Lau Wang Claypot (老王) @Punggol’s Oasis Terraces: Ridiculously Long Q On Weekends!

lau wang oasis terraces review

As mentioned earlier in my blogpost about Punggol’s Oasis Terraces, there’s this one eatery that people don’t mind queuing up for. In fact, when we first walked into this mall, my darling told me “See that long queue over there? Confirm Singapore Pools.” We walked closer to investigate and it was actually a queue to enter Lau Wang (老王). SG Pools is located downstairs, within the FairPrice supermarket. 😛 Because we were dining at Penang Kitchen yesterday, and the queue outside Lau Wang did not seem to ever get shorter, it got me really intrigued. So this morning, I cycled all the way to Oasis Terraces just to find out what’s so magical about this Lau Wang place that makes people stand in line on a weekend.

On weekdays, getting a seat is a breeze, no queuing required. The downside is that the other stores nearby are still undergoing renovation (so the noise level is quite bad). Few will stay behind after their meal and enjoy a drink or read a book because the constant hammering and drilling noises will make you want to quickly eat your food and leave. On weekends, there’s no renovation noise issue.

Lau Wang Oasis Terraces Punggol

I wanted to try the Homemade Ngoh Hiang ($5) at lunchtime today but it’s not available because apparently they “did not have time to make it” and it’ll only be ready around 5pm today. I did try the Nyonya Chap Chye ($5.20) and Sambal Seafood ($8.50) though.

lau wang menu

Lau Wang pricing

~ The Taste ~

lau wang oasis terraces review

Because the food’s served in claypots, you can be assured that they stay warm for a long time. When I was ready to leave, and to pack up the food which I couldn’t finish, I could still see steam rising from the sambal seafood dish. The latter’s slightly saltier, with a rather thick layer of oil floating at the top. There’s a good number of prawns, fish slices, sotong, and veggies like ladies finger and also mushrooms. And there’s A LOT of onion in this dish. The nyonya chap chye dish was delightful, somewhat like my comfort food.

I really can’t say that the food blew me away but I think the service is good. The lady who served up the food actually handed me the chopsticks instead of just putting it on the bowl or on one of the claypots. I don’t remember that ever happening at eateries in Singapore. Then she did the same again when she served a male diner his order. There are also helpful reminders to be careful as the claypots are really hot.

On top of having friendly staff, there’s also no GST and service charge here. So, obviously, that’s GREAT! Assuming a family of 4 comes by and orders rice for 4 pax, ngoh hiang, the nyonya chap chye I had, plus the sambal seafood and a (large) Herbal Chicken soup dish, it’ll cost just $29.60 in total, just over $7/ pax. No wonder people don’t mind the weekend queue to enter Lau Wang!

I believe I’ll be back, ‘cos I want to try the Ngoh Hiang. It’d better blow me away, ‘cos the staff said it’s always sold out really fast, and I’m pretty peeved I did not get to try it today. I thought the stars were aligned; there was no queue, I could pick any table I wanted, and service was good. Alas!


Lau Wang is located at #01-15 of Oasis Terraces, Singapore 820681 (681 Punggol Drive)


Kuro Izakaya: 50% Off Yummy Japanese Food At Suntec City

Kuro Izakaya suntec city

The first time we dined at Kuro Izakaya in September last year, we found most of the food incredibly salty and not the most memorable dining experience we’ve had in a Japanese eatery so we simply forgot about it. Two days ago, we were looking for a place to have our dinner (at 9pm) because Day One of the National Achievers Congress ended really late, way past 8pm! We found that there’s 50% off at Kuro Izakaya via Eatigo (<-click on the link to check out the current promotions) for the 9pm timeslot, so we gratefully made our way there. We found the place looking incredibly familiar (like ‘Hey, we’ve been here before!’ and lo’ and behold I’ve even blogged about it before. LOL) and we ordered items we’d not tried previously. And they were HITS!

This Black Pepper Beef Don was served last but was totally worth the wait.

Kuro Izakaya Suntec City review

For just S$4.45++ (after the 50% off via Eatigo), there are sizeable chunks of still very tender (and pink in some areas) beef, and those awesome slices of fried garlic. I SERIOUSLY love garlic! While he found it a little salty (actually he finds a lot of things salty as he’s watching out for his blood pressure), I thought it was alright. For this kind of pricing, you won’t find something similar elsewhere ok? I’d recommend you head down ASAP to enjoy the Eatigo promotion before it’s gone.

And it’s the same thing for the Aburi Salmon Don. Just S$4.95++ after the Eatigo promotion (and we’re talking about Suntec ok, so this is mindblowingly cheap affordable). And the Sashimi Platter’s just S$12++.

Kuro Izakaya suntec city

I love the swordfish and salmon sashimi slices. I’m not a big fan of tuna, unless it’s in a sandwich like those at Subway. The Aburi Salmon Don (Aburi means “flame seared” – I just Googled it too, so you’re welcome) with the mentaiko sauce was TOO YUMMY! He was a bit apprehensive when I ordered the small portion of this dish but I wasn’t taking any chances. And it turned out alright – sauce was fantastic, salmon delicious, and it’s easy to finish all the rice when you pair it with the sauce.

And if you’ll read my previous blogpost about Kuro Izakaya here, you’ll find that the OYSTERS are really good too. What are you waiting for? It’s now or never. Book a 50% timeslot and go order the a la carte items (lunch sets, drinks, etc are not included). You’ll thank me for it later.

Don’t even have to feel paiseh (read: embarrassed) about not ordering drinks (we had our water bottles filled to the brim at the NAC) because you do the ordering via the tablet located at your table. Order’s sent electronically to the kitchen and staff only serve you what you’ve selected. No one’s going to stand around and ask “So, what drinks would you like to have? Any skewers to go along with the food? How about dessert?” 😀


Our total bill for this meal was S$25.19. Also, we’re getting $1.50 rebate from Shopback ‘cos we clicked through to Eatigo via Shopback. Too much trouble for you? Then just pay full price lah. 😀

Kuro Izakaya is located at Tower 3 of Suntec City, #01-6-4/605. It’s not within the shopping mall; it’s actually outside, and you’ll see it if you’re heading out to the taxi stand.

You’re more than welcome. 🙂

Green Signature @ Waterway Point: 2nd Visit

Green Signature Waterway Point review

We had an early dinner at Green SignatureWaterway Point this evening, and enjoyed 50% discount. I ordered the Abalone Sliced Fish Porridge ($9.90) which, despite the name and menu image, would come with only mock meat. I really did not enjoy the look and taste of the mock items. Truth be told, it’s best not to eat mock meat if you want to abstain from meat. The real deal is 1000 times better, in my opinion. XD And we also shared a platter of Assorted Vegetables in Sambal Sauce ($14.90), whose pricetag was actually very surprising considering the small portion served up. I’d think six to eight dollars would be more reasonable since it’s just a few slices of brinjal, string beans, ladies finger and snow peas.

He went for the Hotplate Sesame Chicken Mee Sua ($14.90), which was not only colorful but also came in a decent-sized portion. Guys should totally order this dish if you want to feel full / satisfied after the meal. 😀

Green Signature Waterway Point

This meal would have easily cost over $40 without drinks, if we didn’t enjoy any discount. That’s kind of steep considering it’s all vegetarian food, ya? We can possibly spend the same amount (converted to ringgit) in JB and gotten ourselves some chili or black pepper crabs with our meal. (Of course, business costs are much lower across the Causeway, that I know) So as one Minister has rightfully mentioned, we’ll not stop visiting our neighbor because the food’s just too good there. 😀 Therefore we shall not quibble over the price of water. 😛

And having vegetarian food for an early dinner simply means I’m feeling hungry just as I’m about to head to bed now. (>_<)


Green Signature is located at #01-29 Waterway Point (East Wing). Tel: 6242 3919.

Epigram Books Sale: Final Day!

Epigram Books Sale

Spotted a post on Epigram Books‘ Facebook Page that it’s the last day of their book sale today, so I decided, on a whim, that I’d go check it out. And I found many ‘new’ titles that were not available during my first visit. And this round, I bought 40 books. It’s a really good deal because it’s just $20 for every 10 books, so each item cost me only $2! 😀 But lugging all these home is no joke. Thankfully, I took the MRT trains during off-peak hours. Phew.

Epigram Singapore Book Sale

I think my favorite buy would be the ‘LKY: Political Cartoons’ by Morgan Chua, in hardcover no less! I’ve got two copies and I’ll ‘gift’ them to my pals Samy and Steven. (If you’re reading this, MEET UP WITH ME SOON 😀 ‘cos the postage would probably cost more than the price I paid for the book. Haha!) Also, I have 4 copies of ‘Mdm Kwa: The Life of Mrs Lee Kuan Yew’, also in comic form, by Morgan Chua. My pal Melinda’s definitely gonna get a copy. Who the other 3 will go to, I have not decided yet. 😀

Gosh. I really do LOVE book sales. Some women get a high when they purchase a branded bag. I get ecstatic when I see books at such great discounts. Sometimes I don’t even know who I’m getting some of those titles for, but I’ll just grab them first anyway. 😀 As one of the Epigram NotBooks says, “I am not kiasu. I am Singaporean.”

The usual price of those notbooks is $12.90 (large) but I bought them at $2. *sheds tears of joy*

*And it’s not a spelling error: they really are called NotBooks though they are notebooks, ‘cos they are not books, geddit? 😀

**There’s 20% discount for their online store, till 11.59pm on 1 July. Use code WER7 when you check out. You’re welcome.

Final Blogging Workshop For Q1, 2015 – Sign Up Now!

Blogging Workshop

I concluded the final ‘Intermediate’ workshop for this quarter today. There’s still a ‘Beginners’ workshop happening next week – 14th March 3pm to 5pm. Click HERE for more details. 😀 I don’t have workshops planned for April yet as it seems to be a busy month, with a speaking engagement overseas. And I’m also planning for blogging workshops in Malaysia – since my book ‘Blogging For A Living’ is being sold there, why not ya? 😉

Today’s session was too much fun… such that one student (Monica) gave me feedback that she wishes the session was longer. 😀 By the way, it was all of 2 hours plus a bit more already.

Blogging Workshop

I also enjoy having my ex-students come back for a ‘refresher’ too, as blogging in a group is generally a lot more fun than blogging alone. Also, if you’ve lost the momentum for blogging, it’s always good to attend a ‘refresher’ and get back into the groove.

We had a short discussion about ‘Writer’s Block’ today and I’d like to share with you some of the tips which came out of this session:

1) Commitment – Decide once and for all that you are going to blog for ‘x’ times a week and STICK to it. When I first started this blog, my commitment (to everyone, but most importantly, to myself) was that a new post would be uploaded every Friday at 5am. It really helps when you commit to blogging, like you commit to bathing or brushing your teeth. There is no room for negotiation – it just HAS to be done.

2) Accountability Partner – Have someone hold you accountable for the number of posts you say you will do. I am the Accountability Partner for some of my students, i.e. I will kick their ass and nag them to death if they don’t do what they say they will do. 😀 Of course, I don’t offer my ‘services’ to everyone because I do pick the people I want to mentor. #brutalfactoflife

3) Schedule Posts – When you are super inspired, craft as many blogposts as you can, and schedule them for uploading, say, every two days. Thus, it might seem that you are very consistent in uploading blogposts when actually you did it all when inspired. Smart, eh? 😉

Apart from countering writer’s block, we also discussed Blog Monetization, did a little activity (hehe!) and engaged in some healthy blog critique.

We probably had so much fun that Time just flew past, but 2 hours is really all I can spare without tiring myself out. Contrary to popular belief, I am actually introverted. Spending time with people drains me of energy. Spending time alone, with a book or what not, helps me recharge. So you get the best of me in 2 hours. 😀

To join me for my next workshop, simply do a bank transfer of S$275 to posb savings 126-85658-0 and drop me an email at gracewwg [at] gmail [dot] com. More details HERE.

blogging workshop