Gardens by the Bay – Flight of Fancy, maybe.

I’m kicking myself now for not visiting the Gardens when the tulips were in bloom. Now, they have been replaced by hot air balloons. It gets boring after the first few pictures, really. So I’ll just include two balloon pictures in this blogpost. 😀

Gardens by the Bay hot air balloon

Hot air balloon teddy

In any case, if you are a huge fan of hot air balloons OR you love the Gardens by the Bay, the ‘Flight of Fancy’ display will last all the way till 21 July. Because of the June school holidays, kids will also enjoy 50% discount off tickets till 28 June!

Another promotion I like:

Satay deal @ Satay by the Bay: Buy 20 sticks of satay at $16 and get extra 10 sticks and 2 ketupat on the house! Only weekdays, 28 June to 28 July!

I call this Meditation by the Bay:

Meditation by the Bay

The fiance, trying to make his face look smaller than mine and succeeding:

Derek and me

The Falls:

Gardens by the Bay The Falls

misty wonderland

Some cool orchids I spotted:

Gardens by the Bay Orchids

Gardens by the Bay Orchids

For more information:


5 thoughts on “Gardens by the Bay – Flight of Fancy, maybe.

  1. Thanks for sharing those nice gardens shots…the orchids are so unique and pretty!
    will be visting the gardens soon as overseas friends coming over:-)

    • Yeah the orchids are really cool! I wish I have more pretty flower pictures to share! Didn’t blog about my previous visit to the Gardens. There were way more flowers then. I still have those pictures so I’ll blog when I have the time. 😀

    • Thanks! 🙂 Don’t mind my asking – what’s your nationality? You have a *erm* very unique blog name. I almost thought it’s like someone’s being scolded.

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