Today @ Crab In Da Bag: No Potatoes, No Burgers, No Air-Conditioning?!

Crab In Da Bag review

Crab In Da Bag at Nassim Road serves up good prawns though – plump, juicy, and despite being served with the shells intact, seem to require no deveining as the prawns are clean within! That was really the restaurant’s saving grace today because they were out of potatoes (HUH?!), burgers (seriously?!) and instead of air-conditioning, I felt the breeze only from this fan near our feet…

Crab in Da Bag Nassim Road

Not exactly what you’d expect from a restaurant at Orchard.

And the weather has been brutally hot recently so good air-conditioning would be much appreciated. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s a portion of Crab In Da Bag’s menu:

Crab In Da Bag Menu

To add the Red Skin Potato to your bag of seafood, it costs just $1 (but they were out of potatoes), so we went for the corn ($2.50) and Chicken Bratwurst Sausage ($4). As for the sauce, pick their Signature ‘Caboodle Mix’ which has garlic and butter over the ‘Mum’s Special’ sauce. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I like the creativity in making the bag also double up as the serving ‘bowl’…

Crab In Da Bag GIF

The decor in Crab In Da Bag is overwhelmingly nautical. I’d suppose couples may want to have their photoshoots here if they happen to favor this theme! ๐Ÿ˜€

Crab In Da Bag Singapore

And when you’re done with your meal and want to wash your hands, you’ll have to exit the restaurant via the glass door at the back and head into the mall, following the sign to the washroom, which is INCREDIBLY tiny. The ladies washroom has just one mini sink and two cubicles, which seem to be for kindergarteners, not fully grown adults.

I’m not sure if we’ll be back again. But if we do return, we’ll definitely order those prawns again, which are super fresh and therefore delicious!

Crab In Da Bag is at 1 Nassim Road, #01-01, Singapore 258458.

Tel: 6732 1311

Never Buy Insurance To “Support” A Friend!


You won’t be 2gether for long. ๐Ÿ˜›

I was ‘inspired’ to write this post after I found out what had happened to a friend of mine who had cancelled his original plan with ‘Insurance Company 1’ to get a plan from ‘Insurance Company 2’ to “support” a friend who’d just joined Company 2. There had been no major change in his life to warrant the switch – he didn’t get married, didn’t have a kid, etc – and basically had no reason to make the switch. He did it just to help this friend get started in Company 2. And get this… this switch meant he was paying THREE times the premium that he was paying previously. I thought that’s nuts! Was he mad or was he trying to woo the person, and even then he’d be madly in love? ๐Ÿ˜€ (If she’s a hot babe, I can totally understand ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

And you’ll probably have guessed by now. Things turned sour. A couple of months after getting the plan with Company B, he went for a medical checkup and in the course of speaking with the doctor at the polyclinic before getting a referral to a specialist, somehow certain health-related complaints were noted down by that doctor. When my pal wanted to make a claim for the medical bills, because of what the polyclinic doctor had recorded, Insurance Company B rejected the claim on the basis that he should have notified the company about the condition of his health when he’d signed up for a policy with them. (But isn’t that the agent’s duty? To fact-find? And to note down any ailments or medical issues the client might have before submitting anything to the underwriters?!)

IF my pal had stayed with Insurance Company 1, his claim would very likely have been processed, he’d have gotten his money, and gone on his way. Because of this switch, now he’s STUCK. Insurance Company 2 refuses to pay, and also wants this medical condition excluded, which means anytime he’s hospitalised because of this condition, he’ll have to foot the bill himself. Even if he cancels the plan with Insurance Company 2, Insurance Company 1 would now know there’s this condition, and would similarly want it excluded.

So… because he tried to “support” a friend, he’s now left unsupported. When I went with him to meet the agent and also her (female) manager, who were at a roadshow in Sengkang’s CompassOne, both of the ladies were adamant that they had to stand on the side of the company, and also pointed out that the company should rightfully be suspicious of how this person is making a claim so soon after getting a policy.

How quickly things change!

At the start, you’ll find that your friend will always be listening to your needs, and supposedly helping you make prudent financial decisions, to safeguard your future and that of your family. Once the commissions have been pocketed, you’re on your own, dude!

So, folks, make sure you NEVER EVER get insurance policies just to “SUPPORT” a friend. If a friend joins a company and then asks for your “SUPPORT”, RUN! Run as fast as you possibly can.

Here are 5 points, as a summary of sorts:

#1: When Money Is Involved, Friendships Can Easily Dissolveย ่ฎฒ้’ฑไผคๆ„Ÿๆƒ…

Note that your friend is a ROOKIE a.k.a NEWBIE a.k.a NOOB a.k.a NEWCOMER. Would you trust a person new to nursing to give you an injection? Would you trust a new doctor to perform a surgery on you? Would you trust a noob pilot to fly the plane you’re in?

I’m hoping your answer is no to all three. So why would you entrust your financial future to a newbie agent? Even if that person is your friend. No, scratch that. Because that person is your friend (and I’m assuming you value that friendship), you SHOULD NOT BUY a policy.

Rookies are usuallyย full of enthusiasm at selling in order to hit a target set by the company, secure basic pay every month, go on an incentive trip, get an iPad, etc. <- Yes, this is actually what the agent’s manager said the agent was getting!

You might be swayed by that enthusiasm. Just say no. Buy that person KOI bubble tea when she’s working at a roadshow. Treat her to a meal after a hard day of work. Write something nice about her on LinkedIn. Whatever. Just don’t buy a policy when YOU ALREADY HAVE ONE.

Don’t enter into business with a friend unless you’re truly prepared to lose that friendship. Yes, it’ll happen. You can bet on it.

#2 Your Long-Term Commitment VS. Your Friend’s Maybe-Short-Term Career

You should definitely get insurance when you’re young. Lock in the premiums when they’re ‘cheaper’, and you’ll continue paying the same amount for many years to come. Don’t switch, please. Unless you’re getting a way better deal. And that’s unlikely.

Now, be aware that your long-term commitment may have to contend with your friend’s short-lived career in the financial planning line. Are you prepared to end up as one of those (what I would call) ‘floaters’ or (what industry folks call) ‘orphaned accounts’ – clients whose agents have left the company?

#3 Look For Someone Who’s Not In It For The Money

Gosh. This is easier said than done, right? I know. But I’m SURE there must be people like that. For instance, so many people want to become influencers and bloggers. I got into blogging not wanting to make a single cent. It’s true. Even if I’m not paid, I’ll continue blogging.

If I get a licence to be a financial planner, yes, definitely get a plan from me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I don’t need your support but you can count on me to recommend what’s best for you, even if it is to keep your current plan and just buy me KOI bubble tea – Yakult Green Tea with aloe vera and konjac jelly, if you must know. ๐Ÿ˜€

#4 Don’t Commit At Roadshows, Or At Least Know There’s A Free Look Period And Cancel Before That!

Talk for half an hour at most, say you definitely have to think it through at home, and watch the person’s facial expression. Why? Because if there’s annoyance, or any hint at all that the person feels you’ve just wasted his/her time, you know this agent is NOT looking out for your best interests. ๐Ÿ˜‰ He/she is just in for a quick buck, needs to cover the ‘rental cost’ of that space for the day, and is simply looking for gullible people to con-vince.

I once spoke to an agent at a roadshow at Punggol MRT. She claimed she was offering higher interest rates for savings accounts FROM (FREAKING) POSB! I decided to play along, took the freebie, left her fake contact details, let her do all the paperwork, and at the end of the day, she thinks my name is Cheryl. People at roadshows aren’t out to meet financially savvy folks; they want the ‘easy targets’ e.g. housewives, recent graduates, people who don’t do so well with numbers, e.g. me, people who don’t know what questions to ask, easy-to-close folks. Be prepared.

#5 Get A Referral: Ask For A Recommendation From Your Friends

If you are not someone who is good at intuitively sizing up people, e.g. you can talk to conmen and not detect anything strange about them, then you’d better ask friends whom you trust with making good recommendations.


While my pal might be able to “look on the bright side” and see that this incident has shed some light on this person who’s supposed to be a friend, I think the price he has to pay is too high.

If he’s hospitalised, wouldn’t he rather this person come to visit as a concerned pal, instead of an agent who’s dragging her feet to come by to help with the paperwork for his claims, because he demanded she do so?

Yes, it’s sad to see a friendship end over some thousands of dollars but I think it’s sadder still if this insurance headache is not resolved and if *touchwood* something happens to him and he has to foot the entire bill. That’s a crying shame.

Fish & Co @ Waterway Point: The Chips Are Back!

fish n co truffle fries

This is not some arty-farty picture I took. My camera somehow gets me these kinda shots.

The last time I had a meal at Fish & Co at Waterway Point with my pal Samy, they ran out of chips. Which is unimaginable – ‘fish & chips’ without chips? Yesterday, thankfully, the chips were back in action and the truffle ones (that you see in the picture above) are really good! I like that the lunch sets at Fish & Co are available till 5pm, so you can have an early dinner and enjoy the promotion (you basically get a free drink). ๐Ÿ˜€ While prices aren’t low, you’ll find that the fish is cooked perfectly – crispy on the outside, tender and juicy within. So it’s a treat you might want to indulge in once in a while.

I ordered the same thing I had previously:

fish n co white fish with ebiko

Interestingly, ‘the curse of the second visit’ happened yet again. While he enjoyed the food, I thought it paled in comparison with my first visit. I can’t quite put my finger on it: is it that there’s less ebiko this time? Was the rice less flavorful (yes that might be it), or was the coleslaw in too watery a sauce?

Here’s a pic of the previous meal, and yes, it seems like there was more ebiko then ๐Ÿ˜›

fish and co review

So they definitely need to work on consistency. But my desire to return to Fish & Co a third time has been dampened already.

Fish n co waterway point review


I like that Fish & Co serves water (iced / warm) and they don’t provide extra straws for your water (which would be added wastage). I do think it’s a bit tedious to do the post-meal surveys via the iPad provided because it’s kind of lengthy and some questions are ridiculous, e.g. which is your usual mode of transport – walking, car, bus, MRT? I chose the walking option even though I usually cycle to Waterway Point. LOL.

And unlike at Subway or even McDonald’s, you don’t get any free chips or cookies at Fish & Co when you complete the survey. Bummer.

ThaiLily Restaurant Next To United Square: Surprisingly Good Thai Food in Novena!

thailily restaurant review

It’s easy to overlook this Thai restaurant located next to United Square. If not for Eatigo, we wouldn’t even know it existed. Usually we’re just so distracted by Udders Ice Cream – mainly debating whether we should get ice cream or not – that we don’t even realize there are other restaurants and eateries and shops along the same stretch. ThaiLily Restaurant serves REALLY good Thai food. I think the chef must be from Thailand. In the restaurant, they even have framed pictures of the late King of Thailand and his wife. We enjoyed everything that we ordered, even though we’ve never been here before and didn’t ask for any recommendations from the staff!

In the picture above, you see the Thai Prawn Cake ($12) that comes with an addictive sweet sauce. ๐Ÿ™‚ Below, you’ll find the Green Curry w/ Seafood ($10) + $1 for white rice.

good thai food in novena singapore

The fish in the green curry is especially good. And the curry really will leave you wanting more rice to go along with it. We also tried the Tomyam ($10) with clear soup, and while it was good too, I wished it was more packed with ingredients.

The stir-fried glass noodles with seafood ($8) was well worth every penny. Seasoned to perfection, and with a generous helping of seafood, this is not meant for sharing. No, really. You’ll want to eat it all yourself. I sure did.

Thailily restaurant singapore

We had a glass of their iced lemongrass ($3) which, interestingly, tasted like something out of a can. Usually, at other Thai restaurants, the lemongrass seems freshly prepared. Somehow I didn’t like ThaiLily’s version.

The next time you’re at United Square or the Novena area, just cross the little side road to get to ThaiLily for a good meal. In this picture below, you’ll see a motorcyclist right in front of where ThaiLily is located… and the adult-and-child pair about to cross the road is in front of Udders. Get some good (spicy) Thai food then walk over to Udders for ice cream. Sounds like a plan? ๐Ÿ˜€

thai lily restaurant novena

Thai Lily is located at 165 Thomson Road, Goldhill Centre, Singapore 307618.

We went by when there was 50% discount via Eatigo, so the bill for everything we ordered came up to just S$22! ๐Ÿ˜€

3 Must-try Items When @ Saizeriya

Saizeriya singapore

The Four Cheese Ravioli is a must-try though you can forget about the Mentaiko Flavor Shrimp & Broccoli Spaghetti ๐Ÿ˜›

I think Singaporeans love Saizeriya because there’s no service charge nor GST here. ๐Ÿ˜€ How do they do this – not having to charge GST? I have no idea. Is it due to franchising? Anyway, according to IRAS, “As a business, you must register for GST when your taxable turnover exceeds $1million.” Saizeriya has outlets all over Singapore; I counted about 22 on their website. So hopefully I get to solve this mystery one day. I know one outlet just sprouted up recently at Punggol’s Oasis Terraces. We dined at the outlet at Pasir Ris yesterday and, for your sake and mine, I’m just going to list down the 3 must-order items at Saizeriya because they are so good.

1: Garlic Focaccia $2.20

2: Bismark Pizza $7.90

3: 4 Cheese Ravioli $5.90

The Garlic Focaccia is served warm, fluffy and so, so soft. It may not look like much in the picture below, but I can assure you it’s one of the best items on Saizeriya’s menu!

Saizeriya garlic focaccia

And you can dip it in any sauce really. We had ours with the cheese in the 4-Cheese Ravioli dish, and it was delicious! I don’t even know what sort of filling goes into the ravioli (yes, I really can’t tell!) but the cheese is awesome.

Darling and I are both fans of poached eggs so when we see something like that in the middle of the Bismark pizza, we would not prick it. One of us (guess who?) would get the honor of polishing it off whole. ๐Ÿ˜€

Saizeriya review

The pizza cutter was plain useless. So we attacked the pizza with our fingers and cutlery instead. ๐Ÿ˜€ Don’t be so serious ‘cos though the place looks like a restaurant, it feels more casual, like dining at a foodcourt. Plus, you get to mix your drinks at the Drinks Bar. I like the Lemon Tea + Sprite combo very much. ๐Ÿ˜€


Have you been to Saizeriya before? Let me know what else you’d recommend I try! ๐Ÿ™‚

Update: Sengkang CC’s Durian Festival – Complimentary Durians REDEEMED!

sengkang cc durian festival

After I blogged about Sengkang CC’s Durian Festival, I got a full refund from the CC the very next day. AND we’ve also gotten our complimentary durians. Durian 36 really impressed with the size and the quality of the durians! So all is forgiven! ๐Ÿ˜€ (Btw, this has nothing to do with my blogpost or status as a blogger) My sweetheart went to collect the durians on his own. Durian 36 offered him a choice: either 6 medium-sized durians or get 1 really big “Old Tree” durian in place of 2 medium-sized ones. So he came home with one big Old Tree durian and 4 medium-sized durians, in exchange for our 3 Durian Festival tickets. As you can see in the picture above, with my 1-litre Nalgene bottle for a size reference, that Old Tree durian is humongous. Besides Old Tree, there’s Red Prawn, Penang Prawn and D24. But don’t ask me which is which ‘cos I can tell they taste different but I won’t know which is a D24 and which is a Penang Prawn durian. ๐Ÿ˜€

The huge Old Tree durian, not Mao Shan Wang by the way (since I’ve reviewed Old Tree Mao Shan Wang in an earlier blogpost I’ve since deleted)…

durian 36 singapore

We’re guessing this is the Red Prawn:

durian 36 geylang

One small segment (2 seeds) seemed to be rotten and was discarded. But we had enough durian for 3 containers…

durian festival singapore

Taste-wise, they’re creamy, bittersweet, not too watery, pretty delightful when chilled. Seeds are big, yes, but they aren’t Mao Shan Wang durians so it’s understandable.


So after the end of this durian debacle, I think it’s clear that the next time someone decides to organize ‘Singapore’s Largest Durian Festival’ and perhaps set some kind of record, it is best to consider a few factors, such as:

  1. Getting more than 1 supplier
  2. Have the event at the start or middle of the durian season, instead of nearing its tail end, when supply would have lessened
  3. Getting people to book the timeslot for durian collection to reduce waiting time in the queue
  4. Not overstretching. 6,000 tickets = 12,000 durians = greater chance of failing. Why not just sell 1,000 tickets and make the event a resounding success?


If anyone’s wondering, the durians are from Durian 36’s Geylang outlet (which is also the company’s HQ). Get your durians there if you still have your Durian Festival tickets with you. Best to call before you head over, to check on the durian stocks / arrival times.

Fish & Co. @ Waterway Point: Surprisingly Good Food!

fish and co review

I’ve dined at just about every F&B outlet in Waterway Point, yet I’ve never visited Fish & Co. before. Isn’t that strange? Had a fabulous lunch there today, also because of the awesome company (thanks, Samy!) I don’t have much to say about the service (rather lukewarm, like Monday blues have been carried over to Tuesday) and the company itself (processes not quite in place since they ran out of ‘chips’ so you can have fish and (no) chips today). But either we are geniuses at ordering just the right items, or the standard’s just so high at this outlet, ‘cos both the mains we ordered were SO YUMMY!

Here’s the lunch set menu:

fish and co lunch menu

I had the White Fish with Ebiko Gratin ($13.95) that comes with two sides and a drink. My pal had the Peri peri chicken with golden fried fish ($15.95), also with two sides and a drink. As they were totally out of chips, we had the paella rice and coleslaw. SO GOOD!

Just look at the state of my plate after I was done:

fish and co waterway point review


And here’s the best of both worlds… the peri peri chicken (that sauce is amazeballs, and yes, I think it goes better with rice than chips. Haha!) and the fried fish which my pal says is battered and fried so well, it’s like goreng pisang. ๐Ÿ˜€

fish and co waterway point

Pic credit: Samy Rajoo

For a business that serves such delicious fried fish, it’s rather strange how few diners there are at lunchtime, as compared to its neighbor next door that serves raw fish.

My pal asked how I would jazz up this business. And I think you really have to get customers through the door, that’s all. I’ve been blogging about Waterway Point since the mall first opened its doors to the public, and I’ve not dined at Fish & Co. Maybe the fengshui isn’t good and I’ve never felt “drawn” here? There must be some awesome promotion that gets people in, to try the taste of the food and get them hooked.

Maybe a 1-for-1 promotion? Maybe a $5.90 lunch set meal offer for a week? Maybe buy a main and get a soup, drink and dessert for free?

But service, yes, service definitely needs to be better. Welcome diners and usher them to their seats. SMILE. Be friendly. Ask if they’ve dined here before. Don’t just hand them an iPad after the meal to ask for feedback / to collect particulars for marketing purposes. ๐Ÿ˜›

And don’t you dare run out of chips again. Seriously? Fish and chips WITHOUT chips? Would you have chicken rice without rice? Prawn mee without noodles? ๐Ÿ˜›


And don’t place the spoon on my fish (as in the first picture above). Put it on the side where there’s no food. Or place it on the serviette on the table. It’s a $13.95++ meal, not a $3.50 one at a hawker centre, after all.

Still, the food was delicious. So all is forgiven. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

*StarHub subscribers who spend at least $40 on a la carte items can redeem complimentary Fried Calamari. Only for dine-in; no takeaways! Valid till 31 Dec 2018. Check in-store for more details.

Chicken Hotpot @ Sengkang CompassOne: French Fries In My Hotpot! OMG!

chicken hotpot singapore review

In place of Next Door Deli at Sengkang’s CompassOne, there’s now Chicken Hotpot, which supposedly comes from Shanghai, “69 Wujiang Road”, as the laminated card on every table proudly proclaims. According to, Wujiang Road is “the most popular snack street in the city”. To most Singaporeans, of course, 69 Wujiang Road has no particular significance. ๐Ÿ˜€ But if you’re up for some hotpot that apparently, people have been raving about (who, exactly? I do not know; that’s just what it states on the card), then you might want to give Chicken Hotpot a go. There are outlets at Serangoon NEX, Bedok Point and Novena Square2. We had dinner at the outlet located in CompassOne’s basement 1 this week.

When you step into the eatery (I’m not sure if I should call it a restaurant since there’s not much space – they’ve really packed as many tables as they can into this space so unintentional eavesdropping on every other couple’s conversation is a real possibility), the first thing you’ll notice is that there are two appetizer dishes already laid out on every single table. I’m a little concerned about this as the dishes aren’t covered. Even if they don’t attract insects, they’ll probably get a layer of dust by the time the hungry dinner crowd comes by.

chicken hotpot review

( We asked them to remove the two side dishes. So don’t ask me about the taste. I won’t know. ๐Ÿ˜€ )

What I do know is that they have crinkle-cut fries in their hotpot dish! OMG. After the recent shock of having him order chicken chop hor fun at the Oasis Terraces foodcourt, I thought I’d be prepared for anything mindblowing that’s food-related. Evidently, I wasn’t ready for this…

Chicken Hotpot CompassOne

Apart from the hotpot mains, there’s a whole host of other ingredients you can pick from their chiller. Prices are stated right on top…

chicken hotpot compassone

chicken hot pot review

Here’s the Chicken Hotpot menu. Basically just a few mains to choose from, then you can grab other ingredients at a la carte pricing. The ‘small’ serving is just right for 2 pax. I also had the Peach Lychee Soda, which was quite enjoyable. When eating something spicy, it’s always such a treat to have something fizzy and sweet to drink. *And the “mild spicy” level of the hotpot is, to me, already fiery. (@_@)

chicken hotpot price

chicken hot pot menu

chicken hotpot sengkang compassone

During our visit, I found the staff very attentive and helpful. One lady in particular, a middle-aged auntie whose name is probably Candy (if my memory serves me well) with a big pink hair clip, was very helpful in offering broth refills and displayed much initiative in replacing the heating element below the pot when it ran out. She was almost fussing over our table like a concerned parent or grandparent would, so that was really sweet. ๐Ÿ™‚

As for the taste of the hotpot dish we tried, I’m happy to report that it’s not incredibly thirst-inducing (so don’t worry, you won’t have to go buy a 1.5litre bottle of water at Cold Storage after a meal here), but I found the spices so intense they almost made my tongue go numb. I’m more a fan of, say, Japanese cuisine in which chefs try and retain the natural flavor of ingredients, letting them ‘speak’ for themselves. Anything that’s overpowering kind of turns me off.


We had 50% off our bill thanks to Eatigo, plus an additional $1.50 rebate from Shopback. (<- Click on the links to sign up and enjoy the same benefits)

Final 3 Days: Ben & Jerry’s Two-Weeks Of FREE Ice Cream Giveaways @ Lau Pa Sat

ben and jerry's singapore promotion

Since I first heard the news about Ben & Jerry’s Scoopitiam at Lau Pa Sat, which is giving away free scoops of ice cream daily from 16 to 29 July, I’ve been wanting to pop by. ๐Ÿ˜€ Today, I had the chance to stand in line and get a taste of the Chocolate Shake It Truffles ice cream. Yummy! (Yes, free ice cream tastes the best) ๐Ÿ˜€ Make your way down to Lau Pa Sat from now till 29 July, before the awesome-ness ends!

ben and jerry's free ice cream

At the head of the queue, it splits into two lines: one for the chocolate ice cream (YAY!) and the other for the coffee (a.k.a “Chillin’ The Roast Truffles’). It was very clear to me that chocolate’s the crowd favorite. If you’re a coffee fan, congratulations, you get to move forward to the shorter queue ahead. ๐Ÿ˜€

Ben and jerry's scoopitiam

Instead of cups or wafer cones, you can have your ice cream with rainbow bread or wafer biscuits.

ben and jerry's flavours

I’m quite sure mine’s half a slice of rainbow bread. But I’m not complaining. The ice cream was SO good, with a chunk of I-dunno-what (brownie?) in the middle:

ben and jerry's free ice cream lau pa sat

Apart from giving out free ice cream, the sweet Ben & Jerry’s crew even helped provide some shade from the sun.

ben and jerry's crew

I’m sure many people who are sensitive to ‘dollars and cents’ will think this move by Ben & Jerry’s does not make any financial sense at all. You’re giving out ice cream? And letting people get multiple servings as long as they queue up again? You’re renting a space at Lau Pa Sat for 2 weeks to give away ice cream? Wow. (@_@) You must be siao.

But I think it’s about cultivating brand loyalty. All these people who work in the CBD area will certainly not bat an eyelid about paying $20+ for one or two pints of ice cream. I think they’ll certainly appreciate the gesture. Most would even ‘jio’ a colleague or two to join the queue with them, to share this “good news” about free ice cream. And the product itself (the two new flavors) are delicious. People are taking pictures and sharing them on social media. Grateful bloggers like myself are writing about this event, without being paid.

I think it’s money well spent. The next time I’m at the supermarket and I have to buy a pint of ice cream to take home, guess which brand of ice cream my hand will naturally reach out for? The one which offered me a free tasting of their new flavor and also had their staff hold umbrellas over our heads to provide some relief from the sun, or the other brands which did nothing for us? It’s a no-brainer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

You Can Ask M.A.R.V.I.E, Scoot’s New Chatbot, Any Question At All :D

creator of scoot chatbot

Scoot has a new chatbot you can fire questions at on Facebook. They call him M.A.R.V.I.E, which stands for ‘Most Awesome & Resourceful Virtual Intern Ever’. ๐Ÿ˜€ I decided to ask MARVIE a series of random questions to see if I can get any interesting answers in return. It’s actually kinda fun if you have 5 minutes to spare. Plus, you get a chance to win flight tickets and $100 Scoot vouchers too (details below). Having a virtual intern is definitely awesome, though I think the ‘resourceful’ bit needs to be enhanced because surely, any good chatbot should be able to tell me a joke, even if it bombs. Muahaha. (@_@)

scoot joke

Scoot chatbot Singlish

boss of Scoot

age of Scoot's cabin crew

how comfortable are scoot seats


The interaction is actually pretty awesome sometimes. It’s like I’m talking to another person, not a bot…

Scoot MARVIE chatbot

I did test out mis-spelling Marvie’s name on purpose, but he didn’t catch it. ๐Ÿ˜€

I’m still waiting for a direct answer as to when’s the cheapest to fly with Scoot though.

when to buy cheap flight tickets

I really like the fact that answers come almost instantaneously! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll certainly want to chat with Marvie again when his “manual” gets updated. Hopefully, with good jokes too. So when people are writing in to complain about flight delays and such, at least he can keep them entertained till the plane’s ready for takeoff. ๐Ÿ˜€


“The 3 best trainers with the most grilling and value-adding questions stand to win a FLY ticket to any destination within the Scoot network. The 1000th, 2000th and 3000th interaction will also unlock $100 Scoot vouchers. So hit the ‘Send Message’ button on Scoot’s FB page and chat him up! Contest ends 12 August, 2359hrs.”