Auguste Escoffier Gala Dinner 2018

Auguste Escoffier Gala Dinner 2018

I attended a most unusual gala dinner yesterday evening; one that involved 8 chefs (and more) plating the food in front of everyone in the ballroom at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, got to find out a little bit more about ‘Auguste Escoffier’ and Disciples Escoffier Asia (mountain tortoise me did not even know this prestigious association existed), had the privilege of sampling some really delicious dishes, and also got to witness the CEO of e2i, Mr Gilbert Tan, get inducted as an honorary member of Disciples Escoffier in a way that resembles knighting but there’s no sword involved, just an oar (paddle?) – 3 taps on the shoulders and then a WHACK! on the left arm. *ouch* πŸ˜€

There’s Gilbert in the green sash. In his shoes, I won’t be laughing. Big angmoh with a ‘weapon’ in hand coming towards me? I just know it’s not gonna end well. πŸ˜€ #blueblack

honorary member Auguste Escoffier

e2i's Gilbert Tan honorary member of Auguste Escoffier

Then there was the MOU signing ceremony for Republic Polytechnic, e2i and Escoffier. I’m looking forward to Chef Neo Jun Hao making Singapore proud in March 2019 when he represents our country in Bordeaux for the Young Talents Escoffier world finals.

The 24-year-old chef will be training in Hong Kong for a month in preparation, and this is made possible with the support from e2i and Colin’s.

MOU signing with Auguste Escoffier


There were 6 courses yesterday evening and I liked the first 3 the most. So here’s a shoutout to Chef Edward Voon and Chef Yew Eng Tong from LEPAN, Hong Kong. ‘Les Textures de Champignons’ was amazing! Colin’s Chef Koh Han Jie and Chef Neo Jun Hao also put together a truly delectable ‘Citrus Glazed King Salmon’ which was also a visual feast. Chef Herve Frerard from Ginett also did justice to the barramundi which was cooked to perfection. As I was eating the two fish dishes, one thought came to mind: “The fish didn’t die in vain”. πŸ˜€

Ice Edge Cafe: One Of The BEST In Kovan / Hougang Area

ice edge cafe pasta

It was drizzling a little yesterday in the Kovan area when we made our way to Simon Plaza where Ice Edge Cafe is located. Just a short walk from the Kovan MRT station. I wasn’t expecting much, to be honest. How good can the food be if I’ve never even heard of this place before despite staying nearby in Punggol for more than a decade? Well, that’s why people say there are “hidden gems”. Ice Edge Cafe was just a gem waiting to be discovered by us oblivious folk. Of course, no place is perfect, but here’s what was outstanding…

ice edge cafe pizza

The Pizza Prawn Mentaiko ($18.80) was delicious. Super thin crust pizza that even girlfriends on a diet will be able to enjoy. There’s mentaiko under the toppings and drizzled around the edge, and apparently some Japanese mayonnaise which if you don’t already know, is the secret sauce which makes so many Japanese food items so yummy.

And of course, there’s the Tom Yam Seafood Linguine (also $18.80) which you saw in the first picture above. SO GOOD! Gosh, I can eat this every single day, really!

As for the gelato, I tried their chocolate flavors and even the lychee martini and found that my favorite was their Brownie Chocolate gelato. πŸ™‚ There’s Mao Shan Wang and all, which you can try when you visit.

ice edge cafe gelato

This was exactly how the gelato looked when it was served to us. Kind of a dripping mess. But because it tasted ok (see how important sampling is?), all was forgiven. πŸ˜€

ice edge cafe kovan

Gelato: Brownie Chocolate (my pick), Rum n Raisin (his pick)


I really liked their staff, Angie. I think she’s Filipino based on the accent. But I might be wrong. She’s so very polite and when you smile at her, she gives you the most brilliant smile back.

There was this other taller lady who had the “you owe me money” face. When I wanted to sample the gelato before deciding on a flavor for my brownie, she just handed over the sampling spoon with the most icy of attitudes. After the second flavor, she simply WALKED OFF without a word! No “Miss, would you like to try anything else?” or “How does that taste?” She simply… WALKED AWAY. My goodness. If not for Angie’s awesome service attitude, I’d have asked Ice Edge Cafe for a refund of the service charge. Gosh. Can the boss please review the CCTV footage and find out who I’m referring to? πŸ˜›

ice edge cafe lunch menu

There’s a 1-for-1 promotion when you drop by for lunch. I’d try their Seafood Spaghetti and Oven Baked Salmon. Haha! I’ve already decided what I want to eat when I next pop by (for lunch). πŸ˜€

Also, I think what’s really lovely is that there’s this water dispenser where you can help yourself to free water refills. SO MANY restaurants and cafes don’t have this, and others even want to CHARGE you for plain water. In Japan, just about every place provided a full jug of water for each table. So we didn’t even have to order any sweet beverages. I’d totally wean myself off sweetened drinks if I had stayed there any longer.

ice edge cafe singapore

Go check out Ice Edge Cafe! πŸ˜€


2 Kovan Road, #01-10 Simon Plaza, S548008

Tel:Β 6858 5729

Day 6 in Okinawa: Kouri Shrimp, Okinawa Fruits Land, Neo Park, Mazemen Mahoroba

Kouri shrimp food wagon okinawa

From Hotel Koza to Kouri Island, where the Kouri Shrimp food wagon is located, we took the expressway and paid the toll of 720yen. Traveling so much also meant needing to refuel. Petrol at JASS was relatively cheaper this time at 133yen per litre. At the airport on our way back to Singapore, there were state-sponsored surveys happening – apparently there are plans for a railway line to connect Naha in the south and Nago up north, and they were interested in what travelers thought and if they would use it. I told them it made more sense to drive because I was just buying way too many things and lugging them onto the train would be too troublesome. πŸ˜€

A pretty scenic drive…

Kouri Shrimp is so popular that it is already crowded from the moment it opens for business at 11am (*do note that it is closed on Thursdays).

The most unusual thing about this place has to be that the toilet is ‘hidden’ behind an unmarked white door.

Kouri Shrimp Okinawa

You order the food and pay at the food wagon, and return to collect your food there too. The wait is about 15 to 20 minutes though it feels much longer when the weather’s so hot.

I’d already done my research and knew exactly what I wanted. The beef is a steal at just 500yen! We decided to eat in the car instead of at the 2nd floor deck behind Kouri Shrimp ‘cos the weather was just unbearably hot.

Thankfully, the beach is close by so people can cool off in the waters.

I think the shrimp would be much more delicious without the shells but I was too lazy to peel them. Hot weather, remember? D:

Okinawa Fruits Land

This place is really kid-friendly. Go on a quest to try and free a king supposedly captured by fairies. Answer questions and collect stamps along the way…

Blue seal ice cream okinawa

And of course, I had to have Blue Seal Ice Cream again. The pineapple sorbet flavor is really good. The milk tea one so-so.

Then it’s off to Neo Park but before that, we popped by the Seria store that is near to Neo Park. It’s the only 100yen shop I’ve been to in Okinawa that allows the use of credit cards!

Neo Park

Neo Park can be described as being really “open concept” as you can go right up close to the animals here. Very kid and family friendly!

Why, hello there, little piggy!

It was soon time to return the rented car to Orix. There is an ENEOS petrol station just next door! So you can top up the petrol tank before returning the car. Orix also provides a free shuttle service to Naha airport – we alighted at the domestic terminal. Found a locker rental service for baggage storage then took the monorail to Makishi station where Kokusai Dori is. Around 15mins was all it took and cost just 300yen.

We didn’t quite know what to eat for dinner because we were spoiled for choice along Kokusai Dori! Then I recalled that we didn’t eat at Mazemen Mahoroba after visiting Makishi Market as it’s closed on Tuesdays so off to MM we went…

Mazemen Mahoroba

Mazemen mahoroba

Mazemen mahoroba is located in a dark alley. But isn’t that where good hole-in-the-wall eateries are? πŸ˜‰ Just trust Google Maps to get you there. Thankfully we had our wifi device from Native!

Keep to the main road then turn in to a small, dark alley and walk till you see a white vertical signboard a few metres ahead and it’ll be Mazemen Mahoroba.

Spicy Taiwanese Stir Noodles πŸ˜€

Stir Noodles with Charred Cheese – can be jelat after a while. Go with the spicy Taiwanese stir noodles instead…

*Free Oimeshi: you can ask for some rice to “finish up the left over sauce in your bowl”.

Kokusai Dori at night:

The coolest thing has to be seeing the folks dressed up as Super Mario characters driving go-karts around Kokusai Dori!

I love the surprises around every corner. If we don’t return to Okinawa, at least we’ll have all these memories flooding back from reading my blogposts again. πŸ˜€ Blogging on the go is tedious but so necessary.

Singapore Merlion Chocolates from Daiso

Singapore Merlion Chocolate from Daiso

I’ve been on the lookout for a nice souvenir to hand out to people I meet during my travels. Since they won’t be friends, and are essentially ‘strangers’, the gift won’t be too expensive, and it shouldn’t be too bulky or perishable either (e.g. Bengawan Solo’s pandan cakes). When I saw that Daiso was stocking these Singapore Merlion Chocolates (made in Malaysia, by the way), I thought they might be a great gift. πŸ™‚ In another blogpost, perhaps, I’ll share with you why I think it is a good idea to bring small presents from Singapore when you’re traveling overseas. πŸ˜‰ For now, it’s just a quick taste test of these Merlion chocolates.

I had my fussier (not necessarily ‘better’) half pick the box of chocolates to try first, and he went with the Dark Chocolate. Totally not what I would have chosen, by the way. πŸ˜€

Singapore Merlion Chocolate review

I think guys prefer dark chocolate? I’m more of a milk chocolate fan. And I do especially love chocolates with raisins in them. So, interestingly enough, I like Cadbury’s OLD GOLD Dark Chocolate with Old Jamaica Rum ‘N’ Raisin. πŸ˜€

These Daiso chocolates aren’t quite the gold standard when it comes to chocolates, obviously. I thought they lacked oomph, any real depth of flavor, and are your typical ‘merlion chocolates’. And at 50cents a piece, they are pretty expensive!

*When I’ve tried the Bittersweet and Milk chocolates, I’ll update this post. πŸ™‚


If you know of any brand of merlion chocolates that actually taste pretty decent, please send me an email. Thank you in advance!

Carousel Buffet: Why We Picked High Tea Instead Of Lunch Or Dinner

carousel buffet review

Had a really lovely treat from the pal I helped craft an email for recently. If you recall reading my blogpost about how you should not buy insurance to support a “friend”, yup, I helped that pal who’d bought insurance to support a friend to craft an email to send to his (new) insurance company to challenge their rejection of his claim (some 500 SGD or so) and also reverse their decision to exclude his medical condition from his policy and thus any future claims as well (I’m not sure how much that is ‘worth’ but I suppose it’s a lot more than $500). Since he wanted to treat me to makan, I decided that dieting can wait. πŸ˜€ Also, I’m actually kind of surprised that my *ahem* email worked so well. No banging of tables needed. And, if you haven’t already guessed by now, we had high tea at Carousel. Yes! That award-winning buffet place I’ve always been a fan of.

Usually we go for either lunch or dinner. But since there was also high tea on Fave, why not, right? I figured there will be fewer diners, so you don’t have to queue really long just to get your seafood on ice or some of that ever-popular sashimi. Also, the price is really affordable, and the spread is just about the same. For 3 pax, the bill came up to just over $144.

carousel buffet singapore

The prawns and sashimi were really good. So fresh, so delicious! I’m not a big fan of their lobster claws – I found the lobster flesh tough and rubbery. I didn’t take any of their mussels and clams, though I wish there were oysters!

As for the cooked food, I thought the vegetarian bee hoon was really awesome. And of course I had ngoh hiang with it too! πŸ˜€ The roasted meats were good as well. There was Singaporean Chili Crab which didn’t taste very Singaporean and the crab was not a mud crab but a flower crab. The mantou was a disappointment because it’s not warm and fluffy. It’s dense and tough like frozen mantou tossed into a deep fryer. (May I suggest that the restaurant make fresh mantou in-house? :D)

As usual, the dessert is fantastic. Chocolate fondue, check! Chocolate lava pudding, check! Waffle with vanilla ice cream, CHECK!

carousel buffet high tea

My pal, being the sweet fella that he is, also sprang a surprise on us. Towards the end of our meal, he got the Carousel staff to serve us each a slice of birthday cake. With candles too! My goodness! Thankfully they didn’t sing us the birthday song! ‘Cos by right, our birthdays are in October and it’s still September now. But bless their kind souls.

carousel buffet birthday cake


I think that besides good food, what makes Carousel such a lovely place to dine at is their staff. They are ridiculously pleasant. I’d like to make special mention of:

  1. Adrian. I wanted to get more of that chocolate lava pudding and was quite sad to see the entire huge dish of the pudding already scraped clean by other diners. As it was towards the end of the high tea service, I wasn’t sure if the staff would agree to bring out a new dish of the chocolate lava pudding from the kitchen. And lo and behold, Adrian walks out of the kitchen, and I was a little apprehensive but he was all smiles and very quickly got me what I wanted. THANKS!
  2. Siti. My pal wanted to get the wifi password and so he asked Siti, who was laying out the cutlery for a table nearby in preparation for dinner service. She went straight to the counter in front and got the password printed out on a slip of paper and handed it over to my pal. Once again, there was not a hint of annoyance. Wow.

If you’d like to enjoy a buffet in Singapore and be assured of good food and great service, there’s no other place like Carousel. πŸ™‚ And please have another serving of that chocolate lava pudding on my behalf! πŸ˜€

Big Fish Small Fish: $1 For 2nd ‘Dory & Crisps’ Promotion

Big Fish Small Fish Punggol

If you don’t already know, Big Fish Small Fish has an ongoing promotion offering you a second serving of Dory Fish & Crisps for just S$1. I’m a bit perplexed as to why the promotion is held over 4 days, from Friday to Monday. Shouldn’t it be Thursday to Sunday instead? Whatever floats their boat, I guess. πŸ˜€ We popped by on the first day of the promo (yesterday) and the outlet at the Punggol Container Park was already rapidly filling up with diners even from as early as 5.30pm, to the absolute envy of the other stallholders next door. Waiting times were super long for what is essentially deep-fried food (enough to make jokes about whether they’d gone out to fish) and tables were left uncleared because staff just didn’t have the time.

Big Fish Small Fish Promotion

I think the main draw of Big Fish Small Fish is the range of sauces they provide. After all, what they are serving is just deep fried fish and uber-thin potato slices. Nothing out of the ordinary. The sauces available yesterday were salted egg, curry mayo, cheese, tartar and chili (which was already running out but staff did not refill it). I think I like curry mayo the most; somehow reminds me of one of the flavors of Twisties. πŸ˜€ The salted egg one lacked oomph. Blindfolded, I probably won’t even be able to tell what flavor it is.

Big Fish Small Fish Sauces


Final 3 days. If you want to take advantage of the promo, pop by any of their 4 outlets this weekend.

The main thing I think Big Fish Small Fish needs to work on is the use of disposables. There’s SO MUCH of it. They provide sheets of that paper printed with their logo – you use it to line the tables. There are the little saucers so you can get a serving of each type of sauce. There are plastic gloves, straws, cutlery, serviettes, etc. And if you’re getting takeaways, they provide small plastic sauce cups with lids so you can tabao the sauces too. Usually people take more than three.

We’ll soon have more plastic in our oceans than fish. Eventually, it’ll be a situation of Big Plastic, Small Fish. And we’ll all be worse off for it.

fArt tArtz @ Yishun Junction 9: Very Instagrammable Cafe With Decent Food

fart tartz yishun junction 9

I’ve been putting off visiting the fArt tArtz cafes mainly because the name sounds rather inappropriate. It reminds me too much of “F*ucktards” and since when is ‘fart’ even associated with a cafe or food? Arty-fArty name aside, I think the main reasons why I would visit them again are the palatable food (you wouldn’t expect from an Instagram-friendly cafe), the absence of GST or service charge, AND the free iced water (with lemon slices I believe as I spotted some pulp). However, one thing they might want to work on is the salt content. The food we had yesterday was definitely on the salty side. A little bit of salt makes food seem tastier but too much of it makes customers empty their plastic water jug! We sure did! πŸ˜€

fart tartz striploin beef burger

The Striploin Beef Burger ($16.90) comes ‘deconstructed’. I like the caramelised onions with the beef slices. I love the crispy toasted buns, which remind me of mantou served with chili crab. πŸ˜€ And there’s a side of nachos, which we weren’t expecting since it’s not stated on the menu. The seasoning is a little overdone, especially since we were prone to eating the various ingredients separately. The beef, on its own, would be far too salty. However, such an arrangement is great for carb-fearing girlfriends who wish to nibble on the protein and the veggies while leaving the carb & cheese to their partners.

Gooey Mentaiko Fish fart tartz

The Gooey Mentaiko Fish ($17.90, or $13.90 on promotion) is also saltier than expected but I really do love mentaiko. Their grilled flatbread burgers are delightful! It’s like very crispy prata. I LOVE IT! Would go SO WELL with curry, actually. The fish they use is tilapia and it comes with a marinade already so when paired with the mentaiko, it can be a little overwhelming because it’s way too salty. PERHAPS, they can do this “deconstructed” as well, with the mentaiko sauce in a little ramekin or sauce cup so diners can decide how much sauce they want to add.

Nutella Mud Tart fart tartz

The Nutella Mud Tart (at $5.60) is a pretty decent dessert. And it’s not overly sweet either. They serve the mud tarts with plastic flowers on top, so it’s really pretty. But how about using edible flowers in future? πŸ˜‰

Judging from the decor, it is obvious the owners of this cafe want to reach out to younger customers. I had even thought the owners might be millennials but after some snooping online, it appears there might be 4 people involved in this business (3 male, 1 female) and they are already parents of millennials.

That said, as you can tell from this picture below, older folks do patronise this cafe. I’m not sure (don’t shoot me) but perhaps when we get older, our tastebuds are less sensitive? Then what would seem overly salty to younger people would actually taste just right to older folks? πŸ˜€ Haha! In any case, it’s a very pretty place to have a meal. πŸ˜‰

fart tartz yishun review


The cafe at Yishun Junction 9 is located at level 1, facing a temple. You won’t find the cafe inside the mall, per se. It’s located outside instead. You’re welcome. πŸ˜‰

Junior Chef Symposium 2018: Classic Dishes From 4 Dialect Groups Made Progressive

Junior Chef Symposium 2018

(Junior) Chef Tien Jia Chen explaining how he put together his progressive Hakka dish.

Recently, the spotlight of the local culinary scene has been focused on cuisine from theΒ Cantonese, Hainanese, Hakka and Teochew dialect groups. On 7 August,Β local ground-handling firm Sats and the national culinary team from the Singapore Chefs’ Association (SCA) announced their new dialect-based airline menu for passengers. “Dishes include Cantonese braised beef short rib and tendon with radish, Hainanese duck with pineapple and bamboo shoots, Hakka red mushroom with pork rib soup, Peranakan spicy prawn with sataw beans and Teochew-style twice-cooked garoupa.” reported The Straits Times. Four days later, I attended the Junior Chef Symposium held at Nanyang Polytechnic, where veteran chefs paired up with their junior counterparts to present local classics from the four dialect groups, and their ‘progressive’ versions. The Junior Chef Symposium is jointly organised by Singapore Junior Chefs Club (SJCC), Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) and e2i (Employment and Employability Institute).

The event was packed with young chefs eager to learn and industry partners such as F&B bosses. And the day began really early, at 8am, even though the event officially starts at 10am.Β Chef Edmund was the first to arrive, and the team of chefs got cracking soon after. Watch this video I’ve put together of the highlights of this year’s event:

During the event itself, the veteran chefs first demonstrated how to put together the classics – Cantonese Carrot Cake, Hainanese Lamb Stew, Hakka Steamed Egg Sausage Roll in Rich Chicken Broth with Straw Mushrooms and Winter Bamboo Shoots, and Teochew Style Twice Cooked Fish Fillet. The Junior Chefs would then present their version of the same dish but prepared and presented differently.


I think the Junior Chef Symposium offers a wonderful opportunity for young chefs to learn from the more established ones and also for industry partners, such as people who are running F&B businesses, to come by and get to know these promising young chefs and ‘headhunt’ them to work in their restaurants upon graduation. πŸ˜‰

That said, these young chefs have to demonstrate an eagerness to learn and be unafraid to ask the veterans for advice and guidance.

As for the food, like I commented to some other people present, when chefs cook for other chefs the food can never be bad. πŸ˜‰ It was quite the gastronomic experience. I saw cured egg yolk being shaved onto ice cream in a Youtube video recently, and when I saw it before my eyes at the Junior Chef Symposium, it’s like dΓ©jΓ  vu.

The best thing about coming to the Symposium is that you get to learn a few extra tips from the chefs such as how to select the best ‘small intestine’ to use in your Hakka soup dish, what sort of pot to use when making carrot cake at home, and even how to make a delicious XO sauce (apparently miso and brown sugar work wonders). *You’ll find more tips in the video above. πŸ™‚

We Are NOT Ready


Isn’t it interesting how many different voices tell you to do this, or change that, and then as uncomfortable as it may seem, you try and see things from their point of view. But at the end of the day, you know that quibbling over who should stop doing what, or even losing friendships over these unnecessary debates is frankly, quite pointless. I’m not implying that the desired outcome is pointless, but that the quibble is. Whether it be to go vegan (animals are friends, not food!) or to quit using plastic straws (save the turtles!) or anything else, really, it’s often an annoying vocal minority demanding that things be shaken up.

I don’t have vegan friends (anymore) because I’m really not that big a fan of vegan food and I hate having to feel guilty for liking meat apparently more than I should.

As for straws, I’ve actually bought quite a few metal and glass straws. When a friend of a friend commented on Facebook about her frustrations regarding KFC’s decision not to provide straws anymore, I sent her some even though I’ve never even met her before. Even after spending all that money on glass and metal straws, do I use them all the time? NO! It’s really quite troublesome bringing them around (especially when you’re out for a jog), cleaning them (with a special brush) and storing them well (dry and not in danger of the glass breaking).

On 6th September, I was having breakfast at KFC when I noticed this interesting sign saying “this KFC restaurant will no longer serve plastic straws” and lo and behold, there’s a straw dispenser that’s about three-quarters filled with straws right below that sign…

KFC No Straw Initiative

Either the sign is redundant or the straw dispenser is. Can KFC please pick one?

The point I am trying to make is that change takes time, and hopefully everyone realizes that the change they want to see may not happen in this lifetime, or even in their children’s lifetime, but it may happen two to three generations down the road. What is most important now is not this debate (which simply drives the wedge further, and make people more upset about what they think they are losing), but education and awareness.


Firstly, acknowledge that the status quo is such, for a good reason.

When having iced milo with my KFC breakfast (that’s the only beverage I’ll have at fast food outlets in the morning – habits die hard), I use the straw to stir it up so there isn’t a layer of water from the melting ice cubes at the top but with the milo concentrated near the bottom.

Having straws removed all of a sudden will definitely get people upset. It’s a no-brainer. What do you want me to stir the milo with? My fingers?! πŸ˜€ Haha! Actually I used the plastic spoon meant for the porridge but it’s just awkward. Also, parents let young kids drink from the cups using straws, so as to avoid accidental spillage.

Will I resort to getting a straw from some other restaurant or food court if KFC doesn’t give me one? I might, if I have sensitive teeth. Will I go so far as to buy plastic straws for use? I hope not. But I do know of people who will buy plastic bags for their trash if supermarkets stop providing them free-of-charge. πŸ˜‰


People get to vote.

I’ll hazard a guess that KFC put straws back in its restaurants (at least this one I went to) because customers got upset, threatened to bring their business elsewhere, and essentially decided to vote with their wallets.

Can any business afford to upset its customers this way?

People will vote to show their satisfaction or their displeasure. And if the majority is displeased, it would be wise not to anger them further.

Repeat after me. Education and awareness. Education and awareness.


What’s the main agenda? And how committed are leaders to it?

LOTS of businesses will jump on the zero waste bandwagon simply because there’s the potential of huge cost savings. KFC’s press release said that not providing plastic straws and also plastic caps for drinks (bought for dining-in) would lead to a “reduction of 17.8 metric tonnes of single-use plastics in a year”. How much $$ does that translate into, assuming KFC successfully stops providing these plastic disposables from now on?

While KFC had made it known that they won’t be serving straws starting from 20th June, now the straws are already back. Leaders are unable to commit because of point (2). Supermarkets won’t stop providing plastic bags either, for this same reason.

Unless the will of the people at the top is strong enough, the outcome will simply be to bow to the pressure of the (majority of the) people.

So this quibble over straw or no straw is pointless, no?


I won’t tell you to stop using plastic straws, and I’ll definitely not try and make you feel guilty for using one. But if you want to get rid of plastic straws in our country, I’d like to see you put a reusable straw in the hands of every man, woman and child first.

Bangkok Street Mookata (Punggol) – Mixed Feelings About This Stall

Bangkok Street Mookata

Because of some mahjong kakis’ recommendation, we had dinner last weekend at Bangkok Street Mookata in Punggol – one of the chain’s seven outlets. I’m not sure about the other locations (AMK, Bedok, Jurong West, TPY, Upp Thomson and Woodlands) but this one in Punggol is located within a coffeeshop. The platter for two costs S$22 nett and the one for 4pax is S$39. I have mixed feelings about this particular outlet, and I’ll explain why in a bit.

First up, do note that reservations are necessary for weekend dinners. Apparently, Singaporeans have a thing for mookata. But why? Aren’t the portable butane stoves dangerous (if not used appropriately, they can overheat and explode!) Somehow I’m not too keen on mookata being my final meal on Earth, to put it simply. πŸ˜€ I’d much rather have salmon sashimi, but that’s just me. πŸ˜€

Also, the auntie’s kinda fierce. If you dare to ask for a table (you think this is a restaurant?!), you’ll be told to go look for one yourself and come back and tell her what your table number is. And you make payment before they’ll prepare your order!

Bangkok Street Mookata Price

For the set for 2pax, we’re given just about everything in pairs – 2 prawns, 4 scallops, 4 pieces of crabstick, 4 fishballs, well, you get the drift. However… ONE egg. Why? πŸ˜‰ So everything’s nicely in pairs and then you end up having to split one egg?

Bangkok Street Mookata Review

They very kindly kept the prawn’s head and tail on, and have removed the rest of the shell. But the prawn’s not deveined, so after biting into it, you’ll still have to use your fingers to remove that black vein anyway. But of course, I do not dare to suggest to ‘fierce auntie’ that they can take this extra step when preparing the prawns. πŸ˜€

And your mookata meal could have been a zero waste one here. They have crockery and then they also have disposable chopsticks. It’s like they’re transitioning? Halfway there? The chili sauce is served in a disposable plastic bowl too. No saucers meh?

Bangkok Street Disposable Chopsticks

That said, their chili sauce is really good. An absolutely delicious mix of sweet and spicy, it’ll get you all sweaty before you’re done with your meal. πŸ˜€ I’m sure the drinks stall profits from this. They don’t even have drinks assistants coming to take orders; you’ll be going to the stall to get your own choice of chilled beverage, guaranteed.

I think the marinated meats here are a little thirst-inducing, if you get what I mean. But overall, I think it’s tasty. I’m not sure if I’ll pay $11/pax for food I have to cook myself again (and risk exploding butane stoves) and also have to top up extra for rice or tang hoon (80cents each).

Mookata’s not even something I have when I’m in Thailand. So I really don’t understand why Singaporeans are such fans. Phad Thai, yes, I love the dish. But mookata? Why not Seoul Garden leh? It’s a buffet and there’s even dessert.


Address: 312A Sumang Link #01-05 Singapore 821312.