3-Minute Makeup Challenge with the Ninja Girls! Vote For Us!

So… One of the crazy things I did this week was to film a makeup video with 2 of the Ninja Girls! It’s a 3-minute makeup challenge. Crazy not just because makeup usually takes longer than 3 minutes, but because I was pitting my makeup skills against true-blue Japanese ladies (who call themselves Ninja Girls, btw). 😀

Want to catch the video? 😉

Watch out for Sakura, who REALLY wanted to win the challenge. Her hands move at lightning speed! And Tsubaki, who is the sound effects person. Most of the time, she’s the one screaming as time starts running out! LOL 😀

Read the Ninja blogpost here.

I find the Ninja Girls super duper cute and a lot of fun to be around! On top of being pretty, they have a wacky sense of humor! I really should do another challenge with the ninjas. Have an idea for another challenge? Let me know in the comments!

In the meantime, VOTE FOR US to win the blog awards! *wink*

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