BreadTalk: New Store Concept At Vivocity

BreadTalk Vivocity

I attended BreadTalk’s launch of a new store concept at Vivocity last week, together with journalists from mainstream media. And what I gathered from the comments left on Facebook after the journalists uploaded their articles was that netizens aren’t letting go of past incidents yet – mainly the 李不开你 buns and BreadTalk x Yeo’s soya milk saga.

However, I think it’ll be interesting to watch how BreadTalk moves on from those incidents, and regains trust from consumers. Perhaps the new concept signals new beginnings? So… suspend your judgement for just a bit and let me take you through my experience at the media launch last week, ok? :D

Red Bean Queen

In this picture above, you see the Red Been Queen buns (with Taiwan-imported red beans, at S$1.70 each). It is just one of over FIFTY brand new items specially developed by BreadTalk’s international Master Chefs, like Shin Horie from Japan, Alan Zou from Taiwan and Janson Loo from Singapore. I got to taste items like the Sweet Potato Volcano, Mala Chicken, Himalayan Pink Salt bun, Rice Chiffon Cake and Hokkaido Swiss Roll. But my favorite, surprisingly, was the Snow White Yam (with Taiwan yam cubes, at S$1.60)! :D It’s a real surprise because I don’t usually eat yam – in fact, I avoid it entirely in desserts and pastries.

The new range of buns and cakes are made from premium natural ingredients such as Japanese-milled flour and pure butter from New Zealand. I like that no artificial elements, additives or preservatives are added. You can also check out the breads made from four different dough types: White Dough, Natural Yeast, Soft French and Wheat Germ. They have been paired with oriental ingredients like wine-soaked longan, sweet potato and Sichuan spices. Yummy! :D

A photo with BreadTalk Chairman, Mr George Quek, and my pal, Steven Lek

Blogger Grace Tan and BreadTalk Chairman George Quek

Mr George Quek, or rather, Dr. George Quek, holds a Doctorate in Business Adminstration (Honorary) from Wisconsin International University, USA. He is also the President of the Teochew Poit Ip Huay Kuan (潮州八邑会馆) and Chairman of Xinmin Secondary School’s Advisory Board. In 2000, he started the BreadTalk bakery business in Singapore and brought it to list on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) in 2003!


Attendees of the launch event were each given a “cube”. I’d hurriedly taken a photo with the one I scribbled on, before event staff took it away from me and placed it into a ‘wall’ filled with other cubes that people had shared their ‘recipe for JOY’. Mine’s ‘Smiles + Gratitude (*repeat)’…

BreadTalk cube [A note to my pal, Samy, if you’re reading this: No soya milk served at the event, ok :P Water, orange juice, and hot beverages only. Hehe]

Dr George Quek’s take on the recipe for joy is ‘Love’ and being a giver. He believes that one should demonstrate love both at home and at work. When you love others, they will reciprocate, according to him. When quizzed about how he maintains a work-life balance, he emphasized the importance of having a good team and then delegating work to them so he can have more time for his family. He says that there are no shortcuts to success – 苦尽甘来, after the bitterness, comes the sweet.

Outside the Vivocity outlet, you see interactive panels like this one:

BreadTalk interactive screen

BreadTalk has a new “Hot and Fresh” notification system. On the screen you’ll see when your favorite buns will be out of the ovens, and you can also sign up for the Digital Alert so a message can be sent to your handphone to notify you! :)

I’m glad to know that BreadTalk will be rolling out e-Scheduling and e-Production, which is aimed at improving productivity by at least 3 percent and reducing wastage by an estimated 20 percent.

After the launch, there were fringe activities within Vivocity. I chanced upon one such activity at Level 1. Shoppers were given a (big) dice to roll, and there were prizes to be won. I won a free tea cake! :D I picked a strawberry-flavored steamed cake, and I must say I enjoyed it (not just because it was free). Haha!

BreadTalk voucher

All in all, I think I’ll still support this local brand which has done Singapore proud. It has spread its wings overseas and has won so many awards too! The BreadTalk Group has a global staff strength of over 7,000 employees, with 1,000 outlets in 17 territories. It is inevitable that an error or two would occur at some point. After all, to err is human. And I can’t even honestly say that BreadTalk buns are pricey, having bought (slightly bigger) buns from a popular bakery chain with items that can easily cost upwards of S$7. Eat and let live, I say. :D

328 Katong Laksa: One Of The Best Laksa Stalls in Singapore

328 Katong Laksa

Since I just blogged about the awesome chicken rice stall in Katong Shopping Centre – a hidden gem at the basement foodcourt – I thought I might as well go on and blog about the famous 328 Katong Laksa as well. Let’s see how hungry blogging can make me become! LOL! :D I’ve included the prices of the items we ordered. The total bill came up to S$15.10, just slightly lower than the S$17.80 we paid for a hearty chicken rice meal which came with many free flow extras.

328 Katong Laksa is quite unlike other laksa stalls in Singapore. For one, you do not get chopsticks. Instead, the noodles are cut up into short strands so you can slurp them up easily using the spoon provided. Also, while they used to let patrons scoop the chili paste out of a metal (or was it plastic?) tub previously, they now give you pre-packed sachets of the rather fiery paste. Make sure you have water with you, or a beverage of some sort, because it can get rather spicy. The auntie next to me found herself choking on the spicy gravy. :D I had the lime juice (S$1.80), thankfully.

The otah sold here is pretty good too, though it’s not actually hot. It’s served at around room temperature so it’s not as shiok as those you can order from pasar malams for instance. Nonetheless, it’s tasty. Not sure if these came from an external supplier or if they made these here.

The laksa is something else altogether. The secret is really in the broth. I don’t know what goes into it. It’s probably a well-guarded secret, but I did find some minced meat in my small bowl of laksa. Perhaps minced pork? That would certainly give the broth its sweetness. The regular-sized bowl (S$5) is the most popular, and I think it’s definitely enough for anyone who’s not super hungry. If you’re famished, then go for the large (S$7). The cockles are really small though.

While you’re there, make sure you check out their wall plastered with pictures of the female boss and celebrities. You’ll probably find more than a handful of familiar faces. Hehe.

If you’re curious, 328 Katong Laksa’s business hours are from 10am to 10pm (Mon – Fri) and 9am to 10pm (Sat, Sun & PH).


328 Katong Laksa

51 East Coast Road S(428770)

Tel: 97328163

Nov 2015 Visit: Katong Shopping Centre’s famous Chicken Rice

Best Chicken Rice in Singapore

The last time I visited Katong Shopping Centre just for that particular stall’s famous chicken rice, it was probably some 7 years ago. And I went back this week on a whim, unsure if the stall is still there. I’d figured that since the chicken rice is so delicious, and the business so good, there was no reason why they shouldn’t still be there. :D And I was right! It’s still at the foodcourt at the basement (#B1-85/87) – just take the escalator to B1 and walk in the direction of the foodcourt.

And by no means are they being boastful when they state that they serve ‘Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice’. It’s truly delicious. And here’s a rare photo without a long queue of customers, just before the dinner crowd descended on the foodcourt:

We paid S$16 for half a chicken and it was so yummy. Rice is at S$0.80 per plate. The big bowl of soup and the platter of achar that you see in the first picture above are complimentary (I wanna sing~~~). When I was asked whether I think our dinner was expensive, I said “Not at all”. I think it is most reasonable because we had those awesome extras. The soup was not just water + MSG that is what many other stalls elsewhere tend to serve. What we were given was good soup with meat (pork?) and vegetables inside. Also, there’s free flow achar! And the achar is really yummy!

People who stay in, or near, Katong are so lucky!

Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice

I’d recommend that you head there early for dinner because the foodcourt is really small and seats are limited. In fact, we had to rush through our dinner because people were standing around us, waiting for us to leave so they could take our seats. Not a very pleasant experience, but nothing and nobody is permitted to stand between hungry Singaporeans and good food. :D #ourculture

The next time someone asks me to recommend good chicken rice, I’m gonna point them to Katong Shopping Centre. In my humble, honest opinion, I think it is even better than chicken rice from that famous chain of chicken rice stalls *ahem* – not saying which one. :P

Come to think of it though, I’m not sure if this stall served bean sprouts with their chicken in the past. Can’t quite recall as it’s been a longggg time. Tell me if you know ya? :D

*Update: A reader told me that there are soup refills too as the uncle is very generous! :D Ok, I love them even more now. Please keep the business operating till my next visit… which will be soon! :)

Deliveroo: DISCOUNT CODE plus Why I Welcome Them To Singapore! :D

Deliveroo Plain Vanilla Cupcakes

Met the fiancé at Raffles Place yesterday and I spotted some people donning kangaroo outfits. I then recalled that I recently received a press release regarding Deliveroo’s distribution of Plain Vanilla cupcakes in the CBD area as part of their launch promotions in Singapore. :) I received the cupcake you see above – it is as delicious as it is cute! :D Read on for my first impression about the brand and get a S$15 discount code too…

So here’s the lovely kangaroo who gave me the freebies :D

Deliveroo Raffles Place

She took great pains to explain (in detail) about their IG contest, the restaurants they work with, etc! Thumbs up! (If only I remember half of what she said) :D

Anyway, the cupcake tastes awesome, so thank you Deliveroo!

First up, I think their giving out of 5000 customized cupcakes from the famous Plain Vanilla Bakery is a pretty generous gesture. Assuming each cupcake costs S$2 (probably more but…) they would have spent S$10,000, not forgetting the manpower and PR costs involved. It’s a sweet treat, no doubt, though if it were up to me, I’d ensure my company label/sticker is on top of the box, instead of Plain Vanilla’s. PV’s could be at the edge to keep the box lid shut. *I’m not sure if PV sponsored those cupcakes, or gave a huge discount, so I’m just thinking along the lines of a business owner or marketing person. Don’t shoot me! :D

I love those kangaroo outfits though – they attracted so much attention. Office workers were walking up to the roos instead of the latter trying to approach them. :D

Some background information: Deliveroo was first launched in London, in 2013, by William Shu and Greg Orlowski. It is a premium food delivery service, which currently has some 140 Singapore restaurants on board. Because they have just launched, they are currently serving only 5 zones now:  Bukit Timah, Tanglin, the Central Business District, Kallang and Katong.

I didn’t know this when I visited their website while preparing this blogpost… and found that Deliveroo doesn’t deliver to my home, nor my fiancé’s home YET. So don’t be disappointed. They’ll probably expand their operations to other areas soon.

I love that they charge only a flat delivery fee of S$3 to your home or office (in those 5 zones I mentioned earlier). THREE DOLLARS?! That’s totally disrupting the market! I think Deliveroo might end up putting some pressure on FoodPanda as I know the latter’s delivery fees have a pretty wide range – from free (with a minimum purchase) to tens of dollars.

Also, Deliveroo aims to help you get your food in an average of 32 minutes! That’s even faster than if I were to cook a meal myself! So I’m definitely waiting for the day they tell me they will deliver to my home. :P

From a business blogger point of view, I am so happy that restaurants will be able to get more customers without the hassle of owning their own fleet of delivery drivers/riders. It’s awesome! The customers benefit, and the restaurants benefit too! :)

You can order from establishments like Cedele, Mad For Garlic, Potato Head Folk, Sushi Burrito, and many more. Head over to and find out more:

Deliveroo Website

[ Deliveroo’s Office is located at 75 Kim Yan Road #01-01, Singapore 239371 ]

And here’s a discount code from the flyers distributed together with the cupcakes: THEKANGACAN

You get S$15 off your first order:

Deliveroo Discount Code

*Register and enter THEKANGACAN at checkout. Valid for 30 days (I received the flyer on 20th Nov 2015). Delivery fee applies. Minimum order of S$25. Full terms on their website. CONTACT only Deliveroo if you have a problem with your order or discount code. I’m only sharing this good deal.

~ Bon Appétit ~

Review: Cadbury GLOW – The ATAS version of Cadbury Chocolates

Cadbury GLOW supermarket

I’m a big fan of Cadbury chocolates. In fact, I come from a family of Cadbury fans! So when I received a press release regarding Cadbury GLOW exactly 4 days ago in my email, with no actual gift of chocolates, I had to get off my bum and hit the supermarket to find a box of these chocolate pralines.

If you don’t already know, pralines have a chocolate shell with a soft, and sometimes liquid, filling (I’ve just Googled this).

And the Cadbury GLOW ones taste of hazelnut. In fact, there’s a hazelnut paste within the ingredients list! And here’s a random fun fact: the Cadbury GLOW pralines are made in Slovakia, which Wikipedia says is a “high-income advanced economy with one of the fastest growth rates in the European Union and the OECD”. Interesting. I’ve never been there before. It’s some 9,457km away from Singapore – I Googled.

The long distance between Slovakia and Singapore must be one of the reasons why this chocolate is so expensive. It costs S$9.90 for 16 pieces and S$14.90 for 24 pieces. That’s 62 Singapore cents per chocolate praline! For comparison’s sake, there’s currently a Ferrero Rocher promotion at NTUC –  you pay S$7.20 for a box of 16 (each piece costs just S$0.45).

So… if I’m paying 38% MORE for Cadbury than Rocher… it’d better taste extraordinary, no?

Cadbury GLOW

Once you remove the purple cover, you will likely be wowed by the shiny gold box, which you can open to reveal 4 columns of individually packed chocolate pralines:

Cadbury Glow 16 pieces

For someone opening such a box for the first time, I must admit that there was undeniably a ‘wow’ factor.

It’s Cadbury like I’ve never known it to be. It’s now… what’s the word… ATAS!

The disappointment sets in quickly once you open the wrapping though. The chocolates are NOT made to survive Singapore’s weather. So make sure you keep them chilled or only open them in an air-conditioned setting. I’m used to keeping chocolates on my desk, without any air-conditioning, and most do OK. But these Cadbury GLOW ones just become mushy and stick to the inside of each wrapper.

So… make sure you keep them chilled and tell your gift recipient to keep the chocolates in the fridge unless they want a sticky, gooey mess.

Taste-wise, it’s pretty good, no doubt. I like the liquid center which delivers a surprise when you bite into the otherwise-familiar Cadbury chocolate exterior.


Why is Cadbury GLOW more expensive than the usual Cadbury chocolate range we are used to? My thoughts:

  1. The packaging is beautiful – we’re definitely paying for the classy packaging
  2. It’s limited edition – that definitely warrants a steeper pricetag
  3. You can send a personalized note or video via to the recipient of your chocolate pralines
  4. It’s probably available only in 3 countries: Singapore, Hong Kong and India

All in all, I think it’s a Christmas chocolate offering from Cadbury that Cadbury fans will still enjoy. Once Christmas is over, I’m definitely going back to purchasing the more affordable range of chocolates from Cadbury! :D

Tsukada Nojo: Famous For Beauty Collagen Hot Pots

Tsukada Nojo

I’ve recently blogged about the excellent service staff at Big O Cafe & Restaurant (click on the link to read), and today, I had lunch at Tsukada Nojo at Chinatown Point and AGAIN experienced good service! Either service standards are rising across the island or there’s some serious Law Of Attraction at work. :)  For some reason, the name ‘Tsukada Nojo’ is quite hard for Singaporeans to remember so my pals always tell me about this hot pot place with a special beauty broth (美人鍋) that will supposedly give me great skin. How does one say ‘no’ to that?

I think it costs S$25++ or so per pax. At lunch today, I ordered their ramen, which I suppose comes with the same collagen broth. Their “beauty collagen stock” is made using organic chicken from Japan. The chicken is stewed for more than 8 hours till the chicken bones dissolve. The restaurant also uses organic vegetables sourced from a farm in Singapore.

When it comes to collagen broths, nothing beats the Kyushu Jangara Ramen I had in Japan. My goodness! That broth is to-die-for. It frustrates me to no end wondering why even fast food in Japan can sometimes taste way better than food served in some other restaurants in Singapore. WHY?! Is it the chef’s dedication to his craft? Is it the Japanese people’s patience in awaiting good food that may sometimes take a while longer to prepare? Is it the appreciation that customers show to the chefs in Japan (such as by slurping up those noodles loudly)?

What is it?!

I have not figured it out yet, but maybe one day I will.

Meanwhile, I have to say that the collagen broth at Tsukada Nojo is good – maybe not great like in Japan, but it’s tasty enough. Anyway, just keep chanting “Collagen, collagen, COLLAGEN” in your head and you’ll finish every last drop. :D

As mentioned earlier, the staggeringly high standards when it comes to food in Japan could be due to the Japanese chefs’ dedication to putting out only the best and the Japanese customers’ way of patiently awaiting their food, but there’s nothing I can do about that.

What I can do, though, is to highlight good service whenever I spot it, and hopefully it spurs the whole team on to greater heights.

Here’s the feedback I sent to Tsukada Nojo via their website:

Tsukada Nojo staff

The restaurant has, in my opinion, done well in two aspects:

  1. Enthusiastic welcomes: When a customer steps into the restaurant, welcomes are shouted out by the staff member who spots him/her, and then echoed by the rest of the staff. (I think it also helps in staff morale and team spirit, because they are doing something together, i.e. extending a warm welcome to customers)
  2. Staff who engage customers in conversation: Because I was dining alone, I did not feel comfortable with asking my server for his name. (But I found that out anyway near the cashier counter as there are pictures of the staff together with their names. Hehe) I believe it was Keta who served me – he came round to ask if I’d enjoyed the meal and whether the broth was too rich (I said it was almost on par with those in Japan… didn’t want to hurt his feelings). But the broth was good, ok. As he cleared the table and I finished up the refill of my hot Japanese tea, he told me (before he left for the kitchen) to have a nice day in case I’d left the restaurant before he returned. How lovely!


So there you go… my recommendation of a Japanese restaurant if you want to dine at Chinatown Point. For really good zhi char style dishes, head to the basement – there’s one fantastic one and all you need to do is look out for the crowd. (I forgot the name of the place. Ha!) But don’t you forget to compliment staff and let the management know too, ok? :)

Food Review: Big O Cafe & Restaurant at Paragon. Recommended!

Big O Cafe and Restaurant

We had dinner at Big O this evening and I have to say that it was a pretty enjoyable meal. Located at B1-08 of Paragon, Big O is a great place for date nights and the portions are, as the name suggests, BIG.

We ordered the 2 Meat + 2 Seafood platter and our choice of 3 side dishes arrived first: french fries, ratatouille, and mash. Do not be deceived by this photo. The sides come in really substantial portions. Just that bowl of mashed potato would be sufficient for dinner for a regular adult diner. Don’t ask me how we finished all this food. I really don’t know either. Just good conversation, and taking things slow. LOL.

The side dishes were passable, and nothing to shout about. But I do love dipping the fries into the mash – any one of you do that too? :D

The mains were awesome!

There was roast duck, pork sausage, salmon and calamari.

I am not a fan of duck. My friends know that I don’t eat duck so we don’t order it when we have our meals together. But interestingly enough, in a bid to help finish this platter of food, I found that I love the roast duck here. The meat is really tender and almost falling off the bone… like baby back ribs done well.

The pork sausage is good too. The sausage casing/skin is just a tad thick but the meat is well seasoned.

The salmon is delicious though the calamari is just so-so.

However, it’s still a perfect meal because the service staff are great. It’s been a long time since I called a waiter over just to ask for his name. I did so tonight.

His name is Isaiah and he’s from Malaysia.

Wrote an email to the management when I got home. So feel free to read it if you will:

Big O Paragon

I think it’s important to commend service staff when they deliver great service, and to commend them ON THE SPOT. Also, it’s nice if you drop the management an email too so they know who’s performing well at work and delighting the customers.

Don’t just send complaint letters, ok? :P

So there you go, my recommendation of a makan place if you want to dine at Paragon. :) I heard Big O is famous for its dessert too but we were just too full today! Till next time!

Jade Garden Seafood Corner in Sungai Rengit, Johor: Fantastic Food! :D

Jade Garden Seafood Salted Egg Crab

On Monday, I went on a ‘road trip’ to Johor with my pals. It was a road trip because we took almost 3 hours to locate this seafood restaurant that my pal had visited some three years ago. (We got lost) Back then, it was located in a coffeeshop setting. But now, it’s a full-fledged restaurant likely capable of hosting wedding banquets. Check out my pictures at the end of this blogpost! :D But first, here’s the food.

This picture you see above shows the Salted Egg Crab we ordered. It cost RM126 (S$42) and could be shared among three of us!

Then there’s the awesome lobster…

Jade Garden Seafood Special Fried Lobster

It looks deceivingly nondescript, as if it doesn’t taste quite special. But… (in a singsong voice) IT IS AMAZING!!~~~

If you like cereal prawns, you’ll love this dish because it’s even more yummy than the best dish of cereal prawns I’ve ever had! I don’t know what does into making those tasty, super crispy bits of crunchy goodness on top of the lobster but it’s definitely worth the drive into Johor!

Jade Garden Seafood Homemade Tofu

The homemade tofu (RM10) is really good as well. Not sure why there’s sotong and the other vegetables because the tofu just shines on its own already!

Jade Garden Seafood Sambal Lala

Sambal lala (RM20) that I did not eat much of because I’m nursing a sore throat. We also ordered a plate of ‘nai bai’ (veg) that tasted good! It’s like this restaurant can do no wrong when it comes to food!

Our total bill for 4 pax came up to just RM 387.20 (S$129) :D It would have been a lot more if we didn’t stop the waitress from sending us two crabs instead of one (one of us doesn’t eat crab) and two lobsters instead of one. LOL! Make sure you check that the wait staff have got your order correct before they send it off to the kitchen!

Here’s what the restaurant looks like:

Jade Garden Seafood

It felt like we were attending a wedding banquet :D

Then there’s the wall of photos taken with celebrities – something every famous restaurant must have :P

We spotted George Yeo, Fann Wong, Li Nanxing, etc…

Jade Garden Seafood Johor

The address: Lot 4785, Lorong Siakap 1, Sungai Rengit, 81620 Pengerang, Johor (It’s next to a primary school and government clinic).

Contact numbers: 010-800 5903 (Ms Len, Manager) / 07-826 5460

Metta Café: A Halal-Certified Cafe In Simei That Everyone Should Visit

Metta Cafe

Am supposed to pop by Metta Café for an event today, but the haze is really getting to me so I’m staying home instead and feasting my eyes on the goodies via their FB page. :D But if you stay in or near Simei, do visit soon and show them some love! Metta Café was set up in 2014 by the Metta Welfare Association to provide F&B vocational training and graduate employment opportunities for Metta School youths aged 18 and above, and who have mild intellectual disability and/or autism.

They receive vocational training in baking, meal preparation, kitchen and customer service. Metta Café strives to help these youths achieve self-reliance and create future employment opportunities for them.

The halal-certified café serves both non-vegetarian and vegetarian local breakfasts and all-time Western favorites as well as freshly-baked cakes and pastries.

While you’re dining there, check out their pastries and the one-of-a-kind batik painting art thoughtfully handcrafted by Metta School alumni youths with special learning needs.

And I might be a little kiasu but…

I’m definitely getting their pineapple tarts come Chinese New Year next year:

Metta Cafe pineapple tarts

The Eggless Pineapple Tarts were going at just $13.80 this year. And here’s a review left on FB by a satisfied customer:

Metta Cafe review

Would it be too early to place an order now? :D :D :D

There is also a range of cakes you can order, for all sorts of occasions. Here are some pictures I’ve extracted from their Facebook page:

Metta Cafe mothers day cake

Metta Cafe fathers day cake

Metta Cafe national day cupcakes

Metta Cafe christmas logcake

I’ll be popping by for a meal soon, once this haze clears up. Here’s the address if you’d like to visit the cafe: Metta Café, Metta Buidling, 32 Simei St 1 Singapore 529950.

~ / 65804624

Horizon Bistronomy at Punggol Settlement: Yummy But Small Portions

Horizon Bistronomy King of the Sea

So he told me that we’re going for French “fine dining” at Punggol Settlement this evening, and knowing how he likes to joke, I thought it would just be a simple meal at Horizon Bistronomy. When the mains were served though, I commented that “Wow, it’s really fine dining!” (because of the small portion size) and his reply was “Is there a char kway teow stall nearby? Never mind, we can go for char kway teow after this!” :D *We didn’t, unfortunately.

Horizon Bistronomy puts out beautiful plates though. The dishes here are definitely great for IG pics. He ordered the King of the sea (S$26.90 + 10% service charge) and I had Horizon’s Duo of Pork (S$25.90 + S.C.).

His King of the sea dish came with “miso infused king salmon” (can’t taste the miso though) on a bed of zuchinni and shitake mushroom ragout (quite yummy) and a grilled lobster claw with mustard foam.

My choice of the Horizon’s Duo of Pork has slow braised pork belly (braised for 24 hours, according to the menu), with sous vide kurobuta pork tenderloin, a roasted cauliflower puree, miso infused grilled daikon, and grape mustard and pork jus.

Horizon's Duo of Pork

Basically, it’s two mouthfuls of pork tenderloin and two mouthfuls of delicious pork belly, and I was done with the meal. :D Perfect for people on a strict diet – I definitely burnt more calories running here.

And if I could comment on their menu… I’d say that corresponding pictures for each dish listed would be most helpful. I really don’t like menus which only have words on them.

Horizon Bistronomy Menu

The view, though, is fantastic. As today’s Friday, most of the tables have been reserved. Thankfully, he’d made a reservation before we jogged over from my place. :) And oh, there’s no GST at the moment. But it seems that the restaurant has plans for a second outlet, so visit while you can, before the additional 7% kicks in. *wink*

Horizon Bistronomy punggol settlement

We skipped dessert at Horizon Bistronomy as I felt that S$16.50 for a lava cake is rather steep. We headed to Wayne’s Chill Out on the same level as Horizon and ordered our usual waffle and 2 scoops of ice cream (chocolate and vanilla). Disappointed that there’s no Mango today, but the Vanilla ice cream is pretty good!

For some unknown reason, there was more Vanilla than Chocolate:

 Wayne's Chill Out

This cost only S$12.50. Hehehe.

If you don’t already know, Punggol End is pretty happening now. There are many restaurants, shops, bicycle rental stores, and even a Giant supermarket. You can even ride a horse nearby at Gallop Stable or rent a Flickr at Jumando. Don’t say bo jio! :)

*Punggol End is accessible by bus – simply hop on to service 84 which originates from Punggol Bus Interchange and alight in front of Gallop Stable after the bus does a U-turn.