Gardens by the Bay, MBS Skypark & Dinner at Carnivore: MigUpSG

I missed the first MigUp in Singapore so I made sure I didn’t miss today’s, even though I’ll be traveling to Penang tomorrow and I haven’t quite gotten my luggage packed yet! XD Bloggers from Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia and the Philippines came by for a meetup organized by (hence it is called a MigUp).

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We had the company of the good folks from Changi Recommends – I can’t say very much about Changi Recommends right now as I’ll only be getting my wifi device tomorrow at the airport for my holiday in Penang.

A group picture at Marina Mandarin. Spot me:

Marina Mandarin Hotel Singapore

First stop: Gardens by the Bay

Juliana from Gardens by the Bay was an absolute darling. She was uber patient towards this group of bloggers who made her job as a guide very difficult as we tended to disperse in all directions to take photos of the Gardens, OOTD photos, etc.

Inside the Cloud Forest – my fear of heights always acts up a little here:

Gardens by the Bay

It was really nice to meet (in person, finally!) Valyn, a blogger from Penang. Been following her on instagram. And I have to say that I like Malaysian bloggers a lot. (But not if they have been staying in Singapore. This country changes them. LOL)

Valyn Lim

A ‘gong xi gong xi’ pose – a bit too early but whatever:

Gardens by the Bay

I’d say the Gardens look beautiful all year round. It’s just that it’s now really into the festive Lunar New Year mood, with fake giant firecrackers and all. I’ll probably only visit during TulipMania, unless I want CNY-type photos. And I’ll probably go in a cheongsam to match the decorations.

Next stop: MBS Skypark

57 storeys up, and still less scary than the Cloud Forest. LOL. We noted that the Infinity Pool was really packed with people though. It seemed more crowded than a public pool in the heartlands.

No swimwear, just windswept hair:

MBS Skypark

Final stop: Dinner at Carnivore

Carnivore MBS

I have never been to Carnivore before this as I’m not exactly a meat lover. So, as you can see in the picture above, I was glad there’s a salad bar. LOL! I love the roast potatoes – the best carbs on that plate.

The servers came by with different cuts of meat, but I had only one favorite. It was tender, fatty, juicy, and melt-in-your-mouth wonderful. I think it was beef cheek but I can’t be sure now, after a food-induced coma. Didn’t get to try the chicken heart *gulp* and I’m not sure that’s a bad thing.

All in all, a day well spent in the company of nice bloggers. Special shoutout to the friendly bloggers I got to chat with a little: Rian (from Indonesia) and Anton (from the Philippines). Anton gave me his namecard, and I’m now checking out his website: (cool stuff!)

Off to bed now. And I really can’t wait for the next MigUp – wherever it’ll be. 😀

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