Zakka Modern Thai at Waterway Point: Good Thai Food in Punggol

Zakka Modern Thai at Punggol Waterway Point

Punggol’s new mall, Waterway Point, has many interesting restaurants and one of them is Zakka Modern Thai. If you like Thai food, it is one restaurant you might want to visit soon. At Zakka Modern Thai, I discovered some very tasty dishes that I want to recommend to all my friends. So read on… :)

Zakka Modern Thai

If you’re curious about what Zakka means, here’s what a quick Google search brings up:

Zakka meaning

At Zakka, the chefs make little improvements to original Thai recipes so as to bring authentic Thai food to the next level – modern and extraordinary, yet not “fusion” nor pretentious. In other words, they strive to make good Thai dishes taste even better to Singaporeans. I’ve heard that the head chef has been cooking Thai food for over 20 years, so I was definitely looking forward to this lunch hosted by Zakka. *Thanks so much for having me and my pals over! :D

Zakka has proven that a good recipe can still be improved upon. For instance, the watermelon salad comes with salmon instead of catfish (which is in the original recipe) because the chefs have found that salmon makes this Thai dish taste even better.

And while the chefs are given the leeway to unleash their creativity when it comes to the menu, customers also have the option of making special requests. If you don’t like your food to be very spicy, the chef can omit the chili from the salad, for example. So don’t be afraid of asking. :)


Here are the dishes we tried:

Salmon & Watermelon Salad S$12.80

Zakka Salmon and Watermelon Salad

You’ve probably tried mango salad at many other restaurants. But this salmon and watermelon salad is a combination of sweet watermelon balls + sour-ish mango slices + crispy salmon: an interesting mix of taste and texture. I really love the addition of watermelon, which offers a refreshing respite when you’ve been eating a lot of spicy Thai food. :) So don’t polish off this appetizer too quickly! LOL.

Seafood Tom Yum Soup S$12.80

Zakka Seafood Tom Yum Soup

One great thing about Zakka is the chef’s willingness to tone down the level of spiciness – just indicate to the wait staff that you’d like a less spicy version of tom yum soup. :) This one was just right, allowing us to slurp up the soup like a pro, without setting our tongues on fire. For the price, though, it would be great if there could be more of the yummy seafood and mushrooms. :)

Zakka Wings S$8.80

Zakka Wings Waterway Point

Zakka places a lot of emphasis on wanting customers to enjoy their visit, so they go the extra mile in cutting the mid-joint chicken wings into two, so it’s easier to eat without having to struggle with getting the chicken meat out from between two bones. Very thoughtful indeed.

(Homemade) Salmon Otah S$9.80

Zakka Salmon Otah

When I saw this on the menu, I knew I just had to order it. And it did not disappoint! Actually, I can eat just this homemade salmon otah, plain rice, plus a cup of thai milk tea. It’d be a most satisfying meal already. The otah is so tasty, and the level of spiciness is just perfect. I need to order this again! :D And no, the next time round, I won’t be sharing the otah with anyone. It’s all MINE! :D

Iberico Garlic Pork S$14.80

Zakka Iberico Garlic Pork

This is deep-fried Spanish Iberico pork collar served with a Thai green chili dip. Actually the pork is awesome just on its own. And it went so well with my plate of white rice. :D If you’re like me and you’re wondering why it’s called “iberico pork” instead of just “pork”, well here’s the answer from Google: “The Ibérico pig is an indigenous species that is only found in the Iberian peninsula. The superb quality of the meat from the Ibérico pig is down to the climate, their freedom to roam outdoors and their diet.” In short, this is very yummy atas pork. Order and try ok? :)

Thai Style Braised Pork Knuckle S$14.80

Zakka Thai Style Braised Pork Knuckle

You can’t really tell how truly BIG this serving of pork knuckle is from the photo. But it’s great value for money! Make sure you order this dish if you are a fan of pork knuckle. I guarantee you won’t regret it. We shared this among the three of us! The meat is so tender and it’s quite amazing how it falls off the bone. Braised to perfection, this is. MUST order!

Salt Baked Fish S$32.80 – whole seabass

Zakka Waterway Point Salt Baked Fish

This salt baked fish can definitely feed a whole family. :) The waiter helped remove the layer of salt and the skin of the fish, and revealed well-baked (and still tender) fish, with steam still rising from it. You can either eat the flesh of the fish on its own, or wrap it up in a lettuce leaf, together with the coriander and other herbs, with a little squeeze of lime, plus the sauce. And whatever you do, DO NOT eat the layer of salt ok? LOL

Claypot Black Pepper Crayfish S$15.80

Zakka Claypot Black Pepper Crayfish

I love glass noodles with everything. Whether it’s with this black pepper crayfish or with steamboat, I simply love tang hoon. So for me this would make a very satisfying meal on its own. :)

And now… for dessert! Likely the HIGHLIGHT of our meal! :D

The Mango Sticky Rice (S$12.80) comes with two-color glutinous rice served with fresh mango and coconut ice cream with azuki beans.

Zakka Mango Sticky Rice

This is indeed Zakka – an improvement on the original mango sticky rice. You get black glutinous rice too, beside the white. And red beans with the coconut ice cream. What can I say? You definitely should order this dessert after your meal. And go ahead and share it among 2, 3 or even 4 friends. :)

As for drinks, like any decent Thai food restaurant, there’s free iced water. You can also order the juices which are all freshly squeezed. And here’s what we had:

Zakka Waterway Point

[ Chai Milk Tea Latte S$5.90, Watermelon Breeze S$8.90, Thai Iced Lemongrass S$5.90 ]


Zakka Modern Thai comes under the same parent company that manages The French Table (also at Waterway Point). I think it might be beneficial if they do some kind of cross-promotion, such as giving diners at Zakka some vouchers to try out TFT’s food as well, and vice versa. This way, customers can enjoy the same attention to detail, the same great value for money, and the same enjoyable dining experience. I’m a fan of The French Table’s set lunch promo – check out my review here. :)

To visit Zakka Modern Thai, head to #01-29 of Waterway Point’s East Wing. Opening hours: 1130am to 10pm. Tel: 6385 8044.

*Lots of thanks to my pal, Bosco from Hearted Moments Photography, for the pictures taken of this meal. :D


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Pine Garden’s Cake: That ‘New Old School’ Bakery In Ang Mo Kio

Pine Garden's Cake

I’ve known about Pine Garden’s Cake for a long time now. I even did an interview (back in 2011) with the founders’ son, who calls himself the ‘baker’s boy’ in EDM blasts. :) I was back at Pine Garden’s Cake in Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 today to pick up the tub of pineapple tarts that I had pre-ordered from them – I paid S$25.38 for a tub of some 40 tarts I think. There’s 6% off the usual price if you order them early. LOL. Yes, 6%. And since the bakery is not anywhere near my home, and I had to travel a bit just to get there, I ended up picking up some hazelnut cookies and cake slices too! :D #SingaporeanBuyersMentality

pine gardens cakes

So here I have a slice of Lychee Martini cake (OH YEAH! Lychee Martini. It tastes as good as it sounds), Black Forest cake (‘cos I like black forest cakes lah) and a tiny rum ball that costs S$2 ‘cos it’s what my mom likes but don’t ask me why. So that’s basically my family’s way of getting fat over the weekend. Yup. I know it’ll rock. :)

And here’s my quick review of the ‘cookies’ I brought home today. First, the pineapple tarts. Honestly, when I first set eyes upon them in the bakery today, I was disappointed. The pastry looked dry and I was thinking “Oh no! Did I purchase the wrong item?! ARGH!!!” When I got home and tried it though, it’s actually very yummy and didn’t taste dry at all. In fact, it appears as if the bakers who made these put as much thought into creating the pastry as they did for the pineapple filling. Ladies and gentlemen, the lesson here is: Looks are deceiving. This tub of pineapple tarts has gotten my stamp of approval. If you see it at a discount at any point in time, BUY!

Pine Gardens cake

As for the Hazelnut cookies, my goodness! After eating one, I realized that I’ve never actually known the REAL meaning of ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ until I popped one of these hazelnut wonders into my mouth. It just disintegrates immediately on your tongue, and you are left amazed… wondering how the bakers got the cookie to stay in one piece in the beginning if it falls apart so easily! Real magic in a tub. MUST TRY!!! I bought one tub for the future in-laws (a really great choice ‘cos no chewing is required) and one tub for my trainer, who I know will appreciate them (and make me do fewer push-ups, I hope). And if you’re wondering how I got one piece to try, well, my most discerning other half KNEW exactly what I was thinking – he offered me the cookies out of the tub I had gotten for his parents. Ahahaha!

And, whatever you do, DO NOT talk to me about calories, workouts, getting fat, etc. It’s Chinese New Year, and a Chinese person has gotta do what a Chinese person must. Otherwise, why do people hire personal trainers? Hahahaha! :D And if you need a recommendation for a trainer, contact me for more information. *wink*

The Coffee House @ Waterway Point: Good Drinks Here!

The Coffee House Waterway Point

I popped by The Coffee House at Waterway Point with my pals for a post-dinner ‘la kopi’ session. It is by no means a Hong Kong style cha chan teng, it is very much Singaporean. Actually we chose The Coffee House because Ya Kun was not serving any food once it’s 9.30pm (very strange since the outlet closes at 10pm), we found that the drinks at The Coffee House are decent!

I had the Teh-C, which was pretty good. And my pals had iced kopi and the soursop cooler. If you’d like to meet your pals for a drink at Waterway Point, do head to The Coffee House.

The food, though, needs some working on. The pictures in the menu are very well-taken, admittedly.

I ordered the laksa (S$7.30) and even before it was served, the wait staff came over to say that the “la la” is unavailable so is it ok if they put more ‘hum‘ into my laksa instead? I was stumped. Laksa got la la meh? Anyway, the boss also came over and offered to include scallops instead. But someone at my table told him there’s no need to, even though it was MY laksa order. Whuttttttttt… And the boss happily did not include any scallops in my laksa. And there were just 5 small pieces of ‘hum‘ i.e. cockles. At times like these, I appreciate the tasting sessions held for bloggers – we get anything and everything we want to eat. If you’re an ordinary customer… well… yeah. ;) :P

One point for improvement: the laksa broth is not quite hot… just slightly above lukewarm… therefore tak shiok.

The Coffee House Laksa

I figured that instead of paying S$25.80 for laksa with grilled lobster and not knowing whether it tastes good beforehand, why not just try the laksa on its own first? If it’s good, then order the lobster version next time, ya? *Anyway the lobster version was not available during my visit. The kong ba pau also wasn’t available. And neither was the muah chee, and a few other items. Bummer.

The Coffee House Laksa with Grilled Lobster

The popiah (at S$5.50 for 2 pieces) tasted very ‘vegetarian’:

The Coffee House popiah

I think the white radish used was not drained well enough so the popiah skin got soaked and rather soggy. The chili could do with more oomph and maybe add prawn or something else into the popiah for better texture?

BUT I have to say that the menu looks pretty awesome. The pictures are so enticing, and the concept is cool. Take their oyster seafood soup, for instance, which seems like something I would try. Question is, if the coffee house runs out of oysters, will they give me scallops? :P ;) :D

The Coffee House Oyster Seafood Soup

Good place for drinks lah! Will be back for Teh-C!

The Coffee House is at #B2-05 of Waterway Point.

Buddy Hoagies @ Waterway Point: No Service Charge, Free Iced Water!

Buddy Hoagies Western BBQ Chicken

My pals ate at Buddy Hoagies at Waterway Point recently and highly recommended (to me) the baked potato and coleslaw. So the fiancé and I popped by for dinner yesterday and we tried the Western BBQ Chicken (S$9.90) and Fish n Chips (S$9.90). The prices are pretty affordable for “Western food”, right? And the best part is you don’t have to pay for service charge, only the GST. FREE iced water is also provided. :)

Buddy Hoagies Fish And Chips

I had the fish and chips and I must say that I like the breaded dory – crispy on the outside, moist on the inside. I hate fish and chips that end up tasting like burnt fish fillets, if you know what I mean. These ones here are pretty good. The fries are ‘meah‘ but I like the baked potato! Can I have 2 x baked potato instead? :D

The Western BBQ Chicken you see in the first picture above was tasty. And there’s that smoky, charcoal sort of smell, like when eating satay. If I had been blind-folded and fed small pieces at a time, I would have thought I was eating chicken satay. It was well-glazed, moist inside, and overall pretty tasty. The onion rings are good too. Pity the coleslaw was so-so (tastes kinda like KFC’s, I feel).

The portions are reasonable, and leave enough space for dessert. I highly recommend Miam Miam‘s. And oh, I’d love to try the rosti at Buddy Hoagies next time. Yes! They serve Rosti! :D

If you’re not in the mood for western food, check out my other top 5 best value-for-money restaurants and eateries in Waterway Point! :D

Buddy Hoagies is located at #02-22 of Waterway Point (just opposite the foodcourt) Tel: 6385 8328

Miam Miam @ Waterway Point: Desserts Probably Worth Getting Fat For

Miam Miam Chocolate Molleaux

Remember in my previous post about the 5 Best Value-for-money Restaurants & Eateries in Waterway Point I mentioned Miam Miam and their Chocolate Molleaux, which I had yet to try? Well, now I have! :D Do not be deceived by my photo – it is actually a really small dessert. If you’re sharing it with a loved one, well, there’s not very much to share! :D It is basically a dark chocolate lava cake (served warm) with softee – that combination of hot + cold is awesome. This little dessert costs S$9.80. Great for special occasions, methinks. :) [*Wait about 15-20 minutes while your dessert is being prepared!]

Then, we had the irresistible Caramelised Bananas Pancake too. It costs S$13.80 (a dollar more than when I reviewed Miam Miam at Westgate two years ago). The softee melts super fast, probably ‘cos the pancake is warm, but the best part has to be those caramelised chunky pieces of banana. Sedap! This particular dessert is more suitable for sharing than the Chocolate Molleaux (try pronouncing the word, by the way!) :D

Miam Miam Caramelised Bananas Pancake


My pals had dinner here too. The omu rice was described as being “egg on rice, that’s all”. But the pasta here seems pretty enjoyable. I have to say it again: Miam Miam is really great for dessert. I’m not so sure about the French-Japanese fusion food, but the desserts are really YUM! :D But, of course, eat them early in the day if you can, unless you are like some of my pals who just don’t get fat no matter how large their sugar intake is. *sigh*

Miam Miam Waterway Point

Waterway Point Miam Miam

Miam Miam is located at #01-62 Waterway Point. Tel: 68370301.

5 Best Value-For-Money Restaurants And Eateries In Waterway Point

Before Waterway Point opened, I spent very little on food, preferring to cook my own meals at home. But now that there are so many restaurants and eateries (which are new to Punggol) to check out, I’ve busted my budget in under a week. In this blogpost, I’ll share with you my top 5 recommendations for the best restaurants and eateries in Waterway Point that are absolutely worth every dollar you spend there! :) Go check them out if you’re visiting Waterway Point, and keep your fingers crossed that these establishments aren’t crowded when you visit! If you need a guide to Waterway Point’s slightly confusing East and West Wings, click here.

#1: The French Table (S$9.90++ Lunch Promo)

The French Table Teriyaki Beef with Rice and Sunny Side Up

Read my review of The French Table here. I highly recommend their Braised Pork Belly with Mash set! I had their cream of tomato soup and their iced peach tea with my meal. The total cost for 2 pax to dine here with their lunch promo is only S$23.30. The restaurant is located at #01-31 of Waterway Point. UNBEATABLE price, DELICIOUS food. :)

#2: Encik Tan: S$5 Signature Noodles (*HALAL eatery)

Encik Tan Waterway Point

There’s always a long queue outside Encik Tan’s. And I finally decided to brave the queue for a late lunch today. It was past 3pm, mind you. The lady at the cashier said last night’s queue was even longer, and I would definitely not have gotten any food then. OMG. I ordered their Signature Noodles (S$5 + S$1 top up for lime juice). I like the fishballs, their special chicken meatballs, and especially their chili sauce which works so well with the meepok! And I don’t even like meepok in the first place! But I whacked this whole bowl of noodles because it was yummy and I was hungry after queuing for so long. LOL! Encik Tan’s is located at #B2-03 of Waterway Point.

#3: Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh (*Free soup refills)

Waterway Point Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh

You can read my review of Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh here. I’m not Cantonese but I do love drinking soup. And I like bak kut teh because I get free refills of soup. LOL. I also heard from a friend who dined here after I did, that some customers (who are in the know) requested for free 卤汁 (braised meat sauce?) for drizzling over their rice. And the smoked duck is supposedly pretty good too (I wouldn’t know; I don’t eat ‘smoked’ items). Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh is located at #B1-23 of Waterway Point.

#4: Miam Miam (great place for dessert if you’re already sick of fruit tarts)

Miam Miam Berries Cheesecake Parfait

I’d visited another Miam Miam outlet at Westgate two years ago. Their Caramelised Banana Pancake, and this Berries Cheesecake Parfait are out-of-this-world, according to my earlier review. *Update: I’ve tried the Chocolate Molleaux dessert at Waterway Point! :D Check out my review of Miam Miam at Waterway Point (location: #01-62).

#5: Pizza Hut (Say what?! YEAH! Pizza Hut!)

Pizza Hut Waterway Point

On the opening day of Waterway Point last Monday, EVERYWHERE was packed with people. And for my lunch appointment, I had no choice but to head to Pizza Hut where it had what looked like the shortest queue among all the restaurants that were open for business. XD I ordered the Valulicious Set Lunch which included the Pesto Baked Salmon you see in the picture above, chicken soup and an iced lemon tea. It cost S$17.20. After making payment, I noticed that at the bottom of the receipt was an invitation to take a survey (just like on Subway receipts!) and the reward was a FREE personal pan pizza (choose from Hawaiian and Veggie) on my next visit. Pretty cool eh? I have yet to claim my free pizza, but I’m already very happy about it. LOL. Oh, and service was excellent too. :) Pizza Hut is located at #B1-11 of Waterway Point.


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Lok Kee @ Plaza Singapura: Delicious Food In A Playful Setting

Lok Kee Plaza Singapura

I’ve been seeing Facebook posts about the flaming pineapple dish from Lok Kee, and I finally got to try it yesterday evening during dinner with my pals! LOL! Lok Kee is located at Plaza Singapura #03-01 (the original building; not the extension wing). There are so many interesting dishes that you should try when you visit, but this pineapple-set-on-fire one is a must try, for sure.

It’s actually called Awesome Flaming Pineapple Beef (S$32). Braised beef cubes served in a pineapple that’s set on fire right before your eyes. Yes, get those cameras ready. It’s best to take a video of the whole spectacle though! :)

Lok Kee Plaza Singapura

We came here with a Groupon and a prior reservation. If not, I would definitely not have dined here. Because while service standards within the restaurant are good, there was absolutely no one near the entrance to “welcome” us, at about 7pm yesterday. I was flabbergasted. People were coming over to check out the menu but there was no one to welcome them into the restaurant, and people like me who had a prior reservation were left standing around like fools because staff inside appeared busy (while not all tables were filled) and made weird hand signals at us. Tsk tsk.

I had time to photograph the menu, the restaurant, and also take some selfies. :PLok Kee Plaza Singapura

When we finally got ushered to a table (thank heavens), we found the funny place setting that made me chuckle. What looks like a condom packet sitting on your plate actually contains a wet tissue. LOL! So playful right? I told ya!

Lok Kee Plaza Singapura Place Setting

For starters, we had the yummy Golden Crispy Fish Skin (S$12) – the fish skin is deep fried with garlic and salted egg yolk. A really addictive snack. More than enough for 4 people to share!

Lok Kee Golden Crispy Fish Skin

We also had the Poke salad (which is served with your choice of either white rice, brown rice or tortilla chips… we picked tortilla). This S$18 salad contains diced tuna and salmon sashimi, with their house special sauce. The portion size is small… maybe just for one person.

Lok Kee Poke Salad

Actually I have to thank my pal, Steven, for introducing me to both Dancing Crab and Lok Kee. He’s the one with the exquisite taste buds and the generosity for introducing his friends to the restaurants he likes. :) Check out his blogpost about Lok Kee here – he’d ordered other dishes when he dined here previously with his family.

And here’s yet another pal who gamely posed for a picture after this HUGE tray of fish was served! The portion size gave us all a shock. It’s Tomato Broth Grilled Fish (S$68) – it was served with cabbage, tofu skin, tomatoes and white beech mushrooms.

 Lok Kee Tomato Broth Grilled Fish

The fish was tender, I liked the tomatoes, but I found the chinese cabbage strangely sour.

For “carbs”, we had Chow Mein (S$14) – fried noodles with shredded chicken, char siew, carrots, celery, and the chef’s “special seasoning”. It came in a takeaway box. How… erm… unique.

Lok Kee Chow Mein

We also ordered the X.O. Sauce Crab Meat Fried Rice (which usually serves 2). It costs S$20. I like the crab… obviously. But otherwise, it’s a very, very ordinary plate of fried rice, sorry.

Lok Kee X.O. Sauce Crab Meat Fried Rice

For dessert, we had the Banana Egg Roll (S$12) which came with 4 small scoops of coconut sorbet. It was a really refreshing and sweet end to a very filling meal. If we had ordered the fried mantou with ice cream instead, it would have been really ‘jelat‘.

Lok Kee Banana Egg Roll

It’s banana encased in a crispy spring roll. I call this ‘atas goreng pisang’. Hahaha! :D

Inside Lok Kee Banana Egg Roll

Very yummy though! Go give it a try! :D No matter how full you feel, there’s always a little room for dessert! :D

For drinks, we had the 8 Treasures tea. It costs S$3 per person. It’s served in a teapot and the best part is that it’s refillable!!! :D The tea contains goji berries, chrysanthemum, winter melon, red date, ginseng, dried grape, jasmine and baby rose… hence “8 treasures”! I really like this tea!

Lok Kee 8 Treasures Tea

After our meal, the waitress brought over 4 complimentary fortune cookies which we quickly broke open and ate. Here are the hilarious slips of paper within our cookies. Mine read “You’ve just been chosen for the Hunger Games”. LOL. I’ll have to turn it down for fear of indigestion. :P One pal’s read “Error 404: Fortune not found” and he promptly went to take a sad-face selfie with it. Hahaha!

Lok Kee Fortune Cookies revealed

And when you visit, don’t forget to check out the effort put into the decor. :)

Near the entrance of Lok Kee are some cute figurines encased in glass. This one made me laugh. Why bubble tea???!!!

Lok Kee Plaza Singapura decor

Lok Kee is located at #03-01 Plaza Singapura

Tel: 6884 4566

The French Table @ Waterway Point: Amazing Value 9.90 Lunch Sets!

The French Table Braised Pork Belly With Mash

If you don’t already know, I am in love with Waterway Point, the new mall in Punggol. :D This is my 3rd food review in 4 days since the mall first opened on 18th Jan. LOL. I’m sorry the pictures don’t do justice to the AWESOME lunch I had at The French Table this afternoon. I was there slightly after 1pm today and it was so easy to get a table. I sensed that there were decidedly fewer people in Waterway Point today – has the ‘magic’ worn off already? My lunch companion and I had initially thought that The French Table sounds, you know, atas and maybe pricey. But their lunch specials cost just S$9.90 before tax and service charge!

I chose the Braised Pork Belly because who can resist pork belly, you tell me? :D And it was such a fabulous choice, even if I do say so myself! My knife sliced through the skin and fat like a hot knife through butter. The pork is so soft, and the fatty bits are so, well, fatty and delicious, that I just had to stop myself halfway to take this photo, as a reminder of a yummy meal:

The French Table Braised Pork Belly

And the mashed potato which came with the braised pork belly was incredibly tasty too! I want more of it!!! There was a salad as well.

And before I forget, we were first served the cream of tomato soup before the mains. I found it very tangy, and didn’t quite finish it. I guess they used real tomatoes to make this soup, for it to taste this sour. You can request for some pepper, if you’d like.

The French Table Cream Of Tomato Soup

And we both had the iced peach tea which came free with the set lunches. You can select iced ocha too. I was very impressed that the drink that came with my S$9.90 lunch actually had a peach slice in it! WOW! This blew me away.

The French Table Iced Peach Tea

He ordered the Teriyaki Beef with Rice and Sunny Side Up. It was a good choice too. Slice through the egg yolk with your knife and watch the runny yolk flow out and coat the rice and other ingredients below. The wonderful flavors feel like a dance is happening on your tongue. And I love how The French Table is generous with the mushrooms, onion, and beef. If the Braised Pork Belly is my favorite item here, this teriyaki beef with rice is a close second!

The French Table Teriyaki Beef with Rice and Sunny Side Up

My empty plate… HEHEHE!

The French Table Review

I asked one of the male wait staff how long this promotion would last and he said it’ll probably be 3 months or so. That definitely surprised me. Yummy Pork Belly at just S$9.90 and I can enjoy this promo for the next 3 months? No kidding! I don’t know how long this promo will actually last, but I do know that YOU should definitely pop by and try it yourself. I was told it’s available on weekends too! (Update: TFT Management has written to me to clarify that the promotion is NOT available on weekends! Please pop by on weekdays instead) Starting from 11am to about 3pm. Die die must try ok!

The French Table Lunch Set Promotion

And if your kids are tempted to touch the “display food” outside the restaurant, be warned that it is REAL food, not the plastic display ones. And you can check out the actual serving sizes. REALLY good value for money. I’ll be back, FOR SURE!

The French Table Waterway Point

Waterway Point The French Table

Set lunches for 2 cost us S$23.30 total, inclusive of tax. Unbeatable value for money. So pardon me for raving about this restaurant. In case you are wondering, nope, the food was not sponsored, and I was not paid for this review. I walked in today just like everyone else, lured by the pork belly display and low price! Haha!

The French Table boasts a good view of the Waterway and the surrounding area too. Get a table near the full-length windows if you can. It’s located at #01-31 of Waterway Point. Tel: 63858052. I noted that there were two child seats or high chairs (whatever you call them) during my visit. I’m not sure if it’s sufficient for the young families who will be visiting. So, maybe make a reservation before you head over if you are bringing a young kid, and tell the staff to reserve one for you?

Service was excellent this afternoon too. And they serve free water here – go grab a cup at the water dispenser. :)

And as the French might say… Bon Appétit!~

Final Update: TFT changes the lunch set menu every 2-3 weeks so you’re assured of something new each time you visit :) Most recently, it’s…

Soup: Cream of California and Corn
Main Courses: Pork Ragout Pizza OR Carbonara Pasta OR Chicken Curry Baked Rice with poached egg
Drinks: Iced Peach Tea / Iced Ocha
*I do hope they’ll change it back to pork belly again soon! :D :D :D

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Guide To Waterway Point’s East and West Wings

Waterway Point West and East Wings

When you first exit Punggol MRT station and walk towards Waterway Point, you’ll see people seated in a circle, with a West Wing entrance on your left, and an East Wing entrance on your right. This is where it gets confusing. If you are heading to the cinema, do you go left or right? What about if you’re going to the 24hr Fairprice Finest? Which way to the Wonderland indoor playground? What about Starbucks, and the Times bookstore, and the foodcourt? Because I experienced this confusion myself, I’m putting together this blogpost as a quick guide for those who want to know whether they need to head to the West Wing or the East Wing.

Here’s my rough guide to the main mall tenants that I like, to help you figure if you should go West OR East:

Waterway Point Store Directory Guide

*Please do not use this image without seeking prior permission. I’d spent quite a while putting it together :P

*So if you’re headed to the cinema, go East B2. If you are going to the 24hr supermarket, take West B2. The kids indoor playground at Waterway Point and all kids-related shops, plus the foodcourt is at West Level 2.

**Some of the shops are not open yet. E.g. Starbucks is open but Coffee Bean is still undergoing renovation work, as of 19th Jan. H&M and Uniqlo will only open on 28th Jan.

I had to head up and down both wings just to note which stores are located where. So if you spot any errors with this guide, please drop me a polite note, and accept this as a ‘human error’, my apologies in advance. If this guide is helpful to you, do share it with all your friends, my thanks in advance too. :)

If You Are Taking The Train To Punggol MRT Station

If you’re taking the train to Punggol to visit Waterway Point, do exit the station from Exit A. It will save you a lot of walking and road-crossing. As you can see in this picture below, exit A leads you directly to Waterway Point.

Punggol MRT exit to Waterway Point

If you exit the station from the other side, you’ll find yourself headed for the bus interchange instead. And you’ll have to *oops* jaywalk across the road to get to Waterway Point. Not the best option if it’s a really sunny day, or worse, if it’s raining. If you intend to pop by the new mall this weekend, be prepared to meet a large crowd of shoppers and people who just want to check out this long-awaited mall in Punggol.

Waterway Point Punggol

Hopefully the guide that I put together is useful in helping you decide when you get to the “crossroads” of Waterway Point’s entrances, whether you should enter the West Wing or the East Wing. I know the mall is still very new, and slightly “messy” because some shops are still not open and it’s easy to get ‘lost’ in this mall. So, I hope this is of help to you :)

Waterway Point Store Directory Guide

Do share this post with your friends who are visiting the mall too! :)

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Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh @ Waterway Point: Sweet, Not Peppery

Waterway Point Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh

I had an early dinner around 4 plus today at Waterway Point, because I wanted to avoid the mealtime crowds at lunchtime and also at dinnertime. I had supper at BurgerUP yesterday and because there were so many customers, our food took a while to be served, and it wasn’t actually warm either. Today’s early dinner at Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh was enjoyable. I could easily get a table though I was dining alone. And I enjoyed my bak kut teh in peace. :) If you’re heading to Waterway Point this weekend, be prepared for the crowds ok. My suggestion would be to avoid visiting the mall during mealtimes – 12 noon to 2pm, and 5pm to 8pm.

As you can see in the picture above, my order of their Pork Ribs Soup (S$7.50 for a regular portion *There’s also a Large portion at S$9.50) came with three pieces of pork ribs. And there was one small piece of garllic. I would have loved if there was more garlic. Hehe! :D

The broth itself is sweet. I can barely taste any pepper. I’m sure you’ve tried bak kut teh at other establishments before – it’s a fiery, peppery broth which makes you break out in sweat by the time you’re halfway through the meal, no? Here at Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh, the broth is sweet. I found that pretty interesting.

The menu is printed on the placemat:

Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh Punggol Waterway Point

*There are more items listed on the order form so do read it carefully

The Premium Loin Ribs bak kut teh (S$9.90 / S$11.90) which they are famous for was not available during my visit. I’d love to come by again soon to try it. What’s the difference between the premium and non-premium versions? Hmm. Will have to find out another day. Also, I thought the Lychee Red Tea (S$5.50) might taste good but since it is served in a tea pot, I’ll leave it for another day when I have a dining companion. I had a cup of their homemade barley (S$2) today. It was not too sweet at all, and I liked that there’s barley at the bottom of the cup to chew on. :)

I’m not too sure about the idea of printing the menu on the placemats. People tend to leave the pork bones behind on those placemats, which means the staff have to clear the soiled placemats after each diner leaves, then replace it with a new one. If Rong Hua used little table standees or traditional food menus which can be reused again and again, and staff cleaned each table with the wipe of a tablecloth, I think the company will see a considerable increase in cost savings. Plus it’s more environmentally friendly.

Waterway Point Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh menu

Service-wise, I think staff can be a little more proactive in offering to top up the soup in our bowls without being asked to. Then the dining experience would be near perfect. The initial bowl of soup was served at a temperature slightly above ‘lukewarm’, but the (free) top-up was steaming hot just the way I like my bak kut teh! :D Because I had visited before 4.30pm, when there were quite a few vacant tables, I’d expected a bit more in terms of customer service. :)

If you’re popping by Waterway Point and want to dine here, note that Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh is at B1 of the East Wing (in front of BEST Denki and M1). The unit number is B1-23. Tel: 6358 8765.

~ Update ~

Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh Smoked Duck

[ Pic Credit: Max ]

My pal had dinner here too, and told me that the smoked duck is pretty good. (Now I’m hungry) He also commented that their tofu dish is a little bit too salty. I’ll have to try them myself. :)