Worth Buying: KitKat Chocolatory Gift Boxes from Redmart

kitkat chocolatory redmart singapore

I’d previously thought KitKat Chocolatory items can only be purchased in Malaysia. Blogged about them beforeΒ if you recall. πŸ˜‰ Thanks to Redmart, I get to try 3 other flavors this time. Apparently the Nasi Lemak KitKat is a staple. In this particular Christmas gift box, there’s also Durian Delight, Gingerbread Man and Minty Candy Cane Kit Kat. The gift boxes cost S$29.90 on Redmart and cost roughly double what you’d probably pay in Malaysia but who dares to head over the Causeway now what with the escalating tensions? πŸ˜›

And if you want to give a Christmas gift that lots of people are going to appreciate, this is probably it!

kitkat chocolatory durian delight

I’ve tried all three new flavors and surprisingly, I have to pick the Durian (yellow one above) as my favorite. It’s a very subtle flavor, but the scent is immediately evident when you tear the pack open. The Mint Candy Cane tastes as if it’s all mint and no candy cane, if you know what I mean. The mint is overpowering. And I’m not a big fan of mint to begin with, so nope, I won’t buy this on my own. And as for the Gingerbread, well, there’s just too many things going on with these 4 fingers of KitKat. Too many crushed nuts on PLUS that cinnamon and ginger powder. It’s a riot of taste and texture.

kitkat chocolatory minty candy cane

The mint one

kitkat chocolatory gingerbread man

The gingerbread one

What’s intriguing thus far is that for the durian one, only “durian flakes” are used. And the shelf life is incredibly short too ‘cos this was manufactured on 25th November 2018 and expires on 24 January 2019. I guess it means there isn’t much preservative in these chocolates so it should be viewed as a good thing. πŸ˜‰

You can purchase this gift box HERE.

There are also other gift sets which include specialty KitKats of other flavors: Tiramisu and Earl Grey Tea with Orange, for instance. I do love Earl Grey so I can’t wait to try Earl Grey KitKat!

redmart kit kat chocolatory christmas gift box

Buy it HERE.

If you want your KitKat in a tin instead, there’s a gift set with Chocolate Peanut Butter and Caramelized Almond KitKat. Get it over HERE.


I’m so glad I have a 14-day gym pass lying somewhere at home. ‘Cos I’m sure I’m going to need the extra workouts post-Christmas. As it is, I already do HIIT workouts three times a week and I still feel I’m putting on weight. OMG. πŸ˜€ Eat all the yummy KitKats in moderation, ok?

One Of Punggol’s Best Zichar Stalls: Hong Kong Street Old Chun Kee ι¦™ζΈ―θ‘—θ€ηθ¨˜

hong kong street old chun kee seafood white bee hoon

I’ve previously blogged about The Chef’s PlaceΒ in Punggol and mentioned there’s a zichar stall right next to it. Well, this is it. I have to say that the prices are pretty reasonable, the food’s decent and the service is good. In fact, they have this Indian lady working there who speaks really fluent Mandarin! I picked the seafood with white beehoon dish ($6) and it came with 3 prawns too, while he had the ‘pork rib king’ with rice ($5.50) that’s decent – perhaps an egg on top of the rice would be a nice touch. πŸ˜‰

hong kong street old chun kee review

As for the Prawn Paste Chicken ($10), I’d say the prawn paste seems a little non-existent, maybe? It’s just basic fried chicken (the mid-wing joint I LOVE) paired with a fiery chili sauce. $10 for 6 pieces might be a little steep but there’s not much to complain about. For one, the chicken’s cooked through; no blood to be found. With the recent spate of food poisoning cases, I can’t help but feel it’s safer to eat at home. And if the food outside doesn’t cause you to feel ill after, you should count yourself pretty lucky already. Don’t complain about the taste. πŸ˜›

Hong Kong Street Old Chun Kee prawn paste chicken

I’ll probably try the Curry / Assam Fish Head and the Seafood Vermicelli next time. πŸ˜€


If you want to visit this stall, it’s atΒ Blk 658 Punggol East Singapore 820658 (within the Food Paradise kopitiam).

PrivΓ© @ Asian Civilisations Museum: Family-Friendly Cafe With Excellent Service

Prive asian civilisations museum

I knowΒ PrivΓ© to be an Executive Condominium in Punggol. However, there’s also a cafe over at the Asian Civilisations Museum going by the same name! πŸ˜€ Had lunch there yesterday with two other ladies and I have to say that this place is a great chill-out spot for girlfriends and families (especially those with young children). The food is decent, the atmosphere is relaxed and most importantly, the staff are sweethearts. I’m guessing they hire people who are of the same “type” – friendly, smiley, helpful. Whomever the hiring manager is, all I have to say is “Good job!” πŸ˜€

Now, for the food. In the picture you see above, that’s the Norwegian Salmon Poke Bowl ($18++) I like that the veggies are so fresh. And the avocado has no brown spots. I eat avocado at home almost daily so I am SO particular about avocados. One of my dining companions found the salmon had a fishy odor, but I beg to differ. I think it tasted / smelled normal to me.

This next dish is the (hohoho) Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Crispy Pork Belly ($18++). The pasta is cooked al dente so you may or may not like it. At home, I cook pasta till it’s super soft. I’m also the kind of person who likes soggy fries, so *shrug*. πŸ˜€ The pork belly has a nice crispy layer on top. But other than that, it’s rather firm and a little bit difficult to chew. But overall, I think the presentation’s pretty.

Prive asian civilisations museum review

As for the chicken rice, *gulp*, let me just remind you that it costs $17++. They use “free-roaming chicken” from JB and their “housemade chili” packs a punch. Hard to fault this dish, really, I’m just not that accustomed to paying this amount for chicken rice. And there isn’t even a side of kailan or xiaobaicai.

Prive asian civilisations museum chicken rice

For dessert, we shared an Oreo Mud Pie ($12++). It’s a really big portion so please get someone to share this with you…

Prive asian civilisations museum oreo mud pie

It’s an affogato swirl ice cream within with an oreo cookie base. There’s vanilla and Valrhona chocolate sauce drizzled all over. There might be a million calories (haha) in this dessert but I had a workout session in the evening, so all’s good. πŸ˜€

I was really eyeing the Alcoholic Blackforest Cupcake though. I should totally order this next time. If you’ve tried this and found it to be good, please let me know. So I can make an excuse to swing by again soon though the place isn’t the most convenient for me.

Prive asian civilisations museum cupcake

And as suggested in the title of this blogpost,Β PrivΓ© is family-friendly. There’s a nice play corner right by the entrance. Child seats are available too.

Prive asian civilisations museum child friendly cafe

The entire meal with 4 drinks (we shared a glass of bubbly) came up to about $115. I guess you pay for the service, the views of the Singapore River and the more-than-decent setting. And yes, there’s free wifi. The TWG French Earl Grey tea I ordered cost just $5++ but came with a cookie. I like places which are sweet to their guests. And this is one of them.


PrivΓ© is located at #01-02 of theΒ Asian Civilisations Museum.

Opening Hours

Mon to Thu & Eve of PHs:
8.30am to 10.30pm (last order for food and drinks at 10pm)

Fri & Sat:
8.30am to 12am (last order for food at 10:30pm, drinks at 11:30pm)

Sun & PHs:
9am to 10.30pm (last order for food and drinks at 10pm)

MOS Cafe: Food Quality So Good It Reminds Me Of Japan

mos cafe review

If you don’t already know, MOS Burger also has MOS Cafe outlets. It’s an entirely different dining experience with plush seating and special items on the menu. I popped by the outlet at Takashimaya today specifically to try their new Bubble Milk Tea drink ($3.50). There’s also a Bubble Fruits Tea ($4.30) that I may buy in future. I actually asked the young lady at the cashier counter if she has tried the bubble milk tea before and if she’d recommend it. According to her, it’s really good. So my expectations were sky high. Unfortunately, you know what they say about the greater your expectations, the greater the disappointment, ya? πŸ˜‰

The fish burger and fries were amazing though. After leaving Japan, I thought I’ll never enjoy the MOS Burger experience in Singapore anymore. The reason is simple. Here, it’s all about efficiency. So a lot of items are pre-cooked and may actually have cooled when served to you. In Japan, it’s all prepared on the spot and served steaming hot. The fries may even be served on a plate! At the MOS Cafe outlet today, the food was hot: fries were crispy and the burger was simply delightful.

HOWEVER, I found the milk tea bitter. Yes, bitter.

mos cafe bubble milk tea

I’m not sure if they added any sugar to the drink. I couldn’t taste much sweetness. The milk tea, as you can probably tell from the color, is not like that from KOI or Liho. It’s more similar to the milk tea from Tuk Tuk Cha. Very thick and full of flavor. However, the milk tea I had today had turned bitter – perhaps the water used was at too high a temperature or had been steeped for too long so the tannins from the tea had been released. Perhaps this drink should be called Bitter Milk Tea instead. The ‘pearls’ were very soft though, so I’m assuming they’re pretty fresh.

Here’s the menu and pricing:

mos cafe menu pricing

Would I return to MOS Cafe? I think so. I like when the presentation and temperature of the food is just right. And the environment is great for chilling with friends. I noticed many people staying behind after they were done with their meals because it’s just so comfortable. There are even cushions with the seats!

When you’re doing your Christmas shopping at Takashimaya (toy fair!) or Raffles City, you might want to drop by MOS Cafe. I think it’s definitely worth a visit. Perhaps, you shouldn’t order the Bubble Milk Tea (haha!) but the Iced Peach Tea is something I always order so go for that.

Harry’s @ Harbourfront: Fascinating Fusion Cuisine, Not Just “Pub Food”

Harry's Harbourfront review

When told we’re going to Harry’s for lunch last weekend, I was rather taken aback. ‘Cos what else will there be besides “pub food”? And we’re not even going to be drinking. Interestingly, I was impressed by the food served up at Harry’s at Harbourfront. Of course, there was one “safe” option of their Jazz Burger ($22) which was decent – nothing to shout about but not bad. I like toasted burger buns. πŸ˜‰ But what blew me away was this next dish: Seafood Mee Goreng (also $22)…

Harry's Harbourfront

On the menu, it’s stated as “Seafood Spaghettini Mee Goreng” and comes with Singapore-style fried noodles, crispy squid (yah I know right… what combination is this?!), tiger prawns and white fish fillet. I LOVE how there’s not just sliced chili on top but also onions! If you don’t already know, I love having raw onions in my food. πŸ˜€ Sure, having crispy squid on mee goreng sounds weird (but tastes ok), yet what really blew my socks off was the inclusion of something that looked like pork lard or fried carrot cake but was actually little cubes of potato! This is one crazy fusion dish. But I’d like to say that it works. Why? Most of the time we tuck into a meal and shovel spoonful after spoonful into our mouths, without any exclamation of surprise, without having to investigate what’s in the dish, without having to ask our dining partner “Hey, is this potato?” But when tucking into this dish, all three happened.

Here’s the Harry’s menu and pricing:

Harry's Menu Price

There’s 1 for 1 lunch special from Sunday to Thursday. So if you’re looking for a place to have lunch on Sunday, you can consider Harry’s. πŸ˜‰

Harry's bar Harbourfront

Now, the food’s great. And I like that they serve complimentary water too. However, there were two wait staff when we visited and while one person was pretty good at service, the other one was horrible. I’ll just use their initials here.

YX looked like a dude from Malaysia – shy, polite, attentive. X seemed like the typical Singaporean ah beng type – loud, slightly rude, walks / talks / moves as if he owns the place.

Upon entering Harry’s, I told X we have a reservation. He asked what name it’s under.

X: Under whose name?

Me: Tan.

X: Tan, is it?

Me: Yes, Tan.

X: Tan?

Me: YES. (thinking “good grief! How many reservations do you have? The place is practically empty”)


Then we noticed that X has a (BAD) habit of removing plates before everyone at the table is done with their food. I was done with my spaghetti dish but was still waiting for my darling to finish up the burger and fries. X came over, took my plate away and as an afterthought, asked “Done?” I think I didn’t bother replying because he’d already taken the plate and cutlery away, what’s the point of asking after? And what’s with these one-word questions? Shouldn’t he have said “May I clear the dishes? How’s the food?”

Then X went over to the next table where a family of 4 was seated. Everyone except the Dad was still eating. X cleared the table, probably adding to the Dad’s stress level. And X even dropped one of the knives on the floor because he was moving about as if he hates his job. Didn’t apologise to the group for causing the clatter. And when he came back, the young man seated at the table had already retrieved the knife. So X said “Bro, you picked it up ah?”

Who’s your bro, man?


X really thinks he owns the place, I suppose. And to make matters worse, I saw him going over to YX and harassing the dude. Kind of like “Eh, you didn’t hear that knife dropping? Why you never pick it up?” And get this… PULLED YX’s EAR!

At times like these, I feel like it’d be a great idea to have lots of money (Crazy Rich Asian style) so I can make a phone call, buy Harry’s and then go over to X and tell him these three words:



National Kitchen by Violet Oon: Homely Peranakan Fare Clashes With Atas Surroundings

National Kitchen at National Gallery Singapore

Imagine sitting under a chandelier and feasting on satay, unable to grip the satay stick with bare hands (‘cos you’re eating in such an atas place) and having to use fork and spoon to get the meat off the stick instead. Quite exasperating. Thankfully National Kitchen serves such good satay that I don’t really mind the effort. But seriously, can I just ‘tabao’ the satay next time, and sit on the stairs outside the National Gallery and facing the Padang, to tuck into this deliciousness? I’ll certainly enjoy it more. πŸ˜€ Anyhow, here’s a quick review, so I know what to order if I do return again, as there are some items I’ll want to avoid because I don’t think they’re worth the price *gasp*…

Here’s one: the Ngoh Hiang ($15)Β 

National Kitchen Ngor Hiang

At first glance, I found the color unappealing. The Ngoh Hiang looks dry and tough. It’s supposed to have been seasoned with 5 spice powder, but it doesn’t taste like it. Just extraordinarily bland and boring. Return the $15, please! πŸ˜› Ok, I’m just kidding.

Satay ($15)

National Kitchen by Violet Oon

The satay dish was FABULOUS though. Meaty chunks of grilled chicken paired with a delicious spicy peanut sauce with grated pineapple on top. The color was lovely, the taste was heavenly. Almost an insult to this dish to have it priced the same as the previous Ngoh Hiang dish. Just order this one, ok? Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

National Kitchen review

The Fish Head Curry ($42) I found a little overpriced. Nothing to shout about. I’ve had better fish head curry in coffeeshops before. And really, just looking at that layer of oil on the surface nearly gave me a heart attack. But I love that there’s lots of tomatoes, eggplants and ladies finger. Yum.

The Beef Rendang ($23) was really good. SO tender. Not suitable for people who love beef rendang that offers more bite. For me, soft is good. πŸ˜€ As for the Sambal Eggplant ($12), it’s passable. Again, nothing to write home about but the price is comparable to zichar stalls so ok lah.

I really do love how there’s a choice of the kind of rice you want though. There’s Jasmine Rice ($1), Nasi Lemak Rice ($2) and Chicken Rice Rice ($3). Mantou will cost $5.

National Kitchen Violet Oon

Finally, we had the Pineapple Upside Down Cake ($12) to share. I simply love sweet desserts so this did the trick for me. So small that you get one forkful only, when sharing. So there’s satisfaction without any guilt.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake National Kitchen


Service was outstanding. Staff had no problems offering to help take photos. And there’s this Malay(?) dude who seems to be the restaurant manager and is an absolute gem. Water cups are refilled almost as soon as they are emptied. And everyone’s smiley and nice. The only thing National Kitchen could improve on in terms of service is to not lock their doors before dinner service? There was a big group of men who’d booked their private dining area and when they arrived about 5 to 10 minutes before dinner service, found themselves locked out of the place. One dude tried to pull / push both doors before giving up as they’re locked. I think he even felt a little embarrassed for the effort, as all the other guys were just watching him wrestle with the doors… in vain.

National Kitchen by Violet Oon is at level 2 of the National Gallery. πŸ™‚

Fried Chicken Master @ Nex: Why So Popular Among Young Ladies?

Fried Chicken Nex

The Fried Chicken Master outlet at Nex was filling up rapidly though we’d arrived just after the store had begun operations for the day. First an all-female group of JC students, then us, and another group of four ladies. I’ve always thought fried chicken would be more appealing to the guys. Has something changed? I’m more a fan of steamed chicken. And honestly, you don’t have to do much to have your chicken dish taste good. Just get fresh (not frozen) chicken from the supermarket (I like the ‘Kampung’ chicken from FairPrice), chop, clean and then steam it on its own. And it already tastes so good! I’d really just wanted to find out what the fuss about this Fried Chicken Master is all about.

There’s the chicken thigh you see above. Good choice of cut, I guess. Since I prefer the drumstick and thigh portions whenever I eat a chicken dish, e.g. chicken rice. I was a little concerned at how it looked so shiny with oil though.

It would actually be a good idea to provide hot tea instead of cold beverages like the roselle tea and lychee one we have here:

Fried Chicken Master Nex

I’m not a fan of roselle.

I wondered how much oil I could remove from the piece of chicken just by slapping a piece of tissue paper onto it. And here’s the result:

Fried Chicken Master review

As for the taste, I wish I can tell you it was super salty, or exceedingly spicy, but it was none of that. It’s just very crispy on the outside (obviously) and a little juicy within, with a hint of spice. I can’t even tell you what I like about it. It’s not so spicy that it’s really shiok, and it doesn’t have any unique flavoring that makes me go ‘wow’, such as if it’s kimchi-flavored chicken. It’s just rather oily, very crispy, quite ordinary chicken. But very popular.

I don’t know why.


Fried Chicken Master Nex Menu

The Buy-1-Free-1 Weekend Special seems like a good deal though. If you’ve been working out consistently the whole week, that is. πŸ˜‰ I definitely felt more than a little guilty after eating this fried chicken yesterday morning. (>_<)

Review: Dining In The Garden @ Ang Mo Kio Library

Dining in the garden ang mo kio libraryLocated within the Ang Mo Kio Library is this quaint little cafe called Dining In The Garden. I think it’s a really good place for brunch. And the fact that you can borrow books from the library and head in here for meal is a HUGE plus! Especially since we visited yesterday, when it was raining heavily outside. I believe this place is pretty deserted on weekday mornings, except during the school holidays! πŸ˜›

*Interestingly enough, the lady at the cashier yesterday appeared to be Korean. So don’t speak in Mandarin to her. πŸ˜€

As the two of us were feeling rather peckish, we ordered a third main course to share. Which turned out to be a wise decision. The All-day Breakfast ($10.90 nett) was supposed to be the ‘sharing platter’ and it was the best thing we ordered that day.

dining in the garden all day breakfast

I love that there are fries and sauteed mushrooms! The scrambled egg was creamy but lacked some seasoning. I love, too, how their baked beans came in a plastic cup instead of being dumped onto the plate itself and making the toast damp. The mayonnaise should not be on the salad greens though… ‘cos it makes me not want to eat the tomato and cucumber slices like I usually would.

dining in the garden mushroom tomato baked rice

He ordered the mushroom tomato baked rice ($8.90 nett). It was served rather charred on top but the portion was just right – there’s not too much rice. πŸ˜€ I seriously thought the mushroom nestled among the rice and cheese looked like oysters in an oyster omelette! Got me a little excited. But mushrooms are yummy too, I guess. πŸ˜‰

dining in the garden seafood marinara

The seafood marinara ($9.90 nett) tastes like something I can cook myself at home. The only difference is that they added TWO scallops, which usually isn’t found in this dish. I still think it could do with some chili padi for extra kick. Now I think chili padi should be added to most pasta dishes. I blame Pizza Hut for that – they have a Spicy Seafood Parchment dish that is AMAZING!

Here’s the menu and pricing for Dining in the Garden:

dining in the garden menu

dining in the garden prices


If you book via Eatigo (<- clickable link), the meal costs just 7 bucks per pax. Yup, there’s no GST and service charge. So it’s as affordable as if you’re dining in JB, without having to endure any traffic jams along the Causeway!

I’ll be back, for sure. πŸ˜€

Recommended: Ah Lim Mee Pok @ Simpang Bedok

ah lim mee pok

I don’t usually pop by Simpang Bedok for meals so I didn’t know what to try when we went there for dinner over the weekend. I spotted a signboard for Ah Lim Mee Pok and decided that the caricature looked cute enough, and the mee pok must be quite good to warrant such a signboard and business name. True enough, it was a more-than-decent meal. For $5, you’d get a small bowl of noodles (if you are a big eater, get the *cough cough* $16 bowl with extra noodles and ingredients). For 5 bucks, there’ll be one prawn, one fishball, one meatball and some fishcake slices. A $5 bowl of mee pok here won’t get you feeling very full, which is great because it means you can have dessert (waffles?!) after. πŸ˜€

The Pork Spare Ribs Rice ($6) was surprisingly good. Very meaty, very tasty, with a generous helping of sesame seeds on top. As for that egg, you’ve already noticed the gooey center, haven’t you? πŸ˜‰ Ask for some green chili and be mindblown. $6? Cheap!

ah lim mee pok review

They don’t serve coffee and tea after 5pm, I think. So we simply drank from our water bottles. Remember, I blogged about Lotus Thai earlier and how they told us we couldn’t drink water we’d brought? No such issue here.

Here’s the menu and pricing for Ah Lim Mee Pok:

ah lim mee pok menu

ah lim mee pok price

Such a cute signboard, no? The decor inside is really pretty too! But who cares about the decor when the food’s so good. No GST and service charge as well! Really worth a visit! πŸ˜€ I’d totally come back here again for meals.

ah lim mee pok simpang bedok


Ah Lim Mee Pok a.k.a. Thunder Fishball Mee πŸ˜€

Lotus Thai Restaurant @ Paya Lebar Square: Highly Recommended Tom Yam Soup!

lotus thai restaurant stuffed chicken wings

He’d made a reservation for lunch yesterday at Paya Lebar Square’s Lotus Thai Restaurant and right outside the restaurant, I said “Oh no, there’s nobody” and was about to suggest we eat elsewhere because I tend to think that a deserted restaurant at mealtimes would suggest that either the food is not good or it’s just way too pricey. Am I making sense to you? πŸ˜€ Since he had a craving for Thai food, I decided to go along even though I’m not sure if I’ll like this particular restaurant. Service was pleasant enough, but the wait for the food was a little long.

I’d expected the appetizers, the Stuffed Chicken Wings ($9.80++ for 3 pieces) would be served up first but they were the last item sent to our table. πŸ˜€ It’s crispy, yes, but too dry on the inside. They didn’t manage to seal in the juices before cooking the chicken. I appreciate the slicing of the chicken wings in half so it’s easier to eat. But it could also be that the chef wanted to check if it’s cooked through within. Haha! πŸ˜€ I wouldn’t order this dish again.

What I absolutely love here is the Tom Yam Seafood Soup (RED). It’s $10.80++ and tastes heavenly. A good mix of sweet, tangy and spicy. I just need this and rice and I’m happy. There are mushrooms, prawns, fish slices, sotong, etc, inside.

lotus thai restaurant paya lebar square

The dish that was served up first was the Seafood Phad Thai ($8.80++). I’d wisely avoided the chili flakes ‘cos I prefer eating the noodles in sweet sauce only. Plus, there’d be tom yam soup coming up so there’s no point setting my tongue ‘on fire’ first. He thought it’d be harmless chili flakes like those on pizza so he ate way too much and regretted later. πŸ˜€ The phad thai is decent. Nothing to shout about but decent.

lotus thai restaurant review


I think we would have walked away very satisfied with this place if not for the female cashier’s final parting shot. She said we weren’t supposed to drink from our own water bottles, even though they contained water and nothing else. We HAD TO BUY drinks from them.

I mean, it’s lousy enough if you don’t serve up complimentary water (and tissues!) but to chide your customers for bringing their own water bottles? What rubbish is this?

I think she must either be having a very depressing weekend or the business is really poor for her to resort to telling us off at the cashier’s (why not ask us to get drinks earlier?) instead of asking if we enjoyed the food and if there’s any room for improvement.

Would I be back again? I think not. Would I recommend you visit? Yes! Just tabao the seafood (red) tom yum soup and enjoy your meal at home! πŸ˜€