Today @ Crab In Da Bag: No Potatoes, No Burgers, No Air-Conditioning?!

Crab In Da Bag review

Crab In Da Bag at Nassim Road serves up good prawns though – plump, juicy, and despite being served with the shells intact, seem to require no deveining as the prawns are clean within! That was really the restaurant’s saving grace today because they were out of potatoes (HUH?!), burgers (seriously?!) and instead of air-conditioning, I felt the breeze only from this fan near our feet…

Crab in Da Bag Nassim Road

Not exactly what you’d expect from a restaurant at Orchard.

And the weather has been brutally hot recently so good air-conditioning would be much appreciated. 😉

Here’s a portion of Crab In Da Bag’s menu:

Crab In Da Bag Menu

To add the Red Skin Potato to your bag of seafood, it costs just $1 (but they were out of potatoes), so we went for the corn ($2.50) and Chicken Bratwurst Sausage ($4). As for the sauce, pick their Signature ‘Caboodle Mix’ which has garlic and butter over the ‘Mum’s Special’ sauce. 😉

I like the creativity in making the bag also double up as the serving ‘bowl’…

Crab In Da Bag GIF

The decor in Crab In Da Bag is overwhelmingly nautical. I’d suppose couples may want to have their photoshoots here if they happen to favor this theme! 😀

Crab In Da Bag Singapore

And when you’re done with your meal and want to wash your hands, you’ll have to exit the restaurant via the glass door at the back and head into the mall, following the sign to the washroom, which is INCREDIBLY tiny. The ladies washroom has just one mini sink and two cubicles, which seem to be for kindergarteners, not fully grown adults.

I’m not sure if we’ll be back again. But if we do return, we’ll definitely order those prawns again, which are super fresh and therefore delicious!

Crab In Da Bag is at 1 Nassim Road, #01-01, Singapore 258458.

Tel: 6732 1311

Fish & Co @ Waterway Point: The Chips Are Back!

fish n co truffle fries

This is not some arty-farty picture I took. My camera somehow gets me these kinda shots.

The last time I had a meal at Fish & Co at Waterway Point with my pal Samy, they ran out of chips. Which is unimaginable – ‘fish & chips’ without chips? Yesterday, thankfully, the chips were back in action and the truffle ones (that you see in the picture above) are really good! I like that the lunch sets at Fish & Co are available till 5pm, so you can have an early dinner and enjoy the promotion (you basically get a free drink). 😀 While prices aren’t low, you’ll find that the fish is cooked perfectly – crispy on the outside, tender and juicy within. So it’s a treat you might want to indulge in once in a while.

I ordered the same thing I had previously:

fish n co white fish with ebiko

Interestingly, ‘the curse of the second visit’ happened yet again. While he enjoyed the food, I thought it paled in comparison with my first visit. I can’t quite put my finger on it: is it that there’s less ebiko this time? Was the rice less flavorful (yes that might be it), or was the coleslaw in too watery a sauce?

Here’s a pic of the previous meal, and yes, it seems like there was more ebiko then 😛

fish and co review

So they definitely need to work on consistency. But my desire to return to Fish & Co a third time has been dampened already.

Fish n co waterway point review


I like that Fish & Co serves water (iced / warm) and they don’t provide extra straws for your water (which would be added wastage). I do think it’s a bit tedious to do the post-meal surveys via the iPad provided because it’s kind of lengthy and some questions are ridiculous, e.g. which is your usual mode of transport – walking, car, bus, MRT? I chose the walking option even though I usually cycle to Waterway Point. LOL.

And unlike at Subway or even McDonald’s, you don’t get any free chips or cookies at Fish & Co when you complete the survey. Bummer.

Feeding Strays: Shopping For Cat Food Is Quite An Adventure

cat food singapore

What I bought from Pet Lovers Centre, Waterway Point, today.

There are a couple of stray cats, or community cats if you’d like, which I do sometimes spot at the foot of my block. They’re really elusive creatures. This morning, I spotted one of them again. And it looked at me with pitiful big eyes. I guessed it must be hungry but, as usual, I didn’t have any food (much less cat food) with me. So before dinner this evening, I popped by Pet Lovers Centre at Waterway Point to purchase some cat food. The selection blew me away – I don’t even get so many choices when looking for some canned tuna at NTUC FairPrice! 😛 And some of the items came as quite a surprise…


exotic food for cats singapore


salmon sashimi cat treat singapore

 I wonder what that salmon sashimi treat tastes like, and whether it’s fit for human consumption! 😀

I didn’t get the lamb jerky nor the salmon sashimi ‘cos that’s obviously for cats living with people of high SES. 😛

I bought the Made-in-Belgium ‘Cat & Kitten Milk’ from the brand ‘Cindy’s Recipe’. Contrary to popular belief (maybe gained from watching cartoons), cats don’t drink milk. They are lactose intolerant so milk causes them stomach upsets! These lactose-free ones are ok though. $2 per bottle, so I got 2!

cat and kitten milk singapore

I also got a can of ‘Tuna Whole Meat with Salmon in Jelly’ from the brand ‘Burp!’ This one’s made in Thailand. ‘Burp!’ seems to be the ‘Ayam Brand’ of the cat food industry. It seemed like the entire canned food section was filled with their products. I got dizzy just looking at the range. But I was told you can’t go wrong with tuna PLUS salmon.

As a member, you get freebies when you buy more…

canned cat food singapore

Apparently, if you’re a PLC member, you get extra freebies with your purchase. But I’m not about to shell out S$6 for a 1-year membership just yet. 😛 Seems like a slippery slope toward cat enslavement.

burp cat treats promotion singapore

I also bought the 2-in-1 cat treat – it has catnip and salmon – and also the Dried Sunfish. The PLC staff told me that it’s best to get the products with fish, versus chicken or anything else, because the heavy scent would attract the (stray) cats. Since I don’t know what the strays like or don’t like, it’s best to go with what seems like a sure bet.

Also, another common misconception is that feeding strays is illegal. It is not. Littering is, though. So make sure you clean up after the cat. Remove plates, trays and cans so water does not collect in them and become breeding grounds for mosquitoes!


I’ll keep some cat food (and drink) in my bag from now on so the stray kitties will get a treat when we meet. 😀 And oh! I did check if there are any sites offering free cat food samples. I found one at Sent in a request already so… fingers crossed.

Also, I learnt a new word today: Kibble…

the meaning of kibble

ThaiLily Restaurant Next To United Square: Surprisingly Good Thai Food in Novena!

thailily restaurant review

It’s easy to overlook this Thai restaurant located next to United Square. If not for Eatigo, we wouldn’t even know it existed. Usually we’re just so distracted by Udders Ice Cream – mainly debating whether we should get ice cream or not – that we don’t even realize there are other restaurants and eateries and shops along the same stretch. ThaiLily Restaurant serves REALLY good Thai food. I think the chef must be from Thailand. In the restaurant, they even have framed pictures of the late King of Thailand and his wife. We enjoyed everything that we ordered, even though we’ve never been here before and didn’t ask for any recommendations from the staff!

In the picture above, you see the Thai Prawn Cake ($12) that comes with an addictive sweet sauce. 🙂 Below, you’ll find the Green Curry w/ Seafood ($10) + $1 for white rice.

good thai food in novena singapore

The fish in the green curry is especially good. And the curry really will leave you wanting more rice to go along with it. We also tried the Tomyam ($10) with clear soup, and while it was good too, I wished it was more packed with ingredients.

The stir-fried glass noodles with seafood ($8) was well worth every penny. Seasoned to perfection, and with a generous helping of seafood, this is not meant for sharing. No, really. You’ll want to eat it all yourself. I sure did.

Thailily restaurant singapore

We had a glass of their iced lemongrass ($3) which, interestingly, tasted like something out of a can. Usually, at other Thai restaurants, the lemongrass seems freshly prepared. Somehow I didn’t like ThaiLily’s version.

The next time you’re at United Square or the Novena area, just cross the little side road to get to ThaiLily for a good meal. In this picture below, you’ll see a motorcyclist right in front of where ThaiLily is located… and the adult-and-child pair about to cross the road is in front of Udders. Get some good (spicy) Thai food then walk over to Udders for ice cream. Sounds like a plan? 😀

thai lily restaurant novena

Thai Lily is located at 165 Thomson Road, Goldhill Centre, Singapore 307618.

We went by when there was 50% discount via Eatigo, so the bill for everything we ordered came up to just S$22! 😀

3 Must-try Items When @ Saizeriya

Saizeriya singapore

The Four Cheese Ravioli is a must-try though you can forget about the Mentaiko Flavor Shrimp & Broccoli Spaghetti 😛

I think Singaporeans love Saizeriya because there’s no service charge nor GST here. 😀 How do they do this – not having to charge GST? I have no idea. Is it due to franchising? Anyway, according to IRAS, “As a business, you must register for GST when your taxable turnover exceeds $1million.” Saizeriya has outlets all over Singapore; I counted about 22 on their website. So hopefully I get to solve this mystery one day. I know one outlet just sprouted up recently at Punggol’s Oasis Terraces. We dined at the outlet at Pasir Ris yesterday and, for your sake and mine, I’m just going to list down the 3 must-order items at Saizeriya because they are so good.

1: Garlic Focaccia $2.20

2: Bismark Pizza $7.90

3: 4 Cheese Ravioli $5.90

The Garlic Focaccia is served warm, fluffy and so, so soft. It may not look like much in the picture below, but I can assure you it’s one of the best items on Saizeriya’s menu!

Saizeriya garlic focaccia

And you can dip it in any sauce really. We had ours with the cheese in the 4-Cheese Ravioli dish, and it was delicious! I don’t even know what sort of filling goes into the ravioli (yes, I really can’t tell!) but the cheese is awesome.

Darling and I are both fans of poached eggs so when we see something like that in the middle of the Bismark pizza, we would not prick it. One of us (guess who?) would get the honor of polishing it off whole. 😀

Saizeriya review

The pizza cutter was plain useless. So we attacked the pizza with our fingers and cutlery instead. 😀 Don’t be so serious ‘cos though the place looks like a restaurant, it feels more casual, like dining at a foodcourt. Plus, you get to mix your drinks at the Drinks Bar. I like the Lemon Tea + Sprite combo very much. 😀


Have you been to Saizeriya before? Let me know what else you’d recommend I try! 🙂

Update: Sengkang CC’s Durian Festival – Complimentary Durians REDEEMED!

sengkang cc durian festival

After I blogged about Sengkang CC’s Durian Festival, I got a full refund from the CC the very next day. AND we’ve also gotten our complimentary durians. Durian 36 really impressed with the size and the quality of the durians! So all is forgiven! 😀 (Btw, this has nothing to do with my blogpost or status as a blogger) My sweetheart went to collect the durians on his own. Durian 36 offered him a choice: either 6 medium-sized durians or get 1 really big “Old Tree” durian in place of 2 medium-sized ones. So he came home with one big Old Tree durian and 4 medium-sized durians, in exchange for our 3 Durian Festival tickets. As you can see in the picture above, with my 1-litre Nalgene bottle for a size reference, that Old Tree durian is humongous. Besides Old Tree, there’s Red Prawn, Penang Prawn and D24. But don’t ask me which is which ‘cos I can tell they taste different but I won’t know which is a D24 and which is a Penang Prawn durian. 😀

The huge Old Tree durian, not Mao Shan Wang by the way (since I’ve reviewed Old Tree Mao Shan Wang in an earlier blogpost I’ve since deleted)…

durian 36 singapore

We’re guessing this is the Red Prawn:

durian 36 geylang

One small segment (2 seeds) seemed to be rotten and was discarded. But we had enough durian for 3 containers…

durian festival singapore

Taste-wise, they’re creamy, bittersweet, not too watery, pretty delightful when chilled. Seeds are big, yes, but they aren’t Mao Shan Wang durians so it’s understandable.


So after the end of this durian debacle, I think it’s clear that the next time someone decides to organize ‘Singapore’s Largest Durian Festival’ and perhaps set some kind of record, it is best to consider a few factors, such as:

  1. Getting more than 1 supplier
  2. Have the event at the start or middle of the durian season, instead of nearing its tail end, when supply would have lessened
  3. Getting people to book the timeslot for durian collection to reduce waiting time in the queue
  4. Not overstretching. 6,000 tickets = 12,000 durians = greater chance of failing. Why not just sell 1,000 tickets and make the event a resounding success?


If anyone’s wondering, the durians are from Durian 36’s Geylang outlet (which is also the company’s HQ). Get your durians there if you still have your Durian Festival tickets with you. Best to call before you head over, to check on the durian stocks / arrival times.

Fish & Co. @ Waterway Point: Surprisingly Good Food!

fish and co review

I’ve dined at just about every F&B outlet in Waterway Point, yet I’ve never visited Fish & Co. before. Isn’t that strange? Had a fabulous lunch there today, also because of the awesome company (thanks, Samy!) I don’t have much to say about the service (rather lukewarm, like Monday blues have been carried over to Tuesday) and the company itself (processes not quite in place since they ran out of ‘chips’ so you can have fish and (no) chips today). But either we are geniuses at ordering just the right items, or the standard’s just so high at this outlet, ‘cos both the mains we ordered were SO YUMMY!

Here’s the lunch set menu:

fish and co lunch menu

I had the White Fish with Ebiko Gratin ($13.95) that comes with two sides and a drink. My pal had the Peri peri chicken with golden fried fish ($15.95), also with two sides and a drink. As they were totally out of chips, we had the paella rice and coleslaw. SO GOOD!

Just look at the state of my plate after I was done:

fish and co waterway point review


And here’s the best of both worlds… the peri peri chicken (that sauce is amazeballs, and yes, I think it goes better with rice than chips. Haha!) and the fried fish which my pal says is battered and fried so well, it’s like goreng pisang. 😀

fish and co waterway point

Pic credit: Samy Rajoo

For a business that serves such delicious fried fish, it’s rather strange how few diners there are at lunchtime, as compared to its neighbor next door that serves raw fish.

My pal asked how I would jazz up this business. And I think you really have to get customers through the door, that’s all. I’ve been blogging about Waterway Point since the mall first opened its doors to the public, and I’ve not dined at Fish & Co. Maybe the fengshui isn’t good and I’ve never felt “drawn” here? There must be some awesome promotion that gets people in, to try the taste of the food and get them hooked.

Maybe a 1-for-1 promotion? Maybe a $5.90 lunch set meal offer for a week? Maybe buy a main and get a soup, drink and dessert for free?

But service, yes, service definitely needs to be better. Welcome diners and usher them to their seats. SMILE. Be friendly. Ask if they’ve dined here before. Don’t just hand them an iPad after the meal to ask for feedback / to collect particulars for marketing purposes. 😛

And don’t you dare run out of chips again. Seriously? Fish and chips WITHOUT chips? Would you have chicken rice without rice? Prawn mee without noodles? 😛


And don’t place the spoon on my fish (as in the first picture above). Put it on the side where there’s no food. Or place it on the serviette on the table. It’s a $13.95++ meal, not a $3.50 one at a hawker centre, after all.

Still, the food was delicious. So all is forgiven. 😀 😀

*StarHub subscribers who spend at least $40 on a la carte items can redeem complimentary Fried Calamari. Only for dine-in; no takeaways! Valid till 31 Dec 2018. Check in-store for more details.

Sengkang CC’s Durian Festival Is An EPIC FAIL And Supplier ‘Durian 36’ Disappoints

sengkang cc durian festival

Sengkang CC got durian lovers all excited when they started selling tickets to the Durian Festival 2018 last month. The much-anticipated Festival would see some 6,000 durian lovers (residents of Sengkang and Punggol) descend on the Sengkang CC Hardcourt today, between 10am and 8pm, to enjoy what is supposed to be a durian feast. Tickets were sold at $5 each and limited to 1 per person on 24th June. Each ticket would entitle you to collect two durians. Some Sengkang residents were even turned away because they didn’t stay within a certain “residential area”. Others queued for hours and finally got their tickets. Today, it was a major disappointment when the event ended early because of a host of reasons: insufficient durians, poor quality of durians, etc.

It’s really strange how the CC can sell 6,000 tickets a month ago, and still not have sufficient durians for the event today. There are a ton of complaints over at the Sengkang CC Facebook page, and also on MP Teo Ser Luck’s page.

Many found themselves in the queue for the redemption of durians for hours, and were then told there were no more durians, and they had to QUEUE again for a refund. Let’s clap for the organisers…

sengkang community centre durian festival 2018

And because there’s “No Selection of Durians”, people received puny durians and also rotten ones too, according to posts shared on Facebook…

sengkang cc durian festival small durians

sengkang cc durian festival rotten durians


As we’d been told they had run out of durians, we left the queue and proceeded to the nearest outlet where the durian supplier supposedly had a stall…

Durian 36’s outlet at Blk 102 Hougang Avenue 1, #01-1195, was totally out of durians.

durian 36 hougang

So many of us went over to this Hougang branch and were turned away as there simply were no durians. The dude manning the stall seemed a little shifty to me, when he claimed he did not have the contact number of the HQ in Geylang and did not know how to contact his boss. He was eventually persuaded to put a call through to his boss, but even then we did not get the response we expected. We were told to make a trip down to Geylang but there’s no guarantee there’ll be durians there. Well played. We left for home instead.


I found this new update by another person who went to the Durian Festival and was turned away a little later than us:

sengkang cc facebook page

Apparently, the CC had run out of cash for refunds (wahaha!) but would give us refunds from tomorrow onwards, till 5th of August, and we can still proceed to Durian 36’s outlets and get “complimentary durians”.

And here’s Sengkang CC’s update: We should “wait for the next durian season which could be up to 6 months later“…

Sengkang Community Club

I’m so tired of this nonsense. In 6 months’ time, who knows whether the company would still be around or whether it would have rebranded to call itself something else – maybe Durian 69 or something else – and then we’d still not have any durians. Sigh.

Green Signature @ Waterway Point: The *Optional* Appetizers Will Cost You $5!

green signature waterway point review

Because there’s an awesome deal on Fave by Groupon, whereby you can get a $25 cash voucher for just $10, we returned to Green Signature at Waterway Point for dinner yesterday evening. After we got ourselves seated around a table, one of their staff came over with two small dishes – peanuts and some pickled vegetables – and placed them on our table. We immediately told her we didn’t want them. I’d suspected it’s not complimentary, yet I didn’t know how much it’d cost. So when I was settling the bill at the cashier’s, I asked. And was told that each small appetizer dish costs $2.50, so I’d have to pay $5 for these two items which no one ordered, if we hadn’t said ‘no’. Wow. I can imagine how much this ‘initiative’ would add to the company’s bottom line if all the customers (or, at least, a large majority) went ahead and accepted them (either thinking nothing of the fee, or assuming it’s free of charge). However, I suspect that it’ll leave a sour taste in one’s mouth when you see the extra $5++ on your bill at the end of your meal, if you’d thought the restaurant was offering you something ‘on the house’.

On Green Signature’s FB page, it’s easy to spot ‘complaints’ regarding the $5 appetizers:

Green Signature Facebook Page

That said, service was good! Like when we were dining at Chicken Hotpot in CompassOne, there’s was a middle-aged lady who was so sweet to us at Green Signature. I think her nametag read ‘Ah Moi’ or something like that.

We had a (large) serving of ‘Hotplate with Assorted Mushroom Green Tea Flat Mee’, that costs $14.90++. There’s egg between the noodles and the hotplate, so it was delightful. Ask for some pickled green chili and some red chili sauce as well. It’s really yummy. At Green Signature, we’ve already decided that mock meat dishes are not as good as those which involve only vegetables and mushrooms. 😀 You can’t go wrong when you avoid meat + mock meat.

green signature waterway point

green signature waterway point review

This time round, I had the Pumpkin and Peanut Porridge ($8.90). See? If my porridge already contains peanuts, why would I want to pay an additional $2.50 for another appetizer dish of the same peanuts? Really doesn’t make sense to me. The porridge tastes very good when eaten with the mushrooms from the noodle dish above. 😀 They complement each other well.

We also had the Honey Lemon Citron Tea ($3.80); not too bad, just a little too diluted with lots of ice and probably too much water. But for people who don’t like their drinks to be too sweet, this is perfect.

vegetarian food waterway point punggol

I think we’ll be back again, whenever there’s a good promotion going on. Otherwise, yes, prices can be a little steep for what is essentially vegetarian / vegan food. If you’re popping by soon, why not get their Fave voucher ($10 for $25 cash voucher)?


Green Signature is located at #01-29 of Waterway Point, where Zakka Modern Thai was previously.

ZARA Sale + Lunch @ Siam Village

zara singapore sale

Before a scheduled lunch appointment with a pal today, which I’d turned up for early as usual (read this post regarding how upset I can get sometimes if people are late and choose to lie along the way), I found that there was a ZARA sale happening in the building where his office was located. MY GOODNESS! Just about everything was going at $8 a piece! It made me wonder why I didn’t get there even earlier, so I’d have more time to shop! 😀

The ridiculous prices:

zara 2018 sale

The location is 190 Macpherson Road, Wisma Gulab. It’s at level 1, near the entrance. I’m not sure if they’re even open during the weekends but my pal told me that there’s usually more / new stock during weekends. So, if you happen to be in the area, just swing by lah!

As I had about 15 – 20 minutes to shop before meeting my pal for lunch, I picked out only 3 pieces. And that made me very happy already. 😀

Lunch was at Siam Village (77 Jalan Wangi, Sennett Estate, Singapore 349388). I don’t think I’ve heard of Siam Village before. But my pal said the Thai food here is good, so I was happy to go along with his recommendation. If the place is good enough for the GM of a listed company, I’d think it’s good enough for me. LOL.

I had the Phad Thai Seafood Noodle. At Chinese restaurants, people usually order fried rice to “see” if the chef is skilled. For me, at Thai eateries, I order phad thai. If it’s good, I’ll certainly try the other dishes next time too. 🙂

siam village macpherson

And it’s delicious! Together with a drink (Thai Ice Tea / Lemongrass / Barley), it’s just $9 per set!

siam village macpherson review

As for the Crispy Prawn Cake, it’s $11.50 for 2 pieces or $18 for 4. Their Thai Style Fish Cake is less pricey, at $8.50 for 6 pieces or $14 for 10 pieces. Apparently, the Salted Egg Chicken Drumlets are really good too. <- Have to try these next time!


I’m really unfamiliar with the Macpherson area, so it was truly a surprise for me to be able to enjoy a yummy Thai lunch and also indulge in some ZARA shopping right here today. TGIF indeed! 😀