to Penang, and in particular, Georgetown:

1) Eat a lot of good food








My boyfriend and I have been here for approximately one-and-a-half days and this is not all of what we have eaten, just a portion. :D I really do love Penang’s assam laksa, hokkien mee, char kway teow, and basically, all their street food!

And the food here is unbelievably cheaper than in Singapore. Would you say no to a plate of yummy char kway teow that costs less than S$1.70? You just can’t.

2) Snap pictures of (or with) the street art





I definitely have more street art pictures to share with you… in my next blogpost.

The pink sling bag in the first picture is from Maku Store (20% off) at Bugis Junction #03-20. The T-rex tote bag is from Tee Saurus ( and so is the tee I am wearing! :D Shorts and flip flops from Aeropostale.

Maku Store Singapore

3) Forget about hotels and stay at Carnarvon House

I fell in love with this place from pictures online. Though the rooms don’t come with attached bathrooms, everything is so clean that I feel right at home here.





The first room we stayed in is called the Carnarvon room, and the second, Kimberley room. There’s cold air-conditioning inside and warm showers outside; I cannot ask for more.

The people who run Carnarvon House are also extremely friendly and very generous with recommendations of what to eat and where to go.

(More pictures in my upcoming blogpost)

4) Visit a wet market and the Clan Jetties

It is quite an experience, I tell you! You don’t usually see an array of fish on display right at your feet, ya? Look out for the bloated brown one in the second picture…



Besides seafood, you’ll find household items, vegetables, fruit, snacks, accessories, etc, all sold in the market! :)


I was initially reluctant to head to the Clan Jetties. But Eunice from Carnarvon House had recommended the jetties to us so we walked there from Carnarvon House. Probably a 12 or 15 minute walk. The Chew Jetty is more ‘happening’ than the Tan Jetty. Chew had more stalls selling souvenirs, etc. And I bought some for a giveaway (at the end of this blogpost).

The clan jetties were built by clansmen in the past and traditionally occupied by people of the same surname e.g. Ong Jetty, Lim Jetty, Lee Jetty, etc. You see?! I am destined to stay here at the Tan Jetty. Lol.

5) Buy my book at a Popular bookstore near you :D


6) Go shopping in the many malls; and share your loot with people at home



We obviously did some serious shopping. And I could continue replying to emails, whatsapp messages and also posting on Facebook while we were out because of the Global Wifi device I got from the Changi Recommends counter (available at all terminals in Changi Airport). Check out if you are like me and dislike having to purchase new SIM cards in your destination country and going through all the hassle of switching SIM cards.

With this wifi device, I just switch it on, then connect my handphone via wifi to have internet access. Super convenient. More about this device and current promotions in an upcoming post. It is late and I have to sleep now. ;)

But here’s a giveaway that will start on Tues (27 Jan) at 10am:


Just head to my facebook page ( when the giveaway begins. :)

My Sushi Dates: With Indonesian Celebrity, Tarra Budiman & With FoodPanda and Maki-San

I was not paid to go on these ‘sushi dates’ but I’m really thankful that Blogging has allowed me to have these once-in-a-lifetime experiences. To the people who wonder why I quit my S$114,000 job to become a blogger, I have to ask why not? :D

There has been quite a bit of sushi-making lately. A fair amount of salmon sashimi involved too. So, in short, life’s been good! :D Not too long ago, I flew to Indonesia to learn how to make sushi from an Indonesian chef (read that blogpost here) and today, I made Panda Maki at Maki-San, upon FoodPanda’s invitation. Do you like sushi too? Well then, read on…

Here’s the video of me making sushi and winning the friendly competition previously… in Jakarta:

And today, I was at Maki-San at The Cathay, with my blogging students (Steven and Kirbie), and a number of other bloggers as well.

Maki-San FoodPanda

*Sidenote: I find it disgusting how some bloggers are perpetually late for ALL events. If you are gonna be late, and miss the chef’s demo, then you might as well not turn up, ya? And showing up late and having the PR folks scramble to find you a seat, and causing inconvenience to other bloggers who turned up on time because they have to make some space for you at their tables when they have already started making their panda maki? What a nuisance!


Anyway, it’s really difficult to make the panda maki look good. Mine looked almost decent:

Maki-San FoodPanda

But what I loved most has to be going behind the counter at Maki-San and personally customizing my own maki roll. Cue lots and lots of salmon sashimi:

Maki-San FoodPanda

I picked unagi, salmon sashimi, cheese, tuna, tamago and asparagus. Topped it off with Japanese mayo sauce. Probably the best sushi I’ll eat in 2015. :D

Maki-San has a machine which dispenses the rice laid out neat and flat, IN SECONDS! Just slap on the seaweed and you are ready to add the other ingredients. And when you’ve rolled it all up, there is another machine which cuts the maki roll neatly and efficiently. Two thumbs up for the use of technology at Maki-San. I have to say that those machines are worth every pretty penny (or twenty thousand) paid.


I most certainly had fun today, though I very nearly didn’t turn up for this event. I got so many emails and one phone call regarding RSVP-ing for this event that I was wondering if the turnout was going to be poor, so the PR had to ensure every single blogger showed up. In any case, I had invited my blogging students to join me for this event so I had to go, despite not liking the need to rsvp MULTIPLE times. Registration did not happen at the stated time (in the email) and the event itself did not start on time either. So… ask us to come so early for what?! 


I had my students join me as firstly, I thought they might enjoy this maki-making experience, and two, because I know that newbie bloggers don’t often get the attention of PR agencies and don’t get the invites that more established bloggers receive.

So I’m doing for them what I wish I had in the past, when I had just started out on my blogging journey.

Same reason why I wrote my book ‘Blogging For A Living’ and why I conduct Blogging Workshops. These are all what I WISH I had back then.

To join me at my next blogging workshop, click here:

blogging workshop

*Update: From 1st to 31st March 2015, order from these participating restaurants (Maki-san, Fleeaway cafe, Big Bern’s, The Soup Spoon, Nara Thai Cuisine, La Nonna, Outback Steakhouse and Yoshinoya) via Foodpanda’s website or app, and S$1 from every order will go to the Children’s Cancer Foundation. Use code ‘MEALSHEAL15′ upon checkout. **Remember: this happens only in March, NOT this month. And S$1 is a small sum but… do your part for charity. ;)

McDonald’s x LINE Plushies: Available Online Too!

McDonald's x LINE plushies

I don’t usually eat at McDonald’s. In fact, I think I have not eaten at McD within the last 6 months, at least. But the LINE plushies in their new collection are too cute. I found two of them irresistible. This one you see above is the first to be launched – Cony. The next one I would like to get is Brown in week 3.

 If you cannot be bothered to queue, but want the full set of plushies (minus the Valentines Day set), get it all for S$70 (inclusive of delivery) online:

McDonald's LINE Plushies

You can order a maximum of 3 SETS per online transaction, and a maximum of 4 plushies per transaction at the McD restaurants.

A new design will be made available every Monday at 11am for five weeks starting from TODAY, 5th Jan 2015.

On 9th February, a Forever Love edition box set (S$19.80) consisting of two characters specially created for Valentine’s Day will be exclusively available in-store.

McDonald's x LINE plushie

The plush collectibles are NOT available at:

  • KK Hospital
  • McCafe
  • Dessert Kiosk
  • Tampines Interchange Kiosk
  • Self-ordering Kiosks
  • Drive-Thrus
  • McDelivery

~ McDonald’s vs The Other Fast Food Restaurants in Singapore ~

I don’t think McDonald’s serves the tastiest burgers in Singapore. In fact, I think Burger King’s or Carl’s Jr burgers are better. Also, McD does not, in my opinion, serve up the best french fries either. I prefer MOS Burger’s crinkle cut fries over McD’s shoestring ones any day.

But look at the numbers: McDonald’s now has over 120 restaurants in Singapore! (Figure from McDSG’s website)

What draws people to McDonald’s?

#1: The Various Promotions

There are toys for children (I think it’s the Madagascar penguins right now) and there are toys for adults, such as these LINE plushies and of course, the ever-popular Hello Kitty ones.

(And if I may add, the squabbles and fights that result over the long queues for the Hello Kitty plushies, and the ensuing media reports, all add to the hype over McD’s promotions. So if you manage to get your hands on one of those kitty plushies, you may feel like a victor.)

#2: The Insanely Happy Staff

The staff always have a cheery greeting ready, are taught to ask you if you’d like to upsize your meal (every single time), and for not-very-high wages, McDonald’s somehow manages to keep them very happy.

#3: New Items On The Menu Every Time

From new burgers with satay sauce to special coffee brews and “wholesome meals at 500 calories or less”, McDonald’s wants you to keep coming back for more – whether you are feeling peckish, lethargic or currently on a low-carb diet. #somethingforeveryone

McDonald's wraps in Singapore

And I just love the whole idea of a Happy Meal – you don’t just get food to fill your belly, you get to choose a toy that will put a smile on your face too.

I guess this is why, even while I’m in my late-20s and my version of ‘Happy Meals’ does NOT come with a FREE toy (it costs S$4.90), I’ll still gladly hand my money over. :D

[Update: Check out the Valentine’s set of a Brown and Cony plush – see the size comparison with the regular plushies HERE]

Recipe: Almond Cookies – Super Delicious! :D

Almond Cookies

I paid S$29 to attend a class to learn how to make almond cookies, durian cookies and pineapple tarts. I didn’t quite care about the cookies as I was there mainly for the pineapple tarts, but my goodness, these almond cookies are absolutely delicious – the best I have ever eaten! I would even say they are worth getting fat for.

And they are super easy to prepare – just a total of 8 simple ingredients!


300g Almond Powder

200g Flour

120g Icing Sugar

1 tsp Salt

1 tsp Baking Soda

200ml (or less) Oil *Any kind: sunflower, olive, etc

1 egg yolk (for glazing)

Almond flakes (crushed)


1. Mix the first 5 ingredients together. You can add in some butter if you’d like (optional). Mix well then slowly add in the oil. You don’t have to use up all 200ml of oil if the dough can be kneaded and shaped into a “ball” already.

2.  Roll the dough out into small balls. Weigh them if you want all of the cookies to be of a consistent size. Ensure they are not too big so they will be cooked well.

3. Brush on some egg yolk, and add the crushed almond flakes on top.

4. Bake for 20 minutes at 150 degrees Celsius in a preheated oven.

5. Enjoy your amazingly delicious almond cookies :D This recipe yielded over 40 almond cookies.


2015 Schedule Out Now:

blogging workshop

December 2014 Review (Part 1)

I have a confession to make. I’ve been in the “holiday mood” since the start of December (or earlier). LOL! So while various brands have been sending me awesome products to review, I simply didn’t feel like reviewing them till it got dangerously close to the end of the month. That’s one of the drawbacks of being your own boss, I guess. :D

In any case, I have tried and tested these products from Cornell, Julie’s, SK-II and Pantene. And I have to say that I really wouldn’t mind getting them as Christmas presents, if I don’t already own them. Here goes…

1) Cornell’s Hello Kitty Touch Screen Kitchen Scale

Cornell Hello Kitty Touch Screen Kitchen Scale

It’s one of those fancy-schmancy kitchen scales ‘cos of its touch screen capabilities. Ha! But since it has Hello Kitty on it, it is awesome. And to be really honest with you, the only fault I could find with this scale is that the ON/OFF button and the TARE button are almost inseparable, so when you are hitting “TARE”, you might accidentally switch off the entire device if your fingers are not skinny enough. The Pros: it is just too cool (a Hello Kitty fan cannot ask for more), it weighs ingredients up to 5kg, and it’s easy to clean.

Also, now you know that one of those Twelve Cupcakes creations weighs about 60g. Yummy they are, but each is easily packed with over 200 calories (based on my online research) so watch out for that waistline. <- A reminder to myself. *I love the Chocolate Chocolate ones. The Strawberry Vanilla is too artificial-tasting for my liking.

Price of Weighing Scale: S$29.90 at all major electronics stores. The usual price is S$39.90 but it’s on promotion now due to the celebration of Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary! Price of Cupcakes: 3 for S$9. 

2) Julie’s Hershey’s Cookies

Julie's Hershey's

I love Julie’s biscuits, especially the Rich Tea Oat ones. And now, they have just become more awesome with a collaboration with Hershey’s. I was gifted with 4 products from their new range. Because I’ve been ill with a bad cold, my boyfriend became the (happy) lab rat for these cookies. His favorite: Chocolate Fudge Cookies (S$3.90). (I would pick those too, even without tasting them)

*He wishes the Waffles are more crispy*

Julie's Hersheys Chocolate Waffles

Get a box of Julie’s Hershey’s cookies at your nearest supermarket! :)

3) SK-II Facial Treatment Milk

I attended SK-II’s Festive Party last weekend and was given a number of goodies. Among them is the Facial Treatment Milk, which I’ve never heard of before.

SK-II Festive Party 2014

SK-II Facial Treatment Milk

The Facial Treatment Milk smells nicer than the Facial Treatment Essence. The consistency reminds me of the Cellumination Essence. It feels just a little bit sticky after application, but leave it on overnight and it’ll get absorbed into your skin by the time you wake up.

4) Pantene BB Creme for Hair & Hair Strength Tonic

Pantene BB Creme for Hair and Hair Strength Tonic

Both these products can be left on your hair without the need for a rinse, so it’s really convenient for busy folks who still want great hair.

I don’t know why they named it BB creme for hair, beyond the fact that it makes people go “Wait a minute… BB creme for HAIR?!” I use this product to tame frizz and I suppose it does add a little shine though my hair is short now so I can’t tell if it will also de-tangle hair, prevent split ends, etc. If you have long hair, you should give it a try.

As for the Hair Strength Tonic, well, it smells good and it supposedly “makes hair stronger for up to 98% less hair fall”. I’m definitely going to keep using this as the application is easy and like I said, it smells good. Even if it doesn’t give me 98% less hair fall, I’ll take it as perfume for my hair. :D


Christmas is just around the corner, so… in case I don’t have another blogpost up before Christmas Day, I’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas now! :D And if you are still shopping for presents, hopefully this blogpost is of help. :)