Planning A Dream Wedding Online With Bridestory


[ Picture credit: ANSEINA BRIDES / Bridestory ]

Wedding planning is very much a chore for me, so I’m glad friends have stopped asking THAT question – “When are you getting married ah?” The answer will always be “SOON”. Put simply, I’m procrastinating because there are just too many things to consider. I guess this is why many people just give up and shell out good money for a wedding planner instead. (@_@)

So it’s pretty interesting how Bridestory wrote to me recently and introduced me to their online platform which helps couples plan the perfect wedding… online! (And nope… no talk of wedding sponsorship just yet. Haha!)

The website has a really ‘clean’ layout, is very easy to navigate and reminds me of Pinterest actually! :D Have a look:


Established in April 2014, Bridestory is a leading online wedding vendor which has a strong social media presence among Indonesian and international audiences. Their focus is on building an advanced wedding platform that connects engaged couples with wedding vendors around the world. Cool eh? We will no longer have to rely on recommendations from friends and relatives, and can instead select from the best vendors around the world! :D

And I guess there are different kinds of brides – some are the bochup (anything goes) kind, and there are the Bridezilla ones, and many others in-between.

In fact, I am reminded of a YouTube video I watched this week – an interview with Hillary Clinton. And one of the things she shared was about her marriage to Bill. She’d actually bought her wedding dress off a rack just the day before the wedding. :D That sounds pretty incredible (and rather cool too) but quite unthinkable for couples these days.

Usually, lots of prior planning is involved, from selecting that perfect dress to getting it altered to fit well, and of course, co-ordination of the bridesmaids outfits too.

And yes, besides wedding gowns, I’ve found bridesmaid dresses on Bridestory too:

Bridestory bridesmaid dresses

[ Picture Credit: INTOXIQUETTE BRIDESMAIDS / Bridestory ]

One can easily compare prices among vendors, check out their portfolios online, and also send them any queries. I’ll most certainly tell my photographer pals to get their businesses listed on Bridestory while it’s still relatively new in Singapore. :)

And what I love most about this platform is that my options are not restricted to just those wedding vendors located in Singapore – I’m also able to check out vendors in other parts of the world, e.g. Australia, Japan, Taiwan, etc. And there are vendors for everything from Catering to the Honeymoon, while still working within one’s budget of an affordable wedding or a splash-out premium one!

Photoshoot in Japan, anyone? :)

Bridestory Wedding Photographer

[ Photo Credit: MOMOYAMA CANDID / Bridestory ]

Perhaps I’ll share with you my top picks among the local wedding vendors in another post. Stay tuned! :D

Pros and Cons Of Buying Eyewear Online: My Glasses Online Experience

Dior Sunglasses from Glasses Online


If everything from clothes to groceries can be purchased online, why not eyewear and contact lenses? And if you are buying eyewear online, what should you look out for? Read on for my take on online shopping for eyewear…

I have a new pair of Dior sunglasses from Glasses Online. Needless to say, I love the color and the design of the frame (‘cos I picked it out myself) and I must say it was worth the wait. Sure, there are some items which are tagged “Fast Shipping” so you can receive your purchase in about 7 working days’ time but this particular pair took slightly longer to reach me.

From this online shopping experience alone, I’ve found three benefits when it comes to buying sunglasses online:

  1. Price Comparisons – You can search for the same item on different sites (please check that their products are authentic and backed up with a guarantee) and ensure you are getting the lowest price for whichever pair you fancy.
  2. Shop According to Face Shape, Frame Shape, Color, Budget and Brand – You save a lot of time as you can filter search results to show you only those frames which go well with your face shape, and are in your favorite color, desired brand, and within your budget.
  3. Pay Using PayPal – one reason why I love shopping online! :)

What are the cons of shopping online? You might experience one or more of these: long waiting time for some items, payment of GST if it’s a pricey item shipped in from overseas, product defects or “surface imperfections” (a term made popular by HDB. Ha!), a troublesome returns process, etc.

Why shop with Glasses Online though?

The site offers many benefits – Free Delivery, Free 30 Days Return, 12 Month Warranty, 100% Authentic Products – so you might want to check it out for your next purchase of contact lenses, glasses or sunglasses. :)

Click here to check out the Glasses Online SG site

The company is expanding rapidly, having opened an office in Berlin this year as well as new websites for Germany, Netherlands, UK and Denmark! So you can shop with confidence with them.


This time, I’ve picked this Dior pair because of its unique two-tone frame – white outside and blue inside. I really like its understated elegance. :)

Dior Sunglasses from Glasses Online

And here are two other pairs of sunglasses that I’ve been eyeing (hur hur) [*Pic credit: GlassesOnline]

(1) From Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co

(2) From Miu Miu

Miu Miu

A bit of sparkle and a touch of kawaii. *wink*

 Click here to check out the Glasses Online SG site …

& Happy Shopping!

Lee Hwa Jewellery: Of Buddha Diamonds and Vanda Pendants

l’ve received a couple of emails recently regarding Lee Hwa Jewellery’s new and supposedly innovative collections. First up, there are the Buddha Diamonds.

Buddha Diamond

These Buddha Diamonds are developed by Munich-based Schreiner Fine Jewellery and are shaped to represent a meditating Buddha. Each Buddha Diamond has up to 58 facets and is sculpted from a single rough diamond. This diamond – which is internationally patented – takes ten times longer to cut compared to a normal diamond. The range also includes earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Honestly, I find it lacks the ‘wow’ factor for me:

Buddha Diamond earrings, anyone?

Buddha Diamond earings

The full range of Buddha Diamonds will be available at the Lee Hwa Diamond Promenade (ION Orchard), while Buddha Diamond In Glass will be available in all other Lee Hwa Jewellery boutiques from end April 2015 onwards.

What IS pretty, though, is the Vanda pendant!  :)

Lee Hwa Jewellery Vanda Pendant

Vanda’s design incorporates Lee Hwa Jewellery’s signature 19k Purple Gold™, accompanied by rose and white gold. Also, there are several dozen round white diamonds, purple amethysts and pink tourmalines combined with a round solitaire diamond on the orchid’s lip. The Vanda pendant probably looks best on the rose gold chain.. The Vanda Pendant is available at Lee Hwa Jewellery boutiques in ION Orchard, Suntec City, and VivoCity from June 2015. Each limited edition Vanda pendant comes with its own individual serial number. If you really like jewellery fashioned to look like orchids, you can also check out Risis’ collection here. Very tempting indeed.

Arrived: The SingPost SG50 Hello Kitty Limited Edition Sets

SingPost SG50 Hello Kitty

These have to be the highlight of my day! :) The 3 limited edition sets that I ordered have arrived today. These SingPost SG50 Hello Kitty plushies are just too adorable. I can’t wait to take them out and snap some pretty pictures!

There were just 1000 sets for sale, and they were all sold out within 12 hours. This is truly a collection to treasure because SG50 only happens once.

And here’s a size comparison of the SG50 kitty with one of those from McDonald’s in the past:

SingPost SG50 Hello Kitty

And they come with a certificate and lanyard too :)

SingPost SG50 Hello Kitty

As for the stamps, it’s pretty obvious they are just for collectors to keep and admire from time to time. I don’t think anyone will be able to rip one out and stick it onto an envelope. Ha!

SingPost SG50 Hello Kitty stamps

Did you get a set too?

Maku Store Singapore’s Hot Pink Sling Bag

Maku Store Singapore

Back when I was working for someone else, I’d always get bags in dull and drab colors, namely, black and brown. It’s been a while since I quit my job in 2011… and my bags and accessories are all getting bolder and brighter in color, just the way I like them. I used to carry an agnes b handbag back when I was working for Adam Khoo. I still have that bag but I probably use it just once a year. I am now in love with bags in vibrant shades that are a delightful pop of color to match any outfit. :D This sling bag in hot pink from Maku Store Singapore is one of them.

The two clasps in front can give you a little bit of trouble if you are carrying many shopping bags but need to get your ezlink card or wallet out of the bag. :D Otherwise, it’s great, with an additional zip inside to ensure the bag’s contents do not fall out.

Maku Store Singapore

Also, there’s an inner compartment (zipped) in the middle, and another by the side. The usual phone and card slots are in there too. The presence of the inner compartment means I can’t place a slightly more bulky item into the bag, such as a book, for instance. But for everything else, there should be space. I’ve had an umbrella, wallet, phone, Sonny Angel toys, and tissue in the bag.

And it comes with another compartment at the back – can place that ezlink card in here. And of course, that all important sling comes with the bag too. :)

Maku Store Singapore

Reader privilege: Get a discount when you shop at Maku Store Singapore (#03-20 Bugis Junction) just by quoting my name / blog name. Check in-store for more details. :)

Maku Store Singapore’s Beautiful Pastel-Colored Sling Bag :)

Maku Store Singapore

Yes, I have yet another new bag from Maku Store Singapore! It comes in a combination of 3 beautiful pastel shades that makes me think of macarons, for some reason. :D And pictured above are my Sonny Angels, and some macaron erasers from Smiggle Singapore. Aren’t they all just too adorable?

This sling bag is just the perfect size for dates and meetup with pals, when I don’t want to carry a bag that is too big or heavy. This one is just right, and makes me carefully consider what I want to put inside.

Maku Store Singapore

There’s a compartment at the back (as you see above) and it comes with a detachable sling which you can remove if you want to carry this as a handbag.

*Sudden brainwave: Instead of using the sling, I can hook on a little dangly accessory by the side. I’ll definitely have to look out for either a furball or hello kitty one. Hehehe.

And here’s what I had in the bag for this shoot. There’s my umbrella, a book (which I will review soon), my Maku Store limited edition wallet and a powerbank from Julie’s Biscuits! :) And of course, my handphone will fit in there too, except that I used my phone to take these pictures.

Maku Store Singapore

The bag also has an inner zipped compartment and some card and phone slots too. I usually stick my ezlink card and a tube of eyelash glue into those slots.

Maku Store Singapore

This is definitely one pretty bag you will want to treasure. To check out this design, and many more others, pop by Maku Store Singapore at Bugis Junction #03-20 and be sure to quote my name / blog name for exclusive discounts and privileges. And don’t forget to check out the limited edition items in store. For barely any difference in price, you can be the sole owner of that particular design (bag, wallet, etc) in Singapore! Yes, no one else has this particular wallet featured above. *WINK*

Soufeel: Beautiful Personalized Charms For Your Charm Bracelet


I’ve never quite understood why people spend hundreds of dollars on charm bracelets. Each charm can cost more than S$100, if you get them from a popular ‘P’ brand. (@_@)

I ordered some charms from, together with a bracelet. As you can probably guess from the picture above, the two heart-shaped charms are my favorites. One is of the Singapore flag (not customized; they are sold on and the other was made using a picture of me and my BF (customized for under USD10 when there was a promotion).

You can customize your own charms here for under USD20:

soufeel charm bracelet

As for the other charms, the wizard’s hat reminds me to never forget to look for the magic in everyday life. The pink charm is a birthstone (gem) charm. The fortune kitty is supposed to bring me good luck and prosperity – hehe. The aeroplane charm is a reminder of the wonders of travel, and to visit at least one new country every year. And the final one is a gift from Soufeel – not picked by me.

As for the bracelet, I bought it for S$5 from a stall at Bugis Village.

Go ahead and pick your own charms at Soufeel or design your own with a customized charm. Feel free to share your designs with me, and the story behind each charm, and I’ll be happy to feature them here. :)


SingPost SG50 Hello Kitty Sets SOLD OUT in Under 12 Hours: I Bought 3 Sets. You?

Singpost SG50 Hello Kitty

The MyStamp Folder set (S$21.80) is also out of stock at the time of writing. :D The 1000 sets of the SingPost SG50 Hello Kitty Limited Edition Bundle Set (S$108) are all sold out! I managed to purchase 3 sets this morning.

I noticed that sales started before 10am. I was already on the site by 9.30am and around 9.55am or so, when refreshing the site, I noticed that the kitties were up for sale. So I quickly grabbed 3 of these limited edition sets. :D

Why 3?

One will definitely be for my collection, and two sets for giveaways probably later this year. Or, they could become birthday gifts for my fellow Kitty fans/friends. :D

Why pay so much for 5 plush toys and some stamps? I mean, the plush toys probably cost 3 or 5 dollars to manufacture in China, right? BUT this design cannot be found elsewhere! It’s in celebration of SG50! And it comes with a certificate and all, so yes, a pat on the back for getting them. :D

And to my friends who are celebrating birthdays soon, and want to get this (*ahem) expensive set as a gift, feel free to drop me a message with an obvious hint. Depending on how much I like you (or not), I may/may not gift it to you. :D Hahaha!

(*Update: One reader has convinced me to sell her a set as she missed out on pre-ordering due to exams)

SingPost’s SG50 Hello Kitty Plush Collectibles – Pre-Order 23 Feb 10am

*Update: I’ve managed to purchase 3 of the S$108 limited edition sets which are now SOLD OUT. Check out my blogpost HERESingPost SG50 Hello Kitty Plush Collectible Set

Check out my earlier blogpost HERE for all the details! :D

The BF asked if I want to get the entire set for S$108. No, I don’t. Have no use for a lanyard or Hello Kitty stamps (which I can’t bear to use anyway). But yes, I DO want that S$88 set with all 5 plushies.

What about you? :D

E’AURA: Authentic Perfumes At Lower-Than-Duty-Free Prices

E'AURA perfumes online Burberry Brit Sheer

I’ve found my new favorite fragrance in the Burberry Brit Sheer. It is a fruit floral fragrance with “top notes of yuzu, pineapple leaves, litchi, mandarin and grapes, middle notes of pink peony, peach blossom, nashi, and base notes of white musk and blond woods.” I bet you can tell it smells delicious just from reading this list of components, yes? :D And that’s not all it comes with! How about free delivery and super-low prices that even duty-free stores cannot beat?


[Giveaway at the end of this blogpost: WIN Burberry Brit Sheer and Brit Rhythm]

E'AURA perfumes online


Introducing, which prides itself on being a “close-to-heart online beauty portal, delivering pocket friendly scents to all customers”. Also, repeat customers are rewarded in their loyalty programme (2% cash rebate for every dollar spent).


I tend to be skeptical of most marketing claims so I’ve compared E’AURA’s pricing across various online stores just to see if they indeed offer lower prices compared to other online retailers. Here’s the Burberry Brit Rhythm EDT (90ml) on TANGS estore:

Burberry Brit Rhythm

It’s priced at S$130. [The same as on]

And since E’AURA claims to sell fragrances cheaper than at Duty Free shops, I did a comparison with Shilla Duty Free at Will E’AURA be able to beat the Duty-Free online prices?

The same 90ml EDT at costs…

Burberry Brit Rhythm

S$90.45 (S$39.55 cheaper than at *ahem* TANGS)

And how much does it cost on E’AURA?

Burberry Brit Rhythm

Just S$65 (That’s 50% cheaper than TANGS and 28% cheaper than Changi’s duty-free online store!)

And that’s not all. You can even purchase the (brand new) tester sets from E’AURA at just S$45:

Burberry Brit Rhythm

*What are tester sets? Those sets displayed at fragrance counters for you to ‘try out’ the scents. For some reason unknown to me, they are sold in many places, whether online or not. The packaging may not be as pretty as the non-testers but the fragrance is the exact same, so if you’re getting it for yourself, why not save some money and get a tester set? And since online stores don’t have physical counters for you to visit and try the perfumes, I guess they can sell those tester sets, right?

My take on the products from EAURA: The scents last as long as any regular EDT, they smell awesome (my bf thinks the Brit Rhythm smells better than the Davidoff Cool Water; which is saying a lot) and I like getting good deals when I make purchases. Who doesn’t?

And why are EAURA’s prices so low? I spoke with their co-founder, Shantel, and found that they want to serve more customers by keeping prices low. In Mandarin, this is called ‘薄利多销’ (“thin profit, vast sales”). And they are so confident about their products that they even offer a 100% money-back guarantee regarding product authenticity! On top of that, they have a loyalty program, a referral program, and a constant stream of promotions.


And, of course, I had to ask for a special promotion just for my readers! :D

Simply use voucher code ‘RUNUI1FJ‘ (valid till 31 Mar 2015) to get S$5 off your (minimum) purchase of S$80 worth of fragrances. Pay via Internet Banking and get an additional free perfume vial too. :) [*Other T&Cs apply]

WHAT? A discount on top of already-low prices?! YES, and you are welcome. :)


Whether you are making a purchase right away or not, go sign up for a FREE account at E’ now and you can get a complimentary perfume vial, while stocks last (no purchase needed; E’AURA will send you an email regarding the free vial).

EAURA free vial

Sign up now:


E'AURA perfumes online

To win either the Burberry Brit Sheer or Burberry Brit Rhythm, take part in the giveaway happening at my facebook page HERE.