Soufeel: Beautiful Personalized Charms For Your Charm Bracelet


I’ve never quite understood why people spend hundreds of dollars on charm bracelets. Each charm can cost more than S$100, if you get them from a popular ‘P’ brand. (@_@)

I ordered some charms from, together with a bracelet. As you can probably guess from the picture above, the two heart-shaped charms are my favorites. One is of the Singapore flag (not customized; they are sold on and the other was made using a picture of me and my BF (customized for under USD10 when there was a promotion).

You can customize your own charms here for under USD20:

soufeel charm bracelet

As for the other charms, the wizard’s hat reminds me to never forget to look for the magic in everyday life. The pink charm is a birthstone (gem) charm. The fortune kitty is supposed to bring me good luck and prosperity – hehe. The aeroplane charm is a reminder of the wonders of travel, and to visit at least one new country every year. And the final one is a gift from Soufeel – not picked by me.

As for the bracelet, I bought it for S$5 from a stall at Bugis Village.

Go ahead and pick your own charms at Soufeel or design your own with a customized charm. Feel free to share your designs with me, and the story behind each charm, and I’ll be happy to feature them here. :)


SingPost SG50 Hello Kitty Sets SOLD OUT in Under 12 Hours: I Bought 3 Sets. You?

Singpost SG50 Hello Kitty

The MyStamp Folder set (S$21.80) is also out of stock at the time of writing. :D The 1000 sets of the SingPost SG50 Hello Kitty Limited Edition Bundle Set (S$108) are all sold out! I managed to purchase 3 sets this morning.

I noticed that sales started before 10am. I was already on the site by 9.30am and around 9.55am or so, when refreshing the site, I noticed that the kitties were up for sale. So I quickly grabbed 3 of these limited edition sets. :D

Why 3?

One will definitely be for my collection, and two sets for giveaways probably later this year. Or, they could become birthday gifts for my fellow Kitty fans/friends. :D

Why pay so much for 5 plush toys and some stamps? I mean, the plush toys probably cost 3 or 5 dollars to manufacture in China, right? BUT this design cannot be found elsewhere! It’s in celebration of SG50! And it comes with a certificate and all, so yes, a pat on the back for getting them. :D

And to my friends who are celebrating birthdays soon, and want to get this (*ahem) expensive set as a gift, feel free to drop me a message with an obvious hint. Depending on how much I like you (or not), I may/may not gift it to you. :D Hahaha!

(*Update: One reader has convinced me to sell her a set as she missed out on pre-ordering due to exams)

SingPost’s SG50 Hello Kitty Plush Collectibles – Pre-Order 23 Feb 10am

*Update: I’ve managed to purchase 3 of the S$108 limited edition sets which are now SOLD OUT. Check out my blogpost HERESingPost SG50 Hello Kitty Plush Collectible Set

Check out my earlier blogpost HERE for all the details! :D

The BF asked if I want to get the entire set for S$108. No, I don’t. Have no use for a lanyard or Hello Kitty stamps (which I can’t bear to use anyway). But yes, I DO want that S$88 set with all 5 plushies.

What about you? :D

E’AURA: Authentic Perfumes At Lower-Than-Duty-Free Prices

E'AURA perfumes online Burberry Brit Sheer

I’ve found my new favorite fragrance in the Burberry Brit Sheer. It is a fruit floral fragrance with “top notes of yuzu, pineapple leaves, litchi, mandarin and grapes, middle notes of pink peony, peach blossom, nashi, and base notes of white musk and blond woods.” I bet you can tell it smells delicious just from reading this list of components, yes? :D And that’s not all it comes with! How about free delivery and super-low prices that even duty-free stores cannot beat?


[Giveaway at the end of this blogpost: WIN Burberry Brit Sheer and Brit Rhythm]

E'AURA perfumes online


Introducing, which prides itself on being a “close-to-heart online beauty portal, delivering pocket friendly scents to all customers”. Also, repeat customers are rewarded in their loyalty programme (2% cash rebate for every dollar spent).


I tend to be skeptical of most marketing claims so I’ve compared E’AURA’s pricing across various online stores just to see if they indeed offer lower prices compared to other online retailers. Here’s the Burberry Brit Rhythm EDT (90ml) on TANGS estore:

Burberry Brit Rhythm

It’s priced at S$130. [The same as on]

And since E’AURA claims to sell fragrances cheaper than at Duty Free shops, I did a comparison with Shilla Duty Free at Will E’AURA be able to beat the Duty-Free online prices?

The same 90ml EDT at costs…

Burberry Brit Rhythm

S$90.45 (S$39.55 cheaper than at *ahem* TANGS)

And how much does it cost on E’AURA?

Burberry Brit Rhythm

Just S$65 (That’s 50% cheaper than TANGS and 28% cheaper than Changi’s duty-free online store!)

And that’s not all. You can even purchase the (brand new) tester sets from E’AURA at just S$45:

Burberry Brit Rhythm

*What are tester sets? Those sets displayed at fragrance counters for you to ‘try out’ the scents. For some reason unknown to me, they are sold in many places, whether online or not. The packaging may not be as pretty as the non-testers but the fragrance is the exact same, so if you’re getting it for yourself, why not save some money and get a tester set? And since online stores don’t have physical counters for you to visit and try the perfumes, I guess they can sell those tester sets, right?

My take on the products from EAURA: The scents last as long as any regular EDT, they smell awesome (my bf thinks the Brit Rhythm smells better than the Davidoff Cool Water; which is saying a lot) and I like getting good deals when I make purchases. Who doesn’t?

And why are EAURA’s prices so low? I spoke with their co-founder, Shantel, and found that they want to serve more customers by keeping prices low. In Mandarin, this is called ‘薄利多销’ (“thin profit, vast sales”). And they are so confident about their products that they even offer a 100% money-back guarantee regarding product authenticity! On top of that, they have a loyalty program, a referral program, and a constant stream of promotions.


And, of course, I had to ask for a special promotion just for my readers! :D

Simply use voucher code ‘RUNUI1FJ‘ (valid till 31 Mar 2015) to get S$5 off your (minimum) purchase of S$80 worth of fragrances. Pay via Internet Banking and get an additional free perfume vial too. :) [*Other T&Cs apply]

WHAT? A discount on top of already-low prices?! YES, and you are welcome. :)


Whether you are making a purchase right away or not, go sign up for a FREE account at E’ now and you can get a complimentary perfume vial, while stocks last (no purchase needed; E’AURA will send you an email regarding the free vial).

EAURA free vial

Sign up now:


E'AURA perfumes online

To win either the Burberry Brit Sheer or Burberry Brit Rhythm, take part in the giveaway happening at my facebook page HERE.

Where To Buy Sonny Angel in Singapore

Sonny Angel Singapore

This is a complete guide about all the stores in Singapore which stock Sonny Angel. I have indicated which ones no longer sell Sonny Angel, and which ones are my favorite stores. I have been to these stores personally, to verify whether they sell Sonny Angel or not, so this is a highly accurate guide. All pictures were taken by me.

Some of the stores listed online as stocking Sonny Angel actually do NOT sell SA at all – I don’t know why the local distributor didn’t update their sites to reflect this. So this guide will help you prevent wasted trips when you shop for SA in Singapore! :D Please leave a comment at the end of this blogpost if it has been useful for you! :D

In Singapore, you can find Sonny Angel at Action City (but not all outlets), Dollz Inc (Funan), Individual Expression (Millenia Walk & Wheelock Place), and Toy Outpost (Vivocity). I have been to Hako at NEX and found that it does NOT sell Sonny Angel.

No Sonny Angel here:

Sonny Angel Singapore

So far, the Sonny Angel retailer that has the biggest range of SA is Dollz Inc at Funan (Address: 109 North Bridge Rd #05-45)…

Sonny Angel Singapore

Dollz Inc has the best collection of Sonny Angels I’ve seen thus far, and you can buy them in the sealed boxes or even open-box at the same price! *gasp* (Important Note: This is not the only shop selling SA open-box. Some Action City outlets and Individual Expression outlets do too! So visit them if you want to find a particular angel)  And yes, you can get SA clothing at Dollz Inc for S$9.90 – I find this rather expensive so I haven’t bought any clothing for my SAs yet though I buy the Laduree angels here. If an angel (normal range) costs S$9.90 and clothing also costs S$9.90, I’d rather spend my money on angels. This is purely my personal opinion, like it or not. ;)

Sonny Angel Singapore

For angels sold cheaper than at other stores, visit Toy Outpost at Vivocity (#02-27) The Sonny Angels sold here are cheaper than those sold everywhere else. The artist collection angels are going at 2 for S$50 and the rest of the ‘normal’ SA range at S$8.90 (all in boxes). The Christmas edition is going at S$10.90 each.

Sonny Angel Singapore Toy Outpost Vivocity

Sonny Angel Singapore Toy Outpost Vivo City

My very first TWO Sonny Angels were purchased at Action City in Bugis Junction (Address: 200 Victoria Street #03-23)

Sonny Angel Singapore Action City Bugis

Sonny Angel Singapore Action City Bugis

I’ve also bought SAs at Action City in Marina Square (Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard #03-213/4).

Sonny Angel Singapore

The price of these Artist Collection Sonny Angels are the same across the various Action City stores: S$29.90 each for all designs. But not all stores have these Artist Collection ones. ;)

Sonny Angel Singapore

I’ve bought SAs at Action City at Vivocity too (Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk #02-38). And yes, they stock the Artist Collection SAs here as well. The range is not as extensive as the one at Dollz Inc in Funan, but it’s still quite decent: you can find the animal SAs, Valentines 2015 SAs, and also the Christmas 2014 ones here, among others.

The staff showed me how to find the Christmas cake SA (the one in the middle) – just locate the heaviest box and that will be it. :D

Sonny Angel Singapore

Sonny Angel Singapore

Even though it is stated online that Action City at 313@Somerset stocks Sonny Angel, I visited the store and found that it does NOT sell Sonny Angel. It sells a lot of other figurines though.

Sonny Angel Singapore

Action City at Jurong Point sells only a very limited range of SAs. Might not be worth the trip unless you live or work nearby (Address: 63 Jurong West Central 3 #B1-86).

Sonny Angel Singapore Action City Jurong Point

onny Angel Singapore Action City at Jurong Point

You can also find SAs at Individual Expression (Millenia Walk and Wheelock Place). However, the peculiar thing is that the SAs seem to be part of the decor and you won’t find them in boxes. Only a few (not-very-pretty-ones) are left out in the open.

Sonny Angel Singapore

S$8.90 each at Individual Expression (Millenia Walk)…

Sonny Angel Singapore

Seems like the boss could be an SA collector and is just selling the extras in the two shops. The good thing is that all are open-box so you can immediately purchase any SA you want.

Same for their outlet at Wheelock Place. At this outlet, there isn’t even a pricetag, so I have to assume it’s S$8.90 as well:

Sonny Angel Singapore

Just 7 SAs and they have blue tack at their feet. That’s why I felt they were part of the decor, more than being for sale.


Sonny Angel Singapore

I’m currently looking for these SAs (Picture from my Penang blogger pal, Sock Peng)

Sonny Angel halloween

Maku Store Singapore: A Red CNY-Ready Handbag for Mom! :D

Maku Store Singapore

Maku Store Singapore has a wide range of handbags, wallets, apparel, and other accessories. And many of them have special features, such as being expandable, detachable, come with compartments for SIM cards, etc. But I was looking for one which is suitable for Chinese New Year, and great for my Mom.

I picked this one in a fiery red hue. And while it doesn’t have any ‘transformer’ abilities like some of the other bags that Maku Store sells, it is incredibly lightweight.

You would expect a bag that looks like this one to be bulky, and weigh quite a bit even when it is empty. But surprisingly, this particular bag is super light, chic, and roomy all at once:

A classic gold clasp for a stunning red bag:

Maku Store Singapore

And it’s super spacious:

Maku Store Singapore

Unlike some other bags which have a compartment in the middle, the creator of this bag has the user in mind. There’s just plenty of space. If I’m using this bag, I can easily have two books in there, among other things like my wallet, an umbrella, handphone etc.

And yes, I’m sure my mom can fit quite a few mandarin oranges into this bag. Though she probably won’t want to do that to a new bag. :D

If you ever need a new bag or wallet, make Maku Store Singapore at #03-20 Bugis Junction the first shop you visit. I’m pretty sure you’ll find one which catches your eye there. And always quote my name / show staff that you are a fan of my facebook page for perks, privileges and discounts that no other shopper will get. You have my permission. *wink*

Featured in an earlier blogpost:

Full Circle Singapore

Maku Store Singapore: Something Fishy, Something Delightful

Maku Store Singapore

I thought it’d be difficult to find another wallet that I’d like more than the current Maku Store one I’m using. But once again, Maku Store has a surprise for me. :D This pastel blue wallet is made of a sponge-y (or as I like to say, squishy) fabric-lined material and my only concern is that I can’t keep some people’s grubby fingers off it. Ha! :D

It also comes just in time for Chinese New Year, when everything linked to ‘fish’ is deemed rather auspicious, because the Chinese word for fish sounds like the one for abundance, hence 年年有余.

More awesome when the fish print is on a wallet, which connotes more money and prosperity. :D Definitely go get one of these wallets at Maku Store Singapore (Bugis Junction #03-20) now as stocks of each design are extremely limited. *Don’t worry, it’s very affordable; more so when you show the staff proof that you are a fan of my facebook page :D

Maku Store Singapore

This wallet comes with A LOT of compartments. There are 8 card slots, one coin compartment, and slots for everything else – I expect to store a lot of namecards, vouchers and miscellaneous items in this wallet. :D

And once again, there’s a strap so you can ‘hang’ this wallet round your wrist. I believe all ladies know how useful this strap can be when you find your hands full with grocery bags, wallet, umbrella, etc.

Definitely another Maku Store wallet to treasure…

Maku Store Singapore

Full Circle: Locally-designed Clothes That Will Flatter Your Figure

Full Circle Singapore

I like to buy clothes only after trying them on because many of those from online blogshops can turn out to be too tight, too short or simply, unflattering. But one new online retailer I will be watching closely from now on is Full Circle ( Their clothes are locally designed, and intended to fit women of all shapes and sizes. I am *not* a stick-thin blogshop model so if Full Circle’s clothes fit me, they’ll fit you too!

Do check out their Body Shapes Guide first

Full Circle Body Shape Shopping

Using the guide, I discovered that I’m in the J-Lo category – not that I am voluptuous like The J-Lo, but that I’m bottom heavy and so, I chose to “Shop By Shape” on Full Circle. It is recommended that I choose a skater cut dress and a flat front skirt. So I picked items from ‘my’ category.

Even when shopping for Chinese New Year, I like to buy clothes that I can wear all year round, such as this Deline Dress in Sky Blue:

Full Circle Singapore

I like that I’ve not seen anything similar to this dress (or even this material) on other e-tailers or blogshops before. If you’ve noticed, most blogshops sell similar stuff, probably because they source for apparel from the same suppliers in Bangkok, Taiwan, China, etc. Head over to Full Circle for a refreshing selection. This dress costs S$59 but you can purchase it at just S$47.20 with my discount code (GRACE20). *Valid till 17 February 2015 [Also, there’s free courier shipping on all orders!]

If you are bottom-heavy or can sometimes have a bit of a tummy (I blame the pineapple tarts and chocolate-flavored love letters), this dress is a dream. Here’s the product description to tell you how it works:

The Deline Dress is expertly cut in a flared skater skirt that flatter most figures as the waistline has been designed to only skim and not cling. Dainty short sleeves add to the comfort level while defining slim biceps. The high quality jacquard fabric which holds its own shape does not cling or crease and works well for those conscious of their mid-sections.”

Full Circle Singapore

And for those who like separates, I have another outfit from Full Circle. But before that, if you’ve been following me on this blog or on social media, you’ll know that I’ve never worn crop tops before. Like, never.

This is the first time I’ve put on a crop top. And it’s because I saw how this particular outfit combination works – it doesn’t really show your tummy at all! :D And the whole look is oh-so-feminine:

Full Circle Singapore

The crop top costs S$28 and the skirt costs S$48. Get the whole outfit with my discount code at just S$60.80 (*with free courier shipping)! The top is available in a total of 3 colors and the skirt in one other color.

And here I am in the same outfit:

Full Circle Singapore

I like how my arms don’t look too muscular in this top. (I work out 5 times a week, usually, so I now try to wear only sleeved tops and dresses) This particular top looks fine, ya? :D

Full Circle Singapore

Time to shop!

Head over to Full Circle ( and shop with my discount code GRACE20 to get 20% off. The code is only valid for a week, so make haste! Use the Body Shapes Guide, shop by category, pick the right size, and you’ll be most certain to get an outfit that fits you perfectly. You’re welcome. :)

Full Circle Discount Code

Tee-Saurus Tees: I’m Wearing One For Chinese New Year! Teehee!

I like to do things differently. Hence, for Chinese New Year, I shall be wearing this tee I got from Tee-Saurus. No fancy, frilly, flouncy dresses, please.


Actually, I’ve already worn the tee once, during my Penang trip. Even though it is a tradition to wear only new stuff for CNY, I’m going to wear what I like, as always. Ha! And please, ladies and gentlemen, try out and wear those new shoes before CNY or you’ll suffer from blisters during the festivities. #dontsayididnotwarnyou

With my shopping loot (NOT luggage) after a full day of shopping in Penang:


Photographed against the famous street art in Penang, at night:


I recommend only the things I like, and I highly recommend you get this tee because it goes beyond cuteness. It is made from 100% quality cotton and thicker than your usual cotton tshirts which can get translucent after a few washes. I’ve already washed the tee once and it retains its shape very well.

As for the tote, it doesn’t take well to washing, I’m still trying to steam the lines out of it. So, here’s a tip for you: don’t wash the totebag. The totebag would be the perfect totebag if it comes with a little pocket inside for small items like an ezlink card, or lip balm, or keys. So one doesn’t have to search through the entire tote just to find that missing card or keys. :) But otherwise, that design is unbeatable. Kawaii!!! Also, it’s ‘unisex’, and my bf DID help me carry my (tote) bag in Penang. Ha!

More pictures:



You can order the same Firecracker Rawr tee (S$30) here and the Tee-saurus Totebag (S$15) right here.

Here’s another tee I’m considering purchasing:


Maybe Teesaurus will give me a discount code now? :D Anyway, you can find this design here.

And you know what’s a really good deal? Their Tee-Saurus Festive deal:


Their signature white Rawr tee, a tote bag of your choice (except Daruma) and a set of motivation badges for just S$35! Go grab this deal now. And Happy Chinese New Year in advance! :)

*And oh, normal postage is included in the price already. So shop happy. ;)


Also @ Toy Outpost Jurong Point #03-05 :)

More Maku Store Items To Love

Maku Store Singapore

I brought this hot pink Maku Store handbag with me to Penang recently. Hence the awesome decor you see in this picture. I picked this handbag based on a photograph – via Maku Store’s mobile app. Little did I know that it doesn’t just come with a sling, it also has a detachable back compartment that doubles up as a clutch!

You’ll have to pop by Maku Store Singapore (Bugis Junction #03-20) to check out more items like this one. :)

And, as usual, when there is an irresistibly pretty wallet, I just have to get my hands on it. You might ask me what I do with so many wallets. Hmm. I do conduct giveaways. And I need a wallet for foreign currency too, usually Ringgit as I visit Malaysia (in particular, JB) quite frequently.

So this one contains my Ringgit:

Maku Store Singapore

Many card compartments because (most) women are “collectors” of membership cards:

Maku Store Singapore

Very little money in this wallet cos I spent almost everything in Penang. LOL! Can’t help it when the exchange rate was S$1: RM2.67, ya?

So guys and gals, if you’re getting new bags or wallets for Chinese New Year, pop by Maku Store. There should still be 20% discount storewide, or you can simply state that you are a fan of my blog and get an equivalent discount. :)