Sin Swee Kee: Chicken Rice With Amazing Ngoh Hiang

“Are you a fan of chicken rice?” he asked. I said that yes, I do like chicken rice. And bam, we were off to Sin Swee Kee after a trip to the National Library at Bugis. He actually couldn’t remember which chicken rice stall in this area has the best chicken rice, having followed his friends here blindly the last time. *LOL*

But this one turned out to be a pretty good bet:

Sin Swee Kee

You know what makes or breaks a chicken rice dish? For me, it’s neither the rice nor the chicken. It’s…

Sin Swee Kee

… actually the chili sauce. It must pack some heat and be so tasty that I’d be happy to just drizzle it over the rice and eat just rice + chilli sauce. The chili sauce here is pretty good. I’d rate it a 7.5 / 10.

They are very generous with their rice servings here. We ate our fill.

And like all food places worth its salt, the walls were turned into photo walls. Some were ‘decoy’ photos (of children and parties and all) but some featured celebrities:

Sin Swee Kee

I spot Kingone Wang (superb Taiwanese actor), Bryan Wong… and wait a minute… Minister Lim Swee Say?!

We ordered the set for 2, which came with a plate of xiao bai chye with oyster sauce, 2 drinks, and this weird pi-pa tofu:

Sin Swee Kee

It’s like a hybrid of tofu + fish cake. It’s just weird. I wouldn’t order this again.

BUT… their ngoh hiang is amazing. And totally worth the wait. The ‘skin’ is hot, crisp and yes, slightly oily. And the filling consists of I-don’t-know-what. But we both guessed there’s water chestnut in there. Because it’s so crunchy! Crispy on the outside and crunchy on the inside. Best! It comes with a slightly sweet sauce which complements it really well. I need to eat this again!!!

Sin Swee Kee

Proof that we enjoyed our meal at Sin Swee Kee:

Sin Swee Kee

Just GST with no service charge. The total bill came up to S$24.30. Pretty reasonable. The set for 2 costs S$19.80 and ngoh hiang S$4.50. Yup, I’ll be back again. Two servings of ngoh hiang next time!

[ 34/35 Seah Street ]

[ 6337 7180 ]