It’s A Date! – A clicknetwork series I actually enjoyed watching! :)

While surfing Youtube, I chanced upon clicknetwork’s new series ‘It’s A Date’ hosted by funnyman Chua Enlai. Basically, it’s a dating show – where 3 girls get to know 3 guys and see what happens from there. 🙂

Check out the first episode to get to know all 6 of them. The ladies look really oily here. Can someone bring on the oil blotters, please???

And in Episode 2, they get to do a cooking challenge together.

Charlene is really quite bossy in the kitchen. Immelia is the quiet sort that I would totally not date if I’m a guy, sorry. And Joanna appears to be very comfortable in her own skin – a plus point!

As for the guys… Ferris is too sleek for my liking, Jason’s muscles are rather intimidating for me, while Derek appears to be a little socially awkward.

It’s interesting to watch such programs because you get to understand yourself a bit better. I have found that I like men who have muscles, but not too much. He has to look like he takes care of himself but doesn’t live in a gym. He also must not be too tall or too short for me – between 1.71m to 1.79m is best. And my guy must have a good sense of humor – I am way too serious as it is. Why am I telling you this, anyway??? 😀

I totally want to do a cooking challenge now. Time to make the fiance cook a meal with me. Are you reading this, darling? Muahaha!