King Of Nests: Bird’s Nest Lovers, Get Your SG50 Promo Code Now :)

King Of Nests

If you’re a fan of bird’s nest goodies, well, you’re in luck! :) I have a special promo code for you from King Of Nests. :) Read on for their intro…


We are an online bird nests specialty store in Singapore. We deliver Gifts of Love to your loved ones and help you nourish relationships and build lasting bonds.

Gifts of Love = Family Love + Food

We believe in family love and strong bonds, healthy gourmet dishes and super food. Our online store sells only premium white house bird’s nests from Indonesia. Our dried nests and freshly cooked nests are packed in lovely packages and jars, which are delivered to your doorstep for your convenience.

We create unique bird’s nests dishes in our own kitchen for our family at meal times so that we can have a hearty meal together and bond over the dining table. This recipe for sharing love has worked for 4 generations in our family and we want to pass it on to you as well.

So here’s an SG50 Promo code for you so you can get $10 off with a minimum spending of $30: WWGSG50

*Please note the following terms and conditions for usage of the code:
– Only valid for online purchases / pre-orders at
– You must enter the coupon code at checkout.
– Coupon code is valid until 30 September 2015.
– Each individual can only use the coupon code once.
– Coupon code cannot be used in conjunction with other online voucher codes, privileges or discounts.
– King Of Nests reserves the right to amend/cancel the promotion at any time and without prior notice.
– Limited edition bird nests moon tarts on sale between 1 to 30 September 2015 at $18 per box. Pre-order starts online from 15 August 2015.


*This post is part of my 50 for SG campaign – details HERE. Business owners who donate a minimum of S$50 to the Children’s Cancer Foundation will get a feature (at no cost) on my blog. :D

First Visit to Komtar JBCC (New Mall Beside JB City Square)

Since the time I interviewed Miss Lemonade for my blog, and found out that she goes on overseas “beauty trips” with her blog readers, I’ve wondered when it would be my turn to go on a trip with a blog reader too. :D And my wish was granted today! I’ll not name the person, and I’ll show you only what we ate. Ha! Still, I count it a real blessing that I had this #AchievementUnlocked moment today. I love finding out why people do what they do. And this reader is particularly intriguing – being voluntarily unemployed for the past two years, and enjoying each day, while heading to JB on a rather frequent basis for food and movies.

If you’re working hard and earning as much money as you can, so that you can have a leisurely life in future (like what those “financial freedom” gurus preach), you should really meet this blog reader of mine, who is already leading a simple and leisurely life right now. I’m wondering if we can strike a balance of sorts – work hard for the future while enjoying the present to the fullest. This person is living at one extreme end – no job, no stress, few(?) worries but will probably be bombarded with questions like “when are you going to look for a job?” every week. :D

Anyway, we had lunch at Azuma Japanese Restaurant (2nd floor, Komtar JBCC). I had this teriyaki salmon and fried oyster set:

Azuma Japanese Restaurant Komtar JBCC

The portions are really small, so don’t mind me, I won’t be heading back anytime soon. The staff were really polite though, and the food tastes ok. But just two oysters?!

We then went shopping at City Square before heading back for an early dinner at Fat Burger at Level 3 of Komtar JBCC. It was a really slow business day for them, and even for KFC next door. While City Square was buzzing with people, Komtar JBCC had few shoppers, and even fewer diners. So if you’re looking for a mall for a quiet date night/day, head to Komtar JBCC. I found the mall really cold though. The fiancé suggested that it might be because the air-con’s new! :D

Fat Burger Komtar JBCC

The Mushroom Plate:

Fat Burger Komtar JBCC

A fried egg on some rice, a patty with mushroom sauce, some lettuce and potato crisps. Kind of like Saizeriya, but not as yummy.

My blog reader pal ordered the Fat Burger (single) – there’s single, double, triple, quad. The presentation doesn’t look appetizing but the verdict of “better than average” meant that looks are probably deceiving. The fat fries though were pretty amazing. Pardon me… I’ll be heading back just for the fries. :D

Fat Burger Komtar JBCC

The fiancé had the Ranch Chicken Sandwich, which came with substantially fewer fries. Presentation is, once again, rather off-putting, like the burger was vomiting and its innards were spilling out. The taste was, however, not too bad.

Fat Burger Komtar JBCC

My favorite (fast food) fries in Singapore and Japan are those from MOS Burger. But now, my favorite in JB has to be these (unsalted) fat fries from Fat Burger. Really sinful though. Please go for a run after eating in JB. I sure did.

Perhaps in future I’ll be going on more trips with readers and to further places. *fingers crossed* :)

Gion Dining Japanese Cuisine at Royal Plaza on Scotts

When I was told that we were going for an 11-course Japanese dinner at Royal Plaza on Scotts, home to the famous buffet restaurant Carousel, I was skeptical about how the meal for 2 cost only S$48. You see, I’m not the biggest fan of Groupon deals because the low prices can sometimes translate into not-so-good customer service or food quality.

However, Gion did not disappoint. I love the sashimi, the silky smooth chawanmushi (you have gotta try it!) and the chicken katsu which is UNBELIEVABLY tender and juicy! I’m a big fan of Japanese cuisine, and I have to say I’m impressed by Gion Dining. I don’t know what are the usual prices they charge, but the Groupon deals are definitely value-for-money.

The sashimi – YUMZ. And I like how they piped out the wasabi :D

Gion Dining

The salad was good (even the dressing!). I liked the potato salad. But the best part has to be the chawanmushi. It looks unassuming but it is so silky smooth, like no chawanmushi I have ever eaten before. Thumbs up!

Gion Dining

The sushi was good though I didn’t like the fish as much because there were so many bones!

Gion Dining

Prawn tempura – nothing to shout about. However, the chicken katsu is amazeballs! It’s really good! You have to try it! :D

Gion Dining

I’m not a fan of cold noodles… so I didn’t eat much of these:

Gion Dining

Fruits to end the meal. No ice cream but it is ok.

Gion Dining

And that sums up our 11-course meal for two. :) There is a lunch deal too so you can head over to Groupon if you want to purchase the S$9.90 deal.

Groupon Gion Dining

Just go to Groupon’s website and seach for ‘Gion’. (I’m not sure when this deal’s gonna end)

I also received a Gion Dining ‘Fidelity Card’ after the meal. With the card, I can get 30% discount off set meals and 50% discount off à la carte items. Yup, I’ll be back again soon.

Gion Dining


25 Scotts Road, #02-01

OREO Launches A New Flavor: Coconut Delight

OREO Coconut Delight

[This is not an ad. I wasn’t even sent one sponsored Oreo cookie. :P] I’m just intrigued by what the Coconut Delight Oreo would taste like. Hmm. One of my favorite childhood snacks, the Oreo is a yummy treat whether eaten on its own or dunked into milk… or as guilty schoolchildren will tell you, the Oreo Twist-Lick-Dunk is the best. :D

OREO Coconut Delight

According to the press release sent to me, the 137g pack costs S$1.59 and the 264.6g Multipack costs S$1.95. Honestly, I don’t know how they do the math, but I’m glad the snack is kept affordably priced. :)

But what I am really craving for right now is some Tim Tams :D

Tim Tam

[Pic source:]

When I was in Melbourne some years ago, my pals Calvin and Mark taught me how to eat tim tams. Apparently, you bite off the ends of a tim tam (diagonally opposite each other) and use the now-bitten tim tam as a straw in warm milk. Then you eat the tim tam, whose center would have gotten all warm, melty and mushy from the milk. Entirely delectable, I tell you!

I don’t have the Coconut Delight Oreos at home, and neither do I have tim tams within reach. :D I DO have Haagen-Dazs’ ice cream though. Bought 3 pints this week ‘cos they are on offer at Sheng Siong till end of the month. The usual price is S$14.50 EACH, but they’re now going for S$28.50 for THREE. Impossible to resist. And I do love the green tea flavor. :)

Haagen Dazs

Sweet weekend, folks!~

Coffee Nowhere – The Food Is Good Too!

Coffee Nowhere

Earlier this month, I was invited to a food tasting and coffee appreciation session at Coffee Nowhere at West Coast Plaza (#B1-06/07). Coffee Nowhere (pronounced “Coffee Now Here”) serves specialty coffee which is surprisingly good, and should come with a warning that you’ll probably not like your kopitiam coffee as much after trying theirs.

*I like how they have kids’ high chairs stacked near the entrance; it serves as a “Welcome” sign to parents with children. ;)

One fellow blogger, Steven, brought three children and they sure had fun. You’ll see a picture of one of his daughters (super cute!) later in this blogpost.

Also, check out the pictures Coffee Nowhere fans took and posted on Instagram:

Coffee Nowhere

Interesting coffee art! :)

Us bloggers had the privilege of learning about coffee appreciation from one of the few Q graders in Singapore, Mr Ian Consulta. If you pop by, head to the Brew Bar where lessons will be conducted. :)

Coffee Nowhere

But here’s a quick guide if you don’t know what the terms “Syphon”, “Aeropress”, “French Press” and “Pour Over” mean in relation to cofffee…

Coffee Nowhere

Go ahead and try one of each if you want to find your favorite. :) As for me, I like the aromatic coffee brewed using the Syphon method.

What I believe makes Coffee Nowhere stand out from the crowd of ‘coffee places’ is the quality of the food they serve. After all, it is most troublesome to have a cuppa at a cafe, then up and leave for food elsewhere. At Coffee Nowhere, just sink into a comfortable seat and enjoy the brew and the food.

Here are my favorite items from their menu:

Cheesy Fries (S$8.80) – This is one guilty indulgence. A tad pricey, but worth the calories. :D

Coffee Nowhere

Pizza Nowhere (S$19.80) – First time I’m seeing lychee on pizza! Together with smoked duck, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese and their homemade tomato sauce, this is one yummy pizza.

Coffee Nowhere

Wild Mushroom Pizza (S$16.80) – I’m a fan of mushrooms so I love this pizza too. The crust is so thin that yes, 2 people can probably finish eating this pizza together.

Coffee Nowhere

Burger Nowhere (S$14.80) – If you’re ordering this, my advice is “Don’t Share!” as you’ll want to eat the whole burger on your own. The beef patty is juicy and tender, and I love the fries too! :D And yes, 8 of us shared 2 of these burgers, and now have to return for more.

Coffee Nowhere

Chili Crab Spaghetti (S$14.80) – We ordered two plates of this yummy spaghetti and somehow it still wasn’t enough. I think their homemade sauce does the trick, though I haven’t discovered the secret behind the sauce.

Coffee Nowhere

As for dessert, oh boy, it was divine. The reason I ordered the Granny Smith Apple Cheesecake was ‘cos I’ve never eaten such a cheesecake before. Why Granny Smith Apples? I don’t know. But the cake is absolutely delicious. And the chocolate-y drawing is too cute…

Coffee Nowhere

The brownie with ice cream tastes as good as it looks:

Coffee Nowhere

And there’s the little girl posting for pictures. Steven is so lucky to have adorable kids like this little angel.

Coffee Nowhere

I skipped the waffles as I was feeling too full by then but I was told that the waffles are pretty decent. And at a promotional price of S$9.90, it’s affordable too.

Coffee Nowhere

The next time I pop by West Coast Plaza, I’m heading back into Coffee Nowhere for a burger and coffee. Plus that yummy cheesecake! :)

154 West Coast Rd #B1-06/07

Watami Japanese Restaurant: Looks Atas, Actually Quite Affordable

Watami Japanese Restaurant

This is not an advertorial, and I have never been sponsored meals here before. :D I just think it’s a fab restaurant because it looks so atas, and yet offers its members pretty good deals. I only got to know about Watami early this year when my trainers and I went to Ion for a late lunch and we just randomly picked Watami. The Ion outlet looks quite posh (from the outside at least), and I would ordinarily not pop in if I’m dining alone and visiting it for the first time.

However, on my second visit, I noticed that it has a really awesome membership program. Pay S$30 to sign up and you will get 2 x S$30 vouchers to use to offset your bill at your next 2 visits. Any other restaurant would have a minimum spending requirement before you can use the voucher, but Watami doesn’t! It’s so awesome that I’m telling all my friends to sign up!

And the food’s decent too. I like the beef don, which I’ve ordered many times already.

Watami Japanese Restaurant

This post shows some of the food my bf and I ordered when we were at Watami’s City Sq Mall outlet last week. We went to that mall to collect our race packs for an upcoming run, and so we had dinner at Watami. :D I was so happy when I spotted their banner that said members get a free platter of salmon sashimi (the usual price is S$11 or so, if I remember correctly) if the bill comes up to S$30. I’m a huge fan of salmon sashimi though I really shouldn’t eat so much raw fish, what with that bacteria and all. We were also allowed to use one of our membership vouchers of S$30 (thumbs up for this company) and still get the free salmon sashimi.

He ordered a Zen Udon Nabe set (S$26) while I had the Udon-suki (S$19.80), and there was also an OCBC promotion!

Watami Japanese Restaurant

Total of 15% discount! We ended up paying just S$15.80 for our meal. Shiok!

If you have a craving for Japanese food, do pop by Watami. And make sure you sign up for their membership program, while those freebie vouchers last. It really seems too good to be true and yet I’ve already used up my 2 vouchers! Got my bf to sign up, and received 2 more. Hehe!

Top 5 Highlights of Watsons’ Girls Day Out PLUS A GIVEAWAY

On Monday evening, I attended Watsons’ Girls Day Out upon their kind invitation. The event was held at Serangoon NEX and let’s just say I didn’t go home empty-handed. The goodie bag I was given probably weighed more than 8kg, and like one of my Facebook fans noted from a picture I posted, it seemed to have one of everything from the Watsons catalogue, though that’s definitely an exaggeration. :)

Here are the top 5 highlights of Monday’s event. It’s probably one of the best events I’ve attended this year – lots of fun plus fantastic prizes:

1) Game Booths and Watsons prizes

Treats by Watsons

The bloggers were all divided into groups, and each group leader decided which booth we would visit first.

For my group of 3 bloggers, the leader brought us to the ‘game booths’, which required some interaction and involved some prizes. Himalaya Herbals gave us a small gift bag for visiting their booth while the next booth (I think it was Pure Beauty’s) had us participate in a ‘matching’ game – to match the product ingredients with their stated benefits. That was fun!

And after that, divinia’s sales reps had us net as many plastic globes as possible in just one scoop from a big glass tank. If a plastic globe contained one of their product ingredients, e.g Ceramide, Olive Extract or Double Hyaluronic Acid, it’d be counted as 1 point. The blogger with the most points wins.

And for our efforts, we won things like the ‘Treats by Watsons’ gummy bears and gummy fizzy letters, and Watsons mini hankies you see above. I’m keeping the hankies and giving the sweets to my gummy-loving pal.

It was a really good start to the whole event. Though it ended past 10pm, and our feet were sore, everyone agreed it was most enjoyable. :)

2) L’oreal Revitalift Magic Blur and an Instagram post for a S$50 Zalora gift card

Loreal Revitalift Magic Blur

The brand which wow-ed us most with their generosity was L’oreal. All we had to do was post a picture on Instagram about the L’oreal Revitalift Magic Blur product, and we’d get a Zalora $50 gift card instantly. That’s probably the easiest $50 I’ve ever earned!

This product “instantly blurs the look of pores, lines and imperfections” and retails at S$41.90 (50ml).

I’ll be reviewing this product soon. Because the gift bag is filled with so many goodies, I just didn’t know which product to start reviewing first. :D

3) Kinohitmitsu EyeBright and JointPro360

Kinohimitsu EyeBright and JointPro360

Kinohimitsu was yet another generous brand. When we visited their booth, we were given a bag with the two products you see above – EyeBright and JointPro360. We were also given a sachet of EyeBright to try on the spot. I would have thought that the ‘powder’ had to be mixed with water before consumption, but I was told to just eat it like I would a sweet.  It tastes quite good too. And don’t hold your breath for a giveaway of these products; I definitely need EyeBright as my eyes are always tired from working on my laptop for too many hours every single day. Ha! And the JointPro360 goes to the future MIL. XD

EyeBright is retailing at S$59.90 (Introductory Offer right now: S$55.90)

JointPro360 is retailing at S$69.90 (Introductory Offer right now: S$65.90)

In the bottom right hand corner of the picture is a tiny bottle of bird’s nest from a brand I shall not name. We were given only this tiny 30ml bottle – how to review? It’s not even a mouthful, in my opinion. :D And *ahem* it costs S$95 for 6 small bottles in stores. Honestly, I don’t think it’s worth the price lah but you can check it out at Watsons and tell me what you think.

4) Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain and PhotoReady Airbrush Effect

Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain and PhotoReady Airbrush Effect

At the Revlon booth, we were introduced to the Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain by means of a powerpoint presentation. We were also given snacks and an aloe vera drink. THEN… we were tested on whether we had paid attention to the presentation. LOL!

I’ve forgotten what the question was, but the answer was Aloe Vera and Vitamin E… and I won the gift set you see above (sans the lipstick, which came in the goodie bag). The set of Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Effect in the shades Ivory and Natural Ochre are encased in that camera-lookalike box. It is not for sale, but you can win it in my giveaway at the end of this blogpost! :D

*These new lipsticks provide immediate lip hydration and are available in 8 shades (S$20.90 each).

*PhotoReady Airbrush Effect is available in 5 shades and retails at S$30.90.

5) Watsons eStore and S$100 Shopping Cart Challenge

Watsons Sally Hansen and Revlon ColorStay Eyebrow Liner

Watsons has once again proven that they understand the needs of their customers best. They know that crowded stores, long queues (!!!) and heavy shopping bags are some of our frustrations so the Watsons eStore has been set up! Woohoo!

The eStore will have the products sold in stores, and also some exclusive ones which are too bulky and typically not sold in physical stores. What are these? Head to to find out. Register and place an order, and you’ll also get a surprise gift throughout the month of March because it’s Watsons’ 27th anniversary! *You can pick up your purchase from selected ‘Click & Collect’ stores or get it delivered for free (min. $80 spending).

I won the items you see above because we were given tablets and told to select as many items as we want in under a minute, within a S$100 budget. The blogger whose shopping cart bill came closest to S$100 wins everything in his/her cart. And I won! My ‘bill’ was S$98.10 and I honestly don’t know how I did it. I simply picked some Sally Hansen items I have been wanting to buy and a Revlon ColorStay Eyebrow Liner. I have fast fingers?! :)


WIN the set of Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Effect Makeup OR the Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain lipstick:

Step 1: ‘Like’ my Revlon giveaway on Facebook

Step 2: ‘Share’ my Revlon giveaway on Facebook

Step 3: Comment on THIS blogpost and tell me which item you want to win: PhotoReady OR Lipstick :D

It’s that simple. Giveaway ends 18 March 23:59hrs and is only for residents of Singapore.

The Patissier’s Passionfruit Meringue (My Pre-Workout Snack)


Bought 2 slices of this Passionfruit Meringue (S$8.03 each) from The Patissier at 4 Mohd Sultan Rd (Tel:67373369), near my gym. It’s my pre-workout snack for today. Lol. *And no, don’t try this if you are battling a weight issue. Get something less sweet.

For some reason, it’s my trainer’s favorite cake shop. (@_@)

I like the meringue… crisp, chewy, tangy from the passionfruit and altogether, delightful. Because meringues are so sweet, it’s good to have the passionfruit ‘counter’ it.

The Patissier has another outlet at 18 Ann Siang Rd #01-01 (Tel: 62205565). You can check it out if you’d like. I’ve never been to that branch before.

I’ll likely update this post in future with other purchases from The Patissier. There are a few other pretty creations I wanna try. Oops. :)

And yes, despite the family history of Diabetes… eat first, talk later lah.

Sonny And The Giant Tomatoes (My First Attempt At A Kid’s Story, Ok)

So, it’s Monday and I have some Cocktail Truss Tomatoes still sitting in the fridge for about a week now. And I felt like I had to do something with them before they started rotting. I thought they were simply giant-sized cherry tomatoes, but a Google search found that…

“Truss” refers to the fact that these tomatoes are ripened on the vine (as opposed to being picked unripe and then left to ripen actually off the vine) which maximizes their flavour. They are then picked still attached to their stem. Also, the tomatoes at the top of the vine, the truss, ripen the first. If baking, pierce the skin to avoid the tomatoes exploding. Keep them out, in a bowl, at room temperature; don’t keep them in the fridge – the cold spoils their flavour.

Oops. Didn’t know they should be kept at room temperature. Oh well.

Anyway, I came up with a quick 5-picture story, or comic strip if you’d like, about my Sonny Angels and the tomatoes, hence the title ‘Sonny And The Giant Tomatoes’. :D

Sonny And The Giant Tomatoes

Sonny And The Giant Tomatoes

Sonny And The Giant Tomatoes

Sonny And The Giant Tomatoes

Sonny And The Giant Tomatoes

Ok, I have no idea what they were doing in the last bit. :D Kinda like what people do at the fountain of wealth, I guess. Just going round in circles.

And if you are a parent, feel free to share this story with your kid and ask:

1) Is the tomato a fruit or a vegetable? *wink*

2) If you find something strange on the ground, and you think it might be food, should you pick it up and eat it?

3) If you find a lot of yummy food, should you eat it yourself or share it with your friends?

(In case you are wondering what those toys are, and where to get them, check out my blogpost about Sonny Angel HERE)

I’m A Fan: Dancing Crab and Wai Wai Instant Rice Vermicelli (Crab Flavour)

Dancing Crab Singapore

I love crab. And I’m a huge fan of Dancing Crab. Thanks to my student and pal, Steven Lek, who first brought me to Dancing Crab, I am now hooked on their Cajun-style crabs. Earlier this week, the bf and I gave Steven and his family a Dancing Crab treat. We also had their interesting Dancing Yu Sheng (S$48++ for 4 pax).

Instead of chopsticks, use your (gloved hands) and HUAT AH:

Dancing Crab Singapore

I initially had my reservations about the Dancing Yu Sheng. Sure, it’s a novelty but I really don’t like smoked salmon. Give me fresh salmon slices any day. However, the smoked salmon is not as salty as those served elsewhere and the fried salmon skins were awesome! I really did enjoy this Dancing Yu Sheng. Yes, it is non-traditional. But what do you expect? When you dine at Dancing Crab, you don’t use cutlery, you eat using your hands, so don’t be an old fogey and just toss your yu sheng as the patrons here do. :P

We also ordered the Combo Bag 1 (S$88) with an extra crab (S$65) in the first picture you see above. Plus my favorite Crab Cakes (S$18.50) and Steven’s Cornbread (S$5). Including drinks, the bill came up to S$282.50 after tax and service charge. That’s S$56.50 per person. And we also agreed that it’s way more value than Blue Lotus – totally not going back there.

If you don’t already know, Blue Lotus is located at Sentosa Cove. Steven Lek brought me there previously. In terms of service and how welcome guests are made to feel, Blue Lotus pales in comparison despite the obviously way-higher prices.

After our dinner at Dancing Crab, their staff Wai Linn (who always greets us cheerily and makes us feel welcome on EVERY visit, plus we even have his mobile number for making reservations) came over and offered us coffee. Only my bf and Steven ordered coffee… which to my utter surprise, was “on the house”!!! When my bf told me the post-dinner drinks were on the house, probably ‘cos we are regular customers, I told him “No lah, where got such thing? Want to bet or not?”

I lost the bet. The coffee was INDEED on the house. Compare this with my last Blue Lotus visit…

Previously, Steven brought me to Blue Lotus (our 2nd visit, I think it was) and he brought a voucher along with him. He had been given that voucher on an earlier visit and he was looking forward to utilizing it. Unfortunately, he did not read the fine print that it was only valid for certain days and timing. (@_@) And even though BOTH THE BOSS AND LADY BOSS were there, and they appeared so friendly towards Steven, they did not want to honor the voucher.

And when the Boss came to bid us farewell because he was going to drive some guests to buy cigarettes, he proudly told us that he always ‘goes the extra mile’. I wanted to vomit. I could not help but ask if he indeed goes the extra mile, he would not disappoint an old customer like Steven who constantly brings new friends and introduces them to Blue Lotus. Alas, the Boss did not budge. #sohorrible #notgoingbackever

In Chinese, we would term what Blue Lotus did as ‘不会做人’. Dancing Crab has done really well in giving their staff the ‘authority’ to reward regular customers with certain perks that are not stated or published anywhere. Meanwhile, the Blue Lotus boss cannot even authorize a discount (for a regular customer) that they would have given on any other day. *rolls eyes* #comeiclapforyou


Moral of the story: If you are going to Sentosa Cove, you know where not to eat. And if you are a crab lover like me, go to Dancing Crab. ;)

Dancing Crab Add: 200 Turf Club Road, Turf City, #01-20/21/22, Singapore 287994

Tel: 64663303


Now… if you can’t be bothered with paying for a pricey crab meal, you can also try the Wai Wai Instant Rice Vermicelli (Crab Flavour). It costs just S$1.75 at NTUC. I bought one pack on Friday as I noticed there were only 2 packs left on the shelve, as if it’s really popular. So, I had to get one pack to try. (*I KNOW it’s junk food with too much MSG, so I don’t eat instant noodles very often either)

Wai Wai Instant Rice Vermicelli Crab Flavour

Takes just 3 minutes to prepare… but of course, I had to add other ingredients…

 Wai Wai Instant Rice Vermicelli Crab Flavour

Tah-dah! My pot of yummy vermicelli:

Wai Wai Instant Rice Vermicelli Crab Flavour

I added chicken, prawns, egg, tofu, mushrooms, chili padi, asparagus, broccoli and chye sim.

And though I had used 2 packets of vermicelli, I added only the seasoning and chili powder for 1 packet. :D

Still, it was a potent mix. This is very, very spicy. But so yummy! :D

Once again, I don’t advocate the consumption of instant noodles. It’s just an occasional indulgence. And when you do eat instant noodles, be sure to add in other ingredients to make it a more balanced meal, ya? *wink*