Rainbow Cottage: Kid-friendly Waffle / Gelato Cafe in Ang Mo Kio

Rainbow Cottage Waffle

Thanks to Groupon, my sweeter half takes me around the island to check out lesser-known cafes and restaurants. Sometimes we find hidden gems; sometimes we don’t. I’m glad we popped by Rainbow Cottage in Ang Mo Kio though. It’s one place we can meet friends-with-kids next time for gelato, cakes, waffles or simply, drinks.

As you can see in the first picture above, we had a waffle and 2 scoops of gelato (vanilla and double chocolate). The chocolate was good. I’ll probably skip vanilla for thai milk tea or some other flavor in future. And I believe that might be a Cath Kidston teapot. It’s super adorable. The pot actually sits atop the cup, so it’s excellent for storage. I like how feminine it is, what with the teaspoon with a ‘gem’ at the end, and two little iced gem biscuits beside the cup. Very, very pretty.

As for the waffle itself, it’s definitely crispy. However, it’s not fluffy enough for my liking. I like the waffles at Meet and Melt but I have yet to try the charcoal waffle (with salted egg) at Rainbow Cottage for a fair apples-to-apples comparison.

What is undeniably an edge for Rainbow Cottage is their kids play corner. Some parents I know will be so relieved to be able to deposit their children at the play area, and sink into a comfy sofa and enjoy a cool treat while keeping a watchful eye on their children.

Rainbow Cottage Ang Mo Kio

Singapore child friendly cafe

If you’re out with little kids in the Ang Mo Kio area, and you need a break from the children *ahem* I mean, from the hot weather, just pop in for some gelato. From the many tags on Instagram, I think Rainbow Cottage has earned many fans because of their cheesecakes. So, give them a try and tell me what you think.

Rainbow Cottage is located at Ang Mo Kio Blk 452 #01-1777

Tel: 6451 2483

Opening hours: 11am to 9.45pm

They are on Instagram @rainbow.cottage.

Janice Wong’s Edible Art: Colorful Chocolates, Magical Mooncakes

Janice Wong chocolates and mooncakes

Albert Einstein famously said that “Creativity is intelligence having fun” thus I think Janice Wong is one heck of an intelligent chef. Those chocolates are so playful yet so aesthetically pleasing, and the mochi mooncakes are like beautifully wrapped surprise packages. I actually ate one that has popping candy within! Amazeballs!

I follow Janice on Instagram so I knew that she’d launched a collection of mochi mooncakes (that retail for something like S$8 a piece). They’re terribly pretty…

Janice Wong mochi mooncake set

[ Image: Mooncake set from JaniceWong.com.sg ]

So when I found out that there’s a workshop involving the pairing of 4 of these mooncakes with Pryce Tea, I signed up for it. (In case you’re wondering, the workshop is a one-off session, and to my knowledge, there won’t be any other future sessions. But you can still buy Pryce Tea and Janice Wong mooncakes [[separately] at places like TANGS and Takashimaya)🙂

For those interested in mooncake + tea pairing, here’s what we had:
– Cherry Blossom tea paired with Japanese Yuzu mooncake
– Ginger Garden tea paired with Ginger Flower Rojak mooncake
– Peach Bellini tea paired with Praline Poprocks mooncake
– Mandarin Pu Erh tea paired with Dark Chocolate Truffle Infinity of 99% mooncake

Tian Peng from Pryce Tea also let us sample the Vanda Miss Joaquim tea which was the best of the lot.

And what is a mochi mooncake?

Mochi Mooncakes

Each one is made up of 4 layers. Snow skin on top of lima white bean paste, a mochi layer, and a chocolate core. These mooncakes are deliberately made to taste less sweet so you can eat more than one (clever!) As I’ve only sampled 4 flavors, I won’t be able to tell you which is the best of the lot. Go try it all yourself!😀

The mooncakes come in various flavors. There’s also Laksa Leaf Lemongrass, Chilli Padi, Chendol Red Bean, Kaffir Lime Caramel, Gula Melaka Pandan, Bak Kwa Poprocks, Condensed Milk Truffle, Salted Egg, etc. Worth that 8 bucks each? Yes, I think so.

How To Make Delicious Bergedil, Indonesian-style

resepi bergedil simple

I love getting bergedil whenever I order a meal of Indonesian nasi padang. If bergedil is sold out, I might just not order food at that stall and go eat dumpling noodles or cai fan (economical rice) instead. This is how much I love bergedil. So when I found an Indonesian who knows how to prepare and cook bergedil, I had to ask her to teach me.

In case you’re wondering what the fuss is about, since bergedil can be found at most food places selling Muslim food, I have to say that not everyone knows how to make good bergedil. It’s not like chicken, in which it tastes good (almost naturally) if you get it deep-fried, for instance. It’s hard to go wrong with an ingredient like chicken, but when you’re buying bergedil at a stall you’ve never patronized before, sometimes it could be a hit-or-miss situation. Hence, if you want to have control over what your bergedil tastes like, you’ll just have to learn to make it yourself.

*For the record, I’ve eaten some really horrible bergedil before – either really hard, really dry, or really salty.😦

Bergedil requires only the simplest of ingredients so you might already have them at home:

(1) Chop up some small onions and fry them till they’re golden brown. Peel, cook and mash some potatoes till they’re really soft and mushy (put on some kitchen gloves and use your hands if you have to).

how to make bergedil

(2) Chop up some chives and spring onions (the quantity depends on how much you like them). And add them to your potato+fried onions, together with some salt and pepper to taste.

(3) You can make bergedil in all sorts of shapes: balls, flat or even heart-shaped ones (like I did) Go ahead and be creative. *This would be a fun project for the children at home too. Coat your creations in some egg…

bergedil recipe

(4) Fry them till they are golden-brown. If you prefer a more crispy ‘skin’ then let it sit longer in the pan.

how to cook bergedil

Ta-dah! Enjoy your bergedil

resepi bergedil simple

*If you happen to have sambal belacan at home, yum, it’ll certainly go well with bergedil and rice.

*You can add any other ingredient you like, e.g. chicken, fish, etc. I might try adding chili padi next time so the bergedil has a fiery kick to it.😀

Thank God for potatoes, which taste so yummy whether as fries (curly, shoestring, crinkle cut, etc), wedges, baked, mashed, in salads, and especially in bergedil!😀

Thye Moh Chan 泰茂栈: Teochew Flaky-skinned Mooncakes

thye moh chan mooncakes

I think the older generation of Teochew people in Singapore would be familiar with this brand: Thye Moh Chan 泰茂栈. It’s been around since 1943 and is well-known for its flaky-skinned pastries. I picked up a box of mooncakes at their Paragon outlet (#B1-11) yesterday, and got 1 each of the 4 main flavors: Salty, Sweet, Double Delight and Yuan Yang. I almost didn’t believe they are mooncakes as they look more like Tau Sar Piah (豆沙饼).

And speaking of Tau Sar Piah, Thye Moh Chan has some with interesting ingredients: prune, bak kwa and longan. I’ve yet to try them but if you’re game for it, go pop by one of Thye Moh Chan’s 2 outlets: one at Paragon, the other is at Chinatown Point (#01-45).

I’ve always liked flaky crust pastries because they are so delicate, ‘light’ and give the illusion of having fewer calories (there seems to be just “air” between those delightfully thin layers?). The drawback, however, of eating these flaky goodies is that it gets messy really fast and, unfortunately, according to this Straits Times article from 2015, flaky crust mooncakes are likely to contain more fat than traditional baked ones or snow skin mooncakes. Uh-oh! Just exercise portion control and share the love with friends and family, ok? That way you can still indulge without too much guilt!

Of the 4 flavors, I like the sweet one best (no surprise there). The Sweet Tau Sar
甜豆沙 comes with just the right level of sweetness. I might have eaten the whole thing if not for my other half’s watchful eye and nagging.

If you’re not a fan of sweet stuff, then go for the savory ones: Salty Tau Sar With Salted Egg Yolk 咸豆沙(咸蛋黄), Double Delight 潮州双拼 and Yuan Yang With Salted Egg Yolk
鸳鸯(咸蛋黄). Also, there’s a “Teochew Mooncake 潮州月饼” which is big, flat and round like a frisbee. I’ve never tried one of those before!

Thye Moh Chan also has some ‘limited edition’ mooncakes: Yam With Salted Egg
Yolk 芋泥(咸蛋黄) and Mao Shan Wang Durian 猫山王榴莲. I don’t eat yam and neither do I like durian, so if you have tried these flavors, let me know!🙂

thye moh chan paragon

I’m not sure if the store decor at Chinatown is the same as in Paragon, but they have these cool sliding drawers that store the mooncakes in their Paragon outlet. LOL. Go have a look!🙂

thye moh chan mooncake review

Seoul Jjimdak @ City Sq Mall: 51% Discount Till End-August*

Seoul Jjimdak

Fans of Korean food are in for a yummy treat! Seoul Jjimdak, a 3-month-old Korean restaurant at City Square Mall, is celebrating our nation’s birthday with 51% off their fan favorites: Seoul Jjimdak and Army Stew!* What this means is 2 to 3 people can share a meal of Korean ‘comfort food’, for just S$16.60! Do not miss this great deal, which will last only till end-August. It’s available DAILY (even weekends) between 1130am and 3pm, so it’s great for families, staff lunches and friend gatherings!🙂 Because of their generous SG51 gesture, I’ll have to crown them the Best Korean Restaurant in Singapore for good food in a comfortable, casual setting!🙂

Seoul Jjimdak’s motto is “Doing Simple Food Good” and it’s easy to see how they’ve kept to it. The restaurant’s name is the same as one of their hit favorites: Seoul Jjimdak. Jjimdak, in Korean, refers to braised dishes. Sometimes it’s also called ‘dakjjim’. ‘Dak’ means ‘chicken’ and ‘Jjim’ indicates something that’s steamed, stewed or braised.

The Seoul Jjimdak (S$33.90, now S$16.60) comes with braised chicken, potatoes, onions, dried chili and chewy glass potato noodles. You can choose to have the boneless version if you prefer a fuss-free dining experience like I do. It’s a really big serving, so go ahead and bring a friend or two! I specially invited my photographer pal from Hearted Moments as his skinny genes are a constant cause of envy for me. See how happy he is at being able to eat all he wants and never ever put on weight…

Seoul Jjimdak city square mall

Seoul Jjimdak boneless

Even though there’s dried chili, I found this dish sweet, and not spicy at all. I think children will enjoy this dish. And speaking of children, the restaurant has high chairs for kids so go ahead and ask for them. Also, some of the tables come with adequate space at the sides for your prams. If you’re wondering, this restaurant can seat around 60 diners, so bring all your colleagues and friends!

I really like the Seoul Jjimdak dish as it has my favorite ingredients – potatoes and chicken – braised to perfection. And the restaurant is so generous with the potatoes too! You can also opt for additional toppings, such as prawns & mussels for $5.90, assorted mushrooms $4.90, mozzarella cheese $2.90, etc.

*If you’re dining alone, go ahead and order the “mini” Boneless Jjimdak at just S$12.90. You can add $1 each for mushroom and cheese.🙂

If you prefer something more spicy, then choose the Army Stew (S$33.90, now S$16.60) which is a kimchi stew with luncheon meat (OH YES!), pork belly strips, vegetables, baked beans, tofu, etc! Likewise, you can opt for additional toppings such as sausages for $3.90, double cheese $3.90, etc!

Seoul Jjimdak Army Stew

Because it’s such a BIG serving, you won’t be able to finish it all very quickly. But no worries, you can heat up the food anytime you want with just a turn of the switch! So thoughtful!

Seoul Jjimdak Promotion

I liked having instant noodles with the Army Stew – it’s a nice contrast with the ‘chewy glass potato noodles’ in the Seoul Jjimdak. And anything with luncheon meat and pork belly in it has to taste good, as you can probably already guess. If it gets too spicy for you, just take a sip of the (free) cold water served or eat some of the pickles that come with the meal.


Seoul Jjimdak drinks

We couldn’t resist the soda too, so yeah.😀 *Tip: The orange one was my fav!

Then the Spicy Cheese Tteokbokki (S$11.90) was served, as what’s a Korean meal without rice cake? We were so busy indulging in the Jjimdak that this dish had already cooled down by the time we tasted it. However, my pal realised that the rice cake could be dipped into the Army Stew and still taste awesome. So, here’s a tip for you, eat this right after it’s served!😀 The Jjimdak and Army Stew can be reheated at any time so there’s no hurry.

Seoul Jjimdak Spicy Cheese Tteokbokki

And we also had to try the Chef’s Recommendation: Seafood Pancake (S$14.90). I think kids will love this one as it’s tasty, not spicy at all, and it’s so crispy. It’s made with fresh spring onions, prawns and squid…

Seafood Pancake

If you’re still hungry, you can order the steamed egg (S$9.90), kimchi cheese fries (S$6.90) and the spicy seafood soup (S$12.90).

Seoul Jjimdak sides

Kids and the elderly alike will love the steamed egg. Cheese fries are always a hit, and the addition of kimchi gives it added oomph (must try!). Meanwhile, I simply love spicy soup with seafood (that have big, fresh prawns) like tom yam soup, so this soup’s also a must-order dish.

So, pick your favorite stew and side dishes and have a yummilicious meal at Seoul Jjimdak!🙂

~ Take advantage of this awesome SG51 promo now! ~

Seoul Jjimdak SG51 Promo

Seoul Jjimdak is located at #05-04, City Square Mall, Singapore 208539. Tel: 66342668.

*The restaurant is not taking reservations for this lunchtime SG51 promo. Walk-ins only!🙂

Sunday Market: Good Brunch Place In Kovan But Pick Tables Wisely!

Sunday Market brunch

I don’t usually eat brunch, and I most certainly do not visit “hipster cafes” just for brunch and the opportunity to get instagram-worthy snaps (I think that’s too much trouble, really). Today, we popped by Sunday Market which is around the Kovan area. Even though it’s called ‘Sunday Market’, it’s actually open everyday. I’ll include their operating hours for National Day at the end of this blogpost.🙂

The reason we came here for brunch was because my love had bought a Groupon voucher, and it was expiring soon. I didn’t even know this place existed. So, thank you, Groupon!

There’s a carpark right in front of the row of shophouses, and Sunday Market’s right at the end of the row.

Sunday Market

The cafe is somewhat divided into two portions. The first half houses the ice cream counter, cash register, etc. I’d recommend that you SIT HERE. The second half of the cafe houses the *erm* toilet. I don’t recommend you sit there. When we first entered the cafe, we got a shock – from outside, it seemed like the cafe was located in an ulu part of Singapore and that it might be rather deserted within too, but the inside was FILLED with diners. We took the only unoccupied table which was way at the end of the cafe, beside a huge standing fan.

While we were waiting for our orders to be filled, I noticed there were non-food smells within the area we were seated. Behind me, about 2 metres away, were the toilets, half hidden behind curtains. The thought of eating so close to the loo was a little revolting. And since the food had yet to be served, we bolted to the front of the cafe where, thankfully, a table had just been vacated! *Phew*

Sunday Market Lim Tua Tow Road

While I was settling the bill, I noticed that the cafe has an ‘A’ for hygiene and cleanliness, which was very reassuring. The staff also wore tshirts stating the address of the cafe: 22 Lim Tua Tow Road. Cute!

Now, for the food…

The Big Breakfast $19++

Sunday Market The Big Breakfast

There’s grilled chicken cheese sausage, turkey bacon, baked beans, scrambled egg, roasted mushrooms, roasted tomato, hashbrown, salad and toasted bread. It’s quite a spread, really. Though I probably won’t pay $19++ for it. I’d have loved more of the mushrooms, for one. The scrambled egg needs more seasoning. And the hashbrown probably shouldn’t have been cut up. This dish lacks a star ingredient that will make the whole dish shine. Otherwise, I’ll much rather pay less for a Big Breakfast meal at McD.

*Based on the ingredients in this dish, I’d hazard a guess that this cafe is a halal one. And most of their staff are Malays so I suppose I might be right.

Duck Confit Hash $17++

Sunday Market Duck Confit Hash

When this dish was served, I looked at the two fried eggs and went ‘wow’. Quite a treat! Underneath the eggs were the baby potatoes (too few of them), shredded duck leg (which was SO YUMMY), caramelized onions (again, too few), toasted bread, etc. On the menu, it is stated that there’ll be “Crispy Duck Skin” as well, but I didn’t see any on this plate. Despite all that, I have to say that the duck was incredible – seasoned and cooked to perfection. It was so tender. I couldn’t get enough of it. Give me more potatoes and I’ll give this dish top marks.


All in all, I think the food here is satisfying – if you’ve ordered the duck confit, you’ll want to tell a friend. Service was prompt and the wait staff were friendly as can be during their busy brunch hour(s) service. I liked that iced water was served almost as soon as we sat down at a table – no need to ask, no need to pay.😀 Price-wise, I think it’s great to visit when you have a Groupon voucher. And it’s best to sit at the front of the cafe. #dontsayididnttellyou

Sunday Market is open Mon to Fri 11am to 11pm, Sat 9am to 11pm, Sun: 9am to 9pm.

National Day Opening Hrs: Brunch (9am to 3.30pm), Regular Menu (430pm to 11pm).

Tel: 6287 8880.

22 Lim Tua Tow Road, Singapore 547772.

Marriott Hotel Dinner Buffet: AWESOME 1-For-1 Promotion!

Marriott Hotel Buffet

If you don’t already know, Marriott Hotel‘s Marriott Cafe serves up a pretty decent buffet. I’ve eaten there once before, so I knew what to expect when we popped by again yesterday evening. Our table of 4 ate till we had food babies, and we walked out with bulging bellies, satisfied. In this post, I’ll share my thoughts on what remained really delicious since my last visit, and what I’ll probably not put on my plate next time.

If you love seafood like we do, then you’ll love the fresh OYSTERS, CRAYFISH, PRAWNS and the sashimi at the Marriott buffet. The oysters were delicious and I lost track of how much salmon sashimi I actually ate!😀 The tuna sashimi wasn’t very good though; they included certain cuts of the fish that were tough and stringy (It was the first time I spat out sashimi because it was just too difficult to chew and too big a piece to swallow anyway). (@_@)

There are also many cooked dishes to try. The chefs are really good with beef, I think. The beef cheek and beef rendang were simply sedap! I didn’t eat the roast duck and other meats though. (Anyway, I only seem to like the duck from London Fat Duck)

I thought the highlight of the meal would be the Singapore Chili Crab dish when I spotted it. However, it was a major disappointment. The sauce was lacklustre, the crabs weren’t that big anyway (no Sri Lankan crabs here, I guess) and the mantous were tough, dry, and probably not that well-cooked in the middle (I suppose they went from freezer to fryer without being thawed properly).

Looked good, but didn’t taste so great:

Marriott Hotel Buffet Singapore Chili Crab

I hope foreigners don’t try this dish and think Singapore Chili Crab doesn’t live up to the hype. *sigh* But as my pal said, the chefs cook multiple dishes for the buffet spread so you can’t really expect them to be awesome at everything, unlike chefs elsewhere who (perhaps) specialize in cooking just one dish.

We didn’t touch anything at the salad bar, and we didn’t take any of the breads available. Also, I noted that the cut fruits didn’t look all that fresh, though perhaps they might have been.

There’s a pretty extensive dessert bar at the buffet. Many different cakes to choose from. But we ended the day with ice cream. There were 5 flavors: Chocolate, Mango, Cookies & Cream, Strawberry and Vanilla. You can go ahead and decorate your ice cream cone with some of those yummy chocolate pearls.😀

Singapore Marriott Hotel buffet dinner


The dinner buffet costs S$70++ per person. And the 1-for-1 promo is for those with DBS credit cards. You’ll have to make a reservation in advance via the Chope site. Hopefully, you’ll manage to get a table as I won’t be surprised if the restaurant’s fully booked till the end of August because of this fabulous promotion!😀

老火汤 @ Waterway Point: Buy-1-Get-1-Free Soups

Waterway Point 老火汤

I had lunch at Waterway Point today as there’s a promotion going on at one of the new eateries. 老火汤’s soups are on offer now till 31 August – order one bowl of soup and get another (of the same price or lower) for FREE! We picked ‘Buddha Jump Over The Wall’ or what the Chinese call ‘佛跳墙’ as it’s easily one of the most pricey soups on their menu, getting the most out of the promo!😀

Of course, you can opt for any of the other soups, such as Pork Rib with Apple & Snow Pear Soup (S$9.80), Sea Coconut Chicken Soup (S$14.80) or their herbal chicken soups (S$14.80 – S$16.80).

We ordered Pumpkin Rice and Brown Rice (S$2 each) to go along with the soups. I like having both kinds of rice mixed together.

As for the ‘Buddha Jump Over The Wall’ soup, I liked that it doesn’t have a ton of MSG in it (so we didn’t actually feel thirsty after the meal) and that the ingredients seem pretty fresh. There was chicken, fish maw, mushrooms, wolfberries, scallops (really small ones), etc. Really good comfort food on rainy days, I believe. But today’s weather was horrendously hot.

If, like me, you’re wondering why this soup comes with such an interesting name, and since when did Buddha actually jump over a wall, well, Wikipedia says it’s because the dish is so yummy that it’d entice vegetarian monks to jump over temple walls to get to it. LOL. Not sure if it’s true, but that’s an interesting story.

老火汤’s business sure was brisk today, no doubt due to their 1-for-1 promotion. Staff give out flyers at the mall’s entrance daily, I believe, so I’m sure many shoppers popped by to try the soups. Meanwhile, Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh just next door clearly suffered. While 老火汤 had few unoccupied tables, Rong Hua’s were largely unoccupied at lunchtime with perhaps only 2 pairs of diners. Since their clientele is largely the same, I’m sure Rong Hua’s boss won’t be pleased a competitor is right next door.

Another thing I noticed was how some diners leave a mess behind. There was a middle-aged man seated at the table next to ours, and after he was done with his meal, he left behind lots of chicken (or pork?) bones and bits of cartilage and all on the table, and the poor waitress had to pick them up one by one with the pair of chopsticks he had used. Clearing his one table took a while. Hopefully, more of us can learn to leave those bits and pieces we don’t want to eat in a separate bowl or plate so it makes clearing the dishes that much easier for staff. #beagoodcustomer

~ How To Enjoy The Buy 1 Get 1 Free Promo ~

The promotion is available from now till 31 August, only from 11am to 430pm on Mondays to Fridays, excluding weekends and public holidays.

Address: Waterway Point #B1-22 East Wing (between Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh and Uncle Leong’s Signatures). Tel: 6386 0830.

*There’s the usual 10% service charge and 7% GST – it’ll be added to your bill.

$1 Sushi Day at umisushi: Got mine at Waterway Point :D

Umisushi waterway point

I FINALLY got my hands on the S$1 special promotion sushi at umisushi – “umiday” happens every Thursday, from now till 4 Aug. I popped by Waterway Point early today to get some fresh sushi. Each pack of 2 pieces of sushi costs just S$1, and I got 6 of them. More than enough to share with my sister.

I think what really surprised me about the S$1 sushi is the quality of the rice – it’s tasty, soft and fresh. It’s not hard and dry like at some other sushi takeout places. I like the unagi, tuna and salmon roe sushi. I did not buy any of the tamago or crabstick ones as I don’t like them.

Interestingly, the sushi here doesn’t have a consistent size. In a pack of two, it’s really evident that one piece of sushi might be 10 – 20% bigger than the other. I suppose they make the sushi by hand. I know of some sushi places in which machines help get the rice into a standard shape and size, and employees simply add the ingredients on top. But for S$1, I’m really not complaining!😀

umiday is on 14, 21, 28 July and 4 Aug, so mark your calendars and make your way down to one of the outlets islandwide. umisushi has some 22 outlets in Singapore, but this promotion is not valid at Victory 8 (which I’ve just found out is in Sembawang). You can find the outlet nearest to your home or office using their outlet locator here: http://www.umisushi.com.sg/locate-us.html

*umisushi also serves bentos, udon, sashimi and salads – all of which I’ve yet to try.😀

Which Chicken Essence Tastes The Best: BRAND’s, New Moon or Eu Yan Sang?

Chicken Essence Singapore

Chicken essence is something I’ve been drinking since my schooldays (many moons ago). Besides helping students stay awake during those crucial exam revision periods, chicken essence has all along been a great gift for those who are ill, have just undergone an operation, are pregnant, or who are our elders (and we don’t know what would be a good gift for them). But have you ever wondered what is in your bottle of chicken essence? How come it keeps you awake? How does it keep you alert? Are those halal chickens? How is chicken essence extracted? And which brand of chicken essence is the best?

Well, I decided to get all my questions answered once and for all, with some research done online and with a taste test done.

What Is In That Bottle Of Chicken Essence? How Was It Manufactured?

Chicken Essence Benefits

BRAND’S chicken essence contains 99.68% essence of chicken and 0.32% caramel. New Moon’s chicken essence has the same composition, in the exact same amounts. As for Eu Yan Sang, the company claims to use only 100% essence of chicken, with no caramel added. What is caramel? Caramel is found in candy, ice cream and other desserts and sweets, and it is formed when sugar or syrup is heated till it turns brown. It adds flavor and color to food and drink. I do suspect that caramel might be the reason why chicken essence keeps me awake when I’m studying for oh-so-boring History exams *yawn*. If the essence of chicken (on its own) can keep me focused and more alert, then wouldn’t drinking chicken soup have the same effect? (However, the caramel is added in such small quantities that my theory might be wrong :P)

On Eu Yan Sang’s website, however, it is stated that “Chicken essence contains high levels of glutamate. Physical fatigue may be due to accumulation of ammonia, after intense exercise. Glutamate plays an important role in modulating the ammonia detoxification to urea, relieving physical fatigue.”

How are these bottles of chicken essence manufactured?

New Moon uses the double-boiling technique. BRAND’S uses a rather complicated process – you can check out the link below. Whichever process they use, fat and cholesterol is removed so this is probably the biggest difference between drinking chicken soup and chicken essence. Also, all 3 brands sell halal-certified chicken essence.

~ The Taste Test ~

Since I’ve been drinking BRAND’S essence of chicken for a long time, and I am quite used to its taste, I thought I’d like it most. However after the taste test that my love and I did, we had different favorites.

Eu Yan Sang’s chicken essence was his favorite while my vote went to New Moon’s.

His explanation for his choice was that Eu Yan Sang’s chicken essence tasted like real chicken goodness. However, I thought it tasted almost bland, but had a very strong smell that I cannot describe as being pleasant.

As for New Moon’s, I didn’t detect as strong a smell and I really liked the taste. He thought it was really ‘concentrated’.

He said BRAND’S is a 老字号 (established brand name) and he had high hopes for the taste test, however he described BRAND’S chicken essence as being “powdery”. I cannot explain how he came to that conclusion as I didn’t detect any powdery substance. I did think that the other two brands of chicken essence tasted a little better during this taste test.

It’s clear that taste is indeed subjective. So, to find your favorite brand of chicken essence, I’d suggest you try one bottle from each brand and determine which is your preferred choice!🙂


For more information, you can head on over to these webpages:





Other comparisons I’ve done:

Review of 4 slimming centres – which treatment was most effective?

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